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Full text of "New York in the Revolution as colony and state : a compilation of documents and records from the Office of the State Comptroller"

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In 1895, Comptroller James A. Roberts, in moving some documents to make room for an 
extension to his office, brought to light many valuable papers relating to the Revolutionary War 
and the important position occupied by the State of New York in that momentous struggle. 
Through the kind assistance of various Legislatures, those documents were arranged and com- 
piled and a volume issued therefrom which has been a valuable addition to the historical records 
of this State. One fact alone demonstrates the worth of the work which has been prosecuted 
in the Comptroller's Department in connection with these Revolutionary Records : The State 
of New York had formerly been credited with having furnished in the War for Independence 
but 18,000 men, which number had been accepted as historically accurate. The documents 
which were first discovered by Mr. Roberts and afterward arranged by him and his successors, 
prove beyond dispute that New York's quota was at least 43,645 men, giving to our State a 
much more commanding position as a factor in the Revolutionary contest than it had thereto- 
fore occupied. The work which was issued by Mr. Roberts passed through two editions prior 
to the final arrangement of all the Revolutionary papers. 

On assuming the office of Comptroller, I found that the work of preparing these documents 
for consultation and the index to the same, had been practically completed and that the binding 
of the few remaining additional volumes of original documents would complete the Revolution- 
ary work in its entirety. All that remained of interest to the general public was the printing 
and issuing of a Supplement or companion book to " New York in the Revolution," which would 
give a complete resume of the Revolutionary Records of the Department. The Legislature 
of 1901 provided an item in the Supply Bill for this work which I now have the pleasure of 
adding to the historical annals of this State. The second edition of " New York in the Revo- 
lution " was the roll-call of the officers and men who served in the War. This Supplement gives 
in a condensed form the history of the War as shown by the documents. It is not a reprint 
in the entirety of those documents, which only could be done at a great, and probably unwar- 
ranted, expenditure ; but it is a work calculated to give sufficient information upon the subject- 
matter contained in those documents to answer every practical purpose. It may be that some 
future generation may see fit to publish all of the historical documents in this office and in 
other of the State departments, relating to the struggle of this Colony, with the others, for its 

Great progress in this direction has been made within the past five years not only in this 
office but in the office of the State Historian, and at a comparatively small expenditure. A 
few years more of the work continued along the present line? will bring New York abreast 

4 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

of the neighboring States in the publication of its historical documents. Ten years ago it 
lagged behind, owing probably to the want of local pride that is usual in a large cosmopolitan 
community like ours. 

I have called this book a condensed history of the War. Let me explain that statement by 
an illustration :— The chapter on " Forfeited Estates " would fill three or four books of this 
size if all the documents were printed; instead of occupying that space, the single chapter on 
that subject outhnes the work of the Commissioners of Forfeitures, gives several documents 
bearing on that work and furnishes a complete list of those parties whose Estates were For- 
feited. Similar treatment has been given to the other subjects. The net result is that we have 
a small book that many readers will be interested in, instead of a great mass of documents 
bewildering to the general reader and of practical value to an expert only. At the same time 
the several subjects have been so outHned that the expert or the student of history can pursue 
his investigations as far as the original documents make it worth his while. 

In the two editions of " New York in the Revolution ", the service of nearly all of the Officers 
and Soldiers named by Regiments or other organizations, was proved by original documents 
in the Comptroller's Office. Some deficiencies, however, were supplied, and cases of partial 
information were made more complete, by collecting into Volume XI, and a part of Vol. I, 
certified copies of original documents that belong elsewhere. In Vol. I, the certified copies, 
mostly of officers and men in the First Regiment of the Line, came from the Archives of 
Massachusetts. Vol. XI has these certified copies: — Names in the Record and Pension Office 
of the War Department, Washington, D. C. ; Names in possession of the New York Historical 
Society; Names in possession of Mrs. Abraham Lansing, of Albany, a granddaughter of Col. 
Peter Gansevoort. Extracts from Manuscripts in the State Library were also copied, as fol- 
lows : — Vols. 178 and 180 of the Henry Stevens Papers; Vol. I of Col. Josiah Smith's Military 
Papers; Vols. 34 to 38 of Miscellaneous Papers; Vols. loi and 102 of New York Colonial 

In this Supplement reHance has been placed almost exclusively upon documents actually in 
the Comptroller's office, the object being to show the manner in which the War was con- 
ducted. Hence, only occasionally, has a fact been named that is not capable of documentary 
proof within the office. When an outside fact has been named, it has been solely for the pur- 
pose of supplying a missing link and giving continuity to a story the bulk of which was 
already well in hand. Of course, the several subjects treated in this Supplement dififer widely 
as to the number and importance of the original documents pertaining to them. Some of the 
subjects have very full information from original sources; and others have little information. 
Still others are not mentioned at all. For instance, no paper has been found relating to 
Sullivan's Expedition; although papers on that subject should have appeared with the rest. 
Several similar deficiencies lead to the conclusion that, at some time in the past, many docu- 
ments must have been removed from this office. 

The expressions " the documents ", " the original documents " and " the records " always 
refer to the documents in the office of the Comptroller ; and, in the copying of those docu- 
ments, as also in the text connecting them, an effort has been made not to duplicate any work 
already done, either in this office or in other departments of the State government. In 

Preface 5 

spelling, capitalization and punctuation, the documents printed in this Supplement follow the 
originals as closely as possible ; and a liberal use of Capitals in the text makes it conform to 
the documents. 

In presenting this work to the public I desire to express my appreciation of the services of 
Mr. Frederic G. Mather, who has ably edited the same. The examining, sorting and arranging 
of the original documents from which this work is compiled, and the arrangement and editing 
of the volume itself, were almost entirely the work of Mr. Mather who pursued his researches 
not only among the Archives of the State but also took the opportunity of a trip abroad dur- 
ing the summer of 1900 to make further investigation in Paris, London and Cambridge, where he 
secured much valuable information, some of which has been incorporated with the documents 
in this office and so found its way into this Supplement. 


Dated, Albany, N. Y. December, 1901. Comptroller 




The Calling Out of the Militia ii 

Courts- Martial 17 

Deserters 20 

The Pay of the Militia 20 

The Pay of the Continental Army 24 

Bounties 26 

Pensions 29 

American Prisoners of War 38 

Hospitals 44 



The Secret Committee 48 

The Chains Across the Hudson River 48 



Cannon 52 

Muskets 54 

Lances 55 

Powder 56 

Flints . . 62 

Lead 63 

Flags 68 

Horses 68 

Forage ■ 69 


The Commissary of Congress 7° 

The Flax Committee 72 

Shoes and Stockings 73 

The State Clothier 74 

The Commissioners of Clothing 75 

Uniforms 7^ 

8 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 



The Commissary of Congress 78 

Spirits 80 

Pork 81 

Beef 81 

Tea 82 

Peas 83 

Grain 83 

Flour 84 

Bread 85 

Salt 85 


The Marine Committee 91 



The Judiciary 

The Legislative 


First 104 

Second 105 

Third 108 

Fourth (or Convention) 109 

Aid to the Families of Soldiers 117 

The Poor who came out of the City of New York 118 

The Poor and Distressed Inhabitants 125 

The Refugees from Long Island to Connecticut 127 


The Refractory Militia 137 

The County Committees 137 


The New Haven Convention ic2 


First Session j e^ 

Second Session jce 

Third Session jce 

Fourth Session jeg 

Fifth Session j e^ 

Sixth Session j eg 


Contents 9 

The Executive Page 


Accounts of Gov. Clinton 162 

Entertainments 167 

Pledges by the State 168 

The Temporary Government in the Southern District i6g 

The Council of Appointment 172 

The Private Secretary 1.72 





Claims against the State 175 

Claims for Damages by the Enemy 176 

Claims of the State against the United States 183 

Specie Requisitions 191 


The Subscription Rolls 194 

The Loan Office 196 

Taxation , 197 


The Census 198 

Land Bounty Rights 199 

The Executive Bodies 


The Assistant State Agents 224 



The Disaffected, Suspected and Tories 229 

Disturbances in the Counties of Albany and Dutchess 232 

British Prisoners of War 232 

The Fleet Prison 235 

Prisoners sent to other States 238 


Claims for Damages by the American Army 251 

Estates Confiscated 253 



Estates Forfeited 270 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 






Adjt., Adjutant 

Admr., Administrator 

Admx., Administratrix 

Agt., Agent 

An., American 

Asst., Assistant 

Atty., Attorney 

Aud., Auditor 

Brig., Brigade or Brigadier 

Bsh.. British 

Capt., Captain 

Capt. Lt., Captain Lieutenant 

Chap., Chaplain 

Chn., Chairman 

Col., Colonel 

Comr., Commissioner 

Commy., Commissary 

Contl., Continental 

Corp., Corporal 

Cr., Creditor 

etc.. Committee 

Ctf., Certificate 

Cy., County 

d.. Pence 

Dbr., Debtor 

Dr., Doctor 

Dy., Deputy 

Ens., Ensign 

Exr., Executor 

Exrx., Executrix 

Gen., General 

Gov., Governor 

Insp., Inspector 

Jr., Junior 

L. B. R., Land Bounty Rights 

Lieut., Lieutenant 

Lt., Lieutenant 

Lt. Col., Lieutenant Colonel 

Maj., Major 

Mar., Marines 

Mil., Military 

Mr., Master 

Mu., Muster 
Prest, President 
Qr., Quarter 
Regt., Regiment 
s.. Shilling 
/ — , Shilling 
Secy., Secretary 
Serjt, Serjeant 
Sr., Senior 
St., State 

Supt., Superintendent 
Surv., Surveyor 
Treasr., Treasurer 
Surg., Surgeon 






The Calling Out of the Militia 

The second edition of " New York in the Revolution " is, practically, a roster of all the 
Troops that served from this State. It will be of interest to supplement that roster by in- 
formation relating to the way in which the Militia was called out, the discipline that was- 
enforced, and the pay that was allowed Incidentally the Continental Soldieirs will be noticed, 
so far as the original documents relate to them. 

At the beginning of the War, the Militia volunteered for duty: — 

We the subscribers being well convinced of the absolute necessity of raising a sufficient 
Body of Provincial Forces, for the Defence of the Constitution and the preservation of our 
Just Rights and Liberties when the same are in the most eminent Danger of being invaded, 
have therefore voluntarily inlisted in the Provincial Service under Capt. Joel Pratt Lieuts. 
Benja. Chittenton & Israel Spencer, and do hereby promise and agree that we will severally 
do execute and perform all and every such Instructions, directions orders and Military 
Discipline and Duties, as our said Officers, or either of them, or the Commanding Officer for 
the time being on this new establishment shall from time to time give or send to us, during 
the Time that our Service is required in the unhappy Contest between Great Britain and 
the Colonies, and we do severally promise and engage not to go from, or quit the 
said Service until we shall be discharged or dismissed from the same by the Con- 
tinental Congress, or the Provincial Congress of this Colony or by the General Committee of 
the City and County of Albany under the Penalty of forfeiting our Wages and being deemed 
Enemies in the Eye of the Publick to our Country, and we the said officers do severally 
promise and engage under the most Solemn Ties of Honor and Love to our Country that 
we shall and will from time to time and at all times during the said Contest between Great 
Britain and the said United Colonies to perform and execute in our several and respective Sta- 
tions all and every the Instructions directions, orders Military Discipline and Duties as the 
Continental or Provincial Congress, or the General Committee of the City and County 
of Albany or the Commanding Officer for the time being shall recommend, or send to us, or 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

either of us and we do likewise severally promise and engage not to go from, or quit the said 
Service untill we are discharged or dismissed from the same by the Continental Congress or 
the Provincial Congress of this Colony or by the General Committee of the City and County 
of Albany, Under the Penalty of forfeiting our wages, and being deemed Enemies to our 
Country. Witness whereof we have hereunto set our Hands this fifth Day of June 1775. 

N. B. These Articles are hereby understood to be in force for no longer time than the last 
Day of Deer, ensuing. 

Saml. Stringer 

Chairman pro tempore 

Joel Pratt, Capt. 
Benjemen Chittenden, 
Israel Spencer, Leut. 
Daniel Lee 
Jonathan Pitcher 
Benjamin Steanly 
John Taylor 
Benjamin Ford 
Jonathan N. Mallory 
Joseph Foot 
John Mattoon 
John Holdridge 
Jonathan Davenport 

Joseph Harrison 
Leut. Amos Stark 
Timothy Coon 
Jesse Ketchams 
Philip Covell 
David Spencer 
Stephen Kidder 
Ebenezer Sexton 
Gorden Chamberlin 
Daniel Baldwin 
Ephraim Barritt 
Abraham Worner 
Simeon Dudley 

Jedediah Graves 
Richard Holdredg 
John Spencer 
Asa Spencer 
Eli Reynolds 
Oliver Goif 
Bartholomew Barrit 
Moses Meyer 
Elijah Smith 
Ezekiel Jones 
Asa Gould 
Joseph Willbur 
Christopher Darrow 

Seth Raymond 
Aaron Day 
Arthur Heurt 
John Winters 
John Preston 
Adonijah Ackley 
Lemuel Hill 
Thos. Quin 
Francis Flamming 
James Ackley 

These men (with the exception of Benjamin Steanly, John Mattoon, Jesse Ketchams, 
Ebenezer Sexton, Daniel Baldwin, Abraham Worner, Elijah Smith, Arthur Heurt, John 
Preston, Lemuel Hill and Francis Flamming) afterward served in the Second Line. 

Later on, the Convention called out the Militia: — 

Extracts of the Resolution of the Convention for calling out one-fourth part of the militia 
of Ulster, Orange, Dutchess and Westchester Counties passed July i6th., 1776. 
Resolved that each man be allowed a bounty of 20 Dollars and Continental pay and subsist- 
ence — to be continued in the Service until the last Day of December next unless sooner dis- 
charged — those who have no Arms to be furnished therewith by the Brigr. Genl. and Field. 
Officers and to be deducted out of their pay. These Levies to be formed into Companies to 
consist of one Captain, two Lieutenants, three Serjeants, three Corporals, One Drummer, one 
iifer and fifty privates — each Regiment to consist of ten Companies — to be under the com- 
mand of One Col. one Lieut. Col. one Major and to have One Adjutant one Quarter Master 
and one Surgeon. 

Extracts of the Resolution of the Convention for calling out one-fourth part of the militia 

of Suffolk, Queens and Kings Counties passed July 20th., 1776 
That the non-commissioned Officers and Privates who shall furnish themselves with a good 
and sufficient Musket or firelock, Cartouch Box and Belt and Bayonet, or Hatchet shall be 
allowed Ten Dollars bounty to each man with Continental Pay and Rations — to be formed 
into Companies to consist of One Captain, two Lieutenants, three Serjeants, three Corporals, 
one Drummer one fifer and fifty Privates and in Case any Draughts shall be left after the 
Companies are completed and not sufficient to form another Company, Officers shall be ap- 
pointed for them in the following proportion — One Captain and One Lieut, two Serjeants and 
two Corporals for forty privates — two Lieuts. two Serjeants and two Corporals for thirty 
Privates — and one Lieut. — one Serjeant and one Corporal for twenty Privates, each man 
to find his own Arms and Accoutrements, the troops raised to have continental Pay and Ra- 
tions to be continued in Service until the last Day of Deer, unless sooner discharged. That 
the Rations of the Said Troops be estimated at the rate of ten pence half penny in money in 
Lieu of Provisions. That Col. Josiah Smith of Suffolk County be the first Colonel that Col. 

The Army — The Calling Out of the Militia 13 

John Sands be second Colonel with the rank of Col. but with the pay of Lieut. Col. that 
Abm. Remsen be Major — that Col. Birdsall at the South side of Queens County take the com- 
mand of one Company with Captains Pay saving his rank. 

Extracts of the Resolutions of the Convention for raising Rangers passed July 23d., 1776- 

That there be raised in the County of Albany, One hundred and twenty Six men Officers in- 
cluded — that they be divided into two Companies each to consist of one Captain two Lieu- 
tenants, three Serjeants, three Corporals and fifty four Privates. That there be raised in the 
County of Tryon three Companies each to consist of one Captain two Lieutenants, three Ser- 
jeants, three Corporals and fifty eight privates. That there be raised in the Counties of Glou- 
cester and Cumberland 252 men to be divided into four Companies each to consist of one 
Captain, two Lieuts. three Serjeants three Corporals and fifty four Privates. That there be 
raised in Charlotte County One hundred and Twenty Men to be divided in manner following. 
Two Companies to consist each of One Captain one Lieutenant, three Serjeants, three Corporals 
and forty two Privates and one party to consist of one Lieutenant, one Serjeant, one Corporal 
and seventeen privates. 

That two hundred and one men be raised in Ulster County similar to those of Tryon 

That one Company be raised in Orange County to consist of One Captain one Lieut, 
three Serjeants — three Corporals and forty seven Privates. That the pay of the Officers and 
Privates be the same as the Pay of the Continental Troops. That a bounty of twenty-five 
Dollars be allowed to each non-commissioned Officer and Private on his passing Muster. That 
each Captain be allowed Sixteen shillings — each Lieut. — fourteen shiUings and each non- 
commissioned Officer and Private ten shillings per week in lieu of all Rations. 

That the Companies in the Counties of Gloucester and Cumberland be under the Command 
of a Major to be appointed by this Convention. That each Officer of the respective Companies 
to take an oath before the Chairman of the County Committee from whence he is to be 
recommended, that he will once in every month or as soon after the expiration of any month 
as possible transmit to the Convention or Legislature of this State a muster Roll of the Names 
of every Officer and Private under his command and their respective times of Enlistment and 
Service : And that any Officer who shall return a false muster Roll shall on Conviction thereof 
loose his Pay and be cashiered. That one half of the bounty be paid by the Captain of each 
Company to every able bodied Man when he shall pass Muster and that as soon as the first 
muster Roll of every Company shall be received by this Convention the other half shall be re- 
mitted by this Convention to the respective County Committees of Albany, Tryon, Orange, 
Ulster and Charlotte Counties and to the Major commanding the Gloucester and Cumberland 
Rangers to be by them issued to the Captains of their respective Companies and immediately 
issued to the Men. 

Extracts of the Resolutions of the Convention passed July 23d., 1776 for raising a Company 
to guard the Stores and Vessels with Provisions and Ammunition, — in the City of Albany. 

That seventy five men Officers included be raised to guard etc. — that they be embodied 
into one Company to consist of One Captain, two Lieutenants, four Serjeants, four Corporals, 
one Drummer and one fifer and Sixty two Privates — that they be allowed Continental 
Pay; and instead of Rations, the Captain be allowed Sixteen shillings — the Lieutenants 
twelve shillings and the non-commissioned Officers and Privates seven shillings per week. — 
To be continued in Service until the first Day of December next unless sooner discharged and 
under the Direction of the Committee of the County and Sub-Committee of the City of 

In Committee of Safety for the State of New York Octr 9th 1776. 

Whereas it is absolutely necessary in the Present critical Conjuncture that one Company 
of 49 men in the County of Albany and one other Company of 49 in the County of Dutchess 
be immediately raised for the purpose of detecting and defeating the Intentions and Conspira- 
cies of our Secret and open Enemies, therefore, 

Resolved that one Company be immediately raised in the County of Albany and that one 

14 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

other Company be immediately raised in the County of Dutchess. That each Company con- 
sist of one Captain, one Lieutenant, three Sergeants, three Corporals, one fifer and 40 
Privates. That the pay of those Companies be the Same as the pay of the Continental Troops. 
That the Captains be allowed each 16/ — per week, the Lieutenants 14/ — and the non-Com- 
missioned Officers and privates each 10/ — per week in lieu of all Rations & subsistence. 

That Petrus Van Gaasbeeck is hereby appointed Captain, and Samuel Thorne Lieutenant, 
of the said Company to be raised in the County of Albany ; and that the said Company do 
rendesvouz at & about the Manor of Livingston and be subject to the order of the Convention 
or Committee of Safety of this State, and under the direction of the Committee of the City and 
County of Albany or such person or persons as the Convention or Committee of Safety of this 
State shall appoint. 

That Nathaniel Scribner be, and is hereby, appointed Captain, and Joseph Field Lieutenant, 
of the said Company to be raised in the said County of Dutchess ; and that the said Com- 
pany do rendesvouz in Fredericksburgh and South East precincts of said County and be sub- 
ject to the order of the Convention or Committee of Safety of this State, and be under the 
direction of the Committee of the said County of Dutchess or such other person or persons 
as the Convention or Committee of Safety of this State Shall appoint. 

That the Chairman of the Committee of the district of the Manor of Livingston for the 
Time being be the muster-master to muster the Company to be raised in the County of 
Albany ; and that Colo. John Field be appointed muster-master of the Company to be raised in 
Dutchess County. 

That the said Company to be raised in the County of Dutchess be incorporated and 
deemed a part of the Corps whereof Capt. Melancton Smith is Commandant, and that both of 
the Companies hereby directed to be raised be enlisted to continue in service for the Term of 
Three Months unless sooner discharged. 

John McKesson, Secr'y. 

Jacob Cuyler, James Duane and Robert Yates were a Committee to Raise Troops and also 
a Committee on the Arrangement of the Army : — 

Saratoga Octr 22d 1776 
Received of James Duane, Jacob Cuyler & Robt Yates, Esqr, a Committee of the State of 
New York, Seven hundred & fifty dollars to be by me apply'd conformable to Instructions re- 
ceiv'd from Maj. General Schuyler of this date and for which sum I promise to account to the 
present Convention of the State of New York or any future Legislature of the said State or 
persons appointed by them for the purpose. 
750 dollars Cornelius Wynkoop Coll. 

The Convention of the State of New York to James Duane Jacob Cuyler and Robert Yates 
a Committee appointed by the said Convention to go to Albany to confer with General Schuy- 
ler on the arrangement of the Army and while at Albany appointed on another Committee to 
Cooperate with General Schuyler in calling forth the Militia for the defence of the northern 
and western Frontiers of this State — Dr. 

Octobr. 22 Advanced to Major P. Gansevoort to be apply'd in recruiting troops 

on the New Establishment as per receipt No. i the Sum of ^400 : 

Advanced to Col. Wynkoop to be apply'd to the same purpose Use 

as pr rect. No. 2 the Sum of 300 : 

Advanced to Lieut. Van Salisberry for the same Use as pr receipt 

No. 3 the sum of 100 : 

29th Octr. Advanced to Lieut. Conine for the same use as pr receipt No. 4 the 

Sum of 300 : 

Expences accrued at Albany in Diet as per receipt of Mrs. Vernon No. 
5 the Sum of . , , 21 -.15 19 

The Army — The Calling Out of the Militia 15 


29th Octr. paid D. B. V. Schoonhoven for riding express as per receipt No. 6. . . £2: 4:0 

paid ditto for do No. 7 2 : 

paid John Vischer for riding express to Fish Kill & for tarrying for an 

Answer and bringing Money as pr rec't. No. 8 7 • 

paid to a Spy who was by the Committee sent among the Tories to 

discover their designs 10 : 

paid to Col. V. D. Birgh for his trouble in attending the Come.... 2: 8:0 

paid to Major Ford for guides &c ' . . 4 : 

paid to the waiter on the Committee i :i6 : 

Advanced on the road in going to and returning from Saratoga to 

Fish Kill for travelling Expences 12 : 6 4 

paid for keeping three horses in Albany 14 days at 3/ pr Horse 6:6: 

Balance due to the Conv 30: 3:11 


Errors Excepted £1200: 

Jas. Duane \ 
Jacob Cuyler (. Corns. 
Robert Yates ) 

By the Sum of £1200 receiv'd from John Fischer on behalf of the 

Convention of New York £1200 : 

In Pursuance to our Appointment we have examined the Acco. Compared the Charges with 
the Several Vouchers and find them all right. 

Mathew Cantine 
Burnet Miller 
Isaac Roosevelt 

In Committee of Safety for the State of New York, Fishkill October 24th 1776. 
ORDERED that the treasurer of this State send to James Duane, Robert Yates, and Jacob 
Cuyler Esquires at Albany (who were appointed a Committee to repair to Albany and Ticon- 
deroga to take Measures for carrying into execution the Resolutions of Congress relative to 
the raising of Troops and appointment of Officers in the continental Service) by John Visher 
(who is employed as an express by the said Committee) the Sum of One thousand two hun- 
dred Pounds and take his Receipt to deliver the same to those Gentlemen or either of them. 
Attest Pierre Van Cortlandt 

Robt. Benson Secry. Prest. 

In Committee of Safety for the State of New York, Fishkill Novr 28th 1776. 
Sir — Your Letter of the 23d Instant has been laid before the Committee of Safety who 
have directed me to direct you that as soon as the Militia shall be discharged or leave the 
Service you Carefully Secure all the Arms in your Battalion belonging to this State, and see 
them safely delivered at this place. You are for this purpose to hire, and if not otherwise to be 
had, to Impress, Boats if practicable to bring them by Water, otherwise Carriages, the Ex- 
pence of which shall be defrayed by this State; I am further directed to request you to give 
Copies of this Letter to the Commanding Ofificers of such of the Battalions as have any of the 
public Arms belonging to this State ; And also to forward a Copy to General Scott ; this is in- 
tended as a General Direction for all the Commanding Officers of such Regiments — 

I am Sir Your Most Hum Servt 
By Order of the Committee of Safety 
To Collo Johannis Hardenbergh Pierre Van Cortlandt V. Presdt 

i5 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The chief Militia acts of the Legislature were passed, Apr. 3, 1778, Oct. 9, 1779, Mar. 11, 
1780 and Feb. 21, 1781. 

Jonathan Lawrence, Thomas Palmer, Henry Glen and John H. Sleght were " Commissioners 
to Forward Troops to Pennsylvania ", in other words, " to fill the Five Continental Battalions 
raised under the direction of this State ". They were paid 20/— per day for their services, the 
most of which were performed in 1778. The Troops were sent to Easton, where they were 
mustered in. The accounts, so far as preserved, show these totals: — Lawrence, £1970.19.3; 
Palmer, £1978.4.3; Glen, £719.11.4. Under the law of June 24, 1780, Gov. CHnton paid £12320. 
on these accounts. 

The following shows how the Governor called out the Militia, from time to time : — 

General Orders 12th May 1779 
For the Security of the Frontiers of Ulster & Orange Counties two Posts are to be taken, 
the one at great Shandeken, the other at Leghweck. Block Houses are immediately to be 
erected at each of those places inclosed by a Breastwork proof against Musquetry with an 
Abettis round it. These Works are each to be of such size and so constructed as to be De- 
fensible with one hundred Men, at the same Time capable of containing one hundred & fifty 
or two hundred. A subalterns Guard from the Levies raised in Ulster County for the Defence 
of the Frontiers is to be constantly Kept in the Vicinity of Mamacotting and the Levies for 
that Service raised from the Militia of Orange County are, except such Part of them as are to 
be annexed to the Continental Battalions, to be stationed at Poenpeck. 

The Remainder of the Levies raised in Ulster County exclusive of those intended to be joined 
to the Continental Battalions are to occupy the Posts to be erected at Leghweck & great Shan- 
deken and one half of them are accordingly to repair immediately under Lieutenant De Witt 
to the Latter, and the other half under Lieut. Wesbrook to the former of those Places to be 
employed with the Militia under Col. Cantine & Major Wynkoop in erecting the Works directed 
for the Defence of those Passes. Col. Cantine will superintend the Works ordered at Legh- 
weck and Majors Pawling & Wynkoop those at Shandeken. 

The Troops stationed at these Posts are constantly to Keep out patrolling Parties and 
Scouts, those at Shandeken to go to as far Northward as the Albany County Line, and Westward 
to Paghkatacken. Those at Leghweck to the Northward and Southward of that Post so as to 
Communicate with the other Guards to the Southward & Northward and Westward as far 
towards Papakunk as may be consistent with Safety, and the Officers commanding these Dif- 
ferent Posts and Guards are to communicate all the Intelligence they may from Time to Time 
receive of the Movements & Disposition of the Enemy to each other & to the Commanding 
Officers of the Neighbouring Militia Regiments, punctually, and with the utmost Dispatch. The 
one fourth of Colo Snyders Regiment is immediately to repair to the Posts at Shandeken, and 
the one fourth of Colo. Cantines Regt to Leghweck to assist in erecting the Works intended 
at those Places and are to continue there till a sufficient Number of the Levies for the Defence 
of the Frontiers arrive to relieve them. These Detachments are to draw Provision from the 
Commissary. Geo Clinton 

Apparently the members of the Militia mustered themselves. At any rate, the names of the 
Muster-Masters generally appear in connection with the Line; or the Levies, which formed a 
kind of stepping-stone to the Line. (See " Land Bounty Rights "). 

1780 State of New York to Michael Dyckman. Dr. 

July I To Amount of my Expenses from the beginning of May, 1780, to this day, being 
incurred in consequence of my being appointed by his Excellency the Governor 
to collect and receive the Levies then raised : Viz — 400 Cont'l Dollars at 40 pr 
I is Specie , ^ £ . 

The Army — Courts-Martial 


Fishkill, May 30th, 1780. 
State of New York Dr. to Michael Dyckman for extraordinary Expenses in Receiving the 
Levies at Fishkill for the year above mentioned, four hundred Dollars Continental 
Money. Michael Dyckman 

The following list contains the names of those who were engaged in the work of mustering in 
the Soldiers. It is probable that the documents do not give the complete list : — 

Deputies Muster-Master Gen.— Rutgers Henry, Van Rensselaer James, Varick Richard 
Deputy Commissary Gen. of Musters — Varick Richard 
Commissaries — Lansing Jacob John, Pearsee Jonathan Capt. 
Muster-Masters — 

Bockee Jacob 
Codwise Christopher 
Du Bois Cornelius 
Dyckman Michael 
Fonda Jelles A. 
French Abner 

In this connection, 
furnished one Soldier, 
Allen Samuel 
Boerum Nicholas 
Bradner John 
Cannon James, Capt. 
Carpenter Daniel 
Curtenius Peter T. 
Delavan Daniel, Capt. 
DeWitt John, jr. 

Hilton Jonathan 
Hitchcock Lyman 
Hubbell Isaac 
Hunsdon John, Lt. 
Jansen, Johannis T., Lt. 
Lansing Jacob John 

Pearsee Jonathan, Capt. 
Putnam Victor 
Roosa Albert 
Rutgers Henry 
Snow Ephraim 

Peter Benjamin, 

Trotter Matthew, Lt. 
Wells Anthony, Capt 
Westfall, Abraham, Capt 
Williams Daniel 
Young Guy, Capt. 


there should be given honorable mention of a number of citizens who 

or more, at their own expense : 

DeWitt Peter 
Furman John, Lt. 
Hill Andrew 
Lansing John 
Lansing John, jr. 
Lush Stephen 
Machin Thomas, Capt. 
McKinstry Thomas, Capt. 

Moor Pliny 
Nelson Thomas 
Nestell Peter 
Pearsee Jonathan, Capt. 
Perry Jonathan 
Piatt Nathaniel, Capt 
Smith Melancton 
Snow Ephraim 

Tayler John 

Ten Eyck Abraham 

Van Anglen John 

Van Benschoten Elias, Maj. 

Van Tine Robert 

Courts- Martial 

The Courts-Martial disciplined such Soldiers as had not been disciplined already by their 
superior Officers. The Courts were usually called by the Governor, as Commander-in-Chief. 
They were sometimes called Courts of Inquiry. The law provided that all fines should be paid 
into the State Treasury. 

A Regimental Court Martial Held at the House of Johannis Schoonmakers at Rochester 
June 22, 1778 For Trying all Such Persons as Shall be brought before The Court to Consist 
of the following Members, Viz : Capt. Andries Bevier, President, Capt. Joakim Schoonmaker, 
Lieut. Derick Westbrook, Lieut. Jacobus Hasbroock, Lieut. Reuben DeWitt, Lieut John De- 
puy, Lieut Joseph Hasbroock. Lieut Richard Brodhead I. A. 

The President and Members being Sworn, the Court open. 

Johannis York Brought before the Court for Disobediance of orders Pleads guilty and Says 
the reason of His Disobedience was Because he had no Shoes, Could Not March with his 
Class for the want of Shoes and that he had a Field of Grain which the Cattle Got into and 
was obliged to make the fence to save his Grain, and that he thought the Expense of the Court 
would Not Cost as much as the Loss of his Grain since he was not Ready to March when 

The Court Having Considered the Prisoner find him Guilty of the Crime wherewith charged. 
The Court Fined him Fifteen Pounds to be paid within Three Days after Demanded and in De^ 
fault thereof to be Imprisoned or Closely Confined untill Said Sum Together with Cost and 
Reasonable Charges be paid. 

l8 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Tunis Jansen Brought before the Court for Disobedience of orders Pleads not Guilty 
& Saith the reason of his Disobedience was because he was Not at Home at the time the 
Sargent warned the men and that he Got no warning and did not know in what Class 
he was untill the Day after the Day The Classes Marched — Serjt. Henry Harp being duly 
sworn and saith he was ordered to warn his Class to which said Jansen did also belong, went 
to said Jansen's Home and did not see him but left word with his Parents to warn him to 
appear at the House of Jacobus Bush with five Days Provision who likewise promised they 
would give him warning accordingly. The Court Having Considered the Evidence for and 
against the Prisoner find Him Guilty of Crime said against him and Fine him Fifteen Pounds 
To be paid within three Days after Demanded and if Default of such payment to be Impris- 
oned or Closely Confined Untill the Same Shall be paid together with Cost and Reasonable 

The Court is adjourned untill the 23 Instant Eight oClock in the Morning. 

1778 June 23 — The Court opened according to adjournment Capt. Andries Bevier, Presi- 
dent, Capt. Joakim Schoonmaker, Lieut. Derick Westbroock, Lieut. Jacobus Hasbroock, Lieut. 
John Depuy, Lieut. Joseph Hasbroock. Lieut. Brodhead I. A. absent Lieut. Reuben D Witt 
assumes his Place. 

William Sluyter Brought before the Court for Disobedience of orders Pleads Guilty and 
Says that he had no Shoes when Received Notice to march and that he was Not Well 
the Court having Considered on the Prisoner find him Guilty of the Crime Laid against him 
and adjudge him to pay a Fine of Ten Pounds within Three Days after Demanded and in Case 
he does Not so pay to be Imprisoned or Closely Confined untill Said Sum together with all Cost 
be paid. 

Jacob Krom Brought before the Court for Disobedience of orders Pleads Not Guilty and 
Says that he was Not able to March on account of Lameness — William Kelder being Duly 
sworn Saith that the said Jacob Krom Two or three Days before being warned Showed 
him his Hip whereon (he said) a Horse had Trod and Bruised and had his knee also hurt 
which hurts said Kelder says he saw — The Court having Duly Considered the Evedence 
for and against Said Krom adjudge him Guilty of the Charge against him and the Court Fines 
him Four pounds to be paid Three Days after Demanded Together with all Cost and 
Charges and in Default of Such payment to be Closely Imprisoned or otherwise Confined 
untill the same be paid. 

Joseph Depuy Brought before the Court for Disobedience of orders Pleads Guilty and Says 
the Reason of his Disobedience is solely owing to these Reasons Viz. He having Last Year 
Met with the Misfortune of Loosing his Barn by a Flash of Lightning, and with Much Diffi- 
culty and Hard Labour got the Timber for a New Barn which at the time of his being 
ordered out, wanted four Days work of a Carpenter Who he had at the same time to Com- 
pleat the Frame for Raising and said Carpenter Could by No Means St^y Longer with him 
and if did not imbrace the then oppertunity had Not the Least prospect of Having a Barn 
this Season and further Says that his Wife was very ill and himself very Subject to the 
Rheumetism and further Saith that he Took Great pains to find a Man to Serve in his Barn. 

Cornelius Depuy Being Duly Sworn and Saith that some time before Joseph Depuy 
was Classed and ordered out — it Happened that Said Joseph Depuy told him in a com- 
plaining way of his Infirmity Viz — Rheumetism — The Court Having Duly Considered 
the Evedence for and against the prisoner The Court adjudges him to pay the fine of Fifteen 
pounds within Three Days after Demanded Together with Cost and Charges and if said 
Prisoner Should fail in payment thereof he shall be Imprisoned or otherwise Closely Confined 

untill paid. „ , , , ^ 

. 'By order of the Court 

j And. Bevier President 

The Governor approves of the several Sentences above mentioned against Johannis York 
William Sluyter & Jacob Krom and orders them to be carried into Execution immediately But 
Considering the Case of Joseph Depue & his late Misfortunes remits his Punishment 

Poughkeepsie 26th June 1778, G?9 Clmton 

The Army — Courts-Martial 19 

Col. Johannis Hardenburgh, in June, 1779, brought in a bill of £55.18.0 against the State 
for a Court-Martial held at the house of John Graham, in Shawangunk; also, another bill of 
£143.16.0 for a Court-Martial held at the house of Arthur Smith in " Newberough ". A total 
of £1659.17.4, in fines, was reported. On Nov. 20, 1780, the Class of Thaddeus Seely, in Col. 
William Allison's regiment was adjudged delinquent for not finding a man to serve for three 
months. Col. Henry I. Van Rensselaer, on Jan. 14, 1782, ordered a Court-Martial " for the 
Tryal of Persons who have neglected or refused to perform Military Duty since the first of 
October 1780". 

Received, February ist 1781, from Col. Abraham J. Van Alstyne, of the Kinderhook Mili- 
tia, Ninety Pounds of the New Emitted Money on Account of the Delinquent Classes ; and I 
have also received from him, on the ist of January last, one hundred and twenty pounds of 
the New Money on the same Account. 

Gerard Bancker, Treas'r. 

[Indorsement on above] 

Kinderhook loth April, 1781. 

Sir : — Please to pay the within sum of Two Hundred & Ten Pounds unto Peter J. Vos- 
burgh, according to an Act to amend an Act entitled " An Act to complete the Quota of the 
Troops of this State to serve in the Army of the United States during the War", passed the 
2 1 St February, 1781. 

Gerard Bancker Esq., Treasurer Abr'm J. Van Alstine, Coll. 

Received, May 5th, 1781, from Gerard Bancker, Treasurer, two hundred and ten pounds 
New Emission in full for the above Order. 
£210 Peter J. Vosburgh. 

Received, April 22d, 1781, from Gerard Bancker, Treasurer, one hundred & forty two 
pounds, ten shillings. New Emission Money which he returns me, so much I paid into the 
Treasury the ist February, Moneys exacted from the Classes of my Regiment who neg- 
lected to furnish a Man during the War. 

£142.10 Peter Van Ness, [Col.] 

1 781 Col. Roswell Hopkins Dr. to State of New York. 

March 3 To the Balance of Fines from Delinquents in his Regt. £9515.4.0 Con- 
tinental at 40 for I £237.17.7 

June 19 To Cash rece'd from Capt. Caleb Haight, Fines of a Delinquent Class, 

New Emission 9.10.0 


Auditor's Office, New York, July 6tH 1785. 
I have examined the above account & laid the Case before the Committee appointed by 
Law to instruct me, who agreed that Col. Roswell Hopkins should pay into the Treasury the 
Sum of Two Hundred & Forty Seven Pounds, Seven Shillings & Seven Pence, Principal Sum 
in State Securities, date previous to the third of March, 1781. 
Gerard Bancker, Esq. P- T. C. 

Treasurer [Peter T. Curtenius, Auditor-Gen] 

This day personally appeared before me Colo. Roswell Hopkins who deposeth & saieth 
that he received of Lieut Colol Wm. Barker President of a Court Martial who Set for the 
Tryel of delinquents March the 3d 1781, the Sum of Nine Thousand five hundred & fifteen 
pounds 4/ & no more in which was the ballance of fines after the Charges of C. M. were 

20 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

deduct Continental money & also on the 19 of June following the Sum of Nine pounds ten 
Shillings in New Emission from Capt. Caleb Haight for a delinquent Class in his Company. 
Wall Kill Nov 6, 1782 Roswell Hopkins Colo 

Sworn before me 

P. T. Curtenius S Audr 

£9515.4 Continental is reduced at 75 for one £126.17 

New Emission Reed from Capt. Haight for fines of a Del Class 9.10 


Wall Kill Nov 6, 1782 I have this day Examined the above acct & find that there is due 
to the State of New York from Colol Roswell Hopkins for fines the Sum of One hundred & 
Twenty Six pounds 17/ in Specia & Nine pounds 10/ in New Emission. 

P. T. Curtenius S. A. 


The Continental Congress allowed $10., and mileage one way, for apprehending a Deserter. 
The Provincial Congress paid varying amounts for a like service. In 1778, the Chairman of 
the Orange County Committee acknowledged the receipt of several lines for harboring De- 
serters. The fine was £20. for each Deserter harbored. The term " Deserter " was not 
always one of reproach. Many of those who were thus called merely absented themselves 
and rejoined their commands, without question. Others are described, in the documents, as 
having afterward " joined and served to the end of the War " ; or " joined and afterwards 
died ". The term " Absent " would more correctly describe the real conduct of many of the 
Soldiers. In the Land Bounty Rights there is often a serious doubt whether the word 
" deserted " refers to the Soldier or to his claim on the land. 

The Pay of the Militia 

The Provincial Congress, Aug. i, 1775, resolved that each enlisted man be allowed 535. 
4d. per month in such manner as the Troops of Connecticut and Massachusetts Bay receive 
their pay ; that they be allowed one Blanket and one Regimental coat ; that they be allowed los 
for the use of their arms ; and that, if they have no arms, arms shall be furnished them to be 
either returned or paid for at the close of the Campaign. 

In Provincial Congress New York may 29th 1776. 
Mr. Sands, on behalf of the Auditors, informed the Congress that the officers of the first, 
or Colo. Lasher's, Battalion have delivered their Accounts for the Services of that Regiment 
on Fatigue in pursuance of the Order of the provincial Congress of the fourteenth day of 
March last. That the officers of that Regiment have charged full pay and the number of 
rations allowed to officers in the Continental Army at 10 i-2d for each ration for every day 
thay were on duty, tho it appears by their Returns that very frequently they had not the 
number of Privates on Duty. Ordered & directed, by the Ninth Resolution and Order for 
that purpose passed on the said 14th day of March last, That, as the Said Ninth resolution 
does not enable the Auditors to discharge those Accounts, the Auditors request the Direc- 
tions of this Congress on the subject. 

The Army — Pay of the Militia 2I 

Determined that the Officers shall be allowed the like number of Rations as the Continental 
Officers of like ranks are allowed. But that the Officers who, in any Instance, have not had 
the full Complement of Men on Duty or fatigue agreeable to the said Ninth Resolution be 
allowed only a proportion of pay & a proportion of the Value of Rations in the proportion to 
the number of Men they had on fatigue bears to the Numbers Ordered for a Regiment or a 
Company by the Saijl Ninth Resolution of the fourteenth day of March last. 

Rob't Benson — Secr'y 

In Committee of Safety of the State of New York — Fishkill November 8th 1776. 

Resolved that this Committee will Pay wages and the Value of the Rations remaining due 
to such of the Officers and men belonging to Coll. Smith's regiment as are now actually 
within such parts of this or the neighbouring States as are not in the possession of the enemy 
for the time they have respectively been in Service. 

Resolved that a copy of the above Resolution be served on Lieut. Coll. Sands and that 
he be Directed to Procure muster Rolls to be returned to this Committee, or Convention of 
this State, under the Oath of the Officers commanding Companies Containing the Names of 
those men only who are now within sych parts of this or the Neighbouring States as are not 
in the Possession of the enemy. 

Resolved that the President or Vice President & the Chairman of each Respective County 
Committee in this State be empowered to administer Such Oaths. 

Rob't Benson, Secr'y. 

The documents contain many elaborate tables " Calculated for the Use of the Militia Officers 
of the State of New York to shew them at one View the Amount of there pay from one day 
to three Months at the present pay of the American Army ". The laws of Oct. 4, 1780, and 
Apr. 21, 1787 refer more particularly to the payment of the Soldiers. 

This is to Certify that I John Kline of Hurley in the County of Ulster and State of New 
York have Bargind and Sold to James Roe of Kingston Silver Smith my Wages Which 
Shall grow Due for my Service as a Soldier upon the frontears Commenced the twenty Ninth 
Day of April 1782 and to Continue till the first Day of Jenuary Ensuing Unless soonner 
Discharged for the Consideration of two Pounds to me paid in In hand, James Roe is hearby 
Empowerd to Receve my Said Wages which shall grow Due for my said Sarvis from any Pay 
Master which shall be appinted and his Recept Shall be a Suffichunt Voucher to the Said Pay 
Master. his 

As Witness my hand this Seventh John X Kline. 

Day of May 1782. mark 

Anthonie Hofman 
Nathaniel Coleman 

Please deliver unto the Bearer hereof the Certificate for the Wages due to John Kline for 
his Service in the Levies in 1782 and his Receipt Shall be your Discharge. 

Kingston Aug. 2nd 1784. James Roe. 

To whom it may Concern. 

Reed. October 20th., 1792 from Gerard Bancker, Treasr., a Certificate for Fifteen pounds 
Seventeen Shillings and pine pence in full for depreciation of Pay due me as a Serjeant dur- 
ing the late War. 

£15.17^9 Jacob Hicks. 

N.B. He produced his discharge from the Commander in Chief. 

Hoosick March 25th 1786. 

Sir — ,Please to pay unto the Barer Joel Abbot the sertificates signed by the Treasurear of 
the State of New York Beloning to me for servises Don in your Regiment of Millisha and 
this Recept shall be your Discharge from me. 

Jonathan Russell Ephraim Marsh jun. 

22 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Just before the end of the War, in 1780, Joseph Gasherie, John Haring and Thomas Moffatt 
were appointed Auditors to Liquidate the Accounts of the Troops. Their accounts were volu- 
minous and well-kept: — 

The State of New York in Acct Current with John Haring, Joseph Gasherie & Thomas Mof- 
fat Auditors, appointed to Liquidate & settle the Accounts of the Troops of this State in the 
Service of the United States 


To John Haring as pr his Acct herewith deld £269. 12 . 

To Joseph Gasherie as pr his Accot herewith deld 510. 15 

To Thomas Moffat as pr his Accot herewith deld 452- 3 • 

To Cash paid by the Auditors to Samuel Loudon for printing, Paper &c per 

his Accot herewith deliverd 79- 9- 

Cr. ^131119 

By Cash reced of the State Treasurer by Virtue of the Act for liquidating & 

setling the Accots of the Troops of this State in the Service of the United 

States passed the 4th October 1780 £100. 

By Cash rece'd of the State Treasurer agreeable to the Act for the payment 

of Certain Contingenties passed the nth April 1782 150. 

By ditto rece'd of ditto agreable to the Act for the payment of the Salaries 

of the Several Officers of Government passed the nth May 1784 400. 

By Balance due the Auditors 661 . 19 


To Balance due the Auditors £661 . 19 

New York ist March 1785 John Haring 

Joseph Gasherie 
Thos Moffat 
Dr. The State of New York in Account current with Thomas Moffat and Joseph Gasherie two 
of the Auditors Appointed to liquidate and settle the Accounts of the late Troops of the State 
of New York, in the Service of the United States. 

1788 June 16 To Thomas Moffat as per Acct , £101 . 5 

, To Joseph Gasherie as pr do 115. i .6 

t Auditors 

, £216.6.6 

I Errors Excepted pr 

Thos. Moffat 
Joseph Gasherie 

' The Soldiers were often paid in lands taken from the Tories : — 

C No. 4641 STATE of NEW YORK, July 31, 1780. 

THIS CERTIFICATE will entitle Hanry Geraldman Serjeant in the fifth New York 
Regiment or his Assigns, to receive from the Treasury of this State, at the expiration of the 
present War, the Sum of Eleven pounds Eleven Shillings and two pence in Gold or Silver, at 
the rate of Eight Shillings for a Spanish milled Dollar, with Interest for the same, at the Rate 
of Five per Cent, per Annum, from the Date hereof ; and, at any Time until redeemed, shall 
be received in Payment upon Purchases of Confiscated Lands, for the Amount of the Principal 
and Interest thereof, at the same Rate with Specie ; according to an Act, entitled "An Act 
to liquidate and settle the Accounts of the Troops of this State, in the Service of the United 
States ", Passed the 4th of October 1780. Joseph Gasherie 1 a j> 

£11.11.2 Thos. Moffatt P"^"°" 

The Army — Pay of the Militia 


A Schedule of the Books, Accounts Vouchers, Certificates, Checks Blanks and papers be- 
longing to the Office of the Auditors appointed to Liquidate and settle the accounts of the late 
Troops of the State of New York in the Service of the United States. Vizt. 

Commissioned officers 

1st Regiment 

2d do 

3rd do 
4th do 

5th do 

Livingston do 
Artillery do 

Spencers & Malcoms do 

Warners do 

Hazens do 





For the depreciation of pay. 








No. I 

to 100 








145 also Acounts 

marked A to 





A to K and No 

• I to 37 

A, B and No. 

3 to 100 

No. loi 

to 176 

A. and No. 3 to 100 

No. 1 01 

to 200 

201 261 

I 85 

I 100 

loi 139 

I 92 

I 34 

I 27 

I 15 

I 9 

I 53 

I 43 

do containing certificates of Pierce 

and others concerning 

the Hospital and Medical department 
Bundle Receipts No. i to 13 

Bond of John L. Hardenbergh et alias dated the 28th Febru- 
ary 1783 
8 Alphabetical Books of Accounts 

one book a general Statement of the Accounts for the deprecia- 
tion of pay. 
one do for the pay of 1781 

For the pay of 1781. 
I Book, the Return of the paymaster of the ist New York 

1 do do 2nd do 

I do do 2nd do Artillery 

I do Vouchers for the pay of 1781 

I Bundle Orders marked 





do marked I 
do do K 









do containing Pierces and Foxes Certificates for 1781 

24 New York in the Revol^ttion, Supplement 

Artificers The Checks for the pay 1781 No. i to 1927 

do for the depreciation of pay No. i to 4694 
I Bundle Blank Certificates for depreciation of pay 
I do do for the pay of 1781 

To £1133.15. I in depreciation certificates signed by the Audi- 
tors as per the list signed and delivered by them may 
To £3821.16 in certificates for the pay of 1781 Signed by the 
Auditors as per the list Signed and delivered by them may 

June i6th 1788 ^^"'u^f^l . Uuditors 

Joseph Gashene ) 

The above was indorsed by the State Treasurer, as follows : — 

Two Lists of Certificates which the Auditors for Army accounts left into the hands of Gerard 
Bancker State Treasurer which he is directed by law to deliver to the Individuals or to their 
legal representitives when demanded Vizt 

One list for the Depreciation of pay amounting to £1133. 15. 1 

One ditto for the pay of 1781 amounting to 3821 . 16 


In setthng the claims of the State of New York against the United States for money paid 
to the Soldiers, this comment, relating to one of the claims, was made by the Auditor General, 
Peter T. Curtenius " Capt. Alexr Harper's pay Roll £400.2.2. for his Services & the men under 
him for guides &c on the Western Expedition. This service was perform'd at the request of 
Gen'l James Clinton who was an Officer acting under the Authority of the United States. 
Therefore this is a Claim against the United States & not against this State ". Further com- 
ments by the Auditor-General, on this subject, will be found, below, in " Claims of the State 
against the United States ". 

The Pay of the Continental Army 

The documents contain many references to the Pay of the Continental Soldiers, and to the 
action of the Continental Congress thereon. (See the reference named in the last paragraph). 

The Continental Congress ordered that the Pay of the Army, in 1775 and 1776, should be, 
in " Lawful " money (a slight discount from " New York " money) per month as follows : — 
Brigade Major, $33; Colonel, £15; Lieutenant Colonel, £12; Major, £10; Captain, £8; Lieut, 
£5:8; Adjut. & Qr. Mastr., £5:10; Ensign, £4; Sergeant, £2:8; Corpi. Drum & fife £2:4; 
Private, £2. This made the daily pay of a private i sh. 4 d. 

The Congress also allowed these Rations: — " Since 27 May 1777 when they find themselves, 
when they are in the field where they can draw Provisions it is supposed they draw one ration 
if they neglect it it is their own loss & are not to be allow^ for it " : A Sub, 2 ; Capt., 3 : 
Major, 4; Colol., 6; Lt. Colol., 5; Surg., 4; Mate, 2; Adjut., in additl" to his Comm^, i; 
Qr. Master, i ; Paymaster, i ; Private, i. 

The Dragoons in the Continental service were allowed the following monthly Pay, in Dol- 
lars:— Lieut. Col, 75; Major, 60; Captains, 50; Lieutenants, 33 1/3; Cornets, 26 2/3; Ser- 

The Army — Pay of the Continental Army 25 

jeants, 15; Corporals, 10; Trumpeters, 10; Farriers, 10; Private Dragoons, 8 1/3. A ration of 
Forage 1/4. 
The following Resolves were passed by the Continental Congress: 

October 7, 1776, Monthly Pay of the American Army Commencing January I, 1777 to the 
27th May, 1778 — Pay pr Month: — Colonel, 75 dollars; Lieut. Colonel, 60; Major, 50; Chap- 
lain, 33 1/3; Surgeon, 60; Surgeon's Mate, 40; Quarter Master, 27 1/2; Pay Master, 40; 
Captain, 40; Lieut., 27; Ensign, 20; Adjutant, 40; Serg. Major, 9; Qr. Mast. Sergt., 9; Drum 
Major, 8 1/3; Fife Major, 8 1/3; Sergeant, 8; Corporal, 7 1/3; Drum, 7 1/3; Fife, 7 1/3; 
Private, 6 2/3. 

October 14, 1776. That one penny be allowed in lieu of rations to such men as have paid 
their expences while on their march to and from the camp from & to their respective homes. 

December 21, 1776. That Gen. Washington be directed to pay the militia that may Rein- 
force his Army, in the same manner as his other troops are paid ; and that on their discharge one 
penny a mile be allowed in lieu of rations to support them on their march to their respective 
places of abode. 




•0 I Colonel & Captain 


doll, pr Ma 

50 doll, pr Mo 

§ I Lt. Colonel & Captain 



■5 I Major & Captain 



■g 6 Captains each 



S I Capt. Lieut. 




jj, 8 Lieutenants each 




9 Ensigns each 



X Paymaster 


X Adjutant 


X Qr. Master 


I Surgeon 



I Surgeon's Mate 



I Sergeant Major 


I Quarter Master Sergeant 


27 Sergeants each 


I Drum Major 


I Fife Major 


18 Drummers & fifers each 



27 Corporals each 



Rations to be pd. to i June 1778 at 2/8 N. Y. 


447 Privates each 



X To be taken from the Line and paid, as above, in addition to their pay as officers in the Line 


Pay per Month . Subsistance. 

1 Cdlonel 100 dollars 50 dol. pr Mo 

I Lieut. Colonel 75 40 

I Major 62 1/2 30 

12 Captains each 50 20 

12 Capt. Lieuts. each 33 1/3 10 

12 first Lieuts. each 33 1/3 10 

36 Seed. Lieuts. each 33 1/3 10 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Pay per Month. 


X Pay Master 

25 dollars 

X Adjutant 


X Qr. Master 


I Surgeon 


30 dol. pr Mo 

I Surgeon's Mate 



I Sergeant Major 

II 23/90th 

I Quarter Mastr. Sergt. 

II 23/90th 

I fife Major 

10 38/90 

I drum Major 

10 38/90 

72 Sergeants each 


72 Bombardiers each 


72 Corporals each 


^2, gunners each 


24 drums & fifes each 


336 Mattrosses each 

8 1/3 


Apr. II 

Brigade Major 

50 doll, pr mo. 

Regim' Chaplain 

40 Do 

Judge Advocate 

60 Do 


X To be taken from the Line and paid, as above, in addition to their pay as officers in the Line. 
In 1783, a Lieutenant of Infantry, in the Line of the United States Army, was paid $26 2/3 
per month ; and two rations per day, valued at $8., per month. 


The Provincial Congress, Aug. i, 1775, resolved that every Officer enlisting a man should be 
paid $1. for each Soldier passing Muster, the Officer paying the expense of such enlistment. 
Soon afterward, a bounty of $50 was allowed to Soldiers enlisting in the Levies ; and there is in 
evidence a receipt of Capt. Isaac Belknap, dated Nov. 6, 1776, for $525 paid by the Committee 
of Ulster County for 21 men belonging to his Company of Rangers. It appeared to be the 
business of the several County Committees to provide the Bounty money at that period of 
the War. 

Oxford 25th July 1776 then received of William Allison Esqr. Nine hundred and Nineteen 
pounds Seventeen shillings and four pence for paying the Bounty of the troops to be raised on 
the North Side of the Mountains in Orange County agreeable to a resolve of the Conven- 
tion of the State of New York of the 15th Instant. ^^ ^^ gj.j^^ ^^^^.^ 

Oyster Bay 13th August 1776 Recvd of George Townsand by the hand of Samuel Townsand 
Six hundred and twenty two pound 14/8 being money Sent by the Convention of the State of 
New York to pay the Bounty of men Lately raised in Queens County for the purpose of 
Guarding the Stock of the Said County. p^^ ^^^j^ j^j^^ g^^^^ 

Thomas Jackson. 

In Committee of Safety for the State of New York Fishkill November 2d 1776. 
Captain Elias Hasbrouck applied for the Second Moiety of the Bounty for 25 Men of his 
Company who are enlisted and Mustered as appears by the Muster Roll delivered in 

The Army — Bounties 27 

Thereupon ordered that Robert Boyd Esqr Chairman of the committee of Ulster County 
pay to Captn. Elias Hasbrouck the sum of three hundred and twelve dollars and one half 
of a dollar in full for the Bounty of the said Twenty five Men Out of the money formerly 
deposited in his hands for advancing the first Moiety of the Bounty to the rangers raised in 
Ulster County — that Mr Boyd take duplicates of a receipt from Captain Hasbrouck for that 
Money — the Duplicates of that receipt to be of the same Tenor and Date and declaring that 
they are duplicates and for the same sum. john McKesson, Secry. 

The Committee of Safety for the State of New York, Fishkill November 5th 1776. 

Whereas it appears by a Certificate signed by the Chairman of the County Committee of 
Ulster County that Captn. Isaac Bellknap and the other officers of his Company are duly 
qualified according to the resolutions of the Convention of this state — And by the Muster Roll 
of the said Company signed and Subscribed by the officers it appears that the Said Company 
consists of Twenty one Non-Commissioned Officers and privates — Ordered that Robert 
Boyd Esquire Chairman of the Committee of Ulster County pay to Captn. Isaac Bellknap 
Two hundred and Sixty two Dollars and One half of a Dollar in full for the Second or last 
Moiety of the Bounty of the said Twenty One Rangers raised in Ulster County out of the 
Money formerly deposited in his hands for advancing the first Moiety of the Bounty to the 
said Rangers — that Mr. Boyd take dupHcates of the receipt from Captn. Bellknap for that 
Money — The Duplicates of that receipt to be of the same Tenor and Date and declaring that 
they are duplicates and for the same Sum 

N. B. the said Muster Roll is filed in the Auditor Generals Office. 

John McKesson, Secy 

In Committee of Safety for the State of New York Deer. i6th 1776. 
Resolved that the Treasurer of this State advance, on the Credit of the United States to 
Col Lewis Dubois, or his order the Sum of fifteen hundred Pounds on Account of Bounty 
Money for recruting his Regiment. 
£1500 By order 

Attest John Williams Chairman. 

Robt Benson, Secry 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York, July 2Sth ; 1776. 
Ordered that Peter Van brugh Livingston Esquire as Treasurer advance to Capt James 
Stewart the Sum of One hundred and Forty four Pounds in order to enable him to advance 
the Bounty to those men he may enlist in his Company agreable to the Resolutions of this 
Convention of this Day and take his Receipt to be accountable for the same to the Treas- 
urer of this State. Robt. Benson Secry. 

Reed. July 26th.? 1776. from P. VB. Livingston one hundred and forty four pounds in full 
for the within written Order. j^^^g Stewart. 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Harlem August 21st., 1776. 

Orderd that Peter Van Brugh Livingston Esqr as Treasurer advance to Capt. John Wis- 
ner 580 Dollars to enable him to pay one half of the Bounty to the Privates and non-com- 
missioned Officers of his Company as part of the Militia of Orange County raised or to be 
raised agreable to the Resolutions of this Convention of the l6th. Day of July last. Captn. 
Wisner to be accountable to this Convention or their Order, & to the Coll. of the Regiment 
to which he belongs for the Disposition of that Money. And the Coll. of the Regiment to 
which Captain Wisner belongs being at present on Duty at Kings Bridge, Ordered that Colo. 
Allison and Colo. Hawthorn, or either of them to be are hereby impowered authorized and 
requested to muster the Men of Captn. Wisner's Company previous to their receiving one half 
of their Bounty. John McKesson Secry. 

28 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Reed. August 21st., 1776. from P. VB. Livingston by the hands of Gerard Bancker five hun- 
dred and eighty Dollars in full for the within Order. 
Dollars 580. John Wisncr. 

No. 904 Capt. John Wisner i 232 o 0. 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Aug't. 24th., 1776. 
Resolved and Ordered that Peter VB Livingston Esqr as Treasurer of this Convention ad- 
vance to Colo. Isaac Nicoll Seventy two pounds to enable him to pay the one Moiety of the 
Bounty due to eighteen privates of his Regiment and muster the said Men, Col Nicoll to be 
accountable to this Convention for the disposition of that Money 

Robt Benson, Secry. 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York, October 4th., 1776. 

Resolved that the Sum of Six thousand four hundred and twelve dollars and two eights of a 
dollar being the remaining part of the Bounty and one Months wages and rations due to the 
officers and Men of the four Companies of Rangers raised and established for the imme- 
diate protection and defence of the Counties of Cumberland and Gloucester under the command 
of Major Joab Hoisington forthwith Transmitted for their use. 

Resolved that Mr. Sessions and Mr. Taylor be requested to repair to the County of Cumber- 
land and unite with Col. Marsh one of the Members of the said County as a Committee from 
this Convention to see the Preceeding Resolutions of this Convention carried into execution. 

Resolved that the Treasurer of this State pay to the said Committee the before mentioned 
Sum of Six thousand four hundred and Twelve Dollars and two eights of a dollar for the pur- 
poses above mentioned and the further Sum of Two hundred dollars to defray the charge of 
their Journey for the expenditure of which they are to be accountable to this Convention. 

John McKesson, Secry. 

Received New Windsor 30th May 1781 of Capt Thomas Machin the sum of twenty pounds 
in Bills of the New Emission of this State for Bounty for which I inlisted to serve During 
the War in Col John Lamb's Regiment of Artillery — 

i20.o.o John Cannon 

Saml. Logan 

The Continental Congress, Oct. 8, 1776, resolved that a suit of clothes should be given " as 

a Bounty to the Soldiers who shall Hst during the War''. The same Congress, March 9, 1779, 

recommended that each State should fill its complement of men by drafts ; that a Bounty of $200 

should be given to each draft; and that each State should be credited for $200 for each 

recruit it brought into the field for three years. 

Kingston 3d., September 1777. 
The following Articles of Cloathing Deliverd The Continental Troops Of the State of New 
York as a Bounty are as follows. Vizt. 

2 Shirts @ 24/ £2 8 

2 pair Shoes @ 16/ i 12 

2 pair Stockings @ 10/8 114 

1 pair B. Skin breeches @ 60/ 3 

2 Frocks @ 13/ I 6 

1 Hatt lo 

2 pair Overalls @ 16/ i 12 

I Jacket Or Vest 2 8 

£13 17 
The Above Quoted prices are Averag'd as n«ar prime Cost as possible. 

John Henry, (Commy. Cloathg. 
State N. York) 

The Army — Pensions 29 

Bounty of Cloathing allowd for a Year by the Instructions for Inlistment Dated Dec 15, 
1776 Vizt. 

2 Linen hunting Shirts 

2 Pr Hose 

2 Pr Overhalls 

I Leather or Woollen Waistcoat with Sleeves 

I Pr Breeches 

1 Hatt or leathern Cap and 

2 Pr Shoes 

Amounting in the whole to the Value of 20 Dollars. 

The claims of the State against the United States for moneys expended in Bounties are 
voluminous ; but they are unsatisfactory because they are not footed. An apparent summary 
charges the United States with $597171 32/90 

Later in the war, July i, 1780, a law provided that a Soldier enlisting in the Continental Bat- 
talions from the Levies should have a Bounty of one and a half bushels of Wheat for each 
month of his service ; and that the same Bounty should be paid to every man joining the Levies 
from the Militia. The Wheat, it was also provided, should be taken by impress, and the paper 
money given therefor was receivable for Taxes. 

By his Excellency George Clinton Esq Governor of the State of New York &c &c 
To Stephen Burges, Greeting — 

Pursuant to an Act entitled " An Act to complete the continental Battalions raised under 
the Direction of this State " (Passed July i, 1780) You are hereby authorized to impress 
for your own Use as a Bounty for your Service in the fourth Regiment of this State in the 
Service of the United States agreeable to the annexed Certificate Ten Bushels of Wheat from 
any Person whom Matthew Adgate Esq shall deem can conveniently spare the same & whose 
name shall by him be endorsed on this Warrant 

Given at Poughkeepsie this nth June 1781 Geo. Clinton 

By his Excellency's Command 

Robt. Benson, Secry. 

[Indorsed] Kings District Reed of Hosea Bules the amount of the within mentioned ten 
bushels of Wheat 

Steven Burges 

(See, also, Land Bounty Rights in the Chapter on the " Surveyor- General "). 


Patrick Parrel was the Commissioner of Pensions. The Board to Examine Invalids con- 
sisted of Col. Peter Gansevoort, Richard Piatt, Surgeon Nicholas Schuyler, Gen. Philip Schuy- 
ler, Gen. Abraham Ten Broeck and Richard Varick. 

A concurrent Resolution of the Legislature, Mar. 5, 1783, provided that certain soldiers, 
having produced the necessary evidence conformable to the Acts of Congress and the law of 
this State, are entitled to receive one half of their monthly pay from the time of their being 
wounded. The more important of the laws relating to pensions were passed as follows: — 
Mar. ID, 1779; Mar. 18, 1783; Apr. 17, 1784; Apr. 22, 1786; Mar. 26, 1794. Some of the 
Pension papers are very complete, as many as eight or ten being in connection with a single 
name. But there were many Pensions, evidence of which does not appear in these documents. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The applications describe the location and nature of the wounds; and from these it would 
seem that no one was wounded in the back. A list of the Pensioners, as evidenced by the 
documents, will be found on page 371 of " New York in the Revolution ". 

An accounting of the State with the United States, in 1789, showed that the State should 
have credit for $24,133 45/90 more than the $67,076 69/90 already charged to the United 
States. The following was the usual way of sending in an account: — 

United States Dr. to State of New York for Seven Years half pay paid by said State. 
Interest calculated at 6 pr Ct. Ann" to ist January 1787. 

ol Vouch- 

To whom paid 

No. I Children of Dederick Wooleber 

2 Widow of James Bradt 

3 Widow of John Lee 

4 Children of Aaron Knapp 

5 Children of Jacobus Crans 

Prin- Amount in 
cipal Dollars 

£ S D Dollrs90ths 

Interest Com- 

1781 Augt 6th , 112 280 

1782 Augt 31 112 280 

1783 July 15 112 280 
1782 Jany. 15 112 280 
1781 Octobr 6 112 280 

Time of 


Y M D 

Dollrs 90ths 

5 4 
4 4 

3 5 

4 II 

5 2 





560 1400 
State of New York Dr. to Thomas Done 
To my half Pay as an Invalid Private from 15 feby to 15 aug 1785 is 6 Months 
at 6/8 pr Mh 

Recapitulation of Monies paid to Invalids 
Audited by Comfort Sands Esqr agreable to an Act passed 10 March 1779 

P. T. Curtenius Esqr agreable to ditto Act in the year 1782 
" " " " ti i( II II it „ _ 

" " " " " « ti u ,1 I, fi-Q. 

** <f H it it it tt t( ct n o 

170 15 

« " " ti u t, „ u a „ ,lo2 

1 700 

Partial Supports at different times 

Paid by G. Bancker Esqr agreable to an Act passed 18 March 178-? in 178^ 

" " " " " " It it it it o 

« " " « it « „ tt „ ti loT 

1 70S 
Audited & Paid agreable to an Act passed 22 April 1786 

392 81 

£ 8. 

i 649.19. 10 

1485. 9- 3 

3384- 13- 
2115. 8. 8 
2571.10. 7 
696. 7. II 
406. 8. 
1209. 5. 4 
8323. I 

£23520. 7. I £23520. 7. I 
Sir Accountants Office New York Novr 25th 1788. 

I have revised sundry accounts, the State of New York against the United States, for Pen- 
sions paid to Invalids conformably to Acts of Congress of the 26th August 1776; 25th Septr 
1778; 23d April 1782; and 7th June 1785; and find — That agreeably to Accounts herewith, 
marked A, B, & C, they make the following charges, Vizt 
In Account A, to Amount of £10760.15.10 

to which add balance of a/c Error 24. £10784.15.10 

Ditto, B, to Amount of 

from which deduct bal. a/c Errors 

Ditto, C, to Amount of 

from which deduct bal. a/c Error 

Amounting in the whole to 

3039- 3- 4 
139- 17- 4 2899. 6. 

22868. 7. 

68. 6. 8 22800. o. 4 

£36484. 2. 2 Equal 

Dollars 91,210.24 

The Army — Pexsions 3l 

That agreeably to an Act of Congress of the nth June 1788, the said State is entitled to 
Credit on Account of Requisitions for the following Sums extracted from the accounts which 
have accrued on sundry distinct periods of time, as pr Abstracts herewith Vizt 

Abstract No. i This Sum, being amount of pensions charged in 
account marked A, which accrued between the ist January 1782 and 
the 31st December 1784 inclusive £4646.13. 3 

Ditto marked Aa accrued on the years 1785 & 1786 850.11. 3 5497. 4. 6 

Also to credit for this Sum, being for balance of the above men- 
tioned account marked B, which accrued on the years 1783, 1784 & 
1785 2899. 6. 

That the State is entitled to a further Credit on a/c of requisi- 
tions for sundry payments to Pensioners charged in account marked 
C agreeably to the following Abstracts therefrom Vizt 

No. 2 Accrued between the ist January 1782 and 31st December 

1784, inclusive ^^7034. 3. 9 

Abstract marked Cc being sundry Sums ac- 
crued on the following years 

vizt 1785 4157. I. II 

1786 5132. II. 3 

and to 1st June 1787 2110. 6. 9 18434. 3. 8 

Amount to Credit of requisitions £26830.14. 2 Equal 

to Dollars 67,076.69/90 

That agreeably to the beforementioned Abstracts No. i & 2 the said State has made sundry 
payments on account of Pensions which have accrued previous to the ist January 1782 for 
Amount of which the State is entitled to Credit in account Current agreeably to the aforesaid 
Act of Congress vizt 

No I To Amount of £5287.11. 4 

2 ditto 4365.16. 8 £9653. 8. 

Equal to 24133.45 

Amounting to Ninety one thousand two hundred and ten dollars, 
twenty four Ninetieths, Dollars 91210.24 

Jno Woodside Clk of Accounts 
To Joseph Hardy Esqr 

Accountant J. Hardy Accpth 

The United States To the State of New York Dr. 

For monies paid to Invalids agreeable to Resolves of Congress and Laws of the Legislature 
of Said State Vizt 

Agreable to Resolves of Congress dated 26 August 1776 & 25 Sept 1778 and a Law of the 
State passed the loth March 1779 

Paid in 1779 H 226. 8. 

1780 37- 16. 

1781 122.13. 

1782 1846.13. 

1783 1254-12. 

1784 3384- IS- 

1785 21 15. 8. 

1786 996. I. 



9984. 7. II 

32 New Y9rk in the Revoluticn, Supplement 

Partial Supports pd in 1784 £548. 19. 6 

in 1785 227. 8. 5 £•J^(i. 7. II 10760.15. 10 

Agreable to a Resolve of Congress dated the 23d Aprl 1782 & a Law of the 
State passed the iSth March 1783 
Paid in 1783 406. 8. 

1784 1423.10. 

1785 1209. 5. 4 3039. 3. 4 

Agreable to a Resolve of Congress dated June 7 1785 & a Law of the State 
passed 22d April 1786 
Paid up to the ist June 1786 10997. 18. 9 

24797. 17. II 
Paid agreable to the same Resolve & law up to the 1st June 1787 11070. 8. 3 

£36668. 6. 2 
Thus far the Invalid account has been made out & delivered agreable to the 
Resolution of the House of Assembly of the ist Feby 1787 

Agreable to a Resolve of Congress of the nth June 1788 & paid to the ist Janu- 
ary 1788 amountg to £8287. 7. 8 8287. 7. 8 

^44955 -IS- 10 
N. B. this last account has not been delivered in but there is no doubt but 
it will be admitted because it is made out exactly conformabl to the last 
mentioned resolve commencg the ist Jany 1782 & Ending the ist Jany 1788 
By the Statement of the Invalid Acct Received from the Accompt- 
ant of the Treasury Board the State has Credit on the Specia Requi- 
sition for £26830 . 14 . 2 
ad to this what has been pd to the ist Jan 1788 8287. 7. 8 35118. 11 . 10 

£9837.12. o 
The following were common forms of certificates and affidavits : — 

We the Subscribers Abraham Ten Broeck and Peter Gansevoort Junr Do Certify that upon 
an Examination, in pursuance of the Law, entitled "An Act making Provision for Officers, Sol- 
diers, and Seamen, who have been disabled in the Service of the United States ". Passed the 
22d of April, 1786, We do find that James Adams residing in the State of New York — Ages 
fifty two Years, late a Sarjeant in Capn Bleeckers Compy in the Regiment of Continental 
Troops Commanded by Coll Van Schaick and Claiming Relief under the Act of Congress, 
recited in the said Law, as an invalid in Fact; and that he became disabled in the Service of 
the United States, in Consequence of his Sight Nearly Lost — And Do further Certify, that 
upon the Principles of the said Act of Congress, the said James Adams is entitled to the 
Pay of five Dollars per Month. 

GIVEN under our Hands, in the City of Abm Ten Broeck 

Albany, on the fourteenth Day September in the Peter Gansevoort 

Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hun- 
dred and Eighty-Six 

This day appeared before me Robert McClallen Esqr one Of the Justices of the Peace of the 
City and County of Albany and State of New York James Adams & Made Oath, that he was 
Examined By Genl Abraham Ten Broeck & Genl Peter Gansevoort Esqr Commissioners 
appointed by said State for that purpose obtained a Certificate Setting forth that he 
Served as a Serjeant in Capt. Bleeckers Company in the Regiment of Continental Troops 

The Army — Pensions 33 

Commanded By Colo Goose Van Schaaick & that he was Disabled in the Service of the United 
States in Consequence of his Sight Being Impaired & that he Now lives in the City of Albany 
& State aforesaid 

Given under my Hand James Adams 

Sworn before me Robert McClallen 
Albany 20th may 1788 

Other Pension papers, of a different form, give interesting facts relating to the War : — 

City of New York ss 

Richard Allison of Bethleham in Orang County Farmer being duly sworn maketh Oath that 
during the late War to wit some Time in May in the Year 1778 he inlisted as a private Soldier 
in Captain Israel Smith's Company in the 4th New York Regiment in the Service of the 
United States Commanded by Col. Henry B. Livingston for nine months that on the twenty- 
eighth Day of June in the Year one thousand seven hundred & seventy eight at the Battle of 
Monmouth while in the Company Regiment & Service aforesaid he was taken prisoner & when 
taken received four Wounds from the Enemy by a Cutlass one of which on the Head 
one other on his Neck which is much weakened by Reason of the Sinews being Cut, one other on 
the Right Shoulder & one on his Right Arm that he remained in Captivity about six Weeks 
that he was then exchanged & put into the Hospital. That by Reason of these several Wounds 
he is rendered in a great Measure incapable of obtaining his Livelihood by Labor, that on the 
Seventeenth Day of May last he was twenty nine Years of Age & that he now actually re- 
sides in Bethleham aforesaid. 

Sworn this fourth day of Septr. 1789 Richard Allison 

Before me Richard Varick Recorder 

State of New York 

Orange County 

This may certify that Henry Brewster was Lieut, in a late Regiment of Militia raised within 
this State under my command. That he was on actual duty commanding a Company at Fort 
Montgomery on the 6th of October 1777 when the said Fort was taken by assault. That it was 
his fortune to be in a Redoubt commanded by Lieut. Col. McClaughry, who with his men de- 
fended it till they were many of them kill'd and wounded by the Enemys Bayonets. That the 
said Lieut. Henry Brewster at that time received several wounds by Bayonets in different parts 
of his Body, and a violent bruise on the head from the but of a firelock. That myself the Sub- 
scriber Lieut. Brewster and many others were carried Prisoners on board one of the enemys 
Ships called the Archer where the Subscriber saw him and supposed from the nature of his 
wounds that he could scarcely survive them. That one of his wounds aforesaid was by the 
thrust of a Bayonet, which entered his right side near the small of his Back reaching the 
Same and disabling him to that degree that myself and other ofificers of his acquaintance were 
of opinion that if he survived it would render him unfit for farther Service or Labour as a 

In consequence of his said wounds when he arrived at New York was taken to the Hospital 
and from thence on board of a prison Ship where he suffered almost unto death. I think 
that Lieut. Brewster must (from what knowledge I have of the matter be in a great measure in- 
capacitated from gaining a livelihood by Industry. 

Given Under My Hand at Goshen in Said William Allison. [Col.] 

County ye 2d Day of October 1786 

Albany to wit. Timothy Bowen of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck in the County of Albany de- 
poseth and saith upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God that he this Deponent being a pri- 
vate Soldier in Captain Walter Vrooman's Company in the Regiment of Levies raised in this 
State whereof John Harper was Colonel was on the twenty third Day of October one thousand 
seven hundred and Eighty captured by the Enemy at Oneida in the State aforesaid and con- 
veyed to and committed to Prison in Canada. That having found Means to escape from his 

34 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Confinement he was afterwards apprehended by a Party one of whom wounded him danger- 
ously in the Belly with the Muzzle of a Musquet And his Hands being tied behind him for 
the Purpose of reconducting him to Prison with greater Safety they were so affected by the 
Frost as to occasion the Loss of the upper Joints of six of his Fingers. And this Deponent 
further saith that he was attended in his Illness consequent to those Injuries by a Surgeon or 
Physician belonging to the British Army. That whenever he performs Work in which it is 
necessary to bend his Body the Injury which he has received as aforesaid by the Wound in 
his Belly occasions such violent Pains that he is obliged to desist from his Labor. And 
further that he has a Family and further this Deponent saith not. 
Sworn this Third Day of August 1785 
before me 

John Ten Broeck Alderman. 

Coll Frederick Fisher Came before me Simon Veeder one of the Justices of the County 
of Montgomery in the State of New York and made Oath that he was examined by Abraham 
Ten Brook and Peter Gansevoort Junier Esquires, appointed by the said State for that pur- 
pose obtained a Certificate or had his Certificate Examined and Countersigned Setting forth 
that he had served as a Colonel of the Militia in the County of Montgomery that he was dis- 
abled by being wounded & Scalped at Caughnawaga on the 22 day of May 1780 by a Party 
of the Indians and that he now Lives in the District of Caughnawaga in the County of 
Sworn Before me this 2d Day of May 1789 Fredk Fisher [Col.] 

Simon Veeder Justice 
To Gerrard Banker Esqr. 

Trassurer of the State of New York. 

i ss 

State of New York 
City of New York 

Jacob Gardineer of Mohawk's District in the County of Montgomery Blacksmith & Farmer 
being duly sworn maketh Oath That during the late war he was Captain of a Company in 
the Regiment of Montgomery (then Tryon County) Militia commanded by Colo. Frederick 
Fisher; That in August 1777 the same Regiment was ordered to march with others of Militia 
under the Command of B. Genl Harkimer to the relief of the Garrison of Fort Schuyler then 
invested by the Troops of the Enemy under the Command of B. Genl. St. Leger; That upon 
the March of the same regiment to wit on the Sixth Day of the same Month they were 
attacked by a Party of the Enemy between Oriska & Fort Schuyler aforesaid and were defeated. 
That in the Action the Deponent received three Wounds one of them in his Left Groin, a 
Second in his right Thigh and a third in his right Leg. That by Means of the several 
Wounds aforesaid he is in a great Measure rendered incapable of obtaining a Livelihood by 
his Trade or other hard Labor; That on the thirty first day of January last he was fifty 
seven Years of Age and that he now actually resides in Mohawk District in the County of 
Montgomery aforesd. 

Sworn this twelfth Day of April 1787 Jacob Gerdenyir 

Before me Richd Varick, Recorder 

State of New York ) 
City of New York j ^^ 

Robert Harris of the City of New York in the State of New York Gentlemen being duly 
sworn maketh Oath That he was a Lieut in the Continental Sloop of War, the Reprisal in the 
Service of the United States commanded by Capt. Lambert Weeks Esquire; That while in the 
Service aforesaid on Board of the Sloop aforesd in an Engagement with the Swallow Packet 
a British Vessel on the fifth day of February in the year 1777 he lost his Left Arm by the acci- 
dental Explosion of one of his own Guns: By Means of which he is rendered incapable of 
obtaining a Livelihood by Labor; That he is about fifty four Years of Age; That he now 

The Army — Pensions 35 

actually resides at the City of New York aforesaid ; That his pay while a Lieutenant as afore- 
said was thirty Dollars per month. t> u i. -u- 
c __ 4.1-- r xu T-> r A o Robert Hams 
bwom this fourth Day of Augt. 1787 

Before me Richd. Varick, Recorder 

I do certify that Lieut. Talmage Hall of the 7th Connecticut Regiment when under my 
Command upon the Night of the i6th July 1779 in the Discharge of his duty Gallantly 
Advancing to the Storm on the British Lines on Stoney Point received two iWounds — one 
in the Wrist, the other in the Groin. ^^j. -Wayne B G 

Given at Totowa this i8th day of Oct 1780 ^^^J^ the Pennsa Line 

Reed November 13th 1784 from James Ivery his dischge from the 2d New York Regiment 
Signed by his Excellency General Washington dated the 6th January 1783, which I am by Law 
directed to retain in my Hands, on my paying him his pension which I have this day done up 
to the 2d June 1784. Amounting to £23.14- 8. Qerard Bancker Treasr. 

By His Excellency George Clinton Esquire Governor of the State of New York & Richard 
Varick of the City of New York Esquire. 

We do certify. That in Pursuance of the Law of the State of New York Entitled " An Act 
making Provision " for Officers, Soldiers & Seamen who have been disabled in the Service of 
the United States ", We have examined the Case of Matthew Jansen Junr. of Shawangunk in 
the County of Ulster Farmer and find that during the late War he was Captain of a Company in 
a Regiment of Levies in the Service of the United States raised in the State of New York in the 
Year one thousand Seven hundred & Seventy Seven & commanded by Colonel William Alli- 
son; That the said Matthew Jansen Junr being in actual Service, at Fort Clinton one of the 
Out Redoubts of Fort Montgomery in the High Lands, in the Night of the sixth of October in 
the same Year, received an Injury in his left Eye, by a Musket Shot, by which Means the 
Sight thereof is much impaired ; That in attempting to make his Escape from the same Redoubt, 
after the same was possessed by the Enemy and in Jumping over the Rampart of the Redoubt 
he fell with the lower Part of his Back on a Rock, by Means whereof his Back is very much 
weakened & he is in some Measure rendered unable to obtain his Livelihood by Labor ; & that 
on the Second Day of April last he was forty nine Years of Age; Whereof in pursuance of the 
Law aforesaid. We do further certify, that upon the Principles of the Act of Congress of the 
Seventh Day of June 1785, the said Matthew Jansen Jun is entitled to receive from the Treas- 
urer of this State an Annual Pension of Sixty Dollars to commence from the first Day of Jan- 
uary in the Year one thousand Seven hundred & seventy eight. 

Given under our Hands this twentieth Day of March 1788. 
To Peter T. Curtenius Esquire George Clinton 

Auditor of the State of New York Richd Varick 

State of New York ) ^^ 
City of New York | 

Reuben King of the Township of New Lebanon in the County of Columbia being duly 
sworn maketh Oath that some time during the late War to wit, in April 1775 he enlisted a 
private Soldier in Capt. George White's Company in the 2nd New York Regiment Commanded 
by Col. Goose Van Schaick that some time in August he was drafted under the Command of 
Col. Ethan Allen and detached to go to Montreal; That on the 25th Day of September 1775 
in an Engagement at long Point a few Miles below Montreal he received a Wound in his left 
Arm (by a Musket Ball) which was afterwards amputated by Reason of which Wound he is 
rendered incapable of obtaining his Livelihood by Labour; That on the twenty first Day of 
July last he was twenty eight years of Age and that he now actually resides in New Lebanon 

Sworn this twenty fifth Day of September 1786 Reuben King 

Before mc Richd, Varick, Recorder 

36 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

State of New York ) 


City of New York j 

Joseph Knapp Jun. of the Out Ward of the City of New York Weaver being duly sworn 
maketh Oath, that during the late War he resided at Horseneck in the County of Fairfield in 
the State of Connecticut, And that Some Time in the Beginning of January in the Year of 
our Lord one thousand Seven hundred & eighty, he inlisted as a Private Soldier, for three 
Months, in a Company of Hungers raised to guard the Lines & Sea Coast; to protect the 
Country from the Inroads of the Enemy & Commanded by Capt. Isaac Howe of the then 
Coll. John Meads Regiment of Fairfield County Militia. 

That soon after his Inlistment the Deponent with others of the same Company, were, by 
Orders of Colo. John Mead & by the Adjutant of his Regiment, put under the Command of 
Capt. Samuel Lockwood, then commanding the Whale Boats in the Sound in the Service of 
the United States & directed to join Capt. Samuel Keeler's Company of Colo. Matthew 
Meads Regiment of Connecticut State Troops, then also in the Service of the United States, 
and to proceed down the in Westchester County in the State of New York, to attack 

a Party of the Enemy posted there, under the Command of a Colo. Hetfield. 

That on or about the ninth or tenth Day of January, the Detachment commanded by Capt. 
Keeler attacked the Enemy's Post at Westchester afd & captured Coll. Hetfield & some other 
Officers & some Privates; That upon their Retreat towards Horseneck with the Prisoners 
they had taken, the Rear of the Detachment commanded by Capt. Keeler was overtaken & 
attacked by a Party of the Enemy's Horse. 

That among others the Deponent was attacked by one of the Enemy's Horsemen & four 
Fingers of his left Hand were cut ofif by a Broadsword & he was carried Prisoner to New 
York where he remained for six Weeks. 

That he reed no Pay since the first Day of April 1780. That by Means of his Wound afore- 
said he is rendered unable to obtain his Livelihood by his Trade or hard Labour; That on 
the Seventh Instant he was twenty eight Years of Age And that he now actually resides in the 
City of New York. afd. 

Sworn this thirtieth Day of May 1787 Joseph Knapp 

Before me Richd Varick Recorder 

State of New York 1 
City of New York j ^^ 

Simon Peterson of the City of New York, Labourer, being duly sworn maketh Oath, that 
he was a private Soldier in Cap. Saml Sacket's Company in the 4th New York Regt Com- 
manded by Colonel Weissenfels in the Service of the United States — That he was wounded 
in his ancle at the Battle of New Town, on the Indian Expedition in 1779, '^i consequence of 
which, he was transferred to the Corps of Invalids & on the first day of November 1783, he 
was discharged by his Excellency General Washington — That he was thirty two years old the 
1st Janry last — and is incapable of obtaining his Livelyhood by labor. That he resides in 
the poor House of this City. his 

Sworn this Second Day of June 1786 Simon X Peterson 

before me mark 

Richd Varick, Recorder. 

The Affidavit of John J. Merselles of Constantia Oswego County New York an applicant 
for a pension under the Act of Congress passed June 7 1832. Made in order to supply the loss 
of the original declaration of the said Applicant which declaration is stated by J. L. Edwards in 
his letter to said Applicant under date of June 21, 1834 to be lost. 

Oneida County ss: 

Personally appeared before me the under named Justice of the Peace ; on the 19th day of July 
1834 John J. Merselles an applicant for a pension under the act of Congress passed June 7, 
1832 to me well known and after being duly sworn deposed and said that he inlisted under 
Captain Van Ness in the time of the Revolutionary War for three years at Schenectady in 

The Army — Pensions 37 

Schenectady County New York the name of the Lieutenant in said Company was Harden- 
bergh the name of the Ensign Wendell Adjutant Teace (so called) Major McCracken and 
soon after Vinck was Major in his stead Lieut. Col. Van Dyke and the head Col. Was Van 
Scaick who was then an elderly man who did not often come to us, that it was after harvest 
when he enhsted, that he remained in Schenectady on duty untill we were sent up to Rome 
(now so called) to Fort Stanwix with a drove of cattle with 28 privates under Lieutenant Har- 
denbergh when we came to Rome Colo Gansevoort who commanded there said that he did not 
think it safe to go back on Saturday towards night there was appearence of Indians and we 
were there under the orders of Colo. Gansevoort and Sir Johnson made his appearance we 
schirmished around with him for about 8 days ; and in a day or two after Sir Johnson Went 
off, Van Scaick Regiment under Lieutenant Van Dyke came up to the rehef of Colo Ganse- 
voort who soon after marched off with his Regiment (Gansevoorts Regiment and our 28 pri- 
vates above mentioned fought the Battle with Sir Johnson's men) we remained at Fort Stan- 
wix on duty and under command till the term of my enlistment had expired, and then this 
deponent staid a few days and drew provisions and subjected himself to orders and duty as 
tho he was not discharged and on being strongly solicited by his Captain & other Ofificers 
who assured him that the War was not going to last a great while longer and offering him an 
Ensigncy if he would EnHst for and during the War, he yielded to their solicitations and 
received an Ensign's Commission in the same Company — this deponent remembers while he 
was in the Fort 36 privates under Ensign Wendell went out to Wood creek to cut sods to 
repair the Fort all of whom with Colo. Wendell were killd Except two this was in the fall 
& before my time was up and in the morning before breakfast — that he could mention many 
circumstances of danger & narrow escape which happened to him and others while there, were 
it necessary; enough to convince any person who is acquainted with military life and is at 
all informed in the transactions which transpired at Fort Stanwix while Gansevoort's and Van 
Dyke's Regiment lay there — that about three months after this deponent enlisted and received 
an Ensign's Warrant as aforesaid and after the Regiment had gone (a number of us having 
remained to take care of the stores under Lieutenant Hardenbergh) orders came by an express, 
for us to march back to Schenectady, as a cessation of hostilities had transpired, we marched 
back to Schenectady and were marched from that place to Albany under Lieut Hardenbergh, 
when we came there we drew our pay in what they called " New emission " of Money, soon 
after that he were discharged. his 

Sworn & subscribed before me John X Merselles 

this 19th July 1834 mark 

State of New York ) 
City of New York \ ® 

Gideon Warren of Hampton in the County of Washington Farmer being duly sworn maketh 
Oath that during the late War to wit in the Year 1775 he was a Captain in the Garrison 
of Ticonderoga then consisting of Militia on duty in the Service of the United States com- 
manded by Captain Thomas Lusk ; That while in the Garrison & Service aforesaid to wit on or 
about the Middle of May 1775 a certain Abial Brown then in the said Garrison being a Tory 
or a Madman and having got Possession of a Quantity of Arms, he the Deponent in attempt- 
ing with several others to pacify or disarm him the said Abial Brown received a Wound in his 
right Wrist by the Stroke of a Cutlass which almost cut off his Hand & has so much injured 
his Arm that he is incapable of obtaining his Livelihood by Labor; that on the 12th Day of 
Deer last he was fifty five Years of Age & now actually resides at Hampton aforesd. 

Sworn this fourteenth Day of March 1787 

Before me Richd. Varick, Recorder. Gideon Warren 

The following is the story about Brown :— 

I Ebenezer Kellogg Being of Lawful age Do testify that In May A D 1775 I Was Detaitched 
from Williamstown to ticonderoga Which place We accdingly took then most of the army 
Were Detaitched to crown point & St Johns and a fellow fell Behind By the Name of Brown 

38 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Blonging to pownal and the Company that he Belonged to Were Detayched and the fellow 
came into the Same Mess to Which I Belonged and I heard him often to Say that he had No 
thoughts of taking up arms against the King and he Would talk and Rage almost Like a 
Mad fellow after he had Benn With us two Days a party Returned from Crown point With 
some prisners and Several of the party Came Into the Same Room In Which I kep and Set 
up their guns and all Left the Room But My Self & one more and I Was a going out of the 
Room Brown Spoke to Me thus With a gun In his Hand there Was a party here and they In- 
tend to kill Me and I Entend to kill one first and Drew up, his gun at Me twice and I Run to 
Call one of our Sergeants Which had pacefyed him Several times and as We Were agoing to 
Enter the Room again Brown Insisted that he Would kill as Many as he Could and he had 
By him fifteen guns all Loaded With hanger and a Cutlas and he gave out Such threats We 
Steped Back and the Door fell to and he fireed and Shot one partly through the Body By the 
Name of Cammel at Which the Man Cried he Was killed I instantly took hold of him to Lead 
him away and Some Body Spoke and Says Brown What Do you Mean to act So Says he 
I have Killed one and I Entend to kill as Many as I Can and Soon fired agin, and there was 
one Steped to help Lead Cammel By the Name of Harris and as We Were agoing ofif Brown 
Shot out of the Window and Shot Harris through the knee and as Soon as We had got the 
Wounded Safe the Next Cry Was he had Cut of? Capt Warrens hand Who I understood Was 
Endeavouring to pacafy him Soon after the Cry Capt Warren Now Colol Warren Come In 
Where I Was and the Blood ran Whole Streams and his wrist appeared to Be Bigest part Cut 
off and farther Deponanth Saith Not. Ebenr Kellogg 

American Prisoners of War 

Previous to the battle of Long Island, Aug. 27, 1776, very few of the Americans had become 
Prisoners to the Enemy. One thousand were taken after that Battle ; and 700 at Fort Wash- 
ington, when the British came in full possession of the City of New York and its immediate 
vicinity. The Presbyterian and Dutch Reformed Churches of that City were the first Prisons 
for the captive Americans. Then other Churches, the Provoost (later the Hall of Records) 
Columbia College and the sugar houses in Liberty and Duane Streets were used for the same 
purpose. The accommodations being crowded, transport ships were used in Wallabout Bay, 
on the Brooklyn shore. The worst of the Prison Ships was the " Jersey ". Others were : — 
the " Scorpion ", the " Falmouth ", the " Good Hope ", the " Chatham " and the " Prince of 
Wales ". While the deaths in the Prisons on shore were frequent, the mortality on the 
Prison Ships was far worse — as many as 15,000 in the latter case. In 1808, the bones of 
many of the Prisoners were given public burial in Brooklyn, by the Tammany Society of New 
York; and, in 1826, a monument was erected to their memory at the Wallabout. 

John Beaty,, Elias Boudinot, Thomas Franklin, Lewis Pintard and Abraham Skinner were 
Commissaries of Prisoners ; and Thomas Franklin and Garret H. Van Wagenen were Deputy 
Commissaries. Thomas Linn was director of the Hospital, in Canada. Henry Dodge was 
Commissary of Prisoners' Pay. 

American Prisoners were also kept in New Utrecht, Flatbush (the Bergen Homestead), 
Gravesend, Flatlands and New Lots — all on Long Island. These Prisoners were taken, for 
the most part, at Fort Washington, Fort Montgomery and Germantown. Col. Samuel B. 
Webb, of the Connecticut Line, himself a Prisoner, was active in making exchanges. He cor- 
responded, at great length, with Gen. Washington and the Continental Congress on this sub- 
ject. Little was done, however, because the British and American authorities could not 

The Army — American Prisoners of War 39 

agree upon a ratio of exchange. (See Sparks' " Life of Washington " ; and the several vol- 
umes of " The Public Papers of George Clinton ", already published.) Col. John Ely, also of 
the Connecticut Line, as a Prisoner, ministered to the wants of the Prisoners on Long Island. 
He was a physician, especially skilled in the treatment of small-pox. His son led a sortie, 
captured a British officer of equal rank and made all the arrangements for the exchange of 
Col. Ely. But the latter refused to leave the Prisoners; and he remained with them almost 
to the end of the War. 

Governor Clinton was an active agent in bettering the condition of the Prisoners. He ex- 
pended as follows: — Dec. 15, 1777, a certain amount to Miss Clopper for three barrels of 
flour to be delivered to the Prisoners in the General Hospital, in New York City; Nov. 15, 
1782, £84 to Captains Ward and Drake for the use of the Prisoners in Canada; Nov. 21, 1782, 
£3.4. to Capt. Harper for the use of the Prisoners returning from their captivity in Canada; 
Mar. 26, 1783, £3.14.6 for the same purpose; July, 1783, £175 to Nicholas Covenhoven for 
money advanced by him to the Prisoners on Long Island; September, 1783, £300 to 
Colonels Allison and McClaughry, and £2000 to Col. Allison, for the same purpose ; Apr. 20, 
1784. ^30 to Thomas Tillotson for the use of the Prisoners; and, November, 1784, £3.4. to 
Alexander Harper for the same purpose. 

The Governor, Jan. 21, 1783, had raised £25566.17.6 on the credit of the State in this 
manner : — 

Any Person upon Long Island who will advance to Colo. William Allison for the Use of 
himself and the other Officers of this State Prisoners of War the Sum of Five hundred 
Pounds in specie shall be repaid as soon as conveniently may be ; for which the Faith of the 
State is hereby pledged — Given under my Hand at Kingston this 20th June 1780 

Geo. Clinton, 

Received i September 1780 of Mr. Rem Cowenhoven the Sum of Three Hundred and 
Eleaven Pounds in Gold and Silver — in part of the Within draft 

Wm. Allison Colo. 

N. Y. Militia. 

[Indorsed] Reed. April 13th 1785. from Gerard Bancker Treasr. three hundred and 
eighty two pounds nineteen Shillings in full for the principal and Interest of this Note. 
£382 19 Jno. R Cowenhoven 

Son and Heir to Rem Cowenhoven 

We the Subscribers, received of Coll William Allison the Sum fixed opposite our respective 
Names for Money Sent in by his Excellency Genl George Clinton for the Use of the Officers 
taken up the North River at Forts Montgomery and Clinton. New Utright Long Island Novr. 
27th. 1777. 

Long Island October 23d. 1779. 

We the Subscribers do acknowledge to have received of his Excellency George Clinton 
Esquire Governor of the State of New York the Sums affixed to our several names annexed 
as witness our hands the day and year above written, reed, by the hands of Col. James Mc. 

We the Subscribers do hereby Severally acknowledge to have received of his Excellency 
George Clinton Esqr. by the hands of Colonel William Allison the respective Sums annexed 
to our names it being Money advanced for our uses while Prisoners on Long Island, and 
paid to us on or about the following dates Viz Augst 8th and Octr. 30th. 1780. 

40 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The Prisoners were paid in Depreciation Notes for the time they were in captivity. In July, 
1782, Nicholas Covenhoven paid £798.14.9 for the use of the Officers who were Prisoners on 
Long Island. Philip Bevier was paid £42.7 for negotiating an exchange of the Prisoners in 
Canada. Samuel Fraunces was paid £200 " as a gratuity for his kindness in feeding our 
Prisoners in N. York & for secret services. This was done indiscriminately to the Conti- 
nental Troops & Militia ". 

Although the rules for exchanging Prisoners were very strict, yet each side seemed to allow 
very free access to the other to help its Prisoners. This is seen not only in the sending of 
money, noted above, but also in the frequent arrival of supplies of flour, clothing Sfc. Eg- 
bert Benson and Col. John Frear sent large quantities of flour into New York City. The 
paroles, also, were quite liberal: — 

I Caleb Laurence an inhabitant of Rye in the County of Westchester in Province of 
New York and a Capt of MiHtia in the Province aforesaid do acknowledge myself a Prisoner of 
War to the King of Great Britain and being permitted to go to the American Lines on parole 
do pledge my faith and word of honor that I will not do or say anything prejudicial to his 
Majesty or his subjects and that I will Return and deliver myself up to the commanding offi- 
cer of his Majesty's out-post, at or near Kings Bridge, or to the Commissary of Prisoners for 
his Majesty whenever summoned, in vntness whereof I have hereunto Set my hand & Seal 
this 27 May 80. 

Witness Caleb Laurence 

Thos Devanport 

Access to the American Prisoners was made easy and systematic through the Commissary 
of Prisoners, Lewis Pintard, and his Deputies. His Accounts were kept in a most thorough 
manner. In one item, alone. Col. Brinton Paine acknowledges the receipt of £81.15.4. 

Lieut Jacob Van Tassell to State of New York Dr 

To a Short Credit in Settlement of his Accot 17th Septr 1784 of Cash 

rece'd from Lewis Pintard Comy of Prisoners £ 8. 10. 10 

To Cash rece'd of Abraham Skinner Comy of Prisoners & omitted credit- 
ing in foriner Accot 83 . 17 . 9 


Cr. £92. 8. 7 

Feby 21. By an Omission of One Ration pr day in setling his former Accot 17th 

Septr 1784 is 866 Rations at lod 36. i . 8 

Due the State of N York £^q^ 6. h 

New York 21st Febry 1786 I have examin'd the above Account & find the Sum of Fifty ' 
Six Pounds Six Shillings & Eleven Pence Currency to be due to the State of New York from 
Lieut Jacob Van Tassell which Sum he is to pay into the Treasury of this State in certifi- 
cates dated November 1781 which was the date of the certificate which he received out of the 
Treasury for his pay. 

Gerard Bancker Esqr ^^^^^ T. Curtenius, 

Treasurer State Audr. 

For further information as to the splendid services of Lewis Pintard, consult James Grant 
Wilson's " Memorial History of the City of New York ", Vol. IV. p. 293. 

Pay Office Philad. 23 Nov. 1784. 
Sir; Agreeable to your Request of the 13 Inst, to Mr. Pierce, I have enclosed you the 
Account of Monies etc advanced to the Officers of your State while in Captivity by the several 

The Army — American Prisoners of War 


Commissaries of Prisoners : the Returns made to this Office does not in many instances Specify 
the State to which the Officers belong, by which I apprehend you will receive application from 
Numbers not included in this List, in this Case you will send me the Names of those applicants 
and the several charges against them shall be forwarded. 

Several Officers have made a Settlement with Mr. Pierce, the Books not being posted I can- 
not inform you who they are excepting a few which are marked in the outer Column of the 
Return. In Order to avoid Errors it may be necessary to ask the Officer if his Accounts as 
Prisoner were ever Hquidated by the late Auditors of the Army, by Mr. Pierce or Mr. Milligan 
the Comptroller of the Treasury, as any Settlements made by them must be final. 

It is usual in Settling the Accounts of the Continental Officers to charge them with the 
Monies and supplies Received in Specie and oppose their Rations to those Monies, and the 
Old Emissions reed, is opposed to their pay from the time of Captivity to the i Aug. 80 & 
if any balance is due from them in O. E. (which is generally the case) it is reduced to Specie 
at the Rate of 75 for i and carried to their Debit in the Specie a/c. 

It will be necessary for me to know what Officers you settle with and if time will admit 
you, should be glad of a duplicate of the Account that I may govern myself by it. 

I make no doubt thro the course of your business, that a Communication between your 
Office and this will be found necessary if so you will please to direct your Letters to Jno. 
Pierce P. M. &. to my Care, this will avoid Postage. Mr. Pierce is now on his Circuit to the 
Southward, the business of this Office now rests with Sir. 

Peter T. Curtenius, Esq. Your very Hble Servt. Joseph Howell Junr 

Ass. Comm. Accts 

The American Prisoners of War, mentioned in the documents, are the following- 
them from the State of New York, unless otherwise designated: — 

all of 

Aarhart George 

Abarr Peter 

Abbot James, Ens. (Conn) 

Acker Abraham 

Acker Jacob 

Allen Ethan, Col. 

Allison Richard 

Allison William, Col. 

Andrews Rich., Lt. (N. C.) 

Andrews Wm., Lt. (Mass.) 

Angavine Gilbert 

Antil Edward, Col. 

Archart George 

Ashfield John 

Ashton Joseph, Serjt. 

Bancker Nicolas 

Banks Jonathan 

Banks Samuel, Ens. 

Banter Christian 

Banter Henry 

Barkem William 

Barnum Joshua, Capt. 

Barnum, Thomas 

Bashford William, Serjt. 

Baxter John 

Baxter Thomas 

Beard Robert 

Bellinger Christian 

Bellinger Fred., Lt. Col. 

Bellinger Philip 

BeltJ. Sprigg, Capt. (Md.) 

Benedict Caleb, Ens. 
Benedict Elias 
Benedict Elisha 
Benedict Felix 

Brier T. 

Brinsmade Zach. (Conn) 
Brocket Moses 
Brooks John 

Bennett Mat., Capt.(Penn.) Brown Annanias 
Benninger Isaac Brown Joseph 

Berwick Robert Bruce, Robert, Serjt. 

Bice James Bruyn James, Lt. Col. 

Bingham John Bryson Samuel, Lt 

Birdsall Benjamin, Lt. Col. Buckbee Russel 
Black Isaac Buice Abraham 

Blakeney Gabriel (Conn) Bulkley Ed., Capt. 
Bleecker John James Bunker W. 

Blewer George, Lt. (Penn)Burgess Archer 

Bliss Theodore, Capt. 
Bluen John, Major 
Bogert Gilbert 
Bon Joseph 
Bost Christian 
Bourguin Jean Josef 
Bouton Daniel 
Bowen Timothy 
Bower William, Capt. 
Bowne Benjamin, Major 
Boyce Thomas, Ensign 
Boyd Samuel 
Boyer Valentine 
Brannon Abraham 
Brewer Deliverance 
Brewster Henry, Lt. 

Burlingham Pardon, Capt. 
Burst Jacob I. 
Buyker Silas 
Buyse William 
Caien Barrent 
Calder Rudaff 
Cannan Matthew 
Cantine Moses, Serjt. 
Carpenter George 

Charlick Henry 
Charpanard Simon 
Charpanat Simon 
Clapp Henry 

Clark Charles, Lt. (Penn) 
Clark Daniel 
Clark John, jr., Lt. (Va.) 
Clark Martin 
''Penn)Claughry John, Ens. 
Clock Conrad 
Collins Tyrans 
(Conn) Comb George, Capt. 
Concklin Samuel 
Cooper Robert 
Covenhoven Edward 
Covetins Moses 
Cox John Luke' 
Cox Joseph, Lt (Penn) 
Cozens John, Capt. (Penn.) 
Craft William 
Craig John, Capt (N. J.) 
Craig John, Lt. (Penn) 
Crane Isaac, Adjt. 

Carpenter Nehemiah, Q.M. Crane John, Adjt. 

Carpenter Rufus 
Carpenter Thomas 
Carpenter Wright, Lt. 
Carter Daniel 
Case J., Capt. 
Casselman Peter 

Brewster Henry, Lt.(Penn)Chanpenois Thomas 

Crane Joseph, Capt. 
Crawford Wm., Lt (Penn.) 
Crowley Jeremiah 
Croxell Charles, Lt. (Penn) 
Cudner John, Lt. 
Cudney John, Lt. 
Cunningham Henry 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Curtis Joel 
Davis John 
Day Thomas 
Dean Joseph 
Dearkis John, Serjt. 
Delamater Isaac 
Deline Benjamin 
DeLong John 
Denton Isaac 
Denton Preston (Conn) 
De Utricht (Baron) 
Devoe David 
Dinus Jacob 
Dodge Samuel, Lt. 
Donaldson Joseph 
Douglass Ephram, Q. M. 

Drinkwater Wm. (Conn) 
Dubois Matthew 
Dubois Zachariah, Maj. 
Duguid John, Lt. (Penn) 
Dunscomb Edward 
Dusenberg Richard 
Dutcher Abraham 
Dygart Sevrinus 
Eastwood John 
Eckerson Cornelius, Lt. 
Eckler Leonard 
Ely John, Col. (Conn.) 
Everit Abner, Lt. (Penn) 
Ealing Jacob 
Peeks Robert 
Feeling Jacob 
Feeling John D. 
Feeling John I. 
Fenno Ephraim, Capt. Lt 
Ferelon Abr., Serjt. Maj. 
Ferdon Abr., Serjt. Maj. 
Ferguson William, Capt. 

Ferris Daniel 
Field Reuben, Lt (Va) 
Finch Elnathan 
Finley John, Lt. (Penn) 
Finley Samuel, Lt. (Penn) 
Fisher Bartholomew 
Fisher Elijah 
Fisher Sam'l, Capt. (Penn 
Floisar Ethnel 
Forbush John 
Forbush Nicholas 
Forre Adam 
Foster Jacob, Lt. 
Foster Robert, Ens. (Va.) 
Franke Lawrence 
Franklin James 
Fry John, Brig. Maj. 
Furman Alexander, Ens. 
Furman John, Lt, 

Furro Rudolph 
Gardinier Harmanus, Lt. 
George William, Lt. (Va) 
Gerlach Adam 
German David 
Gettman Frederick, Capt. 
Gifford William B., Capt. 

Gilchrist Adam, Asst. 

Com. Gen. 
Gilchrist Geo., Capt. (Va.) 
Gilchrist Samuel 
Gilcrease Samuel 
Giles Aquila, Maj. (Penn) 
Gill Erasmus, Lt. 4th Lt. 

Gilleylon William, Lt. 
Gillikins James, Director 

of Ordnance 
Gilliland James, Director 

of Ordnance 
Gilliland William, Lt. 
Glean Oliver, Dy. Q.M. G. 
Gloss David 
Godwin Henry, Capt. 
Graham Robert 
Grant Jesse, Lt. (Conn) 
Gray John (Conn) 
Gray Richard, Capt. 
Gray William (Conn) 
Green Amos, Serjt. (Conn) 
Green John, Ens. (Penn) 
Greenman Jeremiah, Ens. 

(R. I.) 

Hains David 
Hall Edward, Lt. (Md) 
Halstead Benjamin, Lt. 
Hambright Henry, Capt. 

Hamman James, Lt. Col. 
Harmil Daniel, Maj. 
Harning Lienert 
Harper Alexander, Capt. 
Harris Moses 
Harris William 
Hartford Ephraim 
Hatch William 
1) Hatfield Moses, Maj. 
Haviland John, Lt. (N. J) 
Hawkins Stephen 
Hawkins Z. 
Hegens Ebenezer 
Heggens Ebenezer 
Helker John 
Hellegas Peter 
Hellmer John 
Hendry Robert 
Henry Hugh 
Herter Lawrence 

Hetfield Moses, Maj. 
Hews James 
Higby John 
Higby Lewis 
Hillegas Peter 
Hiller John 
Hobby David 
Hobby Jonathan 
Hogeboom Peter 
Hogel Peter 
Holland Shelly 
Hollister Josiah 
Holmer David 
Holms Nathaniel 
Honeywell Israel, Capt. 

Knapp Joseph, Jr. 
Knox Abraham 
Kring John 

Kronkhite James, Capt. 
Kronkright John, Capt. 
Lamb William 
Lamareaux John 
Lamberdson Lambert 
Lambert Jonathan 
Lang Robert, Q. M. Serjt. 
Langler James 
Lattimore Francis 
Lavish John, Ens. (Md) 
Laucks George 
Laurence Caleb, Capt. 

Hoogland Jeronimus, Adjt. Lawrence Nathaniel, 
Hopkins Elisha, Adjt. (N. C.) 
(Conn) Lawler Conrad 


Horton Thomas, Capt. 
Horton Thomas 
House George 
House Jacob 
House Nicholas 
Huchens Absolom 
Huchings Absolom 
Humphrey George 
Humphrey James, Capt. 
Humphrey William 
Humphreys Wm., Serjt. 
Humphry James 
Humphry William, Serjt. 
Hunt Philip 
Hunter John, Lt. 
Hunter John 
Hyle James 
Hynard Michael 
Irvin James 
Irvine James, Brig. Gen. 

Israel John 
Itig Christian, Serjt. 
Jackson Patten, Lt. 
Jacobs Abraham 

Lawler John 
Lay Asa, Lt. (Conn.) 
Lay Lee, Capt. (Conn.) 
Leggett Abraham, Ens. 
Lent Isaac 
Lewis John, Serjt. 
Lewis Samuel (Conn.) 
Lingau James McCubbin, 

Lt. (Va.) 
Livingston William S., Lt. 

Col. Cont'l Army 
Lobdell Joseph 
Logan Samuel, Maj. Cont'l 

Lonas John 
Loucks Peter 
Lucas William Budd 
Luke James 
Lumis Adam 
Lush Stephen, Maj. 
Lyman Geo., Capt. (Conn) 
Lyon Gilbert, Capt." 
Lyon John 
Lyon Samuel 
McArthur Alexander, Lt. 

Jamison Daniel, Lt. (Penn) McChain John 

Jenney Thos., Lt. (Penn.) McClaghry James, Lt. Col. 

Johnson Jno., Adjt. (Penn.) McClaghry James, Capt. 

Johnson John 
Jones James, Lt. 
Jump William 
Keeler Isaac, Lt. 
Keeler Isaac, Ens. 
Keeler Isaiah 
Kelly John 
Kelsey Ebenezer 
Kennedy Thomas 
Kerby Stephen 
Kip Garret, Lt. 
Klock Jacob Conrad, Lt. 
Knap Joel 

McClaughry John, Ens. 
McClellen William 
McClue William 
McDonald John, Capt. 

McMullen John 
Malloy Thomas 
Marbury Luke, Col. (Md.) 
Marlin Daniel, Capt. 
Marrener William 
Martin Daniel, Capt. 
Martin John 
Martin Joseph, Lt, (Penn) 

The Army — American Prisoners of War 


Martin William, Lt. 
Martling Daniel, Capt. 
Martling David 
Marvin Ephraim, Adjt. 
Matthews Geo., Col. (Va.) 
Mayer Jacob, jr. 
Maynard Elija B. 
Mayo Jonathan (Conn ) 
Meales Matthew 
Menbeth James 
Mercer John, Lt. (N. J.) 
Miller Samuel 
Mitchel James 
Monross Jesse 
Moore Joseph 
Moore Roger (Conn) 
Morfit Henry, Lt. (Penn) 
Morrell Abraham 
Morrison Thomas 
Moseman Marcus, Capt. 
Mosher John 
Moss Simeon 
Mott Ebenezer, Lt. 
Mullin William 
Munro Joseph 
Munson Levi (Conn.) 
Murfits Henry, Lt. (Penn) 
Murray Peter 
Musk Ebenezer 
Muxum Adonijah (Conn.) 
Myer Henry, Ens. 
Neelson Eli 
Nelles George 
Newcomb James 
Newman Joseph 
Nichols Guisham 
Niles Sands, Ens. (Conn) 
Noble Peter (Conn.) 
Northrup Abijah 
Oakley Isaac 
Oakley John 
Oakly John, Ens. 
Oline Benjamin, Lt. 
Oliver Thomas 
Olman John 
Orendorflf Christian, Lt. 

Organ Cornelius 
Orsor Jonas, Capt. 
Osmand Benajah, Lt. 

Oustrander Henry 
Owen Joseph, jr. 
Pain Brinton, Maj. 
Pain Joseph 
Palmetier Isaac 
Parmerton Abijah 
Parsons Abr., Lt. (N. J.) 
Patchcn Freegift 

Patchin Isaac 
Patchin Jabez 
Patchin Samuel 
Paulding John, jr. 
Paulding William 
Pawling Henry, Lt. 
Peifer Joh. 
Pellanger B. 
Pellinger Frederick 
Pendleton Nathaniel, Lt. 

Pendleton Solomon, Lt. 
Pennear William 
Penoyer William 
Peterson John 
Petry Jacob, Ens. 
Pettie Abel 
Pickard Bartholomew 
Piper Andrew 
Polk John 

Poor David, Lt. (Mass.) 
Porter Jonathan, Lt. 
Potten James 

Poultson John, Capt. (Va.) 
Pownal Thomas, Lt. 
Peyton James 
Preston Wm., Lt. (Penn.) 
Purdy Solomon, jr., serjt. 
Putnam David 
Putnam David, Corp. 
Quick John 
Ramsay Nathaniel, Lt. 

Col. (Md.) 
Rankins James, Jr. 
Raqua Isaac, Adjt. 
Raqua Isaac, Lt. 
Raymond Sands, Serjt. 
Read Thomas, Ens. 
Reder T. 

Reed Thos., Ens. (Penn.) 
Renex Andrew 
Requa Isaac, Adjt. 
Requa Isaac, Lt. 
Requaw Daniel 
Requaw Gabriel, Capt. 
Requaw Isaac, Adjt. 
Requaw James, Jr. 
Resequie John 
Retong William 
Revenshon John Peter 
Revere Cornelius 
Reverston John Peter 
Reynold William 
Reynolds Nathaniel, Lt. 
Rickard Jacob 
Rigel Frederick 
Riggs Daniel 
Riley John, Lt. (Conn.) 
Riverson John Peter 

Robertson John, or Wm., 

Adjt. (Va.) 
Rogers William, Lt. (Va.) 
Roosa Cornelius 
Roose James 
Rose James 

Rouse Thomas, Ens. (Md.) 
Ruamay John 
Rumsey Asa, Fifer 
Rumsey David 
Rumsnider Henry 
Rundell Richard 
Runnels William 
Rutherford Samuel, Ens. 

Sackett Richard, Capt. 
Sackett Thomas H., Lt. 

Sammons FredTc, Serjt. 
Sample Robert, Capt. 

Savage Joseph 
Shefer Adam 
Schomaker John 
Schomaker Thomas 
Schoonmaker Henry 
Schot Joseph 
Schulds Hendrick 
Schulds Johannis 
Schulds William 
Schumaker John 
Schuyler David 
Schuyler Jacob 
Schuyler Nicholas 
Scott Joseph 
Scott William 
Sears Elnathan, Corp. 
See David 
See James 

Seeley Isaac, Capt. (Penn.) 
Sharender Richard 
Sharp Peter 
Sharp Thomas 
Sherer James 
Sheridan Richard 
Sherman Peter 
Sherwood Job 
Sherwood Newcom 
Sherwood Seth, Capt. 
Sherwood Stephen, Ens. 
Shew Godfrey 
Shew Jacob 
Shew John 
Shew Stephen 
Shireman George, Corp. 
Sifer Jacob 
Sififer John, Sr. 
Siflfer John 
Sitz Peter, Ens. 

Skiget Richard, Serjt. 

Slott Cornelius, Serjt. 

Slutt William 

Smith Isaac 

Smith James, Lt. (Penn.) 

Smith Johannes 

Smith John, Qr. Mr. Serjt. 

Smith John, Lt. 

Smith Josiah, Lt. (Conn.) 

Smith Richard 

Snead Charles, Lt. (Va.) 

Snead Smith, Capt. (Va.) 

Sniffen James 

Sniflfen Reuben 

Spanknebel John 

Sparks Pearl 

Staring George 

Staring Henrich 

Staring Henry 

Staring Jacob 

Stark Nathan 

Starring Jacob 

Stayner Roger, Capt. 

Stenson William 
Steward Stephen 
Steymets Casper 
Sticklen John 
Stinson William 
Storm Abraham 
Stotesbury John. Capt. 

Stuart Charles (Conn.) 
Swartwout Cornelius, 

Capt. Lt. 
Swartwout Henry, Ens. 
Swope Michael, Col. 

Tanner Jacob, Serjt. 
Taylor Elijah 
Taylor Henry 
Taylor Samuel 
Teller James, Capt. 
Terbush Isaac 
Terwilliger Harmanus, 

Thomas Edward, Adjt. 
Thomas Thomas, Col. 
Thompson Andrew, Ens. 
Thompson James 
Thwait Thos., Capt. (Va.) 
Tice John 

Tillard Edwd., Maj. (Md.) 
Tomkins Jeremiah 
Torry David 
Townsend Samuel 
Utricht (Baron de) Lewis 

Augustus, Capt. 
Valentine Stephen 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Van Brunt Leonard, Dy. 

Qr. Mr. Gen. 
Van Buren Leonard 
Van dercok Benjamin 
Van Dyke Abraham, Capt. 
Van Eps Evert 
Van Nosdall John, Corp. 
Van Osterand William 
Van Slyke Garret 
Van Slyke Jacobus 
Van Tassel Abraham 
Van Tassel Cornelius, Lt. 
Van Tassel John 
Van Teasel David 
Van Tessel Isaac, Serjt. 
Van Tessel Jacob, Lt. 
Van Tessel Peter 

Van Wagenen G., Surg. 
Van Wagenen Garret H., 

Vermelya Jacob M. 
Virgil Abijah 
Vols Conrad 
Vorhas Samuel 
Vroman Ephraim, Lt. 
Vrooman Walter, Capt. 
Walker Robt. Lt. (Mass.) 
Wardell Eliakim 
Warman Thos., Lt. (Va.) 
Watrous Edward A. 
Webb Sysumet 
Weeks James 
Wells Levi, Col. (Conn.) 
Wells Michael, Serjt. 

Wentworth James, Lt. 

Wescot Annanias 
West Ebenezer, Adjt. 

White Epenetus 
Whiting Samuel, Lt. 
Whitney James 
Williams Daniel, Cap't. 
Williams Gilbert 
Willis John, Capt. (Va.) 
Willson Andrevir 
Wilson Andrew 
Wilson Isaac 
Winne Kelian 
Winter Thomas 
Witherall William 

Woleben Nicholas 
Wood Enoch 
Wood James 
Wood John, Capt 
Woodson Robert, Lt. (Va.) 
Wool Ellis 
Wool Robert 
Woolver John 
Worden George 
Worden Voluntine 
Wright William, Lt. 
Young Joseph 
Youngs Joseph 
Zaling John 
Zeely John, Lt. 
Zimmer Peter 


The documents throw little light on the number and location of the Hospitals, or on the 
manner in which they were conducted. Rev. Chauncey Graham, President of the Academy 
at Fishkill, was given £40 to remove from his building which was used as a Hospital during 
the War. Late in 1776, the Medicines were inspected by Dr. John Williams, a member of 
the Convention. Among the Invoice of Medicines shipped on board the Sloop " Liberty " on 
account and risk of the Honorable Provincial Congress were these items, in large quantities : — 

Salt. Nitri ; Tarta Emetic ; Gum Opium ; Rad. Jallap ; Rad. Rhei ; Sal. Cathart Glaub ; Can- 
tharid; Sacchar Saturn; Sal. Ammon. Crud; Bals. Capari; Cort. Aurant; Gum. Guaiac; 
Camomil Flor ; Fol. Sennae Alex ; Rad. Gentian ; Rad. Liquorish ; Rad. Specacoana ; Flor. 
Sulphur ; Magnesia Alb. ; Cort. Connell Alb ; Aloes, Succot ; Gum Myrrhee ; Lytharg. 

The following were charged to the " Hospital Department ", among the Claims of this State 
against the United States : — 

1086 gall. Molasses iio8 :i2 :o 

6 1/2 C. Barley 4 : 4 :o 

2 B. Vinegar 2 : 0:0 

Wine 52 : 2 :o 

Surgeon's Instruments 6 : 0:0 

Medicines 2026 : 9 :i 

100 Cotts 120 : 0:0 

The names of the following Officers of Hospitals appear in the documents: — John Dela- 
mater, Director ; Henry Muir, Hendrick Oblenis and Dirck Van Ingen, Surgeons ; Malachi Treat, 
Physician; John Coventry, Jacob Gardenear, Nathaniel Gardner, Stephen Graham, William P, 
Smith and Samuel Woodruff, Mates; Dinah Brown and Elizabeth Sickles, Matrons; James 
Lamb, Steward; Leake Hunt, Commissary and Store-Keeper. 

The names of these Physicians appear: — 

Adam Frank Barnum Samuel Bond John Clarke James 

Adams William Belding Samuel Chapin Benjamin Conkling 

The Army — The Indians 


Crane Joseph 
Fangere Lewis 
Graham Chauncey 
Gregory Elnathan 

Halsey Silas jr. 
Hambleton John 
Havens Jonathan 

Rowland Jeremiah 
Kemmeny Engelbart 
Kiersted Rulef 
Lawrence William 
Lorway, J. 

O shorn 


Patterson John 



Spangler John George 


Stringer Samuel 


Van Buren Beekman 
Van Buren James N. 
Van Buren John H. 
Williams John 
Wright John G. 
Young John 


The documents relating to the Indians are lew in number. The Committee of Albany 
County, May 22, 1775, paid ^56.17 for the expenses of a Committee sent to the German Flats 
to attend the Oneida Congress, and for provisions furnished to the Indians. A bill of Matthew 
Visscher against the Committee of Albany County, dated May 30, 1775, makes numerous 
charges for copying speeches of, and to, the Oneidas, Mohawks and Stockbridges. The same 
Committee paid this bill: — 




5- o 


June 23. To John Ten Broeck for necessary £3 . 

" Jacob Ten Eyck for do 4 . 

" Charges attending the Treaty at the German Flats with the 

Oneidas 58. 

" Jacob Cuyler for necessarys to the Oneidas 13 . 14. 10 1/2 

" Dr. Budd advanced for Provisions to the Oneidas and Mohawks by 

order of the Committee 6. 13. 

" Cash furnished Mr. Kirkland the Oneida Missioner 15. o. 

" John Ja Beeckman for Cash advanced to Indian preacher by order 

of the Committee 7 . o . o 

A Treaty was also made with the Indians of Ulster County: — 

Kingston the 12 Novemb'r 1776 
The State of New York Dr. To the Justices of Ulster County & Committee of Kingston 
To the following articles for the Treaty Held this Day with the Esopus Indians 

6 Gall Rum @ 12/ £3.12.8 

434 lb Beef 3d 5. 8.6 

£6.19.0 to Matthew Ten Eyck for flour Mutton Turneps and Potatoes 6.19.0 

2 Barrells beer @ 16/ i . 12.0 

I Barrell Strong Beer 20/ i. 0.0 

8 1/4 yds. Strowds 17/ 7. 0.3 

17/ — In Bread 0.17.0 

I Load of Wood o. 4.0 

8 0/8 paid to Jacobus an horse and Indien for Going to the Indien Settlements at 

Coletyne and Alheepeens for his Time and Expenses 4. 0.8 

6 yds. Broad Cloth @ 24/ 7. 4.0 

Errors Excepted 
[Audited June 10, 1777; and paid June 11, 1777] 

D. Wynkoop junr. 

46 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The Committee of Ulster County, July 2, 1777, ordered that Johannis Osterhout, jr., be 
paid £13.2.0 for going to the Indian towns. This bill included a payment made to Nicholas, 
the Indian, for a like service. On Mar. 25, 1777, Col. Jacob Hoornbeek paid £1 to an Indian 
with information against the Tories. A charge was made for " a pint of Rum for the Indian." 

By the law of Oct. 23, 1779, Governor Clinton, Anthony Van Schaick, Levi Pawling, Peter 
Schuyler and Col. Jacob Klock were named as a Board of Commissioners to treat with the 
Indians. This is one of the bills : — 

1780 The State of New York to Hugh Diniston Dr. 

Feby 14th To Liquor and other Necessaries furnished for the Interview between 
his Excellency Governor Clinton and the Chiefs and other Indians of 

the Oneida Nation £281.12.0 

Received the above Contents of govern'r Clinton 

Hugh Diniston 

Among the claims sworn to before Judge Robert Yates, Mar. 4, 1782, was " An account 
of damages in real & personal Estate, burnt & otherwise destroyed, sustained by the Oneidas 
& Tuscaroras, the AlHes of the Confederated States, now residing in the State of New York, 
by the Incursions of the Britons & the Savages their Allies ". To this account, signed by many 
members of the two Nations, James Dean, the interpreter, added: — "they severally are bap- 
tized and profess the Christian Religion ". The name of the Rev. Samuel Kirkland, Missionary, 
also appeared. These friendly Indians were allowed $300 for blankets by a law of Apr. 14, 
1782; and a law, passed Mar. 25, 1783, committed the State to fair treatment as to their lands. 

Numerous Indians served in the American Army; but there is no record, in these docu- 
ments, of their being in separate organizations. Governor Clinton, in 1785, sent in a bill 
against the State containing this item : — " To cloathing & necessaries for the families of John 
Wounkounguta & Segigoteyonta Slain in the late War as pr Rect £20. — . — ." 

Further information, as to the Indians, will be found in " Pathfinders of the Revolution ", 
by William Elliot Griffis, published in igoi ; in the " Public Papers of George Clinton ", Vol. 
IV.; and in "The Old New York Frontier", by Francis Whiting Halsey, published in 1901. 


Very little information in regard to the Fortifications in the vicinity of New York City is given 
in the documents ; probably because the Americans had possession but little more than a year. 
There are bills, January, 1776, " for serving Tea Water to the City Guard at the Battery " ; and, 
March, 1776, for work at " ye Fort at ye Shipyard ". In the latter month. Fortifications were 
erecting at the " Coflee House Bridge". There is a bill of £16.16.2 due to Maj. Adrian Wyn- 
koop for superintending the works at Great Shandakin, (up the River) by order of Governor 
Clinton, from May 12, to June i, 1779. 

The Army — Fortifications 47 

The Committee of Safety, in 1775 and 1776, delivered barrack furniture to the amount of 
$2414.72/90 for the use of the United States. Three Accounts of the State against the United 
States follow: — 

Camp Equipage Camp Kettles £1171.17. 4 1/2 

4928 Canteens 459. 3. o 

396 ps Ravensduck 2010. 10. 4 1/2 

114 Tents 81 1. 13. 9 

25002 1/4 yds Scotchs Osnaburgs 2246. 11 . 3 3/4 

t;j'j 1/4 Russia Drilling 541 . 4. 4 

46 ps Sail Duck 199. 4. 4 

87 Drums 302 .5.0 

947 1/2 lb White Rope 50. o. 8 

800 Bill hooks 200. o. o 

£8192. 7. 4 

Barracks 680 Benches iii8. 10. o 

393 Tables 130. 3 . o 

85 1/4C Wood 118. II. 9 

261 Cotts 92 . 1 1 . o 

Lanterns 4. 10. o 

249 1/3 lb Candles 48. 5 . 7 1/2 

65 Candle Sticks 3-5-0 

168 Spoons 22 . 19 . 8 

650 B. Straw 10. 19. 2 

Boards 47.10. i 

Different Articles 2653. 7. 8 

£3250. 12. II 1/2 
Artificers and Intrenching Tools 

805 Shovels i254 . 16 . 7 1/2 

1472 Spades 593 .9.6 

1216 Pick axes 436. 3. 6 

196 Crowbars 138. 6. 4 

II 13 Wood axes 384. o. o 

112 Broad axes 27. o.ii 1/2 

^ 50 Hoes 8.15.0 

22 Hammers 8.13. o 

79 Mill Saws 129. 16. 6 

12 Trowels 2.1.8 

Tools 1974. 13. 10 

Timber 377- 13- 7 1/2 

7 1/2 B. faggot Sted 26. 14. 3 1/2 

42 Cr 192 lb Refined Iron 63 . 5 . 7 1/2 

43 Casks, 12867 lbs Nails 532. 6. i 1/2 

£4957.16. 7 

Just at the close of the War, an effort was made made to preserve Fort George, the his- 
toric Fortification at the North: — 

This Indenture made the twenty-sixth day of July in the Year of our Lord one Thousand 
Seven hilndred and Eighty-three between Philip Schuyler of the County, of Albany, Esq., 

48 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Surveyor General of the State of New York on the one part and Jonathan Pitcher, Isaac 
Doty, Wyatt Chamberlain and Gurdon Chamberlain, at present of Fort George in the County 
of Charlotte and State aforesaid. Yeomen of the other part: — 

Witnesseth that he, the said Phillip Schuyler as Surveyor General of the said State, for the 
Consideration and on the Conditions herein mentioned hath Granted and to farm lett unto 
the parties of the Second part all that Tract of Land commonly called Fort George, with the 
Lands adjacent formerly occupied by the British Garrison, to have and to hold the said Tract 
of Land untill the first day of May next, or untill the pleasure of the Government of this 
State shall be signified, paying therefor at the rate of one pound per annum. And the parties 
of the second part do Jointly and severally Covenant and agree that they, the said parties of 
the second part, will not sufifer any other person or persons whatsoever to occupy the said Lands 
or any part thereof and will well and truly deliver the possession thereof to the Surveyor 
General of the State of New York for the time being, or unto such other person or persons as 
the Legislature of the said State shall Direct, and that in the meantime they will not suffer 
any Bricks, Timber or Stones to be removed therefrom, or the Buildings or Fortifications to 
be taken down or injured. In witness whereof the parties of these presents have Interchange- 
ably set their hands and Seals the day and Year above written. 

Sealed and Delivered in Presence of us Ph. Schuyler 

Steph Van Rensselaer Isaac Doty 

Ben Shelburne Wyatt Chamberlain 

The Secret Committee — The Chains across the Hudson River. 

The most interesting details in regard to Fortifications relate to the Forts in the Highlands, 
and the two Chains that were thrown across the Hudson River in that locality. All of these 
works were in charge of the earlier members of the Secret Committee, William Bedlow, John 
Berrien and John Hanson. They were also called " Commissioners for erecting Fortifications 
on the banks of Hudsons River in the Highlands ". (See " Ships " for the work of the other 
members of this Committee). The Committee of Safety, Sept. 6, 1775, voted £250. to William 
Bedlow; and the Council of Safety, May 25, 1777, voted £2000. to him for obstructions near 
Pollepets Island. The Provincial Congress, Aug. 30, 1775, appointed John Hanson a Com- 
missioner, and appropriated iioo. for the work. The Congress gave to John Berrien, " Com- 
missary of the Commissioners": — isoo, on Oct 13, 1775; £200, on Oct. 20, 1775; £1200, on 
Nov. 2, 1775; and £500, on Mar. 4, 1776. In the latter year, Mr. Berries conferred with Gen. 
Washington, at Harlem, as to the work of the Committee; and the documents show that the 
building of the " Forts of West Point and Montgomery " was going on in June. The account 
of P. V. B. Livingston, Treasurer of the Provincial Congress, or Convention, shows that on 
Nov. 9, 1776 a balance of £7.17.4 3/4 was paid to Messrs Livingston and Palmer on their 
account for building Fort Montgomery. 

In the final Accounts of the State of New York against the United States appear the fol- 
lowing charges for Money expended by the State: — 


April 30 Berrien & Bedlow fortifying the Highlands £6595. 14. 8 


April 23 Obstructing the Channel & fortif fort Montgomery 535. 12. 2 

June 18 Obstructing the Channel e8. o. 3 

July II Obstructing the Channel ^ ig^ c . 6 

The Army — MilitarV Roads 49 

The practical man in charge of the Chains was Capt. Thomas Machin. He had been called 
to Boston early in the War. Here are several items from his Account : — 


April 4 To making a model for obstructing the Channel of Boston 4. 10. 11 

12 Expences Getting Timber from Cambridge i . 4. 6 

16 Surveying Govr Island with a Party of men 2. 7. o 

17 & 18 Exploring the Harbour of Boston 4. 12. 8 

June I Expences Travelling from Boston to New York with my Instru- 
ments 15.12. 7 1/2 

August 7 & 8 Exploring in the Highlands 2.7.8 

Thus he was able to take hold of the work of the Chains early in 1777. The accounts of 
Capt. Thomas Machin show these items, among many others, some of which were for chasing 
Tories between times : — 


Feb. I Expences to the Iron works 2. 8. o 

20 Taking up Timber with 20 men 3. 6. o 

March 7 & 8 Taking the great Chain Logs down to Fort Montgomery with 40 

men 4 days 8.12. o 

October 8 Getting down the Booms to Fort Montgomery with 60 men 6. 1.8 


Jany i Exploring Hudson River with 7 men 6 days 6. 10. o 

16 Expences on the Road to Chester to ag^ee for the new chain 3 days. 3. 12. 6 

20 Expences Getting Timber for the Chain 4 days 4.0.0 

March 5 Getting the Logs to use for the Chain at New Paltz 3.10.0 

April 12 Getting down the Chain Logs with 40 men 4 days 6.0.0 

16 Taking down the Chain 16. o 

26 Expences to Sterling i . 10 . 6 

30 While getting the new Chain across 4 . o 

In June, July and August, 1778, Capt. Machin made several visits to Sterling, Ring^ood, 
Mount Hope, Burnt Meadow Pond Forge, Charlotte Forge, Beloel (?) Forge and Hebimey (?) 
Forge. He also furnished patterns. In the bill, given above, he styles himself " Engineer 
and Superintendent of the works For Obstructing the Navigation of Hudsons River under 
the Direction of Bd Genl George Clinton and by Order of Maj. Gen. Putnam ". 

Several links of the Chains may be seen in the State Library. 


In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Octr. sth 1776. 
Resolved that the Post Road from the North side of the highlands to Kings bridge is very 
much out of repair, particularly that part of it which leads thro' the highlands to the Manor 
of Philipseburgh ; and that the said Road affords the most short & convenient Communication 
by Land between the Northern & Southern parts of this State on the east side of Hudson's 

50 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Resolved that the said Road ought immediately to be repaired and therefore 

Resolved that Colo. John Field be appointed and directed to repair such part thereof as lies 
between Isaac Van Wyck's on the North side of the highlands aforesaid & the South line of 
Dutchess County 

Resolved, that Major Joseph Strang be appointed to repair the remainder part of the said 
Road together with a certain other little Road which leads from the Post Road to Dobbs' 

Resolved that each of the said Persons so appointed be allowed fo/ their trouble ten shille^. 
per day and that they be also allowed their subsistence. 

Resolved that the Sum of One hundred Pounds be advanced by the Treasurer of this State 
to Colo. Field; and the sum of three hundred Pounds to Major Strang to enable them to 
execute the Trust hereby reposed in them. 

Resolved, that the said Colo. Field and Major Strang respectively be and they are hereby 
authorized to impress Teams & Carts for the purpose aforesaid; And lest a sufficient number 
of Labourers speedily to repair the said Road should not be obtained 

Resolved that General Ten broeck do on the Requisition of the said Colo. Field furnish him 
with such Detachments of the Militia from time to time of the County of Dutchess as the 
said Colo. Field may require And that Genl. Morris or in his absence the next Commanding 
Officer of the Militia in Westchester County do on the Requisition of the sd. Major Strang 
furnish him with such Detachments of the Militia from time to time as he may require. 

Resolved, that the said Detachments while employed in repairing the Road aforesaid be 
under the direction of the superintendants thereof aforesaid in their respective Counties ; and 
that while actually employed as aforesaid they be allowed at the rate of Ten Dollars per Month 
& provided with Provisions by the said Superintendants. 

Resolved that the said Superintendants keep & render to the Convention regular Accounts 
of their Expenditures & Proceedings. 

In Committee of Safety for the State of New York Octr. 226. 1776. 
Resolved that Colo. Dirck Brinckerhoff be & is hereby appointed to superintend the repair- 
ing of tEe Road in the highlands in the place of Colo. John Field, with the same Powers & 
agreeable to the Resolutions of the 5th inst. ^^^^ -g^^^^^ 5^^^^ 

Rec'd. December 13th 1776 from P. V. B. Livingston by the hands of Gerard Bancker One 

hundred pounds — pursuant to the Annexed Order. . 

£jQQ Dirck Brmckerhofi 

In October and November, 1776, Maj. Joseph Strang expended £159.3.11 on the roads. Henry 
Wisner, Aug. 7, 1777, returned to the Treasurer of the Provincial Congress a balance of £10.3.5 
out of the £300. he had received to repair the Roads in Orange County. 


. Col. John Lasher was Commissioner of Military Stores. Peter T. Curtenius, Anthony Grif- 
fiths, Hugh Hughes, John Lasher and Richard Norwood were Commissaries; James Weeks 
was Assistant Commissary; Richard Norwood, Richard Ten Eyck and Philip Van Rensselaer 
were Storekeepers; James Gillikins was Director of Ordnance. 

During the first part of the War, Military Stores were bought by Peter T. Curtenius, the 

The Army — Military Stores 5i 

Commissary of the Provincial Congress. The Commissary also bought Clothing (See " Cloth- 
ing "). A summary of his work will be found in the Chapter on " Claims of the State against 
the United States ". 

In Committee of Safety for the State of New York Fishkill Jany i6th 1777 
Resolved that Captain James Weeks be appointed Assistant Commissary of the Arms, 
Ammunition and other military Stores belonging to this State at this Place: — that he receive 
into his Care all the Arms which shall be delivered in store at Forts Montgomerie and Consti- 
tution by the disbanded soldiers and that he cause the same to be conveyed to this Place (for 
the use of such of the new Levies as are unprovided) without delay. 

Robt. Benson, Secr'y. 

1777 The State of New York to James Weeks Dr. 

Jany 8 To Cash pd Transporting Arms from Fort Montgomery to Fishkill & 

Expenses £4. 8 . o 

[This account was audited and paid Sept. 22, 1778.] 

When the Americans found that they must evacuate the City of New York, the Convention, 
on Aug. 22 and 25, 1776, voted $60 to Zebediah Mills to remove the Military Stores to West- 
chester County. Mills did this, Aug. 25, the Stores being taken from the City to Tarrytown 
by boat; and carted thence, by oxen, to White Plains where they were placed in the store of 
Daniel Horton. There was also a MiHtary Storehouse at Wallkill, 1776-1778. The very full 
accounts of Richard Norwood, Provincial Storekeeper " for sundries furnished and cash dis- 
bursed " commencing Feb. 19, 1776, show to whom all the Military Stores were delivered. 
The Committee of Conspiracies, Feb. 15, 1777, paid £1.4.0 to George Adriance for transporting 
Ammunition to the house of John Carpenter, at Nine Partners ; also, on the same date, 6/ — 
to Capt. Swart " for bringing Ammunition up from the River ". 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Kingston May the 9th 1777 
Resolved that John Lasher Esquire be and he is hereby appointed Commissioner of all & 
singular the military Stores belonging to this State with the Rank of Colonel in the said State — 
that he be empowered to empress Teams and Carriages for removing the said Stores in case 
of Necessity and that he be allowed the Sum of Two hundred Pounds per Annum for his 
Trouble and Expence in performing the Duty aforesaid. 

Resolved that the said Colonel Lasher be and he hereby is directed and empowered to cause 
the row Gallies in Hudson's River to be repaired immediately; and that he keep an Account 
of the Expence thereof to be charged to the United States. 

Robt. Benson Secr^. 

Col. Lasher was paid £200, per annum, usually by the Council of Safety. In January, 1779, 
the Governor and Legislature ordered the mercantile firm of Curson and Gouverneur, at St. 
Eustatius, Island of St. Martins, to receive from John Bryson of that place, 250 barrels of Gun- 
powder and six chests of Small Arms. As no vessel could be found that was wiUing to risk 
the chance of capture, the firm chartered a fast vessel, procured regular clearance papers and 
sent the Powder and Arms under the Dutch colors. While in a calm, the vessel was boarded 
by one of the Enemy's Privateers and taken as a prize to the British Island of Anguilla ; and all 
the efforts of the firm to recover the cargo proved futile. (See the Chapter on " Ships "). 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The following is one of the accounts of New York against the United States for "Arms and 

Ammunition " : 

7216 Pouches & 4480 Gun SHngs ^4389- 4-9 

2965 Hatchets 437-2.6 

Cannon f"^' 3-7 

2494 Guns 8171.19-43/4 

214849 lb Powder 6204. 4-9 

13101 lb Lead 5i7- 3- 1 1/2 

2100 Cartridges 233. 8.7 1/2 

145 Cartride boxes 37- iO-3 

204 Spears 67. 16.0 

17020 Bullets 509- 2.6 

52 Ramrods 14. 18.0 

5908 Prickers & Brushes iSi- 7-° 

145025 Flints & Oil 223. 6.1 

120 Pistols 86. 0.0 

16479 lb Brimstone 292. 7.0 

200 Gun Screws 26 . 0.0 

10 Powder horns 20. 0.0 

1284 3/4 lb Salt Petre 525-19-4 

Ordnance Stores 446. 17.9 

^24563. 10.4 3/4 


The Cannon that were captured by Col. Ethan Allen, at Ticonderoga, were inspected by Gen. 
Henry Knox, and transported to Boston in the winter of 1775-1776. They were so effectively 
placed on Dorchester Heights that the Enemy soon evacuated Boston. The number, and 
weight, of the pieces moved was as follows : Two brass Cohoms, total weight 300 pounds ; 
four brass Cohorns, weight 400 pounds ; two brass Mortars, total weight 600 pounds ; one iron 
Mortar, weight 600 pounds ; two iron Mortars, total weight 3,600 pounds, and three iron 
Mortars, the total weight of which was 6,900 pounds. Of Cannon, in brass, there were eight 
three pounders weighing 28,000 pounds, three six pounders weighing 1,800 pounds, one eigh- 
teen pounder, weight 1,200 pounds, one twenty four pounder, weight 1,800 pounds. Of Iron 
Cannon there were six six pounders, total weight 15,000 pounds; four nine pounders, total 
weight 10,000 pounds ; ten twelve pounders, total weight 28,000 pounds ; seven double fortifi- 
cation Cannon, the total weight of which was 28,000 pounds; and three others, the weight of 
which was 15,000 pounds. Added to these were two iron Howitzers. 

The citizens of New York had numerous Cannon which, together with Cannon from the 
Battery, the Committee of Association of that City proceeded to take, in 1775, as follows : — 

May 20, Samuel Judah 10 large 6 pounders at £25 £250. 

June I, Laurence Kort- 

right 4 " " at £25 ) / 100 

" " 6 3 

" " 2 4 " at i20 Sent to Fort Constitution 40 

John Byvanck 8 6 " at £20 160. 

26 cannon = £488.6.8. Hamilton Young 

at £25 \ , 100 

at £20 t Sent to New Haven J 160 

at £15 J (90 

The; Army — Cannon 53 

May 22 — 19 @ £25 = ;£475 Theophilus Beekman 

Sept 21 12 brass barrel'd blunderbusses — Theophylaet Bache 

June I Sharp, Curtenius & Co — 6 3 & 4 pounders £96.13.4 

May 20 Saml Tudor — 2 3 pounders — £25 
June I Jacob Van Voorhis 6 " £90 

Concerning these Cannon, Henry Remsen, the Commissioner of Accounts, wrote thus to 
Peter T. Curtenius, the Auditor General, July 10, 1785:— "The Claims for Cannon taken 
from the Citizens by Order of the City Committee is a matter of Consequence & therefore must 
be left to the Determination of the Legislature at their next meeting ". The Auditor-General 
afterward made these claims upon the United States : — 

For Cannon & Military Stores taken from the Battery, the property of the King of Great 
Britain & afterwards lost & taken. 

For Cannon taken from Individuals by order of the City Committee & removed to Kings 
Bridge where some of them were left & Retaken by the British. 

For expenses of guarding & removing the Cannon. 

[The total of the claims was £4560, for 216 pairs of Cannon.] 

In 1775, the State of New York loaned to the United States six brass Field-Pieces which 
were delivered to Captains Hamilton and Bauman. They were afterward restored, but not 
without much correspondence on the part of Governor Clinton. General Washington wrote 
thus, to Governor Clinton, from Headquarters Smiths Clove, June 13, 1779: — "I shall give 
immediate Directions for returning within the State the Six Brass Six Pounders lent the Conti- 
nent, or others equally good". In 1775, 66 Guns, worth £1355, were delivered in New Haven. 
On Aug. 16, 1776, the State of Connecticut was credited with 20 pairs of Cannon and a quan- 
tity of Shot delivered for the Continental Frigates that were built at Poughkeepsie and at the 
Forts in the Highlands. Later on, 12 Cannon were sent to Canada by order of the Conven- 
tion ; and, in March 1776, several brass Field Pieces were sent to Virginia. 

The Committee of Safety, Jan. 24, 1776, having already authorized Colonel McDougall to 
have Carriages made for Cannon, appointed Capt William Mercier to superintend the work and 
to see that the Carriages were made of good timber and that the iron work was well made. 
The Committee, May 19, 1776, voted £300 to Capt. Mercier for this work ; and the accounts 
show that he expended about £1000, in all. On the next day, the Committee voted £100 to 
Moses Ogden for Cannon Ball and Grape Shot, on the contract of Joseph Hallett. 

The manufacture of Cannon was not a financial success. In August, 1777, William Orr was 
paid £48. 17. 6 for making a six-pounder, at Little Nine Partners; and, in September of the 
same year, £27.1.0, for a four-pounder. Other makers were also expensive. The Auditor- 
General made this statement: — 

Solomon Simson's Claim £2250. He has no right to demand compensation from the State 
for anything in his claim but for the Cannon, & that not at the price he has charged them 
nor for more than what is mentioned in Mr. Goforth's List ; which instead of 5 pr of 6 & 9 
pounders appear to be only 3 pr. of 4 & 6 Pounders worth about £130. The rest he must 
apply to Congress for. 

54 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


Muskets were among the Military Stores that, at first, were furnished by Peter T. Curtenius, 
the Commissary of the Provincial Congress. Later, they were collected by John Henry, the 
State Clothier, and forwarded to Col. John Lasher, Commissary, who thereafter had full charge 
of them. (See the Chapter on " Claims of the State against the United States ", for Mr. 
Curtenius' part of the work). The Muskets were taken from Tories and Disaffected Persons; 
and, also, from the " Well-Afifected " who could not use them. 

The following comments of Mr. Curtenius, Commissary, show the way in which Muskets 
were taken and distributed : — 

The Muskets of the Corporation [New York City] were taken out of the Armoury by a 
Number of Citizens under the Command of Capt Sears (shortly after the News arrived of the 
Lexington Battle) and carried into Capt Vandykes Fire Ally after which a Committee was 
appointed to deliver them into the hands of such Citizens as were well-afifected to the freedom 
of America. In the month of June or July following the Provincial Congress passed a Resolve 
to Raise 4 Redgiments of Continl Troops and the troops being in want of Muskets the P. 
Congress published a Resolve that all Citizens possessed of Corporation muskets should de- 
liver them to the proper officer at the Barraks which was done & Colol McDougalls Regimt 
had 434 of them & the remainder went up to New Windsor for Colol Clintons Redgiment as 
appears by Wm Tapps afifidavit The Corporation applied last Winter to the Legislature of 
our State for payment In consequence of which the Legislature passed a Law to pay for them 
provided the United States should pass the amo* of them to the Credit of the State of New 

At about the same date, 500 other Muskets were taken out of New York, by the Com- 
mittee of the City and County, and sent to Gen. Schuyler, at the North. In the Campaign 
of 1775, 16 Guns were bought for the Continental Troops, and delivered to Capt. Henry B. 
Livingston. The price, for each, ranged from £1. to £7. On Sept. 14, 1776 Capt. Livingston 
loaned 69 " Fire-Locks " to the State of Connecticut. In May, of that year, and again in 
October, many Guns were taken from the inhabitants, by the Committee of Suffolk County, 
and delivered to Col. Livingston. (See " Suffolk County Committee "). On Dec. 9, 1776, 73 
Muskets, many Bayonets and some Powder were brought from the Eastern end of Long 
. Island, by Col Livingston, and delivered to Capt. Nathaniel Piatt. Nearly all of the Muskets 
from Long Island belonged to the Refugees from that Island. (See the Refugees from Long 
Island to Connecticut, in " Provincial Congresses "). 

I A number of interesting events, relative to Small Arms, took place in 1776: — Jan. 12, Cor- 
nelius Atherton made two written contracts, with bonds of £700 each, for the furnishing of 
£700 worth of Muskets, with Bayonets, for which he was to be allowed £3.14. each- Feb. 2 
the Committee of Safety ordered the payment of £100 to Jecamiah Allen for Muskets; Mar. 
10, and July 6, the Committee on Conspiracies took many Arms from the Tories and Dis- 
affected in New York City ; in April, Capt. Thaddeus Noble made a contract for 30 Muskets 
at $8 each; June 4, Lieut. Joseph Youngs charged £3.11.6 for 11 days' expenses in collecting 
106 Arms from the Tories in Westchester County ; in the same month, the brigantine " Grant " 
brought 263 Guns from Marseilles to the West Indies; July 19, William Duer authorized 
Peter T. Curtenius to buy 600 or 700 French Muskets, at $11 each; July 9, the Dutchess 

The "A-ruy — Lances 


County Committee paid lo/ — for the "carriage of 14 Guns to Col. Humphrey", and 12/ — 
for " Fetching 20 Guns from John Carpenter to Waters, the Gunsmith " ; Aug. 3, the same 
Committee paid Waters £14. 15. n for repairing Guns; Richard Ten Eyck was paid 6/ — 
per day for directing the repair of Small Arms; David Howell sent in a bill of £48. 1.2 for 
repairing Arms, which the Auditor-General described as " moderately charged ", but Howell 
was not paid till June 4, 1792. The Auditor-General made this statement, relative to another 
claim :— " Dan' Delavan's Claim £140 for payment of Arms. By his own acct of the matter they 
were deposited in the Contin'l Store at Kings Ferry, therefore the U. S. must pay him ". 

In 1776 and 1777, the Committee of Rumbout Precinct, in Dutchess County, delivered 431 
Guns to the State. The Guns were afterward delivered to Colonels Harper, Willett, Van 
Cortlandt, and others. In March, 1777, these items were paid:— Jacob Hunt, £6.10.0 for 
conveying Arms to Peekskill, Samuel Niely, £1.4.0, for repairing Arms; Robert Merrit, £1.7.0, 
for making Arm-Chests; William Jeflfery, £6, for repairing Arms. William Ellsworth had 
a charge for cleaning loi Muskets. The Provincial Congress, June 9, 1777, offered a Bounty 
of £20 for every 100 Muskets delivered to the County Committees. 

Reed of Brig'' Gen' James Clinton Fifty One Guns & barrels. Forty two Gun Ramrods & 
Ten Gun Stocks, without barrels, which was hid by Peter Cortenis at Hackinsack to prevent 
their falling into the Enemies hands — and taken up by Capt Daniel Tier, agreeable to Genl 
Clinton's Orders &c pr me John Varick 

Ramapough Clove, 6 July 1777 

Expenses paid Daniel Tier A. Qr. Mr. G. for the hire of Waggon, Men's Expences &c 
in bringing up the within mentioned Guns &c £3.12.0. I certify that I employed Dan' Tier 
to fetch the Guns. P. T. Curtenius Late Commiss'y 

to purchase Arraes & Cloathing 

1777 State of New York to Dan' Tier Dr. 

July 6 To Expences by me for the hire of Waggon & Men's Expences & bring- 
ing up 51 Gun barrels & 52 Ramrods from Hackinsack, where they 
were buried up to Mr. Sloots in the Clove, as pr Rect of John Varick 
who reed them from Gen. Clinton £3. 12. o 

Dan' Tier, being duly sworn, deposeth & saith that the above account is just & True & 
that he has received no compensation from the State of New York or the United States. 
Sworn before me this nth Daniel Tier 

Day of Febry 1786. 

Bn Blagge, Alderman 


The following were members of a " Committee to procure Lances " : — Robert Boyd, Thad- 
deus Crane, William Cushman, Richard Esselstine, Nathaniel Foster, William Miller, Joseph 
Smith, Stephen Ward, James Weeks, Harmanus Wendell, Henry Wisner and Dirck Wynkoop. 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Septr. 4th 1776. 

Whereas many of the Militia of the different Counties in this State who are well Affected to 
the American Cause are not supplied with Fire Arms. And whereas it is the Duty of the 
Convention of this State at this Critical period to Arm the whole Militia in Such a Manner as 
May Prove Most formidable to our inveterate and Tyranical Enemies. 

56 New York in the Revolution. Supplement 

Therefore Resolved unanimously that persons be Appointed in the Counties of West Chester 
Orange Duchess Ulster & Albany for the purpose of procuring four Thousand Lances to be 
Made with the utmost Expedition agreable to such Models as shall be sent to the respective 

Resolved unanimously that the following persons be appointed to procure the proportion of 
Lances affixed to their respective Names in the Counties Under Mentioned and that this Con- 
vention will pay all the Necessary Charges for Carrying this Resolve into Execution. — towit 

In the County of Albany 

Harmanus Wendell & Richard Esselstine Esqrs 800 

In Ulster County 

Dirck Wynkoop & Robert Boyd Esqrs 800 

In Orange County 

Henry Wisner & Jos. Smith Esqrs 800 

In West Chester County 

Stephen Ward William Miller & Thaddeus Crane 800 

In Duchess County 

James Weeks William Cushman & Nathaniel Foster 800 

Lances 4000 

John McKesson Secry. 

Whereas that I the Subscriber being appointed by the Convention of the State of New York 
and Harmanus Wendell to have 800 Lances maid for the Use of the Militia of said State 

and whereas we agreed to that Each Should have 400 Lances maid 

Whereon I have 400 Lances maid and Delivered to me at the Rate of 8/ pr Speer 400 
Dollars — £160: o: o 

Charges for giting the Lances maid — £9 : 0:0. 

Richard Esselstyne. 


Soon after the opening of the War, we find an " Account of Powder lent for Continental 
Service". The items are:— June 23, 1775, to the Army at Cambridge, 1000 lbs.; June 24, 
1775' to Albany for the Companies sent up to remove the Cannon and Stores from Ticon- 
deroga, 300 lbs. On Dec. 19, 1775, the Committee on Vessels reported, as follows, to the 
Provincial Congress relative to all the Gunpowder it could secure: — 

In Provincial Congress for the Colony of New York December 19th 1775. 
The Committee appointed to employ two or more Vessels for a Voyage to Europe reported, 
that they think it necessary to load two Vessels with wheat on Account and resque of this 
Congress for some port or ports in Europe to wit the Customary freight, That the owners 
run the resque of the Vessells out, and be allowed three pence Sterling per Bushel Extra- 
ordinary for such Risque — That the Common Freight of such Vessels is as follows Vizt. 
For any port without the Streights as far as Gibraltar 13d Sterl. pr Bushel 
to Malaga I4d do 

to Allicante i^d do 

to Barcelona i6d do 

to Marselles I7d do 

That the said Committee had agreed to let one of the two Vessels return with the return 
Cargo to St. Eustatius or Saint Martins for one hundred pounds Currency ; and that the said 
Committee would give directions that the said goods bro't in return as soon as they arrive in 

The Army — Powder 57 

the West Indies, be shipped on board of different Vessels to bring them to the Continent; 
which the Committee conceive to be the most advantageous method. That the Committee 
have proposed to direct the whole property Adventured to be invested in Gun powder, and 
if Gun powder is not to be purchased, to be invested in Salt peter ; if neither Salt peter or Gun 
powder is to be had then to be laid out in Good Musquets and if none of the before men- 
tioned articles are to be got or not sufficient to expend the Value of the Cargoes Adventured, 
then the property or so much thereof as shall remain unexpended in those Articles to be laid 
out on Goods of the following Kinds Viz* : Rusia Drilling, Ravens Duck, Osnabungs, Coarse 
Linnes from I2d to I5d Sterl. pr yard., Sheeting from lod to I2d Sterl. pr yard. Coarse 
Thread Hose from 20/ to 25/ Sterl. pr Doz., Coarse tamdem Silesias from 17/ to 20/ pr 
piece, Villery fit for Soldiers Shirting — or any other Articles they may think will be wanting. 
The said report being read a second time and approved of the Congress unanimously agrees 
that the said report stand confirmed, and that the Committee carry the said Report into Exe- 
cution. And Resolved that John Vanderbilt Comfort Sands & Jacobus Van Zandt & each & 
every of them shall be fully indemnified by this Congress, or the Committee of Safety, or the 
Congress of this Colony for the time being, against any Bonds, which they or either of them 
will be under the necessity to enter into at the Custom House in New York, for the said Ves- 
sels and Cargoes ; And that in case any Costs or Damages shall accrue by means of entering 
into such Bonds that all such Costs and Damages as may arise happen or accrue by means 
thereof shall be born by this Colony. And Ordered that the Treasurer of this Congress pay 
to Jacobus Van Zandt Comfort Sands and John Vanderbilt the sum of Five thousand pounds in 
part to enable them to load the said Vessels. j^j^j^ McKesson Secr^. 

Rec'd. January 12th 1776 from P. V. B. Livingston Esqr. by the hands of Gerard Bancker 
two thousand five hundred pounds in part of the within. 
£2500.. Jacobus Van Zandt 

Rec'd. January 1776 from P. V. B. Livingston by the hands of Gerard Bancker two thou- 
sand five hundred pounds the Ballance of the within Order. 
£2500 Comfort Sands 

In Provincial Congress New York March 4th 1776 — Mr. Prince, one of the Members ap- 
pointed to forward the Continental Powder to Cambridge, informed this Congress that the 
waggoners here employed in the Continental Service, and going to Cambridge with the 
Continental Powder said they could not proceed without some money to defray their expenses. 
That he had advanced to the three waggoners who went ofif with loaded waggons this morning 
Twenty pounds on account in part of their pay. That the other three waggoners who are to 
set ofif this afternoon expect to receive the like sum in advance in part of their pay. 

Therefore ordered that Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esquire, advance to Mr. Samuel Prince 
the sum of Forty Pounds on Continental Account in part of the Hire of the waggoners carry- 
ing Continental Gunpowder to Cambridge, and that the Treasurer take Mr. Prince's receipt for 
the same & charge it to Continental Account. 
£40. John McKesson, Secr'y. 

Rec'd March 4th 1776 from P. V. B. Livingston by the hands of Gerard Bancker forty 
pounds in full for the above Order. Samuel Prince 

At another time. Powder was issued as follows: — 

To the Troops marching to the Northern Frontier 100 

To the Troops raised on Long Island when order'd to the Eastward to defend 

the Cattle borrowed from Genl Wooster 235 

To the Forts in the high Lands 200 

June 13th To the Camp at Cambridge 655 

455 lb of the last parcel was borrow'd from New Jersey & since 

repaid in powder lbs. 2490 

58 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The Powder in the Province was now nearly exhausted, and the situation was becoming 
desperate. In this emergency. Mar. 14, 1776, the Provincial Congress paid £34.10 for printing 
3000 pamphlets, of 40 pages each, containing essays on the making of Salt Petre and Gun 
Powder. On the same date, the Congress took this action : — 

In provincial Congress New York March 14th., 1776. 

John R. Livingston Esqr. having given Bond with Securities to Isaac Roosevelt Nathaniel 
Woodhull Abraham Yates Jun. Esqr. and the other gentlemen named in the Order of this 
Congress of the ninth instant and contracted to build a Powder Mill within three months agre- 
able to the said Resolution. 

THEREFORE ORDERED that Peter Van brugh Livingston Esqr. as Treasurer of this 
Congress advance to John R. Livingston Esqr. the sum of One thousand pounds and take his 
receipt for the same. Robt. Benson Secy, 


In provincial Congress New York Die Veneris May lOth., 1776. 

Henry Wisner Junr. Esquire having applied to the Committee of Safety for the Premium for 
erecting a powder Mill, is entitled to receive the same on giving Security and entring into 
Contract. Mr. Wisner also informed the Congress that there is a very considerable sum due 
to him from the Colony, on the resolution of the provincial Congress for manufacturing of 
Gun-powder — That he intends to have his partner bound with him in the Contract for erect- 
ing a Powder Mill — That he requests the sum of One hundred and fifty pounds from the 
Treasury on his Bond for that Sum in part of either of the Sums above mentioned. 

THEREUPON ORDERED that Peter Van Brugh Livingston Esquire as Treasurer of this 
Congress advance to Henry Wisner Junr. Esquire the Sum of One hundred and fifty Pounds 
on his Bond payable the first day of July next. John McKesson Secry. 

Reed. May 14th., 1776. from P. V. B. Livingston by th hands of Gerard Bancker One hun- 
dred and fifty pounds agreeable to the within Order, and for which Sum I have delivered to 
the Treasurer a Bond Executed by myself and dated the nth., instant. 
£150- Henry Wisner Junr. 

On May 11, 1776, Henry Wisner, jr., signed a bond for £150 to the Treasurer of Congress, 
for which he received cash. 

The Congress, in May 1776, voted iaoo to [Col] William Allison for the purchase of Salt 
Petre. From May 21, to Aug. 30 of that year, he expended £76 for 255 pounds; a part of 
which " was purchased in New York shortly before the evacuation and could not be got out 
and therefore lost ". The Congress, June i, 1776, voted $500 to Col. AUison for the same 

Between June 9, 1776, and June 9, 1777, Henry Wisner, jr., and Moses Phillips made 14,737 
pounds of Gun Powder, as stated by the Committee of Wallkill Precinct, Ulster County, on 
June 28, 1777. This Powder was made in consequence of a resolution of the Congress, June 
9, 1775. Between the same dates, John Carpenter & Co. made 3,725 pounds in Orange County, 
according to the statement of the County Committee. The Congress, or Convention, July 12, 
1776, voted £100 to John R. Livingston for erecting a Powder Mill; and, July 19, £200 to 
John Carpenter for like services. 

The brigantine " Grant ", June 10, 1776, brought 250 barrels of Powder from Sollicoffre 
Freres & Wilkie, of Marseilles, to the West Indies on its way to this Province. (See also 
Sloop " Nancy " in the Chapter on " Privateers "). 

On July 8, 1776, 53 casks of Powder arrived in Providence, R. I. They were forwarded, 
through Windham, Conn., to Red Hook, in Dutchess County. In August, of that year, all 

The Army — Powder 59 

the Powder in New York City was taken by boats to Albany, Fort Constitution and Stam- 
ford, Conn., to escape the invasion of the British. The Powder for Fort Constitution was 
afterward sent to Gen. Schuyler, at the North. The Committee of Safety, Sept. 14, ordered 
£200 paid to Henry Wisner for the purchase of Salt Petre. Powder was also sent from Albany 
into Tryon County. 

On Sept. 19, 1776, Congress appointed Henry Wisner, sr., Robert Yates, William Harper, 
Mjat;th^w Adgate and Doctor Joseph Crane a Committee to make Discoveries and Assays of 
Sulphur, Lead and Flint ; and voted $500 to the Committee. Mr. Adgate also acknowledged 
the receipt of $500. The Committee, 1776-1778, expended ^1389. After the preliminary in- 
vestigations, Matthew Cantine, William Harper and Jonathan Lawrence were created Commis- 
sioners to Explore Mines of Lead and Sulphur, and to Erect works for the manufacture of Salt, 
Sulphur &c. 

State of New York Dr. to William Harper one of the Commissioners for erecting works for 

Salt Sulpher flints 

May 25 To i day to Springfield to engage Mr. Spencer to contract with the 

Onoida Indians for use of their Saltspring £ 8 

" 30 To 6 days in company with Caspar Houdt chimist to view the Sulphur 
Springs & to determing where to erect the works at Andrew's Town 
at 8/ Pr day 2 8 

June 15 To 16 days in Company with Majoi Laurence to view the Salt Springs 
at Orisque, Onoida & Springfield and trying Several experiments 
on the Salt Springs in the different places & contracting with Mr. 
Stoudt @8/ pr day 6 8 

June 26 To 10 days travling & exploring the Sulpher mines at Schohary, for 
Contracting for the Same and for Lands to Erect the works thereon 
necessary for manufacturing the Same 4 

July 5 To 5 days in Company with Hugh Alexander to Explore and make 

experiments on the Salt & flint mines @ 3/ 2 


Feby 14 To 35 days. To Ajores. 9 to Poughkeepsie waiting on the Legislature 
there 17 days travel'd from thence to Salsbury and Ancrom to pre- 
pare Stove for the Sulpher works I4 

Octob 5 To 12 days To a journey to Ancrom Poughkeepsie obtaining an order 
on the Treasury for £700 at Kingston from there to Col. Living- 
ston to pay for the Stoves &c 4 16 


Jany. i To 23 days to a journey to Schohary to Inspect the Sulpher work hir- 
ing men to cut wood , 9 4 


Feby 21 To 5 days, to a journey to Schohary to inspect the Sulpher works & 

Settle with Mr. Stoudt , 2 

HS 4 

Auditors Office New York Octo 13th. 1785 The Committee appointed by law to Instrut me 
have examined the above account & have directed That William Harper Esq"", must be cred- 
ited for the above Sum of forty five pounds 4/ on his account of Comissioner of Seques- 
^ation Peter T. Curtenius State Aud'. 

Gerard Bancker Esq' Treasurer. 

6o New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Mr Harper together with other Commissioners of Sequestration for Tryon County have ac- 
counted for the Sequesterd property Sold by them & there will be a ballance coming to them 
& therefore you are requested to pay the within Sum of forty five pounds 4/ to W™ Harper Esq'. 

Gerard Bancker Esq^ Treasurer. P^^er T. Curtenius State Aud^ 

Received May 6th. 1786 from Gerard Bancker, Treasurer, Forty five Pounds, four Shillgs. 
in full for the within Ace'. 

£45 4 o W""- Harper 

The Commissioners employed John Waggener to do the practical work. Casper Stout, the 
chemist, employed Johannes Lawyer to make moulds for the Sulphur, in November, 1777. 
Lawyer boarded Stout, and also " rode " loads of clay, sand and stone to the Sulphur works. 

The Committee of Ulster County made these payments, in 1776: — Oct. 25, £2, to Elias Has- 
brouck for bringing Powder from John Livingston's Magazine; Oct. 26, i3.i5.0 to Philip 
Swart for carrying Powder from New Windsor for the Regiments of Colonels Snyder and 
Pawling; same date, the freight on Powder from Kingston to Newburgh. 

The Committee of Orange County, in 1777, ordered Lieut. Joseph Conkling's Company to 
guard the Powder Mill of John Carpenter. On May 3, of that year, the Provincial Congress 
ordered men to be raised to guard the Powder Mills in the Precincts of Rhinebeck, Wallkill 
and Cornwall. 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Kingston May 3d 1777. 

Resolved that the Committee of the Precinct of Rhinebeck in the County of Dutchess and the 
Committee of the Precinct of Wallkill in the County of Ulster and the Committee of the 
Precinct of Cornwall in the County of Orange be directed to raise a Company in each of the 
said Precincts to continue in Service till the first day of July next unless sooner discharged con'- 
sisting of one Lieutenant three Sergeants & twenty four Privates in order to guard the sev- 
eral Powder Mills in each of the said Precincts 

Resolved that the officers be allowed Contin'. Pay & fifteen shillings per Week for Rations 
and the non commissioned officers and Privates contin'. Pay and twelve shillings per week for 
Rations and be under the command of the Prcprietors of the said Mills 

Resolved that the Committees above named call out a part of the Militia of the said Precincts 
to mount Guard at the said MUIs till the said Companies are compleated and that they be 
also under the command of the Proprietors of the said Mills and be allowed the above Pay 
and subsistence. Rob'. Benson Secr^. 

In Provincial Congress for the State of New York June 9th 1777. 

Whereas sundry Mills and other Manufactores for the making of Gun powder and musketts 
are now erected and about to be erected within this Colony ; and for as much as all such manu- 
factories will greatly tend both to the immediate Defence and future wealth of this Colony — 

Resolved therefore that for every Hundred weight of good Gun powder which upon due 
proof shall be certified by the Committee of the County where any powder Mill is or shall be 
erected, to have been manufactured within this Colony and to have been delivered to the said 
Committee, the Bounty of five pounds shall be paid to the manufacturer thereof over & above 
the price of such Powder: And for every hundred good Musketts of proof so certified, the 
Bounty of Twenty Pounds — The Bounties aforesaid to continue for twelve months from the 
date of this Resolve. John McKesson Secry. 

In Convention of the State of New York, Poughkeesie Jany., 8, 1778. 
The Committee appointed to examine the Accounts of Henry Wisener Esqr. relative to 
Salt Peter and Bounty on Gun Powder reported as follows to wit. That it appears to them 
that a Part of the Salt Peter which Mr. Wisner hath purchased for the Use of this State consist- 
ing of 2420 3/4 is unattanted with such Vouches of its being made of Materials collected within 

The Army — Powder 6i 

this State as are required by a Resolution of Convention in that Case made and Provided and 
that in Consequence thereof the Auditor Genl. refuses to Audit his Accounts of the Same that 
Nevertheless from the local Situation of the several Manufacturers of the Said Salt Peter your 
Committee are Satisfied that the said Salt Peter was made from Materials collected within this 
State and are of Oppinion that a Strict compliance with the Letter of the Said Resolution in 
this Case to be dispensed with and do therefore recommend the following Resolution to wit. 
Resolved that the Auditor Genl. of this State be and hereby authorized and directed to Audit the 
said Accounts for payment notwithstanding there being unattanted with the necessary Vouches 
as aforesaid. That as to the GunPowder manufactured at Mr. Wisner's Mills it appears to your 
Committee that near two thousand weight thereof hath been delivered to the order of the con- 
vention of this State and that the remainder was delivered to the Several Orders of Genl. Wash- 
ington and Genl. Schuyler at diferent times excepting about one thousand Weight thereof re- 
maining in the Powder House and ready to be delivered to the Order of this State that the 
Said Powder agreeable to a Resolution of Provincial Congress should have been delivered to 
the Committees of the Respective Counties where it was manufactured, but that the aforesaid 
Applications and Orders prevented a Compliance therewith, that Mr. Wisner's answering the 
Demands of the Generals aforesaid was highly expedient; as a speedy Supply of that Article 
was indispensibly Necessary to promote the Public Good and that he has fully complied with the 
Spirit of the said Resolution and do therefore recommend the following Resolution to wit. 
Resolved that the Auditor Genl. of this State be and he is Hereby authorized and directed to 
Audit Mr. Wisner's Accounts of the Same for payment notwithstanding their being unattanted 
with the Necessary Vouches Required by the Letter of the Said Resolution. 

The said Report being read. Resolved that this convention do approve of the said Report 
of their Committees and that the same stand Confirmed. Robt. Benson Secry. 

On Jan. 8, 1778, the Legislature ordered the Auditor General to audit the accounts of Henry 
Wisner jr for 2420 lbs of Salt Petre (although not attended with the proper vouchers) because 
" the said Salt Petre was made from Materials collected within this State " : — 

In Convention of the State of New York, Poughkeepsie Jany 8th 1778. 

The Committee appointed to examine the Accounts of Henry Wisner Esquire relative to 
bounty on Gun Powder reported that as to the Gun Powder manufactured at Mr Wisner's 
mills it appears to your Committee that near two thousand weight thereof hath been delivered 
to the Order of the Convention of this State & that the Remainder was delivered to the sev- 
eral Orders of Genl. Washington & Genl. Schuyler at different Times, excepting about One 
Ton Weight thereof remaining in the Powder House & ready to be delivered to the Order of 
this State. That the said Powder agreeable to a Resolution of Provincial Congress should have 
been delivered to the Committees of the respective Counties where it was manufactured, but 
that the aforesaid Applications & Orders presented a Compliance therewith. That Mr Wis- 
ners answering the Demands of the Generals aforesaid was highly expedient; as a speedy 
Supply of that Article was indispensibly Necessary to promote the public Good & that he has 
fully complied with the Spirit of the said Resolution. 

The Committee, therefore recommended, and the Convention approved, a direction to the Audi- 
tor General to audit Mr Wisner's accounts although they were " unattended with the necessary 
Vouchers required by the Letter of the said Resolution ". 

The State of New York 

To Henry Wisner & Co Dr. 

To Bounty on 14737 lb Gun Powder Manufactured in Ulster County by Henry 

Wisner Sen"", from July 9 1777 1/ Pr lb £736 17 

To Bounty on 3725 Manufactured in Orange County from June 9 1776 to June 

9th 1777 1 Pr lb 186 5 

£923 2 

62 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


By Cash Rec"^ of the Treasurer for which I gave my bond . ., £150 o o 

By d° Borrowed 200 00 350 o o 

£573 2 o 
Feby 25. 1778 
Examined & Allowed the above Ballance of five Hundred & Seventy three pounds Two 
Shillings Comfort Sands Aud Secy. 

To Peter V B Livingston Esqr 

Rec"^ March 24 1778 from P V B Livingston by the Hands of Gerard Bancker five Hundred 
and Seventy three pounds two Shillings in full for the within Account 

Henry Wisner Jun'. 

In 1778, it was resolved that Powder should be delivered on the order of the Governor or the 
Council of Safety. A large Magazine was located at Fishkill, where the price was stated to have 
been $6 per pound, in 1779. The State stored the largest quantity of Powder in Albany. It 
was under the control of Hendrick Roseboom, who was nearly 70 years of age at the time. 
For many years before the breaking out of the War, he had stored Powder for the Colony. On 
June 10, 1777, an entry in his books showed that 100 barrels of Powder had been " loaded by 
order of Mr. Philip Van Rensselaer, 25 wagons, each 4 barrels ". This large requisition was 
sent to the North for the operations that ended in the surrender of Burgoyne in the fall of that 

Early in the War, the Albany County Committee paid i/- each for 40 Powder Horns; but, 
later, they were quoted at 3/6. Bullet Pouches were made of sheepskin 


Reed Deer 7 1775 of Peter T. Curtenius Ten boxes bullets & buck Shott Two hundred pounds 
in Each & three Kegs flints gt Nine Thousand five hundred flints which I promise to Deliver 
to Abrm Yates Esqr at Albany, he paying me the Customary freight, having Signed Two 
receipts of the same date, the one being accomplisht the other is to stand void 

Isaac Fonda 

(The proportion was i ball to 5 flints e. g.) 

Ball Flints 

Trion County 600 3000 

Westchester 800 4000 

Ulster 400 2000 

Duttches 1000 5000 

Albany 2000 9500 

Suffolk 400 2000 

Do 200 1000 

Do 400 2000 

5800 28500 

New York ' 1350 Lead 

[Comment by Peter T. Curtenius, Commissalry] the above Lea'd and ball I delivered before 
Mr. Norwood was appointed and was sent to the County Committees for the Militia, 

The Army — Lead 63 

The same proportion of i to 5 holds good in the following :— 

The Proportion of 50,000 Flints and 10,000 lb of Ball to be sent to the several Counties of 
this Colony — 

Kints Ball 

To New York 9000 1800 1350 Delivd 

Albany loooo 2000 Sent 

Tryon 3000 0600 All sent 

Dutchess 5000 1000 Sent 

Westchester 6000 1200 Sent 

Ulster 2000 0400 Sent 

Orange 3000 0600 

Suffolk 3000 0600 Sent 

Queens 3000 0600 not to be 

sent without 

Kings 0750 0150 

Richmond 0750 0150 

Charlotte 1500 0300 

Cumberland 2250 0450 

Glocester 0750 0150 

50000 lOOOO 

I approve the above disposition ^1^^^ McDougall [Col. ist Line] 

New York 13 Deer 1775 

The Provincial Congress, or Convention, July 26, 1776, voted £70 to Messrs. Marsh, Stevens 
and Sessions for transporting Flints to the counties of Cumberland and Gloucester. On Dec. 
10, 1777, the Treasurer received cash from John Moore which he, in return, had received from 
a Commissary who had taken Ball and Flints that were sent to Tryon County, vizt : for 

400 lb Ball at 8"^ i20. o. o 

3000 Flints at 40/ 6. o. o 

i26. o. o 
Deduct so much Mr Moore pd freight 17. o 

^25. 3. o 


Lead was the most difficult of the warlike stores to secure. The Committee, named above, 
did not discover any paying mines of that article. (See " Public Papers of George Clinton ", 
Vol. II, pp. 489 and 498). As it was impossible to import Lead, the Troops from this State 
resorted to pewter dishes as material for their Bullets. At Fort Montgomery, even the weights 
on fishing-nets were used for this purpose. Small quantities of Lead were brought from Con- 
necticut. Finally, early in 1776, a happy thought came over the Provincial Congress. Here is 
the story, as told by Peter T. Curtenius, in making up his Accounts against the United 
States :— 

The reason that their is no account of Purchaces Produced by P. T. C. is because by a Resolve 
of the Provincial Congress the Window Leads were taken out of the Windows of the Inhabit- 

64 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

ants in the City of New York & deliv'd to P T Curtenius then Commissary of the Provincial 
Congress amounting to Something above loo Tons w* for which the Citizens were paid for 
by the Treasurer of the State after the War was over at 9<* pr lb this is the reason why It does 
not appear in P T C acct of Purchases — the 4 Ton 7.1 — was sent by P T C to Brig'' Genl 
Geo Clintons Encampment at Westchester the 12 Ton was Sent up to Orange County as a place 
of Safety & afterwards was delivd to J Rudduch who was a Contin^ Officer & the remainder Say 
6324 was Sent up to Albany & delivd to Phil Vanrenselaer who was a Millitary Store Keeper 
for the United States — 

This is the form of Certificate that was given by Daniel Dunscomb : — 

1776 State of New York to Paulus Banta Dr. 

July. For 124 lb. Window Lead taken from my House by Order of Convention for 

public use as pr Danl. Dunscomb's Certificate at gd pr W ^4- 13. — 

New York 7th Decern"" 1784 I have examin'd the above account and allow to be due thereon 
the Sum of Four Pounds thirteen shillings Currency which please to pay Mr. Nicholas Bogart 
on his producing Mr. Banta's Receipt on the Back of this Accot. 

Gerard Bancker Esqr. Treasurer. P^ter T. Curtenius State Audr. 

[Indorsed, as follows] 
Rece'd New York 7th Decem''. 1784 from Gerard Bancker Treasurer of the State the Sum 
of Four Pounds thirteen shillings in full of the within Account. 
i4--i3-- o Paulus Banta. 

New York the 7th Decem^ 1784. 
I Certify that there was taken out of the house of Paulus Banta in Dey Street One hundred 
& twenty four pounds of window leads for Public service by order of Convention. 

Peter T. Curtenius Esq"". Auditor. Daniel Dunscomb. 

A deposition of Edward Blagge, made on Feb. 14, 1785, states " that sometime in the Month 
of July in the year of 1776, a Number of Men came to the house of Capt George Codwise and 
took from the Windows of the Dwelling House of the said George Codwise a Number of Leaden 
sash weights & put them in a Cart with a Number of Others, & when this deponent ask'd what 
Authority they had for so doing he was answer'd 'twas by Public Authority ". 

The following is the only claim that appears from any locality outside the City of New 
York :— 

State of New York to Frederick Roorbach Dr 

For 91 1/4 lb Lead Weights delivered for public use as pr Certificate from Robert 
Boyd, junr Chairman of Ulster County Committee a 9*^ pr lb £i> g ■, 

I hereby certify that Mr Frederick Roorbach delivered to me as Chairman of the Committee 
for the County of Ulster Ninety one pounds and a Quarter of lead, and that the same was 
made into Bullets and used by the Militia of the County aforesaid when going to Forts Mont- 
gomery and Clinton in the Month of July 1776 — 

New York 30th December 1784. Robt. Boyd Junr. 

[The account was allowed by the Auditor-General on Jan. 10, 1785; and paid the same date.] 

Previous to the removal of the Window Leads belonging to the private citizens of New York 
Samuel Prince and two assistants, on June 5, 1776, took the Leads from the City Hall and 
the Exchange ; and, on July 12, 36 bars of Lead, weighing 1069 pounds, were taken from Jacobus 
Depeyster. John Davis, July 17, 1776 charged the Committee of Poughkeepsie 9^ per pound 
for 41 pounds of Lead. Daniel Dunscomb was paid by a law passed May 12, 1784. 

The Army — Lead 


Window Leads were taken from the houses of these citizens : 

Abrams Andrew 
Abrams Anthony 
Ackly Anthony 
Algier (Mrs.) 

Alner John 
Alsop John 
Alstyne Elizabeth 
Anderson Elbert 
Anthony Nicholas 
Anthony Nicholas N. 
Aspinwall John 
Bache Theophylaet 
Ball Cornelia (Mrs.) 
Banta Paulus 
Barclay Andrew 
Barclay Henry, Rev. 
Barnes Mary 
Barnes Phebe 
Barrea Francis 
Barrow Thomas 
Bassett (Mrs.) 

Bassett Francis 
Bauman Sebastian^ Maj. 
Bayard Samuel 
Bancker Adrian 
Bancker Evert 
Bancker John 
Beekman (Mrs.) 

Beekman Abraham 
Beekman Gerard G., jr. 
Beekman Gerard William 
Beekman Henry 
Beekman James 
Beekman John 
Beekman Samuel 
Beekman Theo's 
Beekman Wm. & Family 
Bend Grove 
Bender Matthew 
Benson Benjamin 
Benson Robert 
Blake Jonathan 
Blau Cornelia (Mrs.) 
Bockee Abraham 
Bogart Henry C. 
Bogart Nicholas, Capt. 
Bogert Cornelius 
Bogert Elizabeth (Mrs.) 
Bogert Jacobus 
Bogert John 
Bogert Nicholas 
Bogert Peter 
Bonta Jacob 
Bouvelot James 
Bowne Samuel 
Brasher Abraham 
Brasier Meads 

Breested Andrew 
Brevoort Elias 
Brevoort Henry 
Brewerton George 
Brewerton Jacob 
Brinckerhoff Abraham 
Broome Samuel 
Brower Abraham 
Brower Jeremiah 
Brower John 
Brower Peter 
Brown John 
Brown Mary (Mrs.) 
Brown Thomas 
Brownjohn William 
Buller Jane 
Burke (Mrs.) 

Burling Lancaster 
Burras Lawrence 
Butler William 
Byvanck Evert 
By vanck John 
Callow Stephen 
Car Anthony 
Carmer Henry 
Carpenter Elizabeth 
Carroll James 
Cheesman Thomas 
Clark John 
Clarke James, Dr. 
Clarke Thomas, Capt. 
Clarkson David 
Clopper Peter 
Cockeroft William 
Cockle Hannah (Mrs.) 
Codwise George, Capt. 
Cooley Francis 
Cornelison Michael 
Couwenhoven Nicholas 
Covenhoven Edward 
Crolius John 
Crommelin Robert 
Crooke Annahe (Mrs.) 
Crooke Elizabeth (Mrs.) 
Crosfield Stephen 
Cruger Henry 
Cruger John 
Curtenius Peter T. 
Dale Robert, Capt. 
Davis Benjamin 
Deall Samuel 
Deane William 
De Lancey John 
De Lancey John Peter 
De Lancey Peter 
Delaplaine William 
Denning William 

De Peyster Cornelia (Mrs.) Grigg Henry 

De Peyster Nicholas 
De Peyster William 
Des Brosses Elias 
Des Brosses James 
Dickson David, Capt. 
Dobson Thomas 
Dodge Amos 
Dodge Samuel 
Drake Jasper 
Duane (Mrs.) 

Dudley John 
Duncan George 
Dunscomb Daniel 
Dunscomb Edward 
Dunscomb John 
Dunscomb Samuel 
Duryee Abraham 
Duryee John 
Dutch Church 

of the 
Duyckinck Gerardus 
Eagles William 
Ebbetts Daniel 
Elliott John 
Ellison Thomas 
Elsworth Johannes (Mrs.) 
Elsworth Theophilus 
Elsworth William, sr. 
Elsworth William, jr. 
Fangere Lewis, Dr. 
Farman Samuel 
Farmer Maria 
Fell John 
Filkin Francis 
Finch Alexander 
Fine Frederick 
Foght John M. 
Forbes Gilbert 
Forbes Joseph 
Fox Mary (Mrs.) 
Franklin James 
Franklin John 
Franklin Samuel 
Franklin Walter 
Fraunces Samuel 
Gaine Hugh 
Gautier Andrew 
Giffing George 
Gilbert John 
Gilbert William 
Goelet Peter 
Gomez Moses 
Graham Ennis 
Gregg David 
Griffith Robert 
Griffiths John, Capt. 

Griswold Joseph 
Groesbeck Elizabeth (Mrs.) 
Hallett James 
Hallett Joseph 
Halstead Phebe 
Ham Coenrad W. 
Hammond Elizabeth (Mrs.) 
Hardenbrook Abel 
Hardenbrook Theophilus 
Hardenbrook William 
Haring Elbert 
Harris Richard 
Harrison George 
Harsin Garrit 
Hayes (Mrs.) 

Haynes Joseph 
Henderson Thomas 
Henshaw Daniel, Capt. 
Convention Heyer William, Col. 
Hicks Whitehead 
Hildreth Benjamin 
Hitchcock Daniel 
Hodgeson John 
Holland Henry 
Hopkins George 
Hopper Matthew 
Hopper Rynear 
Housman Aurt 
Howard Sheffield 
Hoyer Peter 
Hughes, Mary Walton 

Hunt Davis 
Hunt Jane 
Hyer Walter 
Jandine Charles 
Jarvis James 
Jauncey James, jr. 
Jauncey John 
Jauncey Mary (Mrs.) 
Jay Frederick 
Johnson Jane (Mrs.) 
Johnson John, Capt. 
Johnson Samuel 
Johnson Simeon 
Jones Humphrey 
Jones Margaret (Mrs.) 
Kelly William 
Kemmeny Engelbart, Dr. 
Kendall Mary (Mrs.) 
Kennedy Archibald 
Ketellas Abraham, Rev. 
Ketellas Peter, jr. 
Kibbel Stephen 
Kiersted Rulef, Dr. 
King Linus 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Kip Abraham 
Kip Henry 
Kip Jane (Widow) 
Kip Leonard 
Kippin William 
Kissick Philip 
Knack Reinier 
Kortright Lawrence 
Laight Edward 
Lasher John 
Latham Daniel 
Latham John 
Latham Joseph 
Lawrence Augustin 
Lawrence Caleb 
Lawrence Catharine (Mrs.) 
Lawrence John 
Lawrence Thomas 
Leake Ann (Mrs.) 
Leake John 
Leary John, sr. 
Leaycraft Viner 
Lee John 
Lefferts Jacobus 
Lester Joseph 
Lispenard Leonard 
Livingston Elizabeth (Mrs.) 
Livingston John 
Livingston Philip 
Livingston Robert 
Livingston Robert G. 
Long John 
Lott Abraham 
Lott Abraham P. 
Louden Samuel 
Lowey Michael 
Ludlow Gary 
Ludlow Gabriel 
Ludlow William 
Lupton William 
Lyng John Burt 
Lynson Catharine (Mrs.) 
McAdam William 
McAlpin Robert 
McCready James 
McEvers Charles 
McEvers James 
McKenny John 
McKinly William 
Mallet Jonathan 
Marsa?is Peter 
Marschalk Francis 
Marston Nathaniel 
Marston Thomas 
Martin John 
Masterton David 
Matthewman Catharine 
Maxwell William 
Mead Isaac 

Mercier William 
Mesier Abraham 
Mesier Peter 
Milliner William 
Misnard Daniel 
Moncrieff Thomas 
Montanye (Mrs.) 

Montanye John 
Montanye Joseph 
Moore Benjamin, sr. 
Moore John 
Moore Lambert 
Moore Michael 
Moore Thomas William 
Moore William 
Morton John 
Murray Robert 
Myer John R. 
Myers Myer 
Neilson William 
Nicoll Charles 
Nicoll Edward 
Oakes Thomas 
Ogsbury Alexander 
Oothout John 
Oudenaarde Henry 
Panton Francis 
Parceles Abraham 
Payne Ann (Mrs.) 
Pearsall Thomas 
Pearse William 
Pell Samuel 
Pettit Thomas 
Phillips Charles 
Phoenix Daniel 
Pinto Rachel 
Play Hannah (Mrs.) 
Prince Samuel 
Provoost David 
Provoost Eve (Mrs.) 
Provoost Peter 
Puffendorf (Mrs.) 

Quackenbos Walter 
Quackenbush Johannes 
Quackenbush Nicholas 
Quick Abraham 
Quick Jacobus 
Quill Thomas, Capt. 
Ramsay John 
Randall Thomas 
Rapalje Garret 
Rapalje Rem 
Ray John 
Ray Robert 
Reade John 
Reed James 
Remney William 
Remsen (iVIrs.) 

Remsen George 

Remsen Henry 
Remsen Jacob 
Richards Paul 
Richards Stephen 
Riker Andrew 
Riker Henry 
Riker John 
Rivington James 
Robert Christopher 
Robertson Alexander 
Roome Jacob 
Roome Luke 
Roorbach Frederick 
Roorbach John 
Roosevelt Isaac 
Roosevelt Jacobus 
Roosevelt Nicholas 
Rutgers Elizabeth (Mrs.) 
Rutgers Henry 
Rutherford Walter, Maj. 
Sackett Samuel 
Sands Comfort 
Sarly Jacob 

Schermerhorn John, Capt. 
Schuyler Elizabeth (Mrs.) 
Schuyler John 
Schuyler Samuel 
Seaman Edmond 
Sears Isaac 
Sebring Bannat 
Sebring Cornelius 
Shand Mary 
Sharp Richard 
Shoals John, Capt. 
Sickels Robert 
Sickels Zachariah 
Silvester Francis 
Simson Solomon 
Smith Abraham 
Smith Ann (Mrs.) 
Smith Barnardus 
Smith Christopher 
Smith John 
Smith Thomas 
Smith William 
Smith William Peartree 
Spraggs Samuel 
Stagg John 
Stanton George 
Steele Stephen 
Stephany John Sebastian 
Stevens John 
Stewart Alexander 
Steymets Benjamin 
Steymets Christopher 
Stiles Daniel 
Stout Benjamin 
Stoutenbergh Tobias 
Stoutenburgh Isaac 

Stoutenburgh Peter 
Sweedland Christopher 
Talman William 
Taylor John 
Ten Eyck Abraham 
Ten Eyck Anthony 
Ten Eyck Daniel 
Ten Eyck Mary (Mrs.) 
Teppet Stephen 
Tetard John Peter 
Thurman John, sr. 
Thurman John, jr. 
Tiebout Teunis 
Tillou Peter 
Todd Sarah (Mrs.) 
Tolmie Norman 
Totten Joseph 
Towt Robert 
Troup John I. 
Troup Robert, Capt. 
Tucker Thomas 
Turk Aha's 
Turner John 
Ustick Henry 
Ustick William 
Van Alstyne Abraham 
Van Alstyne John 
Van Alstyne Roome 
Van Antwerp Jacobus 
Van Buren Beekman, Dr. 
Van Cortlandt Augustus 
Van Cortlandt John 
Van Cortlandt William 
Van derbilt John 
Van derspeigle John 
Van der Voort Peter 
Van der Water William 
Van Dolsem John 
Van Drill William 
Van Dum Catarine 
Van Dum Sarah 
Van Dursen Peter 
Van Dyck Abraham 
Van Dyck Jacobus 
Van Gelder Abraham 
Van Gelder Colin 
Van Home Augustus 
Van Home David 
Van Home Samuel 
Van Keuren Margaret 

Van Renst Catharine 


an Solingen Godardus 
Van Varck Effie 
Van Varck James 
Van Varick Guilliam 
Van Vleeck Henry 
Ven Vleeck John 

The Army — Lead 67 

Van Vorhis Jacob Vredenburgh Matthias Watar Agnes Wickham William 

Van Wagenen Huybert Vredenburgh William Watson Jacob Williams Erasmus 

Van Wagenen Jacob Waddle (Mrs.) Watts John, jr. Williams William 

Van Wyck Theodorus Waldron Kilah (Mrs.) Weeks Peezard Witter Thomas 

Van Zandt Jacobus Waldron Richard Wells James Wolfe David 

Van Zandt Peter Waldron Sarah (Mrs.) Wendover Hercules Wood John 

Varick Guilliam Walker John Wendover Thomas Woodward John 

Varickjohn Walton Cornelia Wessels Francis Wright John G., Dr. 

Verplanck (Mrs.) Walton Jacob Wetherhead Rachel(Mrs.) Yates Richard 

Verplanck Samuel Walton William Wetzell John Zuricker John 

Vredenburgh John Wardell Thomas Whiteman Henry 

In July, 1776, the Provincial Congress, or Convention, voted £40 to Nathaniel Sackett for 
transporting Lead in Dutchess County; £50 to Henry Wisner, jr., for transporting Lead to the 
Counties of Orange and Ulster ; and £70 to Messrs. Marsh, Stevens and Sessions for transport- 
ing Lead to the Counties of Cumberland and Gloucester. 

The 100 tons of Lead secured from the windows in New York City proved invaluable. The 
fate of the American cause might have been much more doubtful, had it not been for this 
supply. From July to December, 1776, about 20 tons of this lead had been delivered to the 
Army. In July and August, a large part of it was shipped to Col. Levi Pawling, in Gen. 
James Clinton's Encampment; to Nathaniel Sackett and Jonathan Piatt, in Dutchess County; 
and to Henry Wisner, in Ulster and Orange Counties — £20. o. 6 having been paid to the 
latter, Oct. 23, by the Treasurer of the Provincial Congress. The Committee of Ulster County, 
Oct. 25, paid 4/6 to Johannes Hardenbergh for freight on Lead; and, also, the same amount 
to William Elsworth for freight paid " for Lead Carried to Kingston from N. Y. of which the 
lower end of the County had none ". Some of the last named Lead was afterward carted from 
Kingston to Newburgh. 

1776 State of New York to Henry Bogart Dr. 

Nov' ID To Cartage for Sash Leads from Hobuck & Newark £3. 4- 

To Cartage down to the Ferry 10 . 

To casting 15 O Lead into Musket Ball @ 8/— 6. 

1784 To 15 Boxes for the Ball — 2/— i • 10. 

July 10 To my Wages going to Hackensack to dig up the Bullets & carting them 

to the Landing 4 days @ 10/ — 2 . 

To 9 New Boxes the old ones being rotten 18. 

To freight paid to the Boatman from Hackinsack including cartage to 

the Barracks ^^■ 


This bill was audited and paid May 15, 1786. The State, May 29, 1777, paid a bill of the 
r-ommittee of Newburgh Precinct, dated July 4, 1776, for 186 3/4 pounds of Lead, at 8^., 
Iciivered to Col Hasbrouck's Regiment at Fort Montgomery. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Here is a bill for Flags :- 


1776 State of New York to Eliza & Grove Bend, Dr. 

June 17 To 7 ps brown Hessian Linnen deld Richd Kip £14. 14. 

24 8 yds Yellow Taffety 14/— 5.12. 

8 yds Yellow Taffety 14/— 

4 1/2 do White do 14/— ■ 

19 yds Blue Italian Silk 13/6 

1 3/4 yds Green do 13/6 

4 Skains Silk 1/4 

7 1/2 yds Pink Lute string 10/ — 

2 2/3 yds Green do 10/ — 

the above was for Colours for the Regiments in the New York Line 

3- 3- 

I- 3- 



I. 6. 

£42.16. I 


Horses were usually paid for in what were called " Horse Notes ". 
Arrangement of the Business of purchasing 600 Horses for the Use of the Army. 

No. of the 

Purchasing Districts 

1 Goshen Precinct in Orange County 

2 Cornwal Precinct in Orange County and 

such part of the County as lies on the 
South Side of the Mountain 

3 Westchester County 

4 Kingston, Hurly, Marble Town and 

Rochester in the County of Ulster 

5 Any part of the County of Ulster except 

Hurley, Kingston, Rochester and Mar- 
ble Town 

6 The Precincts of Philips, Fred'k^ Burgh, 

South East and Rumbout in Dutchess 

7 The Precincts of Poughkeepsie, Charlotte, 

Beekmans, Paulings &: Amenia in 
Dutchess County 

8 Rhinebeck & N. East Precincts in Dutch- 

ess County, East Camp & the Manor 
of Livingston in Albany County 

9 Claverack, Kinderhook & Kings District 

in Albany County 

10 The East District of the Manor of Ran- 

salier & the Districts lying to the 
Northward thereof and on the East 
Side of Hudson's River 

11 Great Imboght & Coxhacie Districts in 

y^ County of Albany 

No . of Horses to b< 
purchased by each 

Names of Purchasers 

Joseph Wood of Goshen 33 

Ebenezar Woodhull of Blooming- 
grove. 17 

Major Nathan' DeHvan Courtlands 

Cornelius D. Wynkoop of Hurley 
James Hunter of Shawangunck 

NatW. Piatt of Charlotte Prec'. 

Samuel Tenbroeck of the manor of 

Wm. Vn. Ness Junr. of Claverack 

Jacob Schermerhorne of Schotack 

Sam'. Vn. Veighten of Catskill 




Piatt Rogers of Rumbout Precinct 30 






The Army — Clothing 69 

clstHcts* Purchasing Districts Names of Purchasers purch^Tby ^ac'h 

12 Any part of the County of Albany lying Jacobus Teller of Schenectady 60 

on the South Side of the Mohawk the 
East side of Hudson's River and North- 
ward of Coxhacie 

13 Any part of the County of Albany on Dirck Swart of Stillwater 30 

the west side of Hudson's River, and 
North of the Mohawk 

14 The County of Tryon Jelles Fonda of Tryon County 80 



Richard Hatfield, Philip Pell, jr., Melancton Smith, Jonathan G. Tompkins and Micah 
Townsend were Commissioners of Forage. Andrew Coldelugh, H. E. Lutterbok and John 
Stagg were Commissaries of Forage. Abraham Furman was Issuer of Forage. Jonathan Doug- 
lass, Daniel Hearn, H. T. Helmenhausen, James Johnson, Hugh Newton and Martin Roberts 
, were Forage Masters. 
. The Committee of Safety, Feb. 22, 1777, appointed John Thomas, jr., Col. Samuel Drake, 
Stephen Ward, William Miller, Nathaniel Hyatt, jr, and Israel Honeywell Commissioners to 
remove Grain, Forage, Cattle &c., in Westchester County, out of the way of the Enemy. (See 
the Special Committee of Westchester County in the Chapter on " The Commissioners of 
Sequestration "). 

The accounts of Richard Hatfield, Jonathan G. Tompkins and Micah Townsend, Forage 
Commissioners, amounted to £5024.0.3, from June 1777 to July 1778. On Jan. 2, 1778, the 
Council of Safety ordered an accounting from Melancton Smith, Agent to Purchase Forage. 

A large part of the Forage was paid for in Certificates, receivable for Taxes, under the law 
of Feb. 12, 1780. Other laws relating to the impress of Forage, and the providing of Pastur- 
age, were passed: — Apr. 2, 1778; Oct. i, 1779; Oct. 8, 1779; Feb. 26, 1780; June 30, 1780; 
Oct. 5, 1780; and July 24, 1782. In Westchester County, considerable of the Forage was under 
the charge of Francis Chandonet, Assistant State Agent, for the use of the French Army ; and 
of William Brown and John Haynes, Assistant State Agents, for the use of the American Army. 
The accounts of the several Assistant State Agents should be consulted for further details. 


Early in the War, large quantities of Linen, Shirts and Blankets were imported from France ; 
but, when further importation was impossible. Clothing was either bought in Connecticut and 
Pennsylvania or " made up " in the country districts of this State. Shirts and " Home-spun " 
came from those districts ; and it is probable that the linen-clad Americans owed the uniform 
success of their summer campaigns to the lightness of their clothing, as compared with the 
woolen fabrics of their Enemy. 

yo New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Robert Harpur was Chairman of the Clothing Committee ; and Mr. Brasier was a member of 

the same Committee. 

The accounts of Peter T. Curtenius, Commissary of the Provincial Congress to provide 
Clothing, Arms, Accoutrements &c., commenced, on June 3, 1775, with items for Pork, Rice 
Powder &c. On July i, 1775, he was ordered to supply sundry utensils for the Troops of Con- 
necticut. The Congress voted to him the following amounts: — Aug. 24, 1775, £20,000; Sept. 
2, 1775, i5,ooo; Oct. 5, 1775, £7,000; July 9, 1776, £5,000; Aug. 29, 1776, £10,000 that he 
must borrow himself. The Committee of Safety voted these amounts to Mr. Curtenius : Jan. 
17, 1776, £6,000; Mar. 27, 1776, £5,000; Apr. 12, 1776, £5,000. 

The Legislature, Feb. 2^, 1778, passed a Resolution that Mr. Curtenius " Commissary 
to Purchase Clothing for the State " be requested to purchase Clothing for the Troops in the 
service of the United States; and voted £7379.13.6, with a commission of 3 per cent to the 
Commissary. He was also voted £5,000, June 30, 1778; and he was given still further authority, 
Oct. 30, 1778, Mar. 11, 1780, and Mar. 14, 1780. 

[peter T. curtenius, commissary, to GERARD BANCKER, STATE TREASURER.] 

Q J. Philadelphia Octo. 20th 1776. 

This Serves to Inform you that I have purchased at this place for the use of the N. York 

1109 pr. buck Skin breeches 
1608 ful'd or Mill'd Stockings 

85 felt hatts 
1939 Check Shirts &: 
1928 White Shirts 

All which I have had packt & stord in this City. I would have sent them (agreeable to a 
Resolve of Congress) to Head quarters but we received accounts yesterday that our army was 
going to retreat from N. York Iseland where they will stop God knows and therefore thought 
it most prudent to leave them here until I know where Head quarters will be fixt Besides the 
above I have purchased here Linen enough to make ab't Two thousand Shirts more which will 
be made in about 5 weeks. At Brunswick I have got about 400 pr Shoes ready & have 
engaged from dififerent Shoemakers in the Jerseys about 1000 pr more which will be done by 
Christmas. At Hackinsack & Tappan I have got about 200 pr buckskin breeches & abt. 213 
Deer Skins ready Drest abt. 400 Shirts 160 felt hatts 200 Rifel frocks 90 pr Shoes. As to Cloth 
& blankets I have not been able to get nor do 1 expect to get any because the Congress Secure 
for the troops all the woolens that come in here & there are orders in every Sea port town on 
the continent to do the Same all which will be sent to head quart", where no doubt our troops 
will get their share. I shall Endeaver to get all I can but am afraid shall fall much shdrt in 
procuring the whole quantity of Shoes Stockings & felt hatts & Leather breeches which you 
gave me orders to purchase they being very scarce. Would it not be proper to give the 
Committees in each County & town orders to purchase as many of these Articls as they could 
get It being Impossible for one man to procure the whole as times are now circumstansed. 

I take the liberty to return the resolve of the Convention authorizing me to borrow ten Thou- 
sand pounds on the Crdt. of which I have not been able to get more than Three thousand Two 
hundred pounds & that was from Mr. I. Roosevelt this sum came vastly short to pay for the 
goods I had bought & therefore have been obliged to advance of my own Cash the Sum of 
£3844:0:6. & I owe £10651:6:1. more together amounts to £14495:6:7. say fifteen thousand 
pounds, which Sum should be glad the Convention would be pleased to send me by Mr. Dykeman 
as soon as possible at Paramus & beg that I may not be disappointed for I am almost ex- 
hausted & people calling on me daily for Cash. Our Convention money will not pass here & 

The Army — Clothing 71 

therefore should be glad to have it in Continental money of which Mr. Livingston tells me you 
have lately rec'd. from here One hundred thousand dollars. 

Concurrent Resolution of the Senate and Assembly June 17, 1780. 

Whereas the Monies arising from the Sales of confiscated Estates and which by the Act 
entitled "An Act for the immediate Sale of part of the confiscated Estates " are appropriated to 
the purpose of purchasing Clothing and other necessaries tor the Troops of this State in the 
Service of the United States, are not yet come into the Treasury and the Wants of the said 
Troops rendering it necessary that the Clothing should be procured without Delay. 

Resolved if the honble. the House of Assembly concur herein that Peter T. Curtenius Esqr. 
Commissary of Clothing for this State be directed immediately to repair to such of the neigh- 
boring States, as he shall judge most proper, and endeavour to purchase the said Clothing on 
the credit of this State ; and the public Faith of this State is hereby pledged that the Legislature 
will provide for the payment thereof within three Months after such purchase in Bills to be 
emitted in pursuance of the Act of Congress of the i8th of March last with Interest at the 
rate of six per centum per annum. 

The following were probably from Mr. Curtenius, as they appear to be in his handwriting: — 

Estimate of Clothing in Philadelphia July 1780 

Officers Suits of Good Second Cloth with Lining & Trimmings about ^Soo. 0.0 

2 Linnen Jacknets & Breeches of Striped Holland or Dimithy or some such. 380. 0.0 

two ruffled Shirts about. . . . 225. 0.0 

two plain do 200 . 0.0 

4 stocks 67. lo.o 

2 pr worsted Hose 75 . 0.0 

2 pr thread do 90. 0.0 

1 pr Boots 150. 0.0 

2 pr Shoes 90. 0.0 

I Blanket 100 . 0.0 

I Hatt 180. 0.0 


Soldiers Suits about $300 Each 

Stockings £30 pr 

Shoes about £37-io per pair 

Blankets 100 

Hatts i30 

Shirts i6o 

Officers Allotment about £2000 Each 200 Suits £400000 

2800 Suits for Soldiers 300 do 840000 

3600 pr Shoes 37-io 134000 

1800 Hatts 30 54000 

3600 Shirts 60 216000 

3600 pr Stockings 30 108000 

1800 Blankets 100 18000 


N. B. The present Markets being fluctuating & many Articles to be purchased from Second 
purchasers, may cause a difference from the above prices — but do not suppose more than 
£50000 to £100000, more or less. 

72 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Capt. Hamilton To the State of N York Dr. for Sundries delivd him for the use of his Artil- 
lery Company by P T Curtenius. 


Mar 10 To Cash pd Thomas Gardiner for Drummers & fifers Cloathmg as Pr 

bill delivd ^i5 5 3 

To Ditto pd Lt James Moore for Cloth &c 23 9 6 

To 7 Pr blue Strouds 149 1/4 yds 12/ 89 11 

To 2 Pr long Ells for lining 80/ 8 o 

To 88 yds blue Shalloon 3/ 3 14 7 6 

To 4 lb thread 7/ i o 

To I Pr Oznabrigs 70 Ells 2/4 8 3 4 

To 16 gross & 8 doz buttons 17/ 14 3 4 

May 10 To 5 Gross do 17/ 4 5 

To I Gross Vest do 12 

July 20 To 8 Gross coat do 17/ 6 16 

ii86 o II 
To Commissions which the State pd for purchasing the Goods 2 15 10 

£188 16 9 

N. B I delivd Copy of the above account to Capt Hamilton when I was at head quarters the 
beginning of June & he promised to Send the money to Mr McKesson as soon as he was in 
Cash — 

The documents show that the following fabrics were used in the army: Forest Cloth, Blue 
Duflfel, Red Baize, Royal Rib, Nankeen, Brown Jean, Fustian, Dimmity, Corduroy, Oznabrigs, 
Blue Shallon, Blue Strouds, King's Blue, Saxon Green, White Rattinette, White Jean, White 
Shallon. In addition to these names there also occur : — Cambrick, Fustian and Royal Rep. 
Duffels were either red, blue or drab. Osingbrigs, or Osnabrigs, was a thin canvas originally 
used for the smaller sails of ships. The following seemed to be the prevailing prices, per 
yard: — Tow-Cloth, 2/3; Linen, 4/3; Red Dufifels, 5/6; Yellow Taffety, 14/ — ; Italian Silk, 
13/6; White Taffety, 14/ — ; Lutestring, 10/ — . 

The Flax Committee 

The Provincial Congress, Mar. 8, 1776, voted f 1333 to John Ramsay to employ the poor of 
New York City in spinning. 

The work of the Flax Committee was of great importance. The Committee of Safety, Feb. 
3, 1776 voted £50 to John Foster to purchase Tow Cloth at not to exceed 2/ — per yard. 
Later in the year this action was taken: — 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Fishkill October 3d 1776. 

Resolved that A Committee be appointed to take in Charge all the Flax belonging to tlr' s 
Convention — That the said Committee be empowered and directed to have the same manu- 
factured into yarn & cloth as soon as possible — And that in the employment of the spinners, 
they direct that a special regard be had to the poor late of New York — 

Resolved that Mr. Robert Harper Colo [Abraham P.] Lott & Mr [Nathaniel] Sackett be a 
Committee for that purpose — 

[On October 16, 1776 the Convention ordered that Mr. Harper be paid $100 for carrying out 
the above Resolution.] 

The Army — Shoes and Stockings 73 

This Committee bought large quantities of hemp-seed for planting. On Oct. 16, 1776 The 
Committee of Safety voted £100 for the Manufacture of Flax into fabrics. 

1776 State of New York to William Prevoost Dr. 

Novr : 19. To One Quarters Rent of a Store for the use of A Linnen Manufactory 
under the direction of John Ramsey from the 19th of August 1776 at 

^50 P Annum £12 10 

[This account was audited and paid Oct. 16, 1786.] 

Shoes and Stockings 

The Congress, Apr. 15, 1777, voted £600 to Cornelius C. Schoonmaker, Chairman of the 
Ulster County Committee, for Stockings and Blankets ordered by the Committee of Safety. 

The Accounts relating to Shoes and Stockings are very full. Hides were collected by the 
several County Committees and sent to the tanners, chief among whom were John Anthony 
and Matthew Cantine. When tanned, the Leather was delivered to Mr. Curtenius, the Com- 
missary of the Congress, to be made into new Shoes, or to repair old ones. Shoes were made 
by private individuals, collected by the Supervisors of Precincts, delivered to the County Com- 
mittees and, in the end, reached the Commissary. An average price was 18/ — to 20/ — a pair. 
/ Stockings were made and delivered in the same way. A law, passed Mar. 19, 1778, required 
the Supervisors of each County to buy Shoes and Stockings ; and a law of Mar. 8, 1779, '^P' 
portioned the making of Shoes and Stockings among the several Counties ; and allowed $8 for 
shoes, and $7 for Stockings. Heavy fines were laid upon delinquents. 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York May loth 1777. 

Ordered that the Treasurer of this State advance to Mr. Philip Leake the Sum of Two hun- 
dred Pounds on Account of Shoes & Woolen Stockings to be by him purchased, pursuant to 
an Order of this Convention of this Day, for the Use of the Troops of this State — that the 
sd. Treasurer deliver the said Sum to Daniel Dunscomb Esqr. to be by him conveyed to Mr. 
Leake & take his Receipt for the same. By Order Abm. Ten Broeck 

i200 : President 

Attest Robt. Benson Secry. 

Rec'd. May 13th 1777 from P. V. B. Livingston by the hands Gerard Bancker two hundred 
pounds pursuant to within Written Order. 

State of New York In Senate March 2nd 1778. 

The Senate being informed that the Hides which the Convention of this State some time ago 
put into the hands of Messrs. Matthew Cantine and John Anthony at Marbletown to be tanned 
and dressed by them for the use of this State, or some considerable part of them are prepared 
for working up into Shoes. 

Resolved if the honorable House of Assembly goncur herein ; That Colonel Peter T. Curtenius 
the Commissary appointed to procure Cloathing for the Troops raised under the Direction of 
this State, take the said Quantity of Leather into his Care and cause the same to be made up 
into Shoes with all possible Dispatch, to be delivered by him or his Order into the Cloathing 
Stores of this State; And that Mr. Curtenius be & he hereby is authorized to give Exemp- 
tions from Militia Duty to such Shoemakers, their Journeymen and Apprentices as he shall 
employ in making the said Shoes; to avail them respectively no longer than during the time 
they shall severally be in the said Employ 

74 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Ordered that Mr. Roosevelt carry a copy of the aforegoing Resolution to the Honble. House 
of Assembly and desire their Concurrence thereto. 

March 4th 
A Message from the Honorable House of Assembly with their Resolution of Concurrence 
was received and read and is in the wbrds following to wit — 

" State of New York. In Assembly March 4th 1778 
Resolved that this House do Concur with the Honble. the Senate in their Resolutions au- 
thorizing Colo. Peter T. Curtenius to take the Leather therein mentioned into his Care and 
cause the same to be made up into Shoes for the Purposes therein directed, and to give such 
Exemptions as are therein mentioned ". 

Ordered that a Copy of the aforegoing Resolution of this Senate & of the Resolution of 
Concurrence of the Honble. House of Assembly thereto, be delivered to Colo. Curtenius. 

Robt. Benson Clk. 

The following shows how the people were assessed to provide Shoes and Stockings for the 
Army : — 

I certify that in the Year 1782 Capt Teunis Tappan Delivered for the use of Colo. Wisen- 
felts Regiment of Levies then stationed on the frontier a Quantity of Shoes and Stockings 
which had been assesed for Public Service and Deposited with him To the Best of his Recol- 
lection to the Quantity then in his possession Amounting to Five hundred and Eighteen Shoes 
and One hundred and forty One pair of Stockings but many of the Shoes were of Such bad 
Quality and impaired and the Stockings Damaged by moth that they were not Worth removing 
and Accordingly left in his hands and which I am informed and believe were afterwards Con- 
sumed in the Court House at poughkepsie When the Same was Destroyed by Fire. 

Given under my Hand this Twentyeight Day of January 

Geo Clinton. 

The State Clothier 

David Currie, Commissary to the New York Line, acted not only as a Seller (See " Pro- 
visions ") but he also bought Clothing in Boston, and other places in Massachusetts. His 
work commenced May 9, 1777, and extended for about two years. He was paid 24/— per 

The Council of Safety, in June, 1777, for better security from the Enemy, removed the 
state Clothing Store from Fishkill to Kingston. The State Clothier, John Henry, delivered the 
Clothing to the several regiments. His accounts from March, 1777, to January, 1779, reached 
a total of £4157.10.5. The Legislature, Mar. 13, 1779, appointed him Director of Clothing 
at a Salary of 10/— per day. Another law, Sept. 23, 1779, authorized the Governor to appoint 
a State Clothier, to be paid £65 per month. James Black and George Dunn, as well as John 
Henry, appear as State Clothiers in the documents. 

(extract from report of congress march 23, 1779) 

The Sub or State Cloathier is to receive from the Cloathier General the proportion of the 
Cloathing assigned for the troops of his State, out of the public cloathing imported or pur- 
chased by Contenental Agents And from the State for which he is appointed, all the 'cloathing 
which may at Continental expence be purchased in such state ; of the latter their Quality and 
price ; he shall transmit exact accounts to the Cloathier General, and when required. Submit 
the Several Articles to the cloathier general's inspection or any person for that ' purpose 
deputed by him. 

The Army — Commissioners of Clothing 75 

When from a defiecency in the pubHc Stores the troops of any state shall not have received 
their allowance of cloathing the state cloathier is w^ithout delay to represent their wants par- 
ticularly enumarated in return for that purpose to the executive authority of the state to which 
he belongs, requesting a Speedy and adequate supply — 

And in case a state at its own expence shall give and deposit with him any cloathing for the 
more comfortable Subsistance of its Quota of troops in addition to the allowance made by 
Congress, he is strictly to pursue the directions of Such States And whereas discretionary 
changes of the Uniforms of Regts. have proved inconvenient and expensive the commander in 
chief is hereby authorized and directed according to the circumstances of supplies of Cloathing 
to fix and prescribe the Uniform as well with regard to the Colour and facings as the cut or 
fashion of the Cloaths to be worn by the troops of the respective states and Regmts. which shall 
as far as possible be complied with by all purchasing Agents employed by Congress as well as 
particular States, by the Cloathier General Sub or State Cloathiers and Regimental Cloathiers ; 
and all officers and Soldiers in the Armies of the United States and when Materials can be 
purchased instead of ready made Cloaths, it shall always be preferred in order that they may 
be made up by the Taylors of the Several Regiments to save expence and prevent the disad- 
vantages which the Soldiers frequently suiifer from their unfitness ; and instead of Breeches 
woolen Overalls for the winter and Linen for the Summer are to be Substituted. 

Commissioners of Clothing 

Later in the War, when the securing of Clothing grew more difficult, the Legislature au- 
thorized the Governor to appoint Commissioners to procure Clothing, and Money on Loan, 
presumably to pay for the Clothing. The appointees were Isaac Roosevelt and William Floyd. 
The agents on Long Island and in Connecticut were John Davis and John Grenell. These 
legislative acts were passed: — Apr. 4, 1778; May 30, 1780; and Mar. 7, 1781. On Apr. 16, 
1787, Isaac Roosevelt received £100 " as a compensation for my services as a Commissioner for 
procuring Clothing &c during the late war ". 

The Commissioners secured the loans first. (See Accounts of Messrs Floyd and Roosevelt 
in the Chapter on " The Treasurer "). When the work of securing subscriptions had been 
well advanced the Commissioners turned their attention to the Clothing. 

An Account of Subscription of Clothing Reed from the following Precincts in Ulster County — 

Shirts. Overalls. Yds. LlBen. 

From Shawingonk 43 16 34 

N. Malborough 3 i 

N. Paltz 21 7 20 3/4 

Kingston 28 28 

Hurley Township 23 24 

Marbletown 26 15 33 

Rochester 12 18 3/4 

Newburgh 26 9 8 

10 bundells 

182 80 114 1/2 

A law was passed, Feb. 26, 1780, placing a limitation on the prices of Clothing. On July 
I, 1780, the Legislature authorized John N. Bleecker, of Albany, Gilbert Livingston, of 
Dutchess, Jonathan Hasbrouck, of Ulster, Elihu Marvin, of Orange, Joseph Benedict, of 
Westchester, and Peter S. Deygart of Tryon, to collect Shirts and Linen for the overalls of 
the troops 


76 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Invoice of Linen Shirts overalls &c delivered to Lieutenant Connelly by John N. 
Bleecker Received from a few districts of the County of Albany Vizt 

6 fine white shirts 
49 Tone & Check Shirts 
141 1/4 yards tone & other linen 
16 pair trowsers & overalls 

4 pair stockings 

2 pair linen breeches 
4 Linen Jackets 

I Hat 

3 pair Shoes 

Albany 5th Augt 1780 

John N. Bleecker. 

Recieved August 20th 1780 from Lieut. Michael Connolly pay Master to the fifth New York 
Regiment one Hundred & Eight Shirts one Hundred & fifty yards of Linnen Thirty Nine 
Overhalls one Jacket & one pair of Shoes being the proportion of Cloathing given by the Peo- 
ple of the State of New York to their Troops recieved for the fourth New York Regiment. 

Israel Smith Capt. P. M. & Regt. Clerk 4th N. York Regt. 

Rec'd. of Lieut. Michl. Connolly one Hundd. & Sixty Shirts fifty five Overalls two Hundd. 
& thirteen Yards Linnin one Hatt & one pr Old Stockings being our Proportion of Cloath- 
ing given by the Peopel of this State of New York to their Troops Reed, for the 3d N. York 
Regiment. Camp Newyorkton Orangetown Augt. 21st 1780. 

Ph. Conine Capt. Lt. 3d New York Regt. 

It will be observed that while most of the Clothing was for the men, yet some provision was 
made for the Uniforms of the Officers. The several acts of the Continental Congress, as 
shown in the documents, were as follows : — 

In Congress November 25th 1779. 

Whereas Congress by Sundry Resolutions have provided that Cloathing be furnished to 
officers of the line and others at prices proportionate to their pay, but no enumeration of the 
articles intended to be comprehended in a Suit of cloathes having been made, or any rules 
explicitly laid down for the delivery or pay of the Same; 

Resolved, that the following articles be delivered as a Suit of Cloathes, for the curr-ent and 
every Succeeding year of their Service, to officers of the line & Stafif, intitled by any resolu- 
tions of Congress to receive the Same Vizt — 

I hat I Watchcoat i Body coat 4 Vests i for winter and 3 for Summer, 4 Pr breeches, two 
for winter and two for Summer, four Shirts, 4 Stocks, 6 Pr Stockings, 3 Pr Woorsted, & three 
of thread, four Pr Shoes — For which articles of Cloathing the officers Shall pay on receipt 
thereof one half more than the prices at which the Same were currently Sold before the com- 
mencement of Hostilities in April 1775 — And for this end the purchasing agents imployed 
on continental account Shall transmit to the clothier general, with the cloathing they Shall re- 
spectively purchase, the prices marked thereon at the rates aforesaid, and also correct Invoices 
of the Same, and copies of such rates and Invoices, to the board of War — And all the cloath- 
ing purchas'd on continental account by the respective States shall be valued, marked and 
Invoiced in like manner, and copies of Such Invoices and rates also transmitted to the board of 
war and the cloathier general : The cloathing So purchased Shall be distributed to and among 
the Sub or State Cloathiers, to be Issued by them to the regimental cloathiers, and by the latter 
to the Officers of the Regiments and corps ; and the Said regimental clothiers Shall receive from 
the officers, on the delivery of the cloathing, the prices thereof So fixt ; and they shall every 
three months Settle their accounts of monies received for cloathing with the auditors of the 
army in which they Shall Serve, and pay the monies which in Such Settlements Shall be 
found chargeable to them or in their hands to the paymaster general or deputy paymaster 

The Army — Continental Clothing 77 

general of the army or detachment in which Such regimental cloathiers Shall Serve — And 
the Said paymaster general or deputy paymaster general Shall make returns of the amount of 
Such monies So received to the board of Treasury, that the Said paymaster general or deputy 
paymaster general may be duly charged with the Same — The auditors making Such Settle- 
ments with the regimental cloathing Shall transmit to the paymaster or deputy paymaster gen- 
eral abstracts of Such Settlements, Specifying the ballances due from the regimental cloathiers 
respectively, that in cases of neglect they may be duly called on for payment of the Same: 
Copies of Such abstracts Shall also be transmitted to the board of treasury — Excepting from 
this rule of distribution all Staf? officers not taken from the line, who are to receive their cloath- 
ing Immediately from the Cloathier general, or if attached to the corps of residing in any State 
at a distance from the Cloathier general Store, from the Sub cloathier of Such State ; paying for 
the Same at the rates aforesaid — And all monies So received by the cloathier Genl or Such 
Sub or State cloathiers. Shall be placed to the Credit of the United States, and accounts thereof 
duely transmitted to the board of treasury — The Cloathier general to be charged in the Settle- 
ment of his c-ontingent account with the monies So received, and the Sub or State cloathiers 
to be accountable for and pay the monies received by them to the order of the executive of 
the State appointg. them respectively : and the State to be charged in its cloathing account with 
the amount of Such monies — Excepting also all Staff officers who receive commissions on 
their expenditures of public monies, who are not to receive any cloathing provided at conti- 
nental expence 

That all cloathing issued to non-commissioned officers and Soldiers, inlisted artificers and 
waggoners beyond that allowed to them as bounty, Shall also be valued and paid for at the 
rate before mentioned; but no non-commissioned officer. Soldier, waggoner or artificer. Shall 
be intitled to purchase in any one year out of the public Store any other additional articles 
than these of hatts) hose Shirts & Shoes, and not more of these than are absolutely necessary, 
and not exceeding the number of the like articles allowed as their bounty cloathing — That all 
the cloathing before mentioned for officers in the line and Soldiers, Shall be Issued on returns 
certified by the Commanding officer of the corps to which they belong; all cloathing to Staff 
officers on the certificates of their principal with the army or in the district within which they 
Shall Serve ; to artificers on the certificate of the commanding officer of their corps ; and to 
waggoners on the certificate of the quartermaster genersd or one of the assistant quartermaster 
general or of the deputy quarter Master general employing them, or of the waggonmaster gen- 
eral or deputy waggonmaster general under whom they serve — 

That no Staff officer, artificer or waggoner, not being engaged for at least one year. Shall 
receive cloathing; and if any Such officer, artificer or Waggoner, being engaged for one year 
or more, after receipt of Such cloathing. Shall quit the Service before the expiration of the 
term for which he or they are or Shall be engaged, he or they Shall forfeit and pay the full value 
of Such cloathing, and be Subject to all other penalties & inconveniences attending his or their 
breach of contract or desertion — 

November 26th. 1779. 

Resolved, That the returns for cloathing for officers in the medical Staff, regimental Sur- 
geons and their mates who are to draw with the regimental Staff, excepted, be Signed by 
the director general or the physician general and Surgeon general of the district ; and Such 
cloathing Shall be delivered either by the Cloathier general or any Sub cloathier in the State 
in which the officer to receive cloathing Shall reside, as is provided in the cases of other Staff 
officers not taken from the line — 

That no cloathing Shall be Sold or delivered to noncommissioned officers or Soldiers beyond 
the articles they have received as their bounty cloathing, it being the intention hereof, that 
the Supplies only Shall be disposed of 

Charles Thomson Secrey. 

78 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


General Ordees 1779 

Uniform of the Troops raised by New York and New Jersey is Blue Coats faced with Buff 
and Hned with white, Buttons white, white undercloaths. 

r Their Uniform Blue faced with Bufif White Lining & Buttons, White Vests & 
I Overalls Each o.'j Serjs. 135 — Better Cloathing than the Rank & file with 
5 Regiments \ Worsted Epuletts 

Each 18 D & fifes 90— Buff faced with Blue Trimm'd with Bluee Tape & 
_ Epuletts 
5 Companies ( Blue faced & lined with Scarlet Yellow Buttons and Tape Drum & fifes 10 

Artilery | Scarlet faced with Blue 
Dragoons Short Blue Coats white facing & lining white Buttons & Under Cloaths. 

The other corps of infantry Credited to the State will be in the state Uniform. 

This is the Account presented by the State to the United States on the score of Clothing : — 

3598 3/4 doz Stockings £1872 . 

10 " Mittens 26. 

1575 Knapsacks 42. 

73 Coats 109. 

1838 1/2 yds 3370 P. Blankets 4530- 

239 Ps 4293 y. Cloth 10885 • 

421 lb Thread ii7- 

375 Ps 12912 1/2 y. Linnen 1710. 

484 5/12 doz Hatts 966. 

634 Shirts 7244- 

5689 Shoes 2418. 

974 gr. Coat buttons 221 . 

1770 Stocks 86. 

505 Bear Skins 199. 

41 gr Shirt Buttons 4 . 

Dear Skin Breeches 3456- 










5 3/4 




3 1/2 


4 3/4 













;£33892. 10. 7 

(See the Chapter on " The Auditor General " for the inquiries by Mr. Curtenius of Philip 
Schuyler as to the claims of the State of New York against the United States for Clothing. 
See, also, " Powder ".) 


Peter T. Curtenius was the Commissary of the Provincial Congress ; and Henry Schenck 
acted as his agent. Jacob Cuyler, James Gamble and Adam Gilchrist were Deputies. Albert 
Adriance, John N. Bleecker, Matthew Dubois, John Franks, Isaac Goes, Samuel Hilt, Abra- 
ham Livingston, Richard Norwood, Joseph Peirson, Elisha Phelps, Tunis Tappen, Richard 
Ten Eyck, Lucas Van Brakel, James Weeks, Harmanus A. Wendell, John Wiley, John Wool- 
sey and Henry Wyckoff were Commissaries. David Currie, John Currie, Peter T. Curtenius, 
ComeHus Cuyler, Jacob Cuyler, Jonathan G. Tompkins, Volkert Veeder and John Wiley were 

The Army — Provisions 79 

Commissaries of Purchases. Victor Bicker, Joseph Bouton, Aaron Buell, John Else, Theodorus 
Van Wyck Graham, Henry Grigg, James Hamihon, Gilbert Horton, Robert Hunter, John 
Knight, Enoch Leonard, Thomas Lindsay, John Little, Abraham H. Marthings, James Moore, 
Elias Newman, Robert Nesbitt, Alexander Patterson, William Shute, Melancton Smith, Ben- 
jamin Stevens, Bethuel Washburn, John W. Wendell, James Winney and James Yale were 
Commissaries of Issues. Ezekiel Cheevers, Richard Norwood, Philip Van Rensselaer, Richard 
Ten Eyck and Harmanus A. Wendell were Storekeepers. James Giles was Conductor of Stores. 
Hugh Hughes was Commissary of Continental Stores. The following officers of the Conti- 
nental or United States Government are mentioned in the documents : — Benjamin Mifflin, 
Qr.Mr. ; Timothy Pickering, Qr.Mr.Gen. ; Jonathan Trumbull, Commy. and Joseph Trumbull, 
Commy. Gen. 

The Committee of Safety, Mar. 27, 1776, approved a bond of £30,000 from Philip Livingston, 
John Alsop and Abraham Livingston for the faithful performance of Abraham Livingston's 
contract for victualing the Troops; and the latter was voted £5,000. The Legislature, July i, 
1780, refunded £856.16 to Egbert Dumond for provisions that he had purchased for Gen. Clin- 
ton's brigade. Other instances of Legislative action appear in the Specific Supplies, named 

John Wiley was Commissary of Purchases, by a law of Mar. 11, 1780. He was given £150,000 
by Governor Clinton, July 25, 1780; and £100,000, Oct. 26, 1780. David Currie was appointed 
by the Provincial Congress, May 9, 1777, Commissary to provide the Continental Troops with 
articles not allowed by the Commissary General. The Council of Safety voted him £3000, June 
3, 1777. The Legislature gave him £1000,, 1778, to use in New Jersey and Pennsyl- 
vania; £5000, June 30, 1778, and £6000, Nov. 4, 1778. He received a total of £18876.2.7 between 
June 12, 1777, and Aug. 6, 1779 — the most of which was expended for port wine, brandy, 
rum, spirits, chocolate, pepper, coffee and tobacco. 

According to the following concurrent Resolutions of the Legislature, dated February 21, 
1778, it would seem that David Currie acted as Sutler also: — 

Resolved that David Currie Esqr. Commissary for supplying the Troops of this State with 
such Articles as are not allowed them by the Commissary General be requested to provide 
for the Use of the said Troops four Hogsheads of good proof rum Two Hogsheads of musca- 
vado Sugar and fifty weight of pepper and that he supply the said Troops with the same on 
credit in the Manner heretofore Observed, at the same prices at which the same are supplied 
by the State of Connecticut to the Continental Troops raised under the direction of that State; 
And that this House will with the concurrence of the Honorable the Senate provide for the 
expence thereof. 

The average cost of Provisions, between 1775 and 1778, taken from numerous bills, was as 
follows : — by the Barrel, — Pork, £3 to £7 ; Codfish, 28/ — ; Rum, £5 to £6 ; Small Beer, 3/ — ; 
Potash, £3 ; by the Cwt., — Flour 24/ — ; by the pound — Mutton, 4d. ; Lard, 8d. ; Bacon, 8d. ; 
Veal, lod. ; Beef, gd. ; Pork (sides), gd. ; Pork (shoulders), 7d. ; Butter, 1/ — to 2/6; Smoked 
Beef, 1/ — ; Tallow, 2/6; Tobacco, 1/ — ; by the bushel — Potatoes, 4/ — ; Wheat, 2/8; Com, 
8/ — to 10/ — ; Turnips, 1/6. Milk was 4d. to 6d. per quart; Soap, 1/ — per gallon; Bread, 
1/ — per loaf; Wood, 4/ — to 8/ — per load; Linen, 21/ — per yard; and Shoes, 24/ — per 

8o New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

In the final bills of the State against the United States these items appear : — 

2003 1/2 B Peas £585 .2.9 

10 Sheep 6. o. o 

35210 lb Beef 671 .2.2 

383 Po Potatoes 89. 3. 7 

6262 B. 10747 Ct 393 lb flour 11451 . 16. 6 

950 3/4 B 2779 lb Pork 3981 . 4. 4 

38297 lb Rice 336. 9. 4 1/2 

2829 lb Butter 415. 9. 8 1/2 

4395 Bs Salt 586. i . 2 1/2 

407 1/2 Bs Beer 282. 5. 6 

8 Bs Cyder 17. 9. o 

41 lb Candles 2.1.0 

20 cds Wood 14. o. o 

1609 gall Rum 223 .4.0 

10080 lb Bread 81 . 7. 7 1/2 

Different Articles 10591 . 12 . 8 1/4 

£29334. 9. 51/4 


The drinking habits of those days are constantly before the reader in running over the 
bills. One of the Accounts makes a charge of seven pounds " for allowance of liquor when 
at work"; and Col. Peter R. Livingston, in his report upon the payment of Bounties, includes 
"six barrels of Beer, by my orders, to encourage the people to enlist ". On July 14, 1777, the 
Treasurer of the Provincial Congress received £521.7.8. from Richard Hatfield, the produce of 
several hogsheads of Rum formerly purchased by the Westchester County Committee and 
lately sold to Samuel Drake by order of William Duer. 

Just before the burning of Kingston, a quantity of Rum was taken from Col. Lott. Although 
the Rum was probably lost at that time, yet the bill for the same is still in existence : — 

1777 State of New York D'' to Abraham P. Lott 

October 15 — To i Htt Containing 32 gallons West India Rum taken out of his Store by 
order of his Excellency Governor Clinton for the use of the public as pr affidavit 
given by Jacobus Low and Sworn to by said Abraham P. Lott — 

32 gallons @ 12/ — per gallon £19. 4. o. 

The Testimoney of Benjamin Man and Zenas Skinner of Lawfull age that being imployed as 
Carmen in the Continental Servis and Being on the way Between Hartford and Fishkiln that 
on the Night of the 14th Day Instant July in Kent in Litchfield County Lying under the 
Carts to wach and gaurd the Liquers in the Carts Some Time in the Night Between Mid 
Night and Day Said Deponents were Beset by a Number of Men armed with Guns and Bay- 
ents and other accotrements and Taken by Said Company and Carried Seperate from the 
Carts and from Each other Some ways and Threatned by them that if they the Deponents 
togather with Elijah Webster a Carman with us would Not Settle with those Men that they 
the Deponants had Entered Complaint against or Robing Said Carts the Night Before and Let 
them go without paying Costs of Suit they the Said Teammen Should Never be able to go up 
the Great Hill for they would certainly Kill them if they did not settle the matter for it was 
they that got the Rum and they were the Kings Rangers and Lived in the woods and had a 
Right to Take Such things where they could Light upon it and further the Deponants says 
not. Benjamin Man. 

Zenas Skinner. 

The Army — Beef 8i 

Litchfield County Ss Kent the 15th of July 1777 personally Appeared Benjamin Man and 
Zenas Skinner the signers of the foregoing Deposition and mad Solemn Oath to the truth of 
the Same. 

Sworn before me. Ephm. Hubbel Jr. Just, of peace. 

In the preliminary discussion, in 1784, as to the claims of the State against the U.S., the 
Auditor-General queried, and the Commissioners of Accounts answered, as follows: — 

April 14th 1779, Continental Congress recommend to the different States to appoint an 
Agent to supply their Officers with Rum at 5/ 4 pr Gallon, Sugar at 4/ & Tea at 8/ pr at the 
Expence of the United States. Query, If the Articles cost the State more than the price here 
limited, whether the State is to loose the difference 

The Cost & Charges of those Articles must be charged. 

The accounts of Commissaries David Currie and John Currie contain many items relating 
to Spirits of various kinds. Other items will be found in Governor Clinton's Accounts and 
in Entertainments, in the Chapter on " The Governor ". 


The Provincial Congress, Mar. 9, 1776, ordered the Deputies of Westchester County to pur- 
chase 1200 barrels of salted Pork; and the Committee of Safety, Mar. 18, ordered that not more 
than £4. be paid per barrel. The Congress, June 15, voted £70. to Col. Gilbert Drake for pur- 
chasing Pork; and he bought large quantities afterward. The Congress also, Aug. 4, voted 
to give Col. Joseph Trumbull, Commissary General of the Continental Army, such amount as 
he needed of the Pork stored in Westchester County ; and there is a bill, from Gerard Bancker, 
for going after the parties in that County who had delivered Pork to Col. Trumbull. The Com- 
mittee of Safety, Sept. 9, 1777, ordered the Auditor General to charge the Pork and Provisions, 
spared to Col. Trumbull, to the U.S. at the market price at the time of delivery. The detailed 
accounts of Col. Drake and Col. Trumbull are quite voluminous. 


Ebenezer Foote and Asa Worthington were Inspectors of Cattle. Timothy Benedict and 
Tinas Benedict were Receivers of Cattle. A Law to prevent a Monopoly of Cattle was passed, 
June 24, 1780. 

1780 State of New York to Daniel Graham Dr. 

March For 10 Head Cattle purchas'd & deliver'd for the us€ of Genl. Clinton's Brigade — 

3 Head Cattle from Wells £4000 

2 do Goldsmith 2236.16.— 

1 do Smith 1020. 
. I do Keembergh 700. 

2 do Gillesby 1650 
I do Crance 1230 

10836.16. — 

82 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

March my own Expences 

Goldsmiths Bo}yto drive Cattle 

Col. Isaac Nicoll 

To Crance & Keemburgh for purchasing & driving part 

of the above Cattle to Newburgh 
To 4 days Service — at 100 Dollars pr day 


By Cash from the Treasurer 

£8284. 8. 
[Certified by Genl. James Clinton.] 

234 Doll" 



y i37-i2 



11284. 8. 



The price of Tea rose so rapidly that, in June, 1776, the Committee of Albany County or- 
dered that Tea should be taken from all dealers who sold it at more than 6/ — per pound ; and 
that such confiscated Tea should then be sold, in small quantities at 6/3 in Continental Money. 
There was almost a riot in Albany against the high-priced dealers. 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Kings Town April 25th 1777. 

Resolved that Colo. Allison & Colo. Hethom be appointed to receive from Gen""'. George 
Clinton the Hogstead of tea now in His possession and which was taken at Hackensack New 
Bridge Some time in Jany. Last by a part of the said Colo=. Regments of Militia in General 
Clinton's Brigade and that they Deal out one pound of the said tea to each of the officers and 
Privates of the said Regements who were or had been in actual Service Before the taking of 
the said tea and did not Desert the Said Service or who have not heretofore had any Shair of 
the said Tea they paying at the rate of Six Shillings per pound for the Same. 

Robt. Benson Secry. 

23<*- July 1777 William Allison to the State of New York Dr. 
Had for the Use of my Regement 

To 336 lbs. of Tea found and taken from the Out House of Doc*. Bushkirk at Hockensock 
New Bridg the 7th Day of Jan. Last By a Detachment of Mine and Colo. Hathorn's Regts. 
and some Part of which Dealt to the people of the two Regements then in Service By agree- 
ment of the Colonels and a part by order of the Convention at 6/ pr lb. amounting 
to £100:16: o 

To 42 lbs. Remainder proportion of My Regiment after Serving Each officer and 
private with one pound as above and Distributed in the Regts. at 8/ pr lb. amt. to. . 16 :i6 : o 

£117:12: o 

I do hereby Certify that the above is all the tea Dealt to My Regement to My knowledg 
and that I have taken Every precaution in My power to Have a fair and true ac*. kept of all 
the tea that came into my Possession and know of no person Receiving any but the two Regts. 
Except Capt. Bell of Orange town who assisted in geting it and Drew 13 or 14 lbs. for Himself 
and Men. 

Wm. Allison. 

The Army — Grain 83 

July 23, 1777. 
Examin"!. the above Account & allow that the Sum of One hundred and Seventeen pounds 
Twelve Shill'. be paid into the Treasury of this State for 378 lbs. tea, distributed by Col. 
Allison to his Regiment as pr Resolve of Convention April 25, 1777. 

Comfort Sands Aud. Gen'. 
To Peter V. B. Livingston Esqr. 


The Provincial Congress, Mar. 9, 1776, ordered the Deputies of Albany County to purchase 
50 bushels of Peas and send them to the Deputies of Westchester County. The Accounts of 
Col. Trumbull contain many charges for this staple article. 


The Provincial Congress, or Convention, May 13, 1777, fixed these prices, per bushel: — 
Wheat, 7/ — ; Rye, 5/ — ; Oats, 3/6; Indian Corn, 5/ — ; Buckwheat, 3/ — . The Congress, 
in 1776, ordered large quantities of Wheat shipped from one point to another. The Governor 
often ordered the impress of Wheat and Flour under the Commissioners, Egbert Dumond, 
Henry I. Van Rensselaer and Marinus Willett. The impressments took place in 1780 and 
1781 ; but some of Willett's bore an earlier date. (See Laws passed, Oct. 3, 1778, June 28, 1780, 
and Mar. 2y, 1781 ; also " Bounties " in this book.) The following is one of Col. Willett's im- 
pressment Accounts : — 

United States D'. To State of New York for Sundry Provisions delivered to Issuing 
commissaries by Colonel Willet which provisions were Seized and impressed by him from 
disaflfected persons who were gone of to the Enemy by which means the property became 
forfited to State NB the Receipts were taken in Col Willets name who has delivered them up 
upon his being Indemnified by the State as will appear by an act passed the 22'' April 1785 
an Extract of which is hereunto annexed — 

Interest Calculated from the date of Delivy.till i Jany. 1787 @ 6 P"" C P"" Annum. 


To whom -vpj^t Articles 



Aug 31. James Moore 2.y Cattle 6439 lb 27 Hides 755 lb Mutton 460 lb Beef 

926 lb is 8580 lb at 44/ £188. 15. 2 

Rough Tallow 199 lb @ 6 4- 19- 6. 

Flour 3866 lb equal to 34 Ct 2 Q*^ 2 lb 36/ 62. 2. 6. 

Sepf 30 (ditto 5 Cattle 11 15 lb 5 Hides 135 lb Mutton 74 lb beef 244 

lb is 15681b 44/ 34. 9.10. 

23 Barr flour 136 Ct Q"" 2 lb at 36/ 245. 2. 5. 

Rough Tallow 43 lb @ 6 i . 1.6. 

Ocf ditto Beef 1787 lb Hides 224 lb Mut". 30 lb is 2041 lb @ 

44/ 44- 18. 

Rough Tallow 63 lb @ 6 i . 11 . 6. 

Flour 147 Ct C 2 Q^ 19 lb 36/ 256. 16. 

Nov 22 ditto 8 Cattle 15.39 lb 6 Hides 210 lb Mut°. 92 lb is 1841 

lb 44/ 40. 10. 

Nov 30 ditto Flour 4 C* I Q' II lb.. 36/ T-'^^- 7, 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

To whom 

1 781 


July 30 James Yules 
31 ditto 

What Articles 


James Moore 

Aug' 31 












Tho^ Lindsay 





I Gamble 

A Walrath 
E Nestle 
E House 
C Ehl 



Beef 218 lb Mutton 34 lb is 252 lb 

Flour 10 C I Q'' 22 lb 36/ 

Flour 2. C 2 Qr 26 lb 36/ 

II Cattle i960 Hides 315 lb is 2275 lb 

Tallow 6 lb .... @ 6 

4 Cattle 4382 lb Hides 681 lb 5063 lb ... 44/. 

Tallow 8 lb .... @ 6 

Mutton 188 lb 44/ 

• 44/ 

■ • 44/ 

25 lb 36/ 

... 6/, 


611 lb 


ditto 94 lb . . 
Flour 12 O. I Q"- 
Hay .... 17 C. . . 
Oats 7 1/2 Bushels 

I Cow 300 lb 44/ 

I Cow 300 lb 44/ 

I Cow 300 lb 44/ 

3 Sheep 141 lb 52/ 

I d° 47 lb 52/ 

Oats 16 1/2 Bush . .' . 4/ 





50. I 


III. 7 



4. 2 


13. 8 


2. I 


22. 9 

5- 2 

1. 10 






I. 4 


3- 6 

£1165.17. 4 

[The amount of the above in Dollars was 2913 61/90; and the interest was 903 50/90. 
The Vouchers ran from No. 2 to No. 26, inclusive] 


Systematic records of this article seem to commence with the Accounts of Col. Trumbull, 
June 14, 1776. The adjoining States took so much Flour from New York that the supply, 
in the latter, became short. Hence the Council of Safety, Nov. 4, 1776, passed a resolution for- 
bidding its exportation. 

In Council of Safety for the State of New York — Hurly December the first, 1777. 
Ordered that the Treasurer of this State pay to Robert Benson, Esquire, one of the secre- 
taries, twelve Dollars for the like Sum by him advanced for the State to James Campbell on 
the Twenty fourth day of November last for carrying the Resolutions of the Council of Safety 
(relative to the Exportation of Flour and Meal out of this State) to the Chairmen of Committees 
of the north & south side of the Mountains in Orange County and to the Chairman of the 
Committee of Ulster County. 

Attest John McKesson, Secr'y 

Evert Bancker Prest pro tem. 

Deer. 25th, 1777. 
within Order. 

Reed of Gerard Bancker the Sum of four pounds Sixteen shillgs for the 

Robt Benson 

The Council, Dec. 12, 1777, sent a similar notice to the Committees of Dutchess and Orange 
Counties. Finally, the Legislature, Mar. 14, 1778, passed the celebrated "Embargo Act". 
Other acts, explanatory of this, were passed: — Oct. 20, 1779; Sept. 22, 1780; Mar. 10, 1781; 
Mar. 15, 1781 ; Apr. 13, 1782; and July 22, 1782. 

The Army — Salt 85 


The records of Bread, as of Flour, apparently commence with Col. Trumbull's Accounts, 
June 14, 1776. Col. Abraham P. Lott bought and stored large quantities, which were known 
as the Qiiidinary Bread and " hard Bread ". 


Matthew Cantine, William Harper and Jonathan Lawrence were Commissioners charged with 
the duty of finding Salt. Peter R. Livingston was a Purchaser. James Robinson was an 
Agent. Henry Remsen, Alexander Robertson, Peter Sim and Marinus Willett were Manu- 

State of New York In Convention A. M. July 30th 1776. 

Resolved, unanimously, that this Convention will (upon good security) lend to the first five 
persons (Skilled in the process of extracting Salt from Sea Water) who shall apply for the 
same, a Sum of Money not exceeding five hundred Pounds to each Person, for the Term of 
two Years from this date, without Interest, for the purpose of erecting Salt Works within this 

Resolved, unanimously, that such works be erected at such place or places as in the opinion 
of the respective County Committees, where such works shall be erected, shall be most proper; 
provided always that the said Works be not erected within less than fifteen Miles of each 
other on the Sea Coast. 

Resolved, unanimously, that this Convention will receive Salt at eight Shillings per bushel 
in payment of the respective Sums, advanced to the different Adventurers 7- provided the said 
Salt be manufactured by the Person who shall offer it in payment, and that the same be ten- 
dered for payment before the expiration of two Years after the Loan of the Money. 

Resolved, unanimously, that if any of the said works should be destroyed by the Enemy; 
this State will lose one half of the money which has been appropriated for the purpose of erect- 
ing such Work out of the Money advanced on Loan by this State to the proprietor. 

Resolved, unanimously, that nothing in the aforegoing Resolves Shall extend to the Loan 
of any Sum of Money to any Person who shall not apply before the first day of October next, 
nor then unless upon Condition that the Work shall be completed within three Months of the 
said Loan. 

John McKesson late Secretary. 

Qu. Who furnished Salt within three Months of the Loan ? 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New Yprk — Haerlem — Aug', ist 1776 

Mr. Robert Harper & Mr. Gov"". Morris reported that they have examined Peter Sim as 
to his Skill and Knowledge in the Art of Extracting Salt from Sea Water and think him well 
skilled in that Art and that in their Opinion the application of the said Sim and his Copart- 
ners in every respect comes within the Resolutions of this Convention for encouraging the 
manufacturing of salt. 

Resolved that the said Alexander Robertson Marinus Willett Peter Sim and their Copart- 
ners shall have the sum of five hundred pounds on Loan on their joint and several Bond or 
obligation Conditioned for the payment thereof to the Treasurer according to the said 

Ordered that the Secretaries prepare such Bond, and that on the Receipt thereof by the 
Treasurer duely executed by the said Alexander Robertson Marinus Willett Peter Sim and 
their Copartners and Conditioned for the payment of five hundred pounds he do advance to 
them that sum taking a Receipt for the same 

John McKesson Sec^. 













86 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Received August 28th 1776 from P. V. B. Livingston by the hands of Gerard Bancker 
Treasurer five hundred pounds agreeable to the above order. 

£500.. Alexander Robertson. 

The State of New York Dr. To Alexander Robertson, Henry Remsen & Others for Sundry 
Materials bought & furnished for Salt Works begun at Huntingtown on Long Island, in con- 
sequence of a Resolve of the Provincial Congress, but by the Enemies taking possession 
thereof were destroyed — 

1776 June 26 To paid by A. R. for 12,000 hard Bricks a 32/ £ig: 4 

for 7,000 soft do 22/ 7:14 

for freight 5: 7: 6 

Marinus Willett pr Auct 21.12: 7 

George Lindsay pr do 22:16: 4 

Peter Sim pr do 18: 9: 9 

do pr do for furniture 74:16: 6 

The Salt Compy, To Marinus Willet, Dr. 
1776 To Expences going to Huntington 
To do to Hellgate for Stones 
To Cash paid for Boards Sent to L. Island 

£21:12: 7 

Received Morris County 2d December 1777 of Alexr Robertson & Co. The above Sum of 
Twenty One Pounds Twelve Shillings & 7d New York Curry in full of all Accots 

Marinus Willett 

1776 New York June i 
Mr. Alexander Robertson & Com. To George Lindsay Dr. 
For Expences Laid out for the Salt Works 

go on time at Rockaway 1:8: 

Payed for fraught of Brickes 5:14 

Payed for 12 of Lime at 24/ Ech , 14: 8 , 

go on time at Huntingtown with Mr. Willet 3: 4 

Payed James Gardenr for his Work in part 8 

go on time at Huntingtown with Mr, Sim 15 

£170: : 


£ 4:16: 
16. 8 


Red the above in full George Lindsay _ ^ 

An Account of Traveling Expences while Employed in The Company Salt Works 

New York May 4th Two days a Rockway in Compy with Mr. Shaw and Lind- 
say Looking out for a Place fite to Erect the Works 

Payd for horse hyre 12/ and for other Conjunct Expences 8/6 £ i: o: 6 

May 20th went with Mr. Lindsay 4 days 1/2 with the bricks To Huntington 

Spent 12/6 Lent Mr Lindsay 8/ to make payment for the freight of Bricks 1:0:6 

June 1st Went to Kingwood 4 days in going and comeing Pay for horse hire 

20/ & my own expences & horse 27 2:7 

Sent out to Harlem for the Bond horse hyre 6 

August I2th Three days at Mr Ogdens for horse hyre 18/ To Breekfast 1/ for 
the horse /6 to Dinner 1/3 Drink 1/ the horse /6 to Supper 1/ Drink 2/ ye 
horse 1/6 1:6:9 

To Breekfast 1/ the horse /6 Dinned with Colnel Ogden and gave him the De- 
mentions of the Salt Pan and Left 8/ with the forman for the men Lodged 
in a Publick near to Colnel Ogdens for Supper 1/3 Drink 2/ and the 1/9 14: 6 

for Breekfast and Dinner for my self 3/6 ye horse 1/ 4: 6 

The Army — Salt 


Bot a gallon of Rum a 9/ and gave the man for To Pile up the Bourds and cover 
the lime for fear of Rain Payd a man to help to Put the Bourds in ye Sloop 3/ 
To Cash advanced out of my own Pocket for Bourds Bot at the Albany Peir 

To Cash Received on Said account 

To 16 days Employed a 8/ pr Day 


£12: i: 9 

7: 5: 9 
6: 8: 8 

13:14: 5 
II, 1785 Recvd from Alexander Robertson Thirteen pounds thirteen Shillings 

Albany Deem 
and Nine Pence the Ballance due me upon the within Acct 

£13:13: 9 

4:16 Cash paid before 

Peter Sim 

ii8: 9: 9 

Inventary of Sundries Shope Tools Sent to cold Springe on Long Island about the first of 
August 1776 
To a large cast Stove and funnel for my Shope 

large grindstone fitted up a 

of my Shope Benches a 40/ pr Bench 

Large Iron Crampe for breinging up Joints 

Iron hold fasts @ 8/ pr & 2 bed keys i at 10/ & i a 8/ 

Turkey oilstone a 17/6 and 2 Shope hatchets a 5/ pr 

hand Sawes a 36/ & 2 pannel Sawes a 37/ 

Tennant Sawes a 32/ & 2 Sach Do a 28/ & 2 dovetail 32/ 

Chairback Sawe & two turning Sawes & i key hole 
2 Breaking out Sawes with frames fitted up a 
To a Breass and brass Fade and Bites 

Jointers i a 12/ the other 8/ 

Double Iron traying Planes a 12/ pr 

Double Smouthing hand plains a 10/ pr 

Common traying Plains a 6/ pr & 2 Smouthing Com a 5/ 

Jack Plains a 4/6 & i Pair Inch groveing Do a 10/6 

hammers a 9 and a Veniearing Do a 4/ 

Pairs of Pinchers a 8/ 
To Three Sett of Bed screws a 6/ pr Sett 
and aboute 4 or 5 Dozen of firmers gouges & Mortice Chizels handled for the 

Shope use a 15/ pr 3: 

To a Nest of Drawers with Plain Irons hinges Screwes and brad firmers & gouges 

unhandled files and Rasps some freet Sawes gamblits and Brad alles I think worth 5 :io 



2: 8: 

3: 4 
1. 14 

4: 2 
i: 8 

3: 4 

i: 4 
I : 

i: 8 
i: 4 




Besides Sundrie other things such as Mallets squars and gages that I can make 

No account of 

Houseld Furniture Sent to Said Place 

To a Wood Axe & wood sawe to two Mahy Tables and six Rush Bottom Chairs 
& 4 Mahy Rush Bottoms and 2 Smal bedsteads a kitchen Table and a New Case 
of Bottels and a Coffie Mile Brass Scales and Waights Two kitchen Tramels two 
Pickel tubes & two wash Tubes an Iron hooped Pall and a Soap Barrel Mostly full 
of Soape and the Ticke of a Stra bed I Think the amount of them at that time to 
be about twinty Pound or Beter 

54:16: 6 


74:16: 6 

88 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

These works were destroyed by the Enemy before they were fairly in operation. In 1777, 
Jonathan Lawrence, as Commissioner for Exploring Mines of Lead, Sulphur &c, made trial 
of the Salt Springs at Oriskany, Schonnondoak, Conogoty and Andreastown, all in the valley 
of the Mohawk. In the same year the State Salt was carted from Simsbury and Turkey Hill to 
the Oblong. The Provincial Congress, or Convention, May 13, 1777, made the price of Salt 
20/ — per bushel in Westchester County; and ordered the Salt, after its removal to Kingston, 
to be subject to the orders of the Legislature or the Council of Safety. Two days later, the 
Council of Safety voted £13000 to Col. Abraham P. Lott to purchase and transport Salt to this 

In Council of Safety for the State of New York In Kingston 7th June P.M. 1777. 

Resolved that the sum of Four thousand pounds be put into the hands of Peter R. Livings- 
ton for the purpose of bringing salt into this State for the use of the Inhabitants thereof, on 
his giving his receipt for the faithful Expenditure thereof. 

Resolved, that the said four thousand pounds be by the said Peter R. Livingston laid out in 
Salt in the Eastren States, on the best terms in his power. 

Resolved that such Salt shall be brought into this State and Stored at such safe places therein 
as the said Peter R. Livingston shall direct — That he thereupon transmit to the Council of 
Safety or the future Legislature of this State an Account of the prime cost of the said Salt, 
his Expences in procuring, and the charges of transporting the same, to the end, that proper 
regulations for the Sale and distribution thereof may be made. 

Attest Pierre Van Cortlandt Presdt. 

John McKesson Secr^. 

Rec'd June 9th 1777 from P. V. B. Livingston by the hands of Gerard Bancker four thou- 
sand pounds pursuant to the within Written Orders for the faithful Expenditure of which I 

promise to Accot. 

£_^QQQ^ Peter R. Livingston 

In Council of Safety for the State of New York Kingston Augst. i, 1777. 
Resolved that Mr. Piatt & Col. D. Witt be appointed to write to Colo. Peter R. Livingston 
& that they be authorized to give him Directions to cause the Salt by him purchased on Acct. 
of this State to be conveyed to such Places in this State as they may think proper. 

Robt. Benson Secry. 

The Council of Safety, Aug. i, 1777, voted £2100 in addition, to Col. Peter R. Livingston, 
for the above named work, the same to be paid to James Robinson; and, on Aug. 12, £350 to 
Elias Hasbrouck for transporting Salt from Canaan to Radley's Landing, on the Hudson 
River. The following letter, (address uncertain) shows the difficulties under which Salt was pro- 
cured : 

Sir I am very glad you sent me word by Mr Robertson that you wanted me to Account with 
you Respecting my going up Among the Indians on Purpose to Exammine the Salt Springs for 
to make Salt for ye use of this State. 

It will be necessary to aquante you the first time ye Members of Convention Spoke to me 
wass at Fishkills befor they left that place. Where they Detaind me three days when Jas. 
Duane Esqr. in Conjunction with ye Committee told me they would be very glad if I would 
agree to go to Said Springs as soon ase possable that they would make it an Object well worth 
my Attention, that I need not be affraid of the Indians that they were our friends. I told them 
if that was the Case I would go home & advice with my family and Return back in About ten 
days and give them an answer. 

The Army — Salt 89 

Which I Accordingly did but ye Convention was Desolved and the Most "of ye Members 
gone to Esopus, I spoke to Mr Robt. Harper who was their on publeck bussenes he Advised 
me without lossing time to go to Esopus, and by no Means to Refuse going up to Make the 
Experement as Salt was so much wanted, he was shoure that I would be aboundantly Recom- 
penced for my time and trebles on Account thereof whetheir it Succeded or not. I immeadilly 
went home and hyred a horse on ye 24 of febry. 1777 came to Esopus on the 26th gote my In- 
structions on the 5 of March from Jas. Duane Esqur. Chairman of the Committee, with a leter 
to The Honable. General Schuyler for his advice and to be Intyrley att his Deriction. I came to 
Albany on the 7th and deliver'd my leter to ye General who att the same time desired to See 
my Instructions, and then he told me it would be Some time yet befor the way was Clear, that 
we must take care to do nothing to of?end the Indians, that he expected Mr Dean the Inter- 
preter very soon doun to Albany in the meantime that I should go in to toune and take lodg- 
ers and be in the way when Called for. I then Sent a leter to Jas. Duane Esqur. for 
further advice but got no answer, I often called upon the General as the only person I had to 
go to & findeing he was called on to go to Congress, I asked him What I was to do in his 
absence he Said he had wrote up Respecting my going up but had gote no ansure, and that 
nothing further could be done untill he came home which would be in about three weeks. 

I thought then as my family was at Such distance from this place and liveing att a very 
great expence, and myself on Expence here That I hade beter go and bring them up as it 
would be more Convenint To have them here then doune att N Windsor. 

I then wrote a second leter for Jas. Duane Esqr. which you Received but got no Ansure. 
I went doune att the same time which was the first of Aprile and was backe here with my 
family by the midle of Said Month, and finding the General was long in Comeing home I ap- 
plyed to Colnel Fork, who did the Generals Bussines att the Time, the Colonel told me he 
would gladly do any thing to Oblige me that lay in his Power to Serve the contrey, but att 
Preasent the Indians were pretty Crusty & he would not advice me by no means to go up 
amonge them, that as soon as the General came home he was to hold a Convention with ye 
Indians att Albany which would determine my going up, but when he came home throu the 
multiplicity of bussines I found it very Deficult to Gett Access to him, at last he told me he 
would Send for me when he would be more att lessure, and that I Should not be out of the 
way, during which time he Sett of for Saratoga to my great Surprise. 

Very Soon after I heard that Some Gentlemen were gon up from the Convention to Said 
Springs, but on their Return Mr Lawrence Called att my house which was the twenty fifth of 
June, and he told me that the Indians were not to be trusted and that they could not Proceed 
So far as they Intended, but that they have latly discoverd a Springs at Cherry Valley but 
of no great Consequenceas the Water was very Weake, but that I had better go up and see it 
whetheir It would be worth while to Erecte works or Not, and at the Same Time gave me 
New Instructions, I went then and gote a horse and made Ready to go their and had gote the 
lenth of Schnatedy when the very bad News of the enemys being upon the Contrey in different 
Parts made it Appear to me that doing any thing of the kind was Impractable untill it should 
Pleas god to deliver us from our Destructive enemys. 

. Sir by this you will see the time I have lost and what a Loss it has been to my family for 
upon the Account of it I have been out of bussines for Above a twelve month Still thinking 
that the time Might come Soon When Somthing Could be Done in that way. I have inclosed 
you a Note of My Traveling Expencess which is Twentey four Pounds one Shiling & ten 
pence and I Shall only Charge for four Months time from the first of Febuary to the last of 
June which is 150 days At only 10/ Pr day which is ase lowe a charge as I can make is 75 
Pound, at the time I left Esopus I Received 200 Dollars which is 80 Pounds Youl See their 
is a Small Ballance due to me of 19 Pound Should be much obliged To you Sir if you would 
bee so good as to Pay it in to Mr Robertson I would have come myself but traveling Ex- 
pence is So great att this time that Im very glad of Such an oppurtounity. I am, Sir 

With all Due Respect Your Humble Servant 

Albany 14th Decemr. 1778. Peter Sim 

90 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Albany 14th Decemr. 1778 
The Gentelmen of the Committee of Convention of this State for the Establishing Salt 
Manufactures Dr. To Peter Sim late of N. York 

Feb 24 To my Expences at fish kills for 3 days attending the Convention £1:2 

To horse hire for 11 days at 10/ — pr day to go to Esopus to the Con- 
vention 5-10 
To Expended for man & horse for 9 days 6: 3 
Mar 5 To Cash pd a man to take home my horse 40/ — & 12/ — for horse feed 2:12 

6 To my Expences to Albany for i day 9:10 
the same night lodged at the Kings Arms paid for supper breakfast & 

dinner next day 1:2:6 

7 went to lodgings at 30/ — pr week for 3 weeks & washing & sundry 

other Expences 37/6 7: 2: 6 

24: I :io 
To 150 days time from the first of Feby 1777 until the 30 June 10/ — 
pr day 75 


99: I :io 
By Cash reed of James Duane Chairman of the Salt Committee 80 

1785 19: 1:10 

Arpil 18 Peter Sim personally appeared before me & swore on the holy Evangilist 
that the above acct is a Just & True one 

P. W. Douw Alderman of the City of Albany 

In regar3 to these Accounts, the Auditor-General made this statement : " Peter Sim's claim 
£19.1.10. for. Superintending the Salt works I am of opinion ought to be paid ". 


The documents relating to the Armed Vessels that preyed upon the Commerce of the British, 
while interesting, are not as complete as might be expected when it is remembered that there 
were 792 Privateers under the Stars and Stripes which captured or destroyed about 600 of 
the Enemy's ships ; while the Continental Government, with 64 war-vessels, captured only 196. 
(See E. S. McClay's " History of American Privateers ", published in 1900). Indeed, the 
destruction of British Commerce was so great from this cause that it was a part of every argu- 
ment, in England, to bring about peace with the Colonies. We might, therefore, expect that 
the documents would give the history of a large number of the Privateers that were undoubt- 
edly sent out by the State of New York; instead of the bare half dozen that are recorded in 
a fairly complete manner. The State charged the United States " for the Expence of building 
and fitting out Armed Vessels for the Defence of the Harbour " ; and its bill for Armed Ships 
was £2715.11.2 1/2, in 1776 and 1777. 

Privateers 9^ 

The Privateers belonging to this State were under the authority of the Provincial Congress ; 
or of its substitute, the Committee of Safety. On Nov. 4, 1775, the Provincial Congress 
resolved to employ the " Hamden " pilot boat as a " Spy boat ". The Committee of Safety acted 
as follows, in 1776; Mar. 21, £500. was voted to Capt. William Mercier to enable him to equip the 
Vessels lately purchased by the Congress and ordered to be fitted out and armed by the 
Marine Committee; Mar. 19, £430 was appropriated to refund to Capt. Anthony Rutgers for 
the purchase of a Sloop to be armed " for the defence of the Trade of this & the neighboring 
Colonies " ; Apr. 12, Thomas Randall Esqr was paid £900 " in part of the Monies by advanced 
for the purchase of an Armed Schooner & Her Arms & outfit " ; Oct. 22, £600 was advanced to 
Capt. Samuel Tudor, one of the Superintendents in charge of the building the Continental 
Frigates at Poughkeepsie, for rafts of timber. The money was usually advanced by the Marine 

The record of the Sloop " Montgomery " is the most complete. Her armament and comple- 
ment of men are mentioned in one of her prize accounts, below. The pay-roll commenced Apr. 
18, 1776. Nearly all of her cruises were along the shore of Connecticut, and along the 
Southern shore of Long Island. In July, 1776, she lay off Fire Island. 

The Convention of the State of New York To Joseph Hallett Dr. 

To Freight of Prize Goods taken by the Sloop Montgomery Wm. Rogers Master 

from Huntington to New York pr Reuben Johnson £ 5.13. 

July 12 Paid Oliver Webbers for riding Express from New York to Fire Island 3. 

Paid Capt. Rogers 40. 

22d Paid Jabez Westcott Mariner part of his wages 8. 

24 Paid Thomas Hencock in part of ditto 6. 

Augt 5 Paid William Mercier 6. 5. 8 

21 Paid Lionel Baker in part Wages 6. 6. 8 

Octr 17 Paid Capt. Rogers 104. 6. 8 
To my Com for receivg storing & delivg sundry Goods to Continental 

I Store Keeper as pr Accot delivd amountg to £1051.15.9 5 pr ct 52.11. 9 
To my Expences in going to New Haven by Order of Convention of 

New York 15. 9 

Novr 28 Paid Samuel Hull 17. 11. 4 

Deer 4 Paid Peter Colt 128. 

Paid Capt. Rogers 150. 8 

Deduct Commissn on Goods deld Continent 

To Commn on £491.0.4 at 2 1/2 pr Ct. 

£503. 5.10 

The Auditor General, Peter T. Curtenius, made this statement regarding another claim : — 

Claim of Sarah Rogers, Administratrix, for 8 shares in a prize taken by him (William 
Rogers) when Capt. of the Privateer Montgomery, a Vessel belonging to the State. The 
articles taken were Intrenching tools &c which were valued by Joseph Hallett at £1051.15.9 & 
were delivered by him to Mr. Chevers the Commissary of Military Stores, but the U. S. have 
never paid the State for them. When I made out the claims of this State against the United 
States I charged the U. S. with the above Sum, but it was objected to because Mr. Chevers' 













New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

rect was not produced. This I acquainted Mr. Hallet of, who said it was Burnt, after which 
he swore to the delivery. I am of opinion the State ought to pay Capt. Rogers' widow her 
Share of the Prize money & also the rest of the Crew after deducting £20.7.8 for carting the 
goods to Huntington. 

Dr. Francis Lewis Esqr. his a/c with the State of New York 

Maryt. Curr. 


May I 


To neet Proceeds of Sales of the 
Schooner Hannah & Cargo as pr 
account rendd by Luz & Bowley a 

Sundry Arts taken by Capt. Rogers 

deduct for sundry Ex- 
penses £ ^2. 1.3 

Commissr of Agency at 5 

Pr Ct on £11814.3 590. 14.3 

To Hire of the Sloop Montgomery 
Received from the State of Mary- 


6 To So much Received from Ph. Liv- 
Deer 2 To 

A. B. Bancker Doll 

Octr I 9 To So much Received from Continent 
Treasury Doll 


May I By Capn Wm. Rogers So much 
Suppld him by Luz & Bowley 
So much by Fs Lewis 
for 2 Pd Linnen 
Sundry Art. taken by him 

By Sundry Articles taken by Capn 
Rogers for the use of the Crew of 
Sloop Montgommery 

By his Commissr on £10319.11. at 
2 1/2 Pr Ct 

:£ii8i4. 3 
129. 2. 9 

£11943- 5- 9 

662.15. 6 

£11280. ro. 3 6 2/3 

175. 8. 9 



Maryt. Curr. 

f- 754-12. 6 
47- 4- 
94- 6. 9 


i 257.19. 6 

6 f r I 

30 fr I 


i 926. 3.3 62/3 

N. Y. Curr 

£12032. II. 

187. 2. 8 

£ 299. 4, 

66.13. 4 

106.13. 4 
£12692. 4. 4 
N. Y. Curr 


37- 2. 6 
275- 3- 6 

Privateers 93 

May I By the following Articles bought of 
Margaret Duncan for the Troops of 
the York Line 25 Ps Coating 615 
Yds at 65/ £1992. 

4 Ps half Tick 132 Yds at 35/ " 231. 

£2223. 5 i237i. 9. 4 

By Service as Delegate in Congress 

from I Jany 1776 to 23 May 1777, 

508 days a 34/ 863.12. 

By Service as Delegate in Congress 

from I deer 1777 to 20 Novr 1779 

720 days a 34/ 1224. 

Ballance due the State 6932.19 

£12692. 4. 4 

To Ballance due the State £ 6932.19 

Upon a full Investigation of the Case of Mr. Francis Lewis, It appears to us, that he was 
appointed by the late Convention of this State as their Agent to dispose of the Prizes taken, by 
the Privateer Sloop Montgomery commanded by Capt. William Rogers, That in the beginning 
of the year 1777 Capt. Rogers came into the Port of Baltimore with a Prize Schooner called 
the Hannah, which together with the Cargo were there Sold under the direction of Mr. Lewis, 
and the neat Proceeds lodged in his hands for the use of the State and Captors in Continental 
Money, That Capt. Rogers fitted his Vessel for an other Cruise & that the Moiety due the Cap- 
tors remained in Mr. Lewis hands waiting for their return to Baltimore, the other 
Moiety due the State he also retained Subject to the order of Convention, who directed 
him therewith to purchase Salt for the use of the State, which he endeavoured to do 
but found it Impracticable, & not receiving any further directions from the Convention how to 
dispose of the money he Vested fourteen thousand dollars- of the money in his hands into 
Pensylvania Loan Office Certificates & the remaining sum of three thousand three hundred 
& thirty-two dolls & 3/8 in Continental money Issued in the year 1776 (the proceeds of the 
prize) remains still into his hands, all which he is ready to pay into the State Treasury — 
In pursuance therefore of the powers vested in us by the loth Clause of an Act Authorising 
the Auditor to Audit Certain Accounts & Claims & for other Purposes therein mentioned, 
passed the 22d April 1785 — We do determine & direct that Mr. Francis Lewis pay within 
ten days into the State Treasury the Ballance of the within Account amountg to Six thousand 
nine hundred & thirty two pounds 19/ in the following Species of Certificates and money Vizt 
12 Certificates Issued out of the Pensylvany Loan Office of looo dolls 

Each dated the 24th Deer 1778 is 12000 

I ditto dated Jany 25 1779 1000 

I ditto Nov 13 1779 1000 

14000 at 8/ 
3332 & 3/8 dolls in Continentl Money at 8/—' 1332.19 


Given under our hands this Second of March One thousand Seven hundred & Eighty 
Seven. Comfort Sands 

Wm. Denning 
Henry Remsen [Auditors] 

94 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

In Committee of Safety for the Colony of New York during the Recess of Congress New 
York Septr. 15th 1775. 

Ordered that Messrs Jacobus Van Zandt Henry Remsen and Lewis Pintard be a Com- 
mittee to employ a Vessell and dispatch her with proper directions to purchase Gun- 
powder & i\rms — And ordered that those Gentlemen be supplied with four Thousand pounds 
by Peter Van Brugh Livingston Esquire Treasurer of the Congress of this Colony, for that 
purpose. And ordered that those Gentlemen Give directions to purchase Musquets and not 
more than seven hundred if powder can be obtained & to invest the residue of the Money in Gun- 
powder and if Muskets are not to be obtained then to lay out the whole Money in Gunpowder 
— If no Gunpowder is to be had that they direct the whole money to be laid out in Musketts — 
If neither Gunpowder or Musketts are to be obtained that they direct the whole money to 
be laid out in Saltpetre — If Salt petre cannot be purchased That they direct Twenty Tons of 
Lead to be purchased and the residue of the money invested in 2 1/2 & 3 point Blanketts fit 
for a Soldier to cover himself with or wrap himself in — and if Blanketts cannot be procured 
that they direct the Money to be Invested in such Coarse Wollens as are fit for Soldiers 
Coats, the Cloths to be blue brown or Drab Colours — And ordered that a Certified Copy of 
this Entry be a sufficient Warrant to the said Peter Van Brugh Livingston Esqr. as Treas- 
urer as aforesaid to deliver to the Gentlemen before named the Sum of four Thousand pounds 
for the purposes above mentioned. John McKesson Secry 

Reed September 22d 1775, from Peter Van Brugh Livingston Esqr. by the hands of Ger- 
ard Bancker four thousand Pounds in full for the above Order. Jacobus Van Zandt. 

May 31st. 1776 Reed from Mr. Jacobus Van Zandt Capt. John Harrison's Receipt for the 
within Mentioned four thousand which was Shipt by him. Gerard Bancker. 

In provincial Congress — New York October 2ist 1775. 
Present Nathaniel Woodhull Esquire President &c 

The Congress then proceeded to hear the proceedings of the Committee of Safety on the After- 
noon of the 15th September last. 

On reading the order appointing Jacobus Van Zandt Lewis Pintard & Henry Remsen a Com- 
mittee for the purpose therein mentiond & to furnish them with £4000, the Congress requested 
Information what was done with the money & what contract was made for Importing the 
articles mentiond in that order. 

The Congress was then Informed by Mr. Vanzandt that the £4000 is sent out on the Account 
& risque of the provincial Congress, and whatever profits arise on Said Goods the Congress 
are to have the benefit of — That a Vessel is Chartered by Messrs Jacobus Van Zandt Henry 
Remsen & Lewis Pintard to go to Sundry places to obtain those Goods for the Sum 
of £550 Sterling, payable on delivery of the said Goods in any place within par- 
ticular Limits for that purpose mentioned in the Charter party But that in case of her being 
Seized or taken on the Voyage the owner of the Vessel is to receive £300 Sterling for her. That 
the Vessel is to lay 40 working days to receive her Cargo, after which she is to receive 40/ 
Sterg pr day Demurage — That whatever room may be in the Vessel after the goods ordered 
by the freighters for the Benefit of this Congress are laded on board, the Owner or Owners of 
the Vessel have the Liberty to fill up with any goods on their own account without any deduc- 
tion from the freight agreed for. 

John McKesson late Secy of the Provincial Congress. 

Dr. The Provincial Congress of State of New York in a/c with Jacobus Van Zandt 

Octor 14 To the amount of Invoice, Shiptd pr Sloop Nancy John Harrison 
master bound to Bordeoux and Consigned to Messr David Gradis 
& Fils, Merchs there as pr Acct A £4100. o. o 

Decenbr 31 



To ditto of ditto of Cargo Shiptd pr Ship Rosomond Write South- 
gate Mastr — bound to Mercellious Consigned to Mr. James Van 
Zandt Merch on board, as pr Account B ^2738 

To Ballance due to James Van Zandt for his Commissions as pr 
Acct Current C 

To my Attendence fiting out the Priveteer Schooner Genl. Putman 
in april 1776, on Acct. of Provincial Congress 

To 2 pr Swiffle Guns supplyd at £S pr 

To postage of sundry letters 

To 15 days Warfage of Priveteer Mongomery 3/ 

To postage letters from Saml Curson 


270. o. 8 













Sepr 22 By Cash of Peter V. B. Livingston Treasurer 

March 8 
Decemb 3 

By ditto of ditto 
By ditto of ditto 
Ball due to Jacobus Van Zandt Carried to New Account 


^7154- 8. 3 
£4000. o. o 

2500. o. o 
486. 9. 3 

^7154. 8. 3 

Decemb 31 To Balle due from above 486. 9. 3 

P. S. Interest due on Same till paid this is Exclusive of Sloop Nancey which is to be 
left to Genl Assembly — for £600 — more 

New York Decembr 31, 1776 Errors Exceeptd 

Jacobus Van Zandt 
Copy of a Memorandum Reed of Jaco Vanzandt 

The £4000 was Exchanged for Silver gold and bills of Exchange & Shipt by Jacobus Vanzandt 
& Co on board the Sloop Nancy John Harrison Mastr by order of the Provinl Congress for Bour- 
doux which Silver, gold, & bills of Exchange was Invested into a quantity of gun powder 
and Cloathing for the use of the Army, which Said goods did arive Safe in Rhode Island by 
way of St. Eustatia in a Brig Jn Lawrence master & put into the hand of Danl Tillinghast 
at Providence, and who dispatc* the Same by land to fish Kill whare it was put in the public 
Stores to Mr Harper one of the Clothing Committee as appers by his accts for their use except 
3000 lb of gunpowder which Cap" Harrison did dispose of at St. Eustatia to one Cap» Isaac 
Caton of Charles Town So Carolina at the rate of 5/ N. York Curry pr lb amounting to £750 
which Sum Cap" Harrison has accounted for, and also 70 Bar'^ of pouder Cap" Harrison Shipt 
without any orders, to the Committee of Safety of South Carolina which Said Committee or 
State of South Carolina are I believe indebted to the State of N York as pr Acct Vizt — 

70 Barls of gun powder each contg 100 lb making 7000 lb at 5/ N. Y. Cury pr pound as pr 
agreement as the rest Sold to Capn Isaac Caton & which 70 barls of gun powder was shipt by 
John Harrison (out of Said Sloop Nancey's Cargo at St. Eustatia) on board a Vessel called the 
Swift Charles Morgan Master bound to So. Carolina & Consigned to Said Committee of 
Safety as pr bill lading for the same amounting to in N. York Currency £i7S0. o. 

N. B. the 70 Barls powder arrived Safe into Charles Town So. Carolina 

The Committee of Safety of So. Carolina must account with us for 70 whole Barls powder 
Capn Harrison Ship them from St. Eustatia on our Congress Acct the freight of which was 
Conditionally. If goods were admitted to be Exported from South Carolina to the amount of 
the powder. In that case we were to allow them no freight — If no goods were allowd to be 
Exported a reasonable freight was to be allowed on acct of Capn Harrison sparing Some powder 
to Capn Isaac Catan, the Vessels name was Swift & the Master Charles Morgan 

96 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The Sloop was afterward captured by the Enemy; and the owners, in 1779, sent a bill of 
£1443.16. 8 to the State, which was ordered paid in December 1786. 

Capt. John Harrison New York 5 August 1776. 


As neither Mr. Vanzandt nor Mr. Pintard are in Town, I have to request you will without de- 
lay proceed to Providence in Rhode Island & take charge of the Blankets Cloths & linnens 
which you left there in the care of Saml Tillinghast Esqr. The risque of transporting them by 
Water from Providence is too great in the Opinion of our Honl Convention particularly as they 
are articles much wanted, and I am directed to order that they should be transported by land 
to Norwich & from thence to New York by water, unless you receive information Of the Ene- 
mies Ships or Cruizers being in the Sound, in which case the Goods must be left in a safe store 
at Norwich until you have farther Orders. You will have them Carried, if possible, in Covered 
Waggons to prevent damage by Rain, and keep an Exact account of the Charges. on your 
arrival at Norwich with the Goods, send advice (directed to Vanzandt & Self) by Post, & inform 
by What Vessel you intend shipping the Goods, that in case the Convention should order them 
to any other place than this City, we may have a boat laying in the Sound near West Chester 
with Farther orders, you will also bring with you the small Private concern of the Owners, 
if the same is at Providence, but if at New Haven, advise (on receipt of this) in Whose hand 
it lays, & leave directions to deliver the same to our Order during your absence. I am for 
Messrs Vanzandt Pintard &; Self 


Your Most Obedt Servt 

Henry Remsen 

P. S. I have not time to write Mr. Tillinghast. please inform him that I wrote last 
Week by a Sloop, Copy I order'd my Clerk to send by Post. Inclosed you have order for 
the Goods. 

The Council of Safety, Apr. 17, 1776, ordered £200. paid to Capt. WilHam Mercier for his 
expenses in fitting out the Sloop. Messrs Lux and Bowly, of Baltimore, Mar. 22, 1777, ac- 
knowledged the receipt of £361. 4, Current Money, from " William Rogers Esqr, Commander 
of the Sloop Montgomery * * * which said Sum is left in our Hands by him, as he is 
now bound to Sea on a Cruise against the Enemies of America". 

Before June, 1776, the " Montgomery " had taken these six prizes :— Sloop " Charlotte ", 
Brig " Pembroke ", Brig " Speedwell ", Schooner " Hiram ", Ship " Crawford ", and Sloop 
" Nancey ". 

The Sloop Charlotte a Prize taken by the Schuyler & Montgomery in June 1776 in a/c Curt 

with Danl Tillinghast 
Dr. Cr. 

1776 To Charges & Expences &c , 16. g. o 

To pd Obed Bunker pr Ordr the judges for Sails 66. 4. 2 1/2 

To the Sherefs Commission at i pr Cent 5. o. 5 

To the Judges Fees &c pr Recpt 33. o. i 38. o. 6 

To the Balla divided betwixt the Schuyler & Montgomery 381. 4. 6 1/2 

501.18. 3 


By the Amount of Sales of the Vessel & Her Cargo 501 . 18. 3 

Privateers 97 

Sloop Montgomery 44 men 

To 6 Carriage Guns 6 

12 Swevells 6 56 i2oi .8 i 1/2 

Sloop Schuyler 42 men 

6 Carriage Guns 6 

4 Swevella 2 50 £179.16. 5 1/2 

2/3ds the Continents part 119. 17. 7 1/2 

1/3 the Captors pd Jared Miles £56. o. 3 
My Commission on £78. 11. o 

being the Captors part of the 

Gross Sales at 5 pr Cent 3.18. 6 1/2 59.18.9 1/2 

179-16. 5 
£381. 4. 6 1/2 

By the Ballance to be proportioned between the Schuyler & Mont- 
gomery £381 . 4. 6 1/2 

Providence 11 February, 1777, Errors Excepted Daniel Tilling-hast 

The " Nancy " was used in the American service after her capture. 

In 1776, the " Montgomery " also took the " Blue Mountain Valley ", which was carried to 
Elizabethtown Point. On July 5, 1777, Eliphalet Wood acknowledged the receipt of $30. 
from Joshua Rogers, " being for one Quarter part of all My Prize Money due from the Sloop 
Montgomeria Late Commanded by William Rogers " 

Early in 1777, the Schooner "Hannah" was taken by the "Montgomery"; and the cargo 
was sold, in Baltimore, Feb. 5. The cargo consisted of Cheese, Ale, Port Wifles, Handker- 
chiefs, Stockings, Spices, Linen, Shoes, Beef, Pork and Peas; of which Col. Richard Henry 
Lee bought two hampers of Port Wine. The net proceeds of the sale were £8684.13. i 1/2. 
The prizes taken by the " Montgomery " were audited at £6933., in 1787. 

An Account of the Cost of the Sloop " Schuyler ", James Smith Master. 

January 23 Paid Col. McDougel for the Sloop £325. o. o 

Febry 26 Paid Capt. James Smith his Accot of Outfit 248. o. 10 

April 17 Paid do portledge Bill &c &c 268 . 12 . 6 1/2 

Paid do. do. do 124. 9. 2 

March 4 Paid do on Accot of Seamen's Wages 50. o. o 

12 Paid Chr Duyckink for Sails i7- 19- o 

The Provincial Congress, March 2, 1776, advanced to Capt. James Smith for wages of the 
Seamen and Marines and for Arms and Appurtenances, £50. The Committee of Safety seemed 
to have charge of the Sloop, in 1777. Her armament and complement of men will be found 
in the account of the " Montgomery ", above. 

The Committee of Safety, Dec. 4, 1776, named Victor Bicker, jr., Lieut of Marines for the 
Sloop " Congress ", directed him to enlist 30 Marines for the same term as the other Conti- 

98 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

nental Troops, and declared it to be their duty to guard the " Congress " and " Montgomery " 
" and such other Vessels and Stores, belonging to the Continent, as may be laid up with them ". 
The "Congress" had taken six prizes before June, 1776; and the cargoes were landed at 
Huntington, Long Island. 

The Schooner " General Putnam ", formerly the " Betsey ", was fitted out, on account of 
the Provincial Congress, in April, 1776. As the " Betsey ", it had been sold by Paul Mersereau 
to the State, Apr. 17, 1776 for £245. It was a Vessel of 27 tons, and it carried 5 Swivel Guns. 
The men were enlisted at once ; and there was a large amount of grog in the outfit. The Coun- 
cil of Safety, Nov. 5, 1776, ordered an accounting of the expenses and the discharge of the Crew. 

The Committee of Safety, Jan. 14, 1777, advanced to Capt. Robert Castle £80 for the main- 
tenance of the Armed Sloop " Camden ", " fitted out by Order of the Secret Committee for 
obstructing the Navigation of Hudson's River & for protecting the same against the Depreda- 
tions of the Enemy ". The owners stated that, about June i, 1777, the Sloop was taken by the 
State, dismantled and sent down the river from Albany to form a part of the Fleet Prison. In 
settling the accounts, the Auditor-General seemed to think that there had been two Ships of 
this name. (See " Ships " ; and the Fleet Prison, in " British Prisoners of War ".) 

An account of the expenses in securing a Prize, near Long Island, June 16, 1776, amounted 
to £32.10. o. A Prize brought to Fire Island July 10, 1776, had a cargo worth £1071.15.9, 
which was sent to the Continental Store Keeper, by order of Gen. Washington. 

The documents merely mention these Privateers, and their Captains who were appointed 
"by the Council of Appointments: — "Fox", Samuel Hunt; "Greyhound", Joshua Rogers; 
" Independence ", James Howlet ; " Porpoise ", James Vincent ; " Ranger ", Wm. Smith Scud- 
der ; " Refugee ", Titus Conklin ; " Resolution ", Valentine Ryder ; " Retaliation ", John Ingra- 
ham; "Revenge", Daniel Griffin; "Shark", Frederick Donaldson; "Suffolk", Nathaniel 

Occassional mention is made of the British Ships-of-War " Senegal ", " Asia ", " Phcnix ", 
and " Duchess of Gordon " ; also, of the Privateer " Dragoon ". 


On June 2, 1775, Henry Remsen, Lewis Pintard, Thomas Marston and Jacobus Leflerts, a 
Committee appointed by the Provincial Congress, borrowed £3987.14. o. on subscription; 
and, on the same date, they hired the Sloop "Harlequin", and sent it after Powder. The 
loan was repaid, Sept. i, 1775, the subscribers declining to receive interest. The Provincial 
Congress, June 12, 1775, sent the Sloop " Bishop of Landaff ", Capt. Snell, on a voyage to the 
Windward Islands " for the use of the Continental Army laying before Boston ". On Oct. 
17, the Congress authorized Jacobus Van Zandt to purchase this Sloop of Francis James, and 
others, for £496; and, Apr. 26, 1776, the Treasurer of the Congrecs received £425 from 
Jacobus Van Zandt for the sale of the Sloop to Francis Randal. 

The Committee of Safety, on Jan. 24, 1776, appointed Capt. Wm. Mercier to superintend 
and inspect the lading of all Vessels in th^ Port of New York, The Committee, Apr, 17, 

Ships 99 

ordered £650. paid to Comfort Sands for the Sloop " Sally ", Wilkie Dodge late Master ; and 
£500. for the Schooner " Polly ", Matthew Van Alstyne Master " which was insured at that 
Price by Mr. Sands on Account of this Colony ". 

See Voucher The State of New York To Comfort Sands Dr. 

313 To my Commission on 3 Cargoes of Provision shipt by Order of 

the Provincial Congress in Jany 1776 on board the Sloop James 
Richd Puller Master, ditto in the Schooner Polly Matthew Van- 
alstyne Master & the Sloop Sally Wilkie Dodge Master amount- 
ing in the whole to f3186.17.8p at 2 1/2 pr Cent which is allowed 
me by the house of Assembly See Journals of the house March 31 

1784 page 99 ^79- 13- 5 

Audited Augt 16, 1784 (Paid Jan. 11, 1785) 
The " Sally " in July and August, 1776, carried the Poor up the Hudson River from New 
York City. The Council of Safety, May 9, 1777, ordered Capt. Charles Sprainger to produce 
his accounts against the Brig " Mary ", which had been taken up the River to Peekskill. The 
total of the Accounts was £148. 6. o. Sampson Dyckman had a bill of £68.5.4, Nov. 15, 1780, 
for the hire of his Sloop " William Henry ' — 32 days, at 8d. per day, per ton. 

In discussing the Claims of this State against the United States, the Auditor-General stated 
that there were several " For the purchase of Vessels & Cargoes sent out to procure Arms, 
Ammunition & Cloathing for the use of the Army, several of which were taken ". The Auditor- 
General also made these comments : — 

Gilbert Pell £127.18 for timber taken to build Gondolas. These vessels were built by order 
of the Commander-in-Chief & not by the orders of the Provnl Congress & therefore no claim 
against the State. 

Theophilus Anthony £8.17.4 for Sundries deliv'd to defend the Continent'l Frigates that were 
built at Poughkeepsie. 

The Continental Frigates were built previous to Aug. 16, 1776. 

An a/c of Gilbert Pell for £127.18.0 for timber taken from his ship yard in the Out ward 
of New York City just before the British took possession of the city in 1776. The a/c is made 
out to Thomas Cheeseman, Benjamin Ayres and Thomas Dodge who directed the building of 
Gondolas and Row Galleys. Pell petitioned the legislature in 1790; but was referred to the 
United States as the State never built any such boat in New York but the United States did. 

In the final Accounts against the United States the following items appear under the head 
of " Naval Stores " :— 


41 Cr 2 gr 15 lb Oakum £107. 4. 4 

151 ps Pitch 197.16. o 

7 ps Tarr 5. 8. o 

23 Cr Cordage 223 .11. 5 1/2 

1371 Oars 318. 6. o 

8 ps Turpentine 27.0.0 

different Articles 22 . 3 . 4 

£ 901. 9. I 1/2 
Rope for the Ships was made by Capt. Anthony Rutgers and Christopher Tappen, " a Com- 
mittee for erecting a rope-walk in Kingston ". The Committee of Safety ordered the rope- 
walk built, early in 1777. Timber was bought of Col. Henry Van Rensselaer, EHas Has- 
brouck and Lawrence Van Gaasbeck. The Auditor-General made this comment on the claim 
for nails ; — - 

100 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Evert Bogardus' claim for making 325 lb. nails amounting to £12.3.9. I have examined 
the Account of C. Tappen & Capt. Rutgers who were appointed to Superintend the Rope 
walk & find this acct. not charged, & therefore I am of opinion he ought to be paid but not 
the whole sum because I think gd p: lb. for making nails when the nail rods were found 
him is too much. ^ 

The Accounts of Messrs. Rutgers and Tappen amounted to £3634, from May 9, to Sept. 6, 
1777. Large amounts of Hemp seed were purchased and given to the neighboring farmers. 
Some of it came from New Jersey. William Allison (then Captain, afterward Colonel) received 
;£iooo.. May g, 1777, to buy Hemp in Orange County; and it was kept, temporarily, in his 
store at New Windsor. When Kingston was burned, Oct. 16, 1777, the rope-walk was de- 
stroyed; and there is no evidence in the documents to show that it was rebuilt. 

Ships were also used to obstruct the channels of the East River and the North River. In 
July, 1776, the Convention voted £5000. to the following: — Robert R. Livingston, Robert 
Yates, Christopher Tappen, John Jay, William Paulding and Gilbert Livingston " a Secret 
Committee to obstruct the Navigation of the Hudson River ". The Committee met in New 
York City, June 19, to Aug. 17, 1776. In September, of that year, several Ships were sunk 
near Fort Washington, by order of the Commander-in-Chief. In October, the Committee paid 
£328.3.11 to Samuel Tudor for cutting timber. The Committee also paid £819.18.0 to Chris- 
topher Lefifingwell for a Brig. The State paid £500. to Jesse Hunt for the Sloop " N. Y. 
Packet " to obstruct the channel of the East River ; but, before it could be used, it was 
burned by the British. On Nov. 6, 1776, Patrick Dennis was paid £500. for obstructing the 
East river. In March, 1777, several anchors and cables were taken from Ships near the city 
of New York. The Committee expended about £15000. from 1777 to 1779. 

The Secret Committee, in 1776, paid £400. for the Brig " Nancy ", to obstruct the Hudson 
River. It had charge, also, of the " Camden " and other Armed Sloops, for the same purpose. 
The Committee of Safety, Jan. 14, 1777, voted i8o. to Capt. Robert Castle for subsisting the 
" Camden " in obstructing the channel of the Hudson River. The following comments were 
made by the Auditor-General in relation to the Claims against the United States for the use 
of these Ships : — 

The Sloops Hudson & Cambden (formerly the Ann & Bradstreet) were two armed vessels 
fitted out by the Secret Committee to protect the Inhabitants on the Banks of the Hudson 
against the British Tenders, the first was delivd to the Quarter Master & the latter was taken 
by the Enemy when Fort Montgomery was taken — this is proved by the Certificates of Gil- 
bert Livingston & Christor Tappans late members of the Secret Committee. 

The Sloop Schuyler (formerly the Sally) was fitted out for acct of the United States & the 
Command given to Capt. Pond. 

These vessels were Sent down & Sunk in the Chanel of the North River opposite Fort 
Washington this is proved by the Certificate of Gilbert Livingston late member of the Secret 
Committee & by the Aflfidavt of Major Biches now delivd up 

The Sloops Ann, Bradstreet, Mary Ann & Clinton acct for by the Certificates of Gilbert 
Livingston & Chrisr Tappan late members of the Secret Committee. 

The Accounts of the other members of the Secret Committee will be found in the Chapter 
on " Fortifications ". For further information regarding Ships, see the Chapters on " Priva- 
teers " ; " Powder " ; " The Refugees from Long Island to Connecticut " ; and the Fleet Prison, 
in " British Prisoners of War ". 




In Colonial and Provincial times, the Governor of New York enacted, interpreted and en- 
forced all of the laws. He virtually enacted, under the Colony, because he had a veto or an 
approval upon the work of the representative bodies, subject always to the will of the Crown. 
The first Constitution of the State, 1777, deprived him of the supreme judicial function, and 
.vested it in the Lieutenant Governor and Senate, and the Chancellor and Justices of the Su- 
preme Court. The same Constitution also established the Court for the Trial of Impeach- 
ments and the Correction of Errors, which was abolished by the Constitution of 1846. 

The Court of Admiralty was established by the Dutch. Under the supremacy of the 
English, its jurisdiction extended to Connecticut and New Jersey, as well as to New York. 
As the Revolutionary War approached, in 1774, the Judge, Richard Morris Resigned on 
account of his sympathy with the Colonists. Lewis Morris was appointed Judge, July 31, 1776; 
and Lewis Graham, Aug. 5, 1776. On the former date, the Convention appointed John 
M<=Kesson, Register ; and Robert Benson, Marshal. Thomas Ludlow, jr., had been appointed 
Marshal, in 1775. These were the only appointees who held office, in this Court, during the 

The Court of Chancery, originating in the Duke's Laws, was recognized by the Constitu- 
tion of 1777. Robert R. Livingston was appointed Chancellor by the Convention, May 8, 1777; 
was commissioned Oct. 13, of that year; and was re-elected, June 2^, 1783, because it was 
doubtful if he had not vacated his office by accepting from Congress the office of Secretary 
of Foreign Affairs. Among the documents in this Office there is one showing that, on Aug. 
13, 1783, the State Treasurer sent an order on the Governor for £200 in specie on account of 
the Salary of Robert R. Livingston, as Chanceller ; and receipt of the same was acknowledged 
by John R. Livingston Aug. 16, 1783. 

The Supreme Court was established, in 1691, soon after the occupation by the English. It 
was recognized by the Constitution of 1777; and reorganized May 3, of that year. The Judges 
were appointed by the Council of Appointment. During the Revolutionary War, and for 
many years afterward, the Court consisted of a Chief Justice and two Associate Justices. John 
Jay and Richard Morris were Chief Justices from May 8, 1777, to the end of the War; and 

102 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Robert Yates, as Chief Justice, signed many of the State documents at a later date. Robert 
Yates and John Sloss Hobart were Puisne Justices during the War. 

1778 The State of New York to Jno. Sloss Hobart Dr. 

April 18 — To my attendance on the Court of Oyer and Terminer in Dutchess 

County from the 13*'^ inclusive, 60 Days @ 40/ £12. o. o 



To 4 Days going to Albany at 40/ 8.0.0 

May 12 To my attendance on the Court of Oyer and Terminer in Albany 

County from the 4''' inclusive, 9 Days a 40/ 18. o. o 

14 To 2 Days returning home a 40/ 4.0.0 

25 To I Day going to Poughkeepsie a 40/ 2.0.0 

30 To my attendance on the Court of Oyer and Terminer in Dutchess 

County from the 26"" inclusive 5 Days a 40/ 10. o. 

June 2 To 3 Days returning home a 40/ 6.0.0 

Octr 20 To 2 Days going to Albany a 80/ 8.0.0 

To my attendance on the Court of Oyer and Terminer in Albany 

County 17 Days a 80/ 68. o. o 

To 3 Days returning a 80/ 12. o. o 

Deer 22 To 1 1 Days going to and returning from Goshen on Commission of 

Oyer and Terminer a 80/ 44- O- o 

31 To 3 Days going to Goshen a 80/ 12. o. o 


J any 13 To my attendance on the Court of Oyer and Terminer in Orange 

Jany 13 County from the i^' inclusive 13 Days a 80/ 52. o. o 

19 To 5 Days going to Albany a 80/ 20. o. o 

£276. o. o 

Feby 22'^ 1779 Errors excepted Jno. Sloss Hobart. 

[Audited Mar. 6; and paid Nov. 19, 1779] 

Rec'd in several payments from Gerard Bancker, Treasurer, the amount of the salary al- 
lowed me as One of the Puisne Justices of the Supreme Court of this State for my services 
from the first Monday in July 1779 to the first Monday in July 1780, pursuant to a Law passed 
the i^' July 1780 entitled " An Act for the payment of the several Officers of Government and 
of certain Debts due from this State," which Salary is three hundred and fifty pounds of 
the New Emitted Money equal to fourteen thousand pounds of the Old Continental Money in 
Circulation. Albany Jan'y 14* 1781 

£350. Robert Yates — 

State of New York in Account with John M'=Kesson Esq'^ 
D"" To Amot. of Costs of Prosecutions in Supreme Court as Per Accot. No. i. £ 548:16: 3 
To Amot. of Costs of Prosecutions in Court Oyer & Terminer as Pr. Ac- 
count No. 2 1077:14: o 

To Costs on Indictments on Confiscation Law , 2020 : 19 : o 

To Travelling Charges 223 : 6 : 8 

To Counsel Fees on Indictments drawn by him on Confiscation Law 147:18: o 

£ 4018:13:11 
C. By the Appraised value of a certain House conveyd to him, pursuant to an 

Act of the Legislature 1750 : o : o 

Ballance due John M'^Kesson 2268:13:11 

£ 4018:13:11 

The JtTDiciARY 103 

To Gerard Bancker Esq"" Treasurer of the State of New York — 
We the Subscribers in pursuance of the Act entitled "An Act for the payment of the Salaries 
of the Officers of Government & other contingent Charges passed the twenty first Day of 
April last, have this day Uquidated & settled the Accounts of John M'=Kisson Esquire the 
Clerk of the Supreme Court for his services both as Clerk of the Supreme Court, and as Clerk 
of the Courts of Oyer & Terminer & Goal Delivery in Prosecutions on behalf of the People 
of the State of New York against Persons for having adhered to the Enemies of this State & 
in other prosecutions on behalf of the People of the State of New York and do hereby Certify 
that after deducting the Sum of One Thousand Seven Hundred & Fifty Pounds being the ap- 
praised Value of a certain Messuage or Dwelling House with the Hereditaments & Appurte- 
nances — situate on the South Side of Queens Street in the East Ward of the City of New 
York conveyed to him by the Commissioners of Forfeitures for the Southern District in pur- 
suance of an Act entitled "An Act for the Speedy Sale of all confiscated and forfeited Estates 
within this State & for other purposes therein mentioned " there is due to the said John M'=- 
Kisson Esquire for his Services as aforesaid, a Balance of Two Thousand Two Hundred & 
Sixty Eight Pounds thirteen shillings & Eleven Pence Current Money of the State of New 
York — 

Given under our Hands this thirteenth day of December 1787 

The documents contain very few records of the transactions of the several Courts. Indeed, 
there is little of interest aside from the orders of the Governor to pay the salaries of the 
Judges. The documents, however, run far beyond the end of the War, and many important 
papers, containing testimony, orders &c, are signed by Judges and Justices. 



The New York Colonial Assembly or " General Assembly ", after an existence of 92 years, 
adjourned Apr. 3, 1775, and never again convened. It was succeeded by the First Pro- 
vincial Congress on May 22, 1775. The Delegates were elected under the Articles of Asso- 
ciation. The refusal to vote was sufficient to classify a man as a Non-Associate, and his 
Arms were at once taken from him. The vote was taken by Counties, a majority of the 
Counties forming a quorum. No matter how many Delegates a County had, its vote was fixed 
at a certain number. Gloucester had one vote; Albany, three; New York, four; and the re- 
maining Counties, two votes each. The three Sessions of this Congress were held in 1775, in 
the City of New York, as follows : — May 22 to July 8 ; July 26 to Sept. 2 ; and Oct. 4 to Nov. 
4. Just before the adjournment of July 8, the Committee of Safety was appointed (See the 
Chapter on " The Committee of Safety "). 

This Congress, on Oct. 17 and 18, 1775, ordered the payment of £496. for the Pilot-Boat 
" Bishop of Landaff "; and, on Oct. 21, took action relative to the employment of Vessels by 
Messrs Pintard, Remsen and Van Zandt. 

The following bill was by the printer, James Rivington, who was at first inclined to side 
with the Enemy; but afterward, was with the Colonists, though not without some distrust on 
their part. The bill gives a fair sample of the transactions of the Congress in the early days 
of the War. 

Provincial Congress to James Rivington Dr. 
1774. Nov"" 24*"^ To advertg the Election of a Committee of 60 Persons for pur- 
poses mentioned in the Association £ o. lo.o 

1775 May 25 — To Do. Resolves for the Discharge of such money as is now lent 

&c o. 5.0 

June I — "to Do. No hostilities agt Canadians o. 5.0 

To Do. recommending to appoint County Committees & Sub- 
Committees &c o. 5.0 

To Do. recommending the Inhabitants of the Colony to Arm 

themselves &c o. 5.0 

July 6 To Do. the Vessel to go to Newfoundland o. 5.0 

13 To Do. recommending 20 day of July as a day of fasting &c 0.5.0 

21 To Do. Ulster County subscribers recantation o. 8.0 

Augt 10 To Do. Ways & Means of Discharging the debts already con- 
tracted &c o . 5.0 

To Do. a barge to be built for Ship Asia 0.5.0 

17 To Do. bounty on Gun powder o. 5.0 

To Do. Ship Asia's barge to be rebuilt o. 8.0 

The Provincial Congresses 


1775 Augt 17 To Do. forming a Militia £0. 16.0 

To Do. the propriety of exporting flax seed o. 5.0 

Sepf 7 To Do. not to assist the Ministerial army and navy i . 17.0 

14 To Do. necessary to detain Capn Wynn o. 5.0 

28 To Do. Deserters o. 8.0 

Ocf 19 To Do. that the Congress be dissolved on the 14 day of Novem- 
ber o. 10. o 

26 To Do. touching the election of a future provincial Congress 0.5.0 

[This Account was Audited Mar. 5, and Paid Mar. 8, 1776] ~ 

' // J £ 7.17.0 

The First Provincial Congress consisted of the following Officers and Deputies: — 
President — Peter Van Brugh Livingston 

Presidents Pro Tem. — Nathaniel Woodhull and Abraham Yates* 
Vice President — Volkert P. Douw* 
Secretaries — John McKesson and Robert Benson 
Doorkeeper — Thomas Pettit 

Albany Kings Orange John Sloss Hobart 

Jacob Cuyler* Nicholas Couwenhoven* William Allison* Ezra L'Hommedieu 

Volkert P. Douw* John Leflfertse* Jeremiah Clark* Selah Strong* 

Henry Glen Johannis E. Lott* Peter Clowes* Thomas Tredwell* 

Walter Livingston* Thsodorus Polhemus* John Coe* Thomas Wickham 

Francis Nicoll Jeremiah Remsen* John Haring* Nathaniel Woodhull 

Peter Silvester* Richard Stilwell* Michael Jackson* Trvon 

Dirck Swart* John Vanderbilt* Abraham Lent* j^j^j^ Marlett* 

Abraham Ten Broeck Henry Williams* David Pye* j j^ Moore 

Robert Van Rensselaer New York Isaac Seely* Christopher P. Yates* 

Abraham Yates, jr. t tj t Benjamm Tusten* 

Robert Yates* aT*! r T * Jesse Woodhull* Ulster 

runrlntt, Abraham Brasher* Charles Clinton* 

Charlotte David Clarkson* Queens Tames Clinton* 

Archibald Campbell* John DeLancey* Jacob Blackwell* Egbert Dumond 

J^f ^SmUh** ™^^ '''■^"^""* J^'P'^ ''""^'^* Joh-"- Hardenburgh* 

George Smith* George FoUiott* Thomas Hicks* Ta.^K m„^,„k».i,* 

David Watkins* Joseph Hallett* Jonathan Laurence* {rn M^Zitn 

John Williams* ienjamin Ki.sam* Daniel Rapalje* S^stX Tappen 

Cumberland Leonard Lispenard* Joseph Robinson 

John Hazeltine* p. Van Brugh Livingston Richard Thorne* Westchester 

PaulSpooner* Isaac Low* Nathaniel Tom* David Dayton* 

William Williams* Alexander McDougall* Samuel Townsend Joseph Drake* 

Dutchess John Marston* Zebulon Williams* Lewis Graham* 

Dirck Brinckerhoff* Isaac Roosevelt Richmond Robert Graham* 

Anthony Hoffman* John Morin Scott Richard Conner* James Holmes* 

Jonathan Landon* Isaac Sears* Aaron Cortelyou* Gouverneur Morns 

Gilbert Livingston* Thomas Smith* John Tourney* William Paulding* 

Richard Montgomerie* James Van Cortlandt* Rjehard Lawrence* John Thomas, jr. 

Ephraim Paine* John Van Cortlandt p^uI Micheau* James Van Cortlandt* 

Zephaniah Piatt* Jacobus Van Zandt Paul Micheau Philip Van Cortlandt* 

Nathaniel Sackett* Samuel Verplanck* Suffolk Stephen Ward* 

Gysbert Schenck* Abraham Walton* John Foster 

Melancton Smith* Richard Yates* James Havens* 

The Second Provincial Congress convened, in New York City, Dec. 6, 1775; and 
adjournment was made on Dec. 22. The Second Session ran from Feb. 12 to Mar. 16, 1776; and 
the third, from May 8 to May 13. The basis of representation and the manner of voting were 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Deputy 

io6 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

those followed in the First Congress. The records show that the Committee of Dutchess County 
paid the Deputies therefrom 10/ — per day for their attendance. 
Among the documents relating to this Congress is the following 

In Provincial Congress New York Feby. i8th 1776. 
Whereas tho' it is in the opinion of this Congress impracticable at present totally to cut off 
all communication of the Inhabitants of this Colony with the Ships of War now in this Port 
& the Ship on board of which his Excellency Governor Tryon resides ; yet it appears neces- 
sary to confine such Communication to certain particular Objects, to the end, that the public 
service may not be injured by a free and unlimited Intercourse between them and this Colony 
It is therefore ordered that all Communication between the said Ships of War and all the 
Inhabitants of this Colony be and hereby is prohibited except upon special Permits to be 
obtained from this Congress or the Committee of Safety and also except for supplying the said 
Ships of War respectively with necessary Provisions from time to time for the use & consump- 
tion of their respective Crews only under the following Restrictions & Regulations to wit: 
That no Provisions shall be supplied for their use and Consumption by any other Persons 
than their respective Agent Victuallers in this City upon Permits to be obtained by them 
respectively from tirne'to time for the purpose from this Congress or the Committee of Safety; 
which Provisions shall not in any case be put on board any Boat for such supply as aforesaid 
at any other Place than the ferry Stairs near the Exchange in this City & that in the presence 
of a Port Master to be appointed by this Congress or the Committee of Safety who shall care- 
fully inspect the same & compare the Provisions with the Permit and thereupon countersign the 
said Permit and keep an exact & particular Account of the same to be reported by him to this 
Congress or the Committee of Safety from time to time when called for. Ordered farther that 
Mr. Elias Nexcen be and is hereby appointed Port Master for & during the pleasure of this 
Congress with an allowance at & after the rate of eighteen Dollars & one third of a Dollar per 
month for so long a time as he shall continue in the said Service. Ordered further that all 
communication between the said Inhabitants and the said Ship of his Excellency the Governor 
be & is hereby prohibited except with respect to his Honor the Lieutenant Governor; the 
Members of his Majesty's Council the Surveyor General the Deputy Secretary of this Colony 
and his necessary Clerks, and such other Persons as shall from time to time have particular 
Permits for the purpose from this Congress or the Committee of Safety ; and except also such 
Intercourse as may be necessary for supplying the Governor the necessary Provisions for him- 
self and his family which supplies shallfrom time to time be sent from the said ferry Stairs 
and no other place and that in the presence and under the inspection of the said Port Master 
who shall keep exact & particular Accounts of the same to be reported as aforesaid and except 
also that the Brewers supply the said three Ships with beer as usual till further Order of this 
Congress or the Committee of Safety. Rob*. Benson Secr^. 

1776 State of New York to Elias Nexsen Dr. 

April i8th To 2 months pay, as port Master, Appointed by the Honbl. Provincial 
Congress, for Attending with Supplys of Provisions &c. on board his 
Britanic Majesties Ship of war the Asia Phenix & Dutchess of Gor- 
don Gov''. Tryon Ships &c. 2 months pay at 18 1/3 Doll £14:13: 4. 

[This Account was audited Sept. 30, and paid Oct. i, 1790] 

The Second Congress, according to the documents, took action as follows : — Dec. 19, 1775, 
the Committee on Vessels reported upon certain articles that could be obtained abroad; same 
date, the same Committee reported on the Salt Petre that could be purchased; Dec. 19, the 
same Committee was given directions as to the cargoes of Powder, Muskets, Salt-Petre, Cloth 
&c that were to be brought from European ports; Mar. 2, 1776, £50 was ordered to be paid 
to the men of the Sloop " Schuyler " ; Mar. 4, voted £40, to Samuel Prince to pay for trans- 
porting Continental Gun- Powder to Cambridge ; Mar. 8, an appropriation for the wants of the 

The Provincial Congresses 


families of the Soldiers; Mar. 13, appropriations to the several County Committees; Mar. 14, 
voted £1000 to John R. Livingston for erecting a Powder Mill to be completed within three 
months, his bondsmen being Isaac Roosevelt, Nathaniel Woodhull and Abraham Yates, jr; 
May 10, voted £150 to Henry Wisner, jr., for Gun-Powder. 

May the 18, 1776 The County of Albany To Francis NicoU 
For his Services attending the provincial Congress in New York these following Days — 

From May the 18, 1775 to June the 7, Days 21 

From June the 25 to July the 10 16 

From September the^ 10 to October the 8 29 

From November the 19 to December the 17 29 

From February the 9 to March the 8 27 

in all a 10/ — 


Francis Nicoll i 61. o. o. 

[The Albany Committee ordered this account to be paid, June 24, 1776] 

The Officers of the Second Provincial Congress were the same who served in the First Con- 
gress, except the President and Treasurer. The Deputies to the Second Congress follow the 
Officers : — 

President — Nathaniel Woodhull 
President pro tern. — John Haring 
Treasurer — Peter Van Brugh Livingston 

John James Bleecker* 
Jacob Cuyler* 
Leonard Gansevoort* 
Henry Glen 
Peter R. Livingston 
Francis Nicoll 
Henry Oothoudt* 
Peter Silvester* 
Abraham Ten Broeck 
Robert Van Rensselaer 
Abraham Yates, jr. 
Robert Yates* 

John Williams* 

Paul Spooner* 
William Williams 

Jacob Everson* 
Morris Graham* 
Cornelius Humphreys* 
John Kaine* 
Gilbert Livingston* 
Robert G. Livingston* 
Beverly Robinson* 

Henry Schenck 
Petrus Ten Broeck* 

Nicholas Couwenhoven* 
John Lefifertse* 
Theodorus Polhemus* 
Rutger Van Brunt* 
John Vanderbilt* 

New York 
Evert Bancker* 
James Beekman 
Abraham Brasher* 
Cornelius Clapper* 
William i/enning* 
Joseph Hallett* 
Benjamin Helme* 
John Imlay 
Benjamin Kissam* 
P. Van Brugh Livingston 
Gabriel W. Ludlow* 
Alexander McDougall* 
John Morton* 
Samuel Prince 
John Ray* 
Isaac Roosevelt 
Adrian Rutgers* 

Anthony Rutgers 
Comfort Sands* 
John Morin Scott 
Isaac Sears* 
Thomas Smith* 
Isaac Stoutenburgh* 
John Van Cortlandt 
Theodorus Van Wyck* 
Jacobus Van Zandt 

William Allison* 
Jeremiah Clark* 
Peter Clowes* 
Theunis Cuyper* 
John Haring* 
Ann Hawk Hay* 

(No Delegates) 

Adrian Bancker* 
Richard Lawrence* 

Daniel Brown* 
David Gelston 
John Sloss Hobart 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 

Selah Strong* 
Thomas Tredwell* 
Thomas Wickham 
Nathaniel Woodhull 

John Moore 
Isaac Paris 
William Wills 

Samuel Brewster* ' 
Matthew Cantine 
Andries DeWitt* 
Andries Le fever* 
Thomas Palmer 
Matthew Rea 
Henry Wisner 
Dirck Wynkoop, jr. 
Gilbert Drake 
Joseph Drake* 
Lewis Graham* 
Robert Graham* 
Ebenezer Lockwood 
William Paulding* 
John Thomas, jr.* 
Pierre Van Cortlandt* 
Stephen Ward* 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Deputy 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The session of the Third Provincial Congress was cut short by the threatened advance 
of the British upon the meeting-place, New York City. May i8 to June 30, 1776, was the 
hmit of its existence. The ratio of representation was changed in this Congress so that the 
Counties had votes as follows : — Gloucester, one ; Charlotte, Cumberland, Kings, Richmond and 
Tryon, two each ; Orange, three ; Queens, Suffolk, Ulster and Westchester, four each ; Dutchess, 
five; Albany, six; and New York, eight. 

The documents give little of note relating to the transactions of this Congress, except the 
following : — 

The Honorable Provincial Congress Dr. to Samuel Fraunces — New York 14th June, 1776. 

To an Entertainment ' £ 45 . o . o 

To 6 Dozn & 6 Bottles of Madeira 23. 8. o 

To 2 do & 6 do Port 9. o. o 

To Porter 45/ — Cyder 37/ — Spruce 4/6 4. 9. 6 

To Sangary 66/ — To do 18/ — Punch 12/ — 4. 16. o 

To Madeira 12/ — Bitters 3/ — o. 15. o 

To Lights 8/ — Wine Glasses broken 16/ — i . 4. 6 

To 4 Wine Decanters 8/ — 2 Water Decanters 14/ — 1.2.0 

To a Chainie Pudding Dish 12/ — Tumblers 14/ — 1.6.0 

[This Account was audited and paid, June 25, 1776] 

£ 91. I . o 

Fraunces' Tavern, at the corner of Pearl and Broad streets, is still standing. It was here 
that Washington bade farewell to his ofi&cers. 

On June 10, 1776, the Congress loaned £1500 to the authorities of the City and County of 
New York for the purpose of helping the poor. 

The Officers of the Second Congress also served in the Third Provincial Congress. The 
Deputies in the latter were as follows : — 

Albany John Sessions Kings Francis Lewis* 

Matthew Adgate* Simon Stevens Nicholas Couwenhoven* Philip Livingston* 

John James Bleecker* .William Williams Lefferet Lefferts* Abraham P. Lott 

Jacob Cuyler* Dutchess John Leffertse* Thomas Randall* 

Leonard Gansevoort* Benjamin Delaverjrne* Theodoras Polhemus* Henry Remsen* 

Henry Glen Tnhn Field* Jeremiah Remsen* Isaac Roosevelt 

Peter R. Livingston Morris Graham* Rutger Van Brunt* Anthony Rutgers 

Francis Nicoll Anthony Hoffman* Jeremiah Vanderbilt* Comfort Sands* 

JohnTayler Cornelius Humphreys* John Vanderbilt* John Morin Scott 

Abraham Ten Broeck Jonathan Landon* ., „ , Isaac Stoutenburgh* 

John Ten Broeck Gilbert Livingston* ^ , , .f T* J°^" ^'" ^°'"""^' 

Robert Van Rensselaer j^n^es Livingston* ?r1f^'f Jacobus Van Zandt 

Abraham Yates, ir. ^^^^^^ ^ Livingston* 4°^",^''°^! * ^''^' ^'^- Van Zandt 

Christopher Yates* Zeohaniah Piatt* Bancker* 

Robert Yates* Nathaniel Sackett* James Beekman Orange 

^, , Nathaniel backett Abraham Brasher* William Allison* 

Charlotte Henry Schenck tu-d ^i. t>j./^i * 

.„. ^ X , V- , , J, John Broome* Peter Clowes* 

William Duer John Schenck* -wr-u- _ t-. • * t i, tr • * 

t> , c u ,,* William Dennmg* John Haring* 

William Ma colm* Paul Schenck* James Duane* Archibald Little* 

Alexander Webster James Vanderburgh* j^^^j^j ^^^^^^^^ Thomas Cutwater* 

John Williams* Theodorus Van Wyck* Joseph Hallett* David Pye* 

Cumberland Gloucester Robert Harpur* Isaac Sherwood* 

Joseph Marsh Jacob Bayley* John Jay* Joshua H. Smith* 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Deputy 

The Provincial Congresses 109 

Roeloff Van Houten* Richard Lawrence* John Moore Christopher Tappen 

Henry Wisner Paul Micheau* Benjamin Newkirk* Henry Wisner 

e«^^«^ Suffolk VoUc'e^vLder* Westchester 

Jacob Blackwell* Daniel Brown* SSooherP Yates* Gilbert Drake 

Thomas Hicks* Thomas Dering Christopher P. Yates peter Fleming* 

Abraham Kettletas* David Gelston y^^^^^ Lewis Graham* 

Jonathan Laurence John Sloss Hobart Samuel Brewster* Samuel Haviland* 

Waters Smith* Ezra L'Hommedieu Matthew Cantine Ebenezer Lockwood 

James Townsend* Burnet Miller* George Clinton* Zebediah Mills 

Samuel Townsend William Smith Charles De Witt Gouverneur Morris 

Cornelius Van Wyck* Selah Strong Abraham Hasbrouck Lewis Morris* 

John Williams* Thomas Tredwell* Arthur Parks Jonathan Piatt* 

Richmond Thomas Wickham Levi Pawling Benjamin Smith* 

Richard Conner* Nathaniel Woodhull Matthew Rea Jonathan G. Tompkins' 

Aaron Cortelyou* Trym Johannis Snyder* Pierre Van Cortlandt 

John Journey* William Harper 

The Fourth Provincial Congress was the last of the Representative Bodies before the 

adoption of the first Constitution of the State. It met at White Plains July 9, 1776. On the 
following day, the name was changed to " The Convention of the Representatives of the State 
of New York " ; and, thenceforth, it was known as The Convention. On July 2y, the Con- 
vention adjourned to meet at Harlem on July 29. The session at Harlem continued until 
Aug. 29; when, the threatened invasion of the Enemy being close at hand, adjournment was 
made to Fishkill. The public business was entrusted to the Committee of Safety. The Con- 
vention met at Fishkill, Sept. 5 to 7; Sept. 14 to Oct. 5, when the public business was again 
entrusted to the Committee of Safety; Oct. 15; Dec. 5 and 6; and, on Feb. 11, 1777, adjourned 
to meet in Kingston. The session at the latter place began Mar. 6; and ended. May 13, 1777. 
A Constitution for the State was formed, and a Council of Safety was elected to administer 
the government temporarily. Thus the Fourth Provincial Congress gradually gave way to the 
newly-created Legislature (See "The Legislature.") 

The migratory character of the Convention is shown in the documents relating to the Records 
of the Officers of that body. As late as March, 1776, the Records were stored, under guard, at 
the house of Nicholas Bayard, in the Out Ward of the City of New York. As the Enemy occu- 
pied the City, and other places to the Northward, the Records were sent to a safe distance 

The State of New York to Abraham Hasbrouck, Joseph Gasherie, Christopher Tappen and 
Dirck Wynkoop — Junr .... Dr 

June 16''' To Riding the Record of the Secretarys office from the Landing in 12 

Loads a. 5/ — i 3.0.0 

To Storing the Records from the 16* June 1776 to the 12"^ October 

1777, 69 Weeks a. 8/ — 27 . 12 . o 

To Lodging & Diating Samuel Bayard, Junr, Esq. 69 weeks a 20/ — . 69. o. o 

To fire wood & Candles for Do 20. o. o 

Keeping Mr. Bayard's horSe from the 23<^ June 1776 to the 12"' Octo- 
ber 1777 33. o. o 

Lodging Mr Bayard's Servant from the 23"^ June 1776 to the 12"' 

October 1777 , 34. o. o 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Deputy 

no New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Ocf 12* To Riding the above Records from Kingston to Rochester in 10 Wag- 
gons a 24/ — £12. o. o 

Providing Waggon and Attending the Removal to Rochester and , 
Delivering the Records Unto Hendricus Hoornbeek, Comfort 
Sands & Johannis G. Hardenbergh, Esq"", According to a Resolve 

of the Council of Safety for said State of New York 3. o. o 

[This account was paid Dec. 31, I777] ~~r 

^ ^ o /// J £ 191. 12. O 

1776 The Convention of the State of New York To Gerard Bancker Dr. 

June 30 To Cash pd. for a Box to put in the Vouchers £ i : 

a lock for ditto , 4 : 

pd for a Money Chest with Clasps 1:4: 

pd Bayley for making a Strong Lock 16 : 

pd freight for Chests &c. from N.York to Tarry Town . . 12 : 

pd for a barrel in N. Y. & Cartage 6 : 

July 25 To my Service as Clerk to the Auditor from the 9th to 25th July — 

17 days at 6/ 5 : 2 : 

Sept. 25 To my Expences in going after dififer' persons in W. Chester Co. 
who had delivered the Pork to Comm^. Trumble for their Rect. 
and afterwards to Mr. Trumble for Money — 5 Days, including 

horse hire 3 : o : 

Ocf. 15 To my Expence in going part of the way to Philad* after money in 
Company with Col. Birdsale & bearing his Expences, including 

my horse hire and ferriages 2 :i6 : o 

Octobr. 28 To my Expences in going to Joseph Paulding's after Mr. Curte- 

nius's papers — 3 Days 1:16: 

i 16:16: o 

The difficulty of securing the attendance of many of the Deputies is shown by the two docu- 
ments following: — 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York-Fishkill December 21^* 1776. 

Whereas the Condition of this State, invaded and surrounded by numerous Enemies, required 
the constant sitting of Convention for the dispatch of the public Business, and 

Whereas the Enemy have possessed themselves of Long Island, Richmond County and the 
City & County of New York ; And it is out of the power of the Committees of those Counties 
to provide for the support of their respective Representatives, who being driven from their 
Habitations and deprived of their Estates, are the less able to Subsist at their own private 
Expense, while they are burthened with the accumulated Charge of maintaining their Families 
and attending on the Business of the State. 

Resolved, therefore, that this Convention will advance on the Credit of the said respective 
Counties the allowances heretofore given to the Representatives of the said Counties in Con- 
vention, and which are in Arrear since the fourteenth day of May last. And to the Representa- 
tives of the City and County of New York, ten shillings per day, respectively; such allowance 
to be computed from the time the Convention removed to the White Plains. 

Resolved that the Said Allowance be made on the Certificate of the President or Vice Presi- 
dent of the Convention, or of the Chairman of the Committee of Safety, and that the Treas- 
urer pay the same on such Certificate accordingly. 

Resolved that the sums allowed and paid to such Representatives be charged to the Account 
of the City and Counties which they respectively Represent. 

A true copy from the Minutes of the Convention — 

Attest James Livingston Chairman of the Committee of Safety 

John McKesson Secr'y — January 16'^ 1777 

The Provincial Congresses hi 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York, Kingston May g^^ 1777. 

Whereas the County of Queens, being now in the Power of the Enemy, it hath become 
impracticable to assemble a County Committee therein : 

Therefore on Application of the Deputy of the said County for Money to defray the Wages 
due to the Deputies of the said County : — 

Ordered that the Treasurer of this State pay to the Deputies of Queens County, or either 
of them, on Account of the County of Queens to be accounted for by the said County to this 
State, and for the Disposition whereof the said Deputy or Deputies shall be held to Account 
with the said County, the sum of Two hundred Pounds on Account of the Wages due to the 
Deputies who have been elected and represented that County — 
i200. Attest By Order. 

Rob't Benson, Secr'y — Ab"* Ten Broeck President 

Reed, May 13*^ ^777, from P. V. B. Livingston by the hands of Gerard Bancker two hundred 
pounds pursuant to the above Order — Jon'n Laurence 

The Officers and Deputies were paid, as follows. 

The State of New York To Robt. Benson Dr. 
To his Services as Secretary to the Convention from the 14th May 1776 to the 

1st Day of Aug*. 1777 inclusive — is 443 Days at 20/ pr Day £ 443 : 

Disbursements by Order of Convention & Committee of Safety — to wit — 
To an Indigent Person by Order of the Committee of Safety ....£1:4: — 

To Capt. Man with Dispatches to the Albany Militia 2 : 

To I2lb. Candles 12 : — 

To Major Tappen for his Expences in escorting Lady Johnson to 

Wallkill I :i4: 9 

To Gouvemeur Morris for so much by him pd. to an Express & the 

printers Boys 3 : 4 : — 

To John Sickles for riding Conventions Chest of Papers &c. from 

Harlem to Fort Washington 1:4: — 

To James Weeks for the Hire of his Horse for Pat. McCloskey an 

Express from cont*. Congress to the eastern States i :io: — 

To Postage 5:9 11 113 :6 

[Robert Benson received pay for this claim, Aug. 6, 1777] — 

£ 454:13:6 

The County of Suffolk to William Smith one of the Deputies of the said County at Conven- 
tion Dr. 

To attending Convention from the eighth day of July to the Twenty first day of 

September 1776 both days included, is Days 75 

To the like attendance from the seventh day of Ocf 1776 to the Twenty fourth day 

of January 1777, both days included, is Days 109 

To one Day travelling to Blooming Grove, viz* — the 22"^ of September, and one day 
in returning, vizt on the sixth day of October, for which I charge my County as I 
could not go to my Family & went there for Necessaries Days 188 

As Chairman of the Committee of Safety I do hereby certify the above Account of the At- 
tendance of William Smith, Esqr, on Convention. And the Treasurer of the State of New 
York is hereby required to pay to the Said William Smith, Esquire, as one of the Represen- 
tatives of Sufifolk County in Convention One hundred Eighty Eight Dollars for his Attend- 
ance at Convention and Time of Travelling on the Times above mentioned taking his receipt 
for the same. And the said Treasurer is further required to charge the same One hundred & 
Eighty Eight Dollars to the Account of Suffolk County pursuant to Resolutions of the Con- 

112 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

vention of the Representatives of the said State passed on the Twenty first day of December 

last past — Dated this Twenty fourth day of January 1777 

Dollars 188 J°^" Livingston, Chairman 

[William Smith received pay for this claim Jan. 24, 1777] 

In Convention of the State of New York — Kingston April 26* 1777 

It is hereby Certified that Capt. Anthony Rutgers hath as a Deputy for the City & County 
of New York attended the Convention & Committees of Safety from the first meeting of the 
Convention at White Plains to this Day, One hundred & two days — 

^j.|.gg^ Pierre Van Cortlandt, V. Prest. 

Robt Benson Secr'y — 
[Anthony Rutgers received £51. for this Claim, Apr. 25, 1777] 

The State of New York to Thomas Pettit, Dr. 

August 31'* To my Service as Doorkeeper to the Convention from the i" Instant 

to this Day, is 31 Days at 8/— £12. 8.0 

To Cash pd a party of Soldiers at Fort Washington for carrying the 

secretaries Baggage, papers &c off to the Sloop o. 16.0 

To my Expences coming up with the Sloop & Baggage i- 3-0 

To Cash pd Cleaning the Harlem Church 0.4.6 

[Thomas Pettit received pay for this Claim, Sept. 12, 1776] £14.11.6 

In spite of being driven from pillar to post, the Convention did some very important work. 
In 1776, it included these items: — July to October, many appropriations were made for 
Bounties, in several of the Regiments; July 16, it was Resolved to call out one fourth part of 
the Militia in the Counties of Dutchess, Orange, Ulster and Westchester; July 23, it was Re- 
solved that Companies of Rangers should be raised in the Counties to the North of Dutchess 
and Ulster; July 30, it was voted to loan £500 to the first five persons who should extract Salt 
from sea-water, and the loan was made to Alexander Robertson, Peter Sim and Marinus Wil- 
lett on the following day ; Aug. 28, Mr. Gelston was ordered to proceed to Connecticut with letters 
to Governor Trumbull; Aug. 29, it was recommended that the inhabitants of Suffolk County 
should remove as many as possible of their Women, Children, Slaves and Stock " to the main ", 
and it was declared that the Convention would pay the Expense; Sept. 4, Committees were ap- 
pointed in the Counties of Albany, Dutchess, Orange, Ulster and Westchester to secure 4000 
lances; Oct. 3, Robert Harpur, Abraham P. Lottand Nathaniel Sackett were appointed a Commit- 
tee to have charge of all the Flax belonging to the Convention, and to have the same manu- 
factured into Yarn and Cloth. 

An outline of the Convention's work, in 1777, is this; Apr. 5, the sum of £1000. was voted to 
the Commissioners of Conspiracies; Apr. 25, it was directed that certain Tea, taken by Col. 
Allison at Hackensack, be dealt out to the officers and men of the Regiments that took it, " one 
pound to each man, they paying at the rate of six shillings per pound for the same " ; Apr. 26, 
it was voted to give £100 to the Committee of Kingston for the night watch over the Prisoners; 
May 5, Commissioners of the Poor were appointed in the Several Counties; May 10, Philip 
Leake was given £200. to pay for Shoes and Stockings; May 13, directions were given for 
the removal of the well-affected inhabitants and the Grain and Forage from the lower part of 

The Provincial Congresses 


Westchester County; same date, it was ordered that the price of Salt in Westchester County 
should be 20/—, and that all Salt taken in that County should be removed to Kingston, subject 
to the order of the Council of Safety or the Legislature; June 9, there was offered a Bounty of 
£5. for every hundred weight of Powder " manufactured within this Colony ". 

The Officers of the Fourth Provincial Congress, or Convention, were the following, the re- 
maining Officers having been those of the First Congress :— 

Presidents — Peter R. Livingston, Abraham Ten Broeck, Pierre Van Cortlandt, Nathaniel 
Woodhull and Abraham Yates, jr. 

Presidents pro tern.— Leonard Gansevoort, William Smith and Abraham Yates, jr. 

The Deputies, or Delegates, were: — 

Matthew Adgate* 
John James Bleccker* 
Jacob Cuyler* 
Leonard Gansevoort* 
Peter R. Livingston 
John Tayler 
Abraham Ten Broeck 
John Ten Broeck 
Robert Van Rensselaer 
Abraham Yates, jr. 
Robert Yates* 

William Duer* 
George Smith* 
Alexander Webster 
John Williams* 

Joseph Marsh 
John Sessions 
Simon Stevens 

Dr. Joseph Crane* 
Anthony Hoffman* 
Jonathan Landon* 
Gilbert Livingston* 
James Livingston* 
Robert R. Livingston* 
Zephaniah Piatt* 
Nathaniel Sackett* 

Henry Schenck 
John Schenck* 

Jacob Bayley* 
Peter Olcott* 

Theodorus Polhemus* 

New York 
Garret Abeel* 
Evert Bancker* 
James Beekman 
Abraham Brasher* 
John Broome* 
William Denning* 
James Duane* 
Daniel Dunscomb 
Robert Harpur* 
John Jay* 
Francis Lewis* 
Philip Livingston* 
Abraham P. Lott 
Thomas Randall* 
Henry Remsen* 
Isaac Roosevelt 
Anthony Rutgers 
John Morin Scott 
William Scott* 
Isaac Stoutenburgh* 
John Van Cortlandt 
Peter P. Van Zandt 

William Allison* 
Jeremiah Clark* 
John Haring* 
Archibald Little* 
Thomas Outwater* 
David Pye* 
Isaac Sherwood* 
Joshua H. Smith* 

Jacob Blackwell* 
Abraham Kettletas* 
Jonathan Laurence 
Benjamin Sands* 
Waters Smith* 
James Townsend* 
Samuel Townsend 
Cornelius Van Wyck* 

(No Delegates) 

Thomas Dering 
David Gelston 
David Hedges* 
John Sloss Hobart 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Burnet Miller* 
William Smith 
Thomas Tredwell* 
Nathaniel Woodhull 

William Harper 
John Moore 
Benjamin Newkirk* 
Isaac Paris 
Volkert Veeder* 

Matthew Cantine 
George Clinton* 
Charles De Witt 
Arthur Parks 
Levi Pawling 
Matthew Rea 
Christopher Tappen 
Henry Wisner 

Gilbert Drake 
Lewis Graham* 
Samuel Haviland* 
Ebenezer Lockwood 
Zebediah Mills 
Gouverneur Morris 
Lewis Morris* 
William Paulding* 
Jonathan Piatt* 
Benjamin Smith* 
Jonathan G. Tompkins 
Pierre Van Cortlandt 

The following Accounts show some of the transactions of the several Provincial Congresses, 
relative to the progress of the War: — 




17th To a Horse and Chair to remove the Plates of the State Bills of Credit 
from the City of New York to the White plains & which was then 
detained for want of an opportunity to have the same returned in the 
whole eight — at 14/ per day £5 :i2 :o 

* Does not appear in the docuhients as a Deputy 

114 'New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


June 25th To cash paid Manning Bull for keeping said Horse £2 : o :o 

To cash paid by order of Convention for cartage of a Box of Records 

and Documents from the receiver General's Office to Harlem 12:0 

At Fish Kill 
Sept. ist To cash paid Francis Winne for Sloop hire conveying the Records of 
Convention & the State Treasury & records thereof and the Records 
of the receiver General's Ofifice &c. from Harlem to Fish Kill as per 

receipt 4:i5'0 

To cash paid Capt. Danl. Ter Boss at Fish Kill Landing for Storage 
and to Negroes with a craft for bringing on shore and Storing the 

records Treasury &c 18 :o 

2nd To cash paid Danl. Ter Boss George Brett & Jacob Gray for convey- 
ing the same to Fish Kill Village three Waggon Load I : o :o 

Jan. 7 Doctor Williams one of the Members having by order of the Conven- 

tion inspected the Medicines and directed the putting them up — 
Cash paid Gilbt. Barns for making a Box, repairing another Box & 

hooping & heading a cask in which the Medicines are — 10/ 10:0 

On the Convention removing to Kingston. 
Feby. i6th Cash paid at Poughkeepsie for the expences of the Slaymen & Horses. 1:12:0 
17th To Cash paid at Mulfords for the expences of the Slay men & Horses 

all night & in the Morning &c 2 :i6 :o 

To cash paid three Slaymen Vizt. Jacob Bayley, Cornelius Adriance 

and John Cooper at 9 Dollars each 10 :i6 :o 

Feby. 19th To Cash paid Andries Lawson for bringing from Fishkill the remain- 
der of the Medicines belonging to the State & part of the large stove 
used by Convention 2 : 0:0 

£32:11 :o 

an account of monies advanced by JOHN MCKESSON ONE OF THE SECRETARIES BY ORDER 

May i8th To cash paid John Henderson . a witness summoned by Convention 
against Israel Youngs & others for counterfeiting continental Money 

16/ to bear his expences to his place of abode at Huntington £ 0:16:0 

To cash paid Charles Friend twenty Dollars as a Reward for his Fidelity 
Time & expence in coming to New York to give Information against 
the said Israel Youngs & others & remaining there as a Witness. ... 8: 0:0 

Sept. 9th Cash paid a Messenger to Genl. James Clinton with Letters relative to 
the Stores by him requested and Ordered by the Convention of this 
State to be furnished to the Continental Forts & Garrisons in the 

Highlands g ;o 

-Deer. 9th To cash paid Major Lockwood to reimburse him three Dollars paid to a 
Messenger sent to the Committee of Safety with a Letter of Intelli- 
gence 1 : 4 :o 

Jany. 9th To cash paid Govr. Morris Esqr. 40/ for that sum by him paid by di- 
rection of the Committee of Safety to a person who came express from 
Genl. George Clinton with the Account of General Washington's suc- 
cessful attack at Trenton and the further sum of 24/ for the like sum 
paid by Mr. Morris to the printers workmen for dispatch in printing 
the Address to the people of the State of New York 7 : 4:0 

The Provincial Congresses 115 

Jany. 30. Paid by order to William Grant and William Curry two deserters from 
the Senegal Ship of War in the Enemy's Service to bear their ex- 
pences to the Continental Frigates at Esopus Landing where they are 

recommended for employment as per rect £16 :o 

Cash paid Robt. Yates for himself & James Duane Esqr. six pounds 
fourteen shillings & one penny to reimburse them their expences at- 
tending their Journey to Kingston in Ulster County by order of the 
Committee of Safety 6 :i4 :i 

£21 : 2:1 

Cash paid Horse hire & ferriages to New Windsor to order the removal 
of Gun powder from thence £ o : 8 :o 

Cash paid the passage of a Guard from Peekskill to Pough- 

keepsie with Prisoners 0:12:0 

Cash paid Wm. Green for a Bound book of four Quires for 
the Committee for detecting Conspiracies which was ap- 
pointed in N. York i : 4 :o 2 : 4 :o 

i2y. 6:1 

Cr. By Twenty two Dollars received for the two Articles charged on the i8th 

May, which was paid on the 17th August 1776 8 :i6 :o 

Ballance £14:10:1 

The Honbl. the Convention of the State of New York To Samuel Loudon Dr. 

Feb. 9. To Printing 3000 Essays on making Salt Petre &c i 34 :i5 : 

March 5. 100 Letters to Colonels — on fine paper 16 : 

I Box Wafers 2 : 

April 3. 3000 hand Bills, respecting the Election of Deputies for Convention, 

and for dispersing the same 4:10: 

May 22 1000 Commissions — fine paper 4 :io : 

June I Resolve for raising and regulating the Troops — 100 Copies 3 : 

July 6 50 Commissions — on fine paper i : 

Sept. 18. 50 Copies of Resolve of 17th Sept. appointing Treasurers 10: 

21. 200 Do I :i6 : 

Octr. II Resolve of 2nd Octr. — a pamphlet, with folding, into 500 Copies.... 4: 

14 Resolve of 9th Octr. — for Purchasing Tour Cloth 14 : 

100 Commissions with Alterations 1:8 

17 200 Resolve — for Straw, in Westchester County 14 : 

Novr. 15. 40 do 16 : 

200 Orders for Commissions to grant passes 12 : 

4000 Permits — or passes — fine paper 3^5: 

Deer. 21 250 Instructions for Recruiting Officers 2:5; 

50 Resolves for Calling the Militia 12 ; 

22 250 hand — the devastations by y'' Enemy in Jersey 1:4: 

24 50 Resolves — Exempts from the Militia Duty 8 : 


Jany. 2 Postage of a Letter to Convention : i :6 

500 hand bills — Genl. Washington's Victory — Trenton 2:2: 

3 2000 Addresses of Convention to their Constituents, folding, stitching, 

&c 34 :io : 

5 1000 American Crisis No. i 6: 5: 

Ii6 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


Jany. 23 100 Resolves concerning the Small Pox £ o;i2 : 

24 Instructing for Recruiting 2 : 

100 Resolves for Calling the Convention 10 : 

200 do for Collecting fines i : 

Feb. II Postage of a Packet from Virginia to Convention 18:6 

12 1000 American Crisis No. 2 12 :io : 

20 500 Resolves for a Fast Day i:ii: 

March 7 500 do of ist March for supervision, Price of Grain &c 2:10: 

6 sheets large Paper 2/ 2 : 

300 Hand Bills, concerning Disaffected Persons 1:10: 

II 6 Quires Paper for the Committee 3/6 I : i : 

Advertising Accounts against Convention to be brought in 8 : 

300 Hand Bills 1:4: 

500 do for Punishing Spies and Traitors i :I2 : 

150 do for Procuring Persons to serve as Soldiers in the room of 

others i : 4 : 

Cash paid Mr. Van hevan — Express to Convention — for carrying 

a Packet i : 

To Sundry Advertisements in the News Paper, published in New 

York 12 :i2 : 

May i6th To Printing, Folding & Stitching 2216 Pamphlets — The Constitution 

of this State, finding Paper 102 :io : 

1000 Ordinances, folding — on fine paper 16 :i3 : 4 

1000 Hand Bills offering Pardon 4 ; 

100 Certificates 1:4: 

900 Crisis No. 3 ac; 

Paid Campbell — riding Express to Esopas to Carry up Constitution 

& other printed Resolves 2 : 

490 Dutch Address of the Convention of this State 45 : 

£ 378: 7: 4 

Cr. By the Essays on Salt Petre &c. being paid 4th March 1776 34:15: o 

£ 343:12: 4 
To my Pension, 2 Quarters for Publishing my News Paper, Com- 
menced 15th January to 15 July last 100 : o : o 

£ 443:12: 

The Honle. Convention of the State of New York To Sam'. Loudon Dr. 
1776 For the following Advertised in the New York Packet, viz : 
Resolve — of 8th Feb"". Addressed to the Counties &c., to use Hospitality to 

those who are obliged to fly from the City £ e • 

of 22 Feb. Respecting Contractors for Provisions 10 • 

of 17 do Houses for Troops y. 

of 28th do Persons deserting Places in danger of being 

attacked ^ . 

of 9th March Respecting the Loan Office "jq. 

of 12 do Purchase of Blankets g i 

of 1 2th do Voting in Election for Members for Con- 
gress J . 4. 

Advertismg the 3rd tuesday of April, the Day for electing Members for Con- 
gress jg. 

Aid to the Families of Soldiers II7 


Resolve — of 16 March for Manufacturing Salt £ iS : 

of 30 do ... Manufacturing Musquets 5 : 

17 April making salt petre i : 

31 May, concerning new mode of Government 1:10 

1 1 June Prohibiting the exporting of Salt Provisions .... 5 

14th June making Jail Keepers accountable &c 5 

15th do Military Officers not to sit in Congress 5 

20 do Forms of Association 1:4 

30 do Disaffected Persons, secreting themselves 5 

9 July Sherififs to detain their Prisoners 5 

16 do Enemies taking up Arms 7 

15 do. .Dangerous Persons holding meetings 5 

23 do . . Exportation of Provisions 5 

2d Aug*.. .Quit rents due to Convention only 5 

3 " . . Prohibiting the killing of Lambs 5 

17 " . . Removal of the Poor 5 

Amount carried to Acco*. No. i ii2:l2: o 

Aid to the Families of Soldiers 

The great charitable efforts of the War were begun by the Provincial Congresses; and some 

of them were afterward continued by the Legislature. 

The Congresses extended aid to the Families of Soldiers who were absent from home on 

duty : — 

In Provincial Congress New York March 8th: 1776. 

Orderd that Peter Van brugh Livingston Esqr. as Treasurer of this Congress pay into the 
hands of Colo. Peter T. Curtenius the Sum of forty one pounds one shill^. and 4d. — that Colo. 
Curtenius dispose of the said Money in advancing to the distressed Wives and friends of 
Sundry Soldiers now in Canada in the service of the United Colonies agreable to the list 
delivered him and that Colo. Curtenius transmit to General Schuyler an Acct. of the same 
to the end that the same may be stopped out of the pay of those Soldiers to whose Wives 
or friends such money's have been advanced) 

£ 41 I 4 Robt. Benson Secry. 

The Legislature, by a law passed June 30, 1778, provided that the families of Soldiers 
should be supplied with the necessaries of Ufe at moderate prices. Another law, Oct. 20, 1779, 
allowed a gratuity of $30 per head to the families of men serving in the Continental Troops. The 
following were appointed Commissaries to carry the law into effect in the several counties : — Al- 
bany, Elbert Willett; Charlotte, John Rowan; Dutchess, Samuel Dodge; Orange, William 
Holly; Tryon, Peter S. Deygart; Ulster, Daniel Graham; Westchester, Samuel Haight. Acting 
under this law, and a supplementary law passed July i, 1780, Mr. Dodge furnished a list of such 
families in Dutchess County as had been returned to him by the" Supervisors of the respective 

In Pursuance of a Law of the State of New York for allowing certain Gratuities to the 
Families of the Continental Troops raised within this State I do hereby certify that John 
Ernest Pier, John Williamson John Hartigh Ganet Marselis Jacob Walter John House John 

Il8 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Helmer, John Bangel, Conrad Pease and John Smith are Soldiers in Colo. Van Schaick's 
Regiment of N. york Troops and that their respective Families are necessitous and stand in 
need of Relief — Also that the Family of John Ernest Pier consists of three Heads — that of 
John Williamson of two — that of John Hartigh of five — that of Garret Marselis of four — 
that of Jacob Walter of Six — that of John House of four — that of John Helmer of two. 
that of John Bangel of two — that of Conrad Pease of two — and that of John Smith of Six 
Heads — Given under my Hand the 27th March 1780. 

Chris. P. Yates Supervisor 
of Palatine District and County of Tyron. 
To Peter S. Deygart Esq. and all whom it doth or may concern. 

The Poor who Came Out of the City of New York 

Just before the Evacuation of New York by the Americans, in 1776, the Poor of that city 
began to emigrate to the surrounding country in such numbers that, on Feb. 28, the Provin- 
cial Congress voted £500 to Col. Abraham P. Lott for the purchase of Bread. The employ- 
ment of the Poor who remained in the City devolved upon John Ramsey. Directly upon 
the Evacuation, the Congress, or the Committee of New York, ordered numerous families into 
Westchester County. Many of these families were from the Almshouse. The Congress, Aug. 17, 

1776, voted £200 to Col. Lott and James Beekman to remove the Poor out of New York ; and 
Aug. 26, voted £200 to Mr. Beekman to complete the work. On Dec. 2, 1776, the Committee 
of Safety voted £100 to Col. Lott for monies advanced for removing the Poor. On May 13, 

1777, Col. Lott was paid £19 — los (39 days at los) — " By order of the Convention, sent to New 
York to send the Poor out of the City and going to New Roshal, New Windsor and Fiskils to 
inquire how the Poor was provided for." There also appears an Account of Col. Lott against the 
State for £281.0.4 for transportation and provisions to aid the Poor. These people were landed 
at Tarrytown, Gorges, Second River, Newtown, Tappan, Haverstraw, and many other places. 

, State of New York to Robert North Dr: 

For moving the following Persons out of New York by Order of Abraham P. Lott & 

James Beekman appointed by the Committee to remove the Poor from the City 

Aug : 27. W" : Tellers family landed at Fish Kill £ 18 

John Matten Sister & Sundries 12 

, M"" Leake, Family & Goods i 6 

M"" Douglass & Goods 16 

M" Teller & Goods i 

Mary Morris & ditto i 4 

Abigail Logan & ditto 12 

Elizabeth Kip & ditto i 4 

M" Maxwell & ditto 18 

Mrs Legang & ditto 16 

Patrick Wood & family i 

Mr Eagles three Load Goods i 4 

do 3 grown Persons & 5 Children 18 

Mr Hofif & Sundries i 2 

Mrs Van Everen & i Load Goods 12 

One Woman carried to Rhynbeck & Goods 18 

[Sworn to, Aug. 29, 1786; paid, Aug. 30, 1786] £ 15 

The Poor who came out of the City of New York tZQ 

With the exception of a few families removed to Fhishing, on Long Island, all the Poor 
from New York City were sent to the Counties of Dutchess, Ulster and Westchester. 

In Dutchess, . the County Committee often charged the several Precinct Committees, or the 
City Committee of New York City, with the cost of Supplies; but, more frequently, the 
charges were made against the Provincial Congress or the State. On Sept. 3, 1776, the Com- 
mittee of Safety voted f 100 to Peter Monfoort, deputy Chairman of the Committee of Rumbout 
Precinct, to support the Poor from IST.Y. to Fishkill Landing. 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York, April 26th 1777 Ordered 
that the Treasurer of this State advance to Mr Frederick Jay, for the use of the Committee of 
Rumbout Precinct the further sum of One hundred Pounds towards the Provision for such 
of the indigent Persons of New York as were committed to their care; and that the Said 
Committee render a particular Acct. with proper Vouchers of the expenditure of this as well 
as the sums heretofore advanced them for the same purpose — 
Attest By Order 

Rob't Benson Secr'y Pierre Van Cortlandt, V. Prest. 

[Receipt of the above was acknowledged by Mr. Jay, Apr. 29, 1777.] 

A Receipt appears, dated July 17, 1777, for a small amount paid into the State Treasury 
by Frederick Jay by order of the Council of Safety; and the Council, Nov. 2'^, 1777, voted 
£400 to Abraham Schenck and Gideon Vervalen, Commissioners of the Poor in Dutchess County. 
The Commissioners were given £500 by the Legislature, March 13-14, 1778. Many of their Ac- 
counts were first paid by the Committee of Rumbout Precinct. Upon the resignation of the 
Commissioners, Dirck Brinckerhofif, jr., was appointed their successor, by the Legislature, June 
29, 1778, at a salary of 16/ — per day. The Legislature voted £1200 to him, Nov. 4, 1778. One 
of Brinckerhofif 's Accounts shows that from July 9 to Oct. 2, 1778, he paid £600 for maintaining 
the Poor — the said amount having been advanced to him by the State Treasurer, on July 7, 
previous. Another Account, running from Oct. 16, 1778 to Jan. 9, 1779, itemizes expenditures 
of £1661.5.2., nearly all of which was paid by the State Treasurer on Nov. 14. 

Mr. Brinckerhofif having resigned, the Legislature March 13, 1779, appointed Samuel Dodge, 
late Secretary of the Almshouse in New York, Commissioner of the Poor from that City to 
Dutchess County, at a salary of 32/ — per day. 

In Ulster County, the first arrivals from New York were taken to New Windsor, and Samuel 
Brewster, Chairman of the Committee of that Precinct, was given £56.14.7 by the Provincial 
Congress Oct. 4, 1776. Here is one of his Accounts : — 

^ State of New York to Samuel Brewster Dr — 


Agust 26 To 2 Days Providing Places for ye poor Sent by this State £0 — 12 o 

Octor 2 3 Days myself and horse to Fishkills to Draw the cash for Sd Poor 

a 12/— I 16 o 

Nobr 15 Cash to Mr Hatfield to Leave this State o 8 o 

Febr 6 3 lb. of thread Delivered to Sd Poor to make frocks and trowsers 

for the Contill Army @ 18/ 2 14 o 

May 10 2 Days Spent in removing Sd Poor a 10/ i o o 

120 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


June I 71 lb. of Veale a 8 i/2d for Sd Poor £2 10 3 

2 c 20 lb of flower a 25/ , 2 15 o 

4 of Sugar a 2/4 & 3 1/2 of Pork a 1/ .1 12 10 

3 lb of Butter 32/4 and 1/2 Bushel Potatoes @ 5/ ,. . . 9 6 

^13 17 7 
A little later, Cornelius C. Schoonmaker was also made Commissioner for Ulster County; 
and, on Dec. 9, 1777, the Council of Safety increased his salary from 10/ — to 16/ — per day. 
The Commissioners acted under a Resolution, passed May 8, 1777, just before the last Provin- 
cial Congress, or Convention, ceased to exist. In that year, 195 of the Poor came from New 
York to Ulster County. The Commissioners kept their Accounts in far better shape than the 
Commissioners of the Counties of Dutchess and Westchester. The Accounts are full of details as 
to the billeting of the Poor. Bills were paid by the Precinct Committees, and then presented 
to the State through the Commissioners. The price usually charged for board was 8/ — per 
head, per week. Abraham Bevier was made Superintendent of the Poor in the County, in 
1778; and the Legislature voted £800 to him in that year. He was allowed 32/ — per day for 
his services. 

The Poor from New York came into Westchester County, in large numbers, in August, 1776. 
Bills for transportation and expenses of supporting them were sent by the several Village Com- 
mittees to the Committee of Safety, the Provincial Congress and the State. Several of these 
bills were approved by the Committee of Auditors of the Committee of Safety, Feb. 25, 1777. 
The accounts of Zebediah Mills, Commissioner, extended from 1777 to 1779. On March 13, 14, 
1778, the Legislature voted £150 for his use. Ebenezer Purdy was made Commissioner and 
Superintendent, Mar. 13, 1779, at a salary of 32/ — per day. 

Westchester County 
The State of New York Dr To Ebenezer Purdy for Sundries pd by him for the Support oj 
the Poor Removed out of the City of New York to Westchester County 

1779 To Cash pd Joseph Owen for Sundry Articles of Provisions as 

, Octo 29 pr Ace No i £ 141 13 q 

To May To Interest from 30 Sept 1780 until July 20. 1782 

i 1780 I yr 9 mo 20 days 17 11 10 

To do pd Calib Carpenter for ditto as Pr Acct N2 64 14 6 

To Interest on this last Sum from the 30 Sept 1780 until July 

20 1782 is I yr 9 mo & 20 days at 7 pr Ct 8 3 4 

Nov 1779 To Cash pd Carpenter N 3 61 7 

To Apr 1780 To 208 lb Rise — at 6d pr lb 5 4 

June 12 To keeping one of the poor that was out of her Senses for 15 

Weeks & 4 days — 20/ 15 11 10 

To 4 bushl Wheat at 14/ 2 16 

To I Pr Shoes 16 

To 4 bushl Wheat at 16/ 3 4 

To my trouble & Expences for myself in Removing the Poor 

from North Castle to peekskill 212 

To Cash pd Saml Stokam for removing one of the poor to 

peeksKill that was mad on a Cart i o 

The Poor who came out of the City of New York 121 

June 1780 To Danl Trips acct for Provision N 4 ^1515 i 

To Timothy Carpenters Acct — 4 2 4 

To Boarding one of the poor for 10 Months 5 

To My Wages for 24 days at 20 doll" Pr day is equal to 7/ 5/ 

4/ hard by the State Seale. 8 18 6 

To Aaron Furman for Boarding one of the poor for 10 days & 

' curing him of the Itch & a Sore foot i 10 

i 350 I I 
To I Pr Working Oxen lost & taken by the Enemy when re- 
moving the poor from north Castle property of Joseph Owen 
which I am bound to pay him 25 o 

Credit ^383 I I 

By Cash Reed of the Treasurer in Continen' 2674 1/2 doll" 

which Reduced into hard Cash I alow to be as Pr acct anexed 28 18 7 

£ 354 2 6 
By Cash for 6 pork barrels i 16 

£ 352 6 6 

I audited the above acct & allow"^ to be due to Ebenezer Purdy £352 — 6 — 6 at Poughkeep- 
sie & gave him a Copy of the Acct July 20 1782 Peter T Curtenius. 

The Legislature, July i, 1780, ordered that all of the Poor from New York should be turned 
over to Samuel Dodge; and on April 14, 1782, he was still further authorized to have charge 
of them, with Jonathan Dennis, Dirck Brinckerhofif, Thomas Storm, Abraham Paine, Jacobus 
Swartout and Cornelius Humphrey, as Superintendents. Soon after the close of the War Mr 
Dodge again became Keeper of the Almshouse, in New York City. His Accounts as sole Com- 
missioner seem to have been merged with his previous Accounts as Commissioner from 
Dutchess County. 

State of New York in Acco*: with Samuel Dodge Commiss'': for the Poor 
Dr : Continental 

To Amo* of Cash expended for Necessaries , ^50435 15 5 

as Pr Accot of Particulars 
1780 Middle District 

Novr 14 To Commissrs: Forfeitures for Monies paid into Treasury 16081 12 

To Cash Lent the Comrs: Forfeitures to be account for...... 8332 12 

Augt 13. To do paid the Treasurer. 185 4 

Cr: £75035 3 5 

1779 Continental 

March 16 By Cash from the Treasurer. !■. iiooo 

Novr : 18 By do do 6000 


Feby 14 By do 'do 13939 12 

Deer: By^ Ulster County Comrs Forfeitures 54095 ^^ 5 

^75035 3 5 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


July 7 


May 22: 
Sepf 24. 
Dec"- 18 

Augt 13. 

State of New York in Accot: with Samuel Dodge Commissioner for the Poor 

To Amot of Cash expended for Necessaries as Pr Acco* of Parti- Specie 

culars - 1 146 18 9, 

To Cash paid at Poughkeepsie for Pork hot in 1782 2 10 

To 85 days actual service in superintending the Poor between 13th 

March 1779 & ist July 1780 @ 10/ 42 10 

To Sundry Outstanding Acc'=: not paid, nor included in the fore- 
going Acc*^ : for which I am answerable 385 19 

By Ulster County Com"^^ Forfeitures rece'd from Johannis Acker 

By Cash rece'd from Col Udney Hay 

By do from Treasurer Pr R. Hoffman 

By Sale of £ 77 — 8 — 8 New Emiss" at 4 for i 

By do . . 1203 — 4 — 2 do . . 5 for I 

By Cash from Treasurer 

By Balance due Samuel Dodge . 

^ 1577 


















£ 1577 17 9 

N. B. Besides the above Balance Cap* Bovier & Judge Piatt have Acco*^ : for sundries sup- 
plied the Poor, which not being render'd could not be included in the above — I suppose the 
Amount to be about iioo in Specie — 

1784 State of New York Dr to Samuel Dodge Com'': for the Refugee Poor 
Nov"" 20 To Cash p'^ Isaac Balding for Sundries £ 6 2 i 


Jany 24. To Cash p'^ to the Order of Pearsal Brown 10 4 j 

March 4. To Dirck Brinckerhoff for Provisions : 15 

April 30 To Israel Knap of Dutchess County 10 

To Richard Dodge for Wheat for the Poor 4 i 

f 21 12 2 

Nov"" 28. To Daniel Way for Provisions i 9 

Deer 14. To Docf Thorn Medicine & Attendance ^, 2 8 

1786 July 20 To Joseph Dobbs for Ab" : Brinckerhoff 310 8 

[Audited 25th July 1786; paid Aug. 19. 1786] f 28 19 10 

The following is a list of the Poor who came out from New York City: 

Dutchess County 

Alner Apolonia Boss Anne Carter Hannah (Mrs) Chase Catharine (Mrs) 

Alner Mary Boss Leah Carter James Clatworth Margaret 

Anderson Ann (Mrs) Boss Saml Carter John Crow Henry 

Anderson EHzabeth Briley Jane Br Carter Mary Crow Lenah 

Anderson John Brower Mary Carter Rachel Dailsy John 

Anno Marcia Brower Saml Carter Vincent Douglass William 

Bennet John Brown Margaret Carter William Dunbar Andrew 

Bigelowjohn Bush Samuel Chariot James Egan Timothy 

Black Mary (Mrs) Byvanck Cathar'e (Widow) Chariot Mary Forbes Duncan 

Bogart Brache (Mrs) Carter Elizabeth Chariot Samuel Fordon Abraham 

The Poor who came out of the City of New York 


Fordon Adriantis 
Fordon Altice 
Fordon Cady 
Fordon Cornelia 
Fordon Elizabeth 
Fordon Phebe 
Fordon Samuel 
Foy John 

French Margaret (Mrs) 
Fry Millicent (Mrs) 
Golden Elizabeth 
Graham (Widow) 

Graham Catharine 
Graham Ellinor 
Graham Thomas 
Ham (Widow) 

Ham Edward 
Harris (Widow) 

Harris John 
Herring David 
Herring David, jr. 
Herring John 
Hinds Elizabeth 
Hitchin Mary 
Holmes Sarah 
Hults Anthony 
Jemison Elinor 
Johnson Elenor (Mrs) 
Kain Arthur 

Kingston Rachel 
Kip EHzabeth (Mrs) 
Kipp Jacob 
Kipp Joanna 

Allener Appolone (Mrs) 
Allener Prudence 
Anderson Anne (Mrs) 
Betty (Mrs) 

Bogs Rachel (Mrs) 
Brower Catharine 
Brown (Widow) 

Brown (Mr.) 

Brown Anne (Mrs) 
Brown Mary 
Cousins Elizabeth 
Craning Effee 
Crow Bety 

Anne Mary 
Amia Mary 
Anderson Elizabeth 
Anno Mary 
Auchmuty James 
Bartley Elizabeth 
Biglou John 
Biglou Marah 
Biglou Sarah 

Kortright (Mrs) 

La Grange Sarah (Mrs) 
Lake (Mrs) 

Lane Billy 
Lane Sarah 
Lashly Elizabeth 
Lashly Mary 
Legg Elizabeth 
Lewis William 
Lindsey Mary 
London (Negro) 

Losie Peter 
McGosky Alexander 
McClosky Margaret (Mrs) 
McMenomy Elizab'h (Mrs) 
McMenomy John 
McMenomy Peggy 
Marchant Mary (Widow) 
Maxfield (Mrs) 

Maxwell Abigail 
Maxwell Anthony 
Maxwell John 
Maxwell Joseph 
Maxwell William 
Merrit Elizabeth 
Mitchel Isabel 
Mitchel Susannah 
Montayne Becka (Mrs) 
Montayne Janitje 
Montayne Rachel 
Moore Edward 
Morgan Mary (Mrs) 
Morrison Daniel 


Curry Ann 
Dayley John 

Docherty Catharine (Mrs) 
Docherty Martha (Mrs) 
Dunscomb Mary (Mrs) 
Gibbons (Mr) 

Graham Esther (Mrs) 
Graham Phebe (Mrs) 
Hatfield (Mr) 

Hunt Catharine 
Hunt Joseph 
Hyne Elizabeth 

Murray AUetta 

Murry Diana 

Murry John 

Murry Mary (Mrs) 

Nash Abigail (Mrs) 

Nash George 

O'Neal Anne 

Peppinger Elizab'h (Mrs) 

Peppinger Richard 

Phillis (A Wench) 

Rea William 

Reed Catharine 

Richards Rebecca 

Ritche Catharine 

Ritche Edward 

Ritche George 

Ritche John Jame>s 

Ritche Margaret 

Ritche Mary 

Ritche Sarah 

Robb Elizabeth 

Robb James 

Robb Jane 

Robb Michael 

Robb Nicholas 

Robb Returah (Mrs) 

Schurman Garret 

Schutt Johannes 

Shurts Aaron 

Shurts Ann 

Shurts Horatio Gates 

Shurts Jacob 

Shurts Jacob, jr. 


Hynes Mary 
Kingston Rachel (Mrs) 
Lattimore Margaret (Mrs) 
LeFever Andrias 
Lindsey Mary (Mrs) 
McFarthing Neal 
Magans Jude (Mrs) 
Matthews Mary (Mrs) 
Molley (Mrs) 

Orr Ann 

Page Hette (Mrs) 
Peck Phebe (Mrs) 

Shurts John Washington 
Shurts Margaret 
Shurts Oliver 
Shurts Susannah 
Shurts William 
Slidel Mary 
Smith John 
Smylie John 
Smylie Peggy (Widow) 
Springsteen Harmanus 
Spring Anne 
Spring Charity 
Spring Elizabeth 
Spring Jane (Mrs) 
Spring Jeremiah 
Spring Peter 

Stevenson Polly (Widow) 
Stuart Jacob 
Thompson Archibald 
Van Deusen Gilbert 
Van Kleeck Ann Mariah 
Van Kleeck Braache 
Van Kleeck Catharine 

Van Kleeck John 
Van Nort Hester 
Ward Sarah 
Warner (Widow) 
Williamson Thomas 
Winslow (Widow) 

Young Elsie 
Young Peter 
Young Sarah 

Peck William 
Rea William 
Vandebergh Elizabeth 
Vandebergh Harmanus 
Van Nort Hester (Mrs) 
Van Steen Mary 
Wadick (Widow) 

Wilson Elizabeth 
Wilson Sarah (Mrs) 
Wood Patrick 
Young Elsie (Mrs) 
Young Peter 

Bowman Elizabeth 
Brown Ruth (Mrs) 
Calican Edward 
Caril James 
Chew Elizabeth 
Chew Richard 
Clark William 
Crow Henry 
Deveriks Robert 

Westchester County 

Dickson Anne 
Dickson Samuel 
Drake John 
Field William 
Flint Catharine 
Foster Sarah 
Foster William 
Gobert Peter 
Gorbett Peter 

Gotterton James 
Griffis Sarah 
Griffis Susanah 
Hains Henry 
Harin David 
Hickey Catharine 
Hickey John 
Hilman Henry 
Holaway Lewis 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Howser Elizabeth 
Howser Jacob 
Howser Mattis 
Hunt Hannah 
Justis Hannah 
Kain Arter 
Lane Mary- 
Lain Josiah 
Lain William 
Leg Elizabeth 
Login Robert 
McCarte Thomas 
McCorpin Dougle 
McDonald Alexander 
McGogan Lydia 

Able Jane 
Ackles Elisabeth 
Ackron Mary 
Anderson Mary 
Anter Samuel 
Backer Albart 
Backer Sara 
Bell Jane 

Black Susannah (Widow) 
Bogart Elisabeth 
Braley Jerry- 
Brasher Jane 
Broune John 
Brouwer Ann 
Brownson John 
Burdenham Margrit 
Burger Jane (Widow) 
Burroughs Benjamin 
Burrow (Mrs) 

Bush Helena 
Gamble Fiby 
Gampbell Elenor 
Campbell Jane 
Gampbell Margrit 
Gampbell Sarah 
Canady Sarah 
Garaens Gatherien 
Garry Mary 
Gastle Mary 
Ghadne Mary 
Chambers Maria 
Ghristainse Angeltue 
Christie Elisabeth 
Godwise Sarah (Mrs) 
Golden Justice 
Golverd John 
Gornnell John 
Gosk Joseph 
Crocker Andrew 
Davis Eve 
Deane Betsy 

McGogan Mary 
Mason Mary (Mrs) 
Merritt Elizabeth 
Michael Ezebel 
Michel Susana 
Midky Catharine 
Montayne Rachel 
More Ann 
More Catharine 
More Phane 
Murry James 
Nowlin John 
Par Else 
Ramer Martha 

Not located 

Delanoy John 

Denmark Rachel 

Deoson George 

DeRett John 

Desiortor Jane 

Devoe (Mrs) 

Dougherty Elisabeth 

Douglass (Mr) 

Douglass Elenor 

Downes Susanah 

Duff Alexander 

Eagles (Mr) 

Elsworth Jane 

Ennis Sarah 

Erlin Margrit 

Evens Ann 

Pardon Margrit 

Fensher Hanah 

Finsher Ann 

Flood Elenor 

Forbus Mary 

Ford Sufy (Widow) 

Forman Margret 

Fowler Catharine 

Francis C. (Widow) 

Frasher John 

Freman Asra 

FuUerton Alexander 

Gallalant Elisabeth 

Gareson Mary 

Gasley Henry 

Gaffers John 

Gemble Munya 

Gerrebrants (Widow) 

Gibbons (Mrs) 

Gorden Elisabeth 

Gordon Ruth 

Goulden Benjamin 

Graham John 

Graham William 

Grant Mary 

Gray Ann 

Reed Dunkin 
Reeves Benjamin 
Richets William 
Riley Else 
Riley James 
Rushton Elizabeth 
Slidle Mary 
Slover Sarah 
Smith John 
Spoke Cathrine 
Springer Martin 
Sullivan John 
Swales Bellow 
Thomas William 

by Counties 

Green (Mrs) 

Green Ann 
Griffith Elisabeth 
Gunn George 
Gutrey John 
Gutrey Samuel 
Hall (Mrs) 

Halsted Elisabeth 
Halsted Phebe 
Hay Jane 
Henderson Ann 
Hill Deborah 
Hills John 
Hoff (Mr) 

Houward Mary 
Hugh Mary 
Hugh Sarah 
Hunter Ann 
Hurrelston Elisabeth 
Jackson Hanna 
Jordan Abigail 
Jordan Peter 
Kelly Elizabeth 
King Ann 
King Elenor 
Kipp Gatherien 
Kipp Jane 
Kipp Sarah 
Kirk John 
Lakerman Catheren 
Leake (Mrs) 

Lehys William 
Lent Hallul 
Lasiere Ann 
Light Mary 
Linch Jane 
Linch Margrit 
Lintenau Gatherien 
Logan Abigail 
Lyell Sarah 
McAlpaen Gatherien 
McCarter Sarah 

Tidd William 
Van Dooser Gilbert 
Van Nort Catharine 
Van Nort Cornelius 
Van Nort John 
Van Nort Mary 
Warner Eve 
Welch Elizabeth 
Welch Jane 
Welch Nancy 
Youngs Abram 
Youngs Catharine 
Youngs Elizabeth 
Youngs John 
Youngs Mary 

McDaniel Hannah 
McDavitt Eve 
McDonald Sarah 
McGurney (Widow) 

McKisler James 
McManis Hugh 
Makentass Sarah 
Mangel Johannis 
Marchall Abram 
Marschalk Abraham 
Martaen Mary 
Marten Hugh 
Marten John 
Mash Elisabeth (Widow) 
Mass Margaret 
Matten John 
Miller Mary 
Mills Mary 
Monroe Hugh 
Moody Sarah (Mrs) 
Moor Mary 
Morrell William 
Morris Mary 
Mullenar Susanah i 
Murry William 
Narrin William 
Neil Mary 
Nichelson Sara 
Nox Richard 
Nox Sarah 
Oats Elizabeth 
Ogdon Sarah 
Orr Hannah 
Ostrander Jacob 
Padgett John 
Page Esther 
Palmater Joshua 
Pauck Rachael 
Peeck John 
Perkins James 
Phillips Ellerner 
Poudy William 

Poor and Distressed Inhabitants 


Price Catherien 
Provost Elisabeth 
Quackenbush Ann 
Reis Peter 
Renby Catherien 
Rice Peter 
Ridgway Christien 
Riese John 
Rigger Mary 
Riney Elesabeth 
Roberson Adam 
Robinson (Widow) 

Russell Mary 
Ryne Catheren 
Ryne Christopher , 

Saxson Ann 

Shaffers Thomas 

Shepperd Mary 

Smith Ann 

Smith David 

Smith Thomas 

Stark Thomas 

Statia Rebeca (Widow) 

Stevenson Hanah 

Stewart Catharine 

Studiford (Widow) 

Table John 

Taylor Betsy 

Taylor Chaterin 

Teller (Mrs) 

Telier William 
Thompson Margaret 
Thomson (Mr) 

Thorn Catharine 
Tomkins Nancy 
Tommelson Ann 
Turner Margrit 
Van Everen Martha 
Van Gelder Elizabeth 
Van Nies John 
Van Orden Minee 
Van Vorst Peggy 
Veltbergh Cornelius 
Vine Robert 
Vogel Peggy 

Vroman William 
Waass John 
Warner Jane (Mrs) 
Wassels Ann 
Watson Jane 
Webster Elihu 
Wendle Barberie 
(Mrs)Wessels Margrit 

Whilehand Elisabeth 
Wiley Ann 
Winshell Pelitya 
Wood Mary 
Wood Unity 
Young Althe 

Poor and Distressed Inhabitants 

TKe Accounts relating to aid given to the Poor are, in many cases, difficult to distinguish 
from the preceding Accounts relating to the Poor who came out of New York City. Therefore, 
all Accounts of this sort, in the Counties of Dutchess, Ulster and Westchester, are to be found 
under " the New York Poor ", as they were generally called. In the other Counties, aid was 
often given by the Commissioners of Conspiracies, the Commissioners of Sequestration or the 
County Committees, to which Chapters reference should be made. The transfer of so many 
cases to other departments of the Government left comparatively few to be dealt with by the 
Commissioners appointed by the Convention who, apparently, drew the money directly from 
the State. The first order of that body, April 7, 1777, was the appointment of William Allison 
and Matthew Adgate as a Committee to Superintend the Poor. Then followed this resolu- 
tion : — 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Kingston May 8th, 1777 
Whereas a regard to the Sacred Cause we are engaged in, as well as common Justice & Hu- 
manity dictate the Propriety of adopting some mode of Relief for such of the Inhabitants of 
this State as have by the Hand of Tyranny and Injustice been driven from their Habitations 
and deprived of their Subsistance and thereby rendered unable to Support themselves and 

Therefore Resolved, that in the County of Westchester Zebediah Mills and Nathaniel Hyat 
Esquires, in the County of Dutchess Ezra Thompson & Frederick Jay Esquires in the County 
of Ulster Cornelius C. Schoonmaker and John Sleght Esquires & in the County of Orange 
John Brewster & Tunis Cooper Esquires be and they hereby are Appointed Commissioners 
to take the General Superintendance & care of All such poor as aforesaid in each of the re- 
spective Counties for which they are Appointed & that the Commissioners of any two or more 
Counties agreeing, be Authorized to remove said Poor, from one or either of such Counties 
into another, and the Commissioners of each of the said Counties to remove them from one 
District to another within the same County for the convenience of keeping them employed, of 
supplying them with necessaries, and with such other Things as they shall judge necessary for 
their Comfortable Subsistance from time to time ; and to keep them employed at such Business 
as they shall be able to perform, and as the said Commissioners shall judge to be most Advan- 
tageous to the said Poor and the public. Provided always that no such removal or Residence 
shall be construed to gain a Right of Settlement to any of such poor in the County to which 
they are or shall be removed. 

136 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Resolved that the Commissioners for either or any of the above Counties have power at 
their Discretion to bind out to Trades or other Occupations the Children of such of the said 
Poor, as were Objects of the Pubhc Charity before they were driven from their Habitations as 
aforesaid. Provided that no male among such Children be bound out for any longer Time 
than until he shall arrive at the Age of twenty one Years, nor Female than until she shall 
arrive at the Age of Eighteen. And that they Assist such Persons who before they were driven 
from their Habitations as aforesaid were not indebted to the public Charity, but were able to 
support their Families by their own means & Industry in puting out their Children to such 
Places & Employments and for such Time or Times as the said Parents shall consent to. 
And that the said Commissioners do from time to time discharge from their care, and withhold 
the Public Benevolence, from such Persons, as in the Judgement of said Commissioners shall 
be able to support themselves without it. 

Resolved that the said Commissioners be allowed at & after the rate of ten Shillings per 
Day for their Expences and Trouble in executing the aforegoing Resolutions while actually 
employed therein. 

Resolved that the Commissioners of the poor in each respective County be empowered to 
draw on the Treasurer of this State for a sum not exceeding five hundered pounds for each 
County, to be Accounted for by the said Commissioners respectively. 

Robt. Benson Secry. 

Reed May 21st. 1777, from P. V. B. Livingston by the hands of Gerard Bancker five hun- 
dred pounds — pursuant to the above order. 

^500 Fred Jay, one of the Commiss"" 

for Dutchess County. 

The Council of Safety, June 4, 1777, having learned that Frederick Jay and Ezra Thompson 
declined their appointments, placed Abraham Schenck and Gideon Vervalen in their places. 
Soon afterward the Council passed the following Resolution: — 

In Council of Safety for the State of New York. Kingston August 9th 1777 
Whereas the Inhabitants of this State are loudly called upon by every motive of Justice & 
humanity to relieve the wants of such unhappy families as are driven from their habitations by 
the rage of a cruel and remorseless Enemy & the Licensed barbarity of their more than sav- 
age Allies — as well as to share with their suffering brethren that common plenty which Al- 
mighty God hath bountifully been pleased at this Season to bestow upon us — 

Resolved, therefore, that it be recommended to the General Committees of the Counties of 
Albany & Tryon, respectively, to use their utmost influence with those of the Inhabitants 
who still possess their places of Abode to give all possible Assistance to those who have been 
obliged to abandon their settlements by not only enabling them to remove their families & Ef- 
fects but in affording them all possible accomodations. And it is hereby most earnestly 
recommended, to the said Committees respectively, to prevent as much as possible any In- 
crease of the Calamities of the Sufferers by Impositions, in the Articles of House Rent Fire 
wood. Provisions for themselves & Cattle, and to put out and provide for, at the public charge 
of this State, all such poor persons and families refugees as aforesaid, as are not able to Defray 
their own Expenses. For which this Council doth hereby render the State of New York 

^ ■ John McKesson, Secr'y. 

According to a law of Feb. 21, 1778, donations were to be distributed to Distressed Inhabi- 
tants:— in Albany County, by Andrew Mitchell and Cornelius Van Veghten; m Charlotte 
County, by John Nesbitt and Samuel Crossit ; in Tryon County, by Volkert Veeder. Governor 
Clinton, also, gave £2250 to Conradt J. Elmendorph for supplying the Poor and Distressed 
Inhabitants of the Western Frontier. 

The Refugees from Long Island to Connecticut 127 

The Refugees from Long Island to Connecticut 

Soon after the British took possession of the Western end, and practically the whole, of Long 
Island, the Convention passed the following: — 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Harlem August 28th 1776. 
Ordered that Mr. Gelston proceed to Connecticut with the Letters to Governor Trumbull 
& the Committee & that this Convention will bear his Expenses. 

Robt. Benson, Secr'y. 

In convention of the Representatives of the State of New York Harlem August 29th 1776 

Resolved that it be recommended to the Inhabitants of Sufifolk, Long Island, to remove 

as many of their Women, Children & Slaves and as much of their live Stock and Grain to 

the main as they Can and that this Convention will pay the Expense of Removing the Same 

John McKesson, Secr'y. 

Acting under the latter Resolution, three of the Refugees were appointed Auditors of the 
Accounts for Transporting FamiHes from Long Island to Connecticut. They were : — Thomas 
Bering, John Foster and Thomas Wickham. In their Accounts they charged, per day, as fol- 
lows: — time, 12/ — ; board, 2/ — ; horsekeeping, 1/6. Nearly all of their work was carried on at 
Middletown, Connecticut. The town Committees of Inspection, in that State, usually approved 
of the Claims brought before the Auditors ; in fact, the Committees often sent boats to Long 
Island for transporting the Refugees and their effects. 

The places from which most of the emigrants embarked were : — Sag Harbor, Southold, East- 
hampton, Sterling and Shelter Island. Their destinations, with few exceptions, were: Middle- 
town, Killingworth, Saybrook, Haddam, East Haddam, Stonington, New London and Guilford. 

Previous to the flight, many Guns had been taken from the inhabitants by the Committee of 
Suffolk County, and delivered to Col. Henry B. Livingston. During the flight, and afterward, 
Col. Livingston secured other Guns and Munitions of War^ some of which were used for the 
Troops of New York and others were loaned to Connecticut. 

In [Albany County] Committee 30th Octr. 1776. 

Ordered that the Treasurer pay Mr. William Van Ness thirty Pounds to be delivered to the 
Committee appointed to furnish two of the Brower's Family's Refugees from Long Island with 
such necessaries as they may stand in need of 

To Mr G. Lansing, jr. Treasurer. Mat. Vischer, Secr'y. 

On December 24, 1776, the Committee of Safety ordered the State Treasurer to pay i 59. 
to John Field for services and expenses in transporting some of the inhabitants of Nassau 
Island, with their families, stock &c., to the State of Connecticut. 

In Council of Safety for the State of New York Kingston June 27th 1777. 

Resolved that Obadiah Jones John Hulbart and Thomas Dering or any two of them be 
and they are hereby authorized & directed to remove at the Expence of this State to the County 
of Dutchess within the same all such of the Refugees from Long Island who now reside in 
Connecticut as are willing so to be removed. 

Resolved that One hundred Pounds be advanced to the said Gentlemen to enable them to 
execute the above Resolution & that they Account with the Auditor Genl. of this State for 
the Expenditure thereof. 

128 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Ordered that the Treasurer of this State pay the said Sum of One hundred Pounds unto Mr. 
Paul Reeve to be by him conveyed '& dehvered to the said Gentlemen or one of them. 
Attest Robt. Benson Secry. By Order 

Pierre Van Cortlandt Pres"**. 

Reced June 28th 1777 from P. V. B. Livingston by the hands of Gerard Bancker One hun- 
dred pounds which I promise to convey as above mentioned 

£100 Paul Reeve 

The Auditors made a settlement in October, 1777, showing an expenditure of about £2400; 
and another, in 1778, showing about £3000. The following documents show the nature of the 
Claims and the manner in which the Auditors transacted the business : — 

An Account of the expense of Ebenezer Dayton in removing his family and property from 
Suffolk County to the State of Connecticut on the 2d & 3d of September 1776 and of going 
on again at three Different times afterwards to bring off more property, which attempts proved 
unsuccessful — £ S D 

First Moving, Cash paid for Carting my goods on Board i 16 o 

Cash paid the Boatman for freight 5 o o 

Cash paid for Carting from on Board o 8 o 

Going on the 1st time to fetch Effects 

Extraordinary Expense for passage on and of the Island and horse 

hire and other Services paid for in Cash 2. o. o 

N. B. I brote off at this time about £40 in value. 
Second time, going with a borrowed whaleboat which the Enemy took with other 

Effects &c. The Value of the Whale Boat lost prized at 6.0.0 

6 oars i blankit and other things lost in the boat 2. o. o. 

Passage from Southold to Rope Ferry 0.4.0 

Expense from Rope Ferry to Milford i . o. o 

N. B. at this time I brot off the minute Pay rowls of Capt. 
Strong's Company & two horses for Lieut. Wm. Clarke and a 
quantity of Clothing from the parents of the Soldiers in Colonel 
Drake's Regiment. 
The third time going over having without any wages or rations joined the De- 
tachment of Colol. Livingstone Expecting an opertunity to bring off my Effects. 
Expense for 10 days in New Haven while waiting for wind and a 

Ship to go away 3. o. o 

A fine gun, a good King's arm lost in the action taking the 
Regular Company in Brockhaven by being broke & left amongst 
the Stores taken 4. o. o. 

The above is a true account of Expense &c. £ 25.18. o 

Ebenezer Dayton. 

State of New York to Isaac Sheffield of Stoning^on Dr. 

September 1776, for Transporting Sundry familys houshold goods Stock &c. from Sag- 
harbour on Long Island to Stonington in the State of Connecticut and them landed vizt. 

for Mr David Parson 18 head Cattle at 9/ — £ 8. 2.0 

to I horse a 9/ — o. 9.0 

to 12 hogs a 1/ — o. 12.0 

for Mr Stephen Toping 13 Passengers a 3/ — i . 19.0 

to 9 head Cattle a 9/ — 4 . i . o 

to 2 1/2 Load of household goods a 18/ — 2. 50 

The Refugees from Long Island to Connecticut 129 

for Mr Matthew Parson i ox a 9/ — ^ o. 9.0 

for Mr. David Hand 11 head Cattle a 9/— 4. 19.0 

to 12 hogs a 1/ — 0.12.0 

for Mr Mulford Esqr 13 head Cattle a 9/— 6. 17.0 

to I Passenger a 3/ — o. 3.0 

to I horse a 9/ — o. 9.0 

for Mr Jeremiah Holsay i Load household goods at 18/ — o. 18,0 

to 8 Passengers a 3/ — i • 4-0 

for Mr Antony Ludlo i Load household goods at 18/ — 0.18.0 

for Mr Robart Sheffield 2 Load household goods a 18/ — 1 . 16.0 

to 2 Passengers a 3/ — o. 6.0 

for Mr Joseph Ellis 9 Passengers a 3/ — i. T -O 

to I Load household goods at 18/ — o. 18.0 

for Mr John Parson 7 Passengers a 3/ — i . i .0 

to I Load household goods a 18/ — o. 18.0 

for Mr Miler Esqr i Cow a 9/ — o. 9.0 

£ 39.12.0 

By an Overcharge on Household Goods Stock & Effects 13. 8.0 

£ 26. 4.0 

New London County Stonington Feby 14th 1777 Personally Appeared Mr Isaac Sheffield 
and made Solemn Oath to the Truth of the above account 
Sworn before me Nathaniel Minor, Justice of Peace 

Stonington february 14th 1777 
As the within Charge may Seame high to ye gentlemen thats apinted for Discharging ye 
Same, I will just gave Some Resons for my So doing, for me as an Individuel to Resk my 
vessel my Self and Charge no more than those that had thire vessels Resk by ye Comittes of 
groton New london and others westward, it apears to me not Resonable, when the Resk was 
so great, for thire was SCarse a day but thire was Crusers seen of ye East End of ye Island 
by which we Exspected to be Cut of Every time we Past, and further ye Resk being so well 
Known by our inhabitants hear I Could not git hands att that time under thrible Wages, and 
also obliged to go Duble mand and well armd, which made it very Chargeable. I settled with 
3 or 4 Parsons att ye Same Rate thats Charged in this bill and 2 I settled with since for Less 
on Condition that if thire was more alowd I was to have ye alowance, and as the Curcum- 
stance was then in Regard to ye Resk and Exspence I Dont think ye Charge two high, for 
why Should one man Resk his hole Liveing to Save another mans Exscept he is alowed Some- 
thing Edequate to the Resk, but I Exspeckt to Comply with whats alowd others that brought 
of upon the Same footing that I did pr Isaac Sheffield 

Stonington Feby 14th 1777 

These Certify that the Comtee of this place never engaged any persons or vessels to fetch 
any goods or famalys from Long Island : But that all that went from this place went at there 
Own Resque 

Nath' Minor 1 of the Comtte 

I of 
r (of 

. John Brown jr j of Inspection 

Middletown March 5th 1777 Reed and ExS the within Acct & Report we think there is 
justly due to Isaac Sheffield the sum of twenty six pounds four shillings LawfuU Money of 

" pr Thomas Dering 

John Foster 
Thomas Wickham 

130 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Middletown March i8 1778 Reed of Thomas Bering, John Foster & Thomas Wickham, 
Esqrs. Twenty six pounds four shiUings Lawfull Money In full for transporting famalies stock 
& Effects from L Island to Connecticut Reed the above In full 

£26.4. pr me Isaac Sheffield 

September 26th 1776 Received of Mr. Ruben Brown for transporting from Long Island to 
Guilford too Bushel of wheat one Load of houshold Goods fore passengers the hole Amounts 
to io.18.9 Lawful Money pr me Jonathan Vaill 

Oct. 16 1776 receivd of Ruben Brown three Shillings & Eight Pence for transporting one 
Barrel Provisions Two Bushel wheat Bundle of Leather & one Passage from Long Island to 
Guilford in Connecticut, attested & approved Jno. Ingraham 

Guilford Febry. 17 1777 Personally Appeared Reuben Brown & made Oath to the^ Truth of 
the within Accounts before me Sam'l. Brown, Justice of Peace 

Same Time said Acctts. Examind & Approved by this Comitte 

Sam'l Brown, Clerk. 

Middletown Febry 21 1777 Reed & Exd the within Rects & think there is justley due to 
Ruben Brown the sum of one pound & 1/9 Lawfull Money of Connectticut. 

pr Thomas Bering 
£1.1.9. John Foster 

Thomas Wickham 

State of New York to Joseph Havens Dr. 

1776 for Transporting Goods &c from Long Island 

Sept. 26 To do 3 Loads of Corn £1 . lo.o 

To do 141 Bushls of Wheat a 4 i/2d 2. 11. 2 1/2 

To 3 Barrels of Pork and two Bo' of Cyder a 1/6 o. 7.6 

To I Load of Flax 20/ — i Bo of Household Goods 10/ — 

To 25 Bushl of Oats & 5 Bo flax seed a 41/2 0.11.3 

To 2 Barrels of Apples & 2 Bo of Beets o. 6.0 

To 15 Sheep a 6 d o. 7.6 

£7- 3-5 1/2 

The within Acct is so surcumstanced that the person who brought over the Effects &c the 
owners of them are not able to attend the Comittee but from information of a person of 
Credit who assisted in receiving the things & being well Knowing to the oweners honesty we • 
are of opinion it is just & true Thomas Bering 

John Foster 

Middletown Febry 19th 1777 Reed and Examined this Acct and think there is justley due 
to Mr. Joseph Havens seven pounds three shillings & 5 1/2 Lawfull Mony of Connecticut 

Pr Thomas Bering 
^7-3-5 1/2 John Foster 

Received June 22d, 1790 from Gerard Bancker, Treasr., a Certificate for Thirty one Pounds 
& Seventeen Shillings, being the Specie Value of Six hundred and thirty nine pounds, eight 
Shillings and nine pence, on the 28th day of September 1779, which Sum was paid into the Treas- 
ury of the State of New York by the Committee of Sea Brook, in Connecticut, for Cattle &c 
belonging to the inhabitants of Suffolk County, and is now repaid in pursuance of an Act, enti- 
tled "An Act for the relief of Henry Haydock & others", passed the 9th day of March, 1790. 

Selah Strong Treasurer 

No, 4y,y$2 — i3i.i7- — dated September 28th, 1779. 

The Refugees from Long Island to Connecticut 


Some interesting details of the removal are found in the " Account of the Sheep brought 
from Long Island and deliv'^ to the Committee of Guilford." 

Guilford September ye 25th 1776 this day 345 Sheep from Long Island (15 of which belonged 
to ye Fordoms) was by Lieut. Norton of Setauheit delivered to ye Care of the Com- 

mittey for which a Receipt was given by Nathl. Ruggles Esqr. Chareman of Sd Committey; 
and Sd Sheep was tarred in ye face & put into Guilford Flock; the Several Ear-Marks of Sd 
Sheep are incerted in ye enclosed papers N. B. the Sheep belonging to the Fordoms [Ford- 
hams] ware not tar'd nor any account taken of ye marks. 

I do hereby Certify that Mr Nathaniel Ruggles did on the 8th March 1779 pay into the 
Treasury Eighty Eight pounds thirteen Shillings and four pence the produce of 345 Sheep 
taken from Long Island, Suffolk County, as pr Rect before given 

N. Y. April 19th 1787 Gerard Bancker Treasr. 

John Halse 2^ Sheep hollow Crop in the Left Ear and Slope on the fore Side of the right. 
Benjin Woodrough 27 mark 2 half pennys under Left Ear 

Josiah Halse mark Hollow Crop in ye Left Ear and Slop on- ye fore Side of ye right a nick 
under ye Rigt Ear 

Wilmon Halse mark 2 half penny upon the under side and one on uper side of the right Ear 
Silas Woodrough mark 2 half pennys under ye Left Ear one uper side of the right 

Then follow certain hieroglyphics giving a record of the Sheep, and a Key to the same. The 
following is the Key : 

(i) Single Slop under Right Ear; (2) Sloap under Riggt Ear hole in left; (3) Crop of Left 
Ear; (4) Crop of Left Ear half forehd each ear half penn under ye right; (5) Crop of Left 
Ear half peny under it half pen unde ye right; (6) Crop of ye Left Slit in ye right; (7) haf 
penny fore Side nigh half pen lupes and Lower Side left; (8) Crop penny and Slet in ye Left 
Ear Sloap uper Side of ye right; (9) Sloap of uper Side Left Ear half penny uper Side of ye 
right; (10) half penny fore ye right and under the left; (11) Crop of ye Left Ear Sloap unde 
ye right; (12) Half penny fore Side right V in the left; (13) Sloap under Each Ear half penny 
fore Side of ye right ; (14) Crop of ye Right Ear and Slit in ye Same and a half penney Each 
Side ye left 

The following, who were for the most part Captains of various kinds of Ships, assisted in 
the removal of the Refugees : — 

Bates Isaac 
Bayley Gamaliel 

Bonticou Peter 
Bradley Joseph 
Budington Eliphalet 
Conkling Benjamin 
Cooper Zebulon 
Farnam Onis 
Fellows Elnathan 
Fordham Ephraim 

Glover Ezekiel 
Goldsmith Wilmot 
Greenfield Starr 
Griffith Joshua 
Haley Jeremiah 
Harris James 
Ingraham John 
Jones James 
Knight Robert 
Landon David 
Latham Hubbard 

Latimer Peter 
Leete Thomas 
LeiBngwell Christopher 
Mason Elisha 
Miner John 
Minor John 2d 
Pendleton Ephraim 
Riley Jacob 
Robinson Thomas 
Sayre David 

Scranton Joab 
Sheffield Isaac 
Spink Richard 
Stow Zebulon 
Vail John 
Vail Jonathan 
Webb James 
Wiggins James 
Wilcox John 
Williams Charles 
Wilson John 

The records show these names of Refugees from Long Island to Connecticut : — 

Barns Nathaniel 
Bayley Benjamin 
Bayley Jonathan 
Bayley Stephen 

Beckwith Phebe 
Beckwith Phinehas 
Benjamin Nathaniel 
Booth Daniel 

Boothe Joseph 
Bouseau John 
Bower Hezekiah 
Bradly Timothj 


Brown Christopher 
Brown Ruben 
Brown Samuel 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Brown William 
Browne Abigail (Widow) 
Bushan John 
Busseau John 
Case Benjamin 
Case Israel 
Casset Cornelius 
Cehey Asa 

Chapin Benjamin, Dr. 
Chapin Margaret 
Chappel Benjamin 
Clark Elisha 
Clarke John 
Cleaveland Joseph 
Cochran John 
Conklin Samuel 
Conklin William 
Conkling Dr. 

Conkling Abraham 
Conkling Daniel 
Conkling David 
Conkling Edward 
Conkling Jacob 
Conkling Jeremiah 
Conkling John 
Conkling Jonathan 
Conkling Joseph 
Conkling Nathaniel 
Cook John Mitchell 
Cook Jonathan 
Cook Rebecca (Widow) 
Cook Silas, Maj. 
Cooper Abraham 
Cooper Silas 
Corey Abijah 
Corey Bradic 
Corey Elijah 
Corwin James 
Corwin Mary (Widow) 
Corwin Nathan 
Culver Gershon 
Curran Timothy 
Curren Jeames 
Danes Peter 
Darrow John 
Davis (Capt) 

Davis Benjamin 
Davis James 
Dayton Ebenezer 
Dayton Jesse 
Deckerson John 
Dering Thomas 
Deval William 
Dibbel Sineus 
Dick John 
Dickenson Selah 
Dickinson Amos 
Dickinson Richard 
Drake John 

Edwards Ebenezer 

Edwards John 

Edwards Mercy 

Elderean Jeames 

Ellis Joseph 

Evertes Jarama 

Filer Thomas 

Fordham Daniel 

Fordham George 

Fordham Gideon 

Fordham Nathan 

Foster Crudajice 

Foster John 

Foster John, jr. 


Fowler Calop 

Fowler George 

Fowler Jonathan 

Francis (Frenchman) 

Franks Jon 

Gardiner Abraham, Col. 

Gardiner Jerusha (Mrs.) 

Gardiner Joshua 

Gardiner Nathaniel 

Gardner Jeremiah 

Gelston David 

Gelston Maltby 

Gelston Thomas 

Gildersleeve Obadiah 

Goldsmith Joshua 

Goldsmith Nathan 

Griffin James 

Griffing Daniel, Capt. 

Griffing Jasper, Capt. 

Griffing John 

Griffing Peter 

Griffing Samuel 

Hains Daniel 

Halliock Peter 

Hallock Henry 

Hallock Israel 

Hallock Joseph 

Hallock Zebulon 

Hallsey Elias 

Halsey Henry 

Halsey Jeremiah 

Halsey John 

Halsey Josiah 

Halsey Silas 

Halsey Silas, jr.. Dr. 

Halsey Theophilus 

Halsey William 

Hand David 

Hand Gideon 

Hand John 

Hanes David 

Hart Molley 

Havens James ^ 

Havens Jonathan, Dr. 

Havens Joseph 

Havens Obadiah, Lieut. 

Hedges (Widow) 

Hedges Daniel 

Hedges David 

Hedges Jonathan, Col. 

Hedges Matthew 

Hedges Stephen 

Hemstead Thomas 

Hemsted Jessey 

Herrick Henry 

Higgins Christian 

Hildreth Joseph 

Hildreth Joshua 

Hinchman Annar (Widow) 


Horton Barnabas, Capt. 

Horton Jeames 

Horton Jonathan 

Horton Joshua 

Horton William 


Howell Daniel 

Howell David 

Howell Elias 

Howell Ezekiel 

Howell Isaac 

Howell Joshua 

Howell Recompenc 

Howell Ryall 

Howell Sylvanus 

Hqwell Walter 


Hubbard (Widow) 

Hudson Henry 

Hudson John 

Hudson John Leveret 

Hudson Obadiah 

Hudson Thomas 

Hulbert John, Col. 

Hunting Benjamin 

Hunting John 

Hunting Nathaniel 

Hutchinson (Widow) 

Hutchinson Thomas 

Ingraham Samuel 

Ingraham Samuel, jr. 

Isaacs Aaron 

Isaacs Aaron, jr. 

Jacobs (Widow)! 

Jagger Ebenezer 

Jagger Matthew 


Jennings Ebenezer 

Jennings Elias 

Jennings James 

Jennings Silvanus 

Jessup Lieut. 

Jessup Isaac 

Jessup Silas 
Johnson William 
Jonathan (Indian) 

Jones Ephraim 
King Alexander 
King Asa 
King Benjamin 
King Elisha 
King James 
King Jeremiah' 
King Peter 
King Thomas 
King William 
King William, jr. 
Korkom William 
Landon Samuel ' 
Lee Abram 
Leet Elisha 
Leet Simion 
Lefoy Francis 
L'Hommedieu Ezra 
L'Hommedieu Grover 
L'Hommedieu Samuel 
L'Hommedieu Sylvester 
Lester Andrew 
Lester Noah 
Loper Abraham 
Loper David 
Ludlo Antony 
McCullom Dunkin 
Man Philips 
Marcles Samuel 
Mason Elijah 
Matthews Timothy 
Milford Samuel 
Miller Abraham 
Miller Burnet • 
Miller Elisha 
Miller Huntonton 
Miller Jeremiah 
Miller John 
Miller John, jr. 
Miller Peleg ' 
Moore Ann 
Moore Benjamin 
Moore Calvin, Capt. 
Moore Daniel 
Moore Hannah 
Moore Henry 
Moore Joseph 
Moos David 
More John 
Mores John 
Mulford Elias 
Mulford Elisha 
Mulford John 
Mulford Nathaniel 

The Committee of Safety 


Mulford William 
Murrow Semor 
Norris Silas 
Orsborn Zebedee 
Osborn Daniel 
Osborn Elisha 
Osborn Joseph 
' Osborn Lewis 
Osborn Matthew 
Overton Elton 
Overton Isaac 
Overton James 
Overton John 
Overton Joshua 
Overton Nathaniel 
Pain Alsop 
Pain Benjamin 
Pain John 
Pain Jonathan 
Pain Phebe 
Paine Ephraim 
Paine Peter 
Pamely Nathan 
Parson John 
Peck Augustus 
Peck Joseph 
Peirson Lemuel 
Peirson Lemuel, jr. 
Peirson Silvanus 
Peirson Zachariah 
Pelletreau Elias, Capt. 
Pelton Ithamar 
Pendleton Amos, Capt. 
Perry Edmond 
Perry Eliakim 
Person David, Capt. 
Person Elias 
Person Matthew 
Persons Daniel 

Persons Jedediah 
Persons John 
Persons Samuel 
Persons Stephen 
Persons Theophilus 
Persons Zebulon 
Post Elias 
Post Jeremiah 
Post Nathan 
Price Benjamin 
Racket Daniel 
Racket Jonathan 
Racket Jonathan, jr. 
Reave Wells 
Reaves Daniel 
Reeve Israel 
Reeve Joshua 
Reeve Selah 
Rockwell William 
Rogers Jeremiah 
Rogers John 
Rogers Jonathan 
Rogers Joshua 
Rogers Nathaniel 
Rogers Uriah, Maj. 
Rose Abraham 

Russell HezekiaH 
Salmon Jonathan 
Salmon Joshua 
Sandford Ezekiel 

Sawyer Abraham 
Sayre Abraham 
Say re Benjamin 
Sayre James 
Sayres Joshua 
Sears Benjamin 

Sears David 
Shary Reek 
Sheffield Robert 
Shellinger Isaac 
Sheman Anthony 
Sherrel Samuel 
Sherril Jeremiah 
Sherry Samuel 
Simons Moses 
Sinnot Patrick 
Smith Dayton 
Squire David, jr. 
Squire John 
Squires Mary 
Stamborough Joseph 
Stores Rev. 

Stuart Silas 
Tammage Lois 
Terry John 
Terry Richard 
Terry Thomas 
Terry & Drake 
Thomson Zebulon 
Tillinghast Joseph 
Tillinghast Phebe 
Todd Samuel 
Todd Timothy 
Toping Charles 
Toping David 
Toping Stephen, Capt. 
Topping Elisha 
Topping Henry 
Topping Joseph 
Topping Matthew 
Topping Phebe 
Topping Rebecca 
Topping Thomas 
Truman Francis 

Tuthill Daniel 

Tuthill John 

Tuthill Mehitabel (Widow) 

Tuthill Rufus 

Tuttel Azariah 

Tuttel Duncan 

Vail Joseph 

Vaill Benjamin 

Waid Ebenezer 

Walker Dr. 

Warner Eliphalet 

Watrous Ethan 

Weldin David 

Wells Fines 

Wells Freegift (Deacon) 

Wells James 

Wells Jonathan 

Wells Joshua 

Wells Josiah 

Wells Selah 

Wells William 

Whelden Jonathan 

White Samuel 

White Silah 

White William 

Wick Edward 

Wickham Thomas 

Wiggins David 

Wiggins James 

William (Indian) 

Williams Jonathan 

Wines Abijah 

Wood Zaphar 

Woodruff Benjamin 

Woodruff Daniel 

Woodruff Silas 

Yongs (Esqr) 

Youngs Israel 

Youngs John 


Just before its adjournment, the First Provincial Congress, July 8, 1775, appointed certain of 
its own Delegates a Committee of Safety, with power to open and to answer all letters directed 
to Congress ; to examine Suspected Persons ; to superintend Military Affairs ; to appropriate 
money; and to order a session of Congress at any time, if emergency required. This Commit- 
tee, with many powers beyond those of the Provincial Congresses, covered the lives of all four of 
the Congresses; and it was not dissolved till the Government of the new State was about to 
assume its authority. 

The Committee of Safety was a small body, composed of representative and energetic men 
who fdt their responsibility. According to the documents, the original members of the Commit- 

134 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

tee were : — John Williams, Chairman ; James Beekman ; Jacob Cuyler, Isaac Roosevelt ; Christo- 
pher Tappen; and Robert Yates. All of these, except Mr. Tappen, served through the four 
Congresses, and they were probably members of the Committee of Safety during all the time 
of its existence. Other members were added from time to time. 

The documents record these Officers and Members of the Committee of Safety, the figures 
denoting the Congresses in which they were Delegates: — 

Chairmen — John Williams (i. 2. 3. and 4), Peter R. Livingston {2. 3 and 4) and James 
Livingston (3 and 4) 

Secretaries — Robert Benson, Richard Hatfield and John McKesson (Benson and McKesson, 
Secretaries of all four Congresses, served also as Secretaries of the Committee ; Hatfield served 
a portion of the time) 

Vendue Master — Jacob Hunt 

James Beekman (3 and 4) Charles DeWitt (3 and 4) Arthur Parks (3 and 4) Christopher Tappen (i, 3 
Samuel Brewster (2 and 3) James Duane (3 and 4) Matthew Rea (2, 3 and 4) and 4) 
Matthew Cantine (2, 3 & 4) Daniel Dunscomb {3 & 4) Henry Remsen (3 and 4) Robert Yates (i, 2, 3 & 4) 
Jacob Cuyler (i, 2, 3 & 4) Burnet Miller (3 and 4) Isaac Roosevelt (i, 2, 3 &4) Peter P. Van Zandt (3 & 4) 

The Committee met in New York till that City was occupied by the British. It then met 
at various places along the Hudson River. 

Its sessions were as follows: — New York, July 11-25, ^775' Sept. 4-Oct. 3,1775, Jan. 3- 
Feb. 12, 1776, Mar. i8-May 8, 1776, Aug. 19, 1776; Harlem Aug. 2y and 29, 1776; Kings- 
bridge, Aug. 30, 1776; Phihpse Manor, Aug. 31, 1776; Fishkill, Sept. 2-4, 1776, Sept. 8-13, 
1776, Sept. 23-25, 1776, Sept. 26-27, ^77^> Oct. 7-14, 1776, Oct. i6-Dec. 4, 1776, Dec. 5, 
1776-Feb. 14, 1777; Kingston, Feb. 19-Mar. 5, 1777. THe Convention also left its business in 
the hands of the Committee, Aug. 29 and Oct. 5, 1776. 

One of the Accounts shows that the Committee did not sufifer from lack of food and drink : — 

Ocf 24th 1776 

Mr Yates & Co Dr 

To 6 Dinners £ 12.0 To toddy 

To Wine 9.0 29 To toddy 

To Toddy 5 • o To wine 

To Cyder 3 ■ o To toddy 

25 To dinner for 7 14. o 30 To Toddy 

To Wine 16. o To 5 at dinner 

To toddy & Cyder 4.0 To wine 

To supper for 6. ..... . 9- o To Cyder 

To Wine 8.0 To servt Dinner &c. . . . 

To toddy & Cyder .... 6.0 31 To 9 dinners 

To waiter, supr & Cyder 1.6 To Wine 6 Bottles & 

26 To dinner for 13 i. 6. o Bill 

To wine i . 12. o To toddy & Cyder . . 

To toddy & Cyder 10. o To servts Dinner &c. 

28 To Mr Duane's Break- Nov i To 6 dinners 

fast 1.6 To wine , 

To 8 Dinners 16. O To Cyder 

To toddy & Cyder 3.0 To toddy 

To wine 16. o To servts Dinners &c. 

To servts Dinr &c 1.3 2 To 13 dinners 
























The Committee of Safety 135 

Nov'' 2 To wine £2.0.0 To servts Dinners &c. . 1.6 

To Cider & Toddy 4. o To toddy 2.0 

To Sangoree 12. o To Pipes and Tobacco. 4. o 

I 21.15. 9 

Albany Nov'' 3"^ 1776 — Received from Jacob Cuyler the above sum for the use of the Com- 
mittee of Convention of the State — WiUiam Hardy 

Another account shows that the Auditor-General did not hesitate to secure a private debt out 

of moneys that were due from the State to his debtor: — 

June 19th The Honourable Committee D'' to Jon Dunlap from the above date 

59 days till August 19* £ 23. 12. o 

Cr By Cash reed from Jon McKisson.Esq'' 7 Dollars £2.15. o 

By do another time 15 do 6.0.0 

By do reed from Abraham Depeyster Esqr 12 do 4.16. o 13.12. o 

Balance due to Jon Dunlap £ 19. o. o 

By reed from Mr Benson o. 8. o 

Ballance due to J. D 9.12. o 

Stop 7/6 for a pr Shoes he owes me for — C. Sands [Aud'r Gen.] .... 7-6 

£9. 4. 6 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York, Augt 17* 1776 
Ordered that the within account of John Dunlap be delivered to the Auditor-General to be 
audited to this seventeenth day of August only — and that the said John Dunlap be, and is 
hereby, discharged from the Service of the said Committee & of this Convention. 

John M'=Kesson, Secr'y 

The most important transactions of the Committee of Safety, as revealed by the documents, 
were the following: — 

1775, part of a cargo of Powder from France to the West Indies was given to the Committee 
of Safety of South Carolina; Sept. 18, it was ordered that Messrs Pintard Remsen and Van 
Zandt be a Committee to purchase Powder, Arms &c. 

1776, Jan. 24, Capt. William Mercier was appointed to superintend the making of Gun car- 
riages, and ordered to inspect all Vessels lading in the port of New York; Feb. 15, the Com- 
mittee was given authority to communicate with the British Ships in the harbor of New York; 
Feb. 28, Col. Abraham P. Lott was ordered to buy bread; Mar. 18, it was ordered that not more 
than £4. should be paid for a barrel of Pork ; Mar. 19, Capt. Anthony Rutgers was paid £430 
for a Sloop to be armed " for the defence of this and the neighbouring Colonies "; Mar. 21, 
Capt. William Mercier was ordered to fit out the Vessel lately purchased by the Provincial Con- 
gress; Apr. 12, £900 was paid to Thomas Randall to refund him for the purchase of an Armed 
Vessel ; Apr. 17, it was ordered that £650. be paid for the Sloop " Sally ", and £500. for the 
Schooner " Polly " ; same date, £200. was advanced to Capt. William Mercier for fitting out the 
Armed Sloop " Montgomery"; July 12, John R. Livingston was given £100. for establishing a 
Powder plant; July 19, John Carpenter was given £200 for the same service; Aug. 3, a bill of 

136 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

£500. was audited for the printing of 55,300 bills " of the New Emission " of Money; Aug. 17, 
Col. Abraham P. Lott and James Beekman were given £200. for the purpose of removing the 
women, children and infirm from the City of New York; Aug. 22, Zebediah Mills was paid $50 for 
removing the Mihtary Stores from New York City to Westchester County; Oct. 22, Col. Dirck 
Brinckerhoff was ordered to repair the roads, in place of Col. John Field; same date, £600. was 
ordered to be paid to Capt. Tudor for rafts and timber for the Continental Frigates ; Oct. 29, 
£1200. was appropriated to Jacob Cuyler, James Duane and Robert Yates, the Committee to 
raise Troops; Nov. 2, the Committee of Ulster County was ordered to pay a Bounty to Capt. 
Elias Hasbrouck; Nov. 5, the same Committee was ordered to pay a Bounty to the Ulster 
County Rangers; same date, Isaac Roosevelt reported that Col. Brasher and himself had ex- 
amined the Muster Rolls of the Schooner " General Putnam "; same date, it was ordered that. 
the accounts of that Schooner be kept in better shape; Nov. 28, Col. Johannis Hardenburgh 
was ordered to turn over to the Committee all the Arms left by those of the Militia who had 
been discharged; Dec. 9, Maj. Lockwood was paid £1.4.0 for a messenger sent to the Committee 
with a letter of intelligence; Dec. 12, Samuel Loudon was paid £1000 for printing Public Notices 
in his paper; Dec. 16, Col. Lewis Dubois was refunded £1500. advanced for Bounty Money; Dec. 
24, the State Treasurer was ordered to pay £59. to John Field for services and expenses in trans- 
porting some of the inhabitants of Nassau Island with their families, stock &c, to the State of 

1777, Jan. 9, Gouverneur Morris was refunded 40/ — paid by him to an Express from Gen. 
George Clinton with the account of Gen. Washington's successful attack at Trenton, also 24/ — 
for printing an Address to the People of the State of New York; Jan. 14, it was ordered that 
£80. be advanced to Capt. Robert Castle for Obstructing the Navigation of the Hudson River; 
Jan. 16, James Weeks was Appointed Assistant Commissary of the Arms, Ammunition and other 
Military Stores, and it was ordered that he shall deliver at Fishkill, for the use of the New Lines, 
all Arms given up by the disbanded Soldiers at Forts Montgomery and Constitution; Jan. 27, 
the State Treasurer was ordered to pay £130. 3. 4 to Capt. Christopher LefEngwell for transport- 
ing families, stock &c from Long Island to Conneticut; Jan. 28, the State Treasurer was ordered 
to pay £500. to Robert Harpur, Chairman, to proceed with the business of the Committee; 
Jan. 30, Robert Yates and James Duane were paid £6. 14. " to reimburse them their expenses 
attending their journey to Kingston"; Feb. 25, it was agreed to pay the claims of William 
Fowler and John Drake for repairing the Goal in Westchester County; Mar. i, action was taken 
in regard to the Commissioners of Forfeitures; Apr. 15, the Committee having ordered the pur- 
chase of Stockings and Blankets, the Convention voted £600. to Cornelius C. Schoonmaker to 
pay for them; Apr. 16, Matthew Adgate was paid £160. for making assays of Lead, Sulphur and 
Flints ; May 9, it was ordered that the Accounts, of Capt. Charles Sprainger, for the Brig 
" Mary ", should be paid. 

The Committee of Safety also forwarded Powder to Cambridge ; bought Supplies and Muni- 
tions of war for theTroops; paid £1. 14. 9 to Maj. Tappen for his expenses in escorting Lady 
Johnson to Wallkill; and, in general, proved its efficiency down to the beginning of the State 
Government. The importance of this Committee has never been rightly understood, or fully 

The County Committees 137 

appreciated. It was, in fact, the mainspring that moved all the wheels of the Government; 
and, as such, it is entitled to far greater credit than has ever been accorded. (See " Privat- 
eers," " Bounties," and many other Chapters in this book, showing the versatile work of the 

The Refractory Militia 

Early in the War, a part of the Militia in Dutchess County showed a spirit of rebellion. 
The Committee of Safety appointed Egbert Benson, Jacobus Swartwout and Ezra Thompson 
Commissioners to repress the Militia. The Committee expended £252.2.10 out of an appro- 
priation of £300. ; and the Accounts were audited, Jan. 27, 1776. On the same date, the Com- 
mittee of Safety approved the report of the Auditors, and ordered the balance of £47.17.2 to 
be paid to the Vice-Treasurer. Philip Van Brugh Livingston, Treasurer of the Provincial 
Congress, Sept. 10, 1777, received £29.16. from Col. William Humfrey for fines levied on the 
Refractory Militia of Dutchess County. 

The County Committees 

The County Committees were, in effect, branches of the Committee of Safety. They were 
often called Sub-Committees; and, sometimes, Committees of Safety for the respective Coun- 
ties. Their duties were numerous and important. They paid many bills of the Poor (See 
" The Poor who came out of New York City ") ; and raised money to pay Bounties to the 
Soldiers (see " Bounties "). When the Disaffected insisted that their Slaves belonged to their 
households and, therefore, should be taken with them over the Lines, the County Committees 
decided that the Slaves were personal property to remain and to be sold. Too much insist- 
ence on this point led to the imprisonment of many of the Disaffected. 

In the case of several of the Counties, the documents in this Office give a very imperfect 
record. It is probable that some of the missing documents may be found in the Offices of the 
several County Clerks. Such is the fact in Albany County, at least. The list of Committee- 
men named under each County is not complete, in most instances, because only those names 
are given that appear in the documents. 

In provincial Congress New York March 13th 1776 
Whereas the Several County Committees in this Colony may have Occasion to Borrow 
Money to enable them to Defray the Contingent Charges they are or may be put to, in Sup- 
port of the Cause of the United Collines, Against the Iniquitious Attempts of the British Min- 
istry and Parliament, to enslave this Continent, and whereas the Imposition of Taxes, on the 
Inhabitants of the Collony, to Enable the County Committees to pay the Said Contingent 
Charges may be Very Inconvenient, at this Time, This Congress from an Ernest desire to 
Encourage the Friend to Liberty, in Supporting the Common Cause, do Resolve to Advance 
on Loan out of the Collony Treasury, to Each County Committee, a Sum of Money not exceed- 
ing the Sum following, for the purpose of paying the Charges aforesaid, and of making such 
allowances to the Deputies in provincial Congress as the respective County Committees shall 
judge proper, that is to say, to the City and County of New York, Twelve Hundred pound, to 
the City and County of Albany, Eight Hundred pound, to the County of Suffolk, the Sum of 
four Hundred and fifty Pound, to the County of Richmond, the sum of one Hundred and 

138 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Twenty Nine Pounds, to Kings County, the Sum of Two Hundred pounds, to the County of 
Orange, the Sum of Two Hundred pounds, to the County of Westchester, the Sum of four 
Hundred and Sixty Pound, to the County of Tryon, the Sum of Four Hundred pounds, to 
the County of Cumberland, the Sum of One Hundred pounds, to the County of Charlotte, 
the Sum of One Hundred pound, to the County of Dutchess, the Sum of four Hundred and 
Twenty pounds, and it is understood, that the Sum of money which several of the Counties 
have already Received, out of the Treasury, for their particular purposes, shall be deducted by 
the Treasurer, out of the Respective Sums, allowed to Such County, in the foregoing Reso- 
lution, and that the Security, given for Such Sums be delivered up. And it is resolved and 
ordered, that Peter Van Brugh Livingston Esqr. Treasurer of this Congress, shall and do pay 
to the Chairman of Each Respective County Committee, in this Collony, Such Sum or Sums 
of money, as the Said Committees, Shall from Time to Time Apply for, to Discharge the Con- 
tingent Charges aforesaid, of Each respective County; provided the Sum or Sums of money 
so applyed for, shall not in the whole amount to More than the Sum herein before alloted, 
to Each respective County; And that an Order of Each Respective County Committee, signed 
by the Chairman, and attested by the Clerk, of the Said Committee with a receipt from the 
Person, in whose favour. Such Order Shall be Drawn Shall be to the Said Treasurer, a Suf- 
ficient Voucher for the Amount of the Said Order. 

And it is further Resolved, that Each Respective County, in this Collony, shall stand 
charged, and be Accountable to the Treasurer, of this Congress, for Such Sum and Sums of 
money as the Said Treasurer shall advance, to Each respective County Committee, pursuant to 
the foregoing Resolutions, and that the Same Shall be Raised, and Repaid, into the Treasury 
of this Congress, by Tax or Assesment, on the Inhabitants of Each Respective County, when 
thereunto Required by this or any future Congress of this Collony. 

John McKesson Secry. 

The Committee of Albany County was also at times, called the Committee of the City 
and County of Albany. It consisted of the following: — John Ball, John Barclay, John Bay, 
John Beebe, Henry Bleecker (Chairman), Joseph Clarke, Isaac Fonda, Philip Frisbe, Leonard 
Gansevoort (Treasurer), Cornelius Humphrey, Gerrit Lansing, Gerrit Lansing, jr. (Treasurer), 
Barent Mynderse, John Price, Hendrick Quackenbush, John Rogers, Myndert Roseboom, Philip 
P. Schuyler, John Ten Broeck, Jacob C. Ten Eyck, William Thorn, Issac Van Aernam, Johannis 
Van Deuson, Cornelius Van Dyke, William Van Ness (Clerk) Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, 
Anthony Van Schaick, Cornelius Van Veghten, Philip Van Veghten, Volkert Veeder, Bastian 
Visscher, Matthew Visscher (Secretary), Adam Vroman, William B. Whiting, Daniel Winna 
and Robert Yates. The work of this Committee began a few days after the Battle of Lex- 
ington, and but eight days after Ethan Allen had captured Ticonderoga. 

Albany i8th May 1775 
Memorandum of the Donations of the third ward of the City of Albany, and an Account of 
how the Money was expended with Extracts of the Letters Sent with the Wagoners who 
carried up the Provisions to Fort George for the Use of the New England Provincials at 
Ticonderoga, also — 

Memorandum of Sundrys given to be sent to Ticonderoga 19th May, 1775 

The Donations from the first ward aggregated £32.15.7; from the third ward, £68.5.10. A 
large quantity of provisions was also donated in the third ward. 

Pork was bought of Thomas Hun, Dirck Ten Broeck, James Caldwell, Absolom Word- 
worth and Henry Mercelius; Mutton, of James Williams and Christophel Beekman; Veal of 
James Williams ; Bread, of Sander Lansing ; and Rum, of Peter De Wandelaer. 

The County Committees 139 

Fort George May 25, 1775, Received of Messrs John Ten Broeck Teunis Ts. Van Vechten, 
Ands Douw & Leonard Gansevoort pr. hand of Arent Bradt three Blls Pork, one Tierce flour 
one lierce containing Seven Gammons & Eleven Sides Bacon, i BIl & half West India Rum, 
two Blls flour, one Bll Salt & one Quarter Cask Powder for the Use of the Commander at 
1 iconderoga. 

John Stevens, Commander 

. Albany Committee Chamber 12th July 1775 

Resolved by this Board that Messrs Jacob C. Ten Eyck, Leonard Gansevoort and Jeremiah 
Van Rensselaer be a sub-committee to state the accounts of the dififerent Companies enlisted 
and taken into pay by this Body, as also of the monies and other necessaries paid, found and 
provided by this Body or any other Person by their direction and order. 

And also farther resolved that after such accounts are stated that Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 
be furnished with the Sum of £332 out of the Paper Emission of this Committee, and that he 
go up to Lake George, Ticonderoga and Crown Point, where those Companies are now sta- 
tioned, and, after mustering those Companies and deducting from their pay the money already 
advanced as above, that he pay the Officers and man upon the Continental establishment the 
Money in proportion to their number and pay, and that the said Jeremiah Van Rensselaer make 
a final settlement with those Companies, and declare to them that they for the future must look 
for their pay and necessaries to the officers appointed by the Continental or Provincial Con- 
gress for the purpose, and that he take with him the Warrants and deliver them to the officers 
at the above Stations — 

Resolved that Mr. Jeremiah Van Rensselaer is by this Board appointed to go up to Lake 
George &c and pay the forces embodied by order of this Committee as far as the Money he 
shall be furnished with will serve, provided said settlement does not extend to a Date after the 

first Day of July. ^ . „ „ „ „ 

' •' ^ John Bay, Secry P. T. 

In I'J'j^i, the Committee carried a stove from Albany to Fishkill for the use of the Conven- 
tion; paid the Deputies in the Provincial Congress 10/ — per day ; paid for repairing Guns and 
for carrying Flour to Lake George; seized the Tea of dealers who sold it higher than 6/ — a 
pound, and resold it in small lots at 6/3 ; paid Volkert Dowson for keeping the Tory Goal, in 
Albany; transported Tories to Hartford, at a cost of ^58.9.7, and to other places in Con- 
necticut at a cost of £79. 11. i; and transported Tories from Albany to Esopus, pre- 
sumably to the Fleet Prison. The several Members often " advanced cash in Committee ". 
On Mar. 13, the Provincial Congress voted iSoo for its use; and, on July 16, ii2oo for 75 men 
to guard the Stores and Vessels containing Provisions and Ammunition. The Committee, 
Nov. 6, paid £1672. 6. 11 1/4 for garrisoning Crown Point, Ticonderoga, Fort George &c. 

Kings District April 21 1777 
To the General Committee of the City and County of Albany — 

Gentlemen — 

At the time a Number of our Militia agreeable to a Request from your Board was Raised 
and sent off for Albany a number of Householders fearing Lest sufficient and timely Assist- 
ance for the Defence of that City and the stores therein should fail and Being Disposed to Do 
all on our Part for the Defence of America in General and this State in Particular immediately 
armed and accoutred ourselves. And with All Expedition Rode on to Albany where we 
arrived on the 17th instant. The party consisted of the Persons following: — Coll. Asa Water- 
man, Capt. Martin Beebe, Lieut. Thomas Hurlbutt, Lieut. Samuel Waterman, Lieut. John 
Davis, Sarjt. Daniel Smith, Sarjt. William Babcock, Sarjt. Eliezar Cady, Simeon Doty, Jes- 
sey Goold, Hosea Beebe. 

The above Party Desired me, the subscriber, to acquaint the Board that they request Noth- 

140 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

ing more for their service than their Expences while they were from home, which is £6.18.0, 
which if allowed and sent By the Bearer will be received as a full Reward. 

Martin Beebe, Capt. 

I do hereby certify that the above Amount is allowed and Ordered to be paid — 

To Mr Gerrit Lansing, jr, Treasurer Mat Visscher, Sec'y 

In May 1777, the Committee paid £6.8.1 to William Winne for Provisions that he had pur- 
chased for the Ofificers and Men of his Company. On May 6, the State Treasurer was ordered, 
by the Committee, to pay I2 to Ezekiel Cook for conveying John Munro to Kingston. The 
Committee, June i, 1777, also ordered to be paid a bill of £14.6.0 from Jacob Bleecker, jr. for 
his expenses in conferring with the Committee of Tryon County on the subject of electing a 
Senator for the Western District. 

Octor 16 1777 

The Honourable Committee of the City of Albany, To Hugh Deniston Dr. 

To 15 Doubles toddy a 10/8 pr £ 8. 0.0 

To 15 bottles wine a 40/ — 30. 0.0 

To 24 Suppers a 8/ — pr 9.12.0 

To 28 Dinners a 10/ — pr 14. 0.0 

To 8 Suppers a 5/4 2. 3.4 

To 26 bottles Wine a 40/ — pr 52 . 0.0 

To 29 Bowls toddy a 5/4 pr 7. 14.8 

To a Bill Delivered in for the entertainment of Governor Clinton 55. 10.8 

£179. 0.8 
[This account was assigned by Deniston to Col. Myndert Roseboom, ordered paid by the 
Committee, and paid May 29, 1778] 

The Committee, Nov. 14, 1777 received an invoice of 667 1/2 Bushels of Salt sent from Col. 
Peter R. Livingston to John Barclay, Chairman ; and, on the same date, the State Treasurer was 
ordered to pay $20 to Isaac Doty " on account of services performed in apprehending Danger- 
ous & Disafifected Persons to the United States"; also a bill of £25 from Nicholas Drewry for 
transporting Tories in his Sloop from Albany to Esopus. The Committee ordered the State 
Treasurer to refund £13.6.0 to John Tayler, the sum advanced by him to Capt. John Salsbury 
" for services by his Company performed in appprehending dangerous Persons to the State " 
On Jan. 17, 1778, the bills of Nathan Smith for £19.13.2, for apprehending three men whose 
property had been confiscated, were ordered paid; but it was stipulated that the amount should 
be refunded to the Committee by the Commissioners of Sequestration. 

The Committee will pay any Person who furnishes Thomas Seager with an old shift the 
value thereof on Demand By order. Mat Visscher 

Albany 9 March 1778 

Sir Mr John M. Beekman having furnished the within shift and charged 24/ — for it, which 
is judged reasonable & ordered to be paid — By order Mat Visscher Sec'y 
To Mr Gerrit Lansing, junior, Treasurer 

From August, 1775 to January, 1778, the Committee expended £4922.9.9. Members of the 
Committee and the Sub-Committees were paid 20/ — per day. The Secretary, Matthew Vis- 
scher received 10/ — per day, in 1776 and 1777; but, in 1778, he received 16/ — . 

•The County Committees 141 

The records do not gives the names of the Committeemen in the Counties of Charlotte and 

The Committee of Charlotte County was voted £100 by the Provincial Congress, Mar. 13, 
1776. On Oct. 22, the Committee of Safety ordered the State Treasurer to advance to Maj. 
Alexander Webster £600. for the Committee of Charlotte County to pay off the remaining half 
of the Bounty and one month's Pay and Subsistence of the Rangers raised in that County. The 
bill of the County against the State, from May 31, 1776, to Sept. 10, 1777, was £3977.10.4 1/2 
for Bounty, Pay &c. This included £65 to Alexander Webster for his services as a Member of 
the Convention. 

The Provincial Congress, Mar. 13, 1776, voted iioo to The Committee of Cumberland 
County; and, July 26, the Congress gave an allowance of Lead and Flints to the Committee. 
On July 17, 1777, papers from this Committee were brought to the Council of Safety by Col. 
Eleazer Patterson, for which he was voted £50. From Jan. 13, 1776, to May 10, 1777, the Com- 
mittee charged the State ^£9447. i. 6 to refund several parties for Money advanced. 

Egbert Benson (Chairman), John Collen, Samuel Dodge, Elnathan Gregory, Jacob Grififen 
(Chairman), Herman Hoffman, Frederick Jay, Nathan Pearce (Chairman), and James Weeks 
were The Committee of Dutchess County. The Committee was voted £420 by the Provin- 
cial Congress Mar. 13, 1776. The bill of the Committee against the State began July 22, and it 
reached a total of £5420. In October, 1776, the Committee appointed 11 men to guard the 
Powder from Rhode Island. The men guarded the Powder from the Colony Line to Red Hook. 
The bill of £6.4.3 against the State was, apparently, not paid. 

To Nathan Pearce, Capt. or John Dusenbury, Lieut., or Zephaniah Piatt, Lieut, or to Either 
of you these are to authorize Either of you to Disarm all Persons that are Disaffected to the 
Libertys of the united Colonys that have not or refuse to associate with the united Colonys 
according to the Resolves of the Continental Congress. Take a sufficient number of your 
men to assist you herein and for your So Doing this shall be your warrant. By order of the 
Committee Nathan Pearce, Chairman 

Paulings Precinct 

April 20th 1776 

On May 12, 1777, the Committee paid £10.4.8 — the Pay Roll of a Guard that collected Stock 
taken from the Disaffected in Fredericksburgh Precinct. The Commissioners for Conspiracies, 
May 19, paid £9.16.6 to Lieut. Comfort Shaw for apprehending Tories, by order of the Com- 
mittee of Paulding's Precinct; and, on July 3, £12. to William Pearce for apprehending Dis- 
affected persons, by order of the same Committee. 

August ye 29th 1777 

An a Count in Sharching for and taking a number of Parsons Suspected to Be Robers and 
Bringing them Before the Committee at Mr Keeler's, from thence to Poughkeepsey, By order 
of the Committe of Paulding's present for my Self and others 6 Days a. 8/ — pr day £ 2 . 8.0 

To 4 men for gard 2 Days a 3/ — pr day i . 4.0 

To 7 men for gard 4 Days an 3 nights at 5/ — 7. 0.0 

To 3 men for gard i Day and ride their one horsses 5/ — o. 15.0 

To my expences for mySelf and gard at Nickels and Beniaman Shenemous. . . 0.14.0 

142 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Expences at Mr. Keelers as pr his acct herewith delivered for the gard and 

horse Keeping £9. 12.4 

To a gard of 4 men to Carre priseners to Poughkeepsie i.o.o 

To Expences going to Poughkeepsie 1.8.8 

Pr me Comfort Shaw £24. 2.0 

August I2th 1778 Received of Egbt Benson, Peter Cantine & Melancton Smith, Esqr, late 
Commis'rs for Conspiracies &c the sum of Twenty four pounds two shillings in full of the 
within account. in behalf of Lieut Shaw 

Ezra Keeler 

Agust Ye 29 1777. 

Comfort Shaw Dr. for Vitling a gard and Lickers P. S. P. 

to 3 Drams ar 2 — 8 and 2 meal of Vittels 1/4 o 10 8 

to 9 meals of Vitals 1/4, 3 Drams 2 — 8 i o o 

to 4 Drams 2 — 8, to 4 Meal of Vitals 1/4 o 16 o 

to 10 Meal of Vitels 1/4, 7 Drams 2 — 8. . i 2 o 

to 6 Drams 2 — 8 and 6 meals of Vitels 1/4 i 4 o 

to 2 Drams 2 — 8 and 2 Meals Vitels 1/4 o 8 o 

to 7 Drams 2 — 8 o 18 8 

to 4 Drams 2 — 8 and 4 Meal of Vitels o 16 o 

to 4 Drams 2 — 8 and 10 Meals of Vitels i i 4 

to Candels, Loging and hors Keeping o 8 o 

8 5 8 
Errors Excepted By Ezra Keeler 
Agust 31, 1777. 

Garner Dr. for Vitling and Lickers for a gard one night P. S. P. 

to one Nip of Grog o • 2 . 8 

to six Drams 2 — 8 o. 16. o 

to 3 Meals of Vitels 1/4 O- 4- o 

Loging hors Keeping candels o. 5. o 

I 7 8 

Errors Excepted By Ezra Keeler 

The Committee of North East Precinct charged £33. 12. 6 to the Commissioners of Conspir- 
acies for a pursuit of Suspected persons, ordered by the Commissioners. The Dutchess County 
Committee paid, Sept. i, 1777, for advances made on Bounties, and to several individuals for 
services, and charged the expenditures to the Commissioners of Conspiracies. In December 
1777, Jacob Griffin, Chairman of the Dutchess County Committee, sent to the State a bill of 
£80.2.2. for sending Disaffected women out of Rumbout Precinct. The Council of Safety, Dec. 
12, notified the Committee of the Embargo on the export of Flour and Meal. The Committee, 
Apr. 18, 1778, sent a bill of £43. 4. o. to the State for " removing families of Persons gone 
over to the Enemy ". The bill was approved by the Auditor-General, Dec. 28, 1778; and paid 
on the same date. On Apr. 3, 1778, the Committee of Fredericksburgh Precinct ordered a 
Guard to convey Prisoners from that place to Poughkeepsie. The bill, £26., was paid by the 
Commissioners of Conspiracies in the same month. The County Committee, Apr. 29, paid a 
bill of £65. from the Committee of Rhinebeck Precinct for a Sloop to transport Disaffected 
persons and their families to New York City. 

The County Committees 


The records have very little in regard to The Committee of Gloucester County beyond 
the fact that it was " allowed " lead and flints, by order of the Provincial Congress, July 26, 

Col. Rutgert Van Brunt, Chairman, is the only name that appears in the records of The Com- 
mittee OF Kings County. The Committee was voted £200. by the Congress, Mar. 13, 1776. 
A bill of the Committee against the State, dated Mar. 27, 1776, charges £200. for cash paid to 
Messrs. Lott and Nagell on the credit of the County ; and another, dated July 24, charges £240. 
which Samuel Townsend paid as a Bounty for the New Levies. The records of the Committee 
in this County, as in the Counties of Charlotte, Cumberland, Gloucester and Richmond, are 
very meagre. 

The Committee of the City and County of New York, had a history previous to the 
appointment of the Committee of Safety, July 8, 1775. More than a year before, in May, 1774, 
the conservative merchants of that city had appointed a Committee of Fifty-One, to urge con- 
certed action among the several Colonies, and a General Congress as the means of making such 
action effective. Having succeeded in accomplishing its purpose, the Committee was dissolved, 
in November, 1774. It was at once succeeded by a Committee of Sixty, otherwise known as 
the Executive Committee. The General Assembly, still under Tory influence, refused to heed 
the request of the Continental Congress to choose Deputies to attend a second meeting of that 
body. Thereupon, the Executive Committee, in March, 1775, sent out a call to the several 
Counties in the Province for the Election of Deputies to a Provincial Convention to be held in 
the City of New York Apr. 20 for the express purpose of choosing such Delegates. The Con- 
vention did the work assigned to it, and dissolved itself, Apr. 22. Upon the following day, 
news of the Battle of Lexington was received. The citizens broke over all bounds, seized sev- 
eral Vessels and many stands of Arms, and took absolute possession of the City. They met, on 
May I, and reorganized the Executive Committee. It was thenceforth known as the Commit- 
tee of Resistance, the Provisional War Committee, the Committee of One Hundred, or the 
Committee of Association. The following were the Members of the Committee : — 

John Alsop 
John Anthony 
Theophilus Anthony; 
Evert Banker 
Francis Bassett 
David Beekman 
James Beekman 
Robert Benson 
John Berrien 
Victor Bicker 
Michaelis Bogert 
Abraham Brasher 
Abraham Brinkerhofif 
John Broom 
Samuel Broom 
Thomas Buchannan 
Joseph Bull 
Lancaster Burling 
Petrus Byvank 

David Clarkson 
Cornelius Clopper 
Peter T. Curtenius 
John De Lancey 
William Denning 
James Desbrosses 
James Duahe 
Daniel Dunscomb 
Abraham Duryee 
Gerardus Duyckinck 
Lawrence Embree 
Edward Fleming 
George Folliott 
Walter Franklin 
William W. Gilbert 
Peter Goelet 
William Goforth 
Joseph Hallett 
Benjamin Helme 

Nicholas Hoffman 
John Imlay 
Thomas Ivers 
George Janeway 
Frederick Jay 
John Jay 
David Johnson 
Samuel Jones 
Garrat Keteltas 
Benjamin Kissam ■ 
William Laight 
John Lamb 
John Lasher 
Jacobus Lefferts 
Francis Lewis 
Leonard Lispenard^ 
Peter V. B. Livingston 
Philip Livingston 
Abraham P. Lott 

Cornelius P. Low 
Isaac Low 
Gabriel H. Ludlow 
Gabriel W. Ludlow 
William W. Ludlow 
Alexander McDougall 
John Marston 
Thomas Marston 
Eleazer Miller 
John B. Moore 
John Morton 
Hercules Mulligan 
Lindley Murray 
Daniel Phoenix 
Lewis Pintard 
Jeremiah Piatt 
Thomas Randafl 
Robert Ray 
John Read 

144 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Henry Remsen Isaac Sears John Van Cortlandt Samuel Verplanck 

Rudolphus Ritzema* William Seton Anthony Van Dam Abraham Walton 

Isaac Roosevelt Richard Sharp Augustus Van Horn William Walton 

Nicholas Roosevelt Thomas Smith Peter Van Schaack John White 

Comfort Sands Oliver Templeton Jacob Van Voorhees Richard Yates 

John Morin Scott Joseph Totten Jacobus Van Zandt Hamilton Young 

This Committee became, practically, the Committee of the City and County of New York. It 
was not, however, so directly subordinate to the Committee of Safety as were the County Com- 
mittees in the other Counties ; for it had under its charge the commercial interests of the largest 
sea-port in the Province. 

The first work of the Committee was the disarming of all persons, known as " Non-Associ- 
ates," who refused to help the cause of the Province as against the Crown. The documents 
contain several interesting Accounts relative to this stage of the contest. The Auditor-General, 
Peter T. Curtenius, in after years, made these comments in regard to two Claims : — 

Claim of Manuel Josephson i'j. 4 for arms taken from him by the Committee of the City and 
County of New York for not signing the Associa'n. I am acquainted with Mr. Josephson who 
I believe has always been a friend to his Country. He left this city a little before the evacua- 
tion in 1776 & removed with his Family to Phila & where he now resides. He ought to be paid. 

John Richardson's Claim £54.18 for Armes taken from him by the Committee of the City 
& County of N. York for refusing to sign the Association. I was a member of the Com- 
mittee at the time & Knew him to be an Inveterate Tory. He has twice applied to the Legis- 
lature for relief & failed. At one time the Committee to whom his petition was refer'd Reported 
Favorable, but the House did not agree with the Committee. Altho there is no law that 
Sequesters the property of non-associators who adhered to the enemies of this Country, I think 
in equity & good Conscience they ought all to be upon the same footing as those who were 
Enemies & had property sold by the Commis'rs Sequestra'n & therefore I think Richardson 
ought not to be compensated by the State. 

In 1776, there was an account with the Committee of Association, by Henry Remsen and 
others, relative to Privateers. In the same year, the Committee took Cannon from private citi- 
zens, and removed them to KingsBridge. The Committee was given £1200 by the Pro- 
vincial Congress, Mar. 13, 1776. 

The following were Chairmen of The Committee of Orange County: — Peter Qows, Elihu 
Marvin, Roelof Van Houten. John Coe was Deputy Chairman. The names of none of the other 
Members of the Committee are given. On Mar. 13, 1776, the Committee was voted £200. by the 
Provincial Congress. 

Daniel Mapes, under Sheriff and Keeper of Goshen Goal, having been ordered by the Com- 
mittee to board certain Suspects, rendered a bill to the State of £35.6.3, from June 10 to Oct. 8, 
1776. The bill was approved by the Auditor General July 8, 1777, and paid on the same date. 
The Committee, Aug. 29, 1777, approved a bill of ii.i6.o from Lieut. Resolvent Van Houten 
for himself, one Corporal and five Privates for bringing Prisoners to General Putnam. The bill 
was dated Aug. 4, 1777; and it was paid Sept. 20. The Pay Roll, Expenses and Subsistence of a 
Guard to prevent the escape of Prisoners from Goshen Goal (ordered by the Orange County 
Committee), amounting to $89.8.3 in May, 1777, was approved by the Auditor General, Dec. 12, 
1777 ; and paid on same date. Another bill of £14.6.6., for a like service, was approved by the 

* Erroneously printed " Rudolphus Ritzind " in all lists published hitherto. 

The County Committees 145 

Auditor General, May i, 1777, and paid on that date. Joseph Wood, having been ordered by 
the Committee to suuply a Guard for Tory Prisoners in Goshen, rendered a bill of £143. 19.9 from 
May I to Oct. 12, 1777. The bill was approved by the Auditor General, Dec. 15, 1777; and paid 
on the same date. 

A Bill of the Committee of Haverstraw against the State, for £18.2.6 for money paid by the 
Committee of Haverstraw to Ebenezer Wood, Goal Keeper, for provisions for certain prisoners 
was dated Feb. i, 1778. The bill was a;udited and paid Mar. 6, 1778. The Committee of Orange 
County, in 1778, sold several parcels of Salt that was found, the property of Frederick Rhine- 
lander; also the effects of other Tories. 

George Townsend was Chairman of The Committee of Queens County. John Talman 
was the sole Member, according to the records in this Office. The active work of the Commit- 
tee, apparently, ended when the British took possession of New York City, and the vicinity, in 

There is an account of George Townsend, Treasurer of Queens County for £1090.17.4, 
dated Aug. 9, 1776, for which he could send vouchers only for £24.15.10; which latter, 
he states under Oath, was paid " for provisions for the Guards stationed at Horse Neck and 
Matenincock Point and some other Incidental charges for Public use ". 


As the New Levies under my Command are ordered immediately to march to the West End 
of this Island & as their Bounty & Rations are absolutely necessary to this End — You'll there- 
fore please to send by the Bearer hereof Thomas Jackson all the money in your hands which 
Convention have allowed for this purpose, his Receipt being your Discharge — Your compli- 
ance will OWige your very humble serv't j^hn Sands, Col'l. 
Cow Neck August 13, 1776 

To George Townsend Esqr Chairman of the Committee of Queens County. 

I Desire, Sir, you would Deliver the Money for the Bounty of Col Sands' Batallion agree- 
able to the within order — pr me George Townsend Chairman 
To Sam! Townsend 

The Provincial Congress, or Convention, May 9, 1777, ordered the State Treasurer to advance 
£200 to Queens County for the wages of the Deputies to the Congress from that County, " it 
being impracticable to assemble a County Committee therein ". 

There is no record of the Members of The Committee of Richmond County. The Pro- 
vincial Congress, Mar. 13, 1776, voted £129. to the Committee; which amount, Apr. 3, was made 
a charge by the State against the County. 

The only Members of The Committee of Suffolk County, named in the documents, are 
these : — William Clark, Daniel Howell, Nathaniel Roe and George Smith. This Committee was 
voted £400 by the Provincial Congress, Mar. 13, 1776. 

Huntington ye loth June 1775 
The State of New York Dr To Jacob Brush — 
June loth to Going to New York on a Counte of Philip Youngs a Tempting to 

make money, by Order of Committee the sum of £ 2. o. o 

July 12 to Going to fire Island to Carry one Saul and Puting him on Bourd 

of Capt. Rogers, by Order of Committee the sum of i . o. o 

1^6 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

July 12 for Carting of Baggage to Brookland ferry for Capt John Whickes 
Company under Coll. Josiah Smith by Order of the Committee 
of Huntington, the sum of £ 2 . 

£ 5. o. o 

State of New York to George Smith, William Clark & Nathl Roe appointed by the Committee 

of Suffolk County to procure Arms for the Use of the Army. For sundry Muskets taken by 

us & del'd to Col. H. B. Livingston for the use of his Regt as pr Deposition of the above 

named George Smith & apprais'd by us to the following Persons, viz*:— 












May 16 

Charles Tucker 


David Smith 


Nathaniel Davis 


Desire Hawkins 


Austin Roe 


Azel Gerard 


Daniel Roe 


Daniel Davis 


Jesse Roes 


William Smith 

, i2.IO. 

3- 5- 

I. 0. 

2. 6. 

4. 0. 

3. 0. 



0. 16. 


14 Muskets ^30.14- o 

The above Deposition is inclos'd in Wm Floyds Acct audited nth April 1785 
The names of only three Members of The Committee of Tryon County are given in the 
documents ; and each of the three was Chairman. They were : — John Frey, John Springer and 
William Wills. From another source it is learned that, on June 2, 1775, a meeting of the Com- 
mittee of Safety from the several Districts of Tryon County was held, at which 42 members 
were present. Christopher P. Yates was chosen Chairman, and the Militia was at once organ- 
ized. Samuel Kirkland, missionary to the Oneidas, used his influence with that tribe to remain 
neutral during the War. Gen. Nicholas Herkimer was a member of the Committee from the 
Canajoharie District, and its Chairman. The District Committees exercised many of the powers 

of local government. 

In Provincial Congress New York Feby 15th 1776 
Mr Moore moved in the words following : — I move for the loan of four hundred pounds out 
of the Treasury of this Congress to defray Accounts charged against the Committee of Tryon 
County for Expresses, service of Minute Men, on alarms & other necessary expences — the 
sum so lent to be secured by the Bond of Isaac Paris, Esqr, William Wills & myself to Peter 
Van Brugh Livingston, Esqr, as Treasurer of this Congress & charged to the Account of 
Tryon County. Whereupon it was resolved & Ordered ist that the Treasurer of this Congress 
Pay to Messrs Isaac Paris, William Wills & John Moore the Sum of Four hundred Pounds 
New York Money, and that he take their joint & several obhgation for the same in his own 
name, payable on demand. 2dly Resolved that the obligors do with all convenient speed pro- 
duce to this Congress an Account of the Monies expended by the Committee of Tryon County 
with the proper Vouchers & that they shall have Credit on the said obligation for such ex- 
penditures as shall hereafter be adjudged by this Congress to be a proper charge against this 
Colony. & it is further Resolved that the said Obligors apply to the Commissioners for Indian 
Affairs for the payment of such expenditures as h^s been made by the Committee in their 
Department & pay the same to the Treasurer of this Congress in discharge of the said Obliga- 
tion with all convenient speed. Robt. Benson, Secr'y. 

[The Congress voted another £400. to the Committee, Mar. 13, 1776.] 

The County Committees I47 

The Committee of Ulster County consisted of the following : — Abel Belknap, David Bel- 
knap, Matys Blynjan, Robert Boyd, jr, (Chairman), Samuel Brewster, Hendrick Constable, 
Ephraim Depuy, Andries De Witt, jr., J. K. De Witt, Benjamin Deyo, Egbert Dumond, John 
Dumont, John Dunning, Coonraad C. Elmendorph, John A. Hardenbergh, Jacob Hasbrouck, 
Joseph Hasbrouck (Treasurer), Benjamin Huddebuk, Nathaniel Hull, Henry Jansen, Samuel 
King, William Lawrence, William Miller, Petrus Minderse, Thomas Palmer, Cornelius C. 
Schoonmaker (Chairman and Clerk), Johannis Sleght, Philip Swart, Philip Swartwout, Cornelius 
Tack, Jacobus Van Wagenen, Andrew Walker, James Wilkins, Dirck D. Wynkoop and WiUiam 

On Mar. 13, 1776, the Provincial Congress voted ^360. to the Committee of Ulster County; 
and, on Apr. 15, 1777, £600. to pay for Stockings and Blankets. The more important transac- 
tions of the Committee in 1776, were as follows: — Apr. 19, £2.18.0 to Capt. Jacobus Roosa for 
Conveying Roger Barton, a Prisoner, from New Hurley to Capt. John Nicholson's at Murderer's 
Creek, by order of the Committee, with a Guard composed of a Captain, and Ensign, one Ser- 
jeant and five Privates; July 4, £2.6.0 to Johannis A. Hardenbergh for conveying Cadwallader 
Colden, jr., with a Guard of one Lieutenant and two Privates, to the Ulster County Goal, and 
for the care of Colden one night; Oct. 6, £4.11.6 to Charles Guyles for boarding Frederick Bender, 
a Prisoner, for 61 days; Oct. 25, £2. to Elias Hasbrouck for fetching Powder from John Living- 
ston's Magazine; same date, £0.4.6 to Johannes Hardenbergh, jr., for freight on four cwt. of 
Lead and 200 Flints; Oct. 25, £9.11.6 to Wm Eltinge for repairing the Goals, by order of the 
Committee; Oct. 25, £3.3.0 to Jacobus Post, Isaac Post and John Person for scouting in the 
woods; Oct. 25, £1.2.0 to Cornelius C. Schoonmaker for going express with letters from the 
Chairman of the County Committee to Rochester and Marbletown, and for waiting upon Col. 
Johannes Hardenburgh to receive the public monies of the County; Oct. 26, £12. i. 7 1/2 to 
Egbert Roosa for repairing the County Prison; Oct. 26, £3.15.0 to Philip Swart for self and four 
men to New Windsor to fetch the Powder for the Regiments of Colonels Snyder and Pawling. 

In 1777, Henry Sleght " rode " various loads of Salt and Salt Petre, for which he was paid, 
June 20, 1781. The Committee of Safety, Feb. i, 1777, gave the control of the Prisoners in the 
Kingston Goal to the Kingston Committee, the expense to be paid by the State. The court- 
house, at Kingston, was repaired by the Ulster County Committee. 

On May 29, 1777, the State paid a bill of the Committee of Newburgh Precinct, Dated July 
14, 1776, for 186 3/4 pounds of Lead delivered to Col Hasbrouck's regiment at Ft. Montgom- 
ery. The Committee of Ulster County, July 2, 1777, ordered to be paid a bill of £13.2.0 by Johan- 
nis Osterhout and Nicholas the Indian for going to the Indian Towns. The bill was dated 
June 10, 1777. The State of New York paid, July 10, 1777, £2.iS.o to Capt Jacob Hasbrouck, jr., 
for guarding and conveying Prisoners to the Ships in the Hudson River, by order of the Com- 
mittee of Ulster County. The Committee was notified, by the Council of Safety, of the Embargo 
on the Export of Wheat and Flour, Dec. i, 1777. On Dec. 17, George Dennison advanced £112, 
Continental, to the Committee of New Windsor for the Distressed. The State, June 17, 1778, 
paid £95.3.6 to refund the Committee of Marbletown for removing Tory families to New Wind- 
sor, on Dec, 16, 1777, 

148 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

1777 County Debet Aan Gerrit Van Keuren 

Feby i. Aan 2 hengsells in Deume Wege 38.15 per pont t 2. ^ .d 

Aan 16 Spikers Wege 8 pont o. lO.o 

Aan 2 hengsells in Deume Wege 35 pont 2. 3.9 

Aan 13 Spikers Wege 5 pont ^ O- 6.3 

Aan 2 hengsells in Deume Spikers in 6 Grendells in Gramme Wege 96. . 6. 0.0 

Aan 2 hengsells in Deume in Spikers in Overvall in Bont Wege 54 pont. . 3- 7-6 

Aan 2 Earche Wege 17 pont i. 1.3 

Aan Gram in een Ring o. 3.0 

[Audited by the Gommittee Mar. 26, 1777; and paid Apr. 9, 1777.J £15.19.3 

Sales of Lady Johnson's Goods, who went unto the Enemy from Wallkill in Ulster Gounty. 
Sold by order of the Gommittee of Hanover March 5, 1777. 

Sold Johannis Robinson i feather Bed I 17. 0.0 

Do Wm Bodine i Bed bolster & pillows 14. 15.0 

Do Thos Bradin i Goverlid 4. 6.0 

Do Joseph Montgomery i blanket 2.0.0 

Do Johannis Robinson i Rug 3. lo.o 

Do John Elliott i Slay 7. 2.0 


pd John Hunter as pr bill £1.13.2 3/4 

Charges of Vendue 2. 4.0 

Expences i Da^ to settle the acct & pay the money .. 1.4.0 '5.I.2 3/4 

Will™ Young Chairman 

£43.11.9 1/4 

Abram Guion, Ezekiel Hawley, Abraham Legget (Chairman), William Miller and Ebenezer 
Ward (Chairman) were the members of The Committee of Westchester County. The 
Committee raised a company for Capt. Jonathan Horton. On Mar. 13, 1776, the Gommittee 
was given £460 by the Provincial Congress. 

New York June 4th 1776 
The Provincial Congress — Dr — 

To Joseph Youngs Lieut in the third Rigment of Yonkers Commanded by Col. Ritzema — 
For II Days expences Going to Westchester County to Collect Arms Taken From tories and 
bringing them to New York at 6/6 pr. Day £3.11.6 

I hereby certify that agreeable to an Order of Congress dated ye 21st of May last I sent 
Lieut Joseph Youngs to Westchester County for the purpose of collecting Arms from the 
different Committees in the said Gounty & that he was absent eleven Days in that service. 
The Arms he collected were given in to Mr Gurtenius amounting to one hundred & Six, but 
none have come to the use of the Regmt R. Ritzema 

[This bill was audited June 25th, 1776; and paid by the State, June 29, 1776] 

1776 22d Octr I hereby certify that by a Press Warr' from the Gommittee of Safety of 
West Chester County I took Capt. Alexr Ritchie's Pettiauger to convey 32 Prisoners from 
Peekskill to Fishkill & also the Guard 22 in Number. That Capt" Ritchie did convey the 
Guard & Prisoners within a few Miles from Fishkill & was then ordered to land as the Wind 
blew so hard ahead that it was thought most prudent to land. 

Micah Townsend, Capt" 

The Councils of Safety 149 

In 1777 the Westchester County Committee was refunded fii.4.0. by the Commissioners ot 
Conspiracies, advanced for the expense of taking Prisoners from Westchester County to Pough- 
keepsie. A sale was held, Jan. 24, 1777, of the property of certain Prisoners who had deserted 
their parole. The sale was in charge of the Committee of Bedford, by order of the Convention ; 
and the total was £81.8.6. The Committee of Safety, Feb. 25, 1777, ordered £21.2.6 paid to 
Jeremiah Fowler ; and £3.10.9 to John Drake, for repairing the Goal in Westchester County ; and 
those amounts were paid, by the State, Feb. 26, 1777. On Sept. 9, 1777, the Westchester 
County Committee made " An Account of Sales of Sundry Articles taken from the Disaffected 
Persons in Westchester County by the Guards raised by this Committee ". The sales were of 
Provisions, Guns, and Cattle ; and they amounted to £252.15.6. The Auditor-General, Mar. 4, 
1778, audited an account of £82.2.8 by the Committee of Bedford, for keeping sundry Prisoners 
ordered there by a Committee of the Convention. On Sept. 18, 1778, the State paid a bill of 
£6.16.0, the balance of a bill of £10.8.0 (the remainder, £3.12.0, having been paid by the Westches- 
ter County Committee) sent in, Sept. 15, 1778, by Lodowick Light for services in taking several 
Prisoners from the Goal at White Plains to the Goal at Kingston. 

(See " Bounties " ; " The Poor who came out of New York City " ; and the Special Com- 
mittee for Westchester County, in the Chapter on " Commissioners of Sequestration "). 


The First Council of Safety was appointed by the Convention, or the Fourth Provincial 
Congress, May 3, 1777, to form a Temporary Government until a Governor should be elected 
and the Legislature should meet. It held ofifice from May 14 to Sept. 10. 1777. The Officers 
and Members of the Council were these: — 

President — Pierre Van Cortlandt 

Secretaries — Robert Benson and John McKesson 

Chaplain, Rev. John Rodgers 


Matthew Cantine John SIoss Hobart Zephaniah Piatt Thomas Tredwell 

Jacob Cuyler* John Jay John Morin Scott* Pierre Van Cortlandt 

Charles DeWitt Robert R. Livingston* Christopher Tappen Abraham Yates, jr.* 

Robert Harpur* Gouverneur Morris* Jonathan G. Tompkins* 

The Convention, May 3, 1777, Resolved that the Members of the Council of Safety should 
be paid 20/ — for each day of actual Service; and the Council, Sept. 9, 1777, ordered the 
Treasurer of the State to pay, as above, on the certification of either of the Secretaries of the 
Council. In accordance with this, the Secretaries certified numerous Accounts for money due 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Member 

150 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

to President Pierre Van Cortlandt and to the several Members of the Council, all of which 
were paid and receipted for. The following is one of the Accounts : — 

State of New York, Kingston, August 21^' 1777 
It is hereby certified that Thomas Tredwell Esq'^ hath attended The Council of Safety of 
this State, as a member thereof, fifty-two days commencing the 26^1^ Day of June last & end- 
ing the 22"^ Instant travelling Days are included in the above Account — 

Attest. Rob't Benson Secr'y. Pierre Van Cortlandt, Prest. 

Reed August 21=' 1777 from P. V. B. Livingston by the, hands of Gerard Bancker fifty two 
pounds in full for my Services as above Thomas Tredwell 


The first act of the Council of Safety, as recorded in the documents, was. May 9, 1777, to 
order Capt. Charles Spraigner to produce his accounts against the Brig " Mary ". Among 
the bills paid by the Council were these : — 

1777 May 13"^ — The State of New York Dr — 

To Collo. Jacob Hoornbeck for executing Jacobus Rosa and Jacob Medeagh 

To Disguising the Hangman and other Necessaries £4.0.0 

To 2 Cofifins . . . ., 3- 0.0 

To paid to persons to Bury the above Criminals i. 0.0 

To John McKneel for Erecting the Gallows &:c i . 0.0 

To Jacobus Louw for Disguising the Hangman and other Necessaries 0.16.0 

To money Expended for Collo. Hoornbeek for himself & Egbert Dumond in 

attending said Execution 2. 0.6 

The above account is just and true i 1 1 . 16. 6 

By me, Jacob Hoornbeek. 

In Council of Safety &c. Sepf 3'^, 1777 — ordered that the above Acct. be referred to the 
Auditor Gen'l & that he audit the same for payment — Rob't Benson, Secr'y 

[This account was audited and paid, Sept. 3, 1777] 

The State of New York to Comfort Sands, Dr — 
To my Salary as Auditor General from the 24 April to the 24 July 1777 is 3 months at 
£300 p. Annum £75 .0.0 

In Council of Safety for the State of New York, Augt. 27*'* 1777 
Ordered that the Treasurer of this State pay unto Comfort Sands, Esq'', the sum of Seventy 
Five Pounds for his salary as Auditor Gen'l of this State from the 24*^ of April last to the 24* 
of July last £75. Attest Rob't Benson, Secr'y By Order, Pierre Van Cortlandt 


Received July 27, 1777, of Peter Van Brugh Livingston Esq'' by the hands of Gerard Bancker 
Seventy Five Pounds in full of the within Acct. Comfort Sands 

£ 75. o. o. 

The most important transactions of the First Council of Safety were these: — June 7, 1777, Col. 
Peter R. Livingston was voted £4000. to purchase Salt in the Eastern States for use in this State ; 
June 10, Peter Cantine was allowed £300. for the Commissioners of Conspiracies; June 27, 
Obadiah Jones, John Hulbart and Thomas Dering were given £100. to remove from Connecti- 
cut to Dutchess County some of the families, who had fled from Long Island to Connecticut, in 
1776 (see " The Refugees from Long Island "); July 3, Samuel Ogden was paid a balance of £68. 

The Councils of Safety 151 

for Hemp Seed; July 30, one half Pay was ordered to be paid to Thomas Done, an Invalid 
Soldier ; July 31, Governor Clinton was authorized to draw £3000 " for present exigencies " ; same 
date, it was resolved that the Exempts of Col. AlHson's Regiment should raise money; Aug. i, 
Zephaniah Piatt and Charles DeWitt were appointed a Committee to write to Col. Livingston 
as to the places in this State, to which Salt should be conveyed ; Aug. 9, the inhabitants of the 
Counties of Albany and Tryon were asked to assist the Refugees who were among them; Aug. 
13, it was ordered that the Accounts for the removal of the British Prisoners from Connecticut 
should be audited; Aug. 18 and Sept. 5, it was ordered that money be paid to Cornelius C. El- 
mendorph, Commissary of the Fleet Prison; Aug. 27 and Sept. i. Resolutions relating to the 
Fleet Prison were passed; Sept. i, it was ordered that $100. be paid to Abraham Keater, Ser- 
jeant of a Detachment of Light Horse in Ulster County; Sept. 5, Rev. John Rodgers was paid 
£180. for his services as Chaplain to the Council, and for the expenses of removing his family to 
Kingston; Sept. 9, the Auditor-General was directed to charge to the United States the Pork 
and Provisions spared to the Commissary General of the Continental Army; same date, the Mem- 
bers of the Council voted themselves 20/ — per day. 

It was officially stated, Dec. 5, 1777, that the First Council of Safety expired on Sept. 10, 
previous. That was the date of the first meeting of the newly-created Legislature, at Kingston. 
The near approach of the Enemy caused the Legislature to adjourn in haste; but before doing 
so, Oct. 7, a Second Council of Safety was appointed with powers similar to those delegated 
to the First Council. The Second Council of Safety continued the prosecution of the War; 
and its duties were more complicated as the War advanced, although it was in office only from 
Oct. 8 to Jan. 7, 1778. The sessions were held, in turn, at Kingston, Hurley and Poughkeepsie. 
The Second Council, proper, contained thirteen members ; but all of the Senators, Members of 
Assembly and Delegates from New York in the Continental Congress, were members ex- 
officio, and entitled to vote. 

The Second Council of Safety consisted of these Officers and Members: — 

President, Pro tem — Evert Bancker 

Secretaries — Robert Benson and John McKesson 


Evert Bancker* Robert Harpur* John Morin Scott* Alexander Webster* 

Egbert Benson Jonathan Landon* Johannes Snyder* William B. Whiting* 

Daniel Dunscomb* Levi Pawling* Peter Pra Van Zandt* Abraham Yates, jr.* 
William Floyd 

It will be noted that Robert Harpur, John Morin Scott, and Abraham Yates, jr. were mem- 
bers of both Councils. The original documents in this Office show that Ebenezer Clark, Samuel 
Clyde, John Rowan and Cornelius C. Schoonmaker were Members, probably of the Second 
Council ; but their names have not appeared as Members in any records published hitherto. 

The chief transactions of the Second Council, during its brief existence, were these : — the 
Public Records were ordered to be removed from Kingston to Rochester, which was done and 
£15. was paid therefor on Oct. 12, 1777; Nov. 7, directions were given as to the movements 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Member 

152 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

and pay of a Guard which conveyed Prisoners to Albany ; same date, an account of expenses lor 
conveying Prisoners was audited ; Nov. 27, the sale of Thomas Barclay's property was ordered ; 
Dec. 4, it was resolved that Victor Bicker, jr., be nominated for a Lieutenant of Marrines for 
the ship "Congress", and he was directed to enlist 30 Marines for the same; Dec. 13, the 
Resolution of the First Council, of May 3, relative to Pay was amended so that Members of 
the Second Council, living at a distance and remaining over, should receive Pay for Sundays; 
Dec. 31, payment was made for the Great Seal of the State. 

The Councils of Safety also carried on the work of supplying the Soldiers with Shoes and 
Stockings. For other references to the work of the Councils, consult the Chapters on " Cloth- 
ing " ; " British Prisoners of War " ; " The Poor who came out of New York City " ; and " The 
Refugees from Long Island to Connecticut ". 

The New Haven Convention 

George Smart presented a bill of £8.2.8 for riding with letters from the Council of Safety to 
Peter T. Curtenius and William Denning requesting their attendance at the Council to receive 
instructions as Commissioners to the Convention about to meet in New Haven " to regulate 
the prices of labor &c." The bill was dated in January 1778; and paid in July 1778. The other 
Commissioners were Comfort Sands and William Floyd. The law of April 4, 1778 stated that the 
Convention was held in January and February of that year, and appropriated £30 to each of the 
four Commissioners for his expenses. On the same date, Mr. Sands signed a receipt for his pay. 
Mr. Denning received £14.15.6, August 16, 1784. 


The Constitution of 1777 created a Senate of 24 Members, or six each from four Districts, the 
Eastern, Middle, Southern and Western. For some reason, the Eastern District was at once 
deprived of three of its Senators ; and they were added to the Southern District, which had nine. 
The Eastern District comprised the Counties of Charlotte, Cumberland and Gloucester; the 
Middle, the Counties of Dutchess, Orange and Ulster; the Southern, the Counties of Kings, New 
York, Queens, Richmond, Suffolk and Westchester ; the Western, the Counties of Albany and 

The Assembly, by the same Constitution, consisted of 70 members, with an increase of one for 
every one-seventieth increase of the electors until the number 300 was reached. The first Ap- 
portionment, Apr. 20, 1777, gave this ratio: — Albany, 10; Charlotte, 4; Cumberland, 3; 
Dutchess, 7; Gloucester, 2; Kings, 2; New York, 9; Orange, 4; Queens, 4; Richmond, 2; Suf- 
folk, 5; Tryon, 6; Ulster, 6; Westchester, 6. 

There is no record of the Salaries that were paid to the Officers of either House; except that the 
Clerk of the Assembly was paid 20/ — per day, 1 778-1 780. It is recorded that the Pay of the 

The Legislatures 153 

Members of Assembly was 40/ — per day, from Oct. 13 to Nov. 4, 1778. The Members of the 
Legislature were often paid in wheat or flour: 

For Value received, deliver to the Order of JMatthew Adgate Esqr. being for his Attendance 
in the Legislature, Seventy two and two thirds Bushels of the State Wheat, now in your Pos- 
session, or an Equivalent in Flour, reckoning two Bushels and an Half of the Former, equal 
to a Hundred Weight of the Latter, and charge the same to 

72 2/3 Bus. Your most obedient Servant, 

Poughkeepsie, April 15th 1782 Udney Hay State Agent. 

Wm. B. Whiting Kings District. 

[Indorsement] Reed. Kings District 25th May 1782 of Wm. B. Whiting the fu'l Contents of 
the within Order. 

Mat. Adgate. 

Account of Wheat Delivered to diflferent Members of the Legislature By virtue of an Act 
passed the 11* April, 1782 and agreeable to the 10* Section of an Act passed the 14''' April 
1782 — 

Wheat Bushels 

Matthew Adgate 127 

Moses Younglove 67 

Peter Vrooman 119 

Abraham Yates, Jr [Senator] 162 

Ichabod Parker 75 

Dirck Swart 72 

John Van Rensselaer 116 

Henry Quackenbush 42 

Matthew M<=Whorter 115 

895 @ 6/— 
£260.10. o 

The documents are very deficient in regard to the transactions of the Six Legislatures that 
were in session from 1777 to 1783, inclusive. The most important of the transactions were these: 

— Feb. 21, 1778, David Currie was directed to act as a Sutler to the Troops of this State; Apr. — 
the public records were removed from Wawarsing 15 miles to Marbletown, Ulster County; July 

— the records were removed from Marbletown to the Strand, and afterward to Poughkeepsie ; 
July 8, Henry Wisner, jr., was paid for Salt Petre; June 17, 1780, the Commissary of Clothing 
was directed to make purchases in other States; Apr. 13, 1782, the Auditor of the State was 
instructed as to the settlement of Accounts with the United States; Mar. 26, 1782, Concurrent 
Resolutions were passed relative to a settlement with Udny Hay, the State Agent, and also 
relative to Property taken by Confiscation. 

In the following lists of the Members of the Six Legislatures which sat from 1777 to the close 
of the War, care has been taken to compare all previously published lists with the signatures as 
shown by the documents in this Office, and to make numerous corrections. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

First Session 

The Senate — At Kingston, Sept. 9-Oct. ^,\^^T, at Poughkeepsie, Jan. 15-Apr. 4, and June 
22-30, 1778. 

President — Pierre Van Cortlandt 

Clerk — Robert Benson (also Clerk of the five succeeding Senates) 

Sergeant-at-Arms — Stephen Hendrickson 

Door-keeper — Victor Bicker 

Eastern District 
William Duer* 
Alexander Webster 
John Williams 

Middle District 
Jonathan Landon 
Arthur Parks 

Levi Pawling 
Zephaniah Piatt 
Henry Wisner 
Jesse Woodhull 

Southern District 
William Floyd 
John Jones* 

Jonathan Laurence 
Philip Livingston, jr.* 
Lewis Morris 
Richard Morris 
Isaac Roosevelt 
John Morin Scott 
William Smith 
Pierre Van Cortlandt 

Western District 
Jelles Fonda 
Reynier Mynderse 
Isaac Paris* 
Dirck Ten Broeck 
Anthony Van Schaick 
Abraham Yates, jr. 

The Senators from the Southern District were appointed by the Convention, May 8, 1777. 
Richard Morris was appointed by the Assembly, Mar. 4, 1778, in place of John Jones. Pierre 
Van Cortlandt was chosen Lieutenant-Governor, in 1777; and, as such, he presided over the 
succeeding Senates, till 1795. 

The Assembly — At Kingston, Sept. i-Oct. i, 1777; at Poughkeepsie, Jan. 5-Apr. 4, and 
June 22-30, 1778. 

Speaker — Walter Livingston 

Clerk — John M'^Kesson (also Clerk of the five succeeding Assemblies) 

Jacob Cuyler** 
John Cuyler 
James Gordon 
Walter Livingston 
Stephen J. Schuyler 
John Tayler** 
Killian Van Rensselaer 
Robert Van Rensselaer 
Peter Vroman 
William B. Whiting 

John Barns 
Ebenezer Clark 
John Rowan 
Ebenezer Russell 

(No returns) 

Egbert Benson 
Dirck Brinckerhoff 

Anthony Hoffman 
Gilbert Livingston 
Andrew Morehouse 
John Schenck** 
Jacobus Swartwout 

(No returns) 

William Boerum 
Henry Williams 

New York 
Evert Bancker 
John Berrien 
Abraham Brasher 
Daniel Dunscomb 
Robert Harpur 
Frederick Jay 
Abraham P. Lott 
Henry Rutgers** 
Jacobus Van Zandt 
Peter Pra. Van Zandt 

Jeremiah Clark 
John Hathorn 
Tunis Kuyper** 
Roelef Van Houten 

Benjamin Birdsall 
Benjamin Coe 
Philip Edsall 
Daniel Lawrence 

Abraham Jones** 
Joshua Merserau 

David Gelston 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Burnet Miller 
Thomas Tredwell 
Thomas Wickes 

Samuel Clyde 
Michael Itdick 
Jacob G. Klock 
Jacob Snell** 
Abraham Van Home 
Johannes Veeder 

John Cantine 
Johannis G. Hardenburgh 
Matthew Rea 
Cornelius C. Schoonmaker 
Johannes Snyder 
Henry Wisner, jr. 

Thaddeus Crane 
Samuel Drake 
Robert Graham 
Israel Honeywell, jr. 
Zebediah Mills 
Gouverneur Morris 

Among the Members from Tryon County, the name of Michael Itdick has usually been 
spelled Edic; and that of Johannes Veeder, Vedder. The correct spelling has been proved 
by their respective signatures in these documents, with the result of settling many questions 
in the Veeder- Vedder families. 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Senator 

** Does not appear in the documents as an Assemblyman 

The Legislatures 


The Sena-te — At 

Eastern District 
Ebenezer Russell 

Middle District 
Jonathan Landoi; 
Arthur Parks 
Levi Pawling 

Second Session 

Poughkeepsie, Oct. 13- Nov. 6, 1778, and Jan. 

Zephaniah Piatt 
Henry Wisner 
Jesse Woodhull 

Southern District 
William Floyd 
Sir James Jay* 

Jonathan Laurence 
Richard Morris 
Isaac Roosevelt 
John Morin Scott 
William Smith 
Isaac Stoutenburgh 

27-Mar. 17, 1779 

Western District 
Reynier Mynderse 
Jacob G. Klock 
Dirck Ten Broeck 
Anthony Van Schaick 
Abraham Yates, jr. 

In some of the lists previously published, the name of Sir James Jay, Knight, appears. The 
" Knight " should be dropped, as it is evidently a title. He was appointed by the Assembly, 
Oct. 7, 1778, in place of Philip Livingston, jr., deceased. Isaac Stoutenburgh was appointed, 
Oct. 13, 1778, in place of Pierre Van Cortlandt, advanced to the office of Lieutenant-Governor. 

The Assembly — 
Speaker — Walter 

Leonard Gansevoort 
James Gordon 
Walter Livingston** 
Stephen J. Schuyler 
John Tayler** 
Jacobus Teller 
Killian Van Rennselaer 
Robert Van Rensselaer 
Peter Vroman 
William B. Whiting 

Albert Baker 
Ebenezer Clark 
David Hopkins 
Elishama Tozer 

(No returns) 

Egbert Benson 

At Poughkeepsie, Oct. 

Dirck Brinckerhoff 
Joseph Crane, jr.** 
Samuel Dodge 
Anthony Hoffman 
Andrew Morehouse 
Jacobus Swartwout 

(No returns) 

William Boerum 
Henry Williams 

New York 
Evert Bancker 
John Berrien 
Abraham Brasher 
Daniel Dunscomb 
Robert Harpur 
Frederick Jay 
Abraham P. Lott 

13- Nov. 6, 1778, and Jan. 28-Mar. 16, 1779. 

Jeremiah Clark 
Benjamin Coe 
John Coe 
Peter Ogilvie** 
Roelef Van Houten 

Benjamin Birdsall 
Benjamin Coe 
Daniel Lawrence 

(No returns) 

David Gelston 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Burnet Miller 
Thomas Tredwell 
Thomas Wickes 

George Henry Bell 
John Nukerk 
Abraham Van Home 
Peter Waggoner, jr. 
Moses Younglove 

Andrew Bevier 
Matthew Rea 

Cornelius C. Schoonmaker 
Nathan Smith 
Johannes Snyder 

Joseph Benedict 
Thaddeus Crane 
Israel Honeywell, jr. 
Ebenezer Lockwood 
Zebediah Mills 
Stephen Ward** 

In Charlotte County, the name of Elishama Tozer is attested by the signature of that Mem- 
ber. The name of Elisha B. Towner has usually appeared, hitherto. Mr. Tozer was a Mem- 
ber of the Third Senate. 

Third Session 

The Senate — At Kingston, Aug. 24-Oct. 
Kingston, Apr. 22-July 2, 1780. 

Eastern District 
Elishama Tozer 
Alexander Webster 

Middle District 
Ephraim Paine 
Arthur Parks 
Levi Pawling 

Zephaniah Piatt 
Henry Wisner 
Jesse Woodhull 

Southern District 
William Floyd 
Sir James Jay* 
Jonathan Laurence 

25, 1779; at Albany, Jan. 27-Mar. 14,1780; at 

Lewis Morris 
Richard Morris 
Isaac Roosevelt 
John Morin Scott 
William Smith 
Isaac Stoutenburgh 
Stephen Ward 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Senator 

** Does not appear in the documents as an Assemblyman 

Western District 
Jelles Fonda 
Jacob G. Klock 
Reynier Mynderse 
Abraham Ten Broeck 
Anthony Van Schaick 
Abraham Yates, jr. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Lewis Morris was appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Oct. 23, 1779; and Stephen 
Ward was appointed to Morris' place in the Senate, Feb. 15, 1780. 

The Assembly — At Kingston, Aug. i8-0ct. 25, 1779; at Albany, Jan. 27-Mar. 14, 1780; at 
Kingston, Apr. 22-July 2, 1780. 
Speaker — Evert Bancker (also Speaker of the three Succeeding Assemblies) 

Flores Bancker 
John Bay 
James Gordon 
Cornelius Humfrey 
Hugh Mitchell 
Henry Oothoudt 
Henry Quackenboss 
Isaac Vrooman 
Phinehas Whiteside 
William B. Whiting 

Albert Baker 
John Grover 
David Hopkins 
Noah Payn 

Elkanah Day 
John Sessions** 
Micah Townsend 

Egbert Benson 

Dirck Brinckerhoff 
Annanias Cooper 
Samuel Dodge 
Henry Ludenton 
Brinton Paine 
Nathaniel Sackett 

(No returns) 

William Boerum 
Henry Williams 

New York 
Evert Bancker 
John Berrien 
Abraham Brasher 
Daniel Dunscomb 
Robert Harpur 
Frederick Jay 
Abraham P. Lott 
Jacobus Van Zandt 
Peter Pra. Van Zandt 

John Coe 
John Hathom 
Thomas Moffat 
Bezaleel Seely, jr. 

Benjamin Birdsall 
Benjamin Coe 
Philip Edsall 
Daniel Lawrence 

Joshua Mersereau 

David Gelston 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Burnet Miller 
Thomas Tredwell 
Thomas Wickes 

Abraham Copeman 

Peter S. Deygart 
Frederick Fox 
Jacob Gardineer 
Melkert Ven Deusen 
Feter Waggoner, jr. 

Robert Boyd, jr. 
John Cantine 
Johannis G. Hardenburgh 
Thomas Palmer 
Cornelius C. Schoonmaker 
Nathan Smith 

Samuel Drake 
Abijah Gilbert 
Zebediah Mills 
William Paulding 
Philip Pell, jr. 
Ebenezer Purdy 

Fourth Session 

The Senate — At Poughkeepsie, Sept. ,7-Oct. 10, 1780; at Albany, Jan. 17-Mar. 31, 1781; 
at Poughkeepsie, June 15-July i, 1781 

Eastern District 
Ebenezer Russell 
Alexander Webster 

Middle District 
Ephraim Paine 
Arthur Parks 
Levi Pawling 

Zephaniah Piatt 
Henry Wisner 
Jesse Woodhull 

Southern District 
William Floyd 
Sir James Jay* 
Jonathan Laurence 

Lewis Morris 
Isaac Roosevelt 
John Morin Scott 
William Smith 
Isaac Stoutenburgh 
Stephen Ward 

Western District 
Jelles Fonda 
Jacob G. Klock 
Reynier Mynderse 
Philip Schuyler 
Abraham Ten Broeck 
Abraham Yates, jr. 

The Assembly — At Poughkeepsie, Sept. 7-Oct. 10, 1780; at Albany, Jan. 17-Mar. 31, 1781; 
at Poughkeepsie, June i8-July i, 1781. 

Matthew Adgate 
John Jacob Beeckman 
James Gordon 
John Lansing, jr. 
Peter R. Livingston 
Dirck Swart 

John Tayler** 
John Van Rensselaer, jr. 
Robert Van Rensselaer 
Isaac Vrooman 

David Hopkins 
Hamilton McCollister 

Matthew McWhorter 
Ichabod Parker 

(No returns) 

Egbert Benson 

Ebenezer Cary 
Samuel Dodge 
Henry Ludenton 
Brinton Paine 
Guysbert Schenck 
Jacobus Swartwout 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Senator 

** Does not appear in the documents as an Assemblyman 

The Legislatures 


William Boerum 
Henry Williams 

New York 
Evert Bancker 
John Berrien 
Abraham Brasher 
Daniel Dunscomb 
Robert Harpur 
Frederick Jay 
Abraham P. Lott 
Jacobus Van Zandt 
Peter Pra. Van'Zandt 

Jeremiah Clark 
David Pye 
Bezaleel Seely, jr. 
John Stagg 

Benjamin Birdsall 
Benjamin Coe 
Philip Edsall 
Daniel Lav^^rence 

Joshua Mersereau 

David Gelston 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Burnet Miller 
Thomas Tredwell 
Tnomas Wicljes 
Zephaniah Bacheler 
Jacob Gardineer 
Abraham Garrison 
John Moore 
Abraham Van Home 
Peter Waggoner, jr. 

Robert Boyd, jr. 
John Cantine 

Cornelius C. Schoonmaker 
Dirck Wynkoop 

Samuel Drake 
Philip Pell, jr. 
Nathan Rockwell 
Joseph Strang 
Thomas Thomas 
Jonathan G. Tompkins 

The Senate - 

Eastern District 
Alexander Webster 

Middle District 
John Haring 
Thomas Palmer 
Arthur Parks 

Fifth Session 

■At Poughkeepsie, Oct. lo-Nov. 3, 1781, and Feb. 23-Apr. 14, 1782. 

Levi Pawling 
Zephaniah Piatt 
Henry Wisner 

Southern District 
William Floyd 
Sir James Jay* 

Jonathan- Laurence 
Isaac Roosevelt 
John Morin Scott 
William Smith 
Isaac Stoutenburgh 
Stephen Ward 

Western District 
Jacob G. Klock 
Henry Oothoudt 
Philip Schuyler 
Abraham Ten Broeck 
William B. Whiting 
Abraham Yates, jr. 

During this session, the seat of Sir James Jay was declared vacant because he was a Pris- 
oner of War. 

The Assembly — At Poughkeepsie, Oct. 24- Nov. 23, 1781, and Feb. 21-Apr. 14, 1782. 

Matthew Adgate 
Jacob Ford 
Philip Frisbie 
John Lansing, jr. 
George Palmer 
Dirck Swart 
Samuel Ten Broeck 
Israel Thompson 
Isaac Vrooman 
Edmund Wells** 

David Hopkins 
Hamilton McColHster 
Matthew McWhorter 
John Williams 

(No returns) 

Dirck Brinckerhoff 
Jonathan Dennis 

Cornelius Humfrey 
Ebenezer Husted 
Abraham Paine 
Thomas Storm 
Jacobus Swartwout 

(No returns) 

William Boerum 
Henry Williams 

New York 
Evert Bancker 
John Berrien 
Abraham Brasher 
Daniel Dunscomb 
Robert Harpur 
Frederick Jay 
Abraham P. Lott 
Jacobus Van Zandt 
Peter Pra. Van Zandt 

Jeremiah Clark 
John Hathorn 
John Stagg 
John Suffern 

Benjamin Birdsall 
Benjamin Coe 
Philip Edsall 
Daniel Lawrence 
Nathaniel Tom** 

Joshua Mersereau 

David Gelston 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Burnet Miller 
Thomas Treadwell 
Thomas Wickes 

Zephaniah Bacheler 
Abraham Garrison 
William Harper 
Isaac Merselis** 
John Moore 
William Petrie 

Johannis Bruyn 
Charles DeWitt 
Johannis G. Hardenburgh 
Abraham Hasbrouck 
James Hunter 

Nathaniel Delavan 
Abijah Gilbert 
Zebediah Mills 
Nathan Rockwell 
Thomas Thomas 
Jonathan G. Tompkins 

Nathaniel Tom, of Queens County, was appointed by the Senate, Oct. 31, in place of Philip 
Edsall, resigned. 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Senator 

** Does not appear in the documents as an Assemblyman 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Sixth Session 

The Senate — At Poughkeepsie, July 8-25, 1782; at Kingston, Jan. 27-Mar. 27, 1783. 

Eastern District 
Alexander Webster 
John Williams 

Middle District 
William Allison 
John Haring 

Ephraim Paine 
Thomas Palmer 
Arthur Parks 
Zephaniah Piatt 

Southern District 
James Duane 

William Floyd 
Jonathan Laurence 
Isaac Roosevelt 
William Smith 
Isaac Stoutenburgh 
Stephen Ward 

Western District 
Jacob G. Klock 
Henry Oothoudt 
Philip Schuyler 
Abraham Ten Broeck 
William B. Whiting 
Abraham Yates, jr. 

James Duane was appointed by the Assembly, July 22, 1782, in place of Sir James Jay, a 
Prisoner of War. Ephraim Paine, who was expelled from the Fourth Senate for neglect of 
duty, Mar. 15, 1781, was appointed to the Sixth Senate in place of Levi Pawling, deceased. 

The Assembly — At Poughkeepsie, July 11-25, 1782; at Kingston, Jan. 27-Mar. 23, 1783. 

Matthew Adgate 
John H. Beeckman 
John Jac. Beeckman 
Jacob Ford 
John Lansing, jr. 
Dirck Swart 
Samuel Ten Broeck 
Peter Van Ness 
Christopher Yates 
John Younglove 

Benjamin Baker** 
David Hopkins 
Hamilton M^Collister 
Joseph M<=Cracken 
(No returns) 

Benjamin Birdsall 
Jonathan Dennis 

Cornelius Humfrey 
Ebenezer Husted 
Matthevvr Patterson 
Thomas Storm 
Jacobus Swartwout 

(No returns) 

William Boerum 
Henry Williams 

New York 
Evert Bancker 
John Berrien 
Abraham Brasher 
Daniel Dunscomb 
Robert Harpur 
Frederick Jay 
Abraham P. Lott 
Jacobus Van Zandt 
Peter Pra. Van Zandt 

Jeremiah Clark 
Gilbert Cooper 
John Hathorn 
John Stagg 

Benjamin Birdsall 
Benjamin Coe 
Daniel Lawrence 
Nathaniel Tom** 

Joshua Mersereau 

David Gelston 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Burnet Miller 
Thomas Tredwell 
Thomas Wickes 

Zephaniah Bacheler 

Andrew Finck, jr. 
Frederick Fisher** 
John Frey** 
Christian Nellis** 
William Petrie 

Johannis Bruyn 
Charles DeWitt 
James Hunter 
William Malcolm 
John Nicholson 
Cornelius C. Schoonmaker 

Abijah Gilbert 
Samuel Haight 
John Lawrence 
Zebediah Mills 
Ebenezer Purdy 
Thomas Thomas 

After the War was over, the Legislature returned to New York City. The sessions were held 
as follows, down to 1797; after which date all of the sessions were held at Albany: — 1784, 1785, 
1786 and 1787, at the City Hall, New York City; 1788, at Poughkeepsie; 1788, 1789 and 
1790, at the City Hall, Albany; 1791, 1792 and 1793, at New York; 1794, at Albany; 1795, at 
Poughkeepsie; 1796, at New York. The latter was the 20**^ Session, the adjourned portion of 
which was held at Albany, Jan. 3-Apr. 3, 1797. 

** Does not appear in the documents as an Assemblyman 

The Continental Congress 159 


The documents are singularly deficient in regard to the Continental Congress. There is little 
information aside from the statement that the Delegates from this State were paid $7., or 
34/ — , per day. The Accounts of about 20 of the Delegates, for their pay, have been preserved. 

State of New York to Philip Schuyler Dr. 

To my services as a Delegate in Congress from 15th May 1775 to 19 June follow- 
ing, being 35 days £ 59. lo.o 

To 6 days on my journey from Albany to Philadelphia at 34/ 10. 4.0 

To my Services as a Delegate in Congress from the 21 March 1777 to 2"^ May In- 
clusive, Including my journey from Albany, being in all 65 days at 34/ — . ... 115. 12.0 

To my Services in Congress from the 16 Nov. 1779 to 12 December, Including 

Journey to Congress & return to Albany, in all 27 days 45. 18.0 

To my Services as a Delegate in Congress from the 27 Feb. 1780 to 3 September 

1780, Including Journey to & from Philadelphia, 190 Days 323. 0.0 

^554- 4-0 
April 17, 1780 By Cash from the Continental Treasury 5000 Dollars at 60 for i 

is 33 2/3 33- 9-4 

State of New York in Acct Currt with James Duane Esqr as Delegate 

March 17 For his Services in Congress & in Committee of Congress from 3d 

April 1777 to this day being 348 days at 34/ pr day 591 . 12.0 

Novr II For his Services in Congress from 8th July 1783 to this day being 

126 days at 40/ *. 252 . 



July 31 By Cash reced of Mr. Duer £520.16. at 3 for i by the Pennsylvania 

Scale £173.12. 

Octr 22 By Cash of Mr. Sands £641.4. at 5 for i 128. 4. 11 


June 23 By Cash from the Governor 200. 

Octr 23 By ditto from ditto 100. 

Balance due James Duane Esqr 241 . 15 . i 



The Delegates of Apr. 20, 1775, were chosen by a Convention assembled especially for that 
purpose. The Delegates of May 13, 1777, were chosen by the Fourth Provincial Congress, or 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Convention. After that date they were chosen by the Legislature; but they were commissioned 
by the Council of Appointment. The following were the Delegates from New York during the 
Revolutionary War: — 

First Delegates 
John Alsop 
Simon Boerum 
James Duane 
William Floyd 
John Haring 
John Jay 
Philip Livingston 
Isaac Low* 
Henry Wisner 

Apr. 20, 1775 
John Alsop 
Simon Boerum 
George Clinton* 
James Duane 
William Floyd 
John Jay 
Francis Lewis 
Philip Livingston 
Robert R. Livingston 

Lewis Morris 
Philip Schuyler 
Henry Wisner 

Mar. 2<), 1777 
William Duer 

May 13, 1777 
James Duane 
William Duer 
Philip Livingston 
Gouverneur Morris 
Philip Schuyler 

Oct. 3, 1777 
James Duane 
William Duer 
Francis Lewis 
Philip Livingston 
Gouverneur Morris 

Mar. 25, 1778 
Philip Schuyler 

Oct. 16, 1778 
James Duane 
William Floyd 
Gouverneur Morris 
Philip Schuyler 

Nov. 4, 1778 
John Jay 

Oct. I, I77g 
James Duane 
William Floyd 
John Jay 

Ezra L'Hommedieu 
John Morin Scott 

Oct. 18, 1779 
Philip Schuyler 
Robert R. Livingston 

Sept. 12, 1780 
James Duane 
William Floyd 

Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Robert R. Livingston 
Alexander McDougall* 
Philip Schuyler 
John Morin Scott 

Oct. 26, 1781 
Egbert Benson* 
James Duane 
William Floyd 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
Philip Schuyler 
John Morin Scott 

July 22, 1782 
James Duane 
William Floyd 
Alexander Hamilton 
Ezra L'Hommedieu 
John Morin Scott 

* Does not appear in the documents as a Delegate 



William Tryon was the last of the Colonial Governors to be recognized by the Province of New 
York — although James Robertson was appointed his successor Mar. 23, 1780; and Andrew B. 
Elliott, Lieutenant-Governor, Apr. 17, 1783. 

The official date of the Government of the State of New York, independent of Great Britain, 
was Apr. 19, 1775. Thereafter, and until the operation of the First Constitution, the Presi- 
dents of the several Councils, Provincial Congresses and Conventions were the real Executives 
of the State. They were as follows: — 

Philip Livingston Apr. 20, 

Peter V. B. Livingston May 

23, 1775 
Nathaniel Woodhull pro tern. 

Aug. 28, 1775 
Abraham Yates, jr., pro tent. 

Nov. 2, 177s 
Nathaniel Woodhull Dec. 

6, 1775 
John Haring pro tern. Dec. 

16, 1775 

Nathaniel Woodhull Feb. 

12, 1776 
Nathaniel Woodhull May 

18, 1776 
John Haring pro tern. June 

ig, 1776 
Nathaniel Woodhull July 9, 

Abrahani Yates, jr., pro tern. 

Aug. ID, 1776 

Abraham Yates, jr., Aug. 

28, 1776 
Peter R. Livingston Sept. 

26, 1776 
Abraham Ten Broeck Mar. 

6, 1777 
Leonard Ganscvoort Apr. 

18, 1777 
Pierre Van Cortlandt May 

14. 1777 

George Clinton was chosen a Delegate to the Continental Congress, by the Provincial Con- 
gress, Apr. 20, 1775. He was a Deputy, from Ulster County, to the Third Provincial Con- 
gress, in 1776; and to the Fourth Provincial Congress, or Convention, in 1 776-1 777. He was 
sworn in as Governor, at Kingston, July 30, 1777; and he held that Office all through the War, 
and as late as 1795 when he was succeeded by John Jay. The latter, after a single term of three 
years, gave way to George Clinton who again held the office for one term, 1801-1804. 

When Governor Clinton was first sworn in, he was a Brigadier-General in active service; and 
he remained in the field until Burgoyne had surrendered, in the fall of 1777. It should detract 
nothing from the record of this remarkable man to state that he sometimes held rather incon- 
sistent Offices at the same time. For instance, while he was Governor of the State he was also, 
for a time, the Clerk of Ulster County: — 

Ulster County SS. This is to certify that Joseph Gasherie and Christopher Tappen, Es- 
quires, have respectively lodged in the Clerk's Office of this County Bonds in the Sum of 
seven thousand Pounds each, executed by the said Joseph Gasherie and Christopher Tappen 
respectively and others their respective Sureties, to the People of the State of New York, with 
Condition for the true and faithful Performance of their Office as Loan Officers of the County 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

of Ulster, and which said Bonds have respectively an Indorsement thereon — signed by one 
of the Judges of the Inferior Court of Common Pleas and a Majority of the Supervisors of the 
said County signifying their Approbation of such Security — agreeable to the Tenor of the Act 
in that case made and provided. Dated this i6th Day of May Anno Domini 1J786. 

Geo. Clinton, Clk. 

It should be to the credit of Governor Clinton that a careful estimate of his services to the 
State makes it appear that if the Offices he held had been held successively, instead of dou- 
bling- up, or overlapping, his term of office-holding was about 90 years. 

It is not the purpose of this Chapter to give details of the life and work of Governor Clinton 
beyond those that appear in the documents preserved by this Office. Those who are interested 
further should consult " The Public Papers of George Clinton ", now in process of publication 
by the State Historian, Hon. Hugh Hastings. 

On July 31, 1777, only a day after his inauguration, the Council of Safety authorized 
Governor CHnton to draw not to exceed £3000 " to answer the present Exigencies of the 
State ''. From that time to the close of the War his hand was apparent in everything. 

Accounts of Governor Clinton 

Governor Qinton's general Accounts, or summaries of his smaller Accounts, are of great 
interest. Here are several of them: — 

Dr. His Excellency Governor Clinton in a/c with the State of New York 

Augt 16 To cash Received from the Treasurer £ 200. o. o 


May 16 To ditto £1000 Continental 1000 .0.0 

March 16 To ditto the Ballance agreeable to an act of the Legislature dated 

13 May 1779 1204. 10. 6 

2404.10. 6 


March 20 By amount of his account to the Legislature amount in Conti- 
nental money to be charged specie £2404.10.6 is for Continental 

charges £14 £12 £20 £8.8 £2.8 £1.4 £3.12 61 . 12. o 

& for State Expenses 2342 . 18 . 6 

£2404.10. 6 



Sept 5 To cash received from the Treasurer £1000. o. o 

July 10 To ditto the Ballance agreeable to an Act of the Legislature dated 

13 March 1780 2314. 19. 7 1/2 

^3314- 19- 7 1/2 

AccouKTs OF Governor Clinton 163 

July 10 By amount of his account delivered to the Legislature for State 

Expenses , j£33i4- 19- 7 1/2 

£3314.19. 7 1/2 

[Comment by the Auditor General: — ]" 

To exhibit to the Legislature an account of the incidental expenses in administering the Govern- 
ment from the commencement of it to the pres ent day it will be necessary to observe 

That by the Governor's first account up to the 8 March 1779 it will appear that he 

had expended £2404. 10. 6 

Granted by the Council and received from the Treasurer in August 1777 for inci- 
dental expenses £ 200. 0.0 

Granted by the Legislature in the Spring of 1778 & received from the 
Treasurer 1000. 0.0 

The Ballance of £1204.10.6 was provided for by Act passed the 13th 
March 1779 and rec'd from the Treasurer in that Month. 

In March 1779 the farther sum of £1000 was granted by the Legisla- 
ture for incidental Expences 

The Governor advanced from the 8th March 1779 to March 1780 as by 

his 26. account rendered 3314. 19.7 3314. 19.7 


The Ballance of £2314.19.7 was provided for by Act of 13 March 1780 and received from the 
Treasurer 22d Septr 1780 

N. B. The above with the accounts now delivered will shew the whole Expense of Admin- 
istering the Government from its commencement to this day — New York 29 March 1784. 

This is the detail of a part of the above Account: 

1777 The State of New York To his Excellency Governor Clinton. Dr. 

August To cash paid to the Hon'''. Abraham Yates Esqr. for so much ad- 

vanced by him to an Express with public Dispatches from Albany. . £ 5:16: o 

To Cash paid sundry Persons for riding Express on State Business. 
Vouchers lost at Kingston. Am°. collected from private memoran- 
dum 11: 4: o 

Nov"". To cash paid an Express from pleasant Valley to Kingston with 
Orders for Troops at Hurley to remove to New Windsor and to dis- 
miss the militia 3:4:0 

1778 To Cash advanced in Specie to Andrew Billings Esqu*". towards 

making a great Seal for the State — as pr Rec' 16: o: o 

4 March To Cash paid Thomas Henderson for going Express to Hartford 
with Dispatches from his Excellency General Washington to Colo. 
Champion as pr Rec' 14: o: o 

9th To Cash paid for making a Rolling Press for Secretary's Office & 

for Materials as pr Rec* 26: 4: o 

ilth To Cash paid Wm. Kinnan for striking off Copper Plate Com- 
missions and for Ink for the same as per Rec' 3:4:0 

13th To Cash advanced to Colo. Willett for his Expenses in going to 
Cumberland County and delivering Civil and Military Commissions 
to the Officers appointed for that County and in performing other 
Services there 34: o: o 

l64 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


iSth March To Cash paid William Balden for going Express to Albany with 
Dispatches from Congress to the Marquis De la Fayette then com- 
mand, at Albany — as pr Rec*. — £12:0:0 

20th To Cash paid Thomas Henderson for going Express to Albany 

with Dispatches to the commanding officer 20: o: o 

i^.pril I To Cash paid to Colo. Dubois advanced by him to Stephen Hen- 
derson to pay Expresses with Orders to the Militia of Dutchess 
County — as pr Rec'. — 4:0:0 

7th April To Cash paid David Barclay for going Express to Albany with 

Commissions & Proclamations for holding Courts &c. as pr Rec'. . . 13: o* o 

To Cash paid David Barclay for going Express to Congress at 
York Town with the Exemplifications of the Act ratifying the Con- 
federation between the United State as pr Rec* 49 : 8 : o 

To Cash paid Richard Hatfield Esqur. in Part for his Services in 
the Secretary's Office as my private Secretary and as Clerk to the 
Council of Revision 72 : o : o 

nth To Cash paid an Express to Mr: Loudon Printer at Fishkill for 
a Copy of an Act of the Legislature for filling up the Continental 
Battalions raised under Direction of this State I : o: O 

19th To Cash paid Edward Schoonmaker for going Express to Albany 
to carry Orders &c. to Genl. Ten Broeck to draft his Brigade for fill- 
ing up the five Continental Battalions raised in this State with a let- 
ter to Genl. Schuyler requesting his attendance at Congress 8:8:0 

24th May To Cash paid an Express to Colo. Woodhull to request his attend- 
ance on the Council of Appointment 3:8:0 

2d June To Cash paid an Express with Orders to the Militia of Ulster 

County for Defence of the Frontiers 2:8:o 

17th June To Cash paid Capt. Tudor for Bees Wax for Secry's Office as pr 

Rect 12:12: <o 

27th To Cash paid an Express to Fish Kills with Dispatches for the 
State Delegates in Congress with Copies of sundry Papers respect^, 
the disaffected Inhabitants on the Grants to be forwarded from thence 
by Gen'. M<=Dougal i : 4: o 

30th To Cash paid the Hon'*'. Arthur Parks Esqr. for so much by him 

paid to Expresses employed in August last to Carry orders to the 

Militia as pr Rect 2:16: o 

. 5th July To Cash paid the Honbl. Pierre Van Cortlandt Esqr. for so much 
advanced by him to G'co. Barlow to ride Express from Hurley to 
New Windsor for Directions respecting the procuring Provision for 
Continental Troops then at Hurley on their March from Albany to 
N. Windsor as pr Rect 3:12:0 

i8th To Cash pd. different Persons going Express to the Officers com- 
mand^. Regiments of Militia in Ulster & Orange with Orders for 
them to meet at the New Paltz to consult on proper measures for 
Defence of the Frontiers of those Counties 9: 4: o 

28th July To Cash paid Thomas Henderson for riding Express with Dis- 
patches to his Excellency Genl. Washington at the White Plains. ... 10: o: o 

4th Septr. To Cash paid Colo. Wynkoop for his services in going with Pub- 
lic Dispatches in August last to Genl. Harkimer in Tryon County 
having orders to assist in arranging and calling out the Militia of 
that County as pr Rect 29:16: o 

To To Cash paid Richard Warner on Express with Orders to Militia 

of Dutchess County to reinforce the Posts at West Point 4:16: o 

Accounts of Governor Clinton 



20th Novr. To Cash paid Major Jesse Brush for apprehending & securing 
the Body of Claudius Smith agreable to my Proclamation founded 
on the concurrent Resolutions of the Senate and Assembly as pr Rect. i 480 : o : o 

5th Deer. To Cash paid Henry Wisner Esqr. for so much advanced 
by him to James Savage for riding Express to Albany with Intelli- 
gence for Genl. Ten Brook as pr Rect 12 : o: o 

1779 To Cash paid for 3 reams of Paper for Public use 24: o: 

Feby. 16 To Cash paid Gerard Bancker Esqr. for 10 Skins Parchment 

for State Commissions as pr Rect 16 : o : o 

To Cash paid Henry Livingston Esqr. for 6 skins for do as pr 

Rect 9:16: o 

To Cash pd. to different Persons for 8 skins of Parchment for the 

like use as per memorandum 12:16: o 

To Cash pd. for Postage of public Letters at different Times 3:10: 8 

19th To Cash pd. Richard Warner on Express to Judge Hobart to re- 
quest his Attendance at the Council of Revision as pr Rect 15: 8: Q 

26th To Cash pd. Abner Thorp for apprehending & securing the Body of 
Jas. Smith son of Claudius Smith agreable to my Proclamation 
founded on concurrent Resolutions of Senate and Assembly as pr 
Rect 240 : o: o 

March ist To cash pd. Colo. Swarthout his Account for Expenses as pr. 

Vouchers 37:12: o 

To Cash paid David Barclay his Acct. as State Express as pr. Ac- 
count and Receipt 872 : o : o 

I March To Cash paid Abrm. B. Bancker for Pay & Expences of himself Mr. 
Peter Wynkoop and a Guard of a Serjeant and five men in convey- 
ing 100,000 Dollars from Philadelphia to the Treasury of this State 
— as pr Acct. & Rect 308 : 3 :io 


By Cash received from the Treasury in August 1777 pursuant to 
a Resolution of the Council of Safety 

By Cash received from the Treasury pursant to the Act of the 
Legislature granting that sum for Contingent expenses 

2404:10: 6 
i 200:0:0 
1,000:0:0 1200: 0:0 

Bal. £1204:10:6 

Geo. Clinton 

2nd March 1779. 

Rec'd. March 29th 1779 from Gerard Bancker Treasurer One thousand two hundred and four 
pounds ten shillings and Six pence (including Sixteen pounds in specie) in full for the above 
Account pursuant to a Law passed the 13th instant intitled " An Act for the payment of tlie 
salaries of the several Officers of Government and for other purposes therein mentioned ". 
£1204:10:6. Geo. Clinton 

No. 2215. Gov""- Clinton 

Dr. His Excellency Governor George Clinton in a/c with the State of New York Cr 

Salary Accot 
To Received out of the Monies taken on Loan as by Act of the 

Legislature dated 14 April 1782 £8057. 15 . 10 



I To ditto pursuant the aforesaid Act. 


i66 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


July I To ditto pursuant the aforesaid Act £ 1200. 


April 14 To Received from the Treasurer for Salary ,., , 1500. 

Deer 22 To Received from ditto on Account of Salary 360 . 


April 12 To received from ditto ditto 86 . 16 

May 29 To received from ditto ditto by Benson 50. 

To Ballance due the State on Account of Contingenc €7.17. 3 

Ballance due His Excellency 2435 .6.9 

^15257. 15. 10 


By Ballance due on former Account Audited by the Treasurer pur- 
suant to an Act of the Legislature dated 14 April 1782 £8057. 15. 10 

July I By so much allowed for Salary pursuant to the abovementioned 

Act from i July 1781 to i July 1782 is i Year 1500. 

July I By ditto pursuant to an Act dated 26 March 1783 from i July 1782 

to I July 1783 is I Year 1200. 

July I By ditto pursuant to an Act dated 12 May 1784 from ist July 1783 

to I July 1874 is I Year 1500. 

July I By ditto pursuant to an Act dated 2y April 1785 from i July 1784 

to I July 1785 is I Year 1500. 

July I By ditto pursuant to an Act dated 5 May 1786 from i July 1785 

to I July 1786 is I Year 1500. 


I Here are several individual Accounts that were paid by the Governor : — 

1777 The United States to Corns D. Wynkoop Dr. 
Augt To his services going up to Schenectady in order to assist Genl Harkerman 

raising the Militia for Securing the Frontiers &c 14 Days £15. o. o 

To expenses paid out of my pocket 14. o. o 

To do horse hire going from New Paltz to New Windsor 16. o. 

Poughkeepsie Septr 4th 1778 £29.16. o 

Reed of his Excellency Governor Clinton the above sum of twenty-nine pounds sixteen 
shillings Cornelius D. Wynkoop 

The State of New York to David Barclay Dr. 

To riding Express for his Excellency Governor Clinton from May 2d 1778 

to Novr 2d, inclusive, including Horsehire and expenses a £75 per mo. . £472. 
'& to the like service from the 2d Novr 1778 to the 2d March 1779 a £100 

per mo £400. 


Entertainments 167 

2d March 1779 Reed from his Excellency Governor Clinton Eight Hundred and Seventy two 
Pounds being in full for my services as Express Rider agreeable to the above Acct. 

David Barclay 

Poughkeepsie Deer nth 1781 — Reed of his Excellency Governor Clinton the Sum of two 
Pounds thirteen Shillings and three pence in specie in part for my services and Expenses in 
going Express from Lt. Colo. John Van Rensselaer at Sinkaick to Genl. Gansevoort at Albany 
& from Genl. Gansevoort to his Excellency the Governor at Poughkeepsie to give Information 
of an Insurrection which had taken place in Genl. Gansevoort's Brigade. 

£2.13.3 Caspar Rouse 

November 2Sth 1783 

His Excellency Governor Clinton To Saml. Fraunces Dr. 

To an Entertainment £30. .4. .0 

To 75 Bottles of Madeira at 8/ 30. . 

To 18 Ditto of Claret at 10/ 9. . 

To 16 Ditto of Port at 6/ 4. . 16. 

To 24 Ditto of Porter at 3/ 3- - 12. 

To 24 Ditto of Spruce at 1/ i . .4. 

To Lights 60/ Tea & Cofifee 64/ 6. .4. 

To Brokeg 2 . . 2 . 

To Punch 10. .10. 

£97. .12. 

The above Bill is for an Entertainment on taking Possession of the City when the British 
evacuated the Southern District. Rec"* the Contents in full 2d Feby. 1784. 
30 1/2 pts at 64/ £ 96. .0. .0 Saml. Fraunces 

4 Dollars i. .12.0 

£ 97. .12.0 

The State of New York to John Cape Dr. 
To a Dinner Given by His Excellency the Governor and Council to their Excellences the 
Minister of France and General Washington etc. 

December To 120 dinners at 48 : 0:0 

To 135 Bottles Madeira ^ 54= 0:0 

" 36 ditto Port 10 :i6 :o 

" 60 ditto English Beer 9 : 0:0 

" 30 Bowls Punch 9 : 0:0 

" 8 dinners for Musick •. . 1:12:0 

" 10 ditto for Sarvts 2 : 0:0 

" 60 Wine Glasses Broken 3 : o :o 

" Cofifee for 8 Gentlemen 1:12:0 

Music Fees &c 8 : 0:0 

" Fruit & Nuts 5- 0:0 

By Cash 100:16:0 



New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

We a Committee of Council having examined the above account do certify it (amounting to 
one hundred and fifty six pounds ten shillings) to be just. 

December 7th 1783 Isaac Roosevelt 

Jas. Duane 
Egbt. Benson 
Fed Jay 
Received the above Contents in full New York 17th December 1783 

John Cape. 

Pledges by the State 

On Dec. 22, 1780, and on many other occasions, Governor Clinton directed certain Officers 
to impress Wheat as a Bounty for their Soldiers. One of his chief services, however, was the 
raising of Money by pledging the faith of the State. In 1780, numerous parties advanced 
Money to the American Prisoners on Long Island, on the strength of such Pledges. In 1782- 
1783, the Governor paid several amounts to Hendrick Wyckoflf, Aspinwall Cornwall, Thomas 
Wicks, Robert Morris, Nicholas Covenhoven, Col. William Allison and Col. James Mc- 
Claughry for procuring Money on Long Island, and elsewhere. Nearly all of the Pledges were 
in the hand-writing of the Governor. Here is a specimen of the form generally in use : — 

State of New York, SS. Pursuant to an Act of the Legislature authorizing the same The 

£500 faith of the said State is hereby pledged for the Repayment of the Sum of five hundred 

Pounds Current Money of the said State in Specie with Interest at the Rate of Six 

per Cent per Annum to Mr. John Brush within one year after the Conclusion of the 

present War with Great Britain. Given at Pokeepsie this 20th Day of 

Test September 1782. 

Thos. Wickes. Geo. Clinton. 

[Indorsed as follows] 
John Brush Reed. March ye Third 1785 from Gerard Bancker Treasu''. five Hundred Seventy 
i573 :i2 :o three pounds twelve Shillings in full discharge of the principle and Interest of the 
Within note. John Brush. 

The names of the men and women who cashed these Pledges should be preserved. Many of 
them, perhaps all, never expected to receive their money again ; but it is evident that most of 
them were paid, with interest. (See the law of May 6, 1784). This is the Roll of Honor: — 

Allison William [Col.] 

Antonides Peter 

Areulanias Philip 

Barcalo Harmanes 

Bennet James 

Bennet John 
. Bennet Wynant 

Bergen Johannes 

Bergen Michael 
" Boerum Jacob 

Bogert Isaac 

Borum Mary (Widow) 

Brush John 

Burtis Abraham 

Burtis John 

Butler John 
Carll John 
Carll Phineas 
Carll Piatt 
Carll Timothy 
Clopper (Miss) 

Cock Daniel 
Cock William 
Coles Nathaniel 
Colyer Peter 
Cornwall Aspinwall 
Ccrnwell Obadiah 
Cortelyou Isaac 
Cortelyou Jaques 
Cortelyou Simon 

Covenhoven Nicholas 
Covenhoven Rem 
Ditmars Abraham 
Duryee Abraham 
Duryee Jacob 
Duryee Johannes 
Duryee Joost 
Duryee Peter 
Dusenbury Denton 
Eldert Catharine 
Eldert Hendrick 
Ellison Gabriel 
Elsworth Thomas 
Everit Benjamin 
Gansevoort Peter [Col.] 

Harper Alexander 
Hegeman Elbert 
Hegeman Rem 
Hegeman Sytie 
Hendrickson Isaac 
Hendrickson JoTin [Maj.] 
Hix Charles 
Horton Nathan 
Johnson Anne 
Johnson Barent 
Kerchow Jacob 
Ketcham Zebulop 
Kissam Daniel W. 
Lattin William 
Leflferts Barent 

The Temporary Government in the Southern District 


Lefferts Jacob 
Lefferts James 
Leflferts Leffert 
Lefferts Peter 
Lequier Abraham 
Livingston Henry B. 
Lett Hendrick 
Lott Jannetje 
Lott Johannis E. 
Lott Stephen 
Luyster John 
McClaughry James 
McGraw Alexander 
Martinse Adrian 
Martinse George 
Martinse Gerrit 
Mesherol John 
Money Samuel 
Monfort Peter 
Morris Robert 
Nostrand Cornelius 
Nostrant John 
Oakley Samuel 

Onderdonk Andrew 
Payne Lewis 
Polhemus Jacob 
Powers George 
Rapalje Tunis 
[Col.lRemsen John 

Remsen Rem A. 
Rogers John 
Sands John [Col.l 
Schenck Abraham 
Schenck John 
[Col.] Schenck Martin 
Schenck Peter 
Schultz Christopher. 
Searing Coe 
Searing Gilbert 
Skilman Thomas 
Skilman William 
Smith John 
Smith Philetus 
Smith Timothy 
Snyder William 

Sperry Jacob 
Stillwell Richard 
Suydam Hendrick 
Suydam Jacob 
Suydam Lambert 
Thompson Isaac 
Thorne John 
Thome Richard [Maj.] 
Tillotson Thomas 
Titus Charles 
Titus Francis 
Titus John 
Townsend James 
Townsend Pryor 
Townsend Sylvanus 
Valentine Philip 
VanBrunt Adrian 
VanBrunt Albert 
VanBrunt Nah. 
VanBrunt R. 

VanBuren James N. [Dr.] 
VanBuren John H. [Dr.] 

VanCortlandt Philip [Col.] 
Vanderbilt Jeremiah 
Vanderbilt John 
Vanderbilt John I. 
Vanderveer Cornelius 
Vanderveer Hendrick 
Vanderveer John 
VanDuyne Cornelius 
VanPelt Wynant 
VanSchaick Goose [Col.l 
VanSideren Ulphianus 
VanSinderen Femmetje 
VanVarch John 
VanVoorheis Adrian 
VanVorst Cornelius 
Voorheis Abraham 
Wickes John 
Wickes Thomas 
Williamson Rem 
Wright John, jr. 
Wyckoff Cornelius 
Wyckoff Hendrick 

Governor Clinton also took Money on Loan (See the Loan Office in the Chapter on "The 
Treasurer "). 

The Temporary Government in the Southern District 

The keen vision of Governor Clinton was evident in his anticipation of the end of the War, 
the Evacuation of New York City by the Enemy, and the preparations for Establishing a Tem- 
porary form of Government in the Southern District. This District then comprised the Count- 
ies of Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond, and Suflfolk and Westchester — all of which had 
been in the possession of the Enemy since the Summer of 1776. 

Laws relating to the Temporary Government were passed: — June 29, 1778; Oct. 23, 1779; 
Nov. 27, 1783 and May 12, 1784. The Council for the Temporary Government of the South- 
ern District, as shown by the documents in this Office, consisted of the following : — 

President — Richard Morris 
Secretary — James M. Hughes 
Door-Keeper — Victor Bicker 

Abraham Becker 
Egbert Benson 
Jeremiah Clark 
Gilbert Cooper 

Daniel Dunscomb 
Gilbert Drake 
John Sloss Hobart 
Jacob G. Klock 

John Lansing, jr. 
Johannis E. Lott 
William Malcomb 
Richard Morris 

Henry Rutgers 
Jacobus Swartwout 
Rutger Van Brunt 
Peter Pra. Van Zandt 

The accounts against the State recited the attendance of several of the Members of the 
Council :— Klock, 24 days, Nov. 23-Dec. 13, 1783, and Jan. 15-17, 1784; Lansing, 15 days, 
Nov. 22-Dec. 6, 1783; Lott, 2 days, Jan. 6-7, 1784; Swartwout, 15 days, Dec 1-6, 1783, and 
Jan. 9-17, 1784; Van Brunt, 2 days, Jan. 6-8, 1784; Van Zandt, 39 days, Nov. 27, 1783,- 
Jan. 6, 1784; Bicker, door-keeper, 55 days, Nov.26, 1783,-Jan 20, 1784. 

170 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Governor Clinton, in March, 1783, paid £539.4 for contingent expenses attending the work of 
the Council. Some of the most interesting of the Accounts paid by the Governor were these : — 

The State of New York to Colo. Smith: — 

To Cash paid on Express sent to the Governor from New York for directions respecting the 
Provost when the British were about to leave town 18/8 

1783 The State of New York to Richard Morris Dr. 

May To my Expenses of Self, Servant and three Horses going to the county of 

Westchester to establish Civil Government by order of the Governor, 

Eight Days on the Road '. . I 14.18. 8 

My Expences at East Chester to the 6th July, as per Guion's bill 32. 19. 8 

To Expences at New Rochell, Westchester and other places not included 

in that bill 3 • 10. o 

To my Expences on my Return five Days by the way, myself Sick, three 

Horses & Servant ».... 9. 6. 8 

Cash paid Messenger sent to Sir Guy Carlet^n in order to apprehend some 

Robbers said to be on the Islands called Brothers 2. o. 6 

£62.14. 10 

I have in my custody a Horse claimed by the Wife of one Embree that belonged to De Lan- 
cey Corps. She could not make Proof of her property. I therefore suppose it to be a stolen 
Horse ; have kept it in hopes the owner would apply, none has yet applied. 

New York March 24th 1784. Ri'd Morris 

New York 19th May 1784. Received of his Excellency Governor Clinton thirty three pounds 
four Shillings on Account of Richard Morris Esquire on Acct of hjs Expenses in attending the 
Establishment of Governt in Westchester County. 

£33.4.3 L. R. Morris 

The State of New York in Account with James M. Hughes 

To 60 Days Service as Secretary to the Council for exercising the 
Temporary Government in the Southern District, which is Eight 

weeks and four Days at £10 per week £ 85. 14. 3 

To my Expences going to New York from Harlem by order of the 

Council 2.13. o 

To one Ink Stand for the use of the Council , 10. o 

£ 88.17. 3 

The Committee of Council appointed for Auditing Accounts Report that in their Opinion the 
Secretary ought to be allowed Ten pounds p. Wek for the time that he has been employed by 
the Council as Such W. Malcom 

Janyi784 Henry Rutgers 

Received 13th February 1784 from His Excellency Govr Clinton Eighty Eight Pounds 17/3 
in full of the above Account James M. Hughes. 

The State of New York to Governor Clinton Dr. 

For Contingent Expences attending the taking possession of the 

Southern District of the State 
To Cash paid Mrs. Day for a Room and accommodation for the 
Council while at Haerlem as p. Account audited by a Committee 
of the Council , 32. 18. o 

The Temporary Government in the Southern District 


To Cash paid Samuel Fraunces for an Entertainment for the Military 

and other public Officers on entering the City as p. receipt <y].\2. 

To Cash paid John Cape for an Entertainment, by direction of the 
Council, to the Minister of France &c &c as p. Account audited 
by the Committee 156. ID. 

To Cash paid John Cape for a Room and accommodation for the 

Council as Acct. audited by the Committee 109. 2. 

To Cash paid Miles Hughes Sec'y to the Council for his services and 

disbursements as p. account Audited by the Committee 88. 17. 

To Cash paid Robert Benson, Esqr. for Disbursements made by him 

as p. account 14 • 8 . 

To Cash paid Anthony Griffith for a Flagg p. account 23. 9. 

To Do paid Jones & Ross for Do. p. Acct 16. 4. 

Ballance carried to Account No. 6. £ 539. i. 4 

George Clinton 

The State of New York to John Cape Dr. 

To the following Expences Incurred by the Council for Executing the temporary govern- 
ment. Viz : — 

November 25 To 3 Bottles Madera £ 1.4.0 

To 6 Large Bouls punch i . 16. o 

26 To 3 Bottles Madera 1.4.0 

To 4 Bouls punch i. 4. o 

To I ditto Grog 2.0 

To I ditto punch 6 . o 

To pipes & tobacco 6 . o 

27 To 4 Bouls punch i. 4. o 

To 2 ditto Grog 4 . o 

To I pint Madera 4. o 

To pipes & tobacco 10. o 

28 To 5 Bouls punch i . 10. o 

To 2 ditto Grog 4. o 

To pipes & tobacco 4. o 

29 To 4 Bouls punch '. i. 4. o 

To 2 ditto grog 4 . o 

To pipes & tobacco 4 . o 

To the Room & fire one day 14. o 

To ditto 4 days 2. 16. o 

30 To 3 Bouls punch 18. o 

To pipes & tobacco 4 . o 

To Grog 2 . o 

To paid for Invitation Cards 6 . 4 

£ 16.14. 4 

[The Account ran on in the same way till January 20, 1784, the total being £109.2.4, (See 
the general account, next above), being " examined & approved " by W. Malcom, J. Lansing, 
jr. and Henry Rutgers, the Committee of the Council for auditing accounts.] 

Received from his Excellency Governor Clinton Payment in full of the above Account 
this 6th Day of Feb'y, 1784. John Cape. 

172 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The Council of Appointment 

Under the first Constitution of the State, this body was the successor of the Executive Council 
of the Colonial period. It was composed of one Senator from each of the four Senatorial 
Districts. The term of office was one year, and the salary was 8/ — per day. The Assembly 
appointed the Members of the Council. The Governor was the President, but he had a cast- 
ing vote only. The Governor asserted, and sustained, his right to make nominations to the 
Council; but this right was taken away from him by the Constitutional Convention of 1801, which 
decided that any Member of the Council might nominate. The power of the Council grew 
stronger every year; so that, in 1821, 6663 Civil Officers and 8287 Military Officers held com- 
missions under it. This centralization of^ power was so unpopular that the Constitutional Con- 
vention of 1821 abolished the Council by a unanimous vote. 

The documents contain many appointments by the Council during the War; among them 
being the Commanders of several of the Privateers. The Members, at different times during 
the War, were the following, the * indicating that their names do not appear, as Members, in 
the documents in this Office: — George Clinton, President; Robert Harpur, Clerk; Elkanah 
Day *, Ebenezer Russell and Alexander Webster, from the Eastern District; John Haring *, 
Ephraim Paine *, Arthur Parks *, Levi Pawling, Zephaniah Piatt * and Jesse Woodhull *, from 
the Middle District; Jonathan Lawrence *, Isaac Roosevelt, John Morin Scott *, Isaac 
Stoutenburgh * and Stephen Ward, from the Southern District; and Rynier Mynderse, Henry 
Oothoudt, Abraham Ten Broeck, D. Wessel Ten Broeck*, William B. Whiting and Abraham 
Yates *, from the Western District. 

The Private Secretary 

The records, and more particularly those relating to Commissions and Appointments, show 
that Richard Hatfield acted as Private Secretary to Governor Clinton. Stephen Lush also acted 
as Secretary. The office of Private Secretary was not created, by law, till some time after the 
close of the War. 

The Lieutenant-Governor — The Attorney-General — The Secretary of State 173 


This Office was filled, at irregular intervals, during the rule of the Crown; but the Consti- 
tution of 1777 made it a permanency. Pierre Van Cortlandt held the office from 1777 to 1795, 
when he was succeeded by Stephen Van Rensselaer. (See the Chapter on " The Legislature ")• 


John Tabor Kempe was the last Attorney-General under the Colonial Government. On the 
breaking out of the War, his authority was repudiated, and his property was afterward sold for 
disloyalty to the American cause. The Convention appointed Egbert Benson to the Office,' May 
8, 1777; and he also took the Office, under the first Constitution, Jan. 15, 1778. Mr. Benson 
was the Attorney-General throughout the War, and till 1788. There are many important docu- 
ments signed by him, and by some of his successors : — Richard Varick, Morgan Lewis, Ogden 
Hoffman and Abraham Van Vechten. The absence of all documents signed by Aaron Burr, 
as Attorney-General, confirms the belief that they have been removed from this Office. 


Previous to the creation of this Office many of its duties were performed by the Secretary of 
the Provincial Congress (See the Chapter on " The Provincial Congresses ".) The Office was 
created by the First Constitution of the State, and the incumbent was appointed by the Council 
of Appointment. John Morin Scott was appointed Mar. 13, 1778. He held the Office through 
the remainder of the War; and down to Oct. 23, 1789, when Lewis Allaire Scott was appointed 
his successor. John Morin Scott, as the First Secretary of State, was paid for his work in fees ; 
and among the documents there are many of his bills for services. His deputies were Robert 
Harpur and Lewis A. Scott. 

The Secretary of State had charge of many of the Public Records, a great responsibility in 
the days when the Government was migratory. In recent years, the Secretary of State has had 
the direction of the decennial Census of the State. The Census of 1783 was taken by the Sur- 
veyor-General (See the Chapter on " The Surveyor-General ".) 

174 New York in t±e. Revolution, Supplemen'a 


The power to audit Claims against the Government was variously distributed during the 
supremacy of the Dutch and the English ; but after the Colonists took possession, the Provincial 
Convention, in 1776, gave that power to the Auditor-General. There were but two incumbents 
of the Office down to 1797, when the Comptroller succeeded to the powers and duties of the Au- 
ditor-General. The Comptroller also, in a legal sense, inherited all the valuable papers of the 
Auditor-General relating to the Revolutionary War. Those papers are of value not only for 
their historical interest, but also because they form the beginning of the Accounts in the Comp- 
troller's Office. In a word, they open the books of the chief financial Officer of the State. 

Comfort Sands was appointed Auditor-General by the Fourth Provincial Congress, or Conven- 
tion, July 24, 1776; and he held the Office till Apr. 8, 1782. His salary was i300. a year. 
Among his duties was that of certifying to the correctness of the Treasurer's Accounts: — 

I Comfort\ Sands Auditor General of the State of New York do hereby certify that I have 
examined the Account of the payments made by Gerard Bancker Treasurer of the Said State, 
from the ist day of April to the 31st day of December 1778 inclusive and compared it with 
the several Vouchers refered to therein, Amounting to Sixty thousand three hundred and 
Sixty three pounds three Shillings and five pence half penny and find it right, which Account 
and the Vouchers numbered from No. 1862 to No. 2090 inclusive are now delivered to me. 
Witness my Hand at Poughkeepsie this ist Day of January 1779 

£ 60363.. 3.. 5 1/2. Comfort Sands Auditor Gen'. 

Comfort Sands was succeeded, as Auditor- General, by Peter Theobald Curtenius, Apr. 8, 
1782; and he held the Office until Samuel Jones, the first Comptroller, was appointed, Mar. 15, 
1797. Mr. Curtenius had already served as Commissary. (See the Chapters on " Military 
Stores " " Provisions " and " Clothing ".) The documents show that Mr Curtenius was paid a 
salary of £250, in 1782 and 1783; and £350, in 1785. The name of Wilham Denning appears 
as Assistant Auditor-General. 

The duties of Mr. Curtenius were far more laborious than those of Mr. Sands. The War 
was nearly at an end, but the Qaims were more numerous and more complicated. Beside this, 
the Currency was in a state of confusion that was almost hopeless. With the ending of the 
War, came the Claims of New York against the United States, all of which it became the duty 
of the Auditor-General to settle; or, at least, to advise the several Commissioners what should be 
done. This required a large amount of patient investigation. In all of this work, Mr Cur- 
tenius proved that he was one of the most remarkable financiers of his time. He was, probably, 
second to no one in this State, aside from Alexander Hamilton; and the reputation of the latter 
was rather national than local. 

During all of his vexatious work, and in spite of the many false Claims that came before him, 
Mr. Curtenius never lost his temper. Once, only, do the documents show that he almost 
forgot himself; — 

Claims Against the State 175 


The Inclosed Papers were at your house yesterday to be delivered in, but your office was 
shut and no one to be found. They belong to Claims already delivered in, and left with me 
to forward to you Jas Abeel — 

Mr P. T. Curtenius — 

[Indorsed as follows] 
Rec"^ Jany i, 1791. I was at home, or some one to Represent me, the whole day of the 31'* 
Dec'' 1790, so that what James Abeel asserts in the within Letter is [" Lye," erased] not true — 

P. T. Curtenius 

Mr. Curtenius had an accurate Knowledge of every one who was indebted to the State. The 
indebtedness was, in most cases, only temporary; and the classing of an individual thus was 
not a badge of dishonor. The accounts of the Auditor-General do not group the debtors. 

Unfortunately, neither the Auditor-General nor the Treasurer left papers (at least, they are 
not among the documents of this Office relating to the War) giving a concise account of the 
Moneys actually received and expended. Tlierefore, the only way in which a summary of their 
total transactions can be had, and that imperfectly, is by bringing their numerous papers 

Claims against the State 

The work of the Auditor-General, like that of the Treasurer, was seen in every Department 
that helped to carry on the War. A few of the miscellaneous Claims will give an idea of what 
the Auditor-General was obliged to consider and pass upon: — 

Albany — i8th March — personally appeared before me, Ebenezer Kelsey, the person in the 
Precedent Sertivicate and made oath that he never received an Pay from the Bretches (British) 
or any of the States from the Day he was Taken Presener until the day he returned. 

Sworning before me the Day above mentioned. John Price Justice. 

1 78 1 Squire Fanshar to William Adams — 

March — To Dressing his Wounds And Attendance for four weeks £8. o. o 

Augt. 31 William Adams 

1785 Sworn before me — Abraham P. Lott, Aldm. 
Audited 23, Septr 1785 

1782 State of New York To Charles R. Webster Printer in the City Of Albany 
Aug. IQ***- To inserting in the New York Gazetteer printed in the City of 

Albany Two Acts of the Legislature, the one entitled an Act 
for pardoning ofifences committed in the northeastern parts of 
this State passed the 14 April 1782 The other An Act for 
quieting the minds of the Inhabitants in the Northeastern 
parts of the State passed y* 14 April 1782 maks. 18 Squares 
in s^ paper @ 8/ p. Square 7.4.0 


March 31 To inserting in the New York Gazetteer an Act of the Legislature 
entitled an Act to amend an Act entitled an Act to lay a Duty 
of excise on Strong Liquors to appropriate the Monies aris- 
ing therefrom, and for the better regulating of Inns and 
Taverns within this State passed y* 14 March 1781 making 
Seven Squares @ 8/ P^ Square 2. 16. o 

176 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

April 14*'' To inserting in y« New York Gazetteer an Act entitled an Act to 
repeal An Act entitled an Act to revive the Laws appointing 
Commissioners for detecting and defeating Conspiracies and 
to give certain powers to Magistrates & Courts therein men- 
tioned passed the 2y'^'°- March 1783 making in the said Paper 
4 1/2 Squares @ 8/ p Square £ i . 16. 

Dec'. I**. To inserting the Governor's proclamation for convening the Legis- 
lature making two Squares 5 weeks p^ Square.. i. 6. 8 

Albany Aug. 19 1786 Errors & Emissions Excepted. £ 13. 2. 8 

C. R. Webster 

Claims for Damages by the Enemy 

No Claims against the State are more pathetic than those for Damages by the Raids of the 
Enemy. Some of the comments were as follows: — "The Robbers has taken out of my 
House " ; " His wife after being taken prisoner and a child of 18 mos murthered " ; " To one son 
Kild " ; " Two brothers murthered and his father taken " ; " by the wanton destruction of the 

Enemy "; " Widow of who was Killed by the Enemy and all his effects burned "; 

"by the Enemys to America"; " Killet and Daken of this Fammely My Father and Mother 
My Brothers wife with 8 Children and one sarvan maith one Brother Daken Brasenor 
[Prisoner] lost"; " by the Enemy, the Indians & worse as they, the British and Torrys "; " His 
father killed by the Enemy"; "I loose more than Double the sum above, besides my son 
of Seventeen years of age who was killed same time " 

A bill of Dammage of Isaac Davis May 22nd yr. 1780. 

Bildings housses barens and barks valued att £250 o o 

Wheren Close of all my famaly valued att 34 14 o 

Waggon an plow gers all Complete valued att 20 00 

three beds garnished wed all valued att 20 10 o 

horsses and Ship and hids valued att 20 00 

Chist and Sugger and money valued att 12 00 

Houssel furnish all valued att 19 30 

fences gren and apeltrees valued att 15 00 

horn Cuttels to they valued att 12 10 o 

Arms and Cutterments Sords and pistils 7 16 o 

Hoksseds pots an Cattels att 7 18 o 

taner and Currermen tolls att 4 00 

Sleys and gers wed all att 7 10 o 

Sadals bridles Sets and Sids att 6 10 o 

Carpentters tuls wed all Complete att 6 100 

Sumekers tuls and lader att 4 100 

Bags and flowers att. 3 00 

12 Feby. 465 no 

Isaac Davis. 

Claims for Damages by the Enemy 177 

The Claims are more accurately localized than is the case with any other class of Gaims. In 
Albany County the sufferers lived in the Districts of East Rensselaerwyck, Hoosack, Saratoga, 
Schenectady and Schoharie — the latter District having been raided in 1778, 1780 and 1781. The 
great majority of the Claims from this. County, however, arose from the Invasion of Gen. Bur- 
goyne, in 1777. Some of them began in May, when he was at Ticonderoga; others follow on 
his track Southward to his defeat at Saratoga ; and still others refer to Damages by his Troops 
" on their way to Boston ". 

An Estimation of Damages Dun by The Enemy at the time When General Borguyn Was 
Douon with his army in this quarter in year 1777. 
To Cornelius Van Veghten at Saratoga. 

His Dwelling house Computed £ 250 o o 

A Large new baron with Egetant Bildings of 3 Berrags and Sheep pan and Corn 

houses 250 o o 

I Stoor hous «:. . 140 

I Greise mill 320 o o 

1 Dwelling hous of my miller 9000 

The army Laing at this place not apennal of fence left on this farm which I 

Supose I cannot have Egin for 160 o o 

one wind mill 7 ^ O 

5 Eyron Shad Slays 28 o o 

3 plows 14 o o 

2 Harres ; 800 

6 Horn Cattle 24 o o 

7 Hors lind 70 o o 

45 Hogs lind 40 o o 

a quantety of Grean Left in the Stoorhouse and in the mill which I cannot account for. 

31 Jany. Cornelius Van Veghten. 

In Charlotte County, as in Albany, most of the Claims followed in the wake of Burgoyne's 
Expedition, including some relating to the retreat at Fort Edward, in July, 1777. There are others 
in connection with Major Charlton's Party, Oct. 10, 1780. The Districts of the County that suf- 
fered the most were : — Fort Edward, Kingsbury, Lake Champlain and White Creek ; and some of 
Claims give additional light to the history of the settlements along Lake Champlain. The story of 
William Gilliland's life was particularly sad. 

ESTIMATE of Loss sustained by William GilHland and his Tenants formerly of Lake 
Champlain, in the State of New York, since the commencement of the present War, suposed 
by the Depredations of the Enemy. Vizt. 

15 Head of Horned Cattle left behind on his plantations and at Hospital 

Point, Value £ 119 8 

5 Horses and Mares " do " ard at Crown 

Point when that Garrison was evacuated 60 

1 1 or 12 Swine besides pigs 26 

Bulky Furniture and farming Utensils left behind. Looms etc 150 

A large Quantity of Manufactured and some new Iron and Steel Burried, but 
supposed -to be found by the Enemy, some of those Who assisted in Bury- 
ing them having gone to the Enemy 100 

3 New Pot-Ash Kettles left behind 60 

Grist Saw Mills Burned, he is informed by the Enemy 250 

178 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


4 Different Farm Houses of my own " Ditto " . . . . , £ 200 

24 Dwelling Houses of my Tenants who were greatly in my Debt together 
with Barns and other out-houses and some fences said to be destroyed by 
the Enemy 1200 

Effects Jeft at Ticonderoga and said to be taken or destroyed by the Enemy ... 44 8 

Several Acres of Flax left behind to be used or destroyed by the Enemy, if not 

rotted 10 

An Original Map of Lake Champlain, laid down from an actual Survey, finely 
embellished, with several private surveys thereon of my own making, said 
to be lost by Genl. Arnold when he was defeated by the Enemy on the 
Lake, Cost more than 30 

Computed Value of a Crop sold Udney Hay for the use of one Army which 
he refuses to pay for, because used or destroyed by the Enemy, as he 
aledges 656 15 

Property sent for me from Montreal to St. John's to be forwarded to me in 
^775 by Mr. Dan'l. Turner, and and which I have been informed fell into 
the Enemies hands at that post 29 4 lO 

Oak Timber and Hay Cutt on my Lands by the Enemy, or those within their 
Lines, some possesion to a large amount as I am informed and 
may be in Value 1000 

£3943 15 10 

State of New York Ss. William Gilliland late of Lake Champlain but at present of the 
City and County of Albany Merchant being duly Sworn Deposith and saith, that the within Ac- 
count in the manner and form in which it is charged Contains the Articles of real and per- 
sonal property, which he verily believes was taken burnt used or destroyed by the Enemy — 
And that the prices stated opposite the respective Articles, are reasonable according to the 
best of his knowledge and belief. William Gilliland 

Sworn before me this 25th., day of February 1782. 

Robert Yates. 

Dutchess County seemed to escape with but a few Claims for Damages, except " When the 
Enemy surprized our Guard at Ward's House ". Westchester County sent in several Claims due 
to the burning of houses when the British Army occupied Peekskill, in March, 1777. The latter 
Claims were accompanied by the statements of Appraisers appointed to value the buildings. 
Orange Courtty sent in no Claims that appear among the documents. 

The County of Tryon was the worst sufferer. Bills for Damages were sent from the follow- 
ing localities: — Andreastown, Beaver Dam, Butlers borough, Canajoharie District, Caughna- 
waga District, Cherry Valley, Coenradt's Town, Curry's Town, Durlach, German Flats District, 
Herkimer's Town, Kingsland District, Jerseyfield, Little Falls, Mohawk District, Old England 
District, Palatine District, Remasniders Bush, Saggenigo, Sand Flats, Springfield, Stone Arabia, 
Warrensborough, Warren's Bush. 

The second Raid of Sir John Johnson, in October, 1780, was the cause of nearly all the claims 
in Tryon County. Full descriptions will be found in the " Public Papers of George Clinton ", 
in "The Northern Invasion", by Franklin B. Hough, 1866; in "Schoharie County and 
Border Wars of New York", by J. R. Sims, 1845; and in "The Old New York Frontier", 
by Francis Whiting Halsey, 1900. Briefly stated, the object of the Raid was to cut off the supplies 
upon which General Washington depended ; and to destroy the resources of all, in the valleys of 

Claims for Damages by the Enemy 179 

the Mohawk and the Schoharie, who were friendly to the American Cause. Johnson's Army, 
organized in Canada, made a detour to the westward and began by attacking the three Forts on 
the Schoharie, none of which were taken. The Enemy devastated the Schoharie valley, and 
continued the work in the Mohawk valley. They defeated Col. John Brown at Fort Paris 
(Palatine Bridge) ; but, in the end, they were defeated by Gen. Robert Van Rensselaer, and fled. 
The documents give the dates when the following places were raided : — Caughnawaga, Oct. 18; 
Durlach, Stone Arabia and Mohawk District, Oct. 19; Warrensborough, Oct. ?^. 

The documents also record a Raid, by John Dockstader, July 9, 1781. On Oct. 24, of that 
year, about 700 British and Indians, under Maj. Ross and Maj. Walter Butler, entered Curry- 
town, among the Mohawk River settlements. They continued on the south bank of the River, 
burning buildings and taking Prisoners. From Auriesville, they proceed to Fort Hunter, crossed 
the Schoharie River and went as far as Yankee Hill in the present town of Florida. Thence 
they turned directly back to Johnstown. The next day, Col. Willett overtook then near John- 
son Hall, and the Enemy retreated to the East and West Canada Creeks. 

Earlier Raids had been made on Cherry Valley, Nov.. 11, 1778; and on Caughnawaga, May 
22, 1780; and still other Raids were made in 1782. Several Claims are made for " Damages 
to the Oneidas and Tuscaroras, the Allies of the Confederated States ". Herkimer's Town and 
the German Flats were raided at the time of the Battle of Oriskany, Aug. 6, 1777. The latter 
was also raided in Sept., 1778. 

A List of the Real and Personal Effects of Frederick Fisher Wantonly taken and dcstroyrd 
by the Enemy in the Year 1780. 

A Dwelling House — Burnt £ 100 o o 

2 Beds and Bedding 20 16 

Mens and Womens Ware 23 4 

A Tea Kittle 4 

A Brass Kittle o 9 

Plates 19 19 

Earthen Ware i n 

2 Brass Ladles o 9 

A Silver Mounted Sword 7 

2 Guns 2 10 

Holstors and Pistols 2 16 

A Saddle Bridle and Saddle Bags 3 4 

A pair Boots i 12 

2 Negroes and a wench — carryed ofif 240 

A Barn and 2 Barracks Burnt 35 

12 Load Hay do 15 

50 Scipples Indian Corn do 3/ 7 10 

2 Horses — carryed ofif 30 

A Set Horse Harness 22 10 

£494 7 o 

State of New York Ss. Frederick Fisher being duly sworn deposith and saith that the above 

Account contains the Articles belonging to him which were burnt or destroyed or carryed off 

by the Enemy and that the prices afifixed opposite to the same are reasonable. 

Sworn before me this day of Jany. 1782. Fredk. Fisher [Col.] 

Robt. Yates. 

l8o New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

State of New York Tryon County. An Account of the Damages which Samuel Campbell of 
Cherry Valley have Sustained by the Enemy on the Eleventh of November 1778. 

i S D 

To one Dwelling house burnt 15° 

To Two barns burnt 150 

To two horses taken away 3° 

To two mears and one Coalt do 20 

To one Cow taken away 5 

To one beef burnt 5 

To four fat hogs killed 12 

To one Negro boy carried off 5° 

To one Waggon burnt 7 

To one Slay and Harness burnt 6 

To thirty Loads of hay do 30 

To wheat and peas and oats burnt in the Straw 50 

To Corn and Potatoes and flax burnt 10 

To one watch taken away 6 

To two Sadls and bridles carryed off 5 10 

To Cloathing and house all furniture hurt or carryed off 200 

To Cash taken away 60 

Jany. 25, 1782, i 795 10 o 

Saml. Campbell [Col.] 

The Claims in Ulster County were, in most cases, for Damages when Kingston was burned 
by Gen. John Vaughan, Oct. 16, 1777: — 

Memorandum of goods burnt by the Enemy in Kingston Eusopes,. 
One FetherBed Holld. Tick i Boulster, i Pillow, i Coverlin to the Bed, ^14 o o 

1 Bedsted 20/ One green Rug 55/ 3 15 o 

2 larg Rose Blanckets i 8 

1 Larg lookinglass 6 o 

2 Chaina Teapots o 16 

Eight Burnt Chaina Chocolate Cups o 10 

1/2 Doz. Tea Cups and saucers o 14 

Four do plates o 2 

2 larg Cream Couler sauce Cups o 4 

1/2 Doz. Blew Chaina plates o 6 

1/2 Doz. Cream Colour do o 2 6 

One Dining Table Black Cherry wood i 4 

One do Teable larg i 

One larg Copper Kittle 3^3 9 

One do Brass i 12 

Six Flat back Chairs i 16 

One holland Cubberd Neatly Adorned with wax Work 10 

One Barrel Soap i 12 

Three Wine Canters o 6 

Four do Glasses o 6 

One Chest wt Cloathing and linnen i 10 

One do wt Sundry books as i larg Dutch Bible 3 

One larg Knibbe one Sermon book some of the others Divinity & some History. . i 12 

One New Spining Weale i 12 

Twelve Pictures wt Glass over, forgot the price, alow 18 

One larg Knot Bowl Cost i 4 

Claims for Damages by the Enemy 


Two larg Knot Bowls Cost 32/ one do 8/ £ 2 

Two Beds wt Straw or Straw Beds 2 10 

Two fine workt Baskets 016 

One Tapend Water Crane o 6 

Corn=. Van Santvoordt. 

^ 54 17 3 

After some of the worst efforts of the Enemy had been made, the Legislature, Nov. 22, 1781, 
passed this Concurrent Resolution: — 

Resolved that the honorable the Chief Justice and puisne justic of the Supreme Court of Judi- 
cature of this State for the time being, be, and they are hereby respectively authorized and re- 
quested to collect returns and evidence in the manner described in the letter from the Honorable 
Robert R. Livingston Esqr of the 12th instant to his Excellency the Governor of this State 
attendant on his Excellency's Message of this Day of the Damage done by the Enemy within 
this State, by the wanton destruction of property, and that the Legislature will make provision 
for defraying the Expense attendant on this Business and for compensating the Chief Justice and 
puisne justices for their services herein. 

Judge Robert Yates acted under this Resolution. He gave two separate Reports to the 
Legislature; one of them in 1781, and the other without a date. His charge was 2/ — pr each 

State of New York to Robert Yates Dr. 
To taking a Number of Depositions respecting Losses sustain'd by the Depredation of the- 
Enemy in the Northern Parts of this State Vizt 227 a 2/ i 22. . 14. . 

[This Account was audited and paid in 1790] 

The following were Claimants for Damages by the Enemy: — 

Abeel James 
Ball Johannis 
Bauck Johannis 
Bauck John William 
Bauck Thomas 
Bauck William 
Beck Martinus 
Becker Abraham 
Becker Albertus 
Becker Harmanus 
Becker Isaac 
Becker Johannes Jos. 
Becker John 
Becker John Albertus 
Becker Peter 
Becker Storm 
Becker Storm, jr. 
Belknap Abel 
Bellinger Johannis 
Bellinger Marcus 
Bergh Philip 
Borll Johannis 
Borst Baltus 
Borst Hendrick 
Brown Christian, Capt. 
Cramer Charles 

Davis Catherina 
Deitz William 
Eckeson Thomas 
Eckeson Tiunes 
Enters Peter 
Enters Jacob 
Forster Anna 
Forster George 
Freymier Johannes 
Graham John 
Hills George 
Honak Henry 
Kercher Philip 
Kest Richard 
Kniskern Johannes 
Kniskern William 
Koeningh Michael 
Lansing Garret J. 
Lansing Isaac N. 
Lawyer Jacob 
Lawyer Johannis 
Lawyer Lorence 
Luke Jacob 
McCrea John 
Mann Peter 
Mattise Johannis 

Albany County 

Merkel John 
Merkle Hendrick 
Meyer Christian 
Nukel Gerrit C. 
Nukerk John 
Porks Daniel 
Rechtmeyer George 
Reinhardt George Fr. 
Rickart Eva 
Rickart George 
Rickert Johannes 
Robinson Charles 
Schaefer Jacob 
Schaffer Martinis 
Scheffer Jost 
Schell Jost 
Schelman George 
Schneider Peter 
Shafer Hendrick 
Sidnich William 
Sillenick Harmanus 
Snyder William 
Sternberg Abraham 
Sternberger Nicklas 
Sternbergh David 
Stubrach Hendrick 

Swart Peter 
Swart Tuenis 
Taylor Jeremiah 
Van den bergh Evert 
Van den bergh John 
Van Slick Marteynis 
Vroman Adam 
Vroman Peter I. 
Vrooman Barent 
Vrooman Barent, jr. 
Vrooman Johan 
Vrooman Peter 
Vrooman Simon 
Vrooman Tunis 
Waite William 
Warner George 
Warner Nicholas 
Wendell Abraham 
Wendell Evert 
Werth John Jacob 
Winne Daniel 
Winne John 
Yates Peter 
Zielie Martinis 
Ziellie Peter, jr. 
Zimmer Jacob 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Baker Albert 
Belknap Abel 
Bitler John 
Bristoll Silas 
Durkee James 

Crane Joseph, Dr. 

Abeel John 
Antus Coenrat 
Armstrong Archibald 
Badas Michael 
Bader Michael 
Baldsperger John 
Banner Johannis 
Barbelat Jacob 
Barden Michael 
Barth Margaret (Widow) 
Baschou John 
Batcheller Zephaniah 
Baxter Thomas 
Bell Dorothy (Widow) 
Bellinger John 
Bellinger Peter, jr. 
Bellinger William 
Bennett Amos 
Bowman Eva 
Boy ay Catharine 
Boyer John 
Brookman Godfried 
Campbell James 
Campbell John 
Campbell Samuel, Col. 
Cannan Andrew 
Cannon Matthew 
Clyde Samuel, Col. 
CoppernoU Nicholas 
Coppernoll Richard 
Crissman Gottfried 
Cristman Frederick 
Cristman Jacob 
Cristman Nicholas, sr. 
Cromwell Jacobus 
Dachsteder John Nicholas 
Davis Jacob 
Davis James, jr. 
Davis Patrick 
Davis Thomas 
Deline William 
Dellinbagh John 
Dickson James 
Diefendorff Jacob, jr. 
Dietz Jacobus 
Dietz John 
Dietz William 
Dockstader Frederick 
Dorrs Matthias 
Doxstadder George 

Durkee Thomas 
Gilliland William 
Harris Elizabeth 
Harris Moses 
Moor James 

Charlotte County 

Moor James, jr. 
Parks David 
Sanders Peter 
Sherwood Seth 
Vallance David 
Dutchess County 

Watson John 
Wilson Samuel 
Winne Peter 


Durmot Michael 
Earnest Christian 
Ecker George 
Ecker Jacob 
Eliot Andrew 
EUwood Peter 
Finck Andrew 
Fisher Frederick, Col. 
Folmer Thomas 
Foltz Peter 
Fonda Adam 
Fonda Jelles 
Fonda John 
Foror Rudolph 
Fox Frederick 
Fox George 
Fox John 
Frank Albart 
Frank Frederick 
Frank Johannis 
Frank John 
Frank Lawrence 
Frank Timothy 
Frantz Sebastian 
Gardener Samuel 
Gardenier Jacob 
Gettman Frederick 
Gibson William 
Gordon Robert 
Grim Henry 
Guile John 
Haag Frederick 
Hall William 
Hansen Hendrick 
Hansen Nicholas 
Hansen Peter 
Harnes John 
Haywisen Martin 
Herder Lawrence 
Harter Henry 
Hess Augustinis, jr. 
Hess Augustinus, sr 
Hess Frederick 
Hess Johannes 
Hess John 
Hessler John 
Hews Catharine 
Hews James 
Heyser John 
Hoff Richard 


House Joseph 
Hunt Timothy 
Hyer Peter 
Iseman John 
Ittig Christian 
Keller Henry 
Keller Johannes 
Keltz Conrath 
Kennedy James 
Kennedy Robert 
Kentor John 
Kesler John, jr. 
Kessler John 
Kinkead Crownidge 
Klumph Thomas 
Kortright Henry 
Lambet Peter 
Lampfor Peter 
Lewis Adam 
Lewis David 
Lewis Frederick 
Lewis Hendrick 
Lively Simon 
Loucks Henry 
Loup William 
Lythaal Niclas 
Mabie Harmanus 
McColIom Daniel 
McDermid Michael 
McGraw Daniel 
McKillip John 
McKillup Archibald 
McKown James 
Marlatt Mark 
Marr James 
Miller Henry 
Miller Valentine 
Mitchell Hugh 
Moor James 
Moore Jacob 
Moore John 
Notman Jacob 
Nukerk George C. 
Nukle John 
Ohrendorff George 
Ohrendorff Peter 
Ohrendorph Frederick 
Ohrendorph Frederic, jr. 
Ohrendorph John 
Oneidas & Tuscaroras 

Oothout Abraham 
Osterhout John 
Park John 
Petri Johannes M. 
Petri Mars 
Petry John Marks 
Petry William 
Philipse Volkert 
Phillips William 
Pifer Peter 
Potman David 
Potman David, jr. 
Potman Frederick 
Quackenboss Abraham, jr. 
Quackenboss Peter J. 
Quackenbush Myndert W. 
Raspoll Martes 
Relley John 
Remsnyder Hendrick 
Rickey James 
Rung Hendrick 
Ryckart Lodowick 
Sammons Samson 
Schell Johannes 
Schimmell Francis 
Schmit Johannes 
Schoemaker John 
Schoemaker Thomas 
Seroos Christian 
Shaddack Thomas 
Shallop Frederick 
Shell John, sr. 
Shew Godfrey 
Shoemaker Frederick 
Shultys Christopher 
Slouwits (Widow) 

Small Susanna (Widow) 
Smith John 
Snock William 
Spornheyer William 
Staring Adam 
Starring Nicholas 
Steen Conrad 
Stine William 
Throop George 
Tillebagh John 
Toror Rudolph 
Van Alstine Gilbert 
Van Brackelen Gysbert 
Van Brackelen Nicholas 

Claims of the State against the United States 


Van den berg Wynant 
Van der merk John 
Van der Wycke John 
Van Eps Charles 
Van Eps John E. 
Veeder Abraham 
Veeder Johannis 

Beekman Cornelius 
Bogardus Nicholas 
Cox David 
De Lametter David 
De Witt Jacob R., Capt. 
Doyl Charles 
Dumon Peter 
Dumond Egbert 
Elmendorph Abraham 
Elmendorph Arent 
Elmendorph Conradt C. 

Hunt Phinehas 

Veeder Volkert 
Vrooman Henry 
Warts Matise 
Wasel George 
Weatherstravif Henry 
Weaver Nicholas 
Wempel Barent 

Elmendorph Cornelius 
Elmendorph Jacobus 

Eltinge William 
Freer Abraham 
Freer Samuel 
Groen Jacob Marinus 
Hasbrouck Abraham 
Hasbrouck Elias 
Hodlor Peter 
Hoffman Anthony 

Wempel Margareta 
Wemple John B. 
Wever Jacob 
Wicks Samuel 
Willson Andrew 
Willson James 
Willson Samuel 

Ulster County 

Houghtaling Teunes 
& Houghtaling Wilhelmus 
Low Jacobus 
McDowell James 
McLean John 
Masten Benjamin 
Persen Adam 
Persen Johannis 
Persen Matthew & Alida 
Roggen Franz & Peter 
Sleght Johannis 

'Wimer Andrew 
Winkel John 
Wohleben Abraham 
Wolleben Peter 
Woolhaver Jacob 
Young Adam 
Zieleis John 

Sleght Tennis 

Smart Petrus 

Snyder Johannis 

Swart Adam 

Tappen Christopher 

Ten Brook Jacob 

Tremper Jacob 

Van Gaasbeck Abraham 

Van Santvoordt Cornelius 

Wittaker John 

Wynkoop Dirck; 

Westchester County 

The following Claims for Damages cannot be identified, as to location. It is probable that 
most of them were caused by Johnson's Raids in the valley of the Mohawk. 

Bancker Evert 
Banda Milchior 
Carner Charles 
Cunningham William 
Davis Elizabeth 
Davis Isaac 
Docksteder John 
Doty Isaac 
Fisher Catharine 
Hansen Barant 
Hen Marka 
Hesler Conradt 

Ittig Michael 
Kelly John 
Kock Jurgen' 
Kock Soferines 
Lansing Abraham 
Lansing Gerret A. 
Lansing Isaac H. 
Lewis Peter 
Mabee Petrus 
McDavitt Charles 
'Marks (Mr.) 

Newkirk Abraham 

Patingill William 
Potman Cornelius 
Poyar John 

Rechtmeyer George Chris- 
Scott James 
Snell Adam 
Steens John 
Sternberger Abraham 
Tisese John 
Van Alstine Jacob 
Van den bergh Cornelius 

Van Everah Cornelius 
Van Everah John 
Van Schaick Jacob 
Van Valkenburgh Abraham 
Van Valkenburgh Jacob 
Van Veghten Cornelius 
Vroman Bartholomew 
Vroman Jonas 
Vrooman Peter C. 
Weaver George 
Weaver Johan George 

Claims of the State against the United States 

His Accounts with the United States show Mr. Curtenius' most accurate, and pains-taking 
work. The conduct of that work brought Mr. Curtenius into close relations with Robert Mor- 
ris, the Financier; Robert Troup and Oliver Wolcott, Secretaries of the United States Treas- 
ury; Michael Hillegas, Treasurer of the United States; John Pierce, of the United States 
Treasury Department ; Joseph Nourse, Register of the United States ; Alexander Hamilton, Re- 
ceiver of Continental Taxes; Patrick Ferrall, Commissioner of United States Accounts; Ben- 
jamin Mififlin, Clerk of the Office of United States Accounts; Joseph Howell, jr., Commis- 
sioner of United States Army Accounts; William Barber, Continental Commissioner; and Daniel 
TiUinghast, Continental Agent. Many of the documents bear the names, and often the signa- 
tures, of these prominent men. 

184 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

A law of the United States, dated May 7, 1787, repealed the law of Oct. 13, 1786, establishing a 
Board to Liquidate and Settle all Accounts between the United States and Individual States. 
It provided for the appointment of five Commissioners to go to the five Districts to state the 
Account of each District, respectively, with the United States. The five Districts were : the States 
of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island; the States of New York 
and New Jersey; the States of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland; the States of Virginia 
and North Carolina ; the States of South Carolina and Georgia. The several States were limited 
to six months after the Commissioner had notified the Governor of each that he was ready to 
proceed; after which time all Claims were shut off. On June 24, 1788, a law was passed ex- 
tending the time three months, that is to Oct. i, 1788. 

When the Government of the United States notified the several States of the passage of 
the law, noted above, this Statement was given out: — 

Amount of Cash charg'd by Congress to Each Particular State vizt — 




New Hampshire 

reduced to Specie 








Rhode Island 


I. 028. 511 








New York 




New Jersey 
























North Carolina 


787 . 200 



South Carolina 















Office of Finance 7th Septem"". 1782. 

Sir, The Comptroller of the Treasury having given you his Instructions as to the Form of 
setling Accounts, there are two particulars to v/hich I will call your Attention. It has con- 
stantly been kept in view by Congress that Interest should be allow'd to the States for any dis- 
proportion of Advances & this Idea is still pursued in the Ordinance under which you act. 

You must therefore on every Advance made by the State after fixing the value precisely 
allow an Interest at Six pr Cent until the First day of this year & charge a like Interest on Ad- 
vances to them. In settling the Accounts with Individuals, you will consider that artful Men 
have frequently taken advantage of the Public & that in many Instances public Officers have 
frequently taken advantages of the weak & unprotected — You will therefore always remember 
that it is your Duty to do Justice in the Prosecution of this Duty — You will take care also, to 
discover & bring to Light, pursue and punish Fraud & Peculation of every kind, whereever 
you may meet with them. 

I wish you Success & am Sir 

Commissioners for settling Your most Obed*. Serv*. 

Accounts with the States Robt. Morris 

Claims of the State against the United States 


These queries having been proposed by Lewis Pintard, Esqr. Commissioner for liquidating 
the Accounts in the State of New Jersey & Danl. Desaussure Esqr. Commissi in the State Mary- 
land, have been considered & the following Answers annex'd to them Viz: 

In settling the Accounts between a State' & the United States it will be necessary that the Com- 
missioner be previously inform'd on the following heads Viz: 

Query ist. Is the whole, or any part of the Expence to be allow'd for Fortifications for 

the defence of the State, or any particular place within such State? 

2nd. Is the whole or any part of the Expence for the Militia to be allow'd, either 

when invaded, or in danger of any Invasion by the common Enemy, or for 

suppressing Rebellion against the State, or when employ'd against the Indians? 

3rd. In what proportions are the States to be allow'd for cloathing the Continental 

Troops raised by each State? 
4th. Are all Camp & Military Stores of every denomination to be charged to the 
United States whether made use of by the Regulars or Militia? In this depart- 
ment it is presum'd there will be great quantities of Arms & Ammunition 
expended by the Militia which cannot be accounted for. 
5th. Are Individual States to be allow'd the disbursements for Gallies or other armed 

vessels not ordered by Congress ? 
6th. Are they to be allow'd for Obstructions sunk or intended to be sunk in order to 
prevent the Enemies Vessels going up to the Cities of the United States ? 
Answer to In all these matters the Commiss''. will be regulated by the resolution of Congress, 
No. I, 2, according to the true Intent & meaning. When charges are authorized by the 
3,4, 5 & 6 existing Resolves, they must be passed : & when they ought not to be admitted, 
they must be rejected. In doubtful cases Application must be made to the 
Superintendant of Finance, who will state a general Question to Congress & 
receive the answer without communicating the name of the State. 
Query 7th. Are all disbursements for presents to Indians to be admitted as a Charge against 

the Union? 
Answer to No Charge for Presents to, or Treaties with Indians will be admitted unless 

No. 7 authorized by Congress. 

Query 8th. If a State hath settled & paid Accounts which shall be admitted to be a charge 
against the Union & it appears to the Commissioner that a considerable over- 
charge was made in any part thereof; shall he deduct so much as he shall 
judge to be an overcharge? 
Answer to All such Accounts with their Vouchers must be examin'd & all improper as well 
No. 8 as overcharges deducted & the Commiss''. must endeavour by every means to 

detect all Frauds & discover all Errors. 
Query 9th. Is it not the intention of Congress that the Acco*=. Current between the United 
States & each State be closed the 31st December in every year since the com- 
mencement of the War, & to which end, the Accounts for each Department are 
to be liquidated accordingly? 
Answer to The Instructions of the Superintendant of Finance on this subject of the 7th 

No. 9 September 1782 contain an answer. 

Query loth. Shall the Charges made for Expresses to or from Congress or within the State- 
be admitted in the Account? 
Answer to This will depend on particular circumstances, of which the Commissioner will 

No. ID judge. 

Query nth. Shall the State be allow'd the Charges for maintenance of Prisoners of War? 
Answer to Charges for maintenance &c. of Prisoners of War must be supported by such 
No. II Sufficient Vouchers as will authorize a Charge against the Enemy; if not, they 

must be rejected. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Query 12th. 

Answer to 
No. 12 

Query 13th. 

Answer to 
No. 13 

Query 14th. 

Answer to 
No. 14 

Query isth 

Answer to 

No. 15 
Query i6th. 

Answer to 
No. 16 

Shall payments made to Continental Officers, either for recruiting or other ser- 
vices be allow'd, or even where it does not appear, for what services he received 
the same? 

The Commissioner will be directed by the Resolution of Congress whether charges 
for money advanc'd to Continental Officers for recruiting or other services are 
to be admitted: but no charges must be allowed without proving the appro- 
priation or actual expenditure of the money for the uses mentioned in the 

Whether Certificates given to Individuals are to be taken as they stand & new 
ones given for their amount, or whether they are to be re-examin'd & new 
prices affixed to the Articles when they have been over or.undercharg'd. 

Certificates given by Qr. Masters or Commissarys to Individuals must be re- 
examin'd, the Articles shewn & their Value determin'd that the receiver of them 
may be charg'd & made accountable to the Commissioners appointed for the 
respective departments. See Resolve of Congress of 23d August 1780 which 
must be strictly attended to. 

What mode is to be pursued to affix the prices of Articles furnished & services 
performed in each State, if they are not pointed out in the Instructions whether 
it would not be proper for the Commiss"". to be directed to apply to the Chief 
Justice & other Judges of the different Counties, to fix the same, as it would be 
improper for him to take upon himself a matter of so great consequence? 

The Commiss". are appointed & impowered to make final settlements according 
to Equity & good Conscience, without applying to other Judges, unless it be 
for necessary information. 

Are the different Commiss""^. to correspond with each other, in order to give such 
information as may be useful in the respective departments ; if they are, should 
not all letters to & from them respecting the business of their office be free of 
postage ? 

The Commissioners must correspond with one another when necessary & keep an 
Account of Postage — no Franks can be allowed. 

By what Scale of Depreciation are Accounts to be settled after the i8th March 
1780 being the time the Continental Table of Depreciation ended? 

It is expected there will be few or no accounts with the States after this Period, 
but if there are, they must be valued by the Scale of the Individual State, 
unless Congress shall otherwise direct, in which case the Commissioner will be 
furnished with their Act — With Individuals no other Scale is necessary than 
Equity & good Conscience. 

instructions to the auditor of the state of new YORK 

Sir, Congress having determined to send a Commissioner into this State to adjust and settle 
the Accounts between the United States and this State, it is because indispensibly necessary 
so to arrange the Materials for this Adjustment as that the Account Current may be stated with 
Despatch Accuracy and Perspicuity. 

The United States are to be debited with all expenditures made for their Use by the late 
Congress of this State, by the Convention thereof, by the different Committees, by the Treas- 
urer, the State Agent, the Auditors for liquidating the Accounts of the Army, the Commissioner 
to be appointed by the Act to raise the sum of ii6,ooo and the further sum of ii6,ooo by tax 
within this State and for selling public Accounts, or by any other Officer of this State, and for 
that purpose you shall require from them Transcripts of all Accounts heretofore audited and 
for which Payments hath not yet been made by the Treasurer, and you shall call 
on the Treasurer for an Account of all Monies paid by him and which are charge- 
able to the United States — the Accounts of these Expenditures you will collect and 
digest in such Manner as that the Advances made in each Year shall stand separate, the 

Claims of the State against the United States 187 

Amount of all Advances to the second of September 1777 you are to consider as having been 
paid in Money equivalent to Specie — from thence forward you are to charge the specific 
Value of the different Articles in Specie in such Manner as Abraham Yates Philip Schuyler and 
John Lansing Junior or any two of them shall direct except for the Pay of the Troops or 
Militia which is to be charged in the nominal Sum paid and considered as Specie. 

You will carefully insert the Dates when Payments were made and when you have collected 
all the Accounts of this State against the United States you will then open Accounts captioned 
as follows. The United States for Wheat or Flour etc., (as the Case may be) Debtor — and 
under the Account of Wheat you are to enter all Charges for Wheat which you may have 
made in the Accounts above mentioned, in order that it may be seen at one view how much 
Wheat has been furnished, the Time when and at what Price — In like Manner you are to 
charge e-very other Article furnished by this State or any Services performed for which the 
State has made Payment, and as a variety of Articles may have been furnished which cannot 
come under one general Head, you will open an Account in which to charge such Articles. 

You are not by any means to adjust the Accounts of this State with any person appointed 
or to be appointed by the United States until you have laid the Accounts as arranged by you 
before the said Abraham Yates Philip Schuyler and John Lansing Junr. Esquires and shall 
have taken their direction or the Direction of the Major part of them, to those Gentlemen 
you will also apply when any Difficulties arise in the Execution of this important Business and 
their Determination you are to consider as binding on you. 

Property to a vast Amount has been purchased or taken from the Citizens of this State by 
compulsory or Impress Laws or by illegal Impresses for which the People have, if paid at all, 
been paid in a depreciated Money and at a Rate much below the Par in other States and it is 
the intention of the Legislature that the Difference of Depreciation in this State and other 
States should be charged to the United States, and in order to enable you to determine with 
any tolerable Degree of Precision what has been so furnished as aforesaid, it will be necessary 
that you should call on Jacob Cuyler Esquire late Deputy Commissary of Purchases for an 
Account of all Supplies purchased or taken, specifying the Date of the Purchase the Time when 
paid, the Articles purchased or Services performed, distinguishing what has been paid, for 
and what not, — like Application you will make to Morgan Lewis Esquire to Hugh Hugh 
Esquire, to Udney Hay Esquire late Deputy Qr. Masters General, to Mr. Nicholas Quacken- 
bush Ass. D. Q. Master General, to Mr. Andrew Bostwick Forage Master General, to the 
Commissioners for auditing Accounts in the Northern Department and to every other public 
Officer employed in purchasing and at the Head of any Departments within this State, these 
Accounts must be digested by you in like Manner as before directed with the other Accounts 
of this State so that the aggregate amount of each particular Article may be determined at 
one View. 

You shall by Advertisement in the public Papers require the Commissioners of Sequestra- 
tion and every other public Office appointed by the Congress of this State, by the Convention 
thereof or by any Committee to come and settle Accounts with you without Delay and shall 
also require all Persons having Claims on this State to prefer their Accounts that you may 
audit them, and you shall keep Copies of every Account by you audited, in order that you may 
charge the United States with every Article furnished by the Accountants and which may with 
Propriety be charged to the United States. 

The Cannon and Military Stores taken by order of the Congress or Convention of this State 
from the Officers of the King of Great Britain and which may have been delivered to any 
Officer of the United States you are to charge to the United States. 

You will procure all the Journals of Congress as well those already published as those which 
may hereafter be published and make a Schedule of all such as relate to Requisitions on this 
State, noting their Substance in such Schedule that the Gentlemen appointed to give you addi- 
tional Instructions may take them into Consideration and determine the Use to be made of 
them in a final Settlement with the United States. 

l88 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

If a Commissioner from Congress comes into tliis State to adjust Accounts and settle with 
the State and Citizens thereof, you shall require from such Commissioners a Copy of his Instruc- 
tions so far as they relate to the Principles on which he is to make such Settlement, Copies 
of which you shall transmit the Gentlemen appointed to give you additional Instructions. 
Poughkeepsie 13th: April 1782. 

By Order of the Senate. By Order of the Assembly 

Pierre Van Cortlandt Presdt. Evert Bancker Speaker. 

MARCH II, 1784. 

May 15th 1775, Vol. i. Page 102. Congress Resolve that the Warlike Stores be remov'd 
from New York — Query Whether this Resolve will authorise the State of New York to charge 
the Expence of removing the Cannon &c out of Town, because Congress do not say they will 
be at the expence of such removal. Yes 

June 22d Page 126. It is resolved to employ the Green Mountain boys, for the defence of 
America. The State of New York furnished them with cloathing — Query Whether the 
United States are to be charg'd with the Cloathing they were furnish'd with? Yes 

October 22d. It is resolved by Congress that New York shall raise an Artillery Com- 
pany, without saying that the Continent would be at the expence — Query, Whether the ex- 
pence of raising & paying this Company can with propriety be charg'd to the Continent 

Novem"" 4th. Congress recommend to the dififerent Colonies to keep their Gun Smiths at 
Work to manufacture good Fire Locks & that the prices are to be fixt by the dififerent As- 
semblies &c. This seems to imply as if the Arms were to be furnished at the expence of 
the Continent & yet in several subsequent resolves it appears that Stoppages were to be made 
out of the Soldiers wages for the Payment of the Arms — See Resolves Deer. 5th & 21st Page 
280 & 300. Jany 19th, 1776. Vol 2d Page 30 Feby 17th Page 66. & in June 25, 1776 Page 
230 it is resolv'd that Col Dubois shall raise a Regiment & that the Arms the Men furnish 
themselves with are to be valued by the Committees of the Counties & to be paid for by the 
Continent — this last resolve seems to contradict the Resolves that precede it — 

In the years 1775 & 1776 I as Agent for the State of New York purchas'd & deliver'd a 
considerable number of Arms for the Use of the Continental Troops raised by our State, for 
which I believe no Stoppages have been made, because I never was called on by the Officers 
to whom I deliver'd them for the price of the Arms; of course they could not make the stop- 
pages when they were ignorant of the price — My Orders at first from the Convention were to 
deliver the Arms to the Officers of our Regiments taking their Receipts for the delivery, which 
I did, but had no Orders to fix the price — Afterwards I receiv'd Orders to deliver all the 
Arms & warlike Stores to Richard Norwood Colony Store Keeper who deliver'd them out to 
the Officers of our Regiments & took their Receipts for the delivery in the same manner I did, 
without fixing the price; besides this, between Five & Six Hundred Musquets were taken out 
of the City Hall by the Populace belonging to the Corporation which have never been paid 
for and were afterwards collected by the Officers of McDougall's Regt from the Inhabitants 
of the City; of course no receipts were given by the Officers who receiv'd them — As the 
Resolves about the Arms appear to me to contradict each other — Query, Whether the Arms 
this State has furnish'd must be charg'd to the Continent from the delivery or not; and if the 
Continent is to pay for them what price must they be charg'd at. 

All Arms deliver'd to Troops in the Line of the Army must be charg'd to the United States 
at £4. if possible — 

Jany 5th 1776 Page 12. Vol 2d Congress direct the Delegates of New York to write to the 
Convention to furnish Genl Schuyler with what Money had been paid by them to Officers or 
Persons under his Command ; If this has been done by the Convention the General will please 
to certify (when he can have recourse to his Books) what the Sums were & from whom the 
Stoppages were made 

Claims of the State against the United States 189 

Answer — Jonathan Trumbull was Pay Master in 1775 & 1776. his Books contain an exact 
Account of all Stoppages made in favour of the State of New York 

June 19th 1776 Congress recommended to the Assemblies & Conventions of the United 
Colonies to purchase Cloathing for the Troops rais'd for that Campaign & that they be baled, 
Invoiced & stor'd & to be deliver'd to the Order of Congress, or the Commander in Chief, & 
that the Cost be deducted from the Pay of the Soldiers : This Resolve has never been complied 
with, by our State, as to Stoppages — The State order'd me to purchase Cloathing & to de- 
liver them to John Henry State Sto;-e Keeper & take his receipt for what I deliver'd, but gave 
me no directions about pricing them — John Henry deliver'd them to the Order of the Gover- 
nor & took Receipts for the Delivery, but could fix no price to them, as he did not know the 
Cost, of course the Officers that receiv'd them could make no stoppages when they were 
ignorant of the price — Query, Whether the State must loose the Cost of them, or the Con- 
tinent whose Officers neglected to demand an Acco' of the Cost. 

The Cloathing must be charg'd to the United States the Auditor must support the charge, in 
the best manner he can ; he must make every enquiry from Commissaries & Officers to ob- 
tain information on the subject 

October 8th 1776 Page 404 Congress resolve that a Suit of Clothes be annually given as a 
Bounty to the Soldiers who shall list during the War, amounting to 20 Dollars for the present 
year — Query, Whether all the Suits that were deliver'd from the ist Jany 1776 to ist Jany 
1777 are included in this Resolve & Query Whether if the Suit cost the State more than 20 
Dollars, whether the United States are to be charg'd with the Overplus? 

The Cloathing must be charg'd what it cost the State, with all the Incidental expences at- 
tending it 

The State of New York furnish'd Cloathing in the year 1775 for Four Regiments of Con- 
tinental Troops raised in this State for which no Stoppages have been made because the Cloath- 
ing were consider'd as Bounty Cloathing; but I see no Resolve of Congress in 1775 that au- 
thorises any State in that year to give Cloathing to their Troops as a Bounty. Query, 
Whether the Cloathing furnish'd in that year, can with propriety be charg'd to the United 
States as the first Bounty Cloathing was given Octr 8th 1776 — See preceding Resolve 

All Cloathing must be charg'd 

Octr 9th 1776 Congress order that a Commissary of Cloathing be appointed, to receive & 
pay for the Cloathing that should be deliver'd to him by the different States — It does not 
appear by any papers I am possessed of, that any Money has been receiv'd by our State for 
any Clothing deliv<* to Continental Clothiers, before, or after this date 

April 29th 1777 Congress recommend to the different States, to transmit to the Paymasters 
of the Battalion the Amount of Advances made by the different States to their Officers for the 
Recruiting Service, in order that the Paymasters may call such Officers to Account & Feby 
6th 1778 Vol 4 Page 78 It is recommended to the respective States to transmit duplicate Ac- 
counts to the Board of Treasury of Advance, made by them to the Regimental Paymasters, 
or other Officers of the Army ; and that each State sustain the Loss which may arise from the 
detention of their Accounts after the ist July 1778 — These Resolves I am apprehensive have 
not been complied with by our State, because the Accounts of Col^ Van Schaick Gansevoort, 
Cortlandt & H. B. Livingston still stand open for considerable Sums advanc'd them in 1776 & 
1777 for the recruiting Service — I have wrote them on the subject, some of them have been 
with me & say that their Accounts have been setled by the Pay Master General, & that Stop- 
pages have been made in favour of the State of New York for the Sums receiv'd by them from 
the State — I desir'd them to procure Certificates from the Pay Master for that purpose which 
they have promised to do, but if they should not get them in time. Query, Whether it would 
not be proper to charge the United States with the Gross Sums advanc'd them, and produce 
their Receipts for Vouchers — 

The United States must most certainly be charg's with all Advances made their Officers It 
were however to be wished, that they had been informed of those Advances, lest if no credit is 
given by those Officers ; it may not be allowed by the State 

IQO New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Jany 5th 1779 Page 10. By this Resolve & the Resolve therein referr'd to, it will be neces- 
sary to make out an Interest Account & if an Interest Account is to be made out, & charg'd 
daily on every small sum which has been paid out by the State Treasurer on Continental Ac- 
count, it will take up as much time to make out the Interest Account as the Continental Acco* 
Query must the Interest be computed on the daily payments, or at the End of each Month? 

This must be adjusted with the Continental Commis"" 

March 2d 1779 Vol 5. Page 80. Congress resolve that a proper Person be appointed to 
settle & pay all Accounts for Arrearages of Cloathing due to the Troops of the United States 
for the year 1777 — That the Clothiers of the dififerent States make exact returns of Cloathing 
issued for 1777. This Resolve has not been complied with by our State Query Whether our 
State is to loose all the Cloathing furnisht in that year? 

The Cloathing must be charg'd, & the Exigencies of the State must be pleaded for the non 

March 9th 1779 Page 94 & 95. It is recommended to each State to fill up their Compli- 
ment of Men by Drafts & that a Bounty of 200 Dollars be given to each Draft & that each 
State shall be credited for 200 Dollars for each Recruit, it shall bring into the Field for three 
Years, or during the War — Query, Who is the proper Person or Persons from whom I can 
get the information how many Men were raised on this Resolution? 

We dont know, you must procure the best information you can 

March 23d 1779 Page 109. This Ordinance for the Cloathing Department, has been partly 
complied with — I had written Orders from the Legislature to deliver all the Cloathing in Store, 
to the Sub Clothier and take his receipt for all the delivery which I did, but was inhibited 
to fix the prices — I was directed by my Orders to make a minute of the prices as they went 
when they were deliver'd, which was out of my power to do, for there was no scale of Depre- 
ciation then publish'd. Great part of the Cloathing I deliver'd to the Sub Clothier were pur- 
chas'd by me in April 1778 some of them were Shoes & Stockings raised by Assessments, & 
a price fix'd much under their real Value & the greater half, say 500 Suits of what was pur- 
chas'd in April 1778 were deliver'd December nth 1779 — I see difficulties in setling the 
Cloathing Account, There are three ways to settle it. The first is, to average what the Cloath- 
ing cost pr Suit in Specie in each Year: The Second is to charge every Suit at the Price 
Congress fixes a suit at, in each Year : or to get the Average price from the Clothier General 
what a Suit cost in every Year during the War — I wait your direction which of these Modes 
I must adopt 

That Mode which is most beneficial to the State 

April 14th 1779 Congress recommend to the different States to appoint an Agent to supply 
their Officers with Rum at 5/4 pr Gallon, Sugar at 4/ & Tea at 8/ pr at the Expence of the 

United States Query, If the Articles cost the State more than the price here limited, whether 
the State is to loose the difTerence 

The Cost & Charges of those Articles must be charged 

April 4th 1780 Vol 6. Page 109. Congress approve the raising 800 Men for the defence 
of the Frontiers of this State, & that they be entitled to receive Continental Pay and Rations 

— Query, Whether the State is pay in the first Instance all the Troops that have been rais'd 
before, and since this Period for the defence of the Frontiers, and charge the Amount to the 
United States — Col= Weissenfelt & Willet have applied to me to know whether I was authorised 
to Audit their Abstracts for the Frontier Service — I deferr'd Auditing them until I could obtain 
your Instructions what to do in this matter. 

The Laws of the State, must be your guide. 

April 13th 1781 Vol 7. Page 83. Congress recommend to the States to pay the New Levies 

— Query, Whether the Levies here mentioned, were those that were drafted to fill up the Con- 
tinental Battalions 


I have called on Col Hay for an Account of the Specific Supplies furnish'd by this State to 
the United States ; his Answer was, that his Books and Papers were unfortunately consumed 
by Fire, and therefore it was out of his Power to give me any Account, but he inform'd me 

Specie Requisitions 191 

that he had made regular returns from time to time to the Legislature & to the Financier of 
the Quantity deliver'd which Returns he was ready to attest to upon Oath — Query — Whether 
the Financier or Commissioner can, or will admit Col Hays Oath, as a Proof of Delivery with- 
out a particular Resolve of Congress for that purpose 
The Auditor must procure the necessary Information from the Financier's Office. 

Specie Requisitions 

Some of the most important of the Auditor-General's Accounts related to Specie Requisi- 
tions. The following Commission may make more clear what the Requisitions were: — 

Whereas Alexander Hamilton, Esquire, in conformity with an act of the United States in 
Congress Assembled, passed the 2'^ November, 1781, hath been duly appointed by Commission 
under my hand & Seal Receiver of the Continental Taxes within the State of New York, And 
Whereas it is doubtful whether a Receiver of Continental Taxes hath yet been recognized by 
the Legislature of that State, in order to obviate difficulties that might arise on that account, 
I do hereby especially authorize and empower the Said Alexander Hamilton, Esquire, to make 
application to and receive from the executive authority of the said State, the Treasury or such 
other Person or Persons as are or may be appointed and enabled to pay unto the Superin- 
tendent of Finances or his order for the use of the United States, the first quarterly payment 
of the quota of the said State in Eight Millions of dollars Specie required by Congress for the 
Service of this present year, and upon the Receipt of the whole or any part of the said quar- 
terly payment, which became due to the United States on the first Day of this present Month, 
in the Sum of Ninety three thousand three hundred and ninety nine and one half dollars Specie, 
to give his Receipts or Discharges which shall be equally valid against the United States as if 
given by me. 

Given under my hand and Seal of the Treasury at the Office of Finance in the City of Phila- 
delphia this fifteenth day of April, 1782. Robt. Morris — 

292 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


Abraham Lett, appointed in 1767, was the last Treasurer of the Colony under the Crown. 
It might be inferred that he continued in the Ofifice till May 8, 1777, when the Convention 
ordered him to turn over his money and books to the State Treasurer, and to give an account 
of the same. But this was not the fact. There are many documents giving the Accounts of 
Monies paid out by Peter Van Brugh Livingston, the Treasurer of the Provincial Congress, 
in 1775 and 1776. His Accounts, running for less than the first year of the war (June 17, i775> 
to April 26, 1776) gave total receipts of £161,823.3.9.; of which the Continental Congress con- 
tributed one item of £62,000, and another of £18,800. The first cash received was from Col. 
McDougall, £100 on June 17, 1775. The signers of the New Emission of Paper money paid 
£45,000 into the Treasury. From July 19 to Dec. 31, 1777, the Commissioners of Sequestra- 
tion sold Confiscated Property to the amount of £8036.2.2, in the Counties of Dutchess, Tryon, 
Ulster and Westchester. 

Here is the story of Treasurer Livingston's strong box: — 

1777 The State of New York to John Chipp of Kingston Dr. 

February 27th To work, nails & stufif repairing a writing desk £0. 8.0 

To stuff & nails for a large writing Table 8.0 

To making said Table 8.0 

To a Cupboard Lock, Hinges & Screws 0.6.0 

To Glew and Nails i . o 

To stuff for the Box 5.0 

To making said Box 12.0 1.4.0 

To a Packing Box 8/ a pair of Snibles for do 1/ — 9.0 

To repairing a small packing Box with a Bottom & a Board to 

cover it 3.0 

To 2 chests more with Hinges &c 2. lo.o 

[Audited, Apr. 8, and paid. May 20, 1777] ^ 5.10.0 

The Accounts of Gerard Bancker, as Vice-Treasurer, began Aug. 28, 1775, and ended Mar. 
31, 1778. So active was he, during that period, that he is often called the Treasurer, in the docu- 
ments. The Provincial Congress frequently called him the Deputy State Treasurer, in 1776; 
and, in that year, he asked Pay for his services as Clerk to the Auditor. Numerous receipts, 
signed by claimants, show that Mr. Bancker was the Executive of the Treasury Department; 
subject, in part, to Mr. Livingston. Mr. Bancker, Dec. 26, 1777, acknowledged the receipt of 
£2. from the Auditor-General " so much I paid for removing the Treasury from Kingston to 
Rochester ". 

With this training in the Ofifice, and with qualifications specially adapted to the work, it 
was not strange that Gerard Bancker was appointed State Treasurer under the First Constitution, 

The Treasurer 193 

Apr. I, 1778. Nor was it strange that his remarkable conduct of the Office led to his holding 
the same for twenty years. The retaining of this faithful public servant enabled the State, 
before the end of the Eighteenth Century, to close up the most important Accounts with its 
Creditors and with the United States. 

Under the State, the Treasurer was paid the same amount that was paid under the Colony, 
£300. The duties of his Office were perplexing and arduous, although the Auditor-General re- 
lieved him by auditing the bills. It was the Treasurer's duty to raise the Money to pay the 
bills, and this was no easy task. The iron money-chest was moved about, like the Provin- 
cial Congress, from Rochester to Hurley, Poughkeepsie, Kingston and Albany. On retiring 
from office, Mr. Bancker availed himself of the privilege of those days and took the chest with 
him. A hundred years later, in 1898, the chest was sold, with many other interesting effects, 
for the estate of the late James A. Bancker, in Philadelphia. 

The contents of the Treasurer's iron chest comprised a miscellaneous lot of Securities, 
many of them not very secure. Aside from a small amount of English Money, there was the 
Money issued by the Continental Congress, the Provincial Congresses and the State — all of it 
in various stages of depreciation. There were also Certificates issued by the Treasurer or the 
Auditor-General ; and Notes issued by the Treasurer. The " Horse Notes " were those given for 
the purchase of horses. There were also the following kinds of Certificates : — Claim, State 
Agent's, Levy, Depreciation, Principal, New Principal and Interest. The latter kind was 
often subdivided into four parts. 

A considerable sum came to the Treasury from the fines paid by Quakers who did not serve in 
the Army. Large amounts were paid in by the Commissioners of Forfeitures, and other bodies 
that were carrying on the work in special lines. A debt due to a Tory, or Suspected person, 
became a debt due to the State; and thus, an asset of the Treasury: — 

A clear notion of the work of the Treasurer, in collecting Money and paying it out, cannot 
be had except by a thorough perusal of his papers in this Office. Not only did the Treasurer 
pay bills for expenses incurred during his term of office, but he was also obliged to pay bills that 
had come to him from the Treasurer of the Provincial Congress. 

The Exchange of State and Continental Securities, directly after the War, was conducted 
Dy a Board of Commissioners consisting of William Denning, Henry Remsen and Comfort 
Sands. The latter was the Auditor-General from July 24, 1776, to Apr. 8, 1782. 

Three days after Mr. Bancker's retirement from office, a law was passed, Mar. 19, 1798, 
directing that all the papers in the hands of Gerard Bancker, late Treasurer, should be 
lodged in the Office of the Comptroller; and those papers have remained in this Office ever 
since that date. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The Subscription Rolls 

Circular Letter to the Commissioners in the Different Precincts in the several Counties. 


We have received Authentic Intelligence that a considerable Land and Naval Force is daily 
expected from France ; and, congress have made a requisition upon the several States for monies 
to be paid immediately in order to put our Army in a condition effectually to co-operate 
with our Allies. The Exigences will not admit of the slow operation of a Tax, or the for- 
mality of a Law for a Loan and the Taxes as they from time to time come into the Treasury are 
anticipated to discharge past contracts we have therefore had recourse to the Patriotism of 
Individuals, and for that purpose have opened subscriptions of which you have one inclosed. 
This subscription we must entreat you to promote and offer it to every person in whom 

you may suppose to have Ability and Inclination to subscribe. 

By the Terms of the Subscription you will observe that the money is to be repaid within 
six months, or a year at the option of the respective lenders, with Interest at six per Cent per 
Annum and secured against a further depreciation. 

We are authorized to give the fullest assurances that the Legislature will before they adjourn 
make effectual Provision for the punctual discharge of this Debt and also provide that if any 
of the subscribers should become purchasers of the forfeited Lands they may have Credit upon 
such Purchases for the sum subscribed with the Interest due thereon. 

We must request you to use your influence with the subscribers to pay the money upon, or 
shortly after subscribing in which case you will please to receive the money and pass your 
receipts until the Subscription Rolls can be returned when you will be furnished with the 
proper Treasury Notes in order to cancel your Receipts, and within fourteen days from this 
day a Messenger will wait upon you with an order from the Treasury for the Subscription 
rolls and the monies you may have collected. 

It is intended that no Subscriptions shall be taken for a less sum than five hundred Dollars. 
You will be allowed your expences. Congress in their Letter communicating this important 
Intelligence declare that the sum they require is necessary to put our own Army in Motion and 
observe that this Armament from France generously calculated either to produce a diversion 
in our favor or to forward the operation of our Arms by being directed to the same object, 
may either by our exertions be made the means of delivering our Country in the Course of 
the Campaign from the ravages of War or being rendered ineffectual through our supineness 
serve only to sully the reputation of our Arms, to defeat the benevolent intention of our great 
Ally and to disgrace our Confederacy in the Eyes of all Europe. 

In short if ever there was a period in the war which called for Virtue and Spirit it is the 
present, you doubtless have the same Convictions and therefore we flatter ourselves with your 
utmost and immediate Exertions. By Order of the Senate 

Kingston May 30th 1780 By Order of the Assembly 

In accordance with this appeal, the following made Loans to the State, on Subscription : — 

Ackerman Casparus 
Ackerman Gulian 
Arden Thomas 
Ball Peter 
Ball Wilhelmas 
Bamar Joseph 
Barber Francis 
Bauch Dohmas 
Bauch Johannes 
Bayard Samuel 
Beak Barnabas 
Becker Abraham 

Becker Abram 
Becker Albartus 
Becker David 
Becker Johannes H. 
Beech Barnabus 
Bellinger Johannes L. 
Bellinger Marcus 
Berringer Henry- 
Billings Andrew 
Bloodgood Abraham 
Bloodgood James 
Bloom Isaac 

Bloom John 
Bogardus Egbert 
Bonestil Philip 
Bont Harmanes 
Borst Jost 
Bournstil Philip 
Brancius W. 
Brandow Johannes 
Brett Theodorus 
Brewster Henry 
Brewster Joseph 
Brinckerhoff John 

Brinkerhoff Abraham 
Bronck John L. 
Bronck Peter 
Brooks John 
Brower Nicholas 
Brown Daniel 
Brown William 
Bruch Johannes 
Bruyn Benjamin 
Cantine John, Col. 
Cantine Matthew 
Cantine Peter, Jr. 

The Subscription Rolls 


Carpenter Elijah 
Carpenter William 
Cash David 
Cash William 
Chesnut Alexander 
Clements Thomas 
Close John 

Codwise George, Capt. 
Concklin Daniel 
Concklin Thomas 
Conklin Samuel 
Conn^ne Philip 
Cooper & Campbell 
Crandell Samuel 
Cross John 
Cross John I. 
Cross Robert 
Curtenius Peter T. 
Cuyler Cornelius 
Cuyler Jacob 
Davis John 
Decker Johannes 
Dedrick J. W. 
Delamater Gertruyd 
Delamater Jacobus 
Delamatter John 
Delametter Jacob 
Delemetter Martin 
DePeyster John 
Depue John 
DeWitt John, Jr. 
Dietz William 
Dill Caleb 
Dill John 
Dubois Christian 
Dubois Cornelius 
Dubois Jacob, Jr. 
Dubois Lewis 
Dubois Matthew 
Dubois Nathaniel 
Duryee Abraham 
Duryee Charles 
Eckerson Thomas 
Ellice James 
Elsworth John 
Enders Jacob 
Ernest Mary 
Fanning Phineas 
Farguson Anne 
Feek Cornelius 
Finch Isaac 
Fisher George 
Flaake Coenradt 
Fleming Peter 
Floyd William 
Fonda Abraham 
Fonda Jelles 
Fordham Daniel 
Franks John 

Freer Isaac 
Gardner David 
Gardner James 
Gebhert John Gabriel 
Gilchrist Adam 
Glen Henry 
Goetschius Stephen 
Gosline Samuel 
Grenell John 
Griffen Richard 
Griffin Jacob 
Groesbeck Gerrit 
Groom William 
Groot Nicholas 
Hager William 
Haight Daniel 
Haight Daniel, jr. 
Haight Elizabeth (widow) 
Haight Gideon 
Haight Stephen 
Halt Daniel 
Hait Daniel, jr. 
Harbork John 
Hardenbergh Johannis G. 
Hart Nehemiah 
Hasbrouck Jonas 
Havens Jonathan 
Havens Jonathan Nicoll 
Hawkins Eleazer 
Hayt Gideon 
Heermanse Gose 
Hedge Stephen 
Hedges Eleazer 
Heger Johannes 
Hendrickse William 
Henry John 
Hilsinger Peter 
Hobart John Sloss 
Holsapple William 
Hoornbeck Benjamin 
Hoornbeck Eleazor 
Hoyt Gidion 
Huick Henrich 
Humphreys Thomas 
Ingolt Johannes 
Isaacs Aaron 
Jacobs Phillip 
Jansen Henry 
Jessup Zebulon 
Johnson John 
Ketchum Joel 
King Andrew 
Knieskern Johannes, jr. 
Kniskern Hendrick 
Kniskern Jost 
Kramer Charles 
Landon David 
Landon Ebenezer 
Langdon Jared 

Lansing Franciscus 
Lansing Jacob F. 
Lansing John, jr. 
Lansing Levinus 
Lasher John 
Lawyer Johannes L. 
Lawyer Laurentz 
Leach Phineas 
Leonard William, Capt. 
Loudon Samuel 
McClallen Henry 
McClallen Robert 
McFarlan Andrew 
McFarley Andrew 
McKee Thomas 
Maley John 
Mancius Wilhelmes 
Marshall Francis 
Marten Charles 
Marvin Elihu 
Marvin Elihu, jr. 
Mattes Johannes 
Matthise Jacob 
Mattise Jost 
Maul Christopher 
Maul Friederick 
Maul Johannes 
Maul Johannes, jr. 
Mead Lebeus 
Mead Silas 
Mead Soloman 
Mercier Alexander 
Merser Alexander 
Meyer Stephanus 
Miller Alexander 
Miller Barnet 
Miller Cornells 
Miller Matthew B. 
Miller Samuel 
Mitchel Hugh 
Monfoort Peter 
Monfoort Peter T. 
Montgomery James 
Moor James 
Mowris Henry 
Mulford Ezekiel 
Muller Christopher 
Mynderse John 
Nevier Alexander S. 
Newkerk Cornelius 
Newkerk Nancy 
Newkerk Philip 
Nicoll John 
Oothoudt Abraham 
Osborn Jeremiah 
Overbagh Johannis 
Paine William 
Parsons EInathan 
Parsons John 

Payne William 
Peacock John 
Persen John 
Phillips Amaziah 
Phillips Samuel 
Post James 
Prout John 
Quackenboss Sibrant 
Ray Stephen 
Rea Martha 
Reed James 
Reiorden Egnatius 
Rice John Frederick 
Richtmeyer Christian 
Ries John Frederick 
Rikes Peter 
Robinson John 
Robinson Rachel 
Roosevelt Isaac 
Rosa Jacob 
Sanders John, jr. 
Sands Comfort 
Sands Richardson 
Savage Charles 
Savage David 
Savage Henry, jr. 
Savage Jean 
Savage John 
Savage Moses 
Sears Isaac 
Schafer Christian 
Schell Christian 
Schell Peter 
Schenck Geysbert 
Schenck Henry 
Schoolcraft Lawrence 
Schoonmaker Jacobus 
Schoonmaker Jotham D. 
Schurri Johannis 
Shepherd John 
Short Peter 
Sichnich Harmen 
Sickels Zacharias 
Sleght John H. 
Sloat John 
Sly Samuel 
Smith Caleb 
Smith John W. 
Smith Josiah, Col. 
Smith Melancton 
Smith Obadiah 
Smith Philetus 
Smith Samuel 
Smith Wilhelmus 
Smith William 
Snyder Hendrick 
Snyder Peter 
Stewart William 
Storm Gerret 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Storm Gores 
Storm Patience (widow) 
Strachen Anne 
Strachen Margaret 
Stringer Samuel 
Strong Selah 
Stubrach Christian 
Swart Evert W. 
Swart Joseyas 
Swartwout Jacobus 
Swartwout Naittje 
Tappen Peter 
Tayler John 
Taylor John 
Ten Broeck Abraham 
Ten Eyck Barent 
Ten Eyck Matthew 
Ter Bos Daniel 
Turck John 

Van Aken Petrus 
Van Bunschoten Elias 
Van Buschoten Teunis 
Van den Burgh James 
Van Deusen John 
Van Deusen Lucas 
Van Gelder Gerret 
Van Kleeck John 
Van Loon Albartus 
Van Ness Peter 
Van Ness William 
Van Nette Petrus 
Van Orden Ignatius 
Van Orden John 
Van Rensselaer James 
Van Rensselaer Killian 
Van Schaack Arant 
Van Schaick Anthony 
Van Slyke James 

Van Steenbergh Tobias, jr. 
Van Valkenberg Joachim, 

Van Vechten Teunis 
Van Veghten Lucas 
Van Wyck Theodoras 
Vedder Arent H. 
Visscher Bastejan T. 
Visscher Matthew 
Vroman Isaac 
Vroman Martines 
Vroman Peter 
Vroman Peter A. 
Vroman Peter I. 
Vrooman Ephram 
Vrooman Samuel 
Walsh Hugh 
Waltemire George 
Washburn Bethuel 

White James 
Whiteman H«nry 
Wilde Hugh 
Wills William 
Wiltse Johannes 
Wiltse Martin 
Winfield David 
Woodhull Abraham 
WoodhuU James 
Wood Robert 
Woolsey Richard 
Wynkoop Adrian 
Wynkoop Cattrena D. 
Wynkoop Cornelius D. 
Wynkoop Cornelius E. 
Youngs Thomas 
Zabrisky John Joost 
Ziele Peter 

The Loan Office 

The Loan Ofifice was an important adjunct to the Office of the Treasurer. As early as 1776, 
the names of Andrew, Barclay, Nicholas Gouverneur and Theodorus Van Wyck appear as 
Loan Officers for the City and County of New York; and Ezra L'Hommedieu, for Sufifolk 
County. In 1778, Governor Qinton, as Clerk of Ulster County, appointed Joseph Gasherie 
and Christopher Tappen as the Loan Officers of that County. The law of Mar. 30, 1778, ap- 
pointed Commissioners to take, on loan, subscriptions of not less than $200. A Concurrent 
Resolution of the Legislature, Apr. 4, 1778, declared that all Loans to the State should be repaid, 
with six per cent interest, within one year, the money to be raised by Tax. The law of Oct. 8, 
1778, authorized the Governor to appoint a Commissioner of the Continental Loan Office. 

By An Act, passed Apr. 18, 1786, the Loan Officers were allowed to issue bills of credit for 
£200,000 to be numbered by Evert Bancker, Henry Remsen, Jonathan Lawrence, John De 
Peyster and William Heyer; and signed by any two of them, and delivered to the Treasurer. 
If more bills than necessary were printed, the signers were required to destroy the surplus. 
It was provided that Money should be lent for 14 years, from the third Tuesday of June, 
1786, in sums not exceeding £300, nor less than £20; also that the Interest should be paid an- 
nually; also that the Principal should be paid i/io yearly, from 1791 to 1799. Bills remain- 
ing four weeks in the Loan Officers' hands might be lent in sums of more than ^£300; but if 
remaining more than eight weeks, they must be carried to the next Account. The Loan 
Officers were required to meet on the first Mondays of November, annually, to destroy bills 
that came into the Treasury. The Treasurer was authorized to exchange bills when he had 
received £150,000 in Gold and Silver, from the Loan Office. 

Here is a spicy letter from the Loan Officer of Ulster County to the Treasurer, relative to 
one of the State Agents' Certificates: 

Taxation 197 

Sir: — Kingston July 15th 1781 

In your Letter of the 6th June last I found a General List of Agent Certificates sent to you 
a few Days previous to that date. Also a Blank Receipt for a Horse Note likewise sent you. 
The List you have herewith signed agreeable to Request. But the Receipt I do not think 
proper to sign. I have however drawn a Certificate to the same Efifect in Lieu thereof, which 
I presume will answer your purpose. If not, shall at all times be ready to give such Testi- 
monials as are consistent with the duty of my office respecting that matter. If you had sent 
me the Receipt to Sign without assigning any Reasons I never would have hesitated to do it. 
But you say " the Sum on the Face of the Note appears to be altered, and the Receipt on the 
back of it by Jacobus Bruyn is Obliterated partly ". I must therefore confess that I do not 
know what is intended by demanding a Receipt from me, to be annexed to a paper which from 
you] Description has all the appearance of Fraud & Knavery about it; untill you satisfy me 
in this I shall consider it as perhaps not intended by you. 

I am, Your most Obedt. Servt. 
Gerard Bancker, Esq. Christopher Tappen 

There were also " Certificates loaned to the State of New York to be exchanged for other 
Certificates or Securities for Monies due, and for the Purpose of receiving the Proportion of 
Interest directed by Law to be paid to Holders as Possessors of certain public Securities &c ". 

For an account of the way in which Governor Clinton secured money on Loans, see the Chap' 
ter on " The Governor ". 


The importance of proper methods of Taxation grew more and more evident as the War pro- 
gressed. One of the earhest laws on this subject was passed. Mar. 2, 1779. The operation 
of this law, and the duties of the Treasurer in connection with it, were explained by Concurrent 
Resolutions of the Legislature, passed Aug. 27, Sept. 29, and Oct. 2, 1779. 

On Feb. 12, 1780, a law " to facilitate supplies for the Army of the United States within this 
State " provided that the inhabitants might pay Taxes by Certificates issued by Morgan Lewis, 
Deputy Quarter Master General; Udny Hay, State Agent and Deputy Quarter Master General 
in the U. S. Army; Jacob Cuyler, Deputy Commissary General of Purchases in the U. S. Army; 
or Andrew Bostwick, Deputy Commissary of Forage in the U. S. Army. Taxes were paid 
not only in State Agents' and Wheat Certificates ; but also in Certificates of the following Kinds : 
Principal, Interest, Levy and Loan Office. 

Under the Tax laws of Apr. 11, 1787, and Mar. 19, 1788, the Treasurer acknowledged the re- 
ceipt of large sums from the County Treasurers of Albany, Queens, Richmond and Suffolk. 
These sums, paid for Taxes, were in the form of Certificates for Claims against Forfeited Estates. 

According to the documents, Orange was the only County that kept separate lists of real and 
personal property. 

198 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


Simeon De Witt and Philip Schuyler were Surveyors-General. Charles Clinton was Deputy 
Surveyor General. Thomas Machin was Engineer. Isaac Andrews, Evert Bancker, David Burt, 
Archibald Campbell, Charles Clinton, jr., Robert Cochran, Joseph Crary, David Culley, George 
Fleming, Abraham Hardenburgh, Seth Marvin, Hugh Maxwell, Thomas Palmer, William 
Palmer, Piatt Rogers, Walter Sabin, Seth Sherwood, Cornelius Tappen, Josiah Throop and 
Lawrence Vrooman were Surveyors. 

The office of Surveyor-General was instituted, in the Province of New Netherland, in 1642; 
and it continued till it was abolished by the Constitution of 1846, and the Office of State Engi- 
neer and Surveyor was created in its place. For a portion of the time, previous to the War, the 
officer was known as the Surveyor of the King's Woods. The Office of Surveyor-General was 
revived by the law of Mar. 21, 1781, for raising two Regiments on Land Bounty Rights. 

Philip Schuyler was appointed Surveyor-General by the Council of Appointment, Mar. 30, 
1 781. He was succeeded by Simeon De Witt, May 13, 1784. The latter held the Office till 
Jan. 20, 1835, and he was intimately associated with the development of the Canal system of 
the State. 

The Census 

The Continental Congress, Dec. 11, 1781, recommended that each of the several States should 
take an Enumeration of the " white inhabitants thereof, pursuant to the Ninth Article of the 
Confederation " ; and again, Apr. 18, 1783, that the number of all the Inhabitants should be taken. 
The Legislature, Mar. 20, 1782, passed a law authorizing an Enumeration in accordance with the 
first of the recommendations, noted above; and the Surveyor-General, Philip Schuyler, sent 
out a circular and blanks for taking an Enumeration : of the Inhabitants ; and, of the Buildings 
and Patented Lands. Unfortunately, that part of the circular relating to No. i is missing; but 
the following has been preserved : — 

In compleating the Returns, marked No. 2, you will please, where any lands are not occu- 
pied, to insert in the column, intitled, " Occupants Names ", the Names of the present Pro- 
prietors, if you can, if not, then to enter in the same Column, such a Description thereof, as 
that the Identity of the Lands may be ascertained. 

When the returns are compleated, you will please to transmit them, by some safe Convey- 
ance, to the Supervizors Clerk, of your County, whom I shall intreat to forward the mto me. 

No. I. was entitled : "A Return of the Inhabitants in the County of in the State of 

New York; together with a Return of the Killed and captivated in the War, and of those who 
have joined the Enemy ". Under each of the four captions of " White Males ", " White Fe- 
males ", " Black Males " and " Black Females ", subdivisions give the age as " under 16, years ", 

Land Bounty Rights 199 

" 16 and under 50 ", and " 50 and upwards ". The " Killed ", the " Captivated " and those who 
" Joined the Enemy ", are classified as either male or female; and a column is ruled to record 
those who " Returned from Captivity ''. 

No. 2. was a " Return of Buildings and of patented Lands, in the County of in 

the State of New York ; together with an Estimate of the real Value of the Buildings and Lands, 
1783". The several columns were arranged as follows: — "Occupants Names"; "Dwelling 
Houses, Brick or Stone, Framed or Log"; "Bams and other Out Houses"; "Mills, Grist, 
Saw, Fulling, Powder, Paper or Oil "; " Distilleries "; " Breweries "; " Furnaces "; " Forges "; 
" Value of the Buildings "; " Acres of Land, both Improved and Unimproved "; " Value of the 
Lands ". 

On Feb. 8, 1786, the Legislature passed a law to more fully comply with the Federal law of 
Apr. 18, 1783. 

Land Bounty Rights 

The important subject of Land Bounty Rights is mentioned, very briefly, on pages 12 and 14 
of the second edition of " New York in the Revolution ". The subject is worthy of more ex- 
tended treatment. 

The original documents are dated from 1781 to 1794, and those relating to Land Grants bear 
the indorsements of Philip Schuyler and Simeon De Witt, Surveyors-General. The laws of Apr. 
I, 1778, Mar. II, 1780 and Mar. 23, 1782, relating to the Land Bounty Rights are briefly de- 
scribed on page 12 of the book to which reference has been made, above. 

As a condition precedent to the claiming of a Right, every Company of Militia was divided 
into Classes, the number of men in a Class having been settled by law, but averaging about 
fifteen. Each Class chose one of its number as its head, and it was thereafter known as the Class 
belonging to the head man. The Class was required to furnish an acceptable man for service in 
the Troops of the United States known as " the Line " and in return it had an allowance of 200 
acres of Land. The Declaration and Assignment of the Land Bounty Rights was sometimes 
preceded by this statement: — 

WHEREAS, in Consequence or pursuance of an act of the Legislature of the State of New 
York^ passed the 17th Day of November, 1781, the Militia of said State was ordered to be 
Formed into Classes for the purpose of raising fifteen hundred Men for the defence of its 
frontiers purporting that one Man in each Class should be stiled the head of such Class, and 

WHEREAS the said Legislature did, on the 23d Day of March, 1782, take under considera- 
tion the very great scarcity of Specie, was pleased as an aid or encouragement in raising the 
Men as aforesaid to give as a gratuity Two Hundred Acres of Land out of the unappropriated 
Lands belonging to the said State to each Class who should raise a Man on certain conditions 
therein specified: — 

Now this indenture witnesseth — That we whose Names are hereunto set and Seals affixed, 
being the Majority of a Class (&c). 

More frequently, the Declaration and Assignment took the following forr.i : — 

TO ALL TO WHOM these presents shall come know ye that we Lawrance Vrooman, 
Tobias Ten Eyck, Arent N. Van Petten, Adam Condy, Lanchester Conner, Nicholas Hall, Jacob 

200 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Ten Eyck, Cornelius Lansing, James Lighthall x x x the major part of the members of a 
Class in the Rigement of militia commanded by, Colo Abraham Wemples x x x having 
under the act Entitled an act for Raising troops to complete the line of this State in the service 
of the united states ; and the two rigements to be Raised on Bounties of unappropriated lands, 
and for the further defence of the Frontiers of this state passed the twenty thierd day of march 
one thousand seven hundred and Eighty two Engaged John Christiance to serve in said troop 

for the further defence of the Frontiers untill the first day of January Eighty three do 

hereby grant transfer assign and set over unto Danial Toll x x x and to his heirs and 
assigns all our Estate Right title and Intrest to any land we are or may become, Intitled to 
for or by Reason of our Engaging the said, John Christianse as aforesaid under or by virtue 
of the said act to have and to hold all the Estate Right title and Intrest of in or to the land, 
unto the said, Danial Toll x x x his heirs and assigns forever IN WITNESS whereof we 
have hereunto set our hand ; and affixed our seals this Eighth day of May in the year of our 
lord one thousand seven hundred and Eighty two and in the sixth year of our Independence 
Signed Sealed and delivered 
In the presents of 

Jacob Swits 

John Hetherington Lawrence Vrooman 

Tobyas Ten Eyck 
Arent N. Van Petten 
Adam Condey 
Memorandum that on the 14 day of May one thousand seven hun- Lancaster Conner 
dred and Eighty two personally appaired before me, Isaac Vrooman Nicholas Hall 
Esqr. one of the judges of the Inferior court of common pleas, for Jacob T. Ten Eyck 
the city and county of Albany Jacob Swits x who being duly sworn Cornelius Lanseng 
on the holy Evangelist of Almighty god that he saw, the several James Lythall 
grants sign seal and deliver the above deed for the use therein men- 
tioned and that he also saw, John Hetherington the other witness 
subscribe as witness thereunto ; and having carefully perused the 
same and finding no material Razours or Interlinations therein do 
allow the same to be Recorded Isaac Vrooman 

The men who afi&xed seals, in the above and all similar documents, have been grouped under 
the heading of " The Militia-Land Bounty Rights ", in the second edition of " New York in the 
Revolution ". Although there is no record of their having seen actual service in the field, at 
that late period of the War, yet they have been classed as Soldiers who should be given credit 
for their willingness to serve, if necessary. 

Returning, now, to the Class Right, copied above, it should be stated that Daniel Toll wa» an 
Assignee — (See list of "Assignees", at the end of this Chapter) — The same man also became 
as Assignor (See list of " Assignors " &c) : — 

KNOW ALL MEN by these presents that I, Daniel Toll within named do hereby grant, 
transfer, assign and set over unto Isaac Vrooman, Esqr., and to his Heirs and Assigns the 
one just, equal and undivided third part of all the Estate, Right, Title and interest to the Land 
by the within deed Assigned, Transferred and set over unto me : — 

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the Estate, Hight, Title and Interest of, in and to the one 
just, equal and undivided third part of the said Land, and premises unto the said Isaac Vroo- 
man, his Heirs and Assigns, forever; and I, the said Daniel Toll, do grant, assign and set over 
unto the said Isaac Vrooman full power and authority to receive and take a grant by Letters 
patent for the whole of the said Land, within assigned and set over unto me, in his own 

Land Bounty Rights ' 201 

name. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourteenth day of May in 
the sixth year of our Independence, 1782. 

Signed, Sealed and delivered in the presence of Daniel Toll. 

Andrew McDowell 

Lawrence Vrooman 

Accompanying every Class Right was a Certificate of the Muster Master of the United States 
Troops that the head of the Class had delivered to him an able-bodied man (usually mentioned 
by name) " duly armed and equipped ". An example of such a Certificate follows : — 

This is to Certify that Lawrence Vrooman, as a Superintendent of a Class in Coll. Wemple's 
Regt. of Militia, No. 19, has procured an able-bodied Man for the Service, untill the first Day 
of January next, properly equip as is required by an Act entitled "An Act for raising the troops 
for the Defense of the Frontiers ", and mustered before me this 14th of May 1782 

Guy Young, Capt., Muster Master 

It was seldom that any member of a class bought the Right of the Class and proceeded to 
locate the Land. In almost every case the Right was assigned to some Officer in the Army, or 
to an outsider; and sometimes there were several Assignments before the Application for a 
Certificate was actually made to the Surveyor-General. Thereafter, the business was done di- 
rectly with that Officer. (See lists " Fees of the Surveyor-General ", " Certificates of the Sur- 
veyor-General ", " Class Rights " and " Locations ", at the end of this Chapter). The usual 
form of an Application for a Certificate was this : — 

I Zaccheus Scrivener, of Ballstown in the County of Albany and State of New York, do, in 
consequence of two Certificates & their transfers for Class rights of two hundred Acres each 
and by virtue of an Act of said State in such case providing. Locate the two following tracts 
of Land — To wit, the one lying on the West bank of Hudson's river between the North 
boundary of Cayadarosseras Patent and the waters of the North River to contain two hundred 
Acres. The Other tract, on the East side of the North River between the said North bounds 
of Cayadarosseras patent and the South bounds of Jessups patent Immediately after passing a 
ridge lying on the East bank of said River about a mile and a Quarter from the Said East 
Bank, to contain likewise two hundred Acres — For the Use and in behalf of Eliphalet Kellog. 
As Witness my hand this third day of November 1784 

Zacheus Scriber Ju 

The Certificate of the Surveyor-General usually took this form: — 

Surveyor Generals Office, New York Novr 3d, 1784. 
I do hereby certify that Zaccheus Scrivener has deposited in this Office two Class Rights, 
for two hundred Acres each, and his Location for two Tracts of Land the One on the West 
bank of the Hudsons River between the North bounds of Cayadarosseras patent and the Waters 
of the Hudsons river for two hundred Acres the other between Cayadarosseras and Jessups 
patent about a mile and a Quarter East from where the North boundary line of Cayadaros- 
seras Crosses the Said Hudson, likewise for two hundred Acres. In behalf of and for the use 
of Eliphalet Kellogg. • Simeon De Witt, Surv'r Gen'l 

Along with the descriptions of the Lands located there appear about 100 Maps, 15 or 20 of 
which are quite elaborate. Some of them relate to the places now known as Ithaca, Canajoharie, 
Elmira and Binghamton ; and there are also valuable maps of Locations in the Counties of Herk- 
imer, Montgomery, Delaware, Orange, Albany, Clinton and Ulster, including the German Pat- 
ent. There are also Maps of Locations along the Susquehanna River, and Maps of numerous 

202 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Among the Applications for Locations are the following, with the dates thereof: In 1782, 
Barent I. Staats, Tryon County, near Oneida lake ; 1782, Leonard Gansevoort, Tryon County, 
in the Mohawk and Schoharie valleys; 1782, Martinis Zielie, Tryon County, at the head of Ca- 
yuga Lake, with a Map of the site of Ithaca; 1783, Isaac Vrooman, Tryon County; 1783, Gen 
William Allison and Stephen Lush, Tryon County, along the Susquehanna River, with several 
Maps; 1783, David Cully, Tryon County, the site of Binghamton, with a Map; 1783, Isaac Vroo- 
man, Tryon County; 1784, John Bay, Montgomery County, "town of Chemung"; 1784, Wit- 
ter Johnston, Montgomery County, along the Susquehanna River, with Maps ; 1785, Jonathan 
Fitch, Montgomery County, along the Delaware River ; 1785, Jelles Fonda, Montgomery County ; 
1785, three several Claims by David Lapham, Abligence Waldo and Elihu Wade, each with his 
Associates, for Land in Montgomery County, in the vicinity of Binghamton; 1785, Thomas 
Machin, Montgomery County, near Seneca Lake; 1786, William Arnot and others, Montgom- 
ery County, the site of Elmira; 1786, Lawrence Vrooman, and Col. Marinus Willett, Montgom- 
ery County; 1787, John Van Anglen, Thomas Sickels, Robert McCallan, John Maley and John 
Tayler, Montgomery County, various Locations ; 1788, Henry Oothout, Abraham Oothout and 
Volkert Veeder, Montgomery County, various Locations; 1789, Henry Wisner, Isaac Vroo- 
man, Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, Seth Reed, St. Leger Cowley and Moses De Witt, Montgomery 
County, various Locations; 1789, Henry Wisner, Preserved Cooley and John Lansing, jr., Mont- 
gomery County, several Locations near Elmira; 1789, William Harper, Ontario County, the site 
of Oswego Falls, with Maps ; 1790, Abraham Hardenburgh and Moses De Witt, Montgomery 
County, " North of Seneca Lake "; 1791, John Hallenbeck and Ezekiel Crocker, Tioga County; 
1791, Patrick Burnet, Montgomery County, "North of Seneca Lake"; 1792, John Bay, Ezra 
L'Hommedieu, John Cantine, Nathan Parshall, James McKown, James Clinton and Matthew 
Carpenter, Tioga County, various Locations; 1793, Charles McKnight and John D. Dickinson, 
Ontario County ; 1793, John Gazley and Caleb Bentley, Tioga County, Bentley claiming the site 
of " Newtown " ; 1793, Col. Morgan Lewis, Montgomery County ; 1794, John Carpenter, Onon- 
daga County, various Locations; 1794, Col. John Hathorn and John Suflern, Tioga County, 
various Locations ; 1794, Abraham Lansing and Moses De Witt, Ontario County " West of 
Seneca Lake"; 1795, William- Cockburn, Otsego County, along the Delaware River; 1797, 
Matthew Watson and WilHam Cockburn, Tioga County, various Locations. 

One of the Applications was made by John Tayler, Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, Philip Schuyler 
and Simon De Witt for "The Ten Townships" on the St. Lawrence River. The tract contained 
16,450 acres. Other Applicants for large tracts, together with the number of acres they claimed, 
were these: — Zephaniah Piatt, 88,500; Thomas Machin, 81,000; Jeremiah Van Rensselaer 23,- 
570; Henry Oothout, 22,050; Simeon De Witt, and others, 16,450; Pliny Moore, 11,967; James 
Dean, 11,600. 

For further information see " Bounties ". 

Land Bounty Rights 


The names of all persons who appear in connection with the Land Bounty Rights have been 
classified; and they may be found in the six lists given below: — 


Abbott Joel 

Abernathy Giles 

Adams John 

Adamy Peter 

Addams John 

Addams William 

Addoms John 

Addoms Jonas 

Adgate Matthew 

Adriance Albert 

Akin John 

Akin Jonathan 

Alger George 

Allen Samuel 

Allison William, Col. 

Alsdorph Philip 

Andrews Zenas 

Angle William 

Anson John 

Arden John, jr. 

Armstrong John 

Arnot William 

Arnout Peter 

Ashman Samuel 

Ashmore John 

Aspinwall Eleazor 

Astin Jacob 

Atwater John 

Atwell Peter 

Atwood Jabes 

Austin Isaac 

Ayres Robert 

Babcock Elisha 

Babcock William 

Baker Albert 

Bancker Francis Mesnard 

Bancker John 

Bangs Samuel 

Banks Justus 

Barber James 

Barheit Nicholas 

Barker Solomon 

Barkley John 

Barnet James 

Barnum Noah 

Barnum Samuel, Dr. 

Barnum Samuel 

Barton Benjamin 

Barton Lewis, sr. 

Barton Lewis, jr. 

Bateman Elisha 

Bay John 

Beach Zerah 

Beack Samuel 

■Becker John D. 
Bedford Andrew 
Beebe Hosea 
Beebe Martin 
Beeckman Jacob 
Beeckman John H., Lt. 

Beel David 
Belknap Isaac, jr. 
Bell Robert 
Benedict Azariah 
Benedict Joseph, Lt. Col. 
Benedict Joseph 
Benedict Nathan 
Bennet John 
Bentley Caleb 
Berry Jabos 
Bertholf Gilliam 
Bevier Andrew 
Bevier David, jr. 
Bevier Samuel 
Bidwell Daniel 
Billings Andrew 
Birdsall Benjamin 
Blatner Mark 
Bleecker John 
Bleecker John N. 
Blin Seth 

Bloodgood Abraham 
Bloom Peter Clows 
Bloomer William 
Boerum Nicholas 
Bogardus Jacob 
Bogardus James 
Bond John, Dr. 
Bouton Stephen 
Bowman Samuel 
Boyd Robert, jr. 
Boyd Samuel 
Bradt Henry 
Brewer Cornelius, jr. 
Brewer Jacob 
Brewster Nathan 
Brinkerhoff John G., Capt. 
Brockway Jesse 
Brodhead Thomas 
Bronck Jonas 
Bronk Peter 
Brooks Uri 
Brower Nicholas 
Brown Deliverance 
Brown Halsey 
Brown Jacob 
Brown James H. 

Brown Noah 

Brown Solomon 

Bruce Robert 

Bull James 

Bullis Peter 

Bullis Robert 

Burgert Milbery 

Burgis Stephen 

Burnet Patrick 

Burnham Josiah 

Burt Daniel, jr. 

Burt Henry, jr. 

Bush Asahel 

Cadey Elisha 

Cady Ebenezer 

Caldwell James 

Calkins Turner 

Campbell Archibald 

Campbell David 

Campbell Duncan, Lt. 

Cannon James 

Cantine John, Col. 

Cantine John I. 

Carl David 

Carman John 

Carpenter Daniel 

Carpenter John 

Carpenter Matthew 

Carpenter Moses 

Carpenter Richard 

Carpenter William 


Carr William 

Carter William 

Case Abraham 

Case Alexander 

Case Philip 

Case Stephen 

Cassel Gedion 

Chamberlain John 

Chamberlain William 

Chandler John 

Chapley William 

Chapman Benjamin, Capt. 

Chfistman Nicholas 

Clark Ebenezer 

Clark George 

Clark William 

Clinton Charles 

Cluet Frederick 

Clute Frederick 

Clute Jacob 

Clynman Thomas 

Cock James 

Cockburn William 

Coe Benjamin 

Coe John 

Coe John D. 

Coe Jonas 

Coe Moses 

Coe Samuel 

Cole Amos 

Cole Barnabas 

Cole Samuel 

Coleman George 

Collins Jullius 

Colyer Isaac 

Conant Josiah 

Concklin Isaac 

Conine Peter, jr. 

Conkling Benjamin 

Coock Gerrard Daniel, 

Cook William 
Coon Marcus 
Cooper Annanias 
Cooper Cornelius I. 
Cooper Henry 
Coulter Thomas 
Cowing Isaac 
Cowley St. Leger 
Crans Adam 
Crippen Thaddeus 
Crist Daniel 
Cristeyanse Cornelius 
Cross William 
Cry John 
Culley David 
Cumpston Edward 
Curtenius Peter T. 
Dake Oliver 
Day Nathaniel 
Deake Immanuel 
Dean James 
De Freest Jacob, Capt. 
De Graff Simon 
De Groot Joseph 
Delaney Dennis 
Delano Thomas 
Delavan Nathaniel 
Delavergne Benjamin 
Demott Isaac 
De Witt John 
De Witt John, jr. 
De Witt Moses 
De Witt Peter 
De Witt Simeon 
De Witt Thomas 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


Deygert Theobald 

Dibell Joel 

Dicason John 

Dick Henry 

Diefendorff Johaniacob 

Dingman Gerrardus 

Dodge William 

Doolittle Timothy 


Douglass Asa 

Douglass Jonathan 

Douglass Wheeler 

Douglass William 

Drake John 

Drake Mason 

Drake Reuben 

Drake Samuel, Col. 

Drake Samuel 

Du Bois Cornelius, Lt. Col. 

Du Bois Cornelius 

Du Bois John 

Dumond John H. 

Earll Daniel 

Earnest Christian 

Edmonds Samuel 

Edsall Richard 

Ellwood Richard 

Endres Jacob 

English John 

Evens Edward 

Everitt Richard 

Fansher William 

Faurot Henry 

Fellows Abiel 

Fero Henry 

Ferris Caleb 

Fish Ephraim 

Fitch Elnathan 

Fitch Jonathan 

Flagg John 

Floyd William 

Fonda Abraham 

Fonda Isaac D. 

Fonda Jacob D. 

Fonda Jelles 

Ford Jacob 

Ford Nathaniel 

Fort Jacob, jr. 

Foster David 

Foster Nathaniel 

Foster Samuel 

Fox Nathaniel 

Frank Andreas 

Freer Abraham 

Freer John 

Freligh George 

Furman John, Lt. 

Frisbee Samuel 

Fry Abiel 
Fulton John 
Gage George 
Galatian David, Agt. 
Gansevoort Leonard 
Gansevoort Peter, Jr. 
Gardenier Henry H., 

Gardiner David 
Garlock George 
Garnryck William 
Garnsey John 
Garrett Benjamin 
Gazley John 
Gedney Alexander 
Gifford Joseph, Lt. 
Gilbert Augustus 
Gill John 
Gill William 
Gillet Joel 
Gilliland William 
Gillit Lemuel 
Gillit Nathan 
Gillit Zechariah, Agt. 
Gillmore George 
Glen Jacob 
Gorsline James 
Graham Jacobus 
Graham William 
Green Benjamin 
Green Daniel, Capt. 
Green Isaac 
Green James 
Green Jehiel 
Green Nathan 
Gregg Henry 
Gregg Hezekiah 
Gregg James 
Gregg William 
Grifes Nathaniel 
Griffen Jacob, Lt. Col. 
Griseel Ephraim 
Griseel Ephraim, jr. 
Grisiel Elijah, jr. 
Groom William 
Gros John Daniel, Rev. 
Gue Joseph 
Guernsey John 
Halt Abraham 
Halt Daniel 
Halt Jacob 
Hait Phinehas 
Hall Daniel 
Hall John 
Hall William 
Hallak Joshua 
Hallenbeck Henry 
Halshoudt Frederick 
Hamilton James 

Hamlin Asa 
Hammond Abijah 
Handel John 
Hanes Caleb 
Hanes Caleb, jr. 
Hanford Timothy H. 
Hanmore David 
Hann Coenraedt 
Hardenbergh Abraham 
Hardenbergh John L. 
Hardin Thomas 
Haring Cornelius 
Haring Elbert 
Harnden John 
Harper William 
Harpur William 
Harris James 
Harris James, jr. 
Harris John 
Harris Joshua 
Harris Moses 
Harrison Justus, Capt. 
Harsin George 
Hart Henry 
Hartwell Ebenezer 
Hasbrouck Elias 
Hasbrouck Jacob, Maj. 
Hasbrouck Petrus 
Hatch Matthew 
Hathorn John 
Heerman Reyer 
Heermance Andrew P. 
Heermanse Gose 
Heliker Herman 
Hendrickson Stephen 
Henry Nathaniel, Capt. 
Henry Nathaniel 
Herrick Joseph, jr. 
Hetfield Moses 
Hicks Wheaton 
Higley Nehemiah 
Hill Andrew 
Hill Ebenezer, Lt. 
Hill Eleaser, jr. 
Hill Robert 
Hinckley Gershom 
Hinman Lewis 
Hoagton John, Agt. 
Hodges Curtis 
Hodges Jack 
Hoffman Harman 
Hogeboom Cornelius, 

Hogeboom Stephen 
Holbam John 
Holbart John 
Holdsberger Adam 
Hollenback John 
Holly Israel 

Holly Jesse 
Holly William 
Holmes James 
Hooker Gilbert 
Hopkins Freeman 
Hopkins Solomon 
Hornbeck Benjamin 
Hough Zephaniah 
House Seth 
How Jonathan 
Howard John 
Howell Stephen 
Hoyt Jesse 
Hulbert John, Capt. 
Humphrey Evans 
Humphrey Hugh 
Humphrey James 
Humphry Dudley 
Hunsdon John 
Hunt James 
Hunt Samuel 
Hunt Ward 
Hunter James 
Hunter Matthew 
Hunter William 
Hutchings Absolum 
Hutton Jacob 
Hutton Timothy 
Huxley James 
Hyatt Stephen 
Hynpagh Peter 
Ingles George 
Inglish John 
Irvin Henry 
Jackson Archibald 
Jackson Benjamin 
Jackson Elias 
Jackson Michael 
Jansen Henderikus 
Jennings Stephen 
Johnson Isaac 
Johnson Shepherd 
Jones Augustus 
Jones James 
Joy Samuel 
Kain James 
Kayser Hendrick 
Keeler Hezekiah 
Keets George 
Kellogg Eliphalet 
Kellogg Stephen 
Kelly Sylvanus 
Kentor John 
Kesler Thomas 
Ketchum Stephen 
King Gideon 
King James 
King Samuel 
Kinkead Crownidge 

Land Bounty Rights 


Kleinman Thomas 
Klump Thomas 
Klyn Jacob 
Knap Abraham 
Knap Abram 
Knickerbacker John 
Knickerbacker Peter 
Knickerbacker Philip 
Knight Caleb 
Knox Joseph 
Kortright Lawrence 
Kratzen George 
Lake Collins 
Landers John 
Lansing Hendrick 
Lansing Jeremiah 
Lansing John^ sr. 
Lansing John, jr. 
Lansing John G. 
Lapham Pazzy 
Lawrence Jonathan 
Lawyer Johannes 
Lee Andrew 
Lee Jonathan 
Lee Thomas, Capt. 
Leech Benjamin 
Leonard Timothy 
Lewis Charles 
Lewis Morgan, Col. 
Lewis Robert 
Lewis Ruben 
L'Hommedieu Ezra 
L'Hommedieu John 
Livingston Edward 
Livingston Gilbert 
Lockwood Benjamin 
Lockwood David 
Lockwood Job 
Lockwood Moses 
Loomis Jerome 
Loop Peter, jr., Lt. 
Lounsbury James 
Low John 
Lowry James 
Luckey George 
Ludinton Henry 
Lush Richard 
Lush Stephen 
Lytle William 
Mabie Joseph 
McArthur Charles 
McArthur John P. 
McBride James 
McCall Benejah 
McCallen James 
McChesney John 
McClaghry James, Col. 
McClallen Robert 
McCleary Daniel 

McCollister Hamilton 
McCormick Daniel 
McDaniel Alexander 
McDole John 
McDonald Donald 
McDowl John 
McFarland James 
McGee Peter 
McGill William 
McHenry Thomas 
Machin Thomas, Capt. 
McKee Thomas 
McKinstry John 
McKown James 
McMaster Davi3 
McMaster James 
McMaster Robert 
McMichel Patrick 
McMurray Wilfiam 
McWethy David 
Magee Samuel 
Maley John 
Mandeville Francis 
Mansfield Henry 
Marcy Zebulon 
Marselis Arent 
Marsh Daniel 
Marsh Peter 
Martin Moses 
Marvin Elihu 
Marvin Matthew 
Marvin Seth 
Mead Isaiah 
Mead Israel, sr. 
Memgar Philip 
Miller Burnet 
Miller David 
Miller Mathias B 
Millerd Timothy 
Milligan Robert 
Mix Samuel 
Moffat Thomas 
Montgomery Hugh 
Moore John 
Moore Pliny 
More John 
Moredock Zimri 
Mosher Thomas 
Mott Ebenezer 
Mott Gershom 
Mowry Phillip 
Mulks Benoni 
Mull Isaac 
Muller Nicholas 
Myer Benjamin 
Myer Tobias 
Myer William 
Myers John 
Mynderse Barent 

Mynderse Frederick 
Mynderse John 
Nairn James 
Naughton Solomon 
Neasor Hanickell 
Neely Abraham 
Nelson Thomas 
Nere Charles 
Nestell George 
Newcomb Christian 
Newcomb Cyrenius, Capt. 
Newcomb Simon 
Newcomb Thomas 
Newcomb Zachariah 
Newell Oliver 
Newell Simeon, Capt. 
Newkerck Charles 
Newkerk Garrat C. 
Newkerke Benjamin 
Newkerke Charles 
Nicholson John 
Nicholson Thomas 
Northrup Isaac 
Northrup Joel 
Northrup Nathaniel 
Norton Abijah 
O'Ferrol Michael 
Ogden Jonathan 
Olds Gilbert 
Onderdonk Garret 
Oothout Henry 
Osterhout Gideon 
Ostrander John, Lt. 
Ostrander John 
Owen Ebenezer 
Owen John 
Owen Jonathan 
Owen Joseph 
Owen Nathaniel 
Paddock Peter 
Palmer George 
Palmer Joseph 
Palmer Thomas 
Palmer Thomas, Agt. 
Palmer William 
Pardee Joshua 
Paris Isaac 
Parish Cyprian 
Parker Benjamin 
Parshall Nathan 
Parshall Phinehas 
Pattengell Oliver 
Patterson Asa 
Payne Abraham 
Peacock Richard 
Peak Christopher 
Peak Cornelius 
Pearsee Jonathan, Capt. 
Peek Jacobus 

Peeks John 
Penbrook William 
Perigo Usual 
Perkins Ebenezer 
Petry William 
Philip Jacob J. 
Philipse William 
Phillips Moses 
Phoenix Dan 
Pirce Phinas 
Pixley David 
Platner Henry 
Platner Marks 
Piatt Charles 
Piatt Israel, Capt. 
Piatt Nathaniel, Capt. 
Piatt Theodorus 
Piatt Zephaniah 
Plumb Amariah 
Potman Adam 
Potter Samuel 
Powell Morgan 
Powers Peter 
Prime Samuel, jr. 
Pulman Adam 
Pulver Wandle 
Purdy Abraham, Agt. 
Putnam Victor 
Quackenbos John 
Quackinbos, Ab. D. 
Quackinbush Vincent 
Quick John 
Radclift William 
Randall John 
Ransom Peleg 
Reab George 
Real George 
Reed Seth, Col. 
Reeve Simon R., Capt. 
Reker Hendrick 
Reynolds Elisha 
Reynolds Elisha, jr. 
Reynolds Hugh 
Rice Abner 
Rive Pelatiah 
Richardson Josiah, Lt. 
Ridder Frederick 
Riddle Robert 
Robinson Isaiah 
Robinson John 
Robinson Josiah 
Robison John 
Rockafeller William 
Rockefeller Philip 
Rockwell Stephen 
Roe James 
Rogers Ananias 
Rogers Elnathan 
Rogers Hugh 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Rogers Piatt 

Rogers Piatt, jr. 

Rogers Thomas 

Roosa Aldert, Lt. 

Root Denison 


Row Gerherd 

Row Joseph 

Rowley Nathan 

Rude Dan 

Rus Nathan 

Rusco John 

Rynders John 

St. John Abraham, jr. 

St. John Daniel 

Sackett Richard 

Salmon Absolom 

Sanders John 

Sanford Ezra 

Saxton John 

Sayres John^ Capt. 

Schenectady, Protestant 

Dutch Church of 
Schermer Maas 
Schermerhorn Barnardus 

Schermerhorn Jacob C. 
Schoolcraft John 
Schoolcraft Laurence 
Schoonmaker Cornelius C. 
Schoonmaker Thomas 
Schoonmaker Wilhelmus 
Schultzs Jacob 
Schumman John jr 
Schuyler Harmanus 
Schuyler Philip 
Scofield Ezra 
Scofield Smith 
Scott Archibald 
Scott Peter 
Seaman Baltus 
Sears Benjamin 
Seely Jonas 
Selfridge John 
Selfridge Oliver 
Seyler Jehiel 
Shades Adam 
Shafer Jacob 
Shaw Daniel 
Shaw James M. 
Shaw Samuel 
Shearman John 
Shepard James 
Shepherd Joel 
Sherwood Seth 
Shuls Qiristian 
Shuter Robert 
Shuts Abraham 
Sickels Thomas 

Sikes Nathan 

Simmons William 

Simson Peter 

Sinnet James 

Sloan Sturgin 

Sly John 

Smedes Aldert 

Smith Anning 

Smith Bill 

Smith David jr 

Smith Henry 

Smith Isaac 

Smith Israel 

Smith John 

Smith Melancton 

Smith Nathan 

Smith Nathaniel 

Smith Nehemiah Ludlom 

Smith Piatt 

Smith Samuel, Capt. 

Smith Samuel, jr. 

Smith Solomon 

Smith William 

Snider Daniel 

Snow Ephraim 

Snyder Daniel 

Snyder John 

Snyder William, Agt. 

Souls Evenezer 

Spangler John George, Dr. 

Spencer Eleazar 

Spencer Israel 

Spicer Nathan, jr. 

Spraker Conradt 

Spratbrow William 

Staats Barent 

Staats Barent I. 

Staats Gerrit 

Staley George 

Staten Livy 

Steenrod Solomon 

Sternberg Davi3 

Steward John 

Stewart Joseph, jr. 

Stone Seth 

Storm Thomas 

Stoutenburgh Isaac 

Strang Gilbert 

Stringer Samuel, Dr. 

Stringer Samuel 

Strong Elias 

Strong Warham 

Stuart Charles, Lt. 

Stuart Charles, jr. 

Sturdavant Zar 

Sturtevant Consider 

Sufifern John 

Suylandt Johannis 

Swart Benjamin 

Swart Tunis 

Swartwout Jacobus 

Sweet Elizabeth 

Swetland Ambrose 

Swift Samuel 

Swift WiUard 

Tappen Christopher 

Tarpening Jacob 

Tator John 

Tattersall James 

Tayler John 

Tearse Peter Benjamin 

Tebow Andries 

Ten Broeck Abraham 

Ten Eyck Abraham 

Terbos Daniel, Maj. 

Terpening Teunis 

Terpenning Hendricus, jr. 

Terwilleger Jacob 

Theal Abraham 

Thompson Israel 

Thompson James 

Thompson Willis 

Thomson Thomas 

Thorn William 

Tibbits George 

Tibbits John 

Tillman Christopher 

Tillotson Thomas 

Titus Benjamin 

Toll Daniel 

Townsend Solomon 

Tracy Silas 

Treat Ashbel 

Tredwell William 

Trimble George 

Trimper Jacob 

Trimper Lawrence 

Trotter Matthew 

Turner Lemuel 

Tymeson Eldert 

Vail Joseph 

Van Alstin John 

Van Alstin Peter I. 

Van Alstine Philip 

Van Alstyn Matthew 

Van Anglen John 

Van Antwerp Douw 

Van Arnem William 

Van Bergen David 

Van Bergen Peter 

Van Bergen William 

Van Bramer Peter 

Van Bunschoten Elias, Maj 

Van Bunschoten John 

Van den Berck Richard 

Van den Burgh James 

Van der Car Richard 

Van der Cook Michael 

Van der Hiden Gershom 
Van der Warcker John 
Van Everah John C. 
Van Every John, jr. 
Van Houten Claus R. 
Van Houten Peter jr 
Van Houten Peter P. 
Van Kuren Abraham 
Van Loon Albertus 
Van Ness John 
Van Ness Peter 
Van Orden Egnatyus 
Van Petten John 
Van Rensselaer Henry K., 

Lt. Col. 
Van Rensselaer Jeremiah 
Van Rensselaer Kendrick 
. Van Santvoord Cornelius Z. 
Van Schaick Mynderse 
Van Scoy Abraham 
Van Sice Cornelius 
Van Steenbergh Abraham 
Van Tassel Abraham 
Van Tine Robert 
Van Valkenburgh Chris- - 

tian, Capt. 
Van Veghten Anthony 
Van Vleet Arie 
Van Wagenen Gerrit H. 
Van Woert Jacob I. 
Van Woert John 
Van Woert Lewis 
Van Wyck Cornelius 
Veeder Abraham 
Veeder Peter H. 
Veeder Simon 
Veeder Volkert 
Vernooy Abraham 
Visscher Matthew 
Visscher Teunis J. 
Vosburgh Abraham J. 
Vosburgh Evert 
Vosburgh John 
Vosburgh Mark 
Vredenburgh William J. 
Vrooman Adam B. 
Vrooman Hendrick B. 
Vrooman Isaac 
Vrooman John B. 
Wabber John 
Wadron James 
Waldo John 
Waldo Jonathan 
.Waldo Samuel 
Walker James 
Wallace Benjamin 
Walling Jeremiah 
Walser Hugh Casper 
Walsworth James 

Land Bounty Rights 


Walsworth James, jr. 
Walsworth Jesse 
Walter Casper 
Walworth Jesse 
Warnden John 
Watson John 
Watson Matthew 
Weast Elezar 
Weaver Hannickel 
Weaver Nicholas 
Webb Nathaniel 
Webster Charles R. 
Weeks Samuel 
Weiss Jacob 
Weller Jonathan 
Welling Richard 
Wells William 
Welsh Peter 
Wempel Abraham 
Wemple John 
Wemple John B. 

Ackerman John William 
Adamy Peter 
Addams William 
Ademy Peter 
Adgate Matthew 
Akin John 
Alger George 
Allen George 
Allen Justis 
Allen Samuel 
Allison William, Col. 
Alsdorph Philip 
Ames Simeon 
Anderson John 
Andrews Isaac 
Andrews Zenas 
Andrus Ichabod, Ens. 
Anthony George 
Arden John jr. 
Aris Francis James 
Armstrong John 
Aspinwall Eleazor 
Astin Jacob 
Astin Lockart 
Atwell Peter 
Austin Isaac 
Austin Philip 
Avery William 
Babcock Elisha 
Bagley Azor 
Bailey Moses 
Baker John F. 
Bangs Samuel 
Banks Justus 
Barker Jared 
Barker John 

Wessell Arant 
Wessels Wessel 
West Eleazar 
Westervelt Jesper 
White Andrew, Capt. 
White George 
White Hezekiah 
White Jacob 
White James 
White Silvanus 
Whitney Joshua 
Wilde Thomas 
Willett Marinus, Co 
Williams John, Col. 
Williams Sanford 
Williams Tim 
Williams Uriah 
Willis James 
Willson Amos 

Barker Solomon, jr. 
Barker Zenas 
Barkley John 
Barnet Simon 
Barns John 
Barnum Noah 
Barnum Samuel, Dr. 
Barton Lewis, sr. 
Barton Lewis, jr. 
Bateman Elisha 
Bateman Henry 
Bauman Samuel 
Bay John 
Beach Zerah 
Becker John D. 
Bedford Andrew 
Beebe John 
Beebe John jr. 
Beebe Martin 
Beeckman John H., 

Beecraft Thomas 
Benedict Azariah 
Benedict Nathan 
Bennet John 
Bennet Richard 
Bennet William 
Bentley Caleb 
Berden Samuel 
Berry Jabos 
Bevier David, jr. 
Billings Andrew 
Bingham Rial, Lt. 
Birdsall Benjamin 
Black Cato 
Black Cesar 

Willson William 
Wilson Hugh 
Wilson Robert 
Wilson Samuel 
Wilson William 
Wilts e Martin 
Winn John 
Wisner Henry 
Wisner Henry, jr. 
Witbeckjohn A. 
Witbeck Peter W. 
Witbeeck Abraham Johs 
Wohlgemuth John 
Wolgemuth John 
Wood Benjamin 
Wood Robert 
Wood William 
WoodhuU Jesse, Col. 
Woodhull Robert 
Woodworth Josiah 



Bleecker John N. 
Blin Seth 
Blodget Abel 
Blodjet John 
Bloom Peter Clow 
Bodine Jacob 
Boerum Nicholas 
Bogardus James 
Bonnell John 
Booth David 
Borden Samuel 
Bostwick Salmon 
Bouton Stephen 
Bowen William 
Bowman Samuel 
Boyd Samuel 
Bradt Storm 
Brakeman Jacob 
Brewer Jacob 
Brewer William 
Brinkerhoff John G., 
Brockway Jesse 
Brodhead Thomas 
Bronck Jonas 
Bronk Peter 
Brooks Uri 
Brower Nicholas 
Brown Deliverance 
Brown Halsey 
Brown James H. 
Brown John 
Brown Noah 
Brown Solomon 
Bruce Robert 
Bruster Samuel 
Buckley Andrew 


Woodworth Robert 
Woolsey Melancton Lloyd 
Worden Ahitophel 
Wright Caleb 
Wright Elizabeth, Admx. 
Wyatt Daniel H. 
Wyckoff Hendrick 
Wyncoop Cornelius E. 
Yale Stephen 
Yates Christopher 
Yates Joseph C. 
Yates Peter 
Yates Peter W. 

oung Frederick 
Young Mathias 
Young Peter 
Young William 
Youngs Silas 
Zabriskie John Jost 
Zielie Martinis 
Zimmer William 

Buell Jonathan 
Bull James 
Bullis Peter 
Bullock Charles 
Bulsen Henry 
Burch Isaiah 
Burchard Nathaniel 
Burges John 
Burget Milbury 
Burk John 
Burnham Josiah 
Burt Daniel, jr. 
Burt Henry, jr. 
Bush Asahel 
Byington John 
Caldwell James 
Calkins Matthew 
Calkins Turner 
Callaghan Thomas 
Campbell Archibald 
Campbell David 
Campbell Duncan, Lt. 
Campbell Ephraim 
Cannon James 
Carman John 
Carman Samuel 
Carpenter Daniel 
Carpenter John 
Carpenter Prosper 
Carpenter Richard 
Carpenter William 

Carter John 
Case Alexander 
Case Philip 
Case Stephen 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Cashen William 

Casler Henry 

Castleman Bartholomew 

Castler John 

Castor William 

Cater William 

Catlind Timothy 

Cato Prince 

Chamberlain John 

Chambers Henry 

Chandler John 

Chapman Benjamin, Capt. 

Chatterdon Nathaniel 

Christman Nicholas 

Clark Ebenezer 

Clark George 

Clark William 

Clinton Charles 

Clow George 

Cloyd Daniel 

Qute Jacob 

Clynman Thomas 

Coats Christopher 

Cocksing James 

Codman John 

Coe Benjamin 

Coe John 

Coe John D. 

Coe Jonas 

Coe Moses 

Coe Samuel 

Coen Daniel 

Coldgrove John 

Cole Barnabas 

Coleman George 

Collins Jullius 

Coltman William 

Concklin Isaac 

Conine Peter, jr. 

Conkling Benjamin 

Conkling John 

Cook John 

Cook William 

Cooley Preserved 

Coon Marcus 

Cooper Annanias 

Cooper Cornelius I. 

Cooper Henry 

Cooper Imanuel 

Costly John 

Coulter Thomas 

Cowen Thomas 

Cowing Isaac 

Cowles Gideon, Lt. 

Cowley St. Leger 

Cox Charles 

Coyse Peter 

Crans Adam 

Crapow Peter 

Crippen Thaddeus 
Crist Daniel 
Crocker Ezekiel 
Crumb John 
Crumb Richard 
Culley David 
Cumpston Edward 
Cunningham Thomas 
Curtice Ezra 
Daily Robert 
Danforth Asa 
Darling Ephraim 
Dart Abiel 
Day Nathaniel 
Dean James 
Defendorf Jacob 
De Freest Jacob, Capt. 
De Graff Joseph 
De Groot Henry 
De Groot Joseph 
Delamater Henry 
Delano Thomas 
Delavan Nathaniel 
Delavergne Benjamin 
Delenow Nathan 
Delong David 
Delong Joseph 
Dennis Joseph 
Dennison Prince 
Devine John 
Devoe Henry 
DeWitt John, jr. 
De Witt Moses 
De Witt Peter 
Dibble Nathan 
Dibell Joel 
Dicason John 
Dickinson John B. 
Dickson Richard 
Diefendorff Johaniacob 
Dilliber John 
Dingman Gerrardus 
Dodge William 
Doolittle Timothy 
Douglass Asa 
Douglass Wheeler 
Drum Peter 
Dubois Cornelius 
Dubois John 
Dumas Pierre 
Dutcher Bernard 
Earll Daniel 
Earll Daniel, jr. 
Earnest Jacob 
Edick Conrat 
Eldon John 
Elliott Thomas 
EUiion William 

Embler Nathaniel 

Ernst Frederick 

Evens Edward 

Everitt Richard 

Eyelyn James 

Fansher William 

Farrington James 

Faurot Henry 

Fellows Abiel 

Ferguson Caleb 


Flagg John 

Fonda Abraham 

Fonda Isaac D. 

Foot Darius 

Foot Simeon 

Ford Isaac 

Ford Jacob 

Ford Nathaniel 

Fort Jacob, jr. 

Foster David 

Foster Nathaniel 

Foster Samuel 

Fox Nathaniel 

Francis Hendrick 

Francis Phillip 

Fransisko Michael 

Freeland Robert 

Freer Abraham 

Freer John 

Freligh George 

Frisbee Thomas 

Fulton John 

Furman John, Lt. 

Gage George 

Galatian David, Agt. 

Gansevoort Leonard 

Gansevoort Peter, jr. 

Gardenier Henry H., Capt. 

Garnryck William 

Gause Benjamin 

Geesen Matthew 

Gerret James 

Gifford Joseph 

Gilbert Augustus 

Gilbert Samuel 

Gill John 

Gill William 

Gillet Joel 

Gillet Lemuel 

Gilliland William 

Gilmore Elizabeth, Admx. 

Gilmore George 

Ginequint Joseph 

Ginson Richard 

Gorsline James 

Graham Jacobus 

Graham William 

Grass George 

Gray Eliphalct 

Green Benjamin 

Green Daniel, Capt. 

Green Isaac 

Green James 

Green Jehiel 

Green Nathan 

Green Peter 

Green Timothy 

Gregg Henry 

Gregg Hezekiah 

Gregg James 

Gregg William 

Grifes Nathaniel 

Griffen Jacob, Lt. Col. 

Grob John 

Groom William 

Guile Levi 

Guillaume Martain 

Guth Johann George 

Hackney William 

Hackny Joseph 

Hainer Coenrad 

Halt Abraham 

Halt Daniel 

Hait Jacob 

Hait Phinahas 

Hall Christopher 

Hall Isaac 

Hall John 

Hall Simon 

Hallak Joshua 

Hallenbeck Henry 

Hallett V/illiam 

Halshoudt Frederick 

Halsted James 

Hambleton John 

Hamilton James 

Hamlin Amos 

Hammond Abijah 

Hammond Jno. Christopher 

Hanes Caleb 

Hanes Caleb, jr. 

Hanford Timothy H. 

Hanmore David 

Hardenbergh John L. 

Haring Cornelius 

Haring John Christian Fuor 

Harnden John 

Harper William 

Harpur William 

Harrington William 

Harris Henry 

Harris Joshua 

Harris Moses 

Harsin George 

Hart Henry 

Hartwick Christian 

Hasez Coenradt 

Land Bounty Rights 


Haskins Benony 
Hawes John 
Hawley Zadoc 
Heerman Reyer 
Hecrmance Andrew P. 
Heermance Gose 
Heliker Herman 
Helm Charles W. 
Helmer John 
Helsinger John 
Hendrickson Stephen 
Henry Nathaniel, Capt. 
Henry Nathaniel 
Henry Robert, jr. 
Herrick Joseph, jr. 
Hetfield Moses 
Hewins Joseph 
Hicks Wheaton 
Higley Nehemiah 
Hill Andrew 
Hill Ebenezer, Lt. 
Hill Robert 
Hillman Nicholas 
Hinman Lewis 
Hochstrasser Baltus 
Hodges Curtis 
Hodges Jack 
Hoffman Harman 
Hogeboom Stephen 
Holdsberger Adam 
Holly Jesse 
Holly William 
Holmes Benjamin 
Holmes James 
Homes Jedediah 
Hooker Gilbert 
Hooper Robert Lettis 
Horsford Samuel 
Horton Thomas 
House Seth 
Hudson William 
Humphrey Evans 
Humphrey Hugh 
Humphrey James 
Hunsdon John 
Hunt James 
Hunt Samuel 
Hunt Ward 
Hunter James 
Hunter John 
Hunter Matthew 
Hunter William 
Hutchings Absolom 
Hutchins John 
Hutton Jacob 
Hutton Timothy 
Huxley James 
Hyatt Alvan 
Hyatt David 

Hyatt Minnah 
Hynpagh Peter 
Ingles George 
Irvin Henry 
Jack (Negro) 
Jackson Archibald 
Jackson Michael 
Jennings Solomon 
Jennison Isaac 
Jerroms Jassen 
Johnson Isaac 
Johnson Shepperd 
Johnston Benjamin 
Johnston Witter 
Jones David 
Jones John 
Jones William 
Joy Samuel 
Kcets George 
Kellogg Eliphalet 
Kellogg Stephen 
Kelly Dennis 
Kelly Edward 
Kelly John 
Kelly Sylvenus 
Kentor Richard 
Kesler Thomas 
Ketchum Stephen 
Kill Christopher 
Killey Sylvenis 
Kimberly John 
King Gideon 
King James 
King Samuel 
Kinkead Crownidge 
Kinney Amos 
Kip John 
Kleinman Thomas 
Klyn Jacob 
Knapp Abraham 
Knickerbacker Peter 
Knickerbacker Philip 
Kratzen George 
Kyser Henry 
Laflieur John 
La Grange Arie 
Lake Collins 
Lansing Evert 
Lansing Hendrick 
Lansing Isaac H. 
Lansing Jacob G. 
Lansing Jeremiah 
Lansing John, sr. 
Lansing John, jr. 
Lapham Pazzy 
La Salle Jacque 
Lawrence Alexander 
Lawrence Peter 
Lawyer Johannes 

Learns Ira 
Lee Andrew 
Lee Thomas, Capt. 
Lephard John 
Lewis Elijah 
Lewis Henry 
Lewis Samuel 
L'Hommedieu John 
Lint Jacob 
Lint James 
Livingston Edward 
Lockwood Benjamin 
Lockwood David 
Lockwood John 
Lockwood Moses 
Loop Peter, jr., Lt 
Lounsbury James 
Lovlet Francis 
Lucas Jonathan 
Lucy Bartis 
Ludington Henry 
Lush Stephen 
Lusk Jacob 
Lytle William 
McArthur Charles 
McArthur John P. 
McArthur Neal 
McCallan Robert 
McChesney John 
McClaghry James, Col. 
McClallen Robert 
McCleary Daniel 
McCollister Hamilton 
McCoy Daniel 
McCoy John 
McDaniel Alexander 
McDaniel Henry 
McDonald Donald 
McDonol Anninias 
McEwan Cornelius 
McFarland James 
McGill John 
McGill William 
McGurchy Edward 
McHenry Thomas 
Machesney John 
Machin Thomas, Capt. 
McKee Thomas 
Mackey John 
McKinstry Charles 
McKinstry John 
McKnight Charles 
McKown Isaac 
McMaster David 
McMaster James 
McMaster Robert 
McMichel Patrick 
McNeal John 

McWethy David 
Maines James 
Maley John 
Malone John 
Mandeville Francis 
Mansfield Henry 
Mansfield Thomas 
Marble Sampson 
Marselis Arent 
Marsh Daniel 
Martin Moses 
Marvin Elihu 
Marvin Matthew 
Marvin Seth 
Mason Francis 
Matancomin Benjamin 
Mead John 
Midgley Joseph 
Miles William 
Miller Andrew 
Miller David 
Millerd Timothy 
Milligan Robert 
Millot Ferreal 
Misern John 
Moffat Thomas 
Moffet John 
Montanye Peter 
Montgomery Hugh 
Mool Isaac 
Moon Abraham 
Moor Daniel 
Moor Francis 
Moor Martin 
Moore John 
Moore Pliny 
Morancy Joseph 
More John 
Moredock Zimri 
Morrell William 
Morriston Lewis 
Mosher Thomas 
Mott Ebenezer 
Mott Gershom 
Mower Peter 
Mulks Benoni 
Mull Isaac 
Murphy Thomas 
Murray Jack (Negro) 
Mussey John 
Myers John 
Myers John, jr. 
Mynderse Barent 
Mynderse Frederick 
Mynderse John 
Nairn James 
Nathan Reace 
Naughten Solomon 
Naunauneeknauk David 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Naunaunontonke Jacob 
Neel John 
Neely Abraham 
Nelson Thomas 
Ncly John 
Nere Carel 
Nestell George 
Nestell Martin 
Nestell Peter 
Newcomb Christian 
Newcomb Cyrenius, Capt. 
Newcomb Simon 
Newell Chauncy 
Newell Oliver 
Newell Seth 
Newell Simeon, Capt. 
Nichols Silas 
Nicholson John 
Nicholson Thomas 
Nimham Aaron 
Nimham John 
Nimham Isaac 
Noble Robert 
Northrup Isaac 

Northrup Joel 

Northrup Nathaniel 

Notonksion William 

Null Christian 

O'Ferrol Michael 

Ogden Jonathan 

Olds Gilbert 

Onderdonk Garret 

Orchard Thomas 

Ore Jacob 

Osborn Nathaniel 

Osterhout Gideon 


Ostrander Jehn, Lt. 
• Ostrander John 

Ostrander Jonathan 

Ostrom Dirck 

Otterman James 

Ouderkerk John 

Owen Jonathan 

Paddack Peter 
"Palmer Joseph 

Palmer Thomas 

Palmer William 

Pardee Joshua 

Parnet Claude Joseph 

Parr Moses 

Parshall Phinehas 

Pattengell Oliver 

Patterson Asa 

Peak Christopher 

Peak Cornelius 

Peck John 

Peck Lysias 

Penbrook William 
Perigo Usual 
Perkins Ebenezer 
Petrie William 
Pctry William 
Phelps Israel 
Philip Jacob J. 
Phillips John 
Pierce Richard 
Pierce Thomas 
Pixley David 
Plainer Henry 
Piatt Nathaniel, Capt. 
Piatt Zephaniah 
Plough Henry 
Potman Adam 
Potter Samuel 
Powel Morgan 
Powers Charles 
Powers Peter 
Pratt Chalker 
Pratt Robert 
Pratt William 
Prime Samuel, jr. 
Pruyn John F. 
Pulver Wandle 
Putnam Victor 
Quackenbos John 
Quackenbos Nicholas 
Quackinbush Vincent 
Ransom Peleg 
Reab George 
Reed Seth, Col. 
Reker Hendrick 
Reynolds Elisha 
Reynolds Elisha, jr. 
Reynolds Hugh 
Rhinelander Frederick 
Rice Abner 
Rice Pelatiah 
Richardson George 
Richardson Josiah, Lt. 
Richardson William 
Ricker Hendrick, jr. 
Riddle John 
Rinehart William 
Ripley Pirum 
Robertson Peter 
Robertson William 
Robinson David 
Robinson Issachar 
Robinson John 
Robinson Levi 
Robison James 
Rockafeller William 
Rockwell Stephen 
Rodes Richard 
Roe James 
Roe John 

Rogers Hugh 

Roosa Abraham 

Roosa Aldert, Lt. 

Root Asa 

Root Benjamin 


Ross Findly 

Row Gerherd 

Row Joseph 

Rowley Nathan 

Rowlev Seth 

Rowley Timothy 

Rucar Daniel 

Rude Dan 

Rugg Benjamin 

Runnels Silas 

Rus Nathan 

Rusco John 

Russell Benjamin 

Ryder Frederick 

Rynders James 

Rynders John / 

St. John Abraham, jr. 

St. John Daniel 

Sackett Benjamin, Agt. 

Sackett John 

Sackett Richard 

Salbury Joseph 

Salmon Absolom 

Sanford Ezra 

Sanders John 

Saxton John 

Sayres John, Capt. 

Scheller John 

Schermerhorn Cornelius 

J., Agt. 
Schoonmaker Wilhelmus 
Schuyler Harmanus P. 
Schuyler Peter 
Scofield Ezra 
Scofield Silvenus 
Scofield Smith 
Scott Peter 
Scott Thomas 
Scudder Ezekiel 
Seaman Baltus 
Seams Isa 
Sears Benjamin 
Selfridge John 
Selfridge Oliver 
Sewall Reuben 
Seward Joseph 
Shades Adam 
Shafer John Conrad, Lt. 
Shanhenkekuk Moses 
Shaw Daniel 
Shaw James M. 
Shaw Samuel 
Shearman Peter 

Shepard James 

Shepard Joel 

Shepard Rufus 

Sherwood Seth 

Shuts Christian 

Shuter Robert 

Shuts Abraham 

Sickels Thomas 

Sikes Nathan 

Simson Peter 

Sinnet James 

Skinner Michael 

Slauson John 

Sloan Sturgin 

Sly John 

Smallim Jacob 

Smedes Aldert 

Smith Anning 

Smith Bill 

Smith Daniel 

Smith Isaac 

Smith Israel 

Smith Israel, Agt. 

Smith John 

Smith Nathan 

Smith Nathaniel 

Smith Nehemiah Ludlow 

Smith Samuel, Capt. 

Smith Samuel, jr. 

Smith William 

Smith Zacheriah 

Snow Ephraim 

Snyder Johannes 

Souls Ebenezer 

Spangler John Geo., Dr, 

Speed Henry 

Spencer Eleazar 

Spencer Israel 

Sperick Christian 

Staats Barent 

Staats Gerrit 

Staley George 


Steenrod Solomon 

Stewart Joseph, jr. 

Stillwell Henry 

Stokes William 

Stopplebeen Jacob 

Storm Thomas 

Storms John 

Stringer Samuel, Dr. 

Strong Warham 

Stuart Charles, jr., Lt. 

Sturdavant Zar 

Sturtevant Consider 

Suylandt Johannis 

Swart Tunis 

Swayer Lambert 


Land Bounty Rights 


Sweet Elizabeth 
Swift Samuel 
Swift Willard 
Tarpening Jacob 
Tattersall James 
Taunaku Cornelius 
Tayler John 
Taylor Ebenezer 
Taylor Spencer 
Tearse Peter Benjamin 
Tebow Andris 
Ten Broeck Abraham 
Ten Broeck Dirck 
Ten Broeck William 
Ten Eyck Abraham 
Terbos Daniel, Maj. 
Terpening Teunis 
Terpenning Hendricus, jr. 
Terwilleger Jacob 
Terwilliger Mertinus 
Terwilliger William 
Thompson Israel 
Thompson James 
Thompson John 
Thornton John 
Thuston Daniel 
Tibbits George 
Tillman Christopher 
Titus Benjamin 
Toles Amos, jr. 
Toll Daniel 
Tompkins Lawrence 
Travis Silvanus 
Trimper Lawrence 
Tripp Charles 
Trotter Matthew 
Trumble Elijah 
Tubee John 
Turner Lemuel 
Tuthill Joel 
Tuttle Ezekiel 
Van Alstin Abraham 
Van Alstin John 
Van Alstin Peter L 
Van Alstin Philip 
Van Alstyn Matthew 
Van Anglen John 
Van Atta James 
Van Benthuysen Martin 

Adgate Matthew 
Allison William, Col. 
Bell Robert 
Benedict Joseph 
Billings Andrew 
Birdsall Benjamin 
Bleeker B. 

Van Bergen David Visscher Matthew 

Van Bergen Peter Visscher Teunis 

Van Bunschoten Elias, Maj. Visscher Teunis J. 

Van Bunschoten John 
Van den Bergh Daniel 
Van der Car Richard 
Van der Cook Michael 
Van der Heyden Jacob 
Van der Hiden Gershom 
Van der Mark Cornelius 

Von Herrman John Chris- 
Vosburgh Evert 
Vosburgh John 
Vosburgh Mark 
Vredenburgh William J. 
Vrooman Hendrick B. 

Van der Werker Harmanus Vrooman Isaac 

Van Deuson Abraham 
Van Dusen Jacob 
Van Everah John C. 
Van Gemund Frederick 
Van Houten Claus R. 
Van Houten Peter P. 
Van Keuren Abraham 
Van Kleeck Michael 
Van Loon John M. 
Van Ness Peter 
Van Orden Egnatyus 
Van Drman Isaac 
Van Petten John 
Van Rensselaer Jeremiah 
Van Rensselaer P. 

Vrooman J. 
Vrooman John B. 
Wabber John 
Wadron James 
Waid James 

Waldo Jonathan 
Wallace Benjamin 
Walsh Hugh 
Wals worth James, jr. 
Walworth Jesse 
Waterman Asa 
Watson John 
Wautauhunaut John 
Weakes David 

Van Santvoord Cornelius Z. Weakes John 

Van Schaick Samuel 
Van Scoy Abraham 
Van Sice Cornelius 
Van Sickles Ryhear 
Van Slyke Tobias 
Van Steenbergh Abraham 
Van Tassel Abraham 
Van Tine Robert 
Van Valkenburgh, Chris- 
tian, Capt. 
Van Veghten Anthony 
Van Vleet Arie 
Van Woert Jacob I. 
Van Woert John 
Van Woert Lewis 
Van Wyck Cornelius 
Van Yeveren Garret 
Vaughn Richard 
Veeder Abraham 
Veeder Peter H. 
Vinegar Samuel 
Visscher John 

Webb Nathaniel 
Webb William 
Weed William 
Weeks James 
Welch Ebenezer 
Weller Jonathan 
Wells William 
Welsh Peter 
Weltch John 
Wempel Abraham 
Wemple John 
Wemple John B. 
Wendell John A. 
Wenompee Isaac 
Wessell Arant 
Wessels Wessel 
West Eleazar 
Westervelt Jesper 
Weston Samuel 
Whaley Michael 
Wheeler John 
White George 


Bloodgood Abraham, Agt, 
Bostwick Jesse 
Brewster Nathan 
Caldwell James 
Campbell Archibald 
Campbell Christian 
Campbell Donald 

Campbell Jacob 
Campbell John 
Can tine John 
Carpenter John 
Chruch Timothy 
Clark . 
Cockburn William 

White Hezekiah 
White James 
White John 
White Silvanus 
Whitney Joshua 
Whitney Seth 
Wilcox Nathan 
Wilde Thomas 

Willard Moses 
Willett Marinus, Col. 
Willey Jonathan 
Williams John, Col. 
Williams Tim 
Williams Uriah 
Willkeson John 

Willson William 
Wilson Hugh 
Wilson Robert 
Wilson Samuel 
Wiltse Martin 
Wilton Dirck 
Winn Joseph 
Winne Peter 
Winter Peter 
Wisner Henry 
Witbeck John A. 
Witbeck Peter W. 
Witbeeck Abraham John 
Wood Benjamin 
Wood. Robert 
Wood William 
Woodhull Jesse, Col. 
Woodworth Robert 
Woolcott Joseph 
Wormut John 
Wormwood Peter 
Wright Caleb 
Wright Elizabeth, Admx. 
Wright Job, Capt. 
Yale Stephen 
Yates Christopher 
Yeanor Anthony 
Young Henry 
Young Mathias 
Young William 
Youngs Silas 
Zielie Martinis 


Cooper (Judge) 

Crocker Ezekiel 
De Graff Simon 
De Witt Moses 
Douglass Asa 
Douglass Wheeler 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Douglass William 


Earll Daniel 

Fitch Elnathan 

Fitch Jonathan 


Fonda Jacob 

Fonda Jelles 

Fort Isaac 

Fort Peter 

Garnsey John 

Gazley John 

Gilbert Josiah 


Gilliland William 

Goeterhuis M. 

Gretremis M. 

Grisel Ephraim 

Gros John Daniel, Rev. 

Hammond Abijah 

Hardenbergh Abraham 

Haring Cornelius 

Harris Joshua 

Harris Moses 

Hathorn John 

Hitchcock Z, 


Lansing John 
Lansing John, jr. 
Latta J. 
Lewis Robert 
Lewis Samuel 
L'Hommedieu Ezra 
Lush Stephen 
Mabie Joseph 
McCarty David 
McClallen Robert 
McCormick Daniel 

Machin Thomas, Capt. 
McKown James 
Maley John 
Moore Pliny 
Newkerck Charles 
Newkerck Garrit 
Noble Arthur 
Oothout Abraham 
Oothout Henry 
Falmer Thomas 
Piatt ZephaniaTi 
Pratt Abraham 

Randall John 

Ransom Peleg 

Reed Seth, Col. 


Robison John 


Roosa Aldert, Lt 

Sanders John 

Schenectady, Protestant 

Dutch Church of 
Schoonmaker Cornelius C. 
Scriba George 
Sickels Thomas 
Simpson Solomon 
Smith Melancton 
Smith Ph 
Snyder Johannes 
Staats Barebt I. 
Steward John 
Stringer Samuel 
Suffern John 
Tappen Cornelius 
Tayler John 
Ten Eyck Andries 
Thurman John 
Ti'avis Silvanus 

Trimble George 

Van Anglen John 

Van Benthuysen 

Van Bunschoten Elias,Maj. 

Van Ingen Dirick 

Van Rensselaer Jeremiah 

Van Wagenen Gerrit H. 

Veeder Simon 

Veeder Volkert 

Vredenburgh William J. 

Vrooman Isaac 



Watson James 

Watson John 

Willett Marinus, Col. 


Wisner Henry 

Wood Walter 

Woodhull Jesse, Col. 

Wright Abraham 

Yates Peter 

Yates Philip 

Zabrisky John 

Ziclie Martinis 


Abell James 

Addoms John 

Adgate Matthew 

Albany, Mayor, Aldermen 
& Commonalty of 

Allison William, Col. 

Ashman Samuel 

Ayres Robert 

Banks Theophilus 

Baynar Goldsbrow 

Bay John 
"Bedwell Daniel 

Bell Robert 

Benedict Joseph 

Bentlcy Caleb 

Bertholf Gilliam 

Bleecker John 
-Bloodgood Abraham 

Bloomer William 

Boyd Robert 

Brown Benajah 

Brown Hercules 

Brown Jacob 

Burnet Patrick 

Burns Francis 

Caldwell James 

Campbell Jacob et al., 
heirs of Archibald 

Campbell John 

Cannon James 

Cantine John 

Carpenter John 
Carpenter Matthew 
Case Abraham 
Chard Bass 
Clark Ebenezer 
Clinton James 
Cluet Frederick 
Cochran John 
Cockburn William 
Collier Isaac 
Colver David 
Cooley Preserved 
Cowles Gideon, Ens. 
Crocker Ezekiel 
Cruger Henry 
Culley David 
Curtenius Peter T. 
Deake Mason 
Deake Oliver 
Dean James 
Dean Nathan 
De Barry Thomas 
De Golier James 
De Graaf Simon 
Delaney John 
Demott Isaac 
Demott James 
De Witt Moses 
Dickinson John D. 
Dominick Francis 
Doolittle David 

Doty Shadrack 
Douglass Asa 
Douglass Wheeler 
Douglass William 
Duncan John 
Earll Daniel 
Edmonds Samuel 
English John 
Evans Charles John 
Fitch Elnathan 
Fitch Jonathan 
Fitch Jonathan, Agt. 
Fonda Isaac D. 
Fonda Jelles 
Ford Jacob 
Foster Samuel 
Franklin Thomas 
Freligh George 
Fulmer Christeyan 
Gansevoort Leonard 
Garnsey John 
Gazley John 
Gilbert Josiah 
Gilliland William 
Gilliland William, Agt. 
Glen Jacob 
Glen John 
Gotlip Peter 
Greaves Mark 
Griseel Ephraim 
Griseel Ephraim, jr. 

Gros John Daniel, Rev. 
Hall William 
Hallenback John 
Hamlen Asa 
Hammond Abijah 
Harden Thomas 
Hardenbergh Abraham 
Hardin Thomas 
Haring Elbert 
Harper William 
Harris Joshua 
Harris Moses 
Harshold Frederick 
Hasbrouck Elias 
Hasold Frederick W. 
Hatch Samuel 
Hathorn John 
Hogeboom Stephen 
Hooper Robert Lettis 
Hornbeck Benjamin 
Houseman George 
Humphrey James 
Hylsop Robert 
Hynpagh Peter 
Ingles George 
Reader Stephen 
Kellogg Eliphalet 
Kidder Stephen 
Kinkead Crownidge 
Klump Thomas 
Knap Abraham 

Land Bounty Rights 


Kortright Lawrence 
Lansing Abraham G. 
Lansing John, jr. 
Latta Samuel 
Lawrence Jonathan 
Lawrence William 
Leake John 
Lee Jonathan 
Leflferts Dirck 
Levi Isaac 
Lewis Morgan, Col. 
Lewis Robert 
L'Hommedieu Ezra 
Livingston Peter V. B. 
Livingston Philip P. 
Livingston Robert G. 
Loomis Jerome 
Lucy Eleazer 
Lush Richard 
Lush Stephen 
Lynot E. & M. 
Mabie Harmanus 
Mabie Joseph 
McBride James 
McCallan Robert 
McCormick Daniel 
Machin Thomas, Capt. 
McKown James 
McMaster David 
McMaster James 
McMaster Robert 
Maley John 
Manning James 
Marlet Gideon 
Moffat Thomas 
Moore Pliny 
Morris Lewis 
Necoll Leonard 
Newcomb Zachariah 
Newell Simeon, Capt. 
Newkerck Charles 
Newkerck Garrit 

Abbott Joel 

Albany, Mayor, Aldermen 

& Commonalty of 
Allison William, Col et al. 
Andrews Isaac 
Arnot William 
Ashman Samuel 
Atwell Paul 
Ayres Robert 
Baker Albert 
Bard John 
Bay John 
Bedwell Daniel 
Bell Robert 
Bell William 
Bentley Caleb 

Newkirk Gerritt, jr. 
Nicholson John 
Nukerk Benjamin 
Nukerk Gerritt C. 
Odell Elizabeth 
Odell George 
Oothout Abraham 
Oothout Henry 
Owen Nathaniel 
Palmer Thomas 
Pardy Jesse 
Paris Isaac 
Parshall Nathan 
Pearsee Jonathan, Capt. 
Perry David 
Retry William 
Phillips Moses 
Piatt Charles 
Piatt Israel, Capt. 
Piatt Nathaniel, Capt. 
Piatt Zephaniah 
Potman Adam 
Powers Abraham 
Pruyn David 
Quackinbush Vincent 
Quick John 
Randall John 
Ransom Peleg 
Reed James Manning 
Reed Seth, Col. 
Reeve Simon R., Capt. 
Remsen Peter 
Rhinelander Frederick 
Richardson Josiah, Lt. 
Richardson William 
Robinson James 
Robison John 
Rockefeller Philip 
Roe James 
Roe John 
Rogers Elnathan 

Rogers Piatt 
Roosa Aldert, Lt. 
Sanders John 
Schenectady, Protestant 

Dutch Church of 
Schermerhorn Barnardus 

Schoolcraft Laurence 
Schoonmaker Cornelius C. 
Schultz Philip 
Schuyler John C. 
Schuyler Philip 
Scrivener Zaccheus, Agt. 
Seely Jonas 
Shepherd William 
Shepperd Horace 
Sherwood Seth 
Shultz Jacob 
Sickels Thomas 
Simpson Solomon 
Smith David 
Smith Levi 
Smith Melancton 
Smith Piatt 
Snyder Johannes 
Springer Elizabeth 
Staats Barent I. 
Stene Conrad 
Sternberg David 
Steward John 
Stoughton Levi 
Stringer Samuel 
Strong Warham 
Suffern John 
Tappen Peter 
Tayler John 
Ten Broeck Dirck 
Theal Abraham 
Thorn William 
Thurman John 
Tibbits John 


Bleecker John 
Bleecker John N. 
Bleecker John R., Agt. 
Boyd Robert 
Brown Jacob 
Burgis Stephen 
Caldwell James 
Campbell Archibald 
Cantine John 
Cantine John, Agt. 
Carpenter Matthew 
Carter William 
Case Abraham 
Case Philip 
Clark Ebenezer 
Clinton Charles 

Cluet Frederick 
Cockburn William 
Concklin Samuel 
Cornelius John 
Cowles Gideon, Lt. 
Cowley St. Leger 
CuUey David 
Cumpston Edward 
Danforth Asa 
Deake Mason 
Deake Oliver 
Dean James 
De Golier James 
De Grafif Joseph 
De Groot Mary 
De Witt Simeon 

Townsend Solomon 

Tredwell Thomas 

Tremper Jacob 

Tubbs Ichabod 

Van Anglen John 

Van Bunschoten Elias,Maj. 

Van Deusen John 

Van Loon John 

Van Ness John 

Van Rensselaer Jeremiah 

Van Slyck Nicholas 

Van Wagenen Gerrit H. 

Veeder Abraham 

Veeder Abraham I. 

Veeder Simon 

Veeder Volkert 

Veeder Volkert T. 

Vernooy Abraham 

Vredenburgh William J. 

Vrooman Adam B. 

Vrooman Hendrick A. 

Vrooman Isaac 

Walker James 

Walter Casper 

Watson Jacob 

Watson John 

Watson Matthew 

Weeks Samuel 

Welsh Peter 

Whitaker Squire 

Willett Marinus, Col 

Williams John, Col. 

Williams Sanford 

Wisner Henry 

Wood William 

WoodhuU Jesse, Col. 

Woolsey Melancton Lloyd 

Yates Christopher 

Yates Peter 

Yates Peter W. 

Zabrisky John 

Zimmer William 

Doolittle David 
Douglass Wheeler 
Douglass William 
Earll Daniel 
English John 
Evans Samuel 
Faurot Henry 
Fitch Elnathan 
Fitch Jonathan 
Fitch Jonathan, Agt, 
Fitzgerald William 
Flaak Coenradt 
Fonda Isaac D. 
Fonda Peter A, 
Ford Jacob 
Ford Nathaniel 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Fort Jacob, jr. 
Freer Abraham 
Freligh George 
Fulmer Christeyan 
Gansevoort Peter, jr. 
Garnryck William 
Gause Benjamin 
Gifford Joseph 
Gilliland William 
Gilrhore George 
Glen Jacob 
Gotlip Peter 
Greaves Mark 
Gros John Daniel, Rev. 
Hallett William 
Hamlen Asa 
Hammond Abijah 
Harden Thomas 
Hardenbergh Abraham 
Haring Cornelius 
Haring Elbert 
Harnden John 
Harper William 
Harris Joshua ' 
Harris Moses 
Hart Henry 
Harvey Joel 
Hasbroeck Elias 
Hatch Matthew 
Hathorn John 
Henry Joseph 
Hinckley Gershom 
Hogeboom Stephen 
Hooper Robert Lettis 
Hornbeck Benjamin 
Houseman George 
Humphrey James 
Humphry Evans 
Hynpagh Peter 
Ingles George 
Jackson Archibald 
Kellogg Eliphalet 
Kelly John 
Klump Thomas 
■ Knap Abraham 
Kortright Lawrence 

Abbott Joel 
Adams Peter 
. Adamy Peter 
Addoms John 
Adgate Matthew 
Albany, Mayor, Aldermen 

& Commonalty of 
Allison William, Col. et al. 
Andrews Isaac 
Arnot William 
Ashman Samuel 

Lansing Abraham G. 
Lansing John jr. 
Latta Samuel 
Lee Jonathan 
Lewis Robert 
L'Hommedieu Ezra 
Lowry James 
Lush Stephen 
McBride James 
McClallen Robert 
Machin Thomas 
McKinstry Charles 
McKinstry John 
McKnight Charles 
Marlet Gideon 
Marselis Arent 
Martin Moses 
Marvin Matthew 
Mix Samuel 
Moffat Thomas 
Moore Pliny 
Newcomb Simon 
Newell Simeon, Capt. 
Newkerck Charles 
Newkerck Garrit 
Newkirk Gerrit, jr. 
Nicholson John 
Noble Robert 
Odell Elizabeth 
Odell George 
Oothout Henry 
Ostrander John 
Ostrom Dirck 
Palmer Thomas 
Pardy Jesse 

Pearsee Jonathan, Capt. 
Peck John 
Perry David 
Phelps Amaziah 
Phillips Moses 
Piatt Nathaniel, Capt. 
Piatt Zephaniah 
Powell Morgan 
Price John 
Quackenbos John 
Quick John 

Randall John 
Ransom Peleg 
Reeve Levi 

Richardson Josiah, Lt. 
Robinson John 
Rockefeller Philip 
Rockwell Jonathan 
Rogers Elnathan 
Rogers Piatt 
Roosa Aldert, Lt. 
Sanders John 
Sanford Ezra 
Schenectady, Protestant 

Dutch Church of 
Schoolcraft Laurence 
Schoonmaker Cornelius C. 
Schuyler Philip 
Scrivener Zaccheus, Agt. 
Sheppard Horace 
Sherwood Seth 
Shultz Jacob 
Sill Cytje 
Sill Shadrack 
Smith David 
Smith Levi 
Smith Melancton 
Snyder William, Agt. 
Stene Conrad 
Sternberg David 
Stoughton Levi 
Strong Warham 
Suffern John 
Sweet Elizabeth 
Swetland Ambrose 
Tayler John 
Tebow Andries 
Ten Broeck Abraham 
Ten Broeck Dirck 
Ten Eyck Abraham 
Thompson Willis 
Thorn William 
Throop Josiah, Agt. 
Tillman Christopher 
Townsend H. 
Townsend Levi 


Atwell Paul 
Ayres Robert 
Baker Albert 
Bard John 
Barheydt Nicholas 
Barhydt Claus 
Bay John 
Bebee John 
Beebe Marten 
Bedwell Daniel 
Bell Robert 

Bell William 
Benedict Joseph 
Bentley Caleb 
Bertholf Gilliam 
Bleecker John 
Bleecker John N. 
Bleecker John R., Agt. 
BHn Seth 
Bloomer William 
Boyd Robert 
Brown Jacob 

Townsend Peter 
Townsend Solomon 
Townsend William 
Tremper Jacob 
Trimble George 
Tubbs Ichabod 
Van der Cook Michael 
Van Hoegen Justis H. 
Van Loon Albertus 
Van Loon John 
Van Loon John M. 
Van Ness John 
Van Rensselaer Jeremiah 
Van Slyck Nicholas 
Van Wagenen Gerrit H. 
Vinegar Samuel 
Visscher Matthew 
Visscher Teunis J. 
Vredenburgh William J. 
Vrooman Adam B. 
Vrooman Isaac 
Waldo John 
Waldo Jonathan 
Walker James 
Walter Casper 
Walworth Jer 
Watson John 
Watson Matthew 
Webster Charles R. 
Welsh Peter 
Weynor Michael 
White George 
Whitney Joshua 
Willett Marinus, Col. 
Williams John, Col. 
Wisner Henry 
Witbeck John A. 
Woodhull Jesse, Col. 
Woolsey Melancton Lloyd 
Wright Caleb 
Yates Christopher 
Yates Peter 
Yates Peter W. 
Zabrisky John 
Zimmer William 

Buck Lemuel 
Burgis Stephen 
Burnet Patrick 
Caldwell James 
Campbell Archibald 
Campbell John 
Cannon James 
Cantine John 
Cantine John, Agt. 
Carpenter John 
Carpenter Matthew 

Land Bounty Rights 


Carter William 
Case Abraham 
Case Philip 
Case Timothy 
Chard Bji^s 
Clark Ebenezer 
Clinton Charles 
Cluet Frederick 
Cockburn William 
Colver David 
Cooley Preserved 
Cornelius John 
Cowles Gideon, Lt. 
Cowley St. Leger 
Crocker Ezekiel 
Culley David 
Cumpston Edw^ard 
Curtenius Peter T. 
Deake Mason 
Deake Oliver 
Dean James 
Defendorf Johannes 
De Golier James 
De Graff Simon 
De Groot Mary 
Demott Isaac 
Demott James 
De Witt Moses 
De Witt Moses, Agt. 
De Witt Simeon 
De Witt Thomas 
Dickinson Jeduthan 
Dickinson John D. 
Dickinson Joseph 
Doolittle David 
Doty Shadrack 
Douglass Asa 
Douglass Wheeler 
Douglass Wheeler, Agt. 
Douglass William 
Drake Reuben 
Duncan John 
Earll Daniel 
Edmonds Samuel 
Ellwood Richard 
Elmendorph Peter 
Elwood Richard 
English John 
Evans Samuel 
Faurot Henry 
Fitch Elnathan 
Fitch Jonathan 
Fitch Jonathan, Agt. 
Fitzgerald William 
Flaak Coenradt 
Fonda Abraham 
Fonda Isaac D. 
Fonda Jelles 
Fonda Jelles A., Agt. 

Fonda Peter A. 
Ford Jacob 
Ford Jacob, Agt. 
Ford Nathaniel 
Fort Jacob, jr. 
Foster Samuel 
Fox Benjamin 
Freer Abraham 
Freleigh George 
Frothingham Thomas 
Fulmer Christeyan 
Gansevoort Leonard 
Gansevoort Leonard, Agt. 
Gansevoort Peter, jr. 
Gardiner David 
Garlock George 
Garloff George 
Garnryck William 
Garnsey John 
Gause Benjamin 
Gazeley John 
Gedney Eleazor 
Geston Benjamin 
Gifford Joseph 
Gilbert Josiah 
Gilliland William 
Gilliland William, Agt. 
Gilmore George 
Glen Jacob 
Gotlip Peter 
Greaves Mark 
Gregg Hezekiah 
Griseel Ephraim 
Griseel Ephraim, jr. 
Gros John Daniel, Rev. 
Hallenback John 
Hamlen Asa 
Hammond Abijah 
Harden Thomas 
Hardenbergh Abraham 
Hardenbergh Abraham, Agt 
Hardin Thomas 
Haring Cornelius 
Haring Elbert 
Harnden John 
Harper John 
Harper William 
Harris James 
Harris James, jr. 
Harris Joshua 
Harris Justus 
Harris Moses 
Harshold Frederick 
Hart Henry 
Harvey Joel 
Hasbrouck Elias 
Hasold Frederick W. 
Hatch Matthew 
Hatch Samuel 

Hathorn John 
Henry Joseph 
Henry Nathaniel 
Hinckley Gershom 
Hogeboom Stephen 
Hooper Robert Lettis 
Hornbeck Benjamin 
Houseman George 
Humphrey James 
Humphry Dudley 
Humphrey Evans 
Hynpagh Peter 
Ingersoll Francis Drake 
Ingles George 
Jackson Archibald 
Johnston Witter 
Jones James 
Keader Stephen 
Kellogg Eliphalet 
Kelly John 
Kidder Stephen 
Kinkead Crownidge 
Klock George 
Klock Jacob G. 
Klump Thomas 
Knap Abraham 
Knight Caleb 
Kortright Lawrence 
Kyser Henry 
Lansing Abraham G. 
Lansing Isaac H. 
Lansing John, jr. 
Lansing John, jr., Agt 
Latta Samuel 
Lawrence Jonathan 
Lawrence William 
Lawyer Johannes 
Lee Jonathan 
Lewis Morgan, Col. 
Lewis Robert 
.L'Hommedieu Ezra 
Logics Asa 
Lowry James 
Lucy Eleazer 
Lush Richard 
Lush Stephen 
Lush Stephen, Agt. 
Mabie Joseph 
McBride James 
McCallan James 
McCallan Robert 
McClallen Robert 
McCoIlister Hamilton 
McCormick Daniel 
McDole John 
Machin Thomas, Capt. 
McKinstry Charles 
McKinstry John 
McKnight Charles 

McKown James 

McMaster David 

McMaster David, Agt. 

McMaster James 

McMaster Robert 

Mc Withy Ephraim 

Maley John 

Marselis Arent 

Martin Moses, Agt. 

Marvin Matthew 

Michael Frank 

Mix Samuel 

Moffat Thomas 

Moore Pliny 

Moore Pliny et al. 

Mynderse Barent 

Nathan Reace 

Necoll Leonard 

Newcomb Simon 

Newcomb Zachariah 

Newell Simeon, Capt. 

Newkerck Charles 

Newkerck Garrit 

Newkirk Gerrit, jr. 

Nicholson Thomas, jr., Agt. 

Noble Robert 

Nukerk Gerritt C. 

Odell Elizabeth 

Odell George 

Oothout Abraham 

Oothout Henry 

Ostrander John 

Ostrom Dirck 

Owen Nathaniel 

Palmer Thomas 

Palmer Thomas, Agt. 

Palmer William 

Pardy Jesse 

Paris Isaac 

Paris Isaac, Agt. 

Parshall Nathan 

Parshall Nathan, Agt. 

Patterson Samuel 

Pearsee Jonathan, Capt. 

Peck John 

Perry David 

Petry William 

Phelps Amaziah 

Phillips Moses 

Piatt Charles 

Piatt Fsrael, Capt. 

Piatt Nathaniel, Capt. 

Piatt Zephaniah 

Piatt Zephaniah, Agt. 

Potman Adam 

Powell Morgan 

Powers Abraham 

Price John 

Quick John 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Randall John 
Ransom Peleg 
Reed Seth, Col. 
Reeve Levi 
Reeve Simon R., Capt. 
Remsen Henry 
Richardson Josiah, Lt. 
Richardson William 
Robinson John 
Robison John 
Rockefeller Philip 
Rockwell Jonathan 
Roe James 
Roe John 
Rogers Elnathan 
Rogers Piatt 
Roosa Aldert, Lt. 
Sanders John 
Sanford Ezra 
Schenectady, Protestant 

Dutch Church of 
Schermerhorn Barnardus 

Schoolcraft Johannes 
Schoolcraft Laurence 
Schoonmaker Cornelius C. 
Schoonmaker Thomas 
Schuyler Harmanus P. 
Schuyler Philip 
Schuyler Philip et al. 
Scrivener Zaccheus, Agt. 
Seely Jonas 
Shepard Joel 
Shepperd Horace 
, Sherwood Seth 
Shultz Jacob 
Sickels Thomas 
Sikes Nathan 
Sill Cytje 
Sill Shadrack 

Sixton John 
Smith David 
Smith Levi 
Smith Melancton 
Smith Nathan 
Smith William 
Snyder Johannes 
Spencer Israel 
Spencer Israel, Agt. 
Spraker Conradt 
Spreeker George 
Staats Barent I. 
Stene Conrad 
Sternberg David 
Steward John 
Stoughton Levi 
Stringer Samuel 
Strong Warham 
Suffern John 
Suffern John, Agt. 
Swart Benjamin 
Sweet Elizabeth 
Swetland Ambrose 
Swift Samuel 
Tappen Peter 
Tayler John 
Tebow Andries 
Ten Broeck Dirct 
Ten Eyck Abraham 
Theal Abraham 
Thompson Willis 
Thorn William, 
Thornton John, Agt. 
Throop George et al. 
Throop Josiah, Agt. 
Thurman John 
Tibbits John 
Tillman Christopher 
Townsend H. 
Townsend Levi 

Townsend Peter 
Townsend Solomon 
Townsend William 
Tredwell Thomas 
Tremper Jacob 
Trimble George 
Tubbs Ichabod 
Tymeson Eldert 
Van Anglen John 
Van Arnham William 
Van Bunschoten Elias, Maj 
Van der Cook Michael 
Van der Hyden Garsham 
Van der Hyden Jocham 
Van Hoegen Justis H. 
Van Ingen Dirick 
Van Loon 
Van Loon Albertus 
Van Loon John M. 
Van Ness John 
Van Ness Peter 
Van Rensselaer Jeremiah 
Van Sice Cornelius 
Van Sice John 
Van Vleet Arie 
Van Wagenen Gerrit H. 
Vedder Frederick 
Veeder Abraham 
Veeder Abraham I. 
Veeder Simon 
Veeder Volkert 
Veeder Volkert T. 
Vernooy Abraham 
Visscher Matthew 
Visscher Matthew, Agt. 
Visscher Teunis J. 
Vosburgh Mark 
Vrcdenburgh William J. 
Vrooman Adam B. 
Vrooman Hendrick A. 

Vrooman Isaac 
Vrooman Isaac et al. 
Wait David H. 
Walker James 
Walter Casper 
Waterman Asa 
Watson John 
Watson Matthew 
Webster Charles R. 
Weever Hamile 
.Welsh Peter 
Wempel Abraham 
Wemple John 
Wemple John B. 
Wethy Ephraim 
Weynor Michael 
Whitney Cornelius 
Whitney John 
Willett Marinus, Col. 
Williams John, Col. 
Wilson Robert 
Wisner Henry 
Wisner Henry, Agt. 
Wisner Henry, 3d. 
Witbeck John A. 
Wohlgemuth John 
Wolgemuth John 
Wood William 
Woodhull Jesse, Col. 
Woodworth Gershom Everts 
Woodworth Robert 
Woolsey Melancton Lloyd 
Wright Caleb 
Yates Christopher 
Yates Peter 
Yates Peter W. 
Young Henry 
Young Peter 
Zabrisky John 
Zielie Martinis 
Zimmer William 



Gen. Undy Hay was appointed State Agent June 24, 1780. The law abolishing the Office was 
passed Mar. 24, 1783. The other laws relating to this Office and its Accounts were enacted as 
follows: — June 23, 1780; May 12, 1784; Apr. 22, 1785; March 22, 1788; and April 6, 1795. 
His salary was £800 per annum. Aside from the duties of the Office as shown by the docu- 
ments below, the State Agent bought paper for the " New Money ", and (by the law of Nov. 
22, 1781) paid the salaries of the Governor's Secretary, and the Senators and Assemblymen. 
For his work in collecting Taxes, see Taxation in the Chapter on " The Treasurer ". 

By his Excellency George Clinton Esquire Governor of the State of New York General and 
Commander in Chief of all the Militia and Admiral of the Navy of the same 

To Gerard Bancker Esquire Treasurer of the said State Greeting. 

Pay unto Udny Hay Esqr. Agent of this State to procure Supplies on Account and Credit of 
the Said State, for the Use of the United States in pursuance of the Act entitled "An Act to 
procure Supplies for the Use of the Army, to prevent a Monopoly of Cattle within this State 
and more effectually to prevent Supplies of Cattle to the Enemy " The Sum of five thousand 
Pounds of the new Bills to be emitted in pursuance of the Act of Congress of the eighteenth 
Day of March last and for so doing this shall be your Warrant. 

Given under my Hand and the privy Seal of the said State at Pokeepsie this twentieth Day 
of July in the fifth Year of our Independence and in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven 
hundred and eighty. 

By his Excellency's Geo. Clinton 


Rob*. Benson Secry. 

The Army now Guarding the Frontiers of this State both to the Northward & Westward, 
being in immediate want of Beef, And a Number of Beef Cattle Expected here from New 
England being unexpectedly delayed, It is requested that the Friends of America to whom this 
shall be presented by Mr. Harmanus Wendell To send me immediately what Cattle they can 
spare, which upon his receipt shall not only be faithfully replaced very soon without loss, but 
those who shew their inclination to serve their country in this way shall if wanted be supplied 
with some salt on the most reasonable Terms, which I have great reason to Expect will soon 
be put under my direction Udny Hay, State Agent 

Albany Sepf 21st, 1780 

[Mr. Wendell was dismissed as Store-Keeper by Gen. Hay Feb 26/81, and brought in a bill 
from Aug 1/ 80 to Feb 28/ 81 ^212 days @ 10/ — = £106. o. o] 

2i8 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

By his Excellency George Clinton Esq"". Governor of the State of New York, General and 
Commander in Chief of all the Militia and Admiral of the Navy of the Same 

To Udny Hay Esquire. 

Whereas, the Emergency and Ocassion requires the Same, These are therefore, in pursuance 
of an Act of the Legislature entitled, " An Act authorizing the Person administring the Gov- 
ernment of this State, to grant Warrants of Impress, passed the 23 Day of June, 1780, to 
authorize and impower you to impress (for the Use and Service of the Army) four thousand 
Barrels of Flour, or an equivalent in Wheat, With a Sufficient number of Casks to contain 
the Flour, and Teams to transport it to the nearest & most convenient landing place on Hud- 
sons River 

By his Excellency's Command 
Rob*. Benson Sec'-y. 

Given under my Hand at Pokeepsie in the County of Dutchess this thirteenth Day of 
December in the year of the Independence of the Said State, in the year of our Lord one 
thousand seven hundred and eighty. Geo. Clinton 

This Warrant is not to extend to what Individuals may have for the use and Consumption 
of their own Families — Geo : Clinton 

By virtue of power invested in me by a law of this State I hereby empower Harmanus A. 
Wendel of Albany to execute the Warrant of which the above is a true Copy 

Udny Hay State Agent 

Sir: — Poughkeepsie 3d July 1781 

Captain DuBois has this moment handed to me your Instructions to him of 25th ult. respect- 
ing the settlement of the Accounts for Forage & Provisions &c furnished Horses Oxen and 
their drivers in his district, upon which I must beg leave to make the two following observations. 

1st You make a distinction betwixt the value of what a Soldier eats and what a teamster or 
fatigue man eats, in the same space of time, though Congress has thought it necessary not 
to allow as much Provision to the one when he is lying in Camp doing merely the duties of a 
Soldier as to the other supposed upon constant fatigue. Yet I am afraid it would be extremely 
difficult to persuade any person furnishing the diet for an equal number of men belonging to 
each of those classes employed in doing the same duty that he ought to be contented with 
two thirds of the pay for the one class of what had been tendered and paid him by the same 
person for the other. As Ulster County has furnished scarce any but fatigue men, and Albany 
County I believe but soldiers in this way, I am afraid this nice distinction might create a Jeal- 
ousy between the two Counties that would prove much more hurtfull to this State than any 
benefit that could possibly arise from the small saving which a pursuance of your plan could 
possibly produce, and cannot suppose myself Justifiable in consenting that Captain DuBois 
should comply with your request on this head unless he is to make the payment with public 

You propose likewise that the provisions paid by Captain DuBois should be credited to the 
Quota of this State, and the pasturage be charged to the United States. As these are often 
included in one Certificate I cannot, in the first place, see a possibility of entering them regu- 
larly in two accounts. In the second place, I know it is the determination of the Legislature 
to charge the United States in the same account current in which they credit them with the Quota 
of Specific Supplies, they may from time to time Jemand, for every article that passes through 
my hands. 

I hope you will be pleased to alter your Instructions so far as that Captain DuBois may 
be enabled to comply with them. 

I am respectfully. Sir, Your 

Colonel Timothy Pickering. most Obed hum' Servt 

Udny Hay. 

The State Agent iig 

By his Excellency George Clinton Esquire Governor of the State of New York &c 
To Gerard Bancker Esquire Treasurer of the Said State. 

Pursuant to the Act of the Legislature entitled "An Act to procure Supplies for the use of 
the Army, and to prevent a monopoly of Cattle within this State and more effectually to pre- 
vent Supplies of Cattle to the Enemy " passed the 24th June 1780 You are hereby required out 
of any Monies which may be in the Treasury & not otherwise appropriated to pay unto Udney 
Hay Esquire State Agent or his Order the Sura of twenty Thousand Dollars in Bills of the 
new Emission and for so doing this shall be your Warrant. 

Given under my Hand and the Privy Seal of the said State at Pough- 
keepsie this 25th Day of August 1781. 
By his Excellency's Geo. Clinton. 


Rob*. Benson SeC^^. 

Rec"^ August 31st. 1781 from Gerard Bancker Treasurer Twenty thousand Dollars New Emis- 
sion pursuant to the above Warrant Ge°- Taylor Jun*". 

1 781 State of New York to John Hyatt, Dr — 

Novr 16 To transporting Public Grain from Rye to Crompond with a 4 Cattle Team 
34 Miles as pr Certificate from Col. Udney Hay State Agent at 3/ — pr 

Ton per mile £5 2 o 

This Certifies that Colo. Jno. Hyatt has transported from the neighbourhood of Rye to this 
place, distance about thirty four miles, thirteen Bushels & a half of Indian Corn ; for which he 
is entitled to receive pay from the State Agent. 

In behalf of Colo. Udney Hay State Agent Crompond November 16, 1781 

George Taylor jun"" 

John Hyatt declares upon oath that he has never received any Pay or Compensation for the 
within Service. 

July 15th 1786 Sworn before me John Hyatt 

Ab™ P. Lott Ald'm. 

I John Lee, junr, do most solemnly swear that in the month of Nov', 1781, a Body of troops 
went down to Rye from Peekskill to collect forage and Hogs below the lines, that Colo'l Hyatt 
had a double team, that the said team was full loaded at Rye Neck and brought it to Croten, 
that after the corn was taken out at Sundry times untill it came to Crompond, that altho by the 
enclosed certificate it appeared then to have but thirteen and a half bushels in. 

Sworn before me at Crompond John Lee 

3d Septr 1784 

Joseph Osburn, Justice of peace — 

" Poughkeepsie 20th July 1782 
Sir, I am favoured with yours of this date, requiring a Copy of my accounts while I acted 
as D.Qr.Mr.Gen. and enclosing me at same time your instructions from the Legislature on that 
subject. ■* 

If you will employ any person to take a Copie of these accounts as entered in my books, he 
shall have free access to them at my office for such time as you shall deem necessary for that 
purpose; or if the Legislature will indemnify me against all claimants on public account till it 
shall appear on a final settlement that I am indebted to the public, I will deliver up my vouch- 
ers for your Examination, at same time must observe to you there are yet many vouchers in 
the hands of my assistants which I have repeatedly required them to furnish me with, but my 
requisitions have all proved ineffectual, and probably will do so till they have at least something 
resembling the shadow of a promise that they will receive some adequate compensation for their 
services while acting in that station. I shall only add that it is impossible for me to have the 
least idea what I obtained by voluntary purchase, and what by impresses of any kind, as in tak- 

220 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

ing receipt for the amount of the services where the Cash was paid, or promissory notes were 
given, no distinction was ever made, but if it can render you any service you shall be informed of 
the amount in value of the certificates I issued for which this State became responsible. 

You may rely on my doing every thing in my power to facilitate the execution of your im- 
portant business with despatch, and am, 

with much respect, Sir, Your most obedient humble Sert. 
Peter T. Curtenius Esqr. Udny Hay 

late D. Qr. Mr. G. 

1783 Udney Hay Esquire, late State Agent to James Roosevelt Dr — 

Jany 24th To services of 17 days in taking out an Execution against Coll. Robert 
Livingston for the sum forfeited by his not delivering this Wheat Tax 
within the Time by Law Limited — in going to the chief Judge for a 
Warrant to apprehend the Constable to appear and answer his neglect 
of duty in not Levying agreeable to Said Execution and reporting to 
Coll. Hay the Chief Judge's answer, then going to Albany to evidence 
the delivery of said Execution into the hands of the Constable, then at- 
tending the grand Jury for the above purpose @ 50 Dolls pr month., in 6 8 
To traveling Expences in said Time of Service for Self & Horse @ 

10/ — pr Day 8 10 o 

£19.16 8 

Received from Col. Udney Hay out of a Draught upon Mess. Peter R. and Robert C. Liv- 
ingston the above Sum of Nineteen Pounds Sixteen Shillings & Eight pence in Specie in full 
of the above Amount — James Roosevelt 

£ig 168 

Claverac District March 17th 1784 

In 1784, the Auditor-General, Peter T. Curtenius, made the following inquiry; to which answer 
was made by Philip Schuyler, a Commissioner for Settling the Accounts of the State against 
the United States: — 

I have called on Col Hay for an Account of the Specific Supplies furnish'd by this State to 
the United States ; his answer was, that his Books and Papers were unfortunately consumed by 
Fire, and therefore it was out of his power to give me any Account, but he inform'd me that 
he had made regular returns from time to time to the Legislature & to the Financier of the 

Quantity deliver'd which Returns he was ready to attest to upon oath — Query Whether the 

Financier or Commissioner can, or will admit Col Hays Oath, as a Proof of Delivery without 
a particular Resolve of Congress for that purpose 

The Auditor must procure the necessary information from the Financier's Office. 

The Auditor-General to the Delegates in the Continental Congress, Dec. 7, 1785. 

It will be necessary to get a Resolve passed about the State Agents' Business whose papers 
are burnt. I have conversed with Colo'l Hay on the business & he tells me that he has from 
time to time made Returns to the board of War & to the Financier of the Specific Sup- 
plies he & his Assistants have delivered to the army which are filed in their Offices & which 
he can quaHfy to that they are just & true. He farther says that in the last return he made 
he fell short about Twelve thousand pounds of the whole quantity demanded of this State & 
that he supposed the whole quantity had been delivered. But he had not when the last return 
was sent been able to collect in from his assistants the Vouchers of delivery for the amount of 
this last sum. 

The State Agent 221 

The following is the account as finally rendered by the State Agent. The Investigating 
Committees agreed that the conduct of Gen. Hay had been most honorable. 

The United States on a/c of Specific Supplies furnished through Udney Hay as State Agent 

To the State of New York Dr. 

To the amount of all the Supplies as per Voucher No. i made to the Financier. . . £161795. 5. 11 

Deduct the Supplies said to be furnished between the first of De- 
cember 1779, and the ist of August 1780, which were not paid 
for by me, though they may be charged for in another way, 
agreeably to the Resolution of Congress of 25th February, 1780, : 

and will probably amount to much more than my estimates 
which was £48644. 18. 7; 

Deduct likewise that part of the irregular returns, allowed for the 
disputed forage in Westchester County, as it has since then been 
paid for to the State where it was taken from confiscated Estates, 
and to the individual Proprietors where taken otherwise, by the 
Commissioners of public accounts, and was estimated by me 
at £18000. 0.0 £66644.18.7 

Remains to be charged to the United States for Supplies furnished and paid 

for under my direction , £95150. 7.4 

Observations — 

1st The above sum is exclusive of transportation, expence of purchasing, and every other 
incidental charge. 

2d The whole amount of the irregular return as charged in the general Return No. i is 
£24566.10.0 from which it was deducted — £18000.0.0 for the disputed forage in Westchester 
County (that being the amount at which it was estimated in the return referred to) the remain- 
ing sum of £6566.10.0 I am clear ought to continue a charge against the United States, as the 
most thereof I have no doubt has been paid for by my assistants since the time the Return was 
made to the Financier, and they have I am certain been paid for articles not included in that 
Return, though delivered as a part of the specific supplies to a greater' amount than what is 
unpaid by them of that sum. Under the term " irregular Return " is included all articles of 
the delivery whereof I was fully convinced in my own mind by Letters from my Assistants, 
verbal information from them and other Persons, or by other strong circumstantial proofs, but 
of which I possessed no positively conclusive legal evidence, and in my Information to the 
Financier I esteemed it my duty to exhibit every Fact which tended to shew that the State I 
had the Honour to serve was amongst the foremost in her complyance vdth the Requisitions 
of Congress in the subject of Specific Supplies. 

3d From the Delinquency of some other States in not furnishing their proportion of the 
specific supplies, officers of the Army on detached commands within this State were fre- 
quently obliged to issue their impress warrants at their own risque for beef, flour &c. Most 
of these impresses were made without my Knowledge or that of any of my Assistants, and 
some of the vouchers for the Provisions taken under these impresses were so loose and irregu- 
lar that my assistants, though convinced of the justice of the claims, did not think themselves 
justifyd in liquidating them. Some of them have since been examined, settled and paid for by 
the Auditor of this State or by the Commissioner of public accounts, and sundry of them I am 
well convinced have not been paid for at all. From thence it appears that to the sum of 
£95150.7.4, as exhibited in the foregoing a/c there ought to be added, as a charge against the 
United States for specific supplies furnished under my Direction, the amount of such accounts 
admitted and paid for by the Auditor of this State for articles furnished as part of these sup- 
plies for which there was no voucher from me or any of my assistants. 

4th It will perhaps be said that the United States ought not to consent to a charge in sup- 
port whereof, instead of regular vouchers, there is only the bare assertion or affidavit of the 

222 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

officer by whom the charge is made, and it therefore behooves me to prove, as satisfactorily as 
the loss of most of my papers will admit, that every possible pains was taken on my part to 
have all the amounts for specific supplies adjusted with the ^proper Continental officers a long 
time previous to the Destruction of my papers by the fire, which consumed my house on the 
30th of March, 1783. 

It will be proper in the first place to take notice that, from the very nature of the requisition 
for specific supplies, it must appear intended that they should be delivered in large quantities 
by the State officer to the Proper Continental officers. The 7th section of the Law passed 24th 
June 1780 by the Legislature of this State will demonstrate likewise that this was their inten- 
tion. From the scantiness of the supplies forwarded on by other neighboring States, I, soon 
after entering upon the duties of my Office, found that by pursuing this plan the Army 
within this State must positively disband, and having myself as a Continental Officer, for sev- 
eral years immediately preceeding, experienced from the Legislature, in a degree far beyond my 
warmest expedtations, an unlimited zeal for the Honour of the Union and an enthusiastic 
fervour for the support of the Army; advised likewise to the measure by his Excellency the 
Governor, and from these and other combining circumstances relying fully on that spirit of 
accommodation to the necessities of the Union which appeared so conspicuous in all the acts 
and deliberations of the Legislative and Executive authority of the State, I ventured to deviate 
from the mode of deposit originally intended and deliver'd the supplies in small quantities as 
fast as they could be collected, by which mode, instead of one hundred regular and compleat 
vouchers from the principal public officers, whose receipts must have been esteemed incontest- 
ible proofs, I subjected the State to the risque and expence, and myself to the inconvenience of 
receiving many thousand vouchers from officers in inferior stations, from Boatmen, and some 
from non commissioned officers of the Army. 

Thus circumstanced, determined to prove my attention to -the Duties of my station, and 
anxious and uneasy from an apprehension that the State might be a suflferer if the accounts 
were not properly speedily settled, I repeatedly apply'd to the Quarter Master and Commissary 
General, and to their respective deputies within the State, requesting that they would take up 
the numerous small vouchers of their inferior officers and give me in lieu of them such gen- 
eral vouchers signed by themselves as should upon examination appear equitable and proper. 

Nor did my attempt to procure a settlement rest there. I carryd up my request on the same 
subject to the Legislature of the State, and to the Financier of the United States. In part 
proof of this I beg leave to refer to the following papers, viz No. 2, Copy of Resolution of 
the Legislature passed 21st Nov. 1781 ; No. 3, Copy reed from the Treasury Board of my 
Letter to the Financier dated 5th April, 1782; and No. 4, Mr Stevens Certificate as Deputy 
Commissary General of issues dated 4th February 1784. The other Letters of mine to the 
Financier, with his answers (if they can be found in the Treasury office), and the further testi- 
mony which I have not a doubt may be obtained upon this subject from the Quarter Master 
General and Colonel Hughes the then Quarter Master for this State, will fully justify the as- 
sertion that the non-settlement of all the accounts relative to the specific supplies furnished by 
this State has in no degree been owing to any neglect or other Default of the State, as their 
officer under whose direction those supplies were immediately placed. 

Not being at home when my house was burnt, and all the papers referred to Destroyd therein, 
for full information respecting that misfortune I beg leave to refer to his Excellency Governor 
Clinton, and the Honourable Melancton Smith Esqr late a member of Congress, both of whom 
were present at the time the house was in Flames. 

5th From the statement of the foregoing a/c made to the Financier, and from sundry other 
circumstances, a considerable loss will arise unless an allowance is made by the Commissioners 
appointed to liquidate the a/cs between this State and the United States — 

1st All the beef is charged only at 44/ — per 100 Pounds, but the Requisitions of Congress 
allow 52/ — for all furnished in December, and 64/ — for all furnished between the ist of 
January and ist of July. Not having rec'd all the vouchers of delivery from my assistants at 
the time the last return was made to the Financier, and of consequence not being able to De- 
termine with precision the exact periods at which all the beef had been delivered, I stated the 

The State Agent 223 

whole at the lowest price, determined to make a statement agreeably to the various prices 
allowed by Congress when I was possessed of all the necessary vouchers for that purpose. 
This js not possible to be done now with any tolerable exactness, but I am of opinion that not 
less th\n ten thousand Pounds of beef was delivered in the month of December, and not less 
than thirty thousand Pounds between the ist of January and ist of July. 

2d The Dispute about the Forage used in Westchester County in 1781 confirms an opin- 
ion which the Quarter Master General then entertained that it ought not to be paid for, the 
Lands from whence it was taken having previous to the march of the Army into that quarter 
of the State been occasionally in possession of the enemy. By a Resolution of Congress of the 
7th of September 1781 that business was settled by arbitration, the minutes whereof is now in 
possession of the Quarter Master General or some of his Deputies, and from which it will 
appear that they awarded, as equal to the whole Forage which had been consumed, 1864 tons 
of Hay and 8233 1/2 Bushells of Oats, the whole of which has been paid for by the Commis- 
sioner of public accounts at the current specie price of, I beUeve, £3 per ton for Hay, and 2/6 
per Bushell for Oats. This most undoubtedly ought to have been esteemed as part of the 
specific supplies and paid for at the stipulated prices allowed for them, for from the time that 
Forage was used I never included it as part of the Specific supplies in all my Returns. It is 
true that the aggregate supplies of Forage required was overpaid by the State previous to this, 
but as Provisions were still due, the Quarter Mastel- General had agreed that upon the delivery 
of a further quantity of Forage to him, He would give receipts which should answer for an equal 
value of provisions at the stipulated Prices. Colonel Pickering's Letter to me. No 5, will 
greatly strengthen this assertion, and if that Gentleman had the whole of my Letters to him, 
and the Copies of his answers, it would be fully proved. It is clear then that the State lose all 
the difference, on the amount of the above Hay and Oats, between the specie price allowed by 
the Commissioners and the Price agreed to be paid for specific supplies. Besides this loss 
positively proved, it appears by the minutes of the Arbitration above alluded to that the arbi- 
trators were of opinion " that a considerable quantity of Forage had been taken from a number 
of Farms of which they had not been able to obtain any voucher Evidence ". As no part of 
this Forage has been paid for at the stipulated price of specific suppHes, the loss to the State 
must have been considerable. If any reasoning upon the proofs exhibited to the arbitrators, 
as entered on their minutes, was just, and it was not attempted to be contradicted by the 
adverse Party, nor objected to by the arbitrators themselves as far as I know, instead of 1864 
tons of Hay, it was thereby proved that the award should have been for 2994 3/4 tons. I have 
not a doubt however that those Gentlemen Determined upon the principles of Equity and good 
Conscience agreeably to their own conceptions thereof. 

3d The Requisition of Congress was' only for 500 tons of Hay, but the necessaries of the 
Army caUing aloud for more, 1540 1/2 tons were delivered. The cost of transporting this 
Hay, which was done at the expence of the State, in proportion to the price allowed for the 
Hay itself, far exceeded the proportion of the expence which would have attended the delivery 
of any of the other articles of the Requisition, and that Difiference was an absolute loss to the 
State. Besides, the scarcity of that article was so great the season this Hay was furnished, that 
I have known ten Pounds in real Specie paid pr Ton as it stood in the Farmer's yard; and 
the price necessarily allowed for purchasing Hay was at least three times as much as was 
allowed for the purchase of any of the other articles proportioned to their value. This was a 
further loss to the State. 

4th The Delivery of the supplies in small quantities, exclusive of the loss arising from 
waste, more than would have accrued had they been deposited and delivered in the way which 
I am certain most, and perhaps all, of the other States did, occasioned a great extra expense to 
this State; for, to accommodate the pressing wants of the Army, I found myself under the 
necessity of keeping one Express Rider on constant pay, and having sundry occasional ones, 
to carry Letters to and from the various commanding officers, to obtain warrants from the 
Magistrates for the impress of Teams to transport the supplies, and to keep up the necessary 
Correspondence with my assistants. My own travelling expences bore by the State was like- 
wise greatly increased. 

224 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The Losses reached above, agreeably to my own opinion thereof, arc as follows : — 

1st Loss on Beef 
10,000 lbs of beef Delivered in December at 8/ — on each 100 

Pounds is £ 40. 0.0 

30,000 Do Delivered between ist of Jan'y & ist of July at 20/ — on 

each 100 lbs is 300. 0.0 i 340. 0.0 

2d Loss on Westchester Forage 

1,864 Tons of Hay paid for at It, ought to be at 16 Difference £SS92. 0.0 

8,233 1/2 Bush, of Oats paid for at 2/5, ought to be at 4/—. Do. . . 617. 10.3 6209. 10. 3 

what further loss arose from payments made by the Commissioner for the Forage 
mentioned in the minutes of the Arbitration of which the Arbitrators had no evi- 
dence, I can have no just idea of because I am entirely ignorant of the quan- 

3d Loss on the Extra quantity of Hay 
Considering the great scarcity of Hay that year, it is certainly a moderate com- 
pensation (taking into view the extra expence of transporting that article) to 
allow that it was offered at 40/ — less per Ton than what was its real value, 
proportioned to the price allowed for the other articles of the Requisition. The 
extra quantity was 1040 1/2 Tons at 40/ — £2081 . 0.0 

4th Loss on the Delivery in small quantities 
It is difficult to determine this with any degree of precision, but I am fully con- 
vinced in my own mind that, had we adopted the regular, deliberate mode 
pursued by most of the other States, there would have been a saving in ex- 
pences and waste on the amount in value of at least, 4, perhaps, 5, per Cent, 
say however £ 3369. 9.9 

Sum of the Losses on the above 4 Transactions £ 12000. 0.0 

Personally appeared Udney Hay and made Oath that the foregoing statement of facts. Cir- 
cumstances and Computation are made agreeably to the best of his Knowledge and Belief, 
upon the Principles of Equity and good Conscience, and without any intention of defrauding 
the United States, this State or any Individual. 

Sworn this i6th Day of June 1788 before me Udny Hay 

Jeremi'h Wool Ald'm. late State Agent 

The Assistant State Agents 

The following were Assistant State Agents, without being assigned, apparently, to any particu- 
lar part of the State : — Francis Chandonet, Henry Clapp, Egbert Dumond, Jellis Fonda, William 
Keese, John Sickles, George Taylor, Jonathan G. Tompkins, George Trimble and Jellis Winne. 

The following were the Assistant State Agents by Counties: — Albany, John James Bleecker, 
Leonard Bronck, John W. Groesbeck, Philip Lansing, Richard Lush, Harmanus Schuyler, 
Joseph Shurtliff, Isaac Stoutenburgh, Dirck Swart, Peter Van Ness, Benjamin Van Orden and 
Henry I. Van Rensselaer; Dutchess, Sampson Benson, Cornelius Bradford, Judah Burton, Ben- 
jamin Lightborn, Melancton Smith, David Van Ness and Hendrick Wyckoff; Orange, John 
Stagg, Daniel Tier, Joseph Wood and Ebenezer Woodhull ; Tryon, Anthony Van Veghten and 
Christopher P. Yates ; Ulster, Matthew DuBois, James Monell and Dirck Wynkoop ; West- 
chester, William Brown, John Fish, John Haynes and Samuel Townsend. 

The Assistant State Agents 225 

The Assistant State Agents received from 12/ — to 20/ — per day. They attended to the de- 
tails of the work, their Accounts including Cattle, Wheat, Flour, Potatoes, Turnips, Spirits, 
Hay, Buckwheat, Corn, Rye, Oats &c. 
Sir- Poughkeepsie 4th July 1781 

In consequence of your appointment as my assistant in Westchester County for the particular 
purpose of disposing to the French Army of any supplies they may want within that County, 
which come under my Direction by the Enclosed Act of the Legislature ; 
You will please pay particular Attention to the following Directions : — 

You will, as soon as you can, after the receipt of this, proceed to Westchester County, pro- 
duce the law and Appointment to the Commissioners of Sequestration for that County and 
request of them to give you lists of all the Sequestered or Confiscated Farms, making such 
farther enquiries as will best Tend to give you a thorough Knowledge of them. You will then 
apply to the Commander-in-chief of the French Army, delivering him the Letter you receive 
herewith, and Know from him whose Certificates you may with Safety receive, or what Officer 
you should apply to for obtaining the necessary information on that Subject. 

The Value of the Pasture on these Farms must be appraised by two Persons indifferently 
chosen by you and the French Officers authorized to obtain them, letting them two when chosen 
appoint a third Person, if necessary, all of whom Should be upon Oath, when it can conven- 
iently be done. As it will happen in Some Cases that Fields will be made use of for Pasture 
before they can be appraised, let the best possible proof of the Value be obtained and the 
appraisement made afterwards. 

As I suppose, in some places, large Quantities of Hay may be cut, endeavor to employ 
Persons for that purpose, and dispose of the Hay, if wanted, at the Current Price, agreeable 
to its Quantity in that part of the County. Upon application to his Excellency General Wash- 
ington, some men may probably be furnished for that purpose. 

Agree always for cutting by the Ton, rather than by the Day, and if any men are obtained 
from the Army, endeavor to get volunteers. You well know Men draughted for such a pur- 
pose, contrary to their own inclination, are very unserviceable. 

If, as I suppose will be the Case, large Quantities of Standing Grain should fall under your 
Direction, endeavor to get the same cut, when ripe, and have Floors on the Field f©r Thresh- 
ing it immediately, which done, dispose of both the Grain and the Straw at Current Prices. 

If any Cattle fall into your Hands not sufficiently Fat for the Knife, have them Branded 
N. Y. S. A. and send them to places of Safety where they can be pastured. Those fit for 
being immediately Killed, dispose of agreeable to the Instructions already given respecting 
the other property that may fall under your Direction. 

You will be particularly careful, when it can be done, to Keep a regular Account of the 
Quantity & Value of each Article sold from each Farm, separately, mentioning the last Pos- 
sesors name, and if Tenanted Land the Proprietors Name likewise. 

Where you do not receive Cash in Payment of what you sell let the Certificates you receive 
in lieu thereof recite; I acknowledge to be Indebted to the State Agent of New York, or 
his Order, .... Pounds .... Shillings Pence, being for .... Acres of Meadow Land used for 
Pasture, Tons of Hay Bushels of Corn Bushels of Oats &c &c, as the Case may be, received 
for the use of the Army of his Most Christian Majesty, from the Lands in Westchester 
County, placed by Law under the said Agents Direction, which I am to pay at Days. 
Date July 1781. meadow for Pasture, i ; Tons of Hay ; Bushels of Corn ;iDo of 
Oats ; Total 

In a Business of this Nature so many Circumstances will arise which cannot possibly be 
foreseen, that in all Cases, where you have not particular Directions I must request you to be 
guided entirely by your own judgment, taking the advice, where it can be conveniently done, 
of such Gentlemen, living in that County, whose Characters as Whigs & Men of Honor are 

226 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

I wish you to write me by every opportunity, acquainting me particularly with your pro- 
-cedure and any difficulties that may arise. I shall probably be with you in that Country in 
Ten Days at Farthest. 

It will be necessary for you immediately to employ a good Clerk, if one acquainted with 
that Country can be got so much the better. It is not possible for me to form an Idea at 
present what farther Assistants you may want, as it depends upon contingencies impossible 
to be foreseen. Your own Knowledge of the Nature of the Business you are now going to 
enter on will enable you to make Choice of proper Persons, and let me beg they may be as 
few as possible as it has ever been my opinion that few Officers and them well paid are 
always the cheapest & most serviceable. I cannot with propriety at present fix either your or 
their pay; but you may depend upon its being reasonable, agreeable to the Services you & 
they perform. Capt William Brown and Mr. Haynes are employed in the same way for the 
American Army as you are for the French Army. Let me beg you will Keep up a thorough 
good understanding with them, as you may be mutually serviceable to each other. 

I must request too you will in a particular manner endeavor to render every Service in your 
Power to the Refugees who have been obliged to quit their Farms by assisting them to ob- 
tain a Settlement of their Accounts for any [word missing] the Army may have used belong- 
ing to them. They [word missing] deserve every attention in our power to pay. 

Major Chandonet. I am. Sir, 

Your most obedient Servt 
Udny Hay. 

The Committee for Conspikacies 227 


The full title of this body was " The Committee of the Convention of the Staff rf New York for 
Enquiring into, Defeating and Detecting all Conspiracies that may be formed in said State ". 
It was appointed early in 1776. Those who served upon it, whether by original or later appoint- 
ment, were the following: — Chairmen, Egbert Benson, William Duer and Leonard Gansevoort; 
Secretaries, John D. Crimsher, Abraham W. DePeyster, Richard Hatfield, Richard King, 
Henry Rockwell and Teunis Tappen; Auditor and Treasurer, Nathaniel Sackett; Clerk, Teunis 
Tappen; Doorkeepers, Jacob Kidney and Richard Warner; Members, (other than the above) 
John Berrien, Peter Cantine, jr., Charles DeWitt, Lewis Graham, John Jay, Lewis Morris, Ze- 
phaniah Piatt, Melancton Smith, Joseph Strang, Jacobus Swartwout and Van Cortlandt. 

On Mar. 10, June 14 and July 6, the Committee took many Arms from Tories, Disaffected and 
Non-Associates, in New York City. From September to December, 1776, the Committee 
ordered " Victuals " and handcufifs for the Tories, the bills showing that it cost two shillings 
either to put hand-cuffs on or to take them off. Capt. Joshua Myrick, Sept. 16, was paid $148 
for the Pay and Subsistence of his Company. A bill was paid, Oct. 30, for apprehending Sus- 
pects. The Committee, Oct. 31, appointed Samuel Smith Commissary to a Detachment of 
Col. Robert Van Rensselaer's Regiment, ordered to guard the Prisoners to New Hampshire; 
and Matthew DuBois was appointed Commissary in place of Smith for that part of the Regiment 
that was left in Charlotte County. On Nov. 9, Lieut. Bezaleel Rudd was ordered, with his De- 
tachment, to join the Command of Capt. Robinson for escorting the Prisoners from Fishkill to 
New Hampshire; and he was required to report to the Committee on his return. 

The Committee, Feb. 28, 1777, resolved to do justice to the owners of 15 horses, wrongfully 
seized; and Mar. 2, resolved to restore to Hanson Palmer money wrongfully taken. The Ac- 
counts of the Committee, down to March, 1777, footed £3066.5.0 for sales of effects taken from 
the Disaffected. William Clark sent in a bill of £9.9.3 for secret services, which was paid the 
next year. 

Hugh Conner presented to the Committee a bill dated Sept. 22, 1776, for £48.11.0 for enter- 
taining the Committee. This was paid March 17, 1777; but not without a protest on the part of 
Nathaniel Sackett, the Auditor of the Committee, in which he was of opinion that the £4.17.6 
charged for wine " ought to be paid for by the individual Gentlemen who from time to time have 
composed this Committee, vizt. Messrs Duer, DeWitt, Gansevoort, Jay, Piatt, Sackett, Cortlandt, 
L. Morris & Graham, each their proportion ; yet, as the wine was called for upon the Credit of the 
Committee, and as at the Time of settling this Accot all the Members had left the place, except 
Messrs. Jay, Sackett & Piatt (who offered to pay their proportions) and the said sum being in- 
considerable in itself, I have therefore taken no notice of it, or deducted it from this acct." 

228 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


There is much confusion, in the documents, as to the time when the Committee for Conspira- 
cies ended its duties and the Commissioners of Conspiracies began their work. This arose 
from the Committeemen sometimes calling themselves Commissioners ; and vice versa. An Ac- 
count of the Committee, commencing Sept. 28, 1776, and ending Jan. 11, 1777, is certified as 
a true copy from the Minutes of the Commissioners, and signed by Teunis Tappen as Clerk 
to the Commissioners. Another Account " of Sales of Effects taken from Persons who have 
fled to or joined the Enemy" runs from February to March 1777, and is made out by the 
Committee. Other Accounts, dated Apr. 12, Apr. 29 and May 16, recite " The late Committee 
of the Convention and the present Board of Commissioners." The Convention, Apr. 5, 1777, 
voted £1000 to the Commissioners; and, on Nov. 4, 1777, the Council of Safety ordered £400 
refunded to them. 

The Commissioners included, among their number, some of the members of the Committee; 
and the following who were not on the Committee: — Robert Harpur, Abraham Hasbrouck, 
Gilbert Livingston, Cornelius Schoonmaker, Jonathan G. Tompkins and Henry Williams. It 
, is probable that even the Commissioners should still have been called the Committee, as late 
as Feb. 5, 1778, when the Governor was authorized to appoint not to exceed ten Commission- 
ers; the number being increased to 20, Apr. 4, 1778. 

Other laws, relating to the Commissioners of Conspiracies, were passed as follows: — June 
30, 1778, the Commissioners were authorized to require all Suspects to take the Oath of Allegi- 
ance; Oct. 29, 1778, the powers of the Commissioners were continued; Feb. 17, 1779, a similar 
law; Oct. I, 1779, the powers of the Commissioners, which had lapsed, were revived, and the 
Council of Appointment was authorized to appoint the Commissioners; June 14, 1780, the law 
relating to the appointment was revived; July i, 1780, " for the removal of the families of per- 
sons who have joined the Enemy ", but the Commissioners were authorized to give permits to 
remain; Mar. 2,'j, 1783, the acts relating to the Commissioners were repealed. 

From the date of these laws, it is evident that a great part of the work of the Commissioners 
was done in their capacity as a Committee of the Convention, or under the Governor's Order of 
Apr. 4, 1777, and before any Legislative enactment. They carried on the work along the lines 
laid out by the original Committee. They bought Muskets for the Soldiers; and apprehended 
Tories and Suspected Persons. They provided Food for the Guards and the Prisoners; also. 
Medicines for the latter. Together with the Commissioners for the several Counties (see below) 
they had general charge of all persons who were suspected or apprehended (see " Tories " &c., 
" British Prisoners of War " and " County Committees "). 

The Commissioners of Conspiracies for the several Counties consisted, in some cases, of 

The Disaffected, Suspected and Tories 229 

others beside those appointed by the Order of the Governor, Apr. 4, 1778. They attended 
to details which it was impossible for the State Commissioners to handle ; and they were paid 
20/ — per day 

In Albany County, the Commissioners were: — John M. Beekman, Stewart Dean, Isaac D. 
Fonda, Leonard Gansevoort, jr. (Secretary), Cornelius Humfrey, John McClung, Hugh Mitchel, 
Reynier Mynderse, Abraham Oothout, Samuel Stringer, Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, Matthew 
Visscher and Peter Wynkoop, jr. Their Accounts began in 1778, and ended in 1782. They took 
charge of the Tories who were arrested for making a disturbance in Livingston Manor; con- 
fined some of the Prisoners in the " Tory Goal " in the Fort, at Albany; and sent other Prisoners 
to Fort Edward and to Claverack. 

In Dutchess County the Commissioners had charge of the several Goals for the confinement 
of Prisoners. They also paid several Accounts of the Committees of Pawling and Poughkeepsie 
Precincts for apprehending Tories, the Suspected and the Disafifected ; and they transported sev- 
eral Tory families to New York City (see " Dutchess County Committee "). The Commission- 
ers were : — Egbert Benson, Gilbert Livingston, Zephaniah Piatt and Israel Thompson. On 
Aug. 2, 1779, they paid £76.8.0 to Lieut. Stephen Hendrickson "For the service of himself and 
13 privates for Monies actually expended, and provisions by themselves furnished, in Appre- 
hending and Conveying to Poughkeepsie Goal, 7 Prisoners on Suspicion of harbouring Con- 
cealing and aiding the Robbers and other persons who carried off to the Enemy Lieut. John 
Smith and three other persons." 

Gilbert Cooper, Thomas Mofifat and Henry Wisner were the Commissioners in Orange 
County. Tryon County had these Commissioners : — Soverinas Cock, James McMaster and 
William Wills. The Commissioners for Ulster County were: Peter Cantine, Joseph Gasherie, 
Cornelius C. Schoonmaker and Cornelius E. Wynkoop. Richard Hatfield, Israel Honeywell, 
jr., Philip Leek, John J. Myers (Secretary), Philip Pell, jr., Ebenezer Purdy, Nathan Rockwell, 
Joseph Strang, and Jonathan G. Tompkins were the Commissioners for Westchester County. 

The Disaffected, Suspected and Tories 

The Committee of the Provincial Congress to Apprehend Tories consisted of Lewis Gra- 
ham, John Sloss Hobart and Henry Remsen. A law was passed, early in the War, for the 
removal of the Families of Persons who had joined the Enemy. This provided that, because of 
the information given to the Enemy by the wives of those who had fled, the Justices of the 
Peace, or in their absence the Supervisors, or in the absence of both Justices and Supervisors, 
the Commissioners of Conspiracies, should give notice to the said wives to depart this State, or to 
go to the Enemy's Lines within this State, within 20 days, with their children not above 12 years 
of age. Failing to depart, they should be treated as Enemies of the State. Permission to re- 
main might be given (by the above named Authorities) to parties of good character and not dan- 
gerous to the State of New York or to the United States. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The Committee of Westchester County, Jan. 4, 1776, seized 106 Guns from the Tories. On 
Mar. 10, the Committee for Conspiracies took many Arms from the Disaffected in New York 
City — among them four Swords from Samuel Bayard, and five Guns from WiUiam Bayard. 
The Committee made another collection, July 6. On the i8th of that month, Capt. Thomas 
Mitchell, with his men, apprehended a man and brought him before the Convention, by order 
of the Committee of three, named above. 

Tories were transported Eastward from Red Hook, Dutchess County, Sept. i, 1776. On Oct. 
II, 1776, Capt. Jonathan Tuthill and his Guards escorted 30 Tories from New Windsor Ulster 
County, to Philadelphia, by Order of the Convention, at a cost of £80. Tories were confined in 
the Goshen Goal, Orange County, by order of the County Committee, and the expense was paid 
by the State. The Committee of Ulster County; in 1776, paid several bills for apprehending 
Tories, among the bills being those of Capt. Thomas Machin. In 1777, the Committee of 
Orange Sounty ordered Serjt. Nehemiah Clark to do similar work, and he was paid £17.12.0 for 
his services, Apr. 8, 1778. On June 17, 1778, the State paid £95.3.6 to refund the Committee 
of Marbletown, Ulster County, for removing Tory families from New Windsor on Dec. 16, 1777. 

The Committee of Safety, Feb. 22, 1777, appointed John Thomas, jr.. Col. Samuel Drake, 
Stephen Ward, William Miller, Nathaniel Hyatt, jr. and Israel Honeywell Commissioners to 
seize and sell the property of persons, in Westchester County, who had gone over to the Enemy ; 
and on May 13, the Provincial Congress appointed Jonathan G. Tompkins, Richard Hatfield and 
Philip Pell, jr.. Commissioners to settle the Accounts of the first named Commissioners. The 
Convention, Apr. 3, 1777, order the apprehension of certain Disafifected Persons, and Brig. Gen. 
George Clinton issued several Orders to Officers to carry out the Resolution of the Convention. 

Numerous debts owing to parties who had been imprisoned, or who had gone over to the 
Enemy, were paid to the State Treasurer. In 1781 and 1782, Col. Marinus Willett sold, or con- 
verted to the use of the State, considerable property on the frontiers belonging to inhabitants 
who had been removed " on account of their Attachments to the Enemy ". Col. Willett also 
took Provisions from such inhabitants, and delivered them to James Pratt. A strict account- 
ing was made by Col. Willett, under the law of Apr. 22, 1785. 

These names appear in the documents : — 

Brown Abiel 
Mabbett Samuel 

Ackerly Obadiah 
Ackerly William 
Allen John 
Anderson John 
Anderson Thomas 
Anghron Neal 
Attwood Nathaniel 
Banker Bethuel 
Banker Jacobus 
Banker John 
Barker (Squire) 

Mallows David H. 


Richardson John 


Barr Jacob 
Bartley Josiah 
Barton Roger 
Bartow William 
Baxter Stephen 
Bay John 

Beardsley John, Rev. 
Beeker Peter 
Bender Frederick 
Besemer Jacobus 
Blancher Job 

Bondt Matthyse 
Brewer Abraham 
Brinckerhoff Abraham 
Brown Enos 
Brown Park 
Brown William 
Brush Joshua 
Bullis Thomas 
Bullus Robert, jr. 
Burnet Matthew 
Burnhart George 

Towers Joseph 

Bush Hendrick 
Bush Jacob 
Bush Jacobus 
Bush Jacobus, jr. 
Bush Wilhelmus 
Butler William 
Campbell Alexander 
Canniflf Joseph 

Carman Thomas 
Cheeseman Samuel 

Suspected Persons 


Citnam John 
Citternon John 
Clark William 
Coe Daniel 

Col den Cadwallader, jr. 
Combs Thomas 
Commens John 
Cook Matthew 
Cooke John 
Covin Simon 
Craft John 
Crawford Daniel 
Crispell Hendrick 
Cronk John 
Cronkheyd Frederick 
Cummins Thomas 

Dairs Hezekiah 
Dan Ezra 
Davis John 
Dean Nicholas 
Derby James 
Des Brosses Elias 
Des Brosses Elizabeth 
Des Brosses Magdalen 
De Witt Petrus 
Dinnist Hugh 
Dods John 
Doty Abraham 
Doughty Charles 
Down Thomas 
Ducalon Stephen 
Dumond Petrus 
Dyer Henry 
Ealigh William 
Eliot David 
Ferris William 
Finch Reuben 
Flint Asa 
Fowler Michael 
Fowler Stephen 
French Benjamin 
Frompair John, jr. 
Furler Cornelius 
Gardner Silas 
Gee John 
Germond Peter 
Gibson Andrew 
Gillet Richard 
Gold Walter 
Gordon James 
Hagaman Isaac, Capt. 
Hains Joseph 
Hains Samuel 
Halenbeck Jacob 
Hallenbush Robert 
Halstead John 
Handerson James 
Haring Samuel 


Harris William 
Hawley John 
Hire Walter 
Hodges Timothy 
Hogel Francis 
Hooghtaling William 
HufI William 
Hughs George 
Hughson Nathaniel 
Hughson Silvanus 
Jero Benjamin 
Johnson (Lady) 

Johnson Abraham 
Jonson Rulf 
Keese John 
Kelly James 
Kent John 
Keyser Andrew 
Kip Benjamin 
Kise Jediah 
Kisselbrack Jacob 
Knapp (Mrs.) 

Knowles James 
Kuk Johannes 
Lamson John 
Lazell Joshua 
Lester Cornelius 
Leveson Andrew 
Lewis Benjamin 
Livingston, Maj. 

Lobdell John 
Lockwood Jesse 
Lodowick Gasprus 
Lonyon Jacobus 
Losee John 
Lott Abraham 
Lounsberry Epenetus 
Lounsberry Phinehas 
Low Simon 
Lowlee Abraham 
McDonald Lewis 
McFarling John 
McGinnis William 
McHenry Arthur 
McMurry Jeremiah 
Maddagh Jacob 
Matthews Fletcher 
Medeagh Jacob 
Merkle Henry 
Merrikle Wilhelmus 
Merrikle Wilhelmus, jr. 
. Mesick Peter 
Mesier Hezekiah 
Mesier Peter 
Middagh Abraham 
Middagh George 
Miller John 

Mills Nathaniel 
Minthorn Mangel 
Morehouse Elijah 
Mott Joseph 
Munro John 
Myer Hans 
Mysenas Conradt 
Needham Mary 
Neilson Bloomer 
Noe Lemountis 
O'Bryan James 
Ogden Benjamin 
Ogden William 
Ore William 
Orr William 
Osborn John 
Ostrom Jacob 
Palmer Harrison 
Palmetier, Capt. 

Penman Alexander 
Philip Nicholas 
Pict William 
Piatt Benoni, Capt. 
Poor William 
Powell Caleb 
Powell Elisha 
Prosser, Dr. 

Quickley James 
Quimby Levy 
Randol John 
Rapalje John 
Redmond Michael 
Reed William 
Rhinelander Fredrick 
Rosa Gysbert 
Rosa Jacobus 
Rose John 
Rose Lodowick 
Ruyter John 
Rypenbergh Johannis 
Sax John 
Scofield Seth 
Seaman Richard 
Secord Isaac 
Selverman Jacob 
Sharps William 
Shaw Albertson 
Shaw William 
Shear Johannis 
Sherer Lewis 
Shower William 
Showerman Johannes 
Showerman Peter 
Sillick Frederick 
Simmons Charles 
Sisson Peleg 
Slack William 

Slouter Wouter 

Smith Benjamin 

Smith Claudius 

Smith Edward 

Smith James 

Smith Matthias 

Smith Peter 

Snedeker Richard 

Snoeck Hans 

Snyder John 

Speaight, Dr. 

Stanton George 

Staples John 

Steikle Nicholas 


Story Zachariah 

Sybolt John 

Taylor Neal 

Teed William 

Templer Christopher 

Ten Eyck Thomas 

Thompson Edward 

Thurman John 

Tidd William 

Tidd William, jr. 

Titus William 

Tounsend James 

Tremper John 

Trip Robert 

Turner John 

Turner Joseph 

Underhill Abraham 

Utley Any 

Utter Isaac 

Vail Isaac 


Van Buren Marte 

Van Cortlandt Augustus 

Van den Bergh Henry 

Van der Mark Sylvester 

Van Dyke Henry 

Van Dyke Stephen 

Van Hoesen Jacob 

Van Hoesen John Lenderts 

Van Hoesen Justice 

Van Home Augustus 

Van Home David 

Van Husen Dirck 

Van Kleek Barent A. 

Van Oart Abraham 

Van Schaick Henry 

Van Vleet Daniel 

Van Vleet John 

Van Zilen Johannis 

Verplanck Guilliam 

Vosburgh Dirck 

Vosburgh Peter 

Walker John 

Wanamaker Dirick 

232 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Warren Francis Westbrook Young Wilkinson Thomas Worden Shubal 

Watson Jacob White Charles Wood John Wright Jonathan 

West Benjamin White David Wood WilHam Yager Hendrick 

Westbrook Capt. Zee John 

In the above lists, it will be noted that many of the names appear, also, among the " British 
Prisoners of War ". In several cases, a more full investigation proved the innocence of the 
alleged offender ; so that the appearance of a name in the above lists, or among the Prisoners, 
is not always a badge of dishonor, as viewed from the American standpoint. 

Disturbances in the Counties of Albany and Dutchess 

The largest of the " Disturbances by the Enemies of America " was in Dutchess County and 
in the Manor of Livingston, Albany County. It began in July, 1776. Matthew Cantine and 
Zephaniah Piatt were appointed, by the Convention, a " Committee to Quell the Tories " in 
those parts; and, on Dec. 26, 1777, the Treasurer of the Provincial Congress received a balance 
of £53.2.4 from them. The Disturbers of the Peace were brought to Albany. The Committees 
of the Precincts of Pawling and Poughkeepsie paid several Claims for apprehending Disafifected 
Persons, and they were afterward reimbursed by the Commissioners of Conspiracies. The Com- 
mittee of Dutchess County, July 8, 1776, paid £8.1. 4. to Capt. Brinton Paine for disarming 
Tories on Feb. 4, 1776; and, also, £7.13.6 for " going after Tories in the Last Insurrection". 
(See " Dutchess County Committee "). 

British Prisoners of War 

Abraham B. Bancker, Abraham De Peyster, Henry Dodge, Harmanus J. Knickerbacker, 
Philip Pell, jr. and Ezekiel Williams were Commissaries of Prisoners. Abraham Brasher, John 
Broome and Robert Van Rensselaer were a Committee to Superintend Prisoners. Peter Cantine, 
Melancton Smith and Jeremiah Van Rensselaer were Commissioners to Superintend the return 
of Prisoners from Connecticut ; and Abraham De Peyster was Commissary for Prisoners out of 
that State. Thomas Odiorne was Agent for New York Prisoners in New Hampshire. 
Cornelius C. Elmendorph was Commissary of the Fleet Prison. Zephaniah Piatt, James 
Tallmadge, Jonathan G. Tompkins and Robert Wood were the Committee for the Goal at 
Amenia. Philip Cooper, Ephraim Curtis, Eliphalet Daniels, Charles Gyles, Barzilla Hudson, 
Daniel Mapes, Joseph Stacey, Benjamin Tusten and Robert Wood were Goal Keepers. 

The Prisoners in the list at the end of this Chapter were, for the most part, the Disaffected or 
Suspected Persons and Tories. Very few of them belonged to the British Army. Early in the 
War, the Committee of Safety and the County Committees had charge of them; but, later, the 
Commissioners of Conspiracies took full charge, with the aid of the County Committees. 

The first Prisoners were taken at Ticonderoga. The Albany County Committee, June 23, 1775, 
paid 6/ — to Bastian Visscher for Beer for Prisoners brought from that place. There are no 
other records of Prisoners brought to that County. The Committee for Conspiracies (the predeces- 

British Prisoners of War 233 

sor of the Commissioners), Oct. 6, 1776, paid a bill of James Cooper for the board of five Pris- 
oners from Quebec ; and Joseph Wood was paid £20 for supporting Canadian Prisoners, who 
were probably taken at Montreal. The Council of Safety, Aug. 14, 1777, paid $300 to Abraham 
B. Bancker, Commissary of Prisoners ; and Henry Dodge, also Commissary, was paid $30 per 
month, in 1781. 

The Counties of Dutchess, Orange, Ulster and Westchester had the care of nearly all of the 
British Prisoners. In Dutchess County, a Goal was buih at Amenia by Zephaniah Piatt and 
Jonathan G. Tompkins, for about £560. The Commissioners of Conspiracies had charge of it, 
and bills were made out to them. They also paid bills to the Committee of Westchester County 
for bringing Prisoners to the Poughkeepsie Goal, when Westchester County became unsafe for 
their confinement. Thirty-two Prisoners were thus transferred by Capt. Micah Townsend, Oct. 
22, 1776, on account of the British being in possession of New York City. There is a bill of 
£7. 12.6 by Capt. Henry Toumeur, Apr. 20, 1777, "for Serching for Apprehending Commit- 
ting to prison and from thence Conveying to Peekskill Under Guard a Certain Jacob Barr, 
Peter Beeker and John Bay who appeared to be Spies from the British Army " 

The evidence of the documents is that very few Prisoners were confined in Westchester County, 
except during the first year of the War. After that, the locality was too near the Enemy ; but the 
Goals at Bedford and White Plains were used as long as they were safe places of confinement. 
On Sept. 18, 1778, the Committee of the County paid £10. 8. o. to Lodowick Light for taking 
Prisoners from White Plains to the Goal at Kingston, 

The Western bank of the Hudson River afforded better security. In Orange County, the 
chief Goal was the one at Goshen. This was in charge of the Committee of that Precinct; and 
bills were made out directly to the State, by order of the Committee of Orange County; 
although the Commissioners of Conspiracies had the full responsibility. Prisoners were sent 
from New York to the Goshen Goal until the very moment of the occupation of that City by 
the Enemy, in 1776. The Coimty Committee, Sept. 20, 1777, paid a bill of Lieut. Resolvent 
Van Houten, £1. 16. o, for bringing Prisoners to Gen. Putnam; also. Mar. 6, 1778, a bill of 
£18. 2. 6 to Ebenezer Wood Goal-Keeper, for Provisions for the Prisoners. 

Prisoners were also taken at sea : — 

New York 29th June 1776 
Sir, The Provincial Congress having appointed us a Committee to superintend the Prisoners, 
we beg leave to inform you that by this conveyance we send to your care the following Prison- 
ers taken on Board a Transport from Scotland bound to Boston, vizt (See list below). 

We desire that you will appoint some discreet Person or Persons to superintend those 
Prisoners and that they be furnished with provisions, not exceeding the rations allowed to 
privates in the armies of the Continent. By the resolutions of Continental Congress, Women 
and Children belonging to Prisoners are to be furnished with subsistance, and supplied with 
fireing and other things absolutely necessary for their support. Prisoners are likewise per- 
mitted to exercise their Trades and labour in order to support themselves and Families. We 
doubt not you will be able to get these Persons - so distributed in Goshen, and its vicinage, 
as to make their situation easy for them, and the expence as moderate as possible to the 
Public, and as they are Prisoners you will cause a strict attention to be paid to their Con- 
duct. It is possible individuals will be disposed to take the young lads, during the time they 
are prisoners, & support them for their service. You will be pleased to transmit your acct 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

to the Congress of this Colony, charging the Continental Congress for their support, and in- 
form us in what manner the Prisoners are disposed of. We doubt not they will be treated 
with humanity. We are, Sir, your most Hbl servts 

To the Chairman of Jno Broome 

the Committee of Goshen, Ab. Brasher 

Orange County. Robt Van Rensselaer 

A List of the Names of the Prisoners of War Delivered to the Care of the Chairman of the 
Committee of the Precinct of Goshen with the account of the Charges from their arrival the 
Eighth of July to the 26th Novr 1776 — 

Persona N'ames 

John McMallin's wife 
John McMallin 
Donel McDonel 
John Gillis 
Gillis McGillis 
John McClean ) 
Donel McEntire ) 
Neal McCloud ) 
X James West 
X Peter 

X Doctr Speaght his 
wife and one child 






(Boys between 

8 and 12 yr old.) 



Disafifected person. 

When became 

July the 8 
September ye 30 
Sepr the 30 
Sepr the 30 
Sepr the 30 

October the 9 

Received 21 Rations 

The amount at 10>^ 
per Day 

i 6. 2. 



8 1/2 


8 1/2 


8 1/2 


8 1/2 

2. 0. 



4 1/2 

Received 10 

Days provision i. 6. 3 

My commissions i. o. o 

Sir — Be pleased to Send the money by Colo. Allison and you will oblige — 

Your Hum Servant 

Benj Tusten 
X West, Peter and Speaght not in the part from New York. 

Benjamin Tusten also sent in this bill : — 

Octobr 20 

Novr 21 

The American States Dr — 

A Vomit for John McClean a Scotch prisoner £0. i. 

16 Febrifuge Powders ditto o. 8. 

A Vomit ditto o. i . 

16 Febrifuge powders repd ditto 0.8. 

£ 0.18. 6 

William Holly also sent in a bill of £35.19.4 for boarding the Scotch prisoners from Mar. 
26 to Aug. 7, 1777; ii for paying Dr. Thomas Wickham; and £1.5. for Dr. John Gale for 
medicines and attendance. The Auditor-General made this comment upon Mr. Holly's bill : — 

Wm Hollys Claim for furnishing Prisoners with provisions & the men who guarded the 
prisoners, not supported by any Vouchers, therefore cannot be admitted as it now stands. 
He has also a claim for the rent of a House occupied for the use of the U. S., as appears by 
Corns Cregier's Certificate who was an offr of the Cloathing department under the United 
States. The last a claim agt the U. S. 

Ulster, more than any other County, took charge of the British Prisoners of War. In 1776, 
the County Committee paid several items for keeping and guarding the Prisoners in the County 
Goal; also, a bill for £12. i. 7 1/2 by Egbert Roosa, and one for £9.11.6 by William Eltinge — 
both for repairing the Goal. The Committee of Safety, Feb. i, 1777, gave the control of the 

British Prisoners of War 235 

Prisoners in Kingston Goal to the Committee of Kingston, the bills to be paid by the State. 
After the dissolution of the Committee of Safety, the Council of Safety took charge of the Goal. 
On May 27, 1777, the Council ordered a bill of £8. 4. 4. to be paid to Cornelius Hogeboom for 
bringing four Prisoners from Claverack to Kingston. Prisoners were also brought from West- 
chester County. 

The Fleet Prison 

The Council of Safety also took charge of the most interesting of the Prisons, that on board 
of Ships anchored off Esopus (Kingston) known as " The Fleet Prison ". On May 27, 1777, 
the Council appropriated £120 to the use of Gilbert Livingston and Maj. Jacobus Van Zandt or 
either of them, " a Committee appointed by the recent Convention to provide Vessels for the 
Disafifected Apprehended in Rhinebeck and Livingston Manor ". One of the Ships was the 
" Camden ", afterward destroyed by the Enemy (See " Privateers "). Several Ships were built, 
in May and June, 1777; and Mr. Livingston's Accounts mention "32 trees cut on Mr. Gas- 
beck's Land a 2/ — £3.12.0". Others of the Ships were seized. The comments on the two 
following Claims are by the Auditor-General : — 

Claim of Joseph Towers & David H. Mallows Two Inveterate Enemies of their Country 
claim payment for a Brigantine taken by order of the Convention for a Prison Ship & burnt 
by the British in the year 1777. If the Attor'y Gen'l is of Opinion that they recover from 
Gilbert Livingston I think it is best that the state should pay them, but not their whole de- 
mand. The Sails, anchor & cable which were taken by the Quarter Master Gen'l & Mr 
Bedlow & the Money paid to the Captain for his wages ought to be deducted. 

Wages pd by the Treasurer amo'tg to, as per Spranger's acct & Rect .... £94.18. 9 

Anchor & Cable he reed pay for from the U. S 53 . 7. 3 

Sails &c D.D. the Q. M. Gen'l 193-2 4 

£341. 8. 4 

N.B. It appears by a Resolution of the i8th April, 1777, that Spranger's Vessel was seized 
by the Convention as Tory Property. 

John Dole's claim £310 for one half of a Sloop taken by Gilbert Livingston for 
the use of Tory Prisoners. Gilbert Livingston acted under the authority of the Council of 
Safety. It appears by the 5th & 6th sections of the Act of 22d Novemr 1781, to provide for 
the payment of contingent expences, that Philip Jacobs sued G. Livingston & recovered 
£310. o. o Damages for one half of said Sloop & that he received a Certificate from the Treas'' 
for £317. 7. 4 for Damages & Costs. I believe it is best that the State pays it without cost, 
after deducting for part of her sails & the anchor & Cable which must be paid by the United 

The Ships being ready for use, the Council passed these Directions : — 

In Council of Safety for the State of New York, Kingston June 17th 1777. 
Resolved that Mr. Hobart, Mr. Jay and Mr. Cuyler be and hereby are appointed a Com- 
mittee to regulate the fleet Prison & to appoint proper officers for the same 

John McKesson, Secry. 

In Pursuance of the above Resolution the Committee therein named have established the 
Regulations for the Fleet Prison and appointed the following Officers for the same: — 
I. That all the Sloops or Vessels which may from Time to Time compose the Fleet Prison, 
together with all the Prisoners on Board the same, be under the Care and Custody of 

236 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

the Warden thereof and that Capt. Henry Benson be Warden of the Said Prison, That 
it shall be the duty of the Warden — 

I. To enter in a Book the Names of all the Prisoners, the times when committed & when 
discharged, the Cause of Committment & by whom committed. 

II. To provide for their secure Custody, and that the said Vessels be at all times clean 
& neat. 

III. To deliver three Times a week in Spring, Summer and Autumn and twice a week 
in Winter, to the victualler the Names of all such of the Prisoners as may not be able 
or not chuse to provide themselves with Provisions & that he enter the same in a Book. 
That he condemn all such Provisions sent to the Prison by the Victualler as may not be 
sound &; wholesome & keep an Account thereof. 

IV. That he permit the Friends of the Prisoners to send them Necessaries, but that the 
same be delivered to the Officer on Guard & be by him carefully inspected and examined 
before they be given to the Prisoners. 

V. That no Person be at any time permitted to visit the said Prison without the Leave 
or Order in writing of the Council of Safety or of a Member of this Committee, other 
than Members of the said Council, and the Commissary, Clerk & Victualler of the said 

VI. That he sufifer no Letters or Papers to pass to or from any of the Prisoners without 
Licence in writing from a Member of this Committee, except that he receive and transmit 
all Petitions and letters which they may think proper to send to the Council of Safety, 
or Committees or Members thereof. 

VII. That whenever he shall receive Orders to discharge any of the said Prisoners, he 
shall immediately make known the same to the Clerk of the Prison in order that he may 
proced to make out the Account of the State against the said Prisoner and receive the 
money which may be due thereon. That in Case any of the said Prisoners so ordered 
to be discharged should refuse to pay their said accounts, that the Warden do suspend 
their Discharge, until he shall have informed the Council of Safety thereof (which he shall 
immediately do) & obtained their further Order. 

II. That a Victualler to the said Prison be appointed. That Capt. Charles Giles be the 
Victualler thereof. That it shall be the duty of the said Victualler to — 

I. To deliver regularly to the Commissary a Copy of the List of Prisoners to be victualled, 
which he shall from time to time receive from the Warden. 

II. That he serve out to the Prisoners named in the said List three Quarters of a pound 
of Beef, Pork or Mutton & one pound of Bread per day, with a reasonable Allowance 
of Salt and Vinegar. And that the said rations be served out to the Prisoners at the least 
three times a Week in Spring, Summer & Autumn, & twice a week in Winter. 

III That he receive from the Commissary, and Account for the expenditure of, all Pro- 
visions to be by him as aforesaid served out to the Prisoners. 

IV That he take care that the Fuel furnished by the Commissary for the use of the 
Prisoners be Plentifully & regularly served out to them, & that he keep an Account of 
the same. 

V. That the Victualler be paid for his Trouble Nine pounds per Month. 

III. That a Commissary to the Said Prison be appointed. That Cornehus Elmendorph be 
Commissary thereto. That it shall be the duty of the Commissary — 

I. To furnish the Victualler for the use of such of the Prisoners as may not be able or 
willing to provide themselves with three Quarters of a pound weight of Beef, Pork or 
Mutton, and a pound of Bread per Day, with a reasonable Allowance of Salt, Vinegar and 

II. That he Account Monthly for the Expenditure of all such sums of Money as shall 
be advanced to him by the Council of Safety for the purchase of the necessaries aforesaid. 

III. That he cause the Hides, Tallow & Wool of all such Cattle or Sheep as he may pur- 

British Prisoners of War 237 

chase & kill for the Use of the Prisoners aforesaid to be preserved, and that he render 
a monthly Account of the same. 

IV. That he be paid Eighteen pounds per Month for his trouble. 
IV. That a Clerk to the said Prison be appointed. That Capt. Henry Benson be Clerk 
thereto. That it shall be the Duty of the Clerk — 

I. To open & state an Account against each of the Prisoners Provided as aforesaid, not- 
ing the Times of their Committment & Discharge. 

II. In the said Account to charge them with the Expence Occasioned by their Mainte- 
nance respectively, Which Expence will consist of their several Proportions of the first 
Cost of the Provisions Salt Vinegar and Fuel supplied to them with the incidental Charges, 
and of the Wages of the Commissary and Victualler. 

III. That whenever the Warden of the Prison shall inform the Clerk That he has received 
Orders to discharge any of the Prisoners, the Clerk shall forthwith make out the Ac- 
counts and demand & receive the money due thereon. 

IV. That the Clerk have free Access to the Book & Vouchers of the Warden, Commissary 
and Victualler, in order to enable him to state and keep the Accounts above directed. 

V. That the Clerk for his Trouble be allowed to demand and receive for his own Use 
from each Prisoner, when discharged, the sum of six Shillings & sixpence — 

John Sloss Hobart 
John Jay 
Jacob Cuyler 

In Council of Safety for the State of New York, Augt. 27th, 1777. 

Resolved that the Prisoners on board the fleet Prison receive the daily Ration of one 
quarter of a pound of Beef, Pork or Mutton or one half of a pound of Fish and one pound 
& an half of flower ; and once in every ten Days half a pint of Vinegar, one Ounce of Salt & 
two quarts of Peas & that they be supplied once in two Days. 

Resolved that Major Tappen & Mr. Harpur be & they hereby are empowered & directed 
to form a Contract with some proper Person upon the best Terms they can to furnish such 
Supplies. Robt. Benson Secry. 

In Council of Safety for the State of New York, September the ist, 1777. 
Resolved that the Commissary of the fleet Prison be served with a Copy of the Regula- 
tions of the 27th of Augt last for victualling the Prisoners on board the fleet Prison ; and that 
he be directed to victual the said Prisoners agreeable thereto. 

Resolved that the said Commissary be directed to supply the State Prisoners in Kingston 
Goal with one pound & an half of bread per day and that the Goaler supply them with Water 

Robt. Benson Secry. 

The Accounts of Cornelius C. Elmendorph, Commissary, give the names of those who were 
confined in the Fleet Prison, and also many small bills for Provisions furnished. The Council, 
Aug. 18, 1777, ordered the State Treasurer to pay Mr. Elmendorph £150; and a like amount 
was ordered paid, Sept. 5, 1777. Early in that year, the Enemy made a raid upon Peekskill, and 
many who were expecting to go to their Lines were apprehended and placed in the Fleet Prison. 
On July 10, 1777, Capt. Jacob Hasbrouck, jr., was paid £2. 18. o for guarding and conveying 
Prisoners, by order of the Committee of Ulster County, " to the Ships ordered by the Convention 
of this State for the Reception of Prisoners in Hudson's River ". The Prisoners were taken to 
New Paltz ; and thence, by a journey of two days, to the Ships. There is a Pay- Roll (paid by the 
Commissioners of Conspiracies Sept. 23, 1777) " of Captain David Van Ness' Company of 
Militia in Rhinebeck for Guarding Tories from Claverack to ye Fleet Prison at Esopus, Com- 
mencing 24th Augt End'g 27th Augt. 1777 ". The total is £21.3.0. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Phisonees Sent to Othee States 

Not all of the Prisoners were confined in this State. In October, 1776, many were sent by the 
Committee of Conspiracies, under guard, to Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and 
Pennsylvania. Bills for their keeping were made out by the Chairmen of the several Town Com- 
mittees in those States. In Connecticut, the Prisoners were confined at Hartford, Litchfield and 

The Council of Safety, Aug. 13, 1777, ordered the auditing of the Accounts for the removal of 
the Prisoners from Connecticut to this State and to New Hampshire. Prisoners had been con- 
veyed to New Hampshire before that date. The Committee of Conspiracies, Oct. 31, 1776, 
ordered a Detachment from Col. Robert Van Rensselaer's Regiment to guard the Prisoners to 
New Hampshire. Samuel Smith was appointed Commissary. The journey took 21 days from 
Charlotte Precinct (Dutchess County) to Exeter, where nearly all of the Prisoners were kept; and 
the cost was £23. 4. o. The same Committee, Nov. 9, 1776, ordered Lieut. Bezaleel Rudd, with 
his Detachment, to join Capt. Robinson in escorting Prisoners from Fishkill to New Hampshire. 

On Jan. 9, 1777, the House of Representatives of New Hampshire, on petition of Lt. Col. 
Joseph Welch, ordered that the Sherifif of Rockingham County keep certain Prisoners at the 
Expense of the State of New York. The Rev. Dr. Chauncey Graham presented a bill of £38.17.0 
for medical attendance upon these Prisoners. 

On Mar. 13, 1777, the Committee of Conspiracies sent Lieut. Theodorus Brett after certain 
Prisoners in New Hampshire, Connecticut and Massachusetts. The Legislature, Nov. 4, 1778, paid 
the Governor £1192. 11. o to reimburse him for the expense of Prisoners moved to New Hamp- 
shire; and, in the same year, this State paid £1174.8.9 3/4 to New Hampshire for keeping the Pris- 

In Massachusetts, the Prisoners were confined at Springfield and Worcester; but the records 
contain very little about them. 

The names of the following British Prisoners of War appear in the documents: — 

Aims George 
Akerly Isaac 
Akerly Nathaniel 
Akins Morris 
Amar John 
Anderson Thomas 
Anderson William 
Andre John, Maj. 
Armstrong Edward 
Ashton John 
Astin Abraham 
Auchmuty James 
Bailey William 
Bain Peter 
Baizley Francis 
Ball George 
Banyar Gouldsbury 
Bark James 
Bartle Andries B. 

Batts Frederick 
Bayard William 
Bebe Asa 
Bedell William 
Beemer John 
Beemus Coenradt 
Beemus Jothem 
Bell George 
Bennet Asel 
Benson Gust 
Besemer Jacobus 
Bevan Anthony 
Beving Casper 
Beyala John 
Biggs James 
Biggs Nathaniel 
Bishop Ezekiel 
Blake James 
Blakely James 
Blauvelt Cornelius I. 

Blewer Thomas 
Bloomer Robert 
Bogardus Ephraim 
Bolton George 
Bougher Benjamin 
Bowne Gershom 
Bowne James 
Bradshaw James 
Breamer Anthony 
Brewer Richard 
Bridget Robert 
Brisbow Barnett 
Britt Maritje 
Brooks Philip 
Brown James 
Brown John 
Brown Mordecai 
Brown William 
Browne John Thomas 
Brownson Samuel 

Brundige Joshua 
Brush Joshua 
Brusie Andries 
Brusie Johannes J. 
Brusie Nicholas C. 
Bryan William 
Bryant Lewis 
Bryce Abraham 
Bulles Jesse 
Bulless John 
Burdock Peter 
Burdock Robert 
Burgett Abraham 
Burns John 
Burrows John 
Burrows Nicholas 
Burrows William 
Burtch Charles 
Burtch William 
Bush Jacob 

British Prisoners of War 


Buttelor Thomas 
Buyce Abraham 
Buyce Peter 
Callalen Patrick 
Calwell Robert 
Campbell Alexander 
Campbell Archibald, Col. 
Canwell John 
Carleton Dennis 
Carney Michael 
Carniff Jonas 
Carpenter Walter 
Care Jonah 
Case Jonah 
Caswell John 
Charters George 
Chilson Beriah 
Chism John 
Clapp Joseph 
Clark Nathan 
Clarke John 
Claus Johan George 
Clint John 
Clum Hendrick 
Coans Nicholas 
Coens Andries 
Coens Philip H. 
Colden Cadwallader 
Colden Thomas 
Cole Aaron, sr. 
Cole Aaron, jr. 
Cole Benjamin 
Cole David 
Cole Nicholas 
Colgin Thomas 
Colis Jarvis 
Collins John 
Combs Solomon 
Commaral William 
Conckling David 
Conklin Isaac 
Conklin John 
Conklin Nathaniel 
Conner Brian 
Connoly Daniel 
Conwell Joh 
Conwell Reuben 
Cook John 
Coons Abraham 
Cooper Martin 
Corbin Nathaniel 
Corey Griffin 
Cornwall Daniel 
Coune John 
Coventry Edward 
Coventry Robert 
Cox Samuel 
Crab John 
Craft Abraham 

Craft Thomas 
Crafts William 
Crispell Hendrick 
Croat Christian 
Crookshank Alexander 
Cropse Henry 
Cropsey Alexander 
Crosiield Stephen 
Cruselar Baltus 
Culm Henry 
Cummins John 
Cure Samuel 
Curry William 
Cuyler Abraham C. 
Dash Baltus 
Dates Daniel 
Davis John 
Davis Samuel 
Dean Daniel 
Dean John 
Dean Josiah 
Deces James 
Dederick Jacob 
Deeker Arens 
Deeker Broer J. 
Deeker Coenradt 
Deeker Enrigh 
Deeker Hendrick 
Deeker Jacobus 
Deeker John L. 
Denton Robert 
Depew Peter 
Derby William 
Devine James 
Devine Samuel 
De Voe Frederick 
Dickinson TertuUus 
Didslow Josiah 
Dillenburg Peter 
Dings George Peter 
Dings John 
Disbrow Josiah 
Diver Andrew 
Dodd John 
Doughty Edward 
Doughty William 
Downs James 
Drinkwater Samuel 
Ducker Daniel 
Duell Silas 
Dumond John B. 
Dunbar Robert 
Dunner Walter 
Dups Yerry Peter 
Dusenbury John 
Duzenbery Henry 
Ealjgh William 
Earl Joseph 
Eastman Benjamin 

Eastmond James 
Eastmore Benjamin 
Ebbets Daniel 
Elting Roelof I. 
Eltinge Roeloff 
Evans Jacob 
Everts Thomas 
Eyrs Ephraim 
Farrington Benjamin 
Faulkner John 
Fennell William 
Ferman John 
Ferris Peter 
Fink Alexander 
Fink Frederick 
Finkle Frederick 
Finkle Johan Jost 
Fisher Christian 
Fisher George 
Flewelling James 
Flewelling John 
Forbes Gilbert 
Forbes William 
Forgason Peter 
Fowland Jacob 
Fowler Jacob 
Frair Abraham 
Franklin Christian 
Eraser Daniel 
Frazier Simeon 
Frazier William 
Freisley Samuel 
Freligh Isaac 
Freligh Samuel 
Frenne Samuel 
Frere Hendrick 
Frier John 
Frisbee Coroth 
Fulmon Jasper 
Furler Jacob 
Ganston David 
Gardner Paul 
Gardner Silas 
Garrison Jonas 
Gidney Joseph 
Gillis John 
Goes Matthew, jr. 
Gordon James 
Gosline James 
Grant James 
Grant John 
Grant William 
Green John 
Griffin Obadiah 
Groome Francis 
Gusherack Frederick 
Guyer Nathan 
Haaver Christian 

Hadden Thomas 
Hains Samuel 
Halenbeek Kelean 
Hallaway Joseph 
Halstead John 
Ham Coonrat 
Hamilton William 
Handling Bryant 
Hanedorn Christopher 
Hannah Samuel 
Harder Peter 
Hare Alexander 
Harris Joseph 
Harris Thomas 
Hart John 
Hartle George 
Hasbrook Francis 
Hatt Bern't 
Haver Johannes 
Haver Peter, jr. 
Haviland Isaac 
Haviland John 
Hawley Agur 
Hawley John 
Hay John 
Haynes Samuel 
Heard Ebenezer 
Hearring Samuel 
Heggen John 
Helmer John 
Henderson Ward 
Henderson William 
Herring James 
Hetfield Col. 

Heustis Caleb 
Hoffman Coenradt 
Hogel Isaac 
Holamback Nicholas 
Holamback Samuel 
Holden James 
Holloway Joseph 
Horon Isaac 
Horton Gilbert 
Horton Jonathan 
Houten Jonathan 
Howard Edward 
Hubble Stephen 
Hueson George 
Hughson George 
Hughston George 
Hugyet Benjamin 
Hull Robert 
Huston George 
Huton Isaac 
Hysdrat Adam 
Inglis George 
In grab am Benjamin 
Ives David 
Jarrolman Henry 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Jarvis Samuel 
Jeecocks Benjamin 
Jenkins John 
Jewell Richard 
Jones James 
Jones Stephen 
Josephson Manuel 
Keating Gerrit 
Kelder William 
Keller William 
Kelley Patrick 
Kelly Thomas 
Kennedy Samuel 
Ketcham Isaac 
Killman Johannes 
Kisselbrack Jacob 
Kister Henning Nich. 
Kitchner Isaac 
Klons Johan George 
Knox James 
Knox Simeon 
Koats Christopher 
Kool Aaron 
Kool Aaron, jr. 
Kool Benjamin 
Kool David 
Korts John 
Korts John, jr. 

Ladow Abraham 
Laight Edward 
Lamanse James 
Lancaster William 
Landsman Casper 
Lantman Hendrick 
Laroy Francis 
Laroy Johannes 
Larys John 
Lasher Marks 
Lasher Samuel 
Laughlin Alexander 
Law Henry 
Lawrence Thomas 
Lawrence William, Dr. 
Lawson John 
Leonard Thomas 
Leslie Alexander 
Lester Cornelius 
Lester Enoch 
Lighthart Daniel 
Livingston Samuel 
Loan Andries 
Loan Philip 
Lobdell John 
Lockwood Isaac 
Lockwood Jesse 
Long James 
Lonnart Peter 
Loop Martin 

Losee John 
Lott Abraham 
Loun Bastian 
Low Isaac 
Low Simon 
Lown Johannes 
Lucas Sebastian 
Lycks Johannes 
Lycks Martin 
Lyng John B. 
Mabbett Joseph 
Mabbett Samuel 
McAdo Robert 
McAlpin John 
McAndo Robert 
McAuley William 
McCarty Haynes 
McDinment William 
McDonald Angus 
McDonald Daniel 
McDonald Donald 
McDonald Patrick 
McEdew Robert 
McEntire Daniel 
McEvers James 
McGillis Gillis 
McGinnis Stephen 
McGray Thomas 
McGuire Hugh 
Mclntire Daniel 
Mclntire John 
Mclntire Murphy 
McKay William 
McKinney Arthur 
McLachlin Alexander 
McLachlin John 
McLean Daniel 
McLean John 
McLean Peter 
McLeod Neal 
McLetray John 
McMallin John 
McMullan Donald 
McMullen Archibald 
McNeil Archibald 
McReay William 
Maloney John 
Mann William 
Margeson Peter 
Martin John 
Matthews Fletcher 
Maybee Myndert 
Mead William 
Medlar John 
Megkle Johannes, jr. 
Merritt Hackaliah 
Merryfield William 
Mickle John 
Middagh Alexander 

Migkle Johannes, jr. 
Miller Jacob 
Miller Jonathan 
Miller Philip 
Miller Thomas 
Miller Tite 
Minkler Adam 
Mirey Griffen 
Mitchel Robert 
Mitchel William 
Moffatt William 
More John 
Morgan Daniel 
Morrel John 
Morrill Benjamin 
Morrison John 
Mosher John 
Mosier Jehiel 
Mott Jacob 
Muckle John 
Muckleler John 
Munro John 
Muntford Dominickus 
Murphy Thomas 
Mynard Henry 
Neefus Peter 
Neilson Bloomer 
Newkerk Jacobus 
Newkirk Cornelius 
Newman Joseph 
Nicolls Charles 
Nicolson Robert 
Noble Jesse 
Olmstead James 
Ore William 
Orr William 
Ortman Christopher 
Osburn Alexander 
Osburn Israel, sr. 
Osburn Israel, jr. 
Palmeteer Hendrick 
Palmetier Capt. 

Panton Francis 
Patree Christopher 
Patterson Alexander 
Penbrook David 
Pettit James 
Phillips Frederick 
Phillips John 
Phillips Roelif 
Phillips Samuel 
Pine Jonathan 
Place James 
Potts Frederick 
Powell Elisha 
Proper Samuel 
Prosser Elias 
Pulver Nicholas 
Pulver Peter 

Purdy Daniel 
Purdy Joseph 
Pye Thomas 
Ragg Richard 
Rapalje John 
Rapalje Rem 
Read William 
Redding David 
Redding Edward 
Redmond Michael 
Reed Jacob 
Reed William 
Reenuit David 
Reynolds James 
Richardson John 
Rickhart John 
Ripenbergh David 
Ripenbergh Hendrick 
Ritchie George 
Robinson Alexander 
Robinson Duncan 
Robinson James 
Robinson John 
Rodgers John 
Rogers James 
Roome John L. C. 
Rosse Ephraim 
Rumsay Pheneus 
Runnien Hendrick 
Ryley Michael 
Rypenbergh George 
Rypenbergh Johannes 
Rysdorp Lawrence 
St. John Philip 
Sand John 
Savage John 
Saxton John 
Saxton William 
Sayre John 
Schearer Joseph 
Schurman Jacob 
Scott William 
Scoutenar Jacob 
Scoutin Jacob 
Seaman Coenradt 
Seaman David 
Seamen Jacob 
Seamen Jacob, jr. 
Seamen Jeremiah 
Second Samuel 
Seely Ephraim 
Service Christopher 
Sexton John 
Shannon Joseph 
Shaver Hendrick Jacobus 
Shaw Gilbert 
Shaw Lewis 
Shearer Joseph 

British Prisoners of War 


Shepler William 

Sherer Lewis 

Shever Hendrick, jr. 

Short Edward 

Sibley Richard 

Simmons Charles 

Simmons Coonrat 

Simmons David 

Simmons Edward 

Simmons Jacob 

Simmons Jeremiah 

Simmons Nicholas 

Sipperly Barnt 

Sisson Peleg 

Skinner Samuel Spencer 

Slack William 

Sleght Frederick 

Sloss John 

Sloss Robert 

Smedes Abraham 

Smedes Joel 

Smedes Moses 


Smith Abraham 

Smith Austin 

Smith Benjamin 

Smith Claudius 

Smith Coonradt 

Smith Daniel 

Smith David 

Smith Hendrick, jr. 

Smith John 

Smith Joseph 

Smith KillyaUj jr. 

Smith Zebulon 

Snider John 

Sniffin Isaac 


Snyder Dederick 

Snyder Jacob 

Snyder John 

Snyder Martin 

Snyder Teunis 

Snyder William 

Southard Zebulon 

Spencer Jabez 

Spicer Frederick 

Stanmore Seabody 
States Thomas 
Steenbrander Benjamin 
Steenbrander Isaac 
Stevens John 
Steward Alexander 
Stickle Nicholas 
Stokes John 
Stokum Jonathan 
Storm David 
Stout Benjamin 
Straats Jacob, jr. 
Strain James 
Straver Nicholas 
Strevell Aldreeks 
Stuart Alexander 
Summerville John 
Swinney John 
Switzer Phillip 
Sword Samuel 
Taylor Cornelius 
Taylor Elijah 
Taylor Joseph 
Tederick Christian 
Teed William 
Ten Eyck Andrew 
Thitshung Isaac 
Thomas James 
Thompson James 
Thorne Jabez 
Thome Jonathan 
Thorne Robert 
Thurman Richardson 
Tibbets George 
Timmerman Jacob 
Tippet James 
Totten Joseph 
Tracy James 
Trane Joseph 
Travers Johannes 
Travers Charles 
Trecarton Martin 
Tremper John 
Triver John 
Turner James 

Turner Joseph 
Tyler Joseph 
Underbill Daniel 
Underbill Nathaniel 
Ustick Henry 
Van Alen John L. 
Van Alstine Harmon 
Van Alstine John.S. 
Van Alstine Martinus 
Van Alstyne Bartholomew 
Van Camp Jacob 
Van Camp Jacob, jr. 
Van Denbergh Henry 
Van derburgh John 
Van der Kar John 
Van dermark Sylvester 
Van Duser Johannes 
Van Duser Robert 
Van Dyck Dirck 
Van Kleeck Barent 
Van Kleef William 
Van Kleek Baltus 
Van Schaick Henry 
Van Vlarken Alexander 
Van Vleet John 
Van Waggenen Johannis 
Vary Samuel 
Vaughan Wright 
Verlie Jercke 
Verte Thomas 
Verty Samuel 
Vonk Jacob 
Vosburgh Jacob 
Vredenbergh John W. 
Vrooman Meynard 
Wagner John Crist 
Wallace William 
Wallbridge Elias 
Wallegrove Thomas 
Walter George 
Ward John 
Warden Nathaniel 
Warner Thomas 
West Elisha 
West James 

West Joseph 
West William 
Wheeler Jerry 
Wheeler Nicholas 
White Charles 
White David 
White John 
Whitman Abraham 
Whitmore Philip 
Wickham William 
Wigant William 
Wilkinson Hannah 
Wilkinson Thomas 
Williams Arent 
Williams Benjamin 
Williams Peter 
Williams Richard 
Williams William 
Williamson Thomas 
Wilson Alexander 
Wilson Thomas 
Winderwoer Abraham 
Winterton William 
Wiver Andrew 
Wood James 
Wood John 
Wood Samuel 
Wood Stephen 
Wood William 
Woodside John 
Woolcomb Joseph 
Woolsey William 
Wooster Moses 
Wormer Isaac 
Wright Joseph 
Wyatt David 
Yager Nicholas 
Yates William 
Young Adam 
Young Andrew 
Youngs Isaac 
Youngs Israel 
Youngs Philip 
Youngs Robert 
Younkhanse Hendrick 
Zise Michael 

242 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


Before the law relative to Sequestration had been enacted it became necessary to make Sales 
of certain property belonging to the Enemies of the American Cause. For instance, on Nov. 2^, 
1776, the Committee of Safety authorized William Duer to send proper persons to take, for 
the use of the American Army, all the Hay, Forage and Grain on the farm of Thomas Barclay, 
of Ulster county, " having some months since gone over to the Enemy on Nassau Island," 
leaving enough for the support of the family and stock remaining on the farm. The Commit- 
tee also appointed Commissioners to sell the property so taken. 

In Convention of the Representatives of the State of New York March 6, 1777 — 
Whereas divers 111 disposed persons Inhabitants of this State being unmindful of the great 
duties they owe to the same have joined our cruel & inveterate foes & the Effects of such per- 
sons & of divers others now with the enemy are liable to waste or maybe employed for wicked 
purposes within these States or consist of goods & merchandise usefull to the well affected 
Inhabitants of the same, In consideration thereof & for divers other good Causes and 

Resolved that the Commissioners herein after named do take into their custody & possesion 
all the personal property of the persons aforesaid, and do cause the same to be sold at public 
vendue upon notice thereof given at least 10 days before the day of sale, and to file with the 
treasurer of this State Accts. of the sale of such property and to deposit the neat amount 
thereof together with such monies as they shall find belonging to the persons aforesaid into the 
Treasury to be hereafter paid to the respective owners thereof or otherwise disposed of at 
the Discretion of the Legislature of this State. Leaving nevertheless to each of the families 
of the persons aforesaid their apparel necessary household furniture & as much provisions as 
will be sufficient for their subsistance for three months. 

Resolved that for the due execution of the foregoing Resolutions within the several coun- 
ties of this State, the following persons be and they hereby are appointed Commissioners with 
the powers and Authorities aforesaid and also with power of sending for papers & examining 
witnesses on Oath in the said Counties respectively Vizt for the City & County of Albany 
Cornelius Cuyler of Schenectady. Harmanus Wendell of the City of Albany & Peter Van 
Ness of Claverack Esqrs. for the County of Dutchess Anthony Hoffman, Ephraim Payne & 
Theodoras VanWyck Esqrs for the County of Westchester Stephen Ward, Samuel Drake & 
Israel Honeywell Junr Esqrs. for the County of Ulster Patrick Barber, Ben Smedes Junr & 
Johannis Sleght Esqrs, for the County of Orange Jesse Woodhull, John Coe & Gysbert Kuy- 
per Esqrs, for the County of Tryon Frederick Fisher, John Eisenlord & John Harper Esqrs, 
for the County of Cumberland James Clay, Amos Robertson & Israel Smith Esqrs. And 
whereas this House for want of Information cannot at present fix upon suitable Commis- 
sioners for the Counties of Charlotte & Gloucester, Resolved therefore that the appointment 
of Commissioners for the said Counties be deferred. Resolved that each of the said Commis- 
sioners be allowed besides the Incidental Charges in executing this Trust the sum of Sixteen 
Shillings per day for their Expences and trouble while actually employed therein & that they 
do before they enter upon the Said Business take & Subscribe before the Chairman of the 
Committee of their respective Counties the following Oath — I, A. B., do solemnly swear 
and declare that I will to the best of my knowledge and Ability execute the trust reposed in 

The Commissioners of Sequestration 243 

me by the aforegoing Resolutions without Fear Favor Affection Partiality or Hope of Reward. 
So help me God. 

Resolved that all & singular the powers & Authorities by the foregoing Resolutions given 
to the said Commissioners be rested & exercised in & by any two of those named for the 
several Counties respectively. 

Ordered that A Copy of the said Resolutions be sent to one of the Commissioners in each 
County & that he be requested to Communicate the same to the other Commissioners in 
his County & to the Chairman of the County Committee thereof. 

March 21, 1777. Whereas this Convention did in and by certain Resolutions passed on the 
Sixth day of March Instant appoint sundry persons therein named Commissioners to take 
into their Custody & dispose of the personal property of ill disposed persons who are gone 
over to or are with the Enemy. 

And Whereas the Powers given the said Commissioners by the said Resolutions may in 
some Instances be found Incompetent for the purposes therein Mentioned — 

Therefore Resolved that the Respective Commissioners therein named be & they are hereby 
Authorized in Cases where upon demand such personal property is refused to be given up 
to apply to the respective County or District Committee or the Militia Officers in the Res- 
pective Counties for such aid as may be judged necessary to carry the aforegoing Resolutions 
in Execution. 

April 16, 1777, a Resolution was passed giving the Commissioners power " to rent out on 
moderate terms the Farms Stock & Utensils of the farms for one year & take Security for the 
rent which is to be paid into the Treasury Making reservations for the families who shall be 
left in necessity by the persons who have gone off ". January 13, 1778, a Resolution was 
passed ordering " that the Commissioners pay no money but by special order from the Conven- 
tion or Legislature ". 

The Commissioners took property, mostly personal, and administered it in the name of the 
State. Therefore, Debts due to that property became Debts due to the State ; and Claims 
against that property became Claims against the State. Many of the Commissioners were sued 
by parties whose property had been taken wrongfully ; but the Legislature usually granted re- 
lief in such cases. July 9, 1776 was the date at which the Confiscation became operative. The 
Commissioners usually sent the proceeds of the Sales and of the renting of farms to the State 

The Commissioners of Sequestration, however, were first required to use some of the pro- 
ceeds for Clothing for the Troops of the State; and some, for furnishing Distressed families 
with Flour, Meal and other necessaries. 

The duties of the Commissioners of Sequestration varied in the several Counties. In the out- 
line given below, the Commissioners who are named are those who did the work, according 
to the original documents. 

In Albany County, there are a few unimportant Accounts of Cornelius Cuyler, Peter Van 
Ness and Harmanus Wendell, who served in a general way. The County was sub-divided into 
the Northern, Middle and Southern Districts. George Palmer and John Younglove had 
charge of the Northern District. The latter came before the Convention, Jan. 14, 1778, and 
" informed " that, in the course of his business as a Commissioner, he had received three 
counterfeit bills, $42 in all. The Convention ordered that if Mr. Younglove take Oath that 

244 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

he did not know who paid them in, he be credited that amount on his Account. He took the 
Oath, before the State Treasurer, on the same day. 

Flores Bancker, Col. Myndert Roseboom and George White were the Commissioners in the 
Middle District. Nearly all of the Accounts are in the name of Col. Roseboom, and they 
refer to the relief of the Distressed inhabitants of his locality. This remarkable man, was the 
son of Hendrick Roseboom. More information in regard to him may be found in " Ancestors 
and Descendants of John Roseboom, of Schenectady," published in 1898. 

The Commissioners of Sequestration, in the Southern District of Albany County, were Mat- 
thew Adgate, Gabriel Esseltine, Isaac Goes and Hezekiah Van Orden. In this District, the 
Commissioners seemed to make special efforts to secure the family plate, which was turned 
over to the State Treasurer. 

The Commissioners for Albany County paid for Provisions, Salt, Clothing and Horses; also 
for keeping Cattle and for driving to Albany the Cattle of the Disafifected. They transported 
Tory Prisoners; and the collection of Taxes was among their duties. The record of their Sales 
of Sequestered Property are not complete, although it is known that some of their Sales com- 
menced in September, 1777. The Sales in the Middle District were about £13000, in 1778 and 

In Charlotte County, the Commissioners were Aaron Fuller, James McNish, John Moorhouse, 
John Nesbitt and John Rowan. They sold personal Estates to the amount of £370.19.4. 

The Commissioners of Cumberland County left no Accounts of importance. They were 
James Clay, Amos Robertson and Israel Smith. 

In Dutchess County, the Commissioners were: Anthony Hoflfman, Ephraim Paine, Henry Liv- 
ingston, jr., Isaac Sheldon and Theodorus Van Wyck. They transported the famiHes of the 
Disaffected, and gave leases of their houses and farms to others who were loyal to the Cause of 
the Colonies. Their Accounts are especially full of promissory notes payable to parties whose 
property was afterward confiscated. Among the notes are many belonging to the Estate of James 
Dickinson " who went off to the enemy ". The amount of the Sales of Confiscated Estates by 
the Commissioners of this County was £59942.18.3. William and Thomas Henderson were 
acting as Agents of Beverly Robinson before the war broke out ; and there are numerous notes 
and mortgages payable to their order. They were also Agents for the firm of Beverly Robinson 
and Roger Morris, afterward described as " Attainted Characters." 

The Commissioners of Sequestration in Orange County were: John Coe, Gilbert Cooper, 
Gysbert Kuyper, Elihu Marvin, Isaac NicoU, John Terneur and Jesse Woodhull. They made 
lists of the personal Estates sold, and lists of those who hired farms ; paid for inventories of 
Estates, and for bringing Horses, Grain &c to them ; and gathered Forage for the Public 
Magazine at King's Ferry. The Claimants against Confiscated Estates were paid in Certifi- 
cates which, as late as 1791, were received by the County Treasurer in payment of " Specie 
Arrears of Taxes " The Sales of the Commissioners reached a total of £6083.8.8., from Jan- 
uary, 1778 to March, 1778. The Auditor-General made these comments on two of the Claims 
for unjust Sales of personal property: — 

The Commissioners of Sequestration 245 

" Claims of Mangel Minhorne & John Staples — £217.14.6 for Rent Received of their Farms 
by the Commiss'rs of Sequestration of Orange County. Both of them were out of the Lines 
first, & afterwards when they thought it a gone case went into N. York & joined the Enemy. It 
is true that they have procured a Certificate that they contributed to the relief of the Prisoners, 
but this is no proof to me that they were friends. It might have proceeded from fear when they 
found we would succeed in the end. Therefore their claim is inadmissible ", 

Peter S. Deygart, John Eisenlord, Frederick Fisher, Christopher Fox, John Harper and Wil- 
liam Harper were the Commissioners of Sequestration for Tryon County. The Commissioners 
delivered Provisions for the use of the Continental Army; collected rents from Confiscated 
Farms; and, in numerous cases, gave assistance to the Distressed. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The following, from Tryon County, is one of the most valuable documents in the collection : — 

A Rent Roll of the Farms left by Persons gone to the Enemy and 

To whom belonged 

By Whom Rented 




Annual Rent 


Sir John Johnson, 



Will"!. Phillips 

May IS 





Jno. Seber 

June 7 




Do. G. Flats 






Adm. Helmer Do. 

Jno. Kasselman 





Jno. Herkimer 

J. R. Herkimer 





Tenbrook — — ■ — — — 

Jno. Weaver — — — — — 

Jno. Campbell C/ Valley 

Sir John Johnson's Old 

Fort Abm. Barclay 

Col. Claus Edwd. Roach 

Col Johnson Pat. Downs 
Sir John Johnson's 

(Hall) J. Sammons 
Do. Farm at Caughna- 

waga Jno. Fonda 
Do. Old Fort Groot 

Jno. Young Jno. Seber 

Michl Byrne _____ 

Petres (at Coxes) Capt H. Staring 

Lewis Clement Barns. Hanson 

Guy Johnson Fergus Kennedy 

Walter Butler H Young 

Php. Shaver 

Mich. Bvrne 

Col Claus (Kingsbro) 

Do. Mohawk River 

Sir John Johnson's mill 

& Fort 
Do. Caughnawaga 
John Weaver 

Fredk Young 
John Young 
Hank Huff 
John Frail 
Gilt. Tice 

Henk Vrooman 
Richd. Collins 
John Long 
Will Harper 

Albt. Vedder 
John Fonda 

W". Palminter 
Wm. Wills 
Jno. Seber 
Wm. Phillips 
Jno. Morgan 
Jas. Dunn 
Jas. Davison 
Pet Yost 
Jno. Crowly 
W". Laird 
W". Emmons 
M. McMartin 

A. Stevens 
Ph. Phillips 
Jno. Anderson 

B. Dolyne 
Thos. Butler 




Sepr IS 

June 7 


Feby 7 

May I 



Deer 24 
Sepr IS 
May 6 

June 7 


Apl IS 
Sepr 15 






















































































Castleman (at the pose) — 

Peter Summer 

Ph. Christler, Durloch 

Fred Fox Do. 

Adam Hoover Do. 

Casp. Teller 
Wm. Phillips 








The Commissioners of Sequestration 247 

forfeited to the United States, and in whose Possession they are now 

Bent Paid Bent in Arrear 

75 ■ 

14. 0. Given to Indians by Genl Arnold 

, — — — destroyed by the Enemy 

— — — left for support of Family 

50. o. Gen'. Herkimer had it with the Utensils and since 


— — — Proved his Wifes Property 

— — — In Possession of his wife 

— — — Mortgagee has closed the Mortgage 






Run away 






Dead & his Widow Run away 






Run away 









Out of repair 


— . 




run away & since hanged 







destroyed by the Enemy 







In Possession of his Wife 






destroyed by the Enemy 






Out of repair 






Out of repair 


— . 




is Specie rec'd by J. Harper. See Creditted in acci 
B by said Harper. 



















Not Tenanted 














destroyed by the Enemy 





















dead & Insolvent 





































15. o. o 

— — — 6. O. O insolvent 

— • — — — — — (No Rent being fixt in Peaceable Possession and 

appearing friendly to the States never took posses- 

100. o. o 

— — — — — — In Possession of the Family 

— — — it.i O. O taken possession of by the proprietor 

— . — — ^ — — In Possession of his Wife 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Rent Roll — 

To whom belong'd By Whom Rented 

Jol. Miller, Durloch _ _ _ _ 

H. Marsellas Do. ______ 

Jas. Markle Do. ______ 

H. Shaver Do. — — — — — — 

G. Lowks Do. — — — — — — 

Jno. Shell Do. 

John Crows Do. — — — — — — 

J. McDonald Cht River 

Allen Do. 

Bory Do. — — — — — — 

Alexr. Do. _ — — 

D. Miller 

Jno. Cameron/Cortwright — — — ■ 

H. Clark Do. 

D. Nicholson Do. — — — — — — 

G. Chisholm D'. — — — — — . — 

Jno. Livingston Do. — — — — — 

Dond. McLeod Do. — — — — — 

H. McMullen Do. — 

Sir John Johnson's Mill 

Johnstown William Tullip 
Sir John Johnson's Hall, 

Do Jas. Sammons 

Johnstown Jno. Van Vorst 

Do. Php. Phillips 

Do. Wm. Emmory 

Do. Peter Yost 

Do. Jno. Phillips 

Do. Jo. Scott 

Do. G. D. Lyne 

Do. Jas. Dunn 

Do. A. Van Dewarke 

Do. Mr. Murry 

Do. Shuttans 

Do. Rob. Adams 

Michl Byrne Richd. Collins 
Claus, at Kingsborough John Long 

Do. Mohawk River W™. Harper 



Annual Rent 
£. D. 


Walter Butler 
Farm & Mill at Fort 
Sir John Johnson's 

Lewis Clement 

Simon Clarke 
(name missing) 
John Bouzier 
John Frazier 

Fredk. Young 
Jno Frail 
H. Huff 

Hen. Young 
Albert Vedder 

John Fonda 

B. Hanson 

MicW. Clyne 
W™. Laird 
Jno. Anderson 
B. D. 

(name missing) 
Nicl. McMartin 
Ama Stevens 
Jerem. Crowly 
Wm. Wells 
John Morgan 
Gody. Shue 

May IS 










Sepr IS 








































Deer 24 








May I 







June 7 


May I 




Sepr 15 







































' 0. 

The Commissioners of Sequestration 



Bent Paid 

Bent in Airear 

In Possession of his Wife 

In Possession of his Wife 





Family residing on the Farm 












(Left by Will during Life with the Potash works by 

Sr. William Johnson) 
dead, his estate not able to pay 
bad, runaway 

(Twenty Skippl of Wheat at the Price it may go at, 
with Two Cows on the Place at £50, with some 
Farming Utensils) 

— — — good 

(Twenty Skipples of Wheat at the Price it may go at. 

(Twenty Skipples of Wheat at the Price it may go at. 

Taken off & carr'd to Canada) 

taken prisoner 

not able to pay 

250 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The best preserved, and the most interesting of all the records of Sales by the Commission- 
ers of Sequestration in the several Counties is one with the heading " Account Sales of Sun- 
dries Sold at Publick Vandue by the Commissioners of Sequestration for the County [Tryon] 
by order of the Convention of the State of New York, March 6th 1777, The Property Formerly 
belonging to the Persons hereafter mentioned, beginning at Johnson's Hall May ist 1777". 
This book shows a total of £13205.2.3 received for the Sales, ending Dec. 23, 1777. The sepa- 
rate items of Sales number over 3000. The Sales of Sir John Johnson's efifects, at Johns- 
town, Nov. 17, 1777, aggregated £3576.13.11. Among the items are: 2 Tackle Clocks; i Negro 
Wench & 2 Children, i8i ; i Negro Man, £59.19.0; Surveyors instruments; shoe-maker's tools; 
numerous brass fenders and andirons; i electrifying wheel; i large Bible; 2 spinning wheels; 
and (at Johnson's Hall) a harpsichord. 

The Commissioners sold Sequestered Property to the amount of £1951.2.2, from July, 1780 to 
June, 1783. There is an apparent total of £28565.5.2 for property sold. This is exclusive of 
£2000, for Sales in 1777. The Auditor-General, in passing upon the Accounts of the Commis- 
sioners, objected because they had turned in a part in notes, instead of all in cash; and because 
the excuse for so doing was that some of the purchasers " had their property burnt or de- 
stroyed by the Enemy ". Therefore, the Auditor-General refused to accept notes or bad debts; 
and referred the Commissioners to the Legislature for relief. 

In Ulster County, Patrick Barber, James Hunter, Johannis Sleght and Benjamin Smedes, jr., 
were the Commissioners. There are four books of Sales of effects by the Commissioners, aggre- 
gating a larger amount of details than the Sales in Tryon County; and the items are nearly, if 
not quite, as interesting. The total amount realized was about £16500. Beside this, Barber's 
Sales netted £2094; Sleght's, £1466; 

In Westchester County a Special Committee ante-dated, and ran parallel with, the work of the 
Commissioners of Sequestration. The Committee of Safety, Feb. 22, 1777, appointed Samuel 
Drake, Israel Honeywell, Nathaniel Hyatt, jr., William Miller, John Thomas, jr., and Stephen 
Ward, as a Special Committee, or Commission," to protect the persons and property of the 
well-afifected inhabitants of Westchester County; to secure the efifects of those who have fled to 
or joined the Enemy ; and to guard the efifects taken from such Persons ". Mr. Thomas was 
the Chairman; and Ezekiel Hawley, Nathan Rockwell and Joseph Strang occasionally served 
on the Committee. (See Forage, in the Chapter on " Provisions.") The Special Committee 
ordered the Committee of Salem to dispose of the effects of several persons who had " joined 
the Enemies of the United States of America". The Sales netted £587.16.8. In March, 1777, 
the Committee, in conjunction with the Committee of the Convention, resolved to raise 262 
men for one month. They were divided into five Companies, under the command of Lieut. 
Col. Hammon and Major Fish. The Accounts of the Committee were settled by Richard Hat- 
field, Philip Pell, jr., and Jonathan G. Tompkins, who were appointed for that purpose by the 
Provincial Congress, May 13, 1777. 

Samuel Drake, Israel Honeywell and Stephen Ward, members of the Special Committee, were 
also appointed Commissioners of Sequestration for Westchester County. James Hunt was the 

Claims for Damages by the American Army 251 

fourth Commissioner. The Commissioners paid for bringing in the effects of the Disafifected ; 
took firewood, timber &c from Sequestered Estates for the use of the Army; and assessed small 
amounts, generally not exceeding £3., on farms formerly owned by those who had gone to the 
Enemy. The Commissioners paid the proceeds for the support of the Poor in the Manor of 
Cortlandt. They were applied to by the Assistant State Agent for the French Army, and by 
twelve Assistant State Agents for the American Army, for lists of all the Sequestered Farms, 
so that Forage might be gathered for the two respective Armies. 

The books of Sales in Westchester County were not as full and complete as the books in 
the Counties of Tryon and Ulster. One book of Sales footed up £13893; and an apparent 
total was £15650. On Sept. i, 1782, Timothy Pickering, Quarter-Master-General of the Con- 
tinental Army, appointed John Keese to examine all Accounts and Claims; and his report of 
Dec. 15, 1782, showed that the Claim of the State against the United States was £13765.3.2 3/4. 
The sum of £6758.8.3 was added to this by the appraisement of Officers chosen by the United 
States and by the State of New York. 

Claims for Damages by the American Army 

Nearly all the Qaims for Damages done by the American Army came through the Commis- 
sioners of Sequestration; who either paid them first, or presented them directly to the State. 
This was especially true of timber cut, and fence rails taken, from Sequestered Estates, for the 
most part in Westchester County. In the same County, large quantities of rails and Forage 
were taken for the use of the American Army from both Sequestered and Private Estates. The 
Accounts relating to these Claims give, in detail, the names of the former proprietors, the names 
of the occupants and the value of the property taken. The total value was about £70,000. The 
property taken consisted of about 3000 cords of fire wood and 350,000 rails. Some of the Ac- 
counts were prepared by John Keese, under appointment from Timothy Pickering, Quarter- 
Master-General of the Continental Army. 

The State Treasurer issued Certificates for Money due for Damages to farms. Claims of 
this nature were paid by the State, almost without exception ; and the State afterward recovered 
the several amounts from the United States. While Damages of this sort usually came 
through the operations of the Army, yet the Convention sometimes ordered the taking, or 
damaging, of private property. 

The State of New York to Nicholas Bayard Dr. 
To damages done his Estate by order of the State Convention, Viz*. 

Destroying the Timber from Bunker Hill, taken Sod from his Best fields in Order to Erect 
a fort on the said hill, cutting down the Locust Trees in his lane, to the Amount of £1000. 
The above damages were done by Order of the State Convention in the year 1776. 
Personally appeared before me Daniel McCormick one of the Aldermen of the City of New 
York, Nicholas Bayard, who being sworn on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God deposeth 
and saith that the above damages of £1000 he belives to be done to his Estate. 

Nicholas Bayard 
Sworn before me this 31 Day of Deer. 1790 

Daniel McCormick. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The following were the Claimants for Damages by the American Army: 

Acker Abraham 
Acker William 
Ackles (Widow) 

Adams Nathaniel 
Allaire Mary (Widow) 
Andrews (Widow) 

Angevine Lewis 
Applebe Joseph 
Appleby Stephen 
Arnold Richard 
Arundel Richard 
Atkins David 
Ausen Albert 
Ausen John 
Auser John 
Bard Joseph 
Bates John 
Bayard Nicholas 
Bayley William 
Belding Samuel 
Bennett (Widow) 

Bevier Abraham 
Bishop Noah 
Bishop Thomas 
Bonnet (Widow) 

Boyce Aaron 
Boyce Abraham 
Boyce Jacob 
Boyce John 
Boyce Thomas 
Brady Thomas 
Brevoort Abraham 
Britt John 
Brown Ebenezer 
Campbell John 
Carpenter Archelaus 
Champenois Thomas 
Chatterton Michael 
Chatterton William 
Clopper (Widow) 

Codwise Christopher 
Comb George 
Crawford William 
Cromwell Judea 
Cypher John 
Davids David 
Davids William 
Davis Peter 
Dean Isaac 
Dean John 
Dean Samuel 
Dean Willits 
DeLancey James 
Delevan Samuel 

DeVoe (Widow) 

Dusenbery John 
Dusenbury Woolsey 
Dutcher William 
Ecker Stephen 
Ellis (Widow) 

Enters Mary 
Farchay John 
Field William 
Fisher John 
Fisher Samuel 
Fleuelling Thomas 
Foshay John 
Fowler Anthony 
Fowler Benjamin 
Fowler Christopher 
Fowler Jonathan 
Fowler Joseph 
Fowler Newbury 
Frost Jedediah 
Gale Griffin 
Galpin Joseph 
Garrison Isaac 
Gidney Absolom 
Gidney Isaac 
Gidney James 
Gidney John 
Gidney Jonathan 
Gilliland James 
Golden Joseph 
Hadley George 
Haight John 
Haight Thomas 
Haight William 
Hammen James 
Hart Eleazer 
Hatton Robert 
Hawkins John 
Hetfield Joshua 
Heustis Caleb 
Heyfield Hannah (Wi 
Hill James 
Hill Thomas 
Honeywell Israel, jr. 
Hopper Richard 
Horton Gilbert 
Horton Jonathan P. 
Horton Samuel 
Hunt Eden 
Hunt John 
Hunt Joshua 
Hunt Solomon 
Hunt Thomas 
Hunt William 

Jewell John 
Kniffin Jonathan 
Lancaster William 
Lawnsbury William 
Lawrence Isaac 
Le Forgee Adrian 
Leggett Joseph 
Lipe John 
Ludington Comfort 
Lyon Samuel 
McChain Hendrick 
McChain James 
McCord James 
McLean John 
Mandeville Jacob 
Martine John 
Martling Daniel 
Mathews Ananias 
Meeks John 
Menzies Thomas 
Merritt Thomas 
Miller Ann (Widow) 
Miller Anthony 
Mulhern Richard 
Munson George 
Nelson Joshua 
Newbury John 
Oakley Caleb 
Oakley David 
Oakley John 
Oakly William 
Odell Henry 
Ogden Benjamin 
Ogden William 
Orsar Albert 
Orsar John 
Owens Moses 
Patterson Matthew 
Pearce James 
Peirson Joseph 
dow) Pelton Daniel 
Pelton Philip 
Philipse Frederick 
Post Abraham 
Post Anthony 
Pugsley David 
Pugsley Gilbert 
Pugsley William 
Purdy (Widow) 

Purdy Gabriel 
Purdy Henry 
Purdy Joseph 
Purdy Samuel 
Requaw Glode 

Requaw James 
Rich Elizabeth (Widow) 
Rich Thomas 
Robinson Beverly (Re- 
ligious Society) 
Ryder Jacob 
Ryer Sarah 
See (Widow) 

See Isaac 
See James 
Sherwood Job 
Smith David 
Smith John 
Snider Stephen 
Snouk Peter 
Storm Abram 
Storm Hendrick 
Storm John 
Syffer John 
Taylor Gilbert 
Taylor Shadreck 
Ten Eycke Isaac 
Tompkins Jonathan G. 
Travis Uriah 
Underbill (Widow) 

Underbill Abram 
Underbill John 
Valentine Thomas 
Van Amberough John 
Van Ambree John 
Van Tassell Cornelius 
Van Tassell David 
Van Tassell Jacob 
Van Tassell John 
Van Tassell Peter 
Van Wart Jacob 
Van Wart William 
Veal William 
Ward Gilbert 
Ward Stephen 
Waring & Townsend 
Warner William 
Warren James 
Warren Peter 
Weeks Gilbert 
Weeks John 
Wiggons Stephen, jr. 
Wilde Judith (Widow) 
Williams Isaac 
Williams Mary (Widow) 
Willson Jotham 
Yerks (Widow) 

Yerks John 
Youngs Joseph 

Estates Confiscated 


A law passed October 21, 1779 provided for a Joint-Committee of both Houses of the Legis- 
lature " to enquire into the conduct of the Commissioners of Sequestration ". Proceeding 
under this law, James Duane, John Morin Scott and Egbert Benson made a report in July, 
1781, showing that their own expenses had been £ 6369. between March 3, 1780 and July 10, 
1 78 1. With the report was filed an alphabetical list of the names of those whose property 
had been sold ; and the statement was made that the list was complete. As the Joint- Committee 
evidently overlooked many papers that are accessible today, the list furnished by them in 1781 
is merged in the following list which may be considered the most accurate and exhaustive that 
has ever been published. The Military and Civil Titles given in the Hst had been granted 
under the Colony before the War. 

Estates Confiscated 

Abbot Joseph 
Acker Garret 
Acker Joseph 
Acker Jost 
Acker Tice 
Ackerman William 
Ackerley Joshua 
Ackerson John I. 
Adams Nathaniel 
Addams John 
Albertson John 
Albrant Henry 
Algyer M. 

Alyea Isaac 
Ames Jonas 
Ames Nicholas 
Amory John 
Anderson James 
Anderson John 
Anderson Joseph 
Anderson Joshua 
Anjouvine John 
Anjouvine Peter 
Anker Caleb 
Anthony Joseph 
Antis Peter 
Archer Caleb 
Ardencock J. 
Arkenburgh William 
Armstrong John 
Arskine John 
Backer Abraham 
Backes Peter, jr. 

Bailey Abraham 
Bailey Levy 
Bailey William 
Baisley John 
Baizley Abraham 

Baker Jonathan ' 
Baker Samuel 
Baker William 
Ball George 
Ball Jacob 
Banyar Gouldsbury 
Barclay (Mrs) 

Barclay Thomas 
Barclay Thomas H. 
Barker John 
Barker Thomas 
Barnard Conrad 
Barnet Ochabed 
Barnett Ichabod B. 
Barnhart D. 
Barnhart Herman 
Barnhart Joseph 
Barns John 
Barns Joshua 
Bartlefalk Johannis 
Bartley Esions 
Basely John 
Basely Thomas 

Bates Gilbert 
Bates John 
Banck Frederick 
Baxter Samuel 
Baxter Thomas 
Bayard Samuel 
Bayard William, Col. 
Beardsley John 
Beaty Thomas 
Bedford Jonathan 
Belding Samuel, Dr. 
Bell George 
Bell John 
Bend Grove 
Bennet Thomas 

Bergh Christian, jr. 
Berkley E. 
Berkley J. 


Bevens William 
Beyea James 
Bird Henry 
Birdsalls John 
Black John 
Black Nation 
Blakely James 
Blauvelt David 
Bloomendall John 
Bloomer Robert 
Bobbett Daniel 
Boen Luykert 
Bogart Abraham 
Bogart Guysbert 
Bogart Jacobus 
Bogart James 
Bolt Moses 
Bonett Peter 
Booth William 
Bort Peter 

Boslar Frederick 
Bowen William 
Bower Capt. 

Bowser John 
Bradshaw Stephen 
Brady Thomas 
Brewer Jeremiah 
Brevort Elias 
Briggs Elkanah 
Briggs William 
Brill Jacob 
Brill Johannis 
Brink Samuel 
Brinkley Thomas 
Brisbe John 
Broadhower Nicholas 
Brower Jeremiah 
Brown Abraham 
Brown Betle 
Brown Caleb 

Brown Casper 
Brown Ebenezer 
Brown Edward 
Brown Everit 
Brown Hendrick 
Brown James 
Brown Nathaniel 
Brownson Samuel 
Brundige Joshua * 
Brush Hendrick 
Brush Joseph 
Brush Shubal 
Brust M. 
Buckhout John 
Buckhout Peter 
Buckley Evert 
Buckley Jochim 
Buel Timothy 
Buise John 
Burch John 

Burnet Matthew 
Burnet Thomas 
Burnet William 
Burnett Ichabeed B. 
Burns William 

Burtis Barent 
Bush Christian 
Bush Hendrick 
Bush Martin 
Butler John, Col. 
Butler Walter, Ens. 
Butson George 
Buyce Peter, sr. 
Buyce Peter, jr. 
Buyck Christopher 
Buyse William 
Byrne Michael 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Cadman William 
Calkins Capt. 

Cambron John 
Cambron William 
Cameron Duncan 
Cameron John 
Cameron William 

Campbell Archibald 
Campbell Duncan 
Campbell James 
Campbell Jno 
Campbell Neal 
Campbell William 
Carehart Daniel 
Carithers Thomas 
Carle Thomas 
Carle William 
Carleton Dennis 
Carpenter Archelaus 
Carpenter Daniel 
Carpenter Henry 
Carpenter Israel 
Carpenter Jonathan 
Carpenter Latting 
Carpenter William 
Carpenter Zeno 
Carrigan Patrick 
Carrigan Peter 
Casimer John 
Chace Daniel, jr. 
Champenvois John 
Chatterdon Michael 
Cherry John 
Cherrytree Jacob 
Chew Josiah 
Chisholm George 
Christler Philip 
Clapp Jesse 
Clark Hugh 
Clark John 
Clark Robert 
Clark Samuel 
Clark Simon 
Clarwater Abraham 
Clarwater Daniel 
Clarwater Frederick 
Clarwater Isaac 
Clarwater Jacob 
Claus Daniel, Col. 
Clement Jennet 
Clement Joshua 
Clement Lewis 
Clement Peter 
Cline Michael 
Clopper Cornelius 
Close Abraham 
Close Benjamin, jr 

Cock Jorden 
Coevert Adolphus 
Cole Daniel 
Cole Jacob 
Cole John 
Cole John I. 
Cole Simon 
Coles Daniel 
Concklin Joseph 
Conckling Abraham 
Cones John 
Constable Abraham 
Cook George 
Cook Ichabod 
Cooke Matthias 
Coone Jacob 
Coone John 
Cooper Jacob 
Cooper Thomas 
Corey Griffin 
Cormer Peter 
Cormer Thomas 
Corney Peter 
Cough Philip 
Covel Simeon 
Covert George 
Cowan M. 
Cox Samuel 
Craft David 
Craft John, jr. 
Crafts William 
Crannell Bartholomew 
Craney Capt. 

Crathers Thomas 
Crawford David 
Crawford James 
Creighton John 
Crieslar William 
Crissy Simon 
Cronk John 
Cronkhyte Isaac 
Crookshank Alexander 
Crossfleld Stephen 
Crow Joseph 
Crows John 
Crum William 
Crysler Adam 
Cummings Patrick 
Cummins John 
Cummins William 
Currien David 
Curry Joseph 
Curry Joshua 
Curry Peter 
Curry Stephen 
Cutler Roger 
Cuyler Abraham C. 
Cuyler Nicholas 

Dan David 
Danford Richard 
Danford Stephen 
Danielson Thomas 
Dann Abraham 
Darrot James 
Davis Charles 
Day John 
Dayfoot Daniel 
Dean Nicholas 
Deas James 
DeBleanas John 
DeFries Abraham 
DeGraugh Abraham 
DeLancey James, Lt. 

& Council 
DeLancey Stephen 
Demarest Peter 
Demilts John 
Demott Isaac 

Derby William 
DesBrosses Elias 
DeVoe Frederick 
DeWitt Jacob 

Dickinson Gilbert 
Dickinson James 
Dickinson Samuel 
Dickinson TertuUus 
Dingey Solomon 
Dingwill James 
Dixon John 
Dobbs Michael 
Dobbs Walter 
Dockstader George A. 
Dodge Ithamer 
Dodge Stephen 
Dop John 
Doty Abraham 
Doty Philip 
Doughty Edward 
Dow Joseph 
Downs James 
Drake Cornelius 
Drake Jeremiah 
Drake Peter 
Drumming Patrick 
DuBois Cornelms 
DuBois Peter 
Dumond & Oothout 
Duncan James 
Dusenbury Woolsey 
Ebbets Daniel 
Edwards Manuel 
Elder William 
Elleback Emanue. 
Ellis William 
Ellison Richaid 
Ellistone Abraham 

Emmons Eli 
Emmons John 
Empie Christopher 
Empie Philip 
Ennist John 
Esselstyne Peter 
Everit Richard 
Every John 
Every Thomas 
Faulk Isaac 
Faulkner John 
Gov. Feather John 

Fellinger (the Drummer) 


Ferdon Jacob 


Ferguson A. 

Ferguson John 

Ferres Jacob 

Festor Francis P. 

Feterly Peter 

Fetter Lucas 

Fetter Philemon 

Field Benjamin 

Fiks Peter 

Finckle George 


Fisher Alexander 

Fisher Daniel 

Fisher John 

Fisher Thomas 

Flagler Simon 

Flandreau John 

Flewelling Abel 

Flewelling John 

Flewelling Lemuel, jr. 

Flewelling Morris 

Flewelling Samuel, jr. 

Flewelling Thomas 

Flock Harmanes 

Folliott George 

Ford Joseph 

Forman James 

Forman Zebulon 


Foster P. 

Fowler Andrew 

Fowler Benjamin 

Fowler David 

Fowler George 

Fowler Jeremiah 

Fowler Jonathan, jr. 

Fowler Newbury 

Fowler Reuben 

Fowler Samuel 

Fowler Sarah 

Fowler Solomon 

Estates Confiscated 


Fowler William 
Fox Frederick 
Fradrick Barant 
Frail John 
Frazier Hugh 
Frazier John 
Frazier John Due 
Frazier Simon 
Frazier William 
Freehoudt Isaac 
Freel Jonathan 
Freligh Jacob 
French Benjamin 
French Chanty- 
French Gershom 
French Jeremiah 
French John 
Frost Caleb 
Frost Jacob 
Fuller Lemuel 
Furman James 
Futer Lewis 
Gale Griffin 
Galpin Joseph 
Gardiner Jacob 
Gardner Charles 
Gardner Covel 
Gardner Thomas 
Garlough Peter 
Gee John 
Gentill George 
Germond Silas 
Getman John 
Ghons Hans Jury 
Gibson Andrew 
Gibson John 
Gidney Caleb 
Gidney David 
Gidney Isaac 
Gidney Jacob 
Gidney James 
Gidney John 
Gidney Jonathan 
Gidney Joshua 
Gidney Solomon 
Gifford Benjamin 
Gisner John 
Gleason John 
Golden Joseph 
Golding Benjamin 
Golding John 
Gonong Isaac 
Gourmand Arthur 
Graham John 
Graham John I. 
Graims (Mrs). 

Grant Col. 

Grant Alexander 

Grant James 

Grass Michael 


Gray Capt. 

Gray William 

Graypoll Peter 

Green Abraham 

Green Absolom 

Green James 

Green Joseph 

Green Samuel 

Grey William 

Grifeth (Squire) 

Griffin Josiah 

Griffith Dr. 

Griffith John 


Griggs (Mrs) 

Grigson Thomas 

Groat Henry 

Groat R. 

Guile John 

Guion Jonathan 

Hadden John 

Hadler Adam 

Haff Paul 

Hageman John 

Haight James 

Haight Joseph 

Hains Alexander 
Hains Daniel 
Hains Elijah 
Hains James 
Hains John 

Hains Peter 
Haire Alexander 
Halt David 
Hait James 
Hait William 
Halenbeck John 
Ham Frederick, jr. 
Hambleton John, Dr. 
Hamman James 
Hammell Briant 
Hamond Isaac 
Haner Frederick 
Hannabell John 
Hanse Harmanse 
Hansicker Andries 
Hardin Magdalen 
Hare Alexander 
Hare James 

Harris Brewer 
Harris Francis 
Harris Samuel 
Hars Uriah 
Hart James, jr. 
Hasbrouck Jacob 

Haslop James 

Hatfield Barnes 

Havens John 

Haviland Charles 

Haviland John 

Hawkins John 

Hawkshurst Jesse 

Hawley Ezekiel 

Hawley Ezekiel, jr. 

Hawley John 

Hayes John 

Heliker Augustus 

Heliker Jacob 

Heliker Jeremiah 

Heliker John 

Helium Peter 

Helmer Adam 

Hemstead Nathaniel 

Henderson Thomas 

Henderson William 

Henning Philip 


Herkimer Johan Jost, 

Herkimer John 

Herron Isaac 

Higgins John 
Hill Zacheus 
Hilliback Baltus 
Hitchcock Joseph 
Hoag Nathan 
Hoaksley Robert 
Hober Adam 
Hock John 
Hodges E. 
Hodges T. 
Hoff Hendrick 
Hoffman Ludlow 
Hoffnagle John 
Hoffnagle Melcher 
Hoffnagle Michael 
Hofle Hendrick 
Hogel A. 
Hogel John 
Hoit David 
Hoit Joshua 
Holden James 
Holland John 
Hollenback D. 
Holmes Col. 

Holmes David 
Holmes James 
Holmes Samuel 
Hoogtaling Jacob 
Hooper John, jr. 
Hooper Stephen 
Hoover Adam 
Hople Henderick 
Horton Elishsi 

Horton Gilbert Bud 
Horton James 
Horton Samuel 
Hough John 
Hough Stephen 
Houser Frederick 
Howard John 
Howard Matthew 

Hoy Richard 
Hoyt David 
Huested Jonathan 
Huestis Lewis 
Huff Henry 
Huff Paul 
Huff Stephen 
Huggeford Dr. 

Huggeford Peter 
Hughsted Bishop 
Hull Robert 
Hunt Benjamin 
Hunt Frederick 
Capt. Hunt Joshua 
Hunt Levi 
Huntley Bethuel 
Husted Jabes 

Hustice Jonathan 
Hustice Solomon 

Hyatt John 

Hyatt Thomas 

Ingram Abijah 

Ingram Benjamin 

Ireland John 

Isenhert Christopher 

Jackson James 

Jackson Samuel 

Jacobs Richard 

Jacocks William W. 

Jager Lemuel 

James Paul 

James William 


Jaycock William 

Jenkes Thomas 

Jenkins Samuel 


Jessup Ebenezer 

Jessup Edward 

Jessup Joseph 

Jewell Isaac A. 


Johnson (Lady) 

Johnson Abraham 
• Johnson Guy, Col. 

Johnson James 

Johnson John (Sir) 

Johnson John 

Johnson Jonathan 

Johnson Peter, Capt. 

Johnson William (Sir) 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Johnston Capt. 

Johnston John 

Johnston Jonathan 

Jones Edward 

Jones John 

Jones Jonathan 

Jones Jotham 

Jones Philip 

Kane John 

Kater Hans 

Keeler Job 

Kempe John Tabor Atty 

& Advocate Gen. 
Kennedy Robert 
Ketchum Abijah 
Kettle Andrew 
Kimball Stephen 
King Gideon 
King John 
Kipp Jacobus 
Knapp Moses 
Kniffen Daniel 
Kniffen John 
Kniffen Jonathan 
Kober Adam 
Kouck Philip 
Kresler Hanse 
Kresler Philip 
Kronkhyte Abraham 
Laight Edward 
Lake Abraham 
Lake I. 
Lake N., jr. 
Lamb James 
Lane Peter 
Lang John 
Langdon Thomas 
Lantman Henderick 
Lards William 
Lashle Alexander 
Lassing Isaac 
Lassing Isaac I. 
Lassing Isaac P. 
Lassing Johannes A. 
Lassing Johannes E. 
Lassing Johannes L. 
Lassing Johannis Det. 
Lassing Johannis P. 
Lassing Johannis W™. 
Lassing John P. 
Lassing John Peter W™ 
Lassing Laurence L. 
Lassing Peter Johannis 
Lassing Peter John 
Lassing Peter P. 
Lawrence John 
Lawrence Stephen 
Lawrence William, Dr. 
Lawson Jotham 

Leake Robert 
Leake Thomas 
Lee Misper 
Lent Abraham 
Lent Adolph 
Lent Herculis 
Lent Isaac 
Lent John 
Lent Peter 
Lentman John 
Leonard James 
LeRoy Francis 
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Lester Mordecai 
Lewis Benjamin 
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Litchart John, jr. 
Livingston John 
Lockwood Peter 
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Long David 
Lorway J., Dr. 
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Luke (Mrs) 

Lyng John B. 
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Mabbett Joseph S. 
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Mabie Jacob 
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Mabie Peter 
Mabie Silas 
Mabie Simon 
McAdams William 
McAlpin Capt. 

McAlpin Daniel 
McAlpin Walter 
McAuley Donald 

McCarty John 
McCollom John 
McComb John 
McCormick James 
McCray William 
McCree James 
McDarne Randall 
McDole John 
McDonald Alexander 
McDonald Allen 
McDonald John 
McDonald Rorey 
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McDougal Allen 
McDowl Hugh 
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McGrewer John 
McGruir Hugh 
McHerrin Richard 
Mackenzie Laudot 
McKiel William 
McKinney John 
McLean Peter 
McLeod Daniel 
McLeod Don'd 
McLeod Norman, Capt. 
McLeod William 
McMartin John 
McMaster James 
McMullin Dougal 
McMullin Hugh 
McNeal John 
McNeal Thomas 
McNight Malcom 
McNutt David 
McTaggert James 
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Martin John 
Martin V/alter 
Matheson James 
Matrass Isaac 
Mattes James 
Matthews Fletcher 
Matthews William 
Mattice Hendrick 
Mattice Johannis Nicholas 
May William 
Mead Ezekiel 
Menzies Alexander 
Menzines Alexander 

Merkle Jacob 

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Merritt Daniel 

Merritt Gilbert 

Merritt Hackaliah 

Merritt Nathaniel 

Merritt Robert 

Merritt Samuel 

Merritt Thomas 

Merritt Underbill 

Merritt William 

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Miller Jacob 

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Miller John A. 

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Miller Wilham 


Minthorne Mangel 

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Moore William 

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Mordon Joseph 

Morduff George 

Morehouse Ezra 

Morey Jonathan 

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Morgan Caleb, jr. 

Morison Alexander 

Morrel John 

Morrell Thomas 

Morrill Benjamin 

Morris Duncan 

Morris Roger Maj. & Col., 

Morrison John 
Morrison Malcom 
Mosher Hugh 
Mosher Jonathan 
Motrass Peter 
Mott John 
Mozer Christopher 
Mulford David 
Mullen Dott 
Mullen Peter 
Munro Daniel 
Munson George 

Estates Confiscated 


Munson Nathaniel 
Murphy Francis 
Murry John 
Murry Robert 
Murry T. 
Mutch Johannes 
Myer William 
Nailour Michael 
Nation Black 
Near Christian 
Near Jacob 
Nellis Henry 
Nelson Riche 
Nichollson David 
Nichols Thomas 
Nickerson Joseph 
Noble Capt. 

Noble Reubin 
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Nodine B. 
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Oackley Peter 
Oakley Benjamin 
Oakley Timothy 
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Odell Joshua 
Ogden Benjamin 
Ogden Jehu 
Ogden John 
Ogden William 
Olinus John 
O'Neil James 
Ore William 
Orser Evert 
Orser Isaac 
Osborn Capt. 

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Ostrander Peter 
Ostrom Andries 

Outwater Dr. 

Outwater Daniel 
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Palmatier Peter I. 
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Passing Lawrence L. 

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Peterson James 

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Phillipse Frederick, Col. 

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Plats John 

Poser Levy 


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Post Teunis 

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Poucher Jacob 

Preuner John 


Prosser Dr. 

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Purdy Gilbert 

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Purdy JaWinn Still 

Purdy James 

Purdy Jesse 

Purdy Joseph 

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Purdy Josiah 

Purdy Jotham 

Purdy Stephen 

Purdy Still John 

Purdy Timothy 
Quackenboss Adrian 
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Ransier Gv 
Rapelyea Jacob 
Rapelyea Thomas 
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Reynolds Samuel 
Rhinelander Frederick 
Rhodes John 
Rice John 
Richardson John 
Richardson Thomas 
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Roberts Peter 
Robertson Robert 
Robins L 

Robinson Beverley 
Robinson Beverley, jr. 
Robinson Thomas 
Robinson & Price 
Roche William 
Roebuck James 
Rogers William 
Roome John L. C. 
Roosa Egbert 
Roosa Guisbert 
Roosa Jacobus 
Rose Matthias 
Ross Daniel 
Ross Philip 
Ross William 
Ross Zebulon 
Row John Peter 
Runnels Robert 
Ruscraff Henry 
Rush John 
Russel John 
Ruyter John 
Rykert Barent 
Rykerts Philip 
Ryley Charles 
Sabin Jeremiah, jr. 
Salomon John 
Salsberger James 
Sammons Thomas 
Sanford Ephraim 
Saris George 
Savage Reuben 
Savage Richard 
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Sayre James, Rev. 
Schurman William 

Scrivener Samuel 
Scriver Peter 
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Seaman Benjamin 
Seaman Israel 
Seaman Silvanus 
Secore Benjamin 
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Seelye Jacob 
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Slocum William 
Slutts John 
Slutts Michael 
Sluyter James 
Smith Austin 
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Smita Isaac 
Smith J. 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Smith Jacob 
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Snedeker Richard 
Snedeker Theodorus 
Sneden Robert 
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Snell Robert 
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Sniffen Caleb 
Snififen Jonathan 
Sniffin Shubal 
Soles Howland 
Solis Benjamin 
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Sprage Thomas 
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Springstaed John 
Square B. 
Stalker Stephen 
Staples J. 
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Steenbergh William 
Steenburgh Fleming 
Steenburgh Simeon 
Steenrod Cornelius 
Stener Caspar 
Stevens Eliphalet 
Stevens Josiah 
Stewart Walter 
Stimes Jasper 
Stipper Peter 
Stocker Stephen 

Storm Gilbert 
Storm Henry 
Story Zachariah 
-Stout Benjamin 
Stover Martinus 
Straught John 
Street Timothy 
Sturd Dr. 

Stuyvesant Peter 
Summers Peter 
Sunderland Jacob 
Sutton Caleb 
Sutton William 
Sutts John 

Swart Joshuah 
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Teakle John 
Ten Brook Peter 
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Terbush Jacob 
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Van Cleai John 
Van de Car James 
Van de Voort John 
Van de Warken Elbert 
Van den Bergh Henry 
Van den Bergh Peter 
Van den Bergh Richard 
Van der Heyden Dirck 
Van der Voort John 
Van deusen Conradt, Col. 
Van Dreson James 
Van Dyke Francis 
Van Kleeck Barent 
Van Noostrant George 
Van Noostrant John 
Van Nourst John 
Van Valkenburgh John 
Van Valkenburgh William 
Van Vourst John 
Van Wagenen Hans 
Van Wagenen James 
Van Wart Jacob 
Van Wiers Henry 
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Velthuysen John 
Venkell G. 
Vermilers John 
Vermillier Benjamin 
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Vredenbergh John W. 
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Wagstaff William 
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Winne Jacob 
Winterton William 
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Wright Jacob 
Wright Jonathan 
Wright Uriah 

Yates Richard 
Yerukes Isaac 
Yourmans Arthur 
Yourmans John 
Yourmans Thomas 
Young Adam 
Young Frederick 
Young John 

The Commissioners of Specie 259 


The Legislature, Oct. 14, 1780, authorized the Governor to appoint Commissioners to Pro- 
cure a Sum in Specie for the Redemption of one sixth of the Bills emitted under the act of the 
Congress of Mar. 18, 1780. They were also to dispose of Forfeited Lands. It was, further, 
provided that when the Commissioners of Specie began to act, the Commissioners of Forfeitures 
should thereupon cease to sell Lands, except those already advertised for Sale. The Commis- 
sioners of Specie, therefore, became a sort of connecting link between the Commissioners of 
Sequestration and the Commissioners of Forfeitures. They were: David Gelston, John Lans- 
ing, jr., Jonathan Lawrence, John H. Sleght and Christopher Yates. In some of the docu- 
ments, they are incorrectly called Commissioners of Forfeitures. 

The Commissioners were paid £1.4.0 for each day of actual attendance upon the meetings. 
The proceeds of their Sales of Forfeited Estates were paid into the State Treasury, either in 
Dollars or in Pounds of the " New Emission ". The Accounts of Messrs. Lawrence and Sleght 
showed that, in 1781 and 1782, they received £980 in Specie, and £8422 in New Emission, for 
the Sales of Forfeited Estates. The Accounts of Messrs Yates and Lansing showed an apparent 
total of £8348.8.0 for such Sales; and another Account, from August, 1781, to February, 1783, 
recorded receipts and payments of £9343 in bills of the New Emission. Mr. Lansing also made 
searches for Incumbrances in the Clerk's Office; drew Maps of the Lands sold; copied and re- 
vised the list of persons attainted, ithe times when indicted, in what Court, and the days to 
which the attainders referred. 

26o New York in the Revolution, Supplement 


These Officials sold the real estate of Tories and others who had either gone over to the 
Enemy or were suspected of not being friendly to the American Cause. They were much more 
systematic in their Accounts than the Commissioners of Sequestration who dealt, for the most 
part, with personal property. The Commissioners of Forfeitures also received and paid over to 
the State Treasurer, Certificates issued by the Auditors to Liquidate and Settle the Accounts 
of the Troops of this State. Some of the proceeds of the Commissioners helped the Poor. (See 
The Poor who came out of New York City, in the Chapter on " The Provincial Congresses "). 

The Committee of Safety, Mar. i, 1777, passed a Resolution relative to the Commissioners of 
Forfeitures. Doubts having arisen in regard to the bearing of this Resolution upon the State 
Treasurer, a law was passed for the removal of such doubts. The Treasurer acknowledged the 
receipt of over £9000 under this Resolution, between May 11, 1777, and July i, 1779. This 
he describes as " Monies due to Persons who were within the Enemies Lines, or out of the 
State; or to Persons who had refused to receive Contin'l Money ". During a part of June, 1779, 
and thereafter, the Treasurer declined tenders of Depreciated Money because of his doubts re- 
garding the Resolution, noted above. 

The work of the Commissioners of Forfeitures did not begin till late in the War. The law of 
Oct. 22, 1779, really started the work by giving the names of many individuals whose property 
had been attainted. The law of Mar. 10, 1780, directed the Commissioners to sell property of this 
sort at once. On May 12, 1784, the Governor was authorized to appoint seven Commissioners. 
The office of Commissioner of Forfeitures was abolished, Mar. 21, 1788; and all the powers 
pertaining thereto were given to the Surveyor-General, Simeon De Witt. He had authority 
to sell all Lands Forfeited to the State. His Accounts show that the purchasers paid for the 
Lands in Certificates of these kinds. Levy, Depreciation, Claim and Principal. 

The law of Apr. 11, 1792, repealed the law of Oct. 22, 1779, so that those named in the latter 
might return; but the law did not affect the status of their property. On Dec. 18, 1792, a 
'law was passed for the relief of several of the individuals whose property had been taken. 

The State Treasurer, in August 1794, stated that he had received £109005.11.0 1/4 in Claims 
. against Forfeited Estates which had been liquidated and lodged in the Treasury. 

For convenience, the State was divided into these Districts : — Eastern, Middle, Southern 
and Western. 

The Eastern District included the Counties of Charlotte, Cumberland and Gloucester. The 

Commissioners were David Hopkins and Alexander Webster. They were paid 24/ — per day, 

•and they were assisted by many Appraisers. Hopkins' Sales, from October to December, 

1784, were £9982.2.0; in 1785, £6113.19.3; and, in 1787-1788, £584.17.3. Webster's sales, in 

The Commissioners of Forfeitures 261 

1786, were £4160.47 1/2, and £21149.10.1. The amount of their joint Sales was about £40000. 
They were given Levy Notes or depreciation Notes for the purchase of Lands; and they 
turned the same over to the State Treasurer. 

The Middle District comprised the Counties of Dutchess, Orange and Ulster. Samuel Dodge, 
Daniel Graham and John Hathorn were the Commissioners. Their pay was 24/ — per day. 
(See law of May 12, 1784). The Accounts show that their expenses were £2707.9.3. from 
Apr. 9, 1780 to Apr. 30, 1785. Graham's Sales, from July, 1785, to May, 1786, were £3075. The 
Sales, apparently, reached a total of £64363.8.6, those in Dutchess County being larger than in 
the other two Counties put together. They paid into the State Treasury the following kinds of 
Notes : — Curtenius' Barber's Levy, Loan Office, Horse and State Agents'. 

The Southern District, in charge of Commissioners Isaac Stoutenburgh and Philip Van Cort- 
landt, included the Counties of Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond, Suflfolk and West- 
chester. Among their papers is a Resolution of the Convention, Feb. 11, 1777, which describes 
William Lounsbury as " one of the persons concerned in Spikeing the Cannon at Kingsbridge 
& who afterwards joined the Enemy and was slain ". 

The Commissioners paid to the State Treasurer Depreciation Notes, as well as all the other 
kinds of Notes named in the Middle District, above — all of which were received from the 
purchasers of Lands. In 1788 and 1789, the Treasurers of the Counties of Queens, Suffolk 
and Richmond paid to the State Treasurer Certificates issued for Claims against Forfeited Es- 
tates, the same being receivable under the Tax law of Mar. 9, 1788. The total of Sales was 
£502709 ; of which the Estates of Col. Frederick Phillipse brought £107532 ; and those of James 
De Lancey, £113144. The Commissioners paid into the State Treasury many State Agent's Cer- 
tificates for Notes due to Col. Phillipse. (See law of Nov. 11, 1784); and his Slaves were the 
cause of many Accounts sent in by the Supervisors of Westchester County. The Slaves owned 
by persons whose property had been forfeited often became a charge upon the several Counties, 
and the bills for their support were sent to the State. (See law of Mar. 2, 1792). 

In the Western District, the Commissioners were Jacob G. Klock, Henry Oothoudt, Jeremiah 
Van Rensselaer and Christopher Yates. The District contained the Counties of Albany and 
Tryon. Their Accounts are much more complete than the Accounts in the other three Districts. 
In 1785, they were paid 5/ — per day; but this had risen to 24/ — , in 1787. On account of the 
large area of the District, they had many bills for Surveyors, Chain-Bearers, Boats and Pro- 
visions. They gave over to the State Treasurer the following kinds of Certificates which they 
had received for the purchase of Lands; — State Agent's, Depreciation, Levy and Loan; also 
Barber's Notes and Horse Notes. 

In Albany County, Certificates for Claims against Forfeited Estates were paid into the State 
Treasury on account of Taxes, pursuant to the laws of Apr. 11, 1787 and Mar. 19, 1788. In 
the documents relating to Tryon County there are many Mortgages, executed before the War 
to parties whose Estates were afterward Forfeited. There are also many of the original Deeds, 
given by the Commissioners and by the Surveyor General to purchasers of Forfeited Lands. 

262 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

The following papers, relating to the Estates of James DeLancey, Col. Frederick Phillipse 
and Col. William Bayard, are among the records of the Commissioners of the Southern 

This was the usual form of a Claim against a Forfeited Estate: — 

City of 
New York SS. 

I Richard Morris Esquire chief Justice of the State of New York, do hereby certify and 
make known to whom it may Concern that on the petition of James Duane of the said City 
Esquire in pursuance of an Act of the Legislature of the Said State entitled, " An Act for the 
Speedy sale of the confiscated and forfeited Estates within this State and for other purposes 
therein mentioned" passed the 12th of May 1784 — I Have examined and heard and accord- 
ing to equity and good Conscience determined the Claim and Demand which the said James 
Duane hath and doth make against the forfeited Estate of James DeLancey late of the City 
of New York Esquire 

And I do thereupon certify that the Sum of three Hundred and forty Six pounds Sixteen 
Shillings and two pence current money of the State of New York appears to me to be due 
from the said James DeLancey Esquire to the said James Duane. In witness whereof I 
the said Chief Justice have hereunto set my hand this Seventeenth day of September in the 
Year of our Lord one thousand Seven hundred and eighty eight. 

To Gerard Bancker Esq. Treasurer of the State of New York. Rd. Morris 

Claims were also made for book-accounts : — 

State of 
New York SS : 

I Richard Morris Chief Justice of the State of New York in consequence of an applica- 
tion to me made by Samuel Fraunces of the City of New York. 

Innkeeper pursuant to the directions contained in an Act of the Legislature of the State of 
New York entitled an Act for the Speedy Sale of confiscated Estates within this State and 
for other purposes therein mentioned passed the twelfth day of May One thousand seven 
hundred and eighty four do hereby certify that the said Samuel Frances did on the Seventh 
day of August Instant produce to me in writing a certain account against Frederick Phillips 
late of Westchester County Esquire from which Account there appeared to be due to the said 
Samuel Fraunces from the said Frederick Phillips the Sum of Twenty seven Pounds Six Shil- 
lings & six pence and the said Samuel Frances being by me duly sworn on the holy Evangelists 
of Almighty God did then and there depose & say, that the aforesaid Account by him so ex- 
hibited as aforesaid was Just and true as appeared from the Books of the said Samuel Fraunces 
therewith by him the Said Samuel Fraunces examined and diligently compared, which said 
Books he did also produce and further did depose and Say that they were the proper Books 
of Accounts of him the said Samuel Fraunces and that the aforesaid Sum of Twenty-seven 
pounds six Shillings & six pence is now Justly due and owing /to him the said Samuel 
- Fraunces & was due & owing to him from the said Frederick Phillips at and before the ninth 
day of July One Thousand seven hundred and seventy six, and that he hath not directly or 
indirectly received any part or parcel thereof or any consideration therefor Whereupon I 
having examined the said accounts and Books do Certify pursuant to the directions contained 
in the Act aforesaid that the sum of Twenty seven pounds six Shillings & six pence appear 
to be due from the said Frederick Phillips to the said Samuel Fraunces for Principal and that 
the Interest thereof to the present day amounts to twenty two pounds Nineteen Shillings. 

Dated this Seventh day of August AD 1788 

R^- Morris 
To Gerard Bancker Esq"^. Treasurer of the State of New York. 

The Commissioners of Forfeitures 263 

Col. Phillipse lived in Yonkers, and his Manor house is now the City Hall of that City. He 
died in England; and his tomb in the Cathedral at Chester is one of the attractions of that 
noble building. The Book-Accounts of, and small debts owing to, Beverly Robinson are very 

Claims were extinguished in this way: — 

At a meeting of the Commissioners for extinguishing Claims against the State for lands sold 
under the Authority thereof, the Title to which has failed, held at the City of Albany on Tues- 
day the 24th day of August, 1813 — 

Present — Simeon DeWitt, Surveyor General, Archibald Mclntyre, Comptroller Abraham Van 
Vechten, Attorney Genl. 

Robert Bogardus made application for compensation for Certain Lots & Parcels of lots of 
ground heretofore sold by the Commissioners of Forfeitures for the Southern District of this 
State to George Fisher, deemed to have been forfeited by the Attainder of James DeLancey, 
Esquire, & described as situate in the Outward of the City of New York, with reference to a 
Map made by Evert Bancker of the said City Surveyor of part of the real estate of the said 
James DeLancey. 

On examination of the Applicant's claim it appears. 

1. That the said Commissioners, on the thirtieth day of May in the year One thousand Seven 
hundred & eighty five, sold & conveyed twenty three lots of ground, situated in the then 
OutWard of the said City to the said George Fisher for the consideration of Five Hundred & 
Eighty eight Pounds & described the same in the said Conveyance, numerically by Lots Nos. 
1899 to 1921, inclusive, of Square No. 73, with reference to a Map made by the said Evert 
Bancker, of part of the real estate of the said James DeLancey and bounded northerly by the 
Southerly bounds of Peter Stuyvesant. 

2. That the said Evert Bancker by mistake laid out some of said Lots & parts of others. 
North of the southerly bounds of the said Peter Stuyvesant, by reason whereof the title of the 
said George Fisher to such of the said lots & parts of lots as are situate north of Stuyvesant's 
Southerly bounds has failed. 

3. That the lots & parts of lots so conveyed being within Stuyvesant's bounds amount in 
quantity to six lots. 

4. That George Fisher died prior to the Year One Thousand Eight hundred, leaving John 
E. Fisher, Eleanor Fisher the wife of James B. Clarke & Maria Fisher the wife of Peter Clarke 
his heirs at Law. 

5. That by a deed of partition, made & executed between the said Heirs on the twenty sixth 
day of June One Thousand Eight hundred, the said John E. Fisher & James B. Clarke & 
Eleanor his wife released & conveyed all their right & title to the whole of the aforesaid lots 
to the said Peter Clarke & Maria his wife in fee. 

6. That the said Peter Clarke & his said wife, on the eighth day of June in the year One thou- 
sand Eight hundred & four, released & conveyed their Right & Title to the same lots in fee 
to the applicant. 

The applicant has therefore a just claim to compensation for the lands so as aforesaid sold & 
conveyed under the authority of the State, the title to which has failed in the manner aforesaid, 
which according to the price paid therefor to the State amounts to Three Hundred & Eighty- 
three dollars & forty eight cents, to which interest must be added at the rate of six per cent 
per Annum from the thirtieth day of May One Thousand Seven hundred & eighty five, making 
in the whole One Thousand & thirty two dollars & Ninety nine Cents. 

Whereupon Resolved, if the person administering the Government shall approve therof, 
that upon the Applicants Sealing & delivering to the Comptroller a full release of his Right, 
Title & Interest in & to such of the said Lots & parts of lots as are situate North of Stuyve- 

264 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

sant's Southerly bounds, duly proven or acknowledged, the Comptroller shall draw his War- 
rant on the Treasurer in favor of the Applicant for the sum of One Thousand & thirty two 
dollars & ninety nine cents. 

Simeon DeWitt, Surv'r-Gen'l 
Archibald W. Mclntyre, Comp'r 
Ab. VanVechten Atty. General 

1813. August 12. I assent to and approve of the above proceedings. 

Daniel D. Tompkins. [Governor] 

The papers relating to the Forfeited Estate of Col. William Bayard are voluminous. The 
final settlement of the State with his heirs is of more than usual interest : — 

State of New York Ss. George Stanton of the City of New York being duly sworn de- 
poseth and saith that he is well acquainted with the Lots Buildings and Docks described in 
the within Schedule — That they are Lots and Water Lots which in the year one thousand 
seven hundred and eighty three belonged to the Estate of William Bayard Esquire, late of 
the City of New York deceased and upon which great improvements have since been made — 
That the Deponent together with George Gosman of the Said City of New York hath ex- 
amined and valued said Lots Buildings and Docks, and the annual rents thereof, and that the 
valuations thereof contained in the within schedule are just and true, according to the best of 
his judgment and belief — and that the aggregate value of the said Lots Buildings and docks, 
if any thing, exceeds the sum of one hundred and four thousand seven hundred and eighty 
dollars, and that the aggregate annual value of the said Rents if any thing exceeds the sum of 
six thousand seven hundred and twenty two Dollars — 

The above named George Gosman being also duly sworn deposeth and saith that he is well 
acquainted with the Lots and Buildings and Docks described in the said within Schedule and 
that this Deponent together with George Stanton aforesaid hath examined and valued the said 
Lots buildings and docks and the annual Rents thereof and that the valuations thereof con- 
tained in the said within Schedule are just and true according to the best of this Deponent's 
Judgement and belief — He further saith that the aggregate value of the said Lots Buildings and 
Docks if any thing exceeds the sum of one hundred and four thousand seven hundred and eighty 
dollars ; and that the aggregate annual value of the said rents if any thing, exceeds the sum 
of six thousand seven hundred and twenty two dollars — 

Sworn the 27th George Stanton 

December 1805 before George Gosman 

Thomas Cooper 

Master in Chancery 

KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS that We Catharine Bayard of the City of 
London in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Widow of William Bayard 
Deceased formerly of the Province of New York in North America but at the time of his 
Death of Southampton in Hampshire in the Said United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ire- 
land, and Alida Johnston of Southampton aforesaid. Widow of Colonel Boulter Johnson of the 
same place deceased, HAVE made, ordained constituted and appointed and by these presents 
DO make ordain Constitute and appoint William Bayard of the City of New York in the 
United States of America Gentlemen to be our and each of our true and lawful Attorney, 
hereby giving and deputing unto him full power and authority for us and each of us, and 
in our or either of our name or names and for our joint or separate use to enter upon and 
take possesion of all and Singular the Lands tenements and hereditaments whereof We are 
seized, Possesed of or entitled unto jointly or Severally within the United States of America, 
and the Same or any part thereof to grant bargain, Sell and dispose of, for Cash or upon 
Credit at his discretion and to Sign and Seal, and as his Act and Deed and the act and Deed 
of us or either of us to deliver any Deed or Deeds for the granting Conveying and assuring of 

The Commissioners of Forfeitures 265 

the same to the purchaser or purchasers thereof whether in fee Simple or for term of years 
or otherwise, and to receive and Sign receipts for the Consideration money thereupon, or in 
our and either of our names and for our use to take and receive Bonds, Mortgages or other 
Securities for the Said Consideration money, and the monies thereby Secured, or which are or 
may be otherwise due and owing to us or either of us within the Said United States, to ask, 
demand Sue for, and by all lawful ways and means recover and receive, and for that purpose 
in our or either of our names to institute any Suit or Suits at Law or in Equity, and to ap- 
pear in all Courts and before all Judges and Justices to prosecute and defend the same, and 
upon receipt of such monies to grant proper acquitances and discharges thereof. ALSO upon 
payment of the monies to become due upon any Such mortgages for us and in our names 
or in the names of either of us to appear before any Judge, Master in Chancery or other 
Officers thereunto duly Authorized, and to acknowledge Satisfaction of Such mortgage or 
mortgages to the end that the same may be cancelled of record; AND We do hereby fur- 
ther Authorize and empower our Said Attorney for us and each of us and in our or either of 
our names to commence and prosecute any proper action or actions, Suit or Suits at Law or 
in Equity for the purpose of recovering possesion of all or any of the Lands and premises 
aforesaid, or of foreclosing and extinguishing any right of redemption which any person or 
persons in Virtue of Such Mortgage or Mortgages or otherwise has or have or may hereafter 
have in the Same or any part thereof; AND ALSO by writing under his Hand and Seal to 
make and Substitute one or more Attorney or Attornies under him for all or any of the pur- 
poses aforesaid and with the like or more limited powers, and the Same again at pleasure to 
revoke: AND GENERALLY to do and transact whatever shall be needful in the premises 
as amply and effectually to all intents and purposes as we or either of us could do or trans- 
act the Same. HEREBY ratifying and confirming and agreeing to ratify and confirm all 
and whatsoever our said Attorney or his Substitute or Substitutes Shall lawfully do or cause 
to be done in and concerning the premises, by the Virtue of these presents. 

in Witness Whereof We have hereunto Set our Hands and Seals this loth : day of July in 
the Year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and Six. 
Sealed and Delivered Catharine Bayard 

In the presence of us Aleda Johnston 

The words " joint or Separate " between the eleventh and twelfth lines and the word " have " 
between the Seventh and eighth lines of this Page being first interlined — and the obUtera- 
tion in the Sixth line of this Page being first made. 

Thomas Vose 
Thomas Stafford 

Sealed and delivered by Mrs. Aleda Johnson, the Twenty fourth day of July 1806 (the above 
alterations having been first made) in the presence of 

Wm. Smith Mayor of Southampton 
George Rogers Gent Southampton 

State of New York Ss. On the loth of October 1806 before me came Thomas Vose, 
Known to me, who on oath before me made did say that he saw Catharine Bayard and Aleda 
Johnston execute the within Power of Attorney and that the Deponent and Thomas Strafford 
subscribed their names as Witnesses thereto — that the Deponent knew the said Catharine 
Bayard and Aleda Johnston and that they were the Persons of those names described in 
the said Power of Attorney — which is to me satisfactory Evidence — there being therein no 
material Erasures or Interlineations except as noted, I allow it to be recorded. 

Thomas Cooper 

Master in Chancery. 

Recorded in the office of Clerk of the City and County "^i New York in Lib. No. 74 of 
Conveyances &c. page 8 this 15 day of January 1807 T. Wortman 


266 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Know all Men by these presents That I Catharine Bayard at present of the City of London 
in the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland Widow of William Bayard formerly of 
the City of New York in the then Province now State of New York deceased by William 
Bayard of ithe said City & State of New York my Attorney, for and in consideration of the 
Sum of Six Thousand Dollars to me paid by the People of the State of New York the Re- 
ceipts whereof is hereby acknowledged, have Remised Released & Quit Claimed and by these 
presents do Remise Release and Quit Claim, unto the People of the State of New York 
All my Dower Thirds, Rights or Title of Dower, which I the said Catharine Bayard have or 
may Claim of in or to all & singular the Lands Tenements & Hereditaments situate within 
the State of New York, whereof the said William Bayard deceased my late Husband, was 
seized at any time during my Coverture ; and of all Action and Actions, Claims and Demands 
by reason thereof, so that the People of the State of New York and their Assigns shall be 
forever Released exonerated & discharged of and from the same — In Testimony whereof I 
have here unto set my Hand & Seal this fifteenth day of January in the Year of our Lord one 
Thousand Eight Hundred & Seven — Catharine Bayard 

Sealed and delivered in the presence by 

of David A. Ogden Wm. Bayard her Attorney 

Thomas Cooper 

State of New York On the i6th January 1807 before me came William Bayard of the City 
of New York in the State of New York, Known to me to be the Person thus described in 
the within Release of Dower who did acknowledge that he had as the Attorney of and for 
Catharine Bayard therein named executed the said Release of Dower by issuing sealing and 
delivering the same in the Name and as and for the Deed of the said Catharine Bayard — I 
allow it to be recorded Thomas Cooper 

Master in Chancery 

1807. Jany. Reed, from the People of the State of New York, the Sum of Six Thousand 
Dollars being the consideration Money mentioned in the preceeding Release — 
Witness— Catharine Bayard 

I approve of the Release written within by her Attorney 

John Woodworth Atty Genl. W™ Bayard. 

New York Ss. William Bayard of the City and State of New York Merchant, aged Forty 
five Years, being duly sworn saith. That he is one of the Children of William and Catharine 
Bayard formerly of the City of New York in the then Province now state of New York — 
That the said William Bayard departed this Life at South Hampton in the Kingdom of 
England on the 24th ; day of December in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight hun- 
dred & four, as he had been informed by Letters from diflferent Branches of the Family, also 
as Deponent has been informed from general reputation, and as the Deponent verily believes 
— That the said William Bayard and Catharine Bayard the Father and Mother of this De- 
ponent did live and cohabit together as Husband and Wife from the earliest period of this 
Deponents recollection until the decease of the said William Bayard. That the said Catharine 
Bayard is now living as the Deponent verily believes and is of the Age of about Seventy two 
Years and no more. — That this Deponent has derived his information as to the Age of the 
said Catharine Bayard from the family and believes the same to be correct. — The Deponent 
further said that he doth verily believe that his Father William Bayard was seized of the 
several Lots pieces and parcels of Land specified in a certain Appraizement made by George 
Stanton and George Gosman (on the Twenty seventh day of December in the Year of Our 
Lord One Thousand Eight hundred & five) at the period of his Attainder for adhering to 
the King of Great Britain. — And of various other Tracts pieces or parcels of Land not in- 
cluded in such Appraizement. — The Deponent further said that from certain Memorandums 
made by the said William Bayard deceased, and from certain Conveyances now in the pos- 
sesion of this Deponent, it does appear that the said William Bayard was seized and in the 
actual Possesion of the Premisses specified in the said Appraizement under the following 

The Commissioners of Forfeitures 267 

Conveyances. — That is to say, To Lot No. 157, in Pearl (formerly Queen) Street, By Convey- 
ance from Charles W. Althorp & Mary his Wife — dated i6th. May 1755. — To Lots 55 & 57, 
Water (formerly Little Dock) Street. — To Lots 60. 61. 62 & 63 — Front Street — 30 & 31 
South Street, and to the Dock & Water, By the following Conveyances, that is to say, One 
thereof from William Pagan — dated 30th. Septb''. 1766 — One thereof from Stephen Bayard, 
dated 20th. April 1751. And by a Grant from the Corporation of the City of New York 
dated 13th. Novb"". 1772 — To Lots N°^ 39 & 41 Pearl (formerly Queen) Street, by Convey- 
ances from Benjamen Moore & Wife & John Cregier & Wife to the said William Bayard 
deceased, the first there of dated i Febr^ 1750. — and the other thereof dated 5th. June 1756. — 
To Lot N°. 17, Bridge (formerly Wynekoop) Street, by Conveyance dated i8th. Novb"". 1759, 
— from the said Benjamen Moore. — The Release for which last mentioned Lot, by a memo- 
randum in the hand writing of the said Wiliam Bayard deceased, appeared to have been left 
by him with other Deeds to be recorded with Golsbrow Banyar Esq""., but the Lease for the 
Transfering the use into the Possession of the said William Bayard deceased & dated the 
17th. Novb''. 1759. This Deponent hath in his possesion. — The Deponant further said that 
the Remaining Lots, on Pieces of Ground specified in the said Apprai2ement as situate at 
Greenwich Two Milles distant from the City of New York, were granted by Simon Johnson 
& Wife to the said William Bayard by Indenture bearing date, the 29th., October 1760. — 

Wm. Bayard. 

Sworn to before me at the City-Hall of the City of New York this i6th Day of Jan^. 1807. 

Jacob DelaMontassue Special Justice 

State of New York Ss. William Bayard of the City of New York Merchant being again 
sworn further Deposeth & saith, that the several pieces of ground & premises mentioned in 
his preceeding deposition, were sold by the Commissioner of Forfeitures for the Southern 
District of the State of New York, as property which had belonged to his Father William 
Bayard & forfeited to the said State by his Attainder, & further the Deponent saith not. 

Sworn this 23r<*. day of February 1807. Wm. Bayard. 

Before me Jacob DelaMontassue Special Justice 

At a meeting of the Commissioners for extinguishing Claims on the day of February 

Present. — 

Simeon DeWitt, Surveyor General 
> Archibald Mclntyre, Comptroller 

John Woodworth, Attorney General 

Catharine Bayard presented her Claim to this Board for compensation in extinguishment 
of her right of Dower of and in certain Messuages and Lots of Ground in the City of New 
York, alledging that She was the wife of William Bayard late of the Said City who was 
convicted of adhering to the Enemies of the People of this State and his property thereby con- 
fiscated and sold by the Commissioners of Forfeitures. 

The following facts appear 

i^'. The Said William Bayard was attainted by act of the Legislature on the 22"^. October 

2^. It appears by the affidavit of William Bayard of the City of New York Merchant that 
before and at the time of the attainder the Said Catharine Bayard was the wife of the said 
William Bayard that they cohabited together until about the 24th. day of December 1804 when 
the Said William Bayard died, it also appears by the Said affidavit that Catharine Bayard is 
living and of the age of about 72 Years, that the Said William Bayard at the time of his at- 
tainder was seized of the following Lots and Parcels of Land in the City of New York, Viz. 
Lots N° 157, 39, 41, in Pearl Street, N°- 55, 57, in Water Street, N°- 60, 61, 62, 63 in Front 
Street N° 30, 31 in South Street also one other Lot in South Street now owned and occupied 
by John Suydam Lot N°. 17 in Bridge Street, also certain other Lots at Greenwich on which 

268 New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

are erected the dwelling House and outhouse of the deponent William Bayard, also the Lots 
at Greenwich on which are erected the dweUing Houses of M". Elder and M". Cameron. 

3'!. The Premises above described were sold by the Commissioners of forfeitures of the 
Southern district as the property whereof William Bayard was seized at the time of his 

4*^ It appears by an appraisment made on the 26'^ day of December 1805 by George 
Stanton and George Gosman under oath that the rent or Yearly Value of the preceeding 
Lots and premises amounts to $6722 and the total Value $104,780. 

^th ]y[rs Bayard is entitled to Dower in other Lands situate in different parts of this State, 
but has ofifered to execute a Release of all her right of Dower to which she is entitled as the 
wife of the Said Wilham Bayard who was attainted for the Sum of $6000. 

This Board having considered the Said Claim, do thereupon Resolve that in case the Per- 
son administering the Government of this State, shall approve hereof that the Sum of $6000 
be paid to the Said Catharine Bayard on her releasing to the People of this State her right 
of Dower of and in the premises above described and of and in all other Lands and Tene- 
ments within this State whereof the Said William Bayard was seized at the time of his at- 
tainder, And that the Comptroller draw his warrant on the Treasurer in favor of the Said 
Catharine Bayard for the Said Sum of $6000. Arch''. Mclntyre Compt^ 

Simeon DeWitt, Surveyor Genl. 
Tohn Woodworth Atty Genl. 

I do consent to and approve the above Adjustment & Settlement of the Claim of Dower 
of Catharine Bayard Morgan Lewis [Governor] 

This is the usual form of a deed of Forfeited Property given by the Commissioners of Foj. 
feitures in the Western District : — 

THIS INDENTURE, made the Twentyninth Day of August in the Thirteenth Year of the 
Independence of the State of New York, and in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven 
Hundred and Eighty-eight — BETWEEN Henry Oothoudt and Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, Es- 
quires, two of the Commissioners of Forfeitures for the Western District, appointed in pursu- 
ance of an ACT of the Legislature of the said State, entitled, "An Act for the speedy Sale ot 
the confiscated and forfeited Estates within this State, and for other Purposes therein men- 
tioned," of the one Part, and Stephen Ward of the County of Westchester Esquire, of the other 
Part, WITNESSETH, That the said Commissioners, by Virtue of the Power and Authority to 
them, in and by the said Act granted, and for, and in Consideration of the Sum of Two hun- 
dred and fifty Pounds, by the said Stephen Ward to them paid, Have granted, bargained, sold, 
enfeoffed, and confirmed ; and by these Presents, DO grant, bargain, sell, enfeofif and confirm 
unto the said Stephen Ward, and to his Heirs and Assigns, ALL That Certain Lot of Lands 
situate lying and being in the County of Montgomery on the north side of the Mohawk River 
in a Patent heretofore granted to the late Sir William Johnson known by the name of Kings- 
land or Royal Grant which said Lot is distinguished by Number Ninety three in the fourth 
Allotment of said Patent made by the said Commissioners and Begins at the South west Corner 
of Lot Number One hundred and nine and runs from thence as the needle pointed in the year 
one thousand seven hundred and fifty-six south forty chains then West fifty chains then north 
forty chains and then East fifty chains to the place of Beginning Containing Two hundred 
Acres be the same more or less Deemed to have become forfeited by the Attainder of Sir John 

Johnson late of the County of Tryon Knight and Baronet and all and singular the 

Estate, Right, Title, and Interest, whether in possession, reversion, or remainder, of, in, or to 
the said Premises, which, in Consequence of any Attainder or Conviction, is become forfeited, 
or attached to, or vested in the People of the said State. To have and to hold, all, and singu- 
lar the said Lands, Tenements, Hereditaments, and Premises, hereby granted, bargained, sold, 
enfeoffed and confirmed, with the Appurtenances unto the said Stephen Ward, and to his Heirs 
and Assigns, to the only proper Use and Behoof of the said Stephen Ward and his Heirs and 

The Commissioners of Forfeitures 


Assigns forever. IN WITNESS whereof, the said Parties to these Presents, have hereunto 
interchangeably set their Hands and Seals, the Day and Year first above written. 
Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of 

Matthew Watson Hen^. Oothoudt 

jos*. Bogart Jer VRensselaer 

The Sales of the Commissioners of the Western District were as follows: — 1780, £303626; 
1781, £457641; 1784, £37320; 1785-1786, £176471; 1787-1788, £137592. This is one of their 
Accounts : — 

Account of Certificates Received by the Commissioners of Forfeitures of the Western dis- 
trict for the Sale of Confiscated Lands Agreable to an Act entitled an Act to Liquidate and 
Settle the Accounts of the Troops in this State in the Service of the United States. 

From ■Whom 

Lieu* : 







Herroun of 




Hugh Lacey 

on What Account Amount When Eeoeivd 

A house and lot of Ground 

in the Second Ward of 

the City of Albany Late 

the property of James 

Furnival of the City of 

Albany Tavernkeeper, 

Appraised at £ 150 7 Feb^ 1781 

Part of lot N° 11 in the 

division of Provincial 

patent Containing 1 10 

Acres late the property 

of John Hogill of the dis- 
trict of Cambridge Yeo- 
man Appraised at 330 20th Febry 

Lot N° 26 in the division 

of Hosick patent between 

the heirs of James Van 

Cortlant dec<*: Lat the 

property of Henry White 

now or late a Member of 

the Council of the Colony 

of New York Esq'': 

Appraised at 234 2 March 

2 Lots of land in Pitts 

Town known by the 

Name of Lot N° 24 and 

75. Estimated Each at 

105 Acres late the prop- 
erty of Robert Leake of 

the County of Albany 

Gentleman Appraised at. 
A house & lot of Ground 

in the first ward of the 

City of Albany Late the 

property of Dennis Gib- 
bons of the City of Al- 
bany — Baker Appraised 

at 66 4 April 

168 21 March 


6 1/4 M" 

6 1/2 M° 

7 M° 

8 M° 

8 M° 

Eeceivd with 

£ 150. 


329- IS- 8 

8.18. 3 

227.12. 5 

6.12. 5 

166. 4. 9 

5.10. 8 


1. 12. 

£ 948 

£ 948. 2.10 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Estates Forfeited 

The Military and Civil Titles, given in this list, had been granted under the Colony, before 
the War:— 

Ackerson Garret 
Ackerson John 
Ackerson Matthias 
Alyea Isaac 
Anderson John 
Anderson Jonathan 
Armstrong John 
Avery Thomas 
Axtell William, Council 
Barclay Thomas 
Barclay Thomas H. 
Barker Thomas 
Bartlefalk Johannis 
Bates John 
Bauck Frederick 
Bayard Robert 
Bayard William, Col. 
Beach Theophilaet 
Beach Theophilus 
Beaty David 
Becker Bastian 
Bedford Jonathan 
Billop Christopher 
Blauvelt David 
Blauw Waldron 
Bobbett Daniel 
Bogart Guysbert 
Bogart Jacobus 
Bond Richard 
Bowen William R. 
Bower Casper 
Bowne James 
Brown Johannes 
Brush Shubal 
Butler John, Col. 
Butler Walter, Ens. 
Butler William, Lt. Col. 
Cameron Duncan 
Campbell Allen 
Campbell Duncan 
Carpenter Archelaus 
Carpenter Henry 
Carpenter Latting 
Carrigan Patrick 
Chase Reuben 
Chew Joseph 
Claus Daniel, Col. 
Clement Lewis 
Clinton Henry, Sir 
Cloos Abm. 
Cloos Benj. 
Clows Peter 
Cock Zoar 

Golden Cadwallader, Lt. 

Colden David 
Cole Simon 
Constable Abraham 
Corey Griffin 
Cornwell George 
Cotter James 
Covel Simeon 
Crannell Bartholomew 
Crawford James 
Crawford John 
Crookshank Alexander 
Cruger John Harris, 

Cummings Patrick 
Cuyler Abraham C. 
Davenport Gabriel 
Dean Nicholas 
De Lancey James, Lt. 

Gov. & Council 
De Lancey Oliver, Adjt. 

De Lancey Stephen 
De Lancey & Jauncey 
Des Brosses Elias 
Desbrosses Elizabeth 
Desbrosses Magdalen 
Devoe FredericTi 
Dickenson Gilbert 
Dickinson James 
Dickinson Samuel 
Dickinson Tertullus 
Dobbs Walter 
Dockstader John 
Dodge Stephen 
Dowers Joseph 
Drake Peter 
Duncan Richard 
Eckerson Garrit Jacob 
Emmons Eli 
Emmons John 
Empie Johannis W. 
Empie John P. 
Empie Philip 
Ennis John 
Fisher Daniel 
Fisher Donald 
Flewelling Abel 
Flewelling Thomas 
Floyd Richard 
Folliott George 
Ford Joseph 

Fowler Jonathan, jr. 

Fowler Solomon 

Fowler Stephen 

Fowler William 

Frazier Hugh 

Frazier Thomas 

Frazier William 

Freehoudt Isaac 

French Benjamin 

French Charity 

Frost Caleb 

Frost Jacob 

Fuller Lemuel 

Furnival James 

Getman John 

Gibbons Dennis 

Gibson John, Sr. 

Gidney John 

Gidney Joseph 

Gidney Joshua 

Green James 

Green Joseph 

Gregg Abraham 

Gregg John 

Griggs Abraham 

Griggs Johannes 

Griggs John 

Hare James 

Harring Peter T. 

Harris Samuel 

Hatfield Barnes 

Hawley Ezekiel, jr. 

Herkimer Johan Jost, Capt, 

Heustice David 

Hoaksley Robert 

Hofifnagle John 

Hoflfnagle Michael 

Hogel John 

Holmes James 

Holmes Lewis 

Holmes Stephen 

Holt Moses 

Howard John 

Huggeford Peter 

Hulet James 

Huls James 

Hultse James 

Hunt Benjamin 

Inglis Charles, Rev. 

Ireland John 

Jansen Simon 

Jauncey James, Council 

Jauncey & De Lancey 

Jessup Ebenezer 

Jessup Edward 

Jessup Joseph 

Johnson Abraham 

Johnson Elizabeth 

Johnson Guy, Col. 

Johnson John, Sir 

Johnson John 

Johnson Magdalen 

Johnson Margaret 

Johnson William, Sir 

Jones Daniel 

Jones David 

Jones John 

Jones Jonathan 

Jones Philip 

Jones Thomas, Justice 

Kane John 

Kempe John Tabor, Atty. 

& Advocate Gen. 
Kip Benjamin 
Kissam Daniel 
Kool Johannis 
Laight Edward 
Laight William 
Lamb James 

Lawrence Effingham, Capt. 
Lawrence John 
Leake John 
Leake Robert 
Leake Thomas 
Leight Edward 
Leight W. 
Lent Abraham 
Lent Adolph 
Lent Peter 
Leonard George 
Leonard James 
Leonard John 
Lewis Benjamin 
Lloyd Henry 
Long David 
Loun-sbury William 
Low Isaac 
Low John 
Ludlow Gabriel G. 
Ludlow George D. 
Mabbett Joseph S.,Admr. 
Mabbett Samuel 
Mabie Cornelius 
Mabie Cornelius P. 
Mabie Lewis 
McAdams William 

Estates Forfeited 


McAlpin Daniel 
McAlpin John 
McClannen Peter 
McComb John 
McDonald James 
McDonald John 
McDonnell John 
McGinnis George 
McGinnis Robert 
McKenzie Roderick 
McLarin Peter 
McLeod Norman, Capt. 
McNifF Patrick 
McNish Joseph 
Macomb John 
Matthews David 
Matthias Hannicol 
Matthias Hendrick 
Mattice Hendrick 
Mattice John 
Mattice John Nicholas 
Medlar John 
Menzes Alexander 
Menzes Thomas 
Menzies Alexander 
Menzines Alexander 
Merikle Jacob 
Merkle Christopher 
Merkle Jacob 
Merrit Joseph 
Merritt John 
Merritt Thomas 
Miller Anthony 
Miller Gilbert 
Mitchell John 
Moffatt William 
Moore William 
Moorhouse Jonathan 
Morris Richard E. 
Morris Roger, Maj. & Col. 

& Council 
Morrison John 
Morrison Malcom 
Mosher Hugh 
Mott Jacob 
Munro Daniel 
Munro Hugh 

Munro John 
Murison George 
Nellis Henry W. 
Nellis Robert 
Nellis Robert Wm. 
Noxon Bartholomew 
Oakley Miles 
Ogden Benjamin 
Oliver Frederick 
O shorn Nathan 
Outwater Daniel 
Outwater Thomas 
Palmer Edmund 
Palmer Edward 
Palmer Lewis 
Partelow Amos 
Pearsall Thomas 
Peck Caleb 
Peemart Francis 
Pell John 
Pell John, jr. 
Pell Joshua 
Pell Joshua, jr. 
Peters Valentine H. 
Petrie Johan Jost, jr. 
Phillipse Frederick, Col. 
Pine Stephen 
Polhemus Johannes 
Quackenboss Adrian 
Quackenboss Gosen 
Rapalje Abraham 
Rapalje Dina 
Rapalje John 
Reed William 
Rider Ebenezer 
Riemer John 
Robinson Beverley 
Robinson Thomas 
Rodgers William 
Roosa Guisbert 
Roosa Jacobus 
Row John Peter 
Rowland Smith 
Ruble John 
Ruble Thomas 
Russell Jacob 
Ruyter Henry 

St. Croix Joshua Temple 
Sammons Thomas 
Schell Johannis 
Schut Alexander 
Scutt Alexander 
Seaman Adam 
Seaman Benjamin 
Seaman Israel 
Service Christian 
Service Christophe 
Service Clara 
Sharpe Guysbert 
Sheets Jacob 
Shell Johannes 
Sisson James 
Skene Andrew Philip, Lt 
Skene Philip, Maj. 
Skene Philip & Andrew 
Smith Austin 
Smith John 
Smith John Johnson 
Smith William 
Smith William, jr. 
Snedeker Theodorus 
Sneden Teunis 
Snififin Shubal 
Soles Howland 
Sprage Thomas 
Springer William 
Sprong Volkert 
Summers Peter 
Ten Brook Peter 
Theal Charles 
Thompson Edward 
Thompson John 
Tice Gilbert 
Titus Isaac 
Tobias Christian 
Tobias Joseph 
Townsend Uriah 
Travis Charles 
Travis Jeremiah 
Travis William 
Tryon William (Sir) Gov, 
Turner John 
Tuttle Stephen 
Underbill Benjamin 

DeVan Alstyne Peter Sander 
Van Cortland Augustus 
Vanderpool Isaac 
Van Dyne Dow 
Van Home Augustus 
Van Home David 
Van Petten Arent 
Van Waggenen James 
Vedder Cornelis A. 
Ver Planck Gullian 
Waite Benjamin 
Wallace Alexander 
Wallace Hugh, Council 
Ward Edmond 
Ward Edmund 
Ward Israel 
Watson Jacob 
Watts John 
Weatherhead John 
Weeks John 
Welling John 
Welling Peter 
Welling William 
Wemple Andrew 
Wheaton John 
White Alexander 
White Eve 

White Henry, Council 
White Thomas 
Whitney Nathan 
Wickham Parker 
Wilcox Hazard 
Williams Isaac 
Williamson Garrit 
Wood John 
Woods James 
Wragg Richard 
Wright Jonathan 
Wright William 
Yoemans George 
Youmans John 
Young Adam 
Young Frederick 
Youngs Isaac 
Zielie Adam 
Zielly Adam 





Vol. I, Part I (Folios i to 136) — The Line 


1ST Regt. Col. Goose Van Schaick, Lt Col. Cor- 
nelius Van Dyck I 

2ND Regt. Col. Goose Van Schaick, Col. Philip 
Van Cortland, Lt. Col. Peter Reg- 
nier, Lt. Col. Robert Cochran, Lt 
Col. Frederick Weissenfels 30 

3RD Regt. Col. James Clinton, Col. Peter Ganse- 

voort, Lt. Col. James Bruyn 70 

4TH Regt. Col. James Holmes, Col. Henry B. 
Livingston, Lt. Col. Pierre Regnier, 
Lt. Col. Frederick Weissenfels 79 

Sth Regt. Col. Lewis Duboys, Lt. Col. James S. 

Bruyn, Lt. Col. Marinus Willett... no 

Additional Battalion. Col. James Livingston, Lt 
Col. Richard Livingston 122 

Artillery, 2nd Regt. Col. John Lamb 125 

Green Mountain Boys. Col. Ethan Allen, Col. 
Seth Warner 133 

Vol. I, Part 2 (Folio 137 to end) 




Congress Regt., Col. Edward Antil 213 

CoL. Moses Hazen's Regt. 216 

CoL. Oliver Spencer's Regt 219 

Gen. Charles Scott's Brigade 225 

Col. John Lasher's Regt 228 

Col. John Nicholson's Regt 232 

CoL. Cornelius D. Wynkoop's Regt 235 

Ensign John Fondey, jr's. Party 238 

Artillery Regt. (not identified) 239 



Massachusetts 242 

Connecticut 245 

Pennsylvania 246 

New Jersey 247 

Virginia 248 

Rhode Island 248 

North Carolina 249 

Maryland 249 


Vol. II. — The Levies 

Col. John Harper i 

Col. Frederick Weissenfels 122 

Vol. III. — The Levies 

Col. William Malcom, Maj. Elias Van 
Bunschoten I 

Col. Lewis Dubois, Lt. Col. Brinton 
Paine 77 

Col. Morris Graham, Lt. Col. Benjamin 
Birdsall, Lt. Col. Henry Livingston.. 109 

Col. Albert Pawling 156 

Vol. IV.— The Levies 

Col. Marinus Willett, Lt Col. John 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Vol. v.— The Militia 


Brigade i 

1ST Regt. Col. Abraham Cuyler, Col. Jacob 

Lansing, Jr 3 

2ND Regt. Col. Abraham Wemple S 

3RD Regt. Col. Philip P. Schuyler, Lt. Col. Ba- 

rent I. Staats 74 

4TH Regt. Col. Killian Van Rensselaer, Lt. 

Col. John H. Beeckman 174 

Vol. VI.— The Militia 


5TH Regt. Col. Gerrit G. Van den Bergh, Col. 

Henry Quackenboss, Lt. Col. 

Volkert Veeder I 

6th Regt. Col. Stephen John Schuyler, Lt. 

Col. Henry K. Van Rensselaer. . 7 
7TH Regt. Col. Abraham J. Van Alstine, Lt. 

Col. Philip Van Alstine 34 

8th Regt. Col. Robert Van Rensselaer, Lt. 

Col. Barent I. Staats, Lt. Col. 

Henry J. Van Rensselaer, Lt. 

Col. Asa Waterman 83 

9TH Regt. Col. Peter Van Ness, Lt. Col. 

David Pratt 148 

ioth Regt. Col. Morris Graham, Col. Henry 

Livingston 154 

IITH Regt. Col. Anthony Van Bergen, Lt. Col. 

Cornelius Dubois 170 

I2TH Regt. Col. Jacobus Van Schoonhoven, Lt. 

Col. James Gordon, Maj. Ezekiel 

Taylor 172 


Col. William Williams 282 

Vol. VII.— The Militia 


13TH Regt. Col. John McCrea, Col. Cornelius 

Van Veghten i 

14TH Regt. Col. John Knickerbacker, Col. Peter 
Yates, Lt. Col. John Van Rens- 
selaer 97 

ISTH Regt. Col. Peter Vroman, Lt. Col. Peter 

Ziele 165 

i6th Regt. Col. John Blair, Col. Lewis Van 

Woert, Maj. James Ashton 191 

17TH Regt. Col. William B. Whiting, Lt. Col. 

Asa Waterman 269 

Baldwin's Rangers. Capt. Alexander Baldwin. 274 

Lieut. Jacob Brower's Company 274 

Vol. VIII, Part I (Folios I to 226)— The 


2ND Regt. Col. Abraham Brinkerhoff, Lt. Col. 

Jacob Griffen I 

3RD Regt. Col. John Field, Col. Andrew More- 
house 56 

4TH Regt. Col. John Frear 107 

5TH Regt. Col. William Humfrey, Col. James 

Van Deburgh 108 

6th Regt. Col. Morris Graham, Col. Roswell 

Hopkins, Lt. Col. Jacob Griffin, 115 


Col. (Dr.) John Williams, Maj. Thomas 
Armstrong 275 

Vol. VIII, Part 2 (Folio 227 to end)— The 



7TH Regt. Col. Henry Ludenton, Lt. Col. 

Reuben Ferris 227 

Associated Exempts. Col. Zephaniah Piatt, Lt. 

Col. Rufus Herrick 316 

Regt. of Minute Men. Col. Jacobus Swart- 

wout 3s8a 

Rangers. Capt. Ezekiel Cooper 359 

De La Vergne's Party (see vol. XL, folio 96). 

Vol. IX.— The Militia 


1ST Regt. Col. Jesse Woodhull, Lt. Col. Elihu 

Marvin i 

2ND Regt. Col. Ann Hawk Hay, Lt. Col. Gil- 
bert Cooper 4 

3RD Regt. Col. William Allison, Lt. Col. Ben- 
jamin Tuston 91 

4TH Regt. Col. John Hathorn, Lt. Col. Joseph 
Hasbrouck, Lt. Col. Henry Wis- 
ner 96 

Sands Battalion, Col. John Sands (see vol. 
XL, folios 49-51). 


1ST Regt. of Minute Men. Col. Josiah Smith, 226 

Vol. X.— The Militia 


Brigade 2 

1ST Regt. Col. Samuel Campbell, Col. Ebene- 

zer Cox, Lt. Col. Samuel Clyde.. 5 

Title Pages 


TRYON COUl^TY — Continued: Folio 

2ND Regt. Col. Jacob Klock, Lt. Col. Petter 

Wagoner 30 

3RD Regt. Col. Frederick Fisher (Visscher), 

Lt. Col. Volkert Veeder 98 

4TH Regt. Col. Peter Bellinger 206 

STH Regt. Col. John Harper, Maj. Joseph 

Harper 242 

Associated Exempts. Capt. Jellis Fonda 245 

Vol. XL 

[Names gathered from sources other than the 
Manuscripts in the Comptroller's Office.] 

The Line 

1ST Regt. i 

2ND Regt 20 

3RD Regt 40 

4TH Regt. 54 

5TH Regt 6g 

Additional Battalion 78 

2ND Artillery Regt 80 

Provincial Train of Artillery. Capt. Alex- 
ander Hamilton 81 

Green Mountain Boys 82 

The Levies 

Col. William Malcom 83 

Col. Albert Pawling 85 

Col. Marinus Willett 87 

The Militia — ALBANY COUNTY: 

1ST Regt 88 

2ND Regt 89 

3RD Regt. 90 

4TH Regt 91 

STH Regt 92 

6th Regt 93 

9TH Regt. 94 

iith Regt 95 

14TH Regt. 96 

iSTH Regt 97 

i6th Regt 98 

Independent Company. Capt. Petrus Van Gas- 
beck 99 

Minute Men. Capt. Joseph Hatch 100 


2ND Regt 102 

STH Regt 104 

6th Regt. 109 

7TH Regt. 115 

Associated Exempts. Col. Zephaniah Piatt ... 116 

Associated Exempts. Capt. Abraham Schenck, 118 

Minute Men. Col- Jacobus Swartwout , 119 


2ND Regt. 124 

4TH Regt 125 

Associated Exempts. Capt. John Wood 134 


Minute Men. Col. Josiah Smith 135 

Minute Men. Capt. William Ludlam 145 

Minute Men. Col. Thomas Terry 146 

Minute Men. Col. David Mulloid 148 


1ST Regt 149 

4TH Regt 150 

Campbell's Battalion. Col. Samuel Campbell, 151 

Rangers. Capt. John Winn 152 

Rangers. Capt. Christian Getman 153 

Rangers. Capt. John Kasselman iS4 


1ST Regt 155 

2ND Regt. 158 

3RD Regt 165 

4TH Regt. 172 

Independent Company. Capt. Samuel Clark .. 176 


1ST Regt. 177 

2ND Regt 180 

3RD Regt. 181 

4TH Regt 185 

Separate Company. Capt. Jonathan Horton... 186 

Miscellaneous organizations 
Lt. Col. Andrew Stockholm's Regt. Col. John 

Lasher 187 

Lt. Col. John Vischer's Regt. Col. John Nich- 
olson 189 

Col. Cornelius D. Wynkoop's Regt. Col. Cor- 
nelius D. Wynkoop 190 

Independent Company. Major John Wheelock, 193 

Fondey's Party. Ensign John Fondey 194 

Rangers. Capt. John A. Bradt 195 

Rangers. Capt. John Reilay 196 

Vol. XII.— The Militia 


1ST Regt. Col. Johannes Snyder i 

2ND Regt. Col. James McClaghry, Lt. Col. 

Jacob Newkirk 49 

3RD Regt. Col. Levi Pawling, Col. John Can- 
tine, Lt. Col. Jacob Hoornbeek... 63 

4TH Regt. Col. Johannes Hardenburgh, Lt. Col. 
Jonathan Elmendorph, Lt. Col. 
Johannis Janson 99 

Light Horse. Capt. Salisbury 183 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Vol. XIII, Part I (Folios i to 169) 

1ST Regt. Col. Joseph Drake, Col. James Ham- 
man I 

2ND Regt. Col. Thomas Thomas, Lt. Col. Gil- 
bert Budd 58 

Vol. XIII, Part 2 (Folio 170 to end) 

3RD Regt. Col. Pierre Van Cortlandt, Col. Sam- 
uel Drake, Lt. Col. Gilbert Drake, 

Lt. Col. John Hyatt 170 

4TH Regt. Col. Thaddeus Crane 219 

Associated Exempts. Lt. Col. Joseph Benedict, 315 
Separate Exempts. Capt. Jonathan Horton 330 

Vol. XIV. 





Vol. XV. 


clusive) 28 

Vol. XVI. 

clusive) I 

Vol. XVII. (Vol. I of Land Bounty Rights) 

Letters from Colonel F. C. Ainsworth, of the 
United States War Department, relative to 
the State Militia and the several classes that 
assigned their Land Bounty Rights i 

Index, of Classes entitled to Bounties, 
WHICH was with the Land Bounty Rights in 
their original packages before they were ar- 
ranged IN their present form in 1898 2 

Account of the State of New York with 
Jonathan Laurence, Thomas Palmer and 
Henry Glenn, Commissioners for Executing 
" An Act for completing the Five Continental 
Battalions raised under the direction of this 
State" 3 


Extract from Governor Clinton's General 
Orders, issued March 25, 1782, relative to en- 
listments under the laws of I781 AND I782 FOR 

the raising of troops in the Service of the 

United States 4 

Resolve of Congress for the following pay, 
October 7, 1776: Monthly Pay of the Ameri- 
can Army, commencing January i, 1777 to May 

27, 1778 S 

Artillery Monthly Pay, May 27, 1778 5 

List of Paymasters 5 

The Line 

1ST Regt 6 

2ND Regt. 48 

3RD Regt 67 

4TH Regt 73 

Sth Regt. 82 

Additional Regiment- Battalion 84 

2ND Artillery Regt 91 

Men of the Line or the Levies, hired under 
the Land Bounty Rights, whose names have 
SO frequently appeared in the earlier volumes 
of these records that the identity of their 
respective regiments, in this particular ser- 
vice, cannot be ascertained i79 

Men of the Line or the Levies, hired under 
THE Land Bounty Rights, whose names have 
not appeared in the earlier volumes of these 
records. The Identity of their respective regi- 
ments, IN this particular service, cannot be 
ascertained 180 

Vol. XVIII. (Vol. 2 of Land Bounty Rights) 

The Levies 

Col. John Harper i 

Col. Frederick Weissenfels 5 

Col. William Malcom lo 

Col. Lewis Dubois 15 

Col. Morris Graham 17 

Col. Albert Pawling 23 

Col. Marinus Willett 28 

The Militia — ALBANY COUNTY: 

1ST Regt. 99 

2ND Regt 142 

3RD Regt. 178 

Vol. XIX. (Vol. 3 of Land Bounty Rights) 

The Militia — ALBANY COUNTY: 

4TH Regt i 

5TH Regt 40 

6th Regt 42 

Title Pages 


ALBANY COUliTY — Continued: Folio 

7TH Regt 72 

8th Regt. 98 

9TH Regt. 132 

lOTH Regt. 167 

Vol. XX. (Vol. 4 of Land Bounty Rights) 

The Militia — ALBANY COUNTY: 

I ith Regt. i 

I2TH Regt. 28 

13TH Regt. 38 

14TH Regt. 59 

15TH Regt. 87 

i6th Regt. no 

17TH Regt. 131 


Vol. XXI. (Vol. 5 of Land Bounty Rights) 


2ND Regt. i 

3RD Regt 52 

4TH Regt. loi 

Sth Regt 161 

Vol. XXIL (Vol. 6 of Land Bounty Righ ts) 


6th Regt. i 

7TH Regt 124 

1ST Regt 159 

Vol. XXIII. (Vol. 7 of Land Bounty Rights 

The Militia — ORANGE COUNTY: 

2ND Regt i 

3RD Regt. 33 

4TH Regt. 58 


1ST Regt 89 

2ND Regt 107 

3RD Regt. 122 

4TH Regt. iS3 

STH Regt. 158 

Vol. XXIV. (Vol. 8 of Land Bounty Rights 

The Militia — ULSTER COUNTY: 

1ST Regt. i 

2ND Regt. 55 

3RD Regt. 98 

Vol. XXV. (Vol. 9 of Land Bounty Rights) 

The Militia — ULSTER COUNTY: FoMo 

4TH Regt i 


1ST Regt 71 

2ND Regt 73 

3RD Regt. 82 

4TH Regt. 115 

Miscellaneous Organizations 

Col. Cornelius D. Wynkoop's Regt. 153 

Reilay's Rangers. Capt. John Reilay 155 

Independent Corps of iooo men raised under 
ACT OF March 13, 1779 iS7 

Vol. XXVI. (Vol. 10 of Land Bounty Rights) 


In the Line or Levies signed by Commissaries 
of Musters or Muster Masters — not identi- 
fied BY Regiments in the Land Bounty Papers, 

Volumes 17 to 26 inclusive i 

In the Line or Levies signed by Commissaries 
of Musters or Muster Masters, together with 
Assignments of Land Bounty Rights — not 
identified by Regiments in the Land Bounty 

Papers, Volumes 17 to 26 inclusive 31 




Vol. XXVII. (Vol. II of Land B'y Rights; 
and Vol. i of Land Locations, or Patents) 

Reports and Records of the Surveyor-Gen- 
eral's office from 1783 to 1796 I 

Surveyor's and Miscellaneous Papers 34 

Alphabetical Lists of Patentees and their 
respective locations in Vols. XXVII, XXXVIII 
and XXIX 41 

List of Certificates for Lands located on 
Bounty Rights, including Returns of Surveys, 
which list was with the Land Bounty Rights 
in their original packages before they were 
arranged in their present form, in 1898 42 

Certificates issued to certain individuals... 43 

Map of the State of New York during the 
Revolutionary War 5^ 

History of the several counties of the State ; 
and Map, in detail, of the Counties of Kings, 
New York, Queens, Richmond, Suffolk and 
Westchester 53 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Land Locations, or Patents, by Counties. Fol'o 
Albany 54 

Map 55 

Charlotte 105 

Map 106 

Clinton 133 

Dutchess 133 

Map 134 

Herkimer 139 

Onondaga 156 

Ontario 160 

Orange 164 

Map 165 

Otsego 178 

Queens 182 

Suffolk i8s 

Vol. XXVIII. (Vol. 12 of Land B'y Rights; 
and Vol. 2 of Land Locations, or Patents) 

Land Locations, or Patents, together with 
the Certificates of the Surveyor General, in 
THE County of Montgomery 
Historical Sketch of Montgomery County. . i 
Map of Montgomery County 2 

Vol. XXIX. (Vol. 13 of Land B'y Rights; 
and Vol. 3 of Land Locations, or Patents) 

Land Locations, or Patents, together with 
THE Certificates of the Surveyor General, in 
the following Counties : 

Tioga I 

Tryon 36 

Map 37 

Ulster 66 

Map 67 

Washington 84 

Vol. XXX. 

Th« Judiciary Department i 

The legislative Department 5 



Officers 7 

Deputies 7 

Albany County 10 

Charlotte County 10 

Cumberland County 10 

The Legislative Department — Continued: Folio 


New York 11 

Queens County la 

Suffolk County 12 

Ulster County 13 

Westchester County 14 

Committees : 

Secret 15 

Marine ig 

Flax IS 

to quell insurrections in Albany and 

Dutchess Counties 16 

on arrangement of the Army 17 

of Safety 20 

Transactions : 

ist Congress (May 22-Nov. 4, 1775) 30 

and " (Nov. 14, i77S-May 13, 1776). 32 

3rd " (May 14-June 30, 1776) 36 

4th " or Convention (July 9, 1776- 

May 13, 1777) 37 

Accounts and Expenses 46 


Delegates 55 



Pay 74 

Transactions 77 

Committee to quiet the N. E. past of the 

State 79 

Senate 81 

Officers 82 


Southern District 86 

Middle " 88 

Eastern " 90 

Western " 92 

Council of Appointment 96 

Assembly 100 

Officers 101 


Albany County 109 

Charlotte " 117 

Cumberland " I2I 

Dutchess " 122 

Kings " 128 

New York " 129 

Orange " 133 

Queens " 137 

Richmond " 140 

Suffolk " 141 

Tryon " 144 

Ulster " 149 

Westchester " 155 

Title Pages 


Vol. XXXI. Folio 

The Executive Department i 


Accounts of Governor Clinton 

General 2 

Entertainments 14 

Temporary Government of the Southern 

Districts 17 

Certificates for money borrowed 24 


Public Records 43 

Census 46 


Accounts of Comfort Sands 54 

Accounts of Peter T. Curtenius 62 

Accounts of Expresses 90 

Accounts of Miscellaneous 97 

Accounts with the United States no 

Specie Requisitions 153 

Accounts of William Barber 160 

Auditors to Liquidate the Accounts of the 
Accounts of Joseph Gasherie, John Haring 
and Thomas Moffat 172 

Vol. XXXII. 

The Executive Department 


Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Treasurer 

OF Provincial Congress 2 

Gerard Bancker, Vice- Treasurer of the 

State 7 

Gerard Bancker, Treasurer of the State. . . 9 

Accounts of Gerard Bancker 9 

Certificates of " " 38 

Notes of " " 41 

Certificates of Peter T. Curtenius, State 

Auditor General 44 

Certificates of Principal 48 

Certificates of New Principal 52 

Certificates of Interest 54 

Certificates of Depreciation 63 

Certificates of Levy 67 

Certificates of Claim 88 

Horse Notes 89 

Exchange of State and Continental Securi- 
ties 92 

Accounts of William Denning, Henry 
Remsen and Comfort Sands, Commis- 

Vol. XXXIII. ^°"° 

The Executive Department 


Issuing of Money 
Accounts of A. Lawrence, P. Livingston, 
Jeremiah Lansing and Henry Rutgers, 

Commissioners I 

Exchange of Money 5 















Albany County 

Charlotte " 

Dutchess " 

Kings " 

New York " 

Orange " 

Queens " 

Richmond " 

Suffolk " 

Tryon " 

Ulster " 

Westchester " 

Loan Office 31 

Albany County 44 


New York 








Certificates Loaned 52 

Vol. XXXIV. 

The Executive Department 


Loan Office 
Certificates Loaned 

Vol. XXXV. 

The Executive Department 


Loan Office 
Certificates Loaned 

Vol. XXXVI. 


Accounts of Udny Hay 2 

General Accounts 51 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 



General Accounts 72 

Accounts of Francis Chandonet 82 

Accounts of Henry Clapp 83 

Accounts of Egbert Dumond 84 

Accounts of Jelhs Fonda 85 

Accounts of William Keese 87 

Accounts of John Sickles 91 

Accounts of George Taylor, Jr 92 

Accounts of Jonathan G. Tompkins 94 

Accounts of George Trimble 95 

Accounts of Jellis Winne 96 

Albany County 

Accounts of John James Bleecker 99 

Accounts of Leonard Bronk 104 

Accounts of Harmanus Cuyler 107 

Accounts of John W. Groesbeck 108 

Accounts of Philip Lansing 109 

Accounts of Richard Lush 112 

Accounts of Harmanus Schuyler 119 

Accounts of Joseph Shurtliff 120 

Accounts of Isaac Stoutenburgh 124 

Accounts of Dirck Swart 131 

Accounts of Peter Van Ness I37 

Accounts of Benjamin Van Orden 141 

Accounts of Henry I. Van Rensselaer 145 



Dutchess County 

Accounts of Sampson Benson i 

Accounts of Cornelius Bradford 3 

Accounts of Judah Burton 6 

Accounts of Benjamin Lightborn 14 

Accounts of Melancton Smith 15 

Accounts of David Van Ness 36 

Accounts of Hendrick Wyckoflf 4° 



Orange County 

Accounts of John Stagg i 

Accounts of Daniel Tier 27 

Accounts of Joseph Wood 48 

Accounts of Ebenezer Woodhull 61 



Tryon County 

Accounts of Anthony Van Veghten 68 

Accounts of Christopher P. Yates 80 

Vol. XXXIX. 


Ulster County 

Accounts of Matthew Du Bois i 

Accounts of James Monell ig 

Accounts of Dirck Wynkoop 38 

Westchester County 

Accounts of William Brown 45 

Accounts of John Fish 48 

Accounts of John Haynes 57 

Accounts of Samuel Townsend 89 

Vol. XL. 


Albany, Accounts of, John Ball, John Barclay 
(Chairman), John Bay, John Bebee, Henry 
Bleecker (Chairman), Joseph Clarke, Isaac Fonda, 
Philip Frisbe, Cornelius Humphrey, Leonard 
Gansevoort (Treasurer), Gerrit Lansing, Gerrit 
Lansing, jr. (Treasurer), Barent Mynderse, John 
Price, Hendrick Quackenbush, John Rogers, Myn- 
dert Roseboom, Philip P. Schuyler, John Ten 
Broeck, Jacob C. Ten Eyck, William Thorn, 
Isaac Van Aernam, Johannis Van Deuson, Corne- 
lius Van Dyke, William Van Ness (Clerk), Jere- 
miah Van Rensselaer, Anthony Van Schaick, Cor- 
nelius Van Veghten, Philip Van Veghten, Volkert 
Veeder, Bastian Visscher, Matthew Visscher (Sec- 
retary), Adam Vroman, William B. Whiting, 

Daniel Winna and Robert Yates 2 

Charlotte 29 

Cumberland 31 

Dutchess, Accounts of, Egbert Benson (Chair- 
man), John Collen, Samuel Dodge, Elnathan 
Gregory, Jacob Griffen (Chairman), Herman 
Hoffman, Frederick Jay, Nathan Pearce, and 

James Weeks 33 

Gloucester 40 

Kings, Accounts of, Col. Rutgert Van Brunt 

(Chairman) 41 

New York, Accounts of, John Broome (Chair- 
man) 42 

Orange, Accounts of, Peter Clows (Chairman), 
John Coe (Deputy Chairman), Elihu Marvin 
(Chairman) and Roelef Van Houten (Chairman). 43 

Title Pages 


Queens, Accounts of, John Talman, and George 

Townsend (Chairman) 49 

Richmond 52 

SxJFFOLK, Accounts of, William Clark, Daniel 

Howell, Nathaniel Roe, and George Smith 53 

Tryon, Accounts of, John Frey (Chairman), 
John Springer (Chairman), and William Wills, 

(Chairman) 56 

Ulster, Accounts of, Abel Belknap, David Bel- 
knap, Matys Blynjan, Robert Boyd, jr. (Chair- 
man), Samuel Brewster, Hendrick Constable, 
Ephraim Depuy, Andries De Witt, jr., J. K. De 
Witt, Benjamin Deyo, Egbert Dumond, John Du- 
mont, John Dunning, Coonraad C. Elmendorph, 
John A. Hardenbergh, Jacob Hasbrouck, Joseph 
Hasbrouck (Treasurer), Benjamin Huddebuk, 
Nathaniel Hull, Henry Jansen, Samuel King, Wil- 
liam Lawrence, William Miller, Petrus Minderse, 
Thomas Palmer, Cornelius C. Schoonmaker 
(Chairman & Clerk), Johannis Sleght, Philip 
Swart, Philip Swartwout, Cornelius Tack, Jacobus 
Van Wagenen, Andrew Walker, James Wilkins, 

Dirck D. Wynkoop, and William Young 58 

Westchester, Accounts of, Abram Guion, Eze- 
kiel Hawley, Abraham Legget (Chairman), Wil- 
liam Miller, and Ebenezer Ward (Chairman) 76 


Proceedings 80 

Accounts of A. W. De Peyster 88 

Accounts of Chairman Wm. Duer 90 

Accounts of NatW. Sackett, Treasurer 96 

Accounts of Richd. Hatfield, Secretary 100 

Accounts of Officers 103 

Accounts of Members 104 

Miscellaneous accounts 105 


Albany, Accounts of, John M. Beekman, Stew- 
art Dean, Isaac D. Fonda, Leonard Gansevoort, jr. 
(Sec'y), Cornelius Humphrey, John McClung, 
Hugh Mitchel, Reynier Mynderse, Abraham OOt- 
hout, Samuel Stringer, Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, 
Matthew Visscher, and Peter Wynkoop, jr 157 

Charlotte, Accounts of, Ebenezer Clark, Pela- 
tiah Fitch, John McClung, Joseph McCraken, 
Alexander McNitt, Brinton Paine and Alexander 
Webster 174 

Dutchess, Accounts of, Egbert Benson, Gilbert 
Livingston, Zephaniah Piatt and Israel Thomp- 
son 177 

Orange, Accounts of, Gilbert Cooper, Thomas 
Moffat and Henry Wisner 180 

Tryon, Accounts of, Soverinas Cock, James 
McMasters and William Wills 183 

Ulster, Accounts of, Peter Cantine, Joseph 
Gasherie, Cornelius C. Schoonmaker and Cornelius 
E. Wynkoop 184 


SPIRACIES — Continued: 
Westchester, Accounts of, Richard Hatfield, 
Israel Honeywell, jr., Philip Leek, John J. Myers 
(Secretary), Philip Pell, jr., Ebenezer Purdy, 
Nathan Rockwell, Joseph Strang and Jonathan G. 
Tompkins 187 

Vol. XLI. 


General Accounts 2 

Albany County 6 

Accounts of Cornelius Cuyler, Peter Van 

Ness and Harmanus Wendell 

Northern District 8 

Accounts of George Palmer 12 

Accounts of John Younglove 13 

Middle District 14 

Accounts of Flores Bancker 28 

Accounts of Myndert Roseboom 29 

Accounts of George White 40 

Southern District .' 42 

Accounts of Matthew Adgate 47 

Accounts of Gabriel Esselstine 48 

Accounts of Isaac Goes 49 

Charlotte County 50 

Accounts of Aaron Fuller, James McNish, 
John Moorhouse, John Nesbitt and John 

Cumberland County S4 

Accounts of James Clay, Amos Robertson 
and Israel Smith. 

Dutchess County 56 

Accounts of Anthony Hoffman, Ephraim 

Payne and Henry Livingston, Jr 76 

Accounts of Isaac Sheldon 82 

Accounts of Theodorus Van Wyck 85 

Orange County 122 

Accounts of Gysbert Kuyper, John Ter- 

neur, Jesse WoodhuU and John Coe 136 

Accounts of Gilbert Cooper 137 

Accounts of Elihu Marvin 138 

Accounts of Isaac Nicoll 139 

Vol. XLII. 


Tryon County 2 

Accounts of Peter S. Deygart 21 

Accounts of John Eisenlord 28 

Accoimts of Frederick Fisher 29 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

TION — Tryon County — Continued: Folio 

Accounts of Christopher Fox 30 

Accounts of John Harper 34 

Accounts of William Harper 36 

Ulster County 39 

Accounts of Patrick Barber 46 

Accounts of James Hunter 48 

Accounts of Johannis Sleght 49 

Accounts of Benjamin Smedes, jr S3 

Westchester County 55 

The Special Committee 71 

Accounts of Samuel Drake 75 

Accounts of Israel Honeywell, jr 86 

Accounts of James Hunt 87 

Accounts of Stephen Ward 96 


Eastern and Western Districts 99 

Accounts of John Lansing, jr 102 

Accounts of Christopher Yates 105 

Middle and Southern Districts 106 

Accounts of David Gelston iii 

Accounts of Jonathan Lawrence 112 

Accounts of John H. Sleght 114 

Vol. XLIII. 


Resolutions of the Committee of Safety 2 

Accounts of the State Treasurer 4 

Accounts of Simeon De Witt, Commissioner. . 48 

Eastern District 51 

Accounts of David Hopkins, Commissioner. 64 
Accounts of Alexander Webster, Commis- 
sioner ., 66 

Charlotte County 86 

Cumberland County no 

Gloucester County 114 

Vol. XLIV. 


Middle District i 

Accounts of Samuel Dodge 39 

Accounts of Daniel Graham 42 

Accounts of John Hathorn 61 

Dutchess County 63 

Orange County no 

Ulster County 123 

Vol. XLV. 


Southern District i 

Accounts of Isaac Stoutenburgh 21 

— Southern District — Continued: Folio 

Maps of Isaac Stoutenburgh 29 

Accounts of Philip Van Cortlandt 33 

New York County 34 

Vol. XLVI. 

Southern District 

Kings County i 

Queens County 15 

Richmond County 28 

Suffolk County 31 

Westchester County 39 

Vol. XLVII. 


Western District i 

Accounts of Jacob G. Klock 135 

Accounts of Henry Oothoudt 136 

Accounts of Jeremiah Van Rensselaer .... 137 
Accounts of Christopher Yates 139 


Western District 

Albany County i 

Tryon County 48 

Vol. XLIX. 


Accounts of Abm. P. Lott & James Beekman. 2 

Dutchess County 5 

Accounts of Dirck BrinckerhofI, jr 5 

Accounts of Samuel Dodge 17 

Accounts of Abraham Schenck & Gideon 

Vervalen 22 

Accounts of Frederic Jay 42 

Ulster County 43 

Accounts of Abraham Bevier 47 

Accounts of Samuel Dodge 52 

Accounts of Cornelius C. Schoonmaker 53 

Accounts of Johannes Sleght 53 

Westchester County 55 

Accounts of Zebediah Mills 61 

Accounts of Ebenezer Purdy 64 


Title Pages 




Accounts of Thomas Daring, John Foster & 
Thomas Wickham loi 

Vol. L. 


Commissaries of Prisoners 6 

Accounts of Abraham B. Bancker 7 

Accounts of Abraham De Peyster 8 

Accounts of Henry Dodge 9 

Accounts of Philip Pell, Jr 12 

Dutchess County 15 

Amenia Goal 16 

Accounts of Zephaniah Piatt 18 

Accounts of James Tallmadge 22 

Accounts of Jonathan G. Tompkins 25 

Accounts of Robert Wood 27 

Poughkeepsie Goal 30 

Orange County 

Goshen Goal 31 

Accounts of Benjamin Tusten 33 

Ulster County 

Kingston Goal 34 

The Fleet Prison 36 

Accounts of Gilbert Livingston 39 

Accounts of Cornelius C. Elmendorph, 

Commissary 41 

Roll calls of Prisoners 45 

Westchester County 

Bedford Goal 54 

Connecticut 55 

Hartford, Peter Cantine, Melancton Smith 
and Jeremiah Van Rensselaer, Commis- 
sioners 56 

Litchfield 65 

Sharon 69 


Springfield 70 

Worcester 71 

New Hampshire 73 




Accounts of Robert Yates 107 

Albany County m 

Charlotte County 125 

Dutchess County 130 

Tryon County 131 

Ulster County 162 

Westchester County ^67 







Vol. LI. 




Secret Committee to Obstruct the Hudson 

River 15 

Accounts of Commissioners William Bed- 
low, John Berrien, John Hanson, John 
Jay, Gilbert Livingston, Robert R. Living- 
ston, William Paulding, Christopher Tap- 
pen, Samuel Tudor and Robert Yates. 


Accounts of Peter T. Curtenius 32 

Accounts of John Lasher 33 

Accounts of Richard Norwood 35 

Accounts of Richard Ten Eyck 36 

Hospitals and Medicines 37 

Camp Equipage 3S 

Cannon 40 

Cannon Ball and Grape Shot 47 

Guns and Muskets 48 

Musket Balls and Flints 57 

Cartridge Boxes 58 

Bullet Pouches and Powder Horns 58 

Lances and Spears 59 

Gun Powder 60 

Saltpetre 65 

Sulphur 69 

Rope 72 

Accounts of Anthony Rutgers and Christo- 
pher Tappen 72 

Iron 82 

Lead 84 

Accounts of John Lasher 89 

Accounts of Daniel Dunscomb 90 

Vol. LII. 


General Accounts 2 

Shoes and Stockings 10 

Flax Committee, Linen Factory and Hemp 

Seed 16 

Accounts of Peter T. Curtenius, Commissary 

of Clothing 21 

Accounts of John Henry, State Clothier 30 

Accounts of Isaac Roosevelt & William 
Floyd, Commissioners to procure money on 

loan and clothing 42 

Accounts of John Wiley, Commissary of Pur- 
chases 69 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

CLOTUlliG — Continued: Folio 

Accounts of David Currie, Commissary of 

Purchases 71 

Accounts of John Currie, Commissary of 

Purchases S4 


Provisions, in General 89 

Wheat 100 

Flour 104 

Impressment of Wheat and Flour no 

Accounts of Marinus Willett 113 

Accounts of Egbert Dumond & Henry I. Van 

Rensselaer 119 

Embargo Act 126 

Indian Corn 131 

FOOD — Continued: Folio 

Rye and Indian Meal 133 

Buckwheat 134 

Peas 133 

Salt 136 

Tea 142 

Pork 143 

Beef 146 

Mutton 150 

Potatoes 151 

Bread and Butter 152 

Spirits 153 


Forage 158 

Pastltre 165 



This Index contains the names that appear in the text of the Supplement. It is, in no sense, an Index of the 
Soldiers; and the appearance of a name therein does not necessarily imply Military service as was usually the 
case in the Index to "New York in the Revolution." Military Titles are given in this Index; but it has not 
been practicable to give all the numerous Civil Titles, also. Such Titles can be readily found by referring to 
the page numbers that appear after each name. 


Adjt., Adjutant 

Admr., Administrator 

Admx., Administratrix 

Agt., Agent 

An., American 

Asst, Assistant 

Atty., Attorney 

And., Auditor 

Brig., Brigade or Brigadier 

Bsh., British 

Capt., Captain 

Capt. Lt., Captain Lieutenant 

Chap., Chaplain 

Chn.j Chairman 

Col., Colonel 
Comr., Commissioner 
Commy., Commissary 
Contl., Continental 
Corp., Corporal 
Cr., Creditor 
Cte., Committee 
Ctf., Certificate 
Cy., County 
d.. Pence 
Dbr., Debtor 
Dr., Doctor 
Dy., Deputy 
Ens., Ensign 

Exr., Executor 

Exrx., Executrix 

Gen., General 

Gov., Governor 

Insp., Inspector 

Jr., Junior 

L. B. R., Land Bounty Rights 

Lieut, Lieutenant 

Lt., Lieutenant 

Lt. Col., Lieutenant Colonel 

Maj., Major 

Mar., Marines 

Mil., Military 

Mr., Master 

Mu., Muster 
Prest., President 
Qr., Quarter 
Regt., Regiment 
s.. Shilling 
/ — , Shilling 
Secy., Secretary 
Serjt, Serjeant 
Sr., Senior 
St., State 

Supt, Superintendent 
Surv., Surveyor 
Treasr., Treasurer 
Surg., Surgeon 

Aarhart George 41 

Abarr Peter 41 

Abbot James, Ens. (Conn) 41 

Abbot Joel 21, 203 

Abbot Joseph 253 

Abbott Joel 213, 214 

Abeel Garret 108 

Abeel James 17s (2), 181 

Abeel John 182 

Abell Garret 113 

Abell James 212 

Abernathy Giles 203 

Able Jane 124 

Abrams Andrew 65 

Abrams Anthony 65 

Achmody see Auchmuty 

Acker^ see Ecker 

Acker Abraham 41, 252 

Acker Garret 253 

Acker Jacob 41 

Acker Johannis 122 

Acker Joseph 253 

Acker Jost 253 

Acker Tice 253 

Acker William 252 
Ackerley Joshua 253 
Ackerly see Akerly 
Ackerly Nathaniel 238 
Ackerly Obediah 230 
Ackerly William 230 
Ackerman Casparus 194 
Ackerman Gulian 194 
Ackerman John William 207 
Ackerman William 253 
Ackerson see Eckerson 
Ackerson Garret 270 
Ackerson John 270 
Ackerson John I. 253 
Ackerson Matthias 253 
Ackler see Eckler 
Ackles (Widow) 252 

Ackles Elisabeth 124 
Ackley Adonijah 12 
Ackley James 12 
Ackly Anthony 65 
Ackron Mary 124 
Adam Frank, Dr. 44 
Adams James, Sergt. 32 (3), 33 

Adams John 203 
Adams Nathaniel 252, 253 
Adams Peter 214 
Adams Robert 248 
Adams William, Dr. 44 
Adams William 175 (2) 
Adamy Peter 203, 207, 214 
Addams John 203, 253 
Addams William 203, 207 
Addoms John 203, 212, 214 
Addoms Jonas 203 
Ademy Peter 207 
Adgate Matthew 29, 59 (2), 108, 
113, 125, 136, 153 (3), 156, 157, 

158, 203, 207, 211, 212, 214, 244 

Adolphin 253 

Adriance Albert, Commy. 78 
Adriance Albert 203 
Adriance Cornelius 114 
Adriance George 51 
Aims George 238 
Akerly Isaac 238 
Akin John 203, 207 
Akin Jonathan 203 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Akins Morris 238 

Albany, Mayor, Aldermen & 

Commonalty of 212, 213, 214 
Albertson John 253 
Albrant Henry 253 
Alexander 253 

Alexander Hugh 59 
Alger George 203, 207 
Algier (Mrs.) 65 

Algyer M. 253 
Allaire Mary (Widow) 252 
Allen 253 

Allen Ethan, Col. 35, 41, 52 
Allen George 207 
Allen Jacamiah 54 
Allen John 230 
Allen Justus 207 
Allen Samuel 17, 203, 207 
Allener see Alner 
Allener Appolone (Mrs) 123 
Allener Prudence 123 
Allison see Ellison 
Allison Richard 33 (2), 41 
Allison William, Gen. 202 
Allison William, Col. 19, 27, 33, 35, 

39 (4), 41, 58 (2), 82 (3), 83, 112, 

151, 168 (2), 203, 207, 211, 212, 234 
Allison William, Col. et al. 213, 

Allison William, Capt. 100 
Allison William 26, 105, 107, 108, 

113, I2S, 158 
Alner Apolonia 122 
Alner John 65 
Alner Mary 122 
Alsdorph Philip 203, 207 
Alsop John 65, 79, 108, 143, 160 

Alstyne Elizabeth 65 
Alyea Isaac 253, 270 
Amar John 238 
Ames see Aims 
Ames Jonas 253 
Ames Nicholas 253 
Ames Simeon 207 
Amia Mary 123 
Amory John 253 

Anderson Ann (Mrs.) 122 

Anderson Anne (Mrs.) 123 

Anderson Elbert 65 

Anderson Elizabeth 122, 123 

Anderson James 253 

Anderson John 122, 207, 230, 246, 

248, 270 
Anderson Jonathan 253, 270 
Anderson Joseph 253 
Anderson Joshua 253 
Anderson Mary 124 
Anderson Thomas 238 
Anderson William 238 
Andre John, Maj. 238 
Andrews (Widow) 252 

Andrews Isaac 198, 207, 213, 214 
Andrews Richard, Lt. (N. C.) 41 
Andrews William, Lt. (Mass) 41 
Andrews Zenas 203, 207 
Andrus Ichabod, Ens. 207 
Angavine Gilbert 41 
Angevine Lewis 252 
Anghron Neal 230 
Angle William 203 
Anjouvine John 253 
Anjouvine Peter 253 
Anker Caleb 253 
Anne Mary 123 
Anno Marcia 122 
Anno Mary 123 
Anson John 203 
Anter Samuel 124 
Anthony George 207 
Anthony John ^^ (2), 143 
Anthony Joseph 253 
Anthony Nicholas 65 
Anthony Nicholas N. 65 
Anthony Theophilus 99, 143 
Antil Edward, Col. 41 
Antis Peter 253 
Antonides Peter 168 
Antus Coenrat 182 
Applebe Joseph 252 
Appleby Stephen 252 
Apthorpe 253 

Archart George 41 

Archer Caleb 253 

Arden John, jr. 203, 207 

Arden Thomas 194 

Ardencock J. 253 

Areulanias Philip 168 

Aris Francis James 207 

Arkenburgh William 253 

Armstrong Archibald 182 

Armstrong Edward 238 

Armstrong John 203, 207, 253, 270 

Arnold Benedict, Gen. 178, 247 

Arnold Richard 252 

Arnot William 202, 203, 213, 214 

Arnout Peter 203 

Arskine John 253 

Arundel Richard 252 

Ashfield John 41 

Ashman Samuel 203, 212, 213, 214 

Ashmore John 203 

Ashton John 238 

Ashton Joseph, Serjt. 41 

Aspinwall Eleazor 203, 207 

Aspinwall John 65 

Asseltine see Esselstyne 

Astin Abraham 238 

Astin Jacob 203, 207 

Astin Lockart 207 

Atherton Cornelius 54 

Atkins David 252 

Attwood Nathaniel 230 

Atwater see Outwater 

Atwater John 203 

Atwell Paul 213, 214 

.Atwell Peter 203, 207 

Atwood Jabes 203 

Auchmuty James 123, 238 

Ausen Albert 252 

Ausen John 252 

Auser John 252 

Austin Isaac 203, 207 

Austin Philip 207 

Avery Thomas 270 

Avery William 270 

Axtell William, Council, 270 

Ay res Benjamin 99 

Ayres Robert 203, 212, 213, 214 

Babcock Elisha 203, 207 
Babcock William, Serjt. 139 
Babcock William 203 
Bache Theophylaet 53, 65 
Bacheler Zephaniah 157 (2), 158 
Backer Abraham 253 
Backer Albart 124 
Backer Sara 124 
Backes Peter, jr. 253 
Badas Michael 182 

Bader Michael 182 
Bagg see Ragg 
Bagley Azor 207 
Bailey see Bayley 
Bailey 253 

Bailey Abraham 253 
Bailey Levy 253 
Bailey Moses 207 
Bailey William 238, 253 
Bain Peter 238 

Baisley John 253 

Baizley Abraham 253 

Baizley Francis 238 

Baker Albert 155, 156, 182, 203, 213, 

Baker Benjamin 158 
Baker Jonathan 253 
Baker John F. 207 
Baker Lionel 91 
Baker Samuel 253 

Index of Names 


Baker Wiiriam 253 

Balden William 164 

Balding Isaac 122 

Baldsperger John 182 

Ball Cornelia (Mrs.) 65 

Ball George 238, 253 

Ball Jacob 253 

Ball Johannis 181 

Ball John 138 

Ball Peter 194 

Ball Wilhelmas 194 

Bamar Joseph 194 

Bancker Abraham B., Commy. 232, 

Bancker Abraham B. 92, 165 
Bancker Adrian 65, 107 
Bancker Evert, Prest. 84, 151 (2) 
Bancker Evert, Speaker 156, 188 
Bancker Evert 65, 107, 108, 113, 143, 

154, 155, 156, 157 (2), 158, 183, 196, 

Bancker Flores 156, 244 
Bancker Francis Mesnard 203 
Bancker Gerard^ Treasr. ig (4), 21, 

24, 28, 30, 35, 59, 60 (2), 70, 84, 94, 

no. III, 130, 131, ISO, 165, 174, 

192 to 197, 217, 219, 262 
Bancker Gerard 165 
Bancker James A. 193 
Bancker John 65, 203 
Bancker Nicolas 41 
Banda Milchior 183 
Bangel John 118 (2) 
Bangs Samuel 203, 207 
Banker Bethuel 230 
Banker Jacobus 230 
Banker John 230 
Banks Jonathan 41 
Banks Justus 203, 207 
Banks Samuel, Ens. 41 
Banks Theophilus 212 
Banner Johannis 182 
Banta Paulus 64 (2), 65 
Banter Christian 41 
Banter Henry 41 
Banyar Gouldsbury 212, 238, 253 
Barbelat Jacob 182 
Barber Francis 194 
Barber James 203 
Barber Patrick 242, 250 
Barber William 183 
Barcalo Harmanes 168 
Barclay (Mrs.) 253 

Barclay Abraham 246 
Barclay Andrew 65, 196 
Barclay David 164 (2), 165, 166, 167 
Barclay Henry, Rev. 65 
Barclay John 138, 140 

Barclay Thomas 152, 253, 270 

Barclay Thomas H. 253, 270 

Bard John 213, 214 

Bard. Joseph 252 

Barden Michael 182 

Barheit Nicholas 203 

Barheydt Nicholas 214 

Barhydt Claus 214 

Bark James 238 

Barkem William 41 

Barker (Squire) 230 

Barker Jared 207 

Barker John 207, 253 

Barker Solomon 203, 207 

Barker Thomas 253, 270 

Barker William, Lt. Col. 19 

Barker Zenas 207 

Barkley John 203, 207 

Barlow George 164 

Barnard Conrad 253 

Barnes Mary 65 

Barnes Phebe 65 

Barnet James 203 

Barnet Ochabed 253 

Barnet Simon 207 

Barnett Ichabod B. 253 

Barnhart D. 253 

Barnhart Herman 253 

Barnhart Joseph 253 

Barnot 238 

Barns Gilbert 114 

Barns John 154, 207, 253 

Barns Joshua 253 

Barns Nathaniel 131 

Barnum, Joshua, Capt. 41 

Barnum Noah 203, 207 

Barnum Samuel, Dr. 44, 203, 207 

Barnum Samuel 203 

Barnum Thomas 41 

Ban Jacob 230 

Barrea Francis 65 

Barrit Bartholomew 12 

Barritt Ephraim 12 

Barrow Thomas 65 

Barth Margaret (Widow) 182 

Bartle Andries B. 238 

Bartlefalk Johannis 253, 270 

Bartley Elizabeth 123 

Bartley Esions 253 

Bartley Josiah 230 

Barton Benjamin 203 

Barton Lewis, sr. 203, 207 

Barton Lewis, jr. 203, 207 

Barton Roger 147, 230 

Bartow William 230 

Baschou John 182 

Basely see Baizley 

Basely John 253 

Basely Thomas 253 

Bashford William, Sergt. 41 

Basler 253 

Bassett (Mrs.) 65 

Bassett Francis 65, 143 

Batcheller Zephaniah 182 

Bateman Elisha 203, 207 

Bateman Henry 207 

Bates see Baits 

Bates Gilbert 253 

Bates Isaac 131 

Bates John 252, 253, 270 

Batts Frederick 238 

Bauch- Dohmas 194 

Bauch Johannes 194 

Bauck Frederick 253, 270 

Bauck Johannis 181 

Bauck John William 181 

Bauck Thomas 181 

Bauck William 181 

Bauman Samuel 207 

Bauman Sebastian, Maj. 65 

Bauman, Sebastian, Capt. 53 

Baxter John 41 

Baxter Samuel 253 

Baxter Stephen 230 

Baxter Thomas 41, 182, 253 

Bay John 138, 139, 156, 202 (2), 203, 

207, 212, 213, 214, 230, 233 
Bayard Catharine 264 to 268 
Bayard Nicholas 109, 251, 252 
Bayard Robert 270 
Bayard Samuel 65, 194, 230, 253 
Bayard Samuel, jr. 109 (3) 
Bayard William, Col. 253, 270 
Bayard William 230, 238, 262, 264 to 

Bayley Benjamin 131 
Bayley Gamaliel 131 
Bayley Jacob 108, 113, 114 
Bayley Jonathan 131 
Bayley Stephen 131 
Bayley William 252 
Baynar Goldsbrow 212 
Beach Theophilaet 270 
Beach Theophilus 270 
Beach Zerah 203, 207 
Beack Samuel 203 
Beak Barnabas 194 
Beard Robert 41 
Beardsley John, Rev. 230 
Beardsley John 253 
Beaty David 270 
Beaty John 38 
Beaty Thomas 253 
Bebe Asa 238 
Bebee John 214 
Beck Martinus 181 ' 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Becker Abraham 169, 181, 194 

Becker Abram 194 

Becker Albartus 194 

Becker Bastian 270 

Becker John Albertus 181 (2) 

Becker John D. 207 

Becker David 194 

Becker Harmanus 181 

Becker Isaac 181 

Becker Johannes H. 194 

Becker Johannes Jos. 181 

Becker John 181 

Becker John D. 203 

Becker Peter 181 

Becker Storm 181 

Becker Storm, jr. 181 

Beckwith Phebe 131 

Beckwith Phinehas 131 

Bedford Andrew 203, 207 

Bedford Jonathan 253, 270 

Bedlow William 48 (3) 

Bedwell Daniel 212, 213, 214 

Beebe 131 

Beebe Hosea 139, 203 

Beebe John 138, 207 

Beebe John, jr. 207 

Beebe Martin 139^ 140, 203, 207, 214 

Beech Barnabus 194 

Beeckman Jacob 203 

Beeckman John H., Lt. Col. 203, 

Beeckman John H. 158 
Beeckman John Ja 45 
Beeckman John Jac. 158 
Beeckman John Jacob 156 
Beecraft Thomas 207 
Beeker Peter 230, 233 
Beekman (Mrs.) 65 

Beekman Abraham 65 
Beekman Christophel 138 
Beekman Cornelius 183 
Beekman David 143 
Beekman Gerard G., jr. 65 
Beekman Gerard William 65 
Beekman Henry 65 
Beekman James 65, 105, 107, 108, 

113, 118 (3), 134 (2), 136, 143 
Beekman John 65 
Beekman John M. 140, 229 
Beekman Samuel 65 
Beekman Theophilus 53, 65 
Beekman William & Family 65 
Beel David 203 
Beemer John 238 
Beemus Coenradt 238 
Beemus Jothem 238 
Beggs see Biggs 
Belding Samuel, Dr. 44, 253 

Belding Samuel 252 

Belknap Abel 147, 181, 182 

Belknap David 147 

Belknap Isaac, Capt. 26, 27 (3) 

Belknap Isaac, jr. 203 

Bell , Capt. 82 

Bell Dorothy (Widow) 182 

Bell George 238, 253 

Bell George Henry 155 

Bell Jane 124 

Bell John 253 

Bell Robert 203, 211, 212, 213, 214 

Bell William 213, 214 

Bellinger see Pellinger 

Bellinger Christian 41 

Bellinger Frederick, Lt. Col. 41 

Bellinger Johannes L. 194 

Bellinger Johannis 181 

Bellinger John 182 

Bellinger Marcus i8i, 194 

Bellinger Peter, jr. 182 

Bellinger Philip 41 

Bellinger William 182 

Belt J. Sprigg, Capt. (Md) 41 

Bend Eliza 68 

Bend Grove 65, 68, 253 

Bender Frederick 147, 230 

Bender Matthew 65 

Benedict Azariah 203, 207 

Benedict Caleb, Ens. 41 

Benedict Elias 41 

Benedict Elisha 41 

Benedict Felix 41 

Benedict Joseph, Lt. Col. 203 

Benedict Joseph 75, 155, 203, 211, 

212, 214 
Benedict Nathan 203, 207 
Benedict Timothy 81 
Benedict Tinas 81 
Benjamin Nathaniel 131 
Bennet Asel 238 
Bennet James 168 
Bennet John 122, 168, 203, 207 
Bennet Richard 207 
Bennet Thomas 253 
Bennet William 207 
Bennet Wynant 168 
Bennett (Widow) 252 

Bennett Amos 182 
Bennett Matthew, Capt. (Penn) 41 
Benninger Isaac 41 
Benson Benjamin 65 
Benson Cust 238 
Benson Egbert, Atty. Gen. 173 
Benson Egbert, Chn. 227 
Benson Egbert 40, 141, 142, 151, 

154. ISS, 156 (2), 160, 168, 169, 

229, 253 

Benson Henry, Capt. 236, 237 
Benson Robert, Clerk 74, 154 
Benson Robert, Secy. 15, 21 (2), 27, 

28, 29, SI (2), s8, 61, 6s, 72,, 84 (2), 

88, IDS, III (2), 112, 126, 127, 128, 

134, 149, 150 (2), 151, 217, 218, 

219, 237 (2) 
Benson Robert loi, 143, 171 
Benson Sampson 224 
Bentley Caleb 202, 203, 207, 212, 

213, 214 
Benton 253 

Berden Samuel 207 
Bergen Johannes 168 
Bergen Michael 168 
Bergh Christian, jr. 253 
Bergh Philip 181 
Berkley E. 253 
Berkley J. 253 
Berrien John 48 (4), 143, 154, 155, 

IS7 (2), 158, 227 
Berringer Henry 194 
Berry Jabos 203, 207 
Bertholf Gilliam 203, 212, 214 
Berwick Robert 41 
Besemer Jacobus 230, 238 
Best 2S3 

Betty (Mrs.) 123 

Bevan Anthony 238 
Bevens William 253 
Bevier Abraham 252 
Bevier Andrew 155, 203 
Bevier David, jr. 203, 207 
Bevier Philip 40 
Bevier Samuel 203 
Beving Casper 238 
Beyala John 238 
Beyea James 253 
Bice see Boyce 
Bice James 41 
Biches Maj. 100 

Bicker Victor 143, 154, 169 (2) 
Bicker Victor, jr. Lt. 152 
Bicker Victor, jr., Lt. of Marines 

Bicker Victor, jr., Commy. 79 
Bidwell Daniel 203 
Bigelow see Biglou 
Bigelow John 122 
Biggs James 238 
Biggs Nathaniel 238 
Biglou John 123 
Biglou Marah 123 
Biglou Sarah 123 
Billings Andrew 163, 194, 203, 207, 

Billop Christopher 270 
Bingham John 41 

Index of Names 


Bingham Rial, Lt. 207 

Bird Henry 253 

Birdsall Benjamin, Col. 13, no 

Birdsall Benjamin, Lt. Col. 41 

Birdsall Benjamin 154, 155, 156, 157, 

158, 203, 207, 211 
Birdsalls John 253 
Bishop Ezekiel 238 
Bishop Noah 252 
Bishop Thomas 252 
Bitler John 182 
Black (not always a surname; 

sometimes an adjective.) 
Black Cato 207 
Black Caesar 207 
Black Isaac 41 

Black James, State Clothier 74 
Black John 253 
Black Mary (Mrs) 122 
Black Nation 253 
Black Susannah (Widow) 124 
Blackwell Jacob 105, 109, 113 
Bladwin Daniel 12 
Blagge Bn. 55 
Blagge Edward 64 
Blake James 238 
Blake Jonathan 65 
Blakely James 253 
Blakeney Gabriel (Conn) 41 
Blancher Job 230 
Blatner Mark 203 
Blau Cornelia (Mrs.) 65 
Blauvelt Cornelius I. 238 
Blauvelt David 253, 270 
Blauw Waldron 270 
Bleecker Henry 138 
Bleecker Jacob, jr. 140 
Bleecker John 203, 212, 213, 214 
Bleecker John James 41, 107, 108, 

Bleecker John N., Commy. 75, 76 

(2), 78 
Bleecker John N. 203, 207, 213, 214 
Bleecker John R., Agt. 213, 214 
Bleecker Leonard, Capt. 32 (2) 
Bleecker Leonard 224 
Bleeker B. 211 

Blewer George, Lt. (Penn) 41 
Blewer Thomas 238 
Blin Seth 203, 207, 214 
Bliss Theodore, Capt. 41 
Blodget Abel 207 
Blodjet John 207 
Bloodgood Abraham, Agt. 211 
Bloodgood Abraham 194, 203, 212 
Bloodgood James 194 
Bloom Isaac 194 
Bloom John 194 

Bloom Peter Clow 207 
Bloom Peter Clows 203 
Bloomendall John 253 
Bloomer Robert 238, 253 
Bloomer William 203, 212, 214 
Bluen John, Maj. 41 
Blynjan Matys 147 
Bobbett Daniel 253, 270 
Bockee Abraham 65 
Bockee Jacob, Mu. Mr. 17 
Bodine Jacob 207 
Bodine William 148 
Boen Luykert 253 
Boerum Jacob 168 
Boerum Nicholas 17, 203, 207 
Boerum Simon 160 (2) 
Boerum William 154, 155, 156, 

(2), IS8 
Bogardus Egbert 194 
Bogardus Ephraim 238 
Bogardus Evert 100 
Bogardus Jacob 203 
Bogardus James 203, 207 
Bogardus Nicholas 183 
Bogardus Robert 263 
Bogart Abraham 253 
Bogart Brache (Mrs) 122 
Bogart Elisabeth 124 
Bogart Guysbert 253, 270 
Bogart Henry C. 65, 67 
Bogart Jacobus 253, 270 
Bogart James 253 
Bogart Jost 269 
Bogart Nicholas, Capt. 65 
Bogert Cornelius 65 
Bogert Elizabeth (Mrs.) 65 
Bogert Gilbert 41 
Bogert Isaac 168 
Bogert Jacobus 65 
Bogert John 65 
Bogert Michaelis 143 
Bogert Nicholas 65 
Bogert Peter 65 
Bogs Rachel (Mrs) 123 
Bolt Moses 253 
Bolton George 238 
Bon Joseph 41 
Bond John, Dr. 44, 203 
Bond Richard 270 
Bondt Matthyse 230 
Bonestil Philip 194 
Bonnell John 207 
Bonnet (Widow) 252 

Bonnett Peter 253 
Bont Harmanes 194 
Bonta Jacob 65 
Bonticou Peter 131 

Booth Daniel 131 
Booth David 207 
Booth William 253 
Boothe Joseph 131 
Borden Samuel 207 
Borll Johannis i8r 
Borst Baltus 181 
Borst Hendrick 181 
Borst Jost 194 
Bort Peter 253 
Bortick 253 

Borum Mary (Widow) 168 
Bory 253 

Boslar Frederick 253 
Boss Anne 122 
Boss Leah 122 
157 Boss Saml 122 
Bost Christian 41 
Bostwick Andrew, Forage Mr. Gen. 

187, 197 
Bostwick Jesse 211 
Bostwick Salmon 207 
Boudinot Elias 38 
Bougher Benjamin 238 
Bourguin Jean Josef 41 
Bournstil Philip 194 
Bouseau John 131 
Bouton Daniel 41 
Bouton Joseph, Commy. 79 
Bouton Stephen 203, 207 
Bouvelot James 65 
Bouzier John 248 
Bovier , Capt. 122 

Bowen Timothy 33, 41 
Bowen William 207, 253 
Bowen William R. 270 
Bower , Capt. 253 

Bower Casper 270 
Bower Hezekiah 131 
Bower William, Capt. 41 
Bowman Elizabeth 123 
Bowman Eva 182 
Bowman Samuel 203, 207 
Bowne Benjamin, Maj. 41 
Bowne Gershom 238 
Bowne James 238, 270 
Bowne Samuel 65 
Bowser John 253 
Boy ay Catharine 182 
Boyce see Bice, Buise, Buyce 
Boyce Aaron 252 
Boyce Abraham 252 
Boyce Jacob 252 
Boyce John 252 
Boyce Thomas, Ens. 41 
Boyce Thomas 252 
Boyd Robert 27 (3), S5, S6, 212, 213, 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Boyd Robert, jr. 64 (2), 147, 156, 

IS7. 203 
Boyd Samuel 41, 203, 207 
Boyer John 182 
Boyer Valentine 41 
Bradford Cornelius 224 
Bradin Thomas 148 
Bradley Joseph 131 
Bradly Timothy 131 
Bradner John 17 
Bradshaw James 238 
Bradshaw Stephen 253 
Bradt Arent 139 
Bradt Henry 203 
Bradt James 30 
Bradt Storm 207 
Brady Thomas 252, 253 
Brakeman Jacob 207 
Braley Jerry 124 
Bramer see Breamer 
Brancius W. 194 
Brandow Johannes 194 
Brannon Abraham 41 
Brasher see Brasier 
Brasher , Col. 136 

Brasher A. C. 232 
Brasher Abraham 65, 107, 108, 113, 

143, 154. 155, 156, 157 (2), 158, 

Brasher Jane 124 
Brasier 70 

Brasier Meads 65 
Breamer Anthony 238 
Breested Andrew 65 
Brett George 114 
Brett Theodorus 194 
Brevier Abraham 120 
Brevier Andries, Capt. 17, 18 
Brevoort Abraham 252 
Brevoort Elias 65 
Brevoort Henry 65 
Brevort Elias 253 
Brewer Abraham 230 
Brewer Cornelius, jr. 203 
Brewer Deliverance 41 
Brewer Jacob 203, 207 
Brewer Jeremiah 253 
Brewer Richard 238 
Brewer William 207 
Brewerton George 65 
Brewerton Jacob 65 
Brewster Henry, Lt. 33 (3), 41 
Brewster Henry, Lt. (Penn) 41 
Brewster Henry 194 
Brewster John 125 
Brewster Joseph 194 
Brewster Nathan 203, 211 
Brewster Samuel 107, 109, 119 (2), 

134, 147 

Bridget Robert 238 

Brier T. 41 

Briggs Elkanah 253 

Briggs William 253 

Briley Jane Br 122 

Brill Jacob 253 

Brill Johannis 253 

Brinckerhoff Abraham 65, 122, 143, 

194, 230 
Brinckerhoff Dirck, Col. 50 (2) 
Brinckerhoff Dirck 105, 154, 155, 

Brinckerhoff Dirck, jr. 119 (3), 121, 

Brinckerhoff John 194 
Brinckerhoff John G., Capt. 203, 

Brink Samuel 253 
Brinkley Thomas 253 
Brinsmade Zachariah (Conn) 41 
Brisbe John 253 
Brisbow Barnett 238 
Bristoll Silas 182 
Britt John 252 
Britt Maritje 238 
Broadhower Nicholas 253 
Brocket Moses 41 
Brockway Jesse 203, 207 
Brodhead Richard, Lt. 17, 18 
Brodhead Thomas 203, 207 
Bronck Jonas 203, 207 
Bronck John L. 194 
Bronk Peter 194, 203, 207 
Brookman Godfried 182 
Brooks John 41, 194 
Brooks Philip 238 
Brooks Uri 203, 207 
Broom John 143 
Broom Samuel 143 
Broome John 108, 113, 232, 234 
Broome Samuel 65 
Broune John 124 
Brouwer Ann 124 
Brower Abraham 65 
Brower Catharine 123 
Brower Jeremiah 65, 253 
Brower John 65 
Brower Mary 122 
Brower Nicholas 194, 203, 207 
Brower Peter 65 
Brower Sam' 122 
Brown (Widow) 123 

Brown (Mr.) 123 

Brown 131 

Brown Abial 37 (2), 38, 230 
Brown Abraham 253 
Brown Annanias 41 
Brown Anne (Mrs.) 123 
Brown Benajah 212 

Brown Betle 253 

Brown C^leb 253 

Brown Casper 253 

Brown Christian, Capt. 181 

Brown Christopher 131 

Brown Daniel 107, 109, 194 

Brown Deliverance 203, 207 

Brown Dinah 44 

Brown Ebenezer 252, 253 

Brown Edward 253 

Brown Enos 230 

Brown Everit 253 

Brown Halsey 203, 207 

Brown Hendrick 253 

Brown Hercules 212 

Brown Jacob 203, 212, 213, 214 

Brown James 238, 253 

Brown James H. 203, 207 

Brown Johannes 270 

Brown John, Col. 179 

Brown John 65, 207, 238 

Brown, John, jr. 129 

Brown Joseph 41 

Brown Margaret 122 

Brown Mary (Mrs.) 65 

Brown Mary 123 

Brown Mordecai 238 

Brown Nathaniel 253 

Brown Noah 203, 207 

Brown Park 230 

Brown Pearsal 122 

Brown Ruben 130 (4), 131 

Brown Ruth (Mrs) 123 

Brown Samuel, Clerk, 130 

Brown Samuel 131 

Brown Solomon 203, 207 

Brown Thom:;s 65 

Brown William 69, 132, 194, 224, 

226, 230, 238 
Browne Abigail (Widow) 132 
Browne John Thomas 238 
Brownjohn William 65 
Brownson John 124 
Brownson Samuel 238, 253 
Bruce Robert, Serjt. 41 
Bruce Robert 203, 207 
Bruch Johannes 194 
Brundige Joshua 238, 253 
Brush Hendrick 253 
Brush Jacob 145 
Brush Jesse, Maj. 165 
Brush John 168 (3) 
Brush Joseph 253 
Brush Joshua 230, 238 
Brush Shubal 253, 270 
Brusie Andries 238 
Brusie Johannes J. 238 
Brusie Nicholas C. 238 
Brust M, 253 

Index of Names 


Bruster Samuel 207 

Bruyn see Pruyn 

Bruyn Benjamin 194 

Bruyn Jacobuo 196 

Bruyn James, Lt. Col. 41 

Bruyn Johannis 157, 158 

Bryan William 238 

Bryant Lewis 238 

Bryce Abraham 238 

Bryson Samuel^ Lt. (Penn) 41 

Buchannan Thomas 143 

Buck Lemuel 214 

Buckbee Russel 41 

Buckhout 253 

Buckhout John 253 

Buckhout Peter 253 

Buckley Andrew 207 

Buckley Evert 253 

Buckley Jochim 253 

Buckstone 253 

Budd Dr. 45 

Budington Eliphalet 131 

Buel Timothy 253 

Buell Aaron, Commy. 79 

Buell Jonathan 207 

Buice Abraham 41 

Buisc see Boyce 

Buise John 253 

Bulkley Edward, Capt. (Conn) 41 

Bull James 203, 207 

Bull Joseph 143 

Bull Manning 114 

Buller Jane 65 

Bulles Jesse 238 

Bulless John 238 

Bullis Peter 203, 207 

BuUis Robert 203 

Bullis Thomas 230 

Bullock 253 

Bullock Charles 207 

Bullus Robert, jr. 230 

Bulsen Henry 207 

Bunker Obediah 96 

Bunker W. 41 

Burch 253 

Burch Isaiah 207 

Burch John 253 

Burchard Nathaniel 207 

Burdenham Margrit 124 

Burdock Peter 238 

Burdock Robert 238 

Burger Jane (Widow) 124 

Burgert Milbery 203 

Burges 253 

Burges John 207 

Burges Stephen 29 (2) 

Burgess Archer 41 

Burget Milbury 207 

Burgis Stephen 203, 213, 214 

Burgoyne John, Gen. 62, 117 (3) 

Burk John 207 

Burke (Mrs.) 65 

Burling Lancaster 65, 143 

Burlingham Pardon, Capt. 41 

Burnet Matthew 230, 253 

Burnet Patrick 202, 203, 212, 214 

Burnet Thomas 253 

Burnet William 253 

Burnett Ichabeed B. 253 

Burnham Josiah 203, 207 

Burnhart George 230 

Burns Francis 212 

Burns John 238 

Burns William 253 

Burr Aaron, Atty-Gen. 173 

Burras Lawrence 65 

Burroughs Benjamin 124 

Burrow (Mrs.) 124 

Burrows John 238 

Burrows Nicholas 238 

Burrows William 238 

Burst Jacob L 41 

Burt Daniel, jr. 203, 207 

Burt David 198 

Burt Henry, jr. 203, 207 

Burtch Charles 238 

Burtch William 238 

Burtis 253 

Burtis Abraham 168 

Burtis Barent 253 

Burtis John 168 

Burton Judah 224 

Bush Asahel 203, 207 

Bush Christian 253 

Bush Helena 124 

Bush Hendrick 230, 253 

Bush Jacob 230, 238 

Bush Jacobus 18, 230 

Bush Jacobus, jr. 230 

Bush Martin 253 

Bush Samuel 122 

Bush Wilhelmus 230 

Bushan John 132 

Bushkirk Dr. 82 

Busseau John 132 

Butler see Buttelor 

Butler John, Col. 253, 270 

Butler John 168 

Butler Thomas 246 

Butler Walter, Maj. 179 

Butler Walter, Ens. 253, 270 

Butler Walter 246, 248 (2) 

Butler William, Lt. Col. 253, 270 

Butler William 65, 230 

Butson George 253 

Buttelor Thomas 239 

Buyce see Boyce 

Buyce Abraham 239 

Buyce Peter 239 

Buyce Peter, jr. 253 

Buyck Christopher 253 

Buyker Silas 41 

Buyse William 41, 253 

Byington John 207 

Byrne Michael 246 (2), 248, 253 

Byvanck Catharine (Widow) 122 

Byvanck Evert 65 

Byvanck John 65 

Byvank Petrus 143 

Cadey Elisha 203 

Cadman William 254 

Cady Ebenezer 203 

Cady Eliezar, Serjt. 139 

Caien Barrent 41 

Calder Rudaflf 41 

Caldwell James 138, 203, 207, 211, 

212, 213, 214 
Calican Edward 123 
Calkins Capt. 254 

Calkins Matthew 207 
Calkins Turner 203, 207 
Callaghan Thomas 207 
Callalen Patrick 239 

Callow Stephen 65 
Calwell Robert 239 
Gamble 124 

Gamble Fiby 124 
Cambron John 254 
Cambron William 254 
Cameron Duncan 254, 270 
Cameron John 248, 254 
Cameron William 254 
Campbell see Gamble 
Campbell 254 

Campbell Alexander 230, 
Campbell Allen 270 
Campbell Archibald, Col. 



Campbell Archibald 105, 198, 203, 
207, 211, 213, 214, 254 

Campbell Christian 211 

Campbell David 203, 207 

Campbell Donald 211 

Campbell Duncan, Lt. 203, 207 

Campbell Duncan 254, 270 

Campbell Elenor 124 

Campbell Ephraim 207 

Campbell Jacob 211 

Campbell Jacob et al. heirs o£ Ar- 
chibald 212 

Campbell James 84, 182, 254 

Campbell Jane 124 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Campbell John 182, 211, 212, 214, 

246, 252, 254 
Campbell Margrit 124 
Campbell Neal 234 
Campbell Samuel, Col. 180 (2), 182 
Campbell Sarah 124 
Campbell William 254 
Canady Sarah 124 
Carman Andrew 182 
Cannan Matthew 41 
Canniff Joseph 230 
Cannon James, Capt. 17 
Cannon James 203, 207, 212, 214 
Cannon John 28 
Cannon Matthew 182 
Cantine John, Col. 194, 203 
Cantine John, Agt. 213, 214 
Cantine John 16 (2), 154, 156, 157, 

202, 211, 212, 213, 214 
Cantine John I. 202, 203 
Cantine Mathew 15 
Cantine Matthew 59, 73 (2), 85, 107, 

log, 113, 134, 149, 194 
Cantine Moses, Serjt. 41 
Cantine Peter 142, 150, 229, 232 
Cantine Peter, Jr. 194, 227 
Canwell John 239 
Cape John 167, 168, 171 (2) 
Car Anthony 65 
Caraens Catherien 124 
Carbey 230 

Care Jonah 239 
Carehart Daniel 254 
Caril James 123 
Carithers Thomas 254 
Carl David 203 
Carle Thomas 254 
Carle William 254 
Carleton Dennis 239, 254 
Carleton Guy (Sir) 170 
Carll John 168 
Carll Phineas 168 
Carll Piatt 168 
Carll Timothy 168 
Carman John 203, 207 
Carman Samuel 207 
Carman Thomas 230 
Carmer Henry 65 
Carner Charles 183 
Carney Michael 239 
Carniff Jonas 239 
Carpenter Archelaus 252, 254, 270 
Carpenter Caleb 120 
Carpenter Daniel 17, 203, 207, 254 
Carpenter Elijah 195 
Carpenter Elizabeth 65 
Carpenter George 41 
Carpenter Henry 254, 270 

Carpenter Israel 254 

Carpenter John 51, 55, 58, 60, 135, 

203, 207, 211, 212, 214 
Carpenter Jonathan 254 
Carpenter Latting 254, 270 
Carpenter Matthew 202, 203, 212, 

213, 214 
Carpenter Moses 203 
Carpenter Nehemiah, Qr. Mr. 41 
Carpenter Prosper 207 
Carpenter Richard 203, 207 
Carpenter Rufus 41 
Carpenter Thomas 41 
Carpenter Timothy 121 
Carpenter Walter 239 
Carpenter William 195, 207, 254 
Carpenter Wright, Lt. 41 
Carpenter Zeno 254 
Carr 203, 207 

Carr William 203 
Carrigan Patrick 254, 270 
Carrigan Peter 254 
Carroll James 65 
Carry Mary 124 
Carter Daniel 41 
Carter Elizabeth 122 
Carter Hannah (Mrs) 122 
Carter James 122 
Carter John 122, 207 
Carter Mary 122 
Carter Rachel 122 
Carter Vincent 122 
Carter William 122, 203, 213, 215 
Cary Ebenezer 156 
Case Abraham 203, 212, 213, 215 
Case Alexander 203, 207 
Case Benjamin 132 
Case Israel 132 
Case J., Capt. 41 
Case Jonah 239 
Case Philip 203, 207, 213, 215 
Case Stephen 203, 207 
Case Timothy 215 
Cash David 195 
Cash William 195 
Cashen William 208 
Casimer John 254 
Casler Henry 208 
Cassel Gedion 203 
Casselman Peter 41 
Casset Cornelius 132 
Castle Mary 124 
Castle Robert, Capt. 136 
Castle Robert 98, 100 
Castleman 246, 254 

Castleman Bartholomew 208 
Castler John 208 
Castor William 208 

Caswell 230 

Cater William 208 

Catlind Timothy 208 

Cato Prince 208 

Caton Isaac, Capt. 95^ (2) 

Cehey Asa 132 

Chace Daniel, jr. 254 

Chadne Mary 124 

Chamberlain Gurdon 48 

Chamberlain John 203, 208 

Chamberlain William 203 

Chamberlain Wyatt 48 (2) 

Chamberlin Gorden 12 

Chambers Henry 208 

Chambers Maria 124 

Champenois Thomas 252 

Champenvois John 254 

Champion Col. 163 

Chandler John 203, 207 

Chandonet Francis 69, 224, 226 

Chanpenois Thomas 41 

Chapin Benjamin, Dr. 44, 132 

Chapin Margaret 132 

Chapley William 203 

Chapman Benjamin, Capt. 203, 208 

Chappel Benjamin 132 

Chard Bass 212, 215 

Charlick Henry 41 

Chariot James 122 

Chariot Mary 122 

Chariot Samuel 122 

Charlton Maj. 177 

Charpanard Simon 41 

Charpanat Simon 41 

Charters George 239 

Chase Catharine (Mrs.) 122 

Chase Reuben 270 

Chatterdon Michael 254 

Chatterdon Nathaniel 208 

Chatterton Michael 252 

Chatterton William 252 

Cheeseman Samuel 230 

Cheesman Thomas 65, 99 

Cheevers Ezekiel 79 

Cherry John 254 

Cherrytree Jacob 254 

Chestnut Alexander 195 

Chevers Commy. 91 (2) 

Chew Elizabeth 123 

Chew Joseph 270 

Chew Josiah 254 

Chew Richard 123 

Chilson Beriah 239 

Chipp John 192 

Chisholm G. 248 

Chisholm George 254 

Chism John 239 

Chittenden Benjemen, X.t. 11, 12 

Index of Names 


Christian 254 

Christainse Angeltue 124 

Christie Elisabeth 124 

Christler Ph. 246 

Christjer Philip 254 

Christman Nicholas 203^ 208 

Chruch Timothy 211 

Citman John 231 

Citternon John 231 

Clapp Henry 41, 224 

Clapp Jesse 254 

Clapp Joseph 239 

Clapper Cornelius 107 

Clark 211 

Clark Charles, Lt. (Penn) 41 

Clark Daniel 41 

Clark Ebenezer 151, 154, 155, 203, 

208, 212, 213, 215 
Clark Elisha 132 
Clark George 203, 207 
Clark H. 248 
Clark Hugh 254 
Clark Jeremiah 105, 107, 113, 154, 

155, 157 (2), 158, 169 
Clark John 65, 132, 254 
Clark John, jr., Lt. (Va) 41 
Clark Martin 41 
Clark Nathan 239 
Clark Nehemiah, Serjt. 230 
Clark Robert 254 
Clark Samuel 254 
Clark Simon 254 
Clark William 123, 145, 146, 203, 

208, 227, 231 
Clarke James, Dr. 44, 65 
Clarke John 239 
Clarke Joseph 138 
Clarke Simon 248 
Clarke Thomas, Capt. 65 
Clarke William, Lt. 128 
CJarkson David 65, 105, 143 
Clarwater Abraham 254 
Clarwater Daniel 254 
Clarwater Frederick 254 
Clarwater Isaac 254 
Clarwater Jacob 254 
Clatworth Margaret 122 
Claughry John, Ens. 41 
Claus Daniel, Col. 246 (3), 248 (2), 

254, 270 
Claus Johan George 239 
Clay James 242, 244 
Clearwater see Clarwater 
Cleaveland Joseph 132 
Clement Jennet 254 
Clement Joshua 254 
Clement Lewis 246 (2), 248, 254, 


Clement Peter 254 

Clements Thomas 195 

Cline Michael 254 

Clint John 239 

Clinton Charles, Dy. Sur-Gen. 198 

Clinton Charles 105, 203, 208, 213, 


Clinton Charles, jr. 198 

Clinton George, Brig. Gen. 161, 

Clinton George, Gen. 49, 82 (2), 

114, 136 
Clinton George, Governor 16 (2), 

18, 29, 35, 39 (3), 46 (4), S3 (2), 

74, 80, 126, 151, 15a 161 to 172, 

217 (2), 219 (2), 222 
Clinton George, Prest. 172 
Clinton George, Cont'l Congress 

Clinton George, Clerk, Ulster 

County 161, 162 
Clinton George 109, 113 
Clinton Henry (Sir) 270 
Clinton James, Brig. Gen. S5 (3) 
Clinton James, Gen. 24, 67, 79, 81, 

82, 114 
Clinton James 105, 202, 212 
Clock Conrad 41 
Qoos Abraham 270 
Cloos Benjamin 270 
Clopper (Widow) 252 

Clopper (Miss) 39, 168 

Clopper Cornelius 143, 254 
Clopper Peter 65 
Close Abraham 254 
Close Benjamin, jr. 254 
Close John 19S 
Clow George 208 
Clowes Peter 105, 107, 108 
Clows Peter 144, 270 
Cloyd Daniel 208 
Cluet Frederick 203, 212, 213, 215 
Clum Hendrick 239 
Clute Frederick 203 
Clute Jacob 203, 208 
Clyde Samuel, Col. 182 
Clyde Samuel 151, 154 
Clyne Michael 248 
Clynman Thomas 203, 208 
Coans Nicholas 239 
Coats Christopher 208 
Cochran John 132, 212 
Cochran Robert 198 
Cock Daniel 168 
Cock James 203 
Cock Jorden 254 
Cock Soverinas 229 
Cock William 168 

Cock Zoar 270 

Cockburn William 202 (2), 203, 211, 

212, 213, 215 
Cockeroft William 65 
Cockle Hannah (Mrs.) 65 
Cocksing James 208 
Codman John 208 
Codwise Christopher, Mu. Mr. 17 
Codwise Christopher 252 
Codwise George, Capt. 64 (2), 65, 

Codwise Sarah (Mrs.) 124 
Coe Benjamin 154, 155 (2), 156, 

157, 158, 203, 208 
Coe Daniel 231 
Coe John 105, 144, 155, 156, 203, 

208, 242, 244 
Coe John D. 203, 208 
Coe Jonas 203, 208 
Coe Moses 203, 208 
Coe Samuel 203, 208 
Coen Daniel 208 
Coens Andries 239 
Coens Philip H. 239 
Coevert Adolphus 254 
Coffman 246 

Colbreath William, Lt. 269 (2) 
Coldelugh Andrew 69 
Colden Cadwallader, Lt. Gov. 270 
Colden Cadwallader 239 
Colden Cadwallader, jr. 147 (2), 231 
Colden David 270 
Colden Justice 124 
Colden Thomas 239 
Coldgrove John 208 
Cole Aaron, sr. 239 
Cole Aaron, jr. 239 
Cole Amos 203 
Cole Barnabas 203, 208 
Cole Benjamin 239 
Cole Daniel 254 
Cole David 239 
Cole Jacob 254 
Cole John 254 
Cole John I. 254 
Cole Nicholas 239 
Cole Samuel 203 
Cok Simon 254, 270 
Coleman George 203, 208 
Coleman Nathaniel 21 
Coles Daniel 254 
Coles Nathaniel i68 
Colgin Thomas 239 
Colis Jarvis 239 
Collen John 141 
Collier Isaac 212 
Collins John 239 
Collins Jullius 203, 208 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Collins Richard 246, 248 

Collins Tyrans 41 

Colt Peter 91 

Coltman William 208 

Colver David 212, 215 

Colverd John 124 

Colyer Isaac 203 

Colyer Peter 168 

Comb George, Capt. 41 

Comb George 252 

Combs Solomon 239 

Combs Thomas 231 

Commaral William 239 

Commens John 231 

Conant Josiah 203 

Concklin Daniel 195 

Concklin Isaac 203, 208 

Concklin Joseph 254 

Concklin Samuel 41, 132, 195, 213 

Concklin Thomas 195 

Conckling 254 

Conckling Abraham 254 

Conckling David 239 

Condey Adam 199, 200 

Cones John 254 

Conine Peter, jr. 203, 208 

Conine Philip, Capt. Lt. 76 

Conine Philip, Lt. 14 

Conklin Isaac 239 

Conklin John 239 

Conklin Nathaniel 239 

Conklin William 132 

Conkling Dr. 44, 132 

Conkling Abraham 132 

Conkling Benjamin 131, 203, 208 

Conkling Daniel 132 

Conkling David 132 

Conkling Edward 132 

Conkling Jacob 132 

Conkling Jeremiah 132 

Conkling John 132, 208 

Conkling Jonathan 132 

Conkling Joseph, Lt. 60 

Conkling Joseph 132 

Conkling Nathaniel 132 

Connelly Michael, Lt. 76 (3) 

Conner Brian 239 

Conner Hugh 227 

Conner Lancaster 199, 200 

Connoly Daniel 239 

Connor Richard 105, 109 

Connyne Philip 195 

Constable Abraham 254, 270 

Constable Hendrick 147 

Conwell Joh 239 

Conwell Reuben 239 

Coock Gerrard Daniel, Rev. 203 

Cook 211 

Cook Ezekiel 140 

Cook George 254 

Cook Ichabod 254 

Cook John 208, 239 

Cook John Mitchell 132 

Cook Jonathan 132 

Cook Matthew 231 

Cook Rebecca (Widow) 132 

Cook Silas, Maj. 132 

Cook William 203, 208 

Cooke John 231 

Cooke Matthias 254 

Cooley Francis 65 

Cooley Preserved 202, 208, 212, 215 

Coon Marcus 203, 208 

Coon Timothy 12 

Coone Jacob 254 

Coone John 254 

Coons Abraham 239 

Cooper see Kuyper 

Cooper (Judge) 211 

Cooper Abraham 132 

Cooper Ananias 156, 203, 208 

Cooper Cornelius I. 203, 208 

Cooper Gilbert 169, 229, 244 

Cooper Henry 203, 208 

Cooper Imanuel 208 

Cooper Jacob 254 

Cooper James 233 

Cooper John 114 

Cooper Martin 239 

Cooper Philip 232 

Cooper Robert 41 

Cooper Silas 132 

Cooper Thomas 254, 264, 265, 266 

Cooper Tunis 125 

Cooper Zebulon 131 

Cooper & Campbell 195 

Copeman Abraham 156 

Coppernoll Nicholas 182 

CoppernoU Richard 182 

Corbin Nathaniel 239 

Corey Abijah 132 

Corey Bradic 132 

Corey Elijah 132 

Corey Griffin 239, 254, 270 

Cormer Peter 254 

Cormer Thomas 254 

Cornelison Michael 65 

Cornelius John 213, 215 

Corney Peter 254 

Cornnell John 124 

Cornwall Aspinwall 168 (2) 

Cornwall Daniel 239 

Cornwell George 270 

Cornwell Obadiah 168 

Cortelyou Aaron 105, 109 

Cortelyou Isaac 168 

Cortelyou Jaques 168 

Cortelyou Simon 168 

Corwin James 132 

Corwin Mary (Widow) 132 

Corwin Nathan 132 

Cosk Joseph 124 

Costly John 208 

Cotter James 270 

Cough Philip 254 

Coulter Thomas 203, 208 

Coune John 239 

Cousins Elizabeth 123 

Couwenhoven Nicholas 65, 105, 107, 

Covel Simeon 254, 270 
Covell Philip 12 
Covenhoven Edward 41, 65 
Coventry Edward 239 
Coventry John 44 
Coventry Robert 239 
Covert George 254 
Covetins Moses 41 
Covin Simon 231 
Cowan M. 254 
Cowen Thomas 208 
Cowenhoven John R. 39 
Cowenhoven Nicholas 40, 168 (2) 
Cowenhoven Rem 39, i68 
Cowing Isaac 203, 208 
Cowles Gideon, Lt. 208, 213, 215 
Cowles Gideon, Ens. 212 
Cowley St. Leger 202, 203, 208, 213, 

Cox Charles 208 
Cox David 183 
Cox John Luke 41 
Cox Joseph, Lt. (Penn) 41 
Cox Samuel 239, 254 
Coyse Peter 208 
Cozens John, Capt. (Penn) 41 
Crab John 239 
Craft Abraham 239 
Craft David 254 
Craft John 231 
Craft John, jr. 254 
Craft Thomas 239 
Craft William 41 
Crafts William 239, 254 
Craig John, Capt. (N. J.) 41 
Craig John, Lt. (Penn) 41 
Cramer Charles 181 
Crance & Keemburgh 82 
Crandell Samuel 195 
Crane Isaac, Adjt. 41 
Crane John, Adjt. 41 
Crane Joseph, Capt. 41 
Crane Joseph, Dr. 45, 59, 182 
Crane Joseph 113 
Crane Joseph, jr. 155 
Crane Thaddeus 55, 56, 154, 155 

Index of Names 


Craney Capt. 254 

Craning Effee 123 

Crannell Bartholomew 254^ 270 

Crans Adam 203, 208 

Crans Jacobus 30 

Crapow Peter 208 

Crary Joseph 198 

Crathers Thomas 254 

Crawford Daniel 231 

Crawford David 254 

Crawford James 254, 270 

Crawford John 270 

Crawford Wm., Lt. (Penn) 41 

Crawford William 252 

Cregier Cornelius 234 

Creighton John 254 

Crieslar William 254 

Crimsher John D. 227 

Crippen Thaddeus 203, 208 

Crispell Hendrick 231, 239 

Crissman Gottfried 182 

Crissy Simon 254 

Crist Daniel 203, 208 

Cristeyanse Cornelius 203 

Cristman Frederick 182 

Cristman Jacob 182 

Cristman Nicholas, sr. 182 

Croat Christian 239 

Crocker Andrew 124 

Crocker Ezekiel 202, 208, 211, 212, 

Croix see St. Croix 
Crolius John 65 
Crommelin Robert 65 
Cromwell Jacobus 182 
Cromwell Judea 252 
Cronk John 231, 254 
Cronkheyd Frederick 231 
Cronkhyte Isaac 254 
Crooke Annahe (Mrs.) 65 
Crooke Elizabeth (Mrs.) 65 
Crookshank Alexander 239, 254, 270 
Cropse Henry 239 

Cropsey Alexander 239 

Crosfield Stephen 65, 239, 254 

Cross John 195 

Cross John I. 195 

Cross Robert 195 

Cross William 203 

Crossit Samuel 126 

Crow Bety 123 

Crow Henry 122, 123 

Crow Joseph 254 

Crow Lenah 122 

Crowley Jeremiah 41 

Crowly Jeremiah 248 

Crowly John 246 

Crows John 248, 254 

Croxell Charles, Lt. (Penn) 41 

Cruger Henry 65, 212 

Cruger John 65 

Cruger John Harris, Council 270 

Crum William 254 

Crumb John 208 

Crumb Richard 208 

Cruselar Baltus 239 

Cry John 203 

Crysler Adam 254 

Cudner John, Lt. 41 

Cudney John, Lt. 41 

Culley David ig8, 203, 208, 212, 213, 


Cully David 202 
Culm Henry 239 
Culver Gershon 132 
Cummings Patrick 254, 270 
Cummins John 239, 254 
Cummins Thomas 231 
Cummins William 254 
Cumpston Edward 203, 208, 213, 215 
Cunningham Henry 41 
Cunningham Thomas 208 
Cunningham William 183 
Cure Samuel 239 
Curran Timothy 132 

Curren Jeames 132 

Currie David, Commy. 74, 78, 79 

(3), 81 
Currie David 153 
Currie John, Commy. 78, 8i 
Currien David 254 
Curry Ann 123 
Curry Joseph 254 
Curry Joshua 254 
Curry Peter 254 
Curry Stephen 254 
Curry William 115, 239 
Curson 231 

Curson Samuel 95 
Curson & Gouverneur 51 
Curtenius Peter T., Col. 117 
Curtenius Peter T., Aud. Gen. 17, 

19, 20, 24, 30, 35, S3, 55 (2), 59, 

60, 62, 64 (2), 65, 121, 144, 174 to 

191, 212, 215, 220 
Curtenius Peter T., Commy. 50 (2), 

54 (3), 55, 62 (2), 63 (2), 64 (2), 

70 (4), 71, 73 (3), 74 (2), 78, 91. 

no, 148, 188 
Curtenius Peter T. 143, 152, 195, 203 
Curtice Ezra 208 
Curtis Ephraim 232 
Curtis Joel 42 
Curwin 254 

Cushman William 55, 56 
Cutler Roger 254 
Cuyler Abraham C. 239, 254, 270 
Cuyler Cornelius, Commy. 78 
Cuyler Cornelius 195, 242, 243 
Cuyler Jacob, Commy. 78 
Cuyler Jacob, Dy. Commy. 78, 197 
Cuyler Jacob 14 (3), 15 (2), 45, 105, 

107, 108, 113, 134 (2), 135, 136, 149, 

154, 187, 195, 235, 237 
Cuyler John 154 
Cuyler Nicholas 254 
Cuyper Theunis 107 

Dachsteder John Nicholas 182 

Dailsy John 122 

Daily Robert 208 

Dairs Hezekiah 231 

Dake Oliver 203 

Dale Robert, Capt. 65 

Dan David 254 

Dan Ezra 231 

Danes Peter 132 

Danford Richard 254 

Danford Stephen 254 

Danforth Asa 208, 213 

Daniels Eliphalet 232 

Danielson Thomas 254 

Dann Abraham 254 
Darling Ephraim 208 
Darrot James 254 
Darrow Christopher 12 
Darrow John 132 
Dart Abiel 208 
Dash Baltus 239 
Dates Daniel 239 
Davenport Gabriel 270 
Davenport Jonathan 12 
Davids David 252 
Davids William 252 
Davis Capt. 132 

Davis Benjamin 65, 132 

Davis Catherina 181 

Davis Charles 254 

Davis Daniel 146 

Davis Elizabeth 183 

Davis Eve 124 

Davis Isaac 176 (2), 183 

Davis Jacob 182 

Davis James 132 

Davis James, jr. 182 

Davis John, Lt. 139 

Davis John 42, 64, 75. I95, 231, 239 

Davis Nathaniel 146 

Davis Patrick 182 

Davis Peter 252 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Davis Samuel 239 

Davis Thomas 182 

Davison James 246 

Day (Mrs.) 170 

Day Aaron 12 

Day Elkanah 156, 172 

Day John 254 

Day Nathaniel 203, 208 

Day Thomas 42 

Dayfoot Daniel 254 

Dayley John 123 

Dayton David 105 

Dayton Ebenezer 128, 132 

Dayton Jesse 132 

Deake Immanuel 203 

Deake John 149 

Deake Mason 212, 213, 215 

Deake Oliver 212, 213, 215 

Deall Samuel 65 

Dean Daniel 239 

Dean Isaac 252 

Dean James (Interpreter) 46, 89 

Dean James 202, 203, 208, 212, 213, 

Dean John 239, 252 
Dean Joseph 42 
Dean Josiah 239 
Dean Nathan 212 
Dean Nicholas 231, 254, 270 
Dean Samuel 252 
Dean Stewart 229 
Dean Willets 252 
Deane Betsy 124 
Deane William 65 
Dearkis John, Serjt. 42 
Deas James 254 
De Barry Thomas 212 
De Bleanas John 254 
Deces James 239 
Decker Johannes 19S 
Deckerson John 132 
Dederick Jacob 239 
, Dedrick J. W. 19s 
Decker Arens 239 
Decker Broer J. 239 
Decker Coendradt 239 
Decker Enrigh 239 
Decker Henrick 239 
Decker Jacobus 239 
Decker John L. 239 
Defendorf Jacob 208 
Defendorf Johannes 215 
De Freest Jacob, Capt. 203, 208 
De Fries Abraham 254 
De Golier James 212, 213, 215 
De Graff Joseph 208, 213 
De Graff Simon 203, 211, 212, 215 
De Graugh Abraham 254 

De Groot Henry 208 

De Groot Joseph 203, 208 

De Groot Mary 213, 215 

Deitz William 181 

Delamater Gertruyd 195 

Delamater Henry 208 

Delamater Isaac 42 

Delamater Jacobus 195 

Delamater John 44 

Delamatter John 195 

De Lametter David 183 

Delametter Jacob 195 

De Lanccy James, Lt. Gov. & 

Council 254, 270 
De Lancey James 252, 261, 262 (2), 

De Lancey John 65, 105, 143 
De Lancey John Peter 65 
De Lancey Oliver, Adj't. Gen. 270 
De Lancey Peter 65 
De Lancey Stephen 254, 270 
Dclancey & Jauncey 270 
Delaney Dennis 203 
Delaney John 212 
Delano Thomas 203, 208 
Dclanoy John 124 
Delaplaine William 65 
Delavan Daniel, Capt. 17 
Delavan Daniel S5 
Delavan Nathaniel 157, 203, 208 
Delavergne Benjamin 108, 203, 208 
Delemetter Martin 195 
Delenow Nathan 208 
Delevan Samuel 252 
Deline Benjamin 42 
Deline William 182 
Delivan Nathaniel, Maj. 68 
Dellinbaugh John 182 
Delong David 208 
De Long John 42 
Delong Joseph 208 
Demarest Peter 254 
Dcmilts John 254 
Demott Isaac 203, 212, 215, 254 
Demott James 212, 215 
Deniston Hugh 140 (2) 
Denmark Rachel 124 
Denning William, Asst. Aud. Gen. 

Denning William 65, 93, 107, 108, 

113, 143, 152 (2), 193 
Dennis 254 

Dennis Jonathan 121, 157, 158 
Dennis Joseph 208 
Dennis Patrick 100 
Dennison George 147 
Dennison Prince 208 
Denton Isaac 42 
Denton Preston (Conn) 42 

Denton Robert 239 

Deoson George 124 

DepeW Peter 239 

De Peyster Abraham, Commy. 232 

Depeyster Abraham 135, 232 

De Peyster Abraham W. 227 

De Peyster Cornelia (Mrs) 65 

De Peyster John 195, 196 

De Peyster Nicholas 65 

De Peyster William 65 

Depue John 195 

Depuy Cornelius 18 

Depuy Ephraim 147 

Depuy John, Lt. 17, 18 

Depuy Joseph 18 (4) 

Derby James 231 

Derby William 239, 254 

De Rett John 124 

Dering Thomas 109, 113, 127 (2), 

129, 130 (4), 132, ISO 
De St. Croix see St. Croix 
Desaussure Daniel 185 
Des Brosses Elias 65, 231, 254, 270 
Des Brosses Elizabeth 231, 270 
Desbrosses James 65, 143 
Des Brosses Magdalen 231, 270 
Desiortor Jane 124 
De Utricht see Utricht 
De Utricht (Baron) 42 
Deval William 132 
Devanport Thomas 40 
Deveriks Robert 123 
Devine James 239 
Devine John 208 
Devine Samuel 239 
Devoe (Mrs.) 124 

De Voc (Widov/) 252 

Devoe David 42 
De Voe Frederick 239, 254, 270 
Devoe Henry 208 
De Wandelaer Peter 138 
Dewell see Duell 
De Witt Col. 88 

De Witt ^ Lt. 16 

De Witt Andries 107 
De Witt Andries, jr. 147 
De Witt Charles 109, 113, 134, 149, 

151, 157, 158, 227 (2) 
De Witt J. K. 147 
De Witt Jacob 254 
De Witt Jacob R., Capt. 183 
De Witt John 203 
De Witt John, jr. 17, 195, 203, 208 
De Witt Moses, Agt. 215 
De Witt Moses 202 (2), 203, 208, 

211, 212, 215 
De Witt Peter 17, 203, 208 
De Witt Petrus 231 
De Witt Reuben, Lt. 17, iS 

Index of Names 


De Witt Simeon, Surv. Gen. 198 

to 216, 260, 263, 264, 267, 268 
De Witt Simeon 203, 213, 215 
De Witt Simon 202 (2) 
De Witt Thomas 203, 215 
De Witt Tjerck C. 204, 208 
Deygart Peter S. 75, 117, 118, 156, 

Deygert Theobald 204 
Deyo Benjamin 147 
Dibbel Sineus 132 
Dibble Nathan 208 
Dibell Joel 204, 208 
Dicason John 204, 208 
Dick 254 

Dick Henry 204 
Dick John 132 
Dickenson Gilbert 270 
Dickenson Selah 132 
Dickinson Amos 132 
Dickinson Gilbert 254 
Dickinson James 244, 254, 270 
Dickinson Jeduthan 315 
Dickinson John B. 208 
Dickinson John D. 202, 212, 215 
Dickinson Joseph 215 
Dickinson Richard 132 
Dickinson Samuel 254, 270 
Dickinson Tertullus 239, 254, 270 
Dickson Anne 123 
Dickson David, Capt. 65 
Dickson James 182 
Dickson Richard 208 
Dickson Samuel 123 
Didslow Josiah 239 
Diefendorff Jacob, jr. 182 
Diefendorff Johaniacob 204, 208 
Dietz Jacobus 182 
Dietz John 182 
Dietz William 182, 195 
Dill Caleb 195 
Dill John 195 
Dillenburg Peter 239 
Dilliber John 208 
Dingey Solomon 254 
Dingman Gerrardus 204, 208 
Dings George Peter 239 
Dings John 239 
Dingwill James 254 
Diniston Hugh 46 (2) 
Dinnist Hugh 231 
Dinus Jacob 42 
Disbrow Josiah 239 
Ditmars Abraham 168 
Diver Andrew 239 
Dixon John 254 
Dobbs Joseph 122 
Dobbs Michael 254 
Dobbs Walter 254, 270 

Dobson Thomas 65 

Docherty Catharine (Mrs.) 123 

Docherty Martha (Mrs.) 123 

Dockstader Frederick 182 

Dockstader George A. 254 

Dockstader John 179, 270 

Docksteder John 183 

Dodd John 239 

Dodge Amos 65 

Dodge Henry, Commy. 232, 233 

Dodge Henry 38 

Dodge Ithamar 254 

Dodge Richard 122 

Dodge Samuel, Lt. 42 

Dodge Samuel 65, 117 (2), 119, 121 

(3) 122 (3), 141, 15s, 156, 261 
Dodge Stephen 254, 270 
Dodge Thomas 99 
Dodge Wilkie, Capt. 99 (2) 
Dodge William 208 
Dods John 231 
Dole John 235 
Dolyne B. 246 
Dominick Francis 212 
Donaldson Joseph 42 
Done Thomas 151 
Doolittle David 212, 213, 215 
Doolittle Timothy 204, 208 
Dop John 254 
Dorrs Matthias 182 
Doty Abraham 231, 254 
Doty Isaac 48 (2), 140, 183 
Doty Philip 254 
Doty Shadrack 212, 215 
Doty Simeon 139 
Dougherty Elisabeth 124 
Doughty Charles 231 
Doughty Edward 239, 254 
Doughty William 239 
Douglass 204 

Douglass (Mr.) 118, 124 

Douglass Asa 204, 208, 211, 212, 


Douglass Elenor 124 

Douglass Ephraim, Q. M. (Penn) 

Douglass Jonathan 69, 204 
Douglass Wheeler, Agt. 215 
Douglass Wheeler 204, 208, 211, 

212, 213, 215 

Douglass William 122, 204, 212, 

213, 215 

Douw Andries 139 

Douw P. W. 90 

Douw Volkert P., Vice Prest. 105 

Douw Volkert P. 105 

Dow Joseph 254 

Dowers Joseph 270 

Down Thomas 231 

Downes Susanah 124 

Downs James 239, 254 

Downs Pat. 246 

Dowson Volkert 139 

Doxstadder George 182 

Doyl Charles 183 

Drake Col. 128 

Drake Capt. 39 

Drake Cornelius 254 

Drake Gilbert, Col. 81 (2) 

Drake Gilbert 107, 109, 113, 169 

Drake Jasper 65 

Drake Jeremiah 254 

Drake John 123, 132, 136, 204 

Drake Joseph los, 107 

Drake Mason 204 

Drake Peter 270 

Drake Reuben 204, 215 

Drake Samuel, Col. 69, 204, 230 

Drake Samuel 80, 154, 156, 157, 

204, 242, 250 (2) 
Drewry Nicholas 140 
Drinkwater Samuel 239 
Drinkwater William (Conn) 42 
Drum Peter 208 
Drumming Patrick 254 
Duane (Mrs.) 65 

Duane James 14 (3), 15 (2), 88, 89, 

(3), 90, 108, 113, 115, 134, 136, 

143, 158 (2), 159 (2), 160 (9), 168, 

253, 262 
Dubois Capt. 218 (2) 

Dubois Christian 195 
Dubois Cornelius, Lt. Col. 204 
Du Bois Cornelius, Mu. Mr. 17 
Dubois Cornelius 195, 204, 208, 254 
Dubois Jacob, Jr. 195 
Dubois James 246 (2), 248 
Dubois John 204, 208 
Dubois Lewis, Col. 27, 164 
Dubois Lewis 195 
Du Bois Matthew, Commy. 78, 227 
Dubois Matthew 42, 195, 224 
Dubois "Nathaniel 195 
Du Bois Peter 254 
Dubois Zachariah, Maj. 42 
Ducalon Stephen 231 
Ducker Daniel 239 
Dudley John 65 
Dudley Simeon 12 
Duell Silas 239 
Duer William, Chn. 227 (2) 
Duer William 54, 80, 108, 113, 154, 

159, 160 (3) 
Duerville 212 

Dufif Alexander 124 
Duguid John, Lt. (Penn) 42 
Dumas Pierre 208 
Dumon Peter 183 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Dumond Egbert 79, 83, 105, 147, 

183, 224 
Dumond John B. 239 
Dumond John H. 204 
Dumond Petrus 231 
Dumond & Oothout 254 
Dumont John 147 
Dunbar Andrew 122 
Dunbar Robert 239 
Duncan George 65 
Duncan James 254 
Duncan John 212, 215 
Duncan Margaret 93 
Duncan Richard 270 
Dunlap John 135 (4) 
Dunn George, State Clothier, 

Dunner Walter 239 
Dunning John 147 

Dunscomb Daniel 64 (4), 65, 108, 
113, 134, I4X 151, 154, ISS, 156, 
157 (2), 158, 169 

Dunscomb Edward 42, 65 

Dunscomb John 65 

Dunscomb Mary (Mrs) 123 

Dunscomb Samuel 65 

Dups Yerry Peter 239 

Durkee James 182 

Durkee Thomas 182 

Durmot Michael 182 

Duryee Abraham 65, 143, 168, 195 

Duryee Charles 195 

Duryee Jacob 168 

Duryee Johannes 168 

Duryee John 65 

Duryee Joost 168 

Duryee Peter 168 

Dusenberg Richard 42 

Dusenbery John 252 
Dusenbury Denton 168 
Dusenbury John, Lt. 141 
Dusenbury John 239 
Dusenbury Woolsey 252, 254 
Dutch Church, Convention of the 

Dutcher Abraham 42 
Dutcher Bernard 208 
Dutcher William 252 
Duyckinck Gerardus 65, 143 
Duyckink Christopher 97 
Duzenbery Henry 239 
Dyckman Michael, Mu. Mr. 17 
Dyckman Michael 16, 17 
Dyckman Sampson 99 
Dyer Henry 231 
Dygart Sevrinus 42 
Dykeman 70 

Eagles 118 

Eagles (Mr.) 124 

Eagles William 65 

Ealgigh William 231, 239 

Earl Joseph 239 

Earll Daniel 204, 208, 212 (2), 

Earll Daniel, jr., 208 
Earnest Christian 182, 204 
Earnest Jacob 208 
Eastman Benjamin 239 
Eastmond James 239 
Eastmore Benjamin 239 
Eastwood John 42 
Ebbets Daniel 239 
Ebbetts Daniel 65, 254 
Ecker see Acker 
Ecker George 182 
Ecker Jacob 182 
Ecker Stephen 252 
Eckerson see Ackerson" 
Eckerson Cornelius, Lt. 42 
Eckerson Garrit Jacob 270 
Eckerson Thomas 195 
Eckeson Thomas 181 
Eckeson Tiunes 181 
Eckler Leonard 42 
Edic Michael 154 
Edick Conrat 208 
Edmonds Samuel 204, 212, 215 
Edsall Philip 154, 156, 157 (2) 
Edsall Richard 204 
Edwards Ebenezer 132 
Edwards John 132 
Edwards Manuel 254 
Edwards Mercy 132 
Egan Timothy 122 
Ehl C. 84 

Eisenlord John 242, 245 
Elder William 254 
Elderean Jeames 132 
Eldert Catharine 168 
Eldert Hendrick 168 
213, Eldon John 208 
Elener see Allener 
Eliot Andrew 182 
Eliot David 231 
Elleback Emanuel 254 
EUice James 195 
Elliott John 65, 148 
Elliott Thomas 208 
Ellis (Widow) 252 

Ellis Joseph 129, 132 
Ellis William 254 
Ellison see Allison 
Ellison Gabriel 168 
Ellison Richard 254 
Ellison Thomas 65 
Ellison William 208 
Ellistone Abraham 254 
Ellsworth William 55 
Ellwood Richard 204, 215 
Ellwood Peter 182 
Elmendorph Abraham 183 
Elmendorph Arent 183 
Elmendorph Conradt J. 126 
Elmendorph Conradt C. 183 
Elmendorph Coonrad C. 147 
Elmendorph Cornelius 183 
Elmendorph Cornelius C, Commy. 

151, 2Z^, 237 
Elmendorph Cornelius C. 232 
Elmendorph Jacobus & Cornelius 

Elmendorph Peter 215 
Else John, Commy. 79 

Elsworth Jane 124 

Elsworth Johannes (Mrs.) 65 

Elsworth John 195 

Elsworth Theophilus 65 

Elsworth Thomas 168 

Elsworth William dy 

Elsworth William, sr. 65 

Elsworth William, jr. 65 

Elswrath 254 

Elting Roelof I. 239 

Eltinge Roeloff 239 

Eltinge William 147, 183, 234 

Elwood Richard 215 

Ely John, Col. (Conn.) 39, 42 

Embler Nathaniel 208 

Embree 170 

Embree Lawrenct 143 

Emmons Eli 254, 270 

Emmons John 254, 270 

Emmons William 246 

Emmory William 248 

Empie Christopher 254 

Empie Johannis W. 270 

Empie John P. 270 

Empie Philip 254, 270 

Enders Jacob 195 

Endres Jacob 204 

English John 204, 212, 213, 215 

Ennis John 270 

Ennis Sarah 124 

Ennist John 254 

Enters Jacob 181 

Enters Mary 252 

Enters Peter 181 

Erlin Margrit 124 

Ernest Mary 195 

Ernst Frederick 208 

Erskine see Arskine 

Index of Names 


Esselstine Richard 55, 56 (2) 
Esselstyne see Asseltine 
Esselstyne Peter 254 
Esseltine Gabriel 244 
Eumens see Youmans 
Evans Charles John 212 
Evans Jacob 239 
Evans Samuel 213, 215 

Evens Ann 124 
Evens Edward 204, 208 
Everit Abner, Lt. (Penn) 42 
Everit Benjamin 168 
Everit Richard 254 
Everitt Richard 204, 208 
Every John 254 

Everson Jacob 107 
Evertes Jarama 132 
Everts Thomas 239 
Every Thomas 254 
Eyelyn James 208 
Eyrin see Irine 
Eyrs Ephraim 239 

Fairchild 254 

Falconham 254 

Paling Jacob 42 

Fangere Lewis, Dr. 45, 65 

Fanning Phineas 195 

Fanshar Squire 175 

Fansher William 204, 208 

Farchay John 252 

Farguson Anne 195 

Farman Samuel 65 

Farmer Maria 65 

Farnam Onis 131 

Farrel Patrick 29 

Farrington Benjamin 239 

Farrington James 208 

Faulk Isaac 254 

Faulkner John 239, 254 

Faurot Henry 204, 208, 213, 215 

Feather John 254 

Feek Cornelius 19S 

Peeks Robert 42 

Feeling John D. 42 

Feeling John I. 42 

Feeling Jacob 42 

Fell John 65 

Fellinger (the Drummer) 254 

Fellows Abiel 204, 208 

Fellows Elnathan 131 

Fennell William 239 

Fenno Ephraim, Capt. Lt. 42 

Fensher Hanah 124 

Ferclon Abraham, Serjt. Maj. 42 

Ferdon 254 

Ferdon Abraham, Serjt. Maj. 42 

Ferdon Jacob 254 

Ferguson 254 

Ferguson A. 254 

Ferguson Caleb 208 

Ferguson John 254 

Ferguson William, Capt. (Penn) 42 

Ferman John 239 

Fero Henry 204 

Ferrall Patrick 183 

Ferres Jacob 254 

Ferris Caleb 204 

Ferris Daniel 42 

Ferris Peter 239 

Ferris William 231 

Festor Francis P. 254 

Feterly Peter 254 

Fetter Lucas 254 

Fetter Philemon 254 

Field Benjamin 254 

Field John, Col. 14, 50 (s), 136 

Field John 108, 127, 136 

Field Joseph, Lt. 14 

Field Reuben, Lt. (Va) 42 

Field William 123, 252 

Fiks Peter 254 

Filer Thomas 132 

Filkin Francis 65 

Finch Alexander 65 

Finch Elnathan 42 

Finch Isaac 195 

Finch Reuben 231 

Finck Andrew 182 

Finck Andrew, jr. 158 

Finckle George 254 

Fine Frederick 65 

Fink Alexander 239 

Fink Frederick 239 

Finkle Frederick 239 

Finkle Johan Jost 239 

Finley John, Lt. (Penn) 42 

Finley Samuel, Lt. (Penn) 42 

Finsher Ann 124 

Fish Ephraim 204 

Fish John 224 

Fish Nicholas, Maj. 250 

Fisher 254 

Fisher Alexander 254 

Fisher Bartholomev/ 42 

Fisher Catharine 183 

t'isher Christian 239 

Fisher Daniel 254, 270 

Fisher Donald 270 

Fisher Elijah 42 

Fisher Frederick, Col. 34 (2), 179 

(3), 182 
Fisher Frederick 158, 242, 245 
Fisher George 195, 239, 263 
Fisher John 252, 254 
Fisher Samuel, Capt. (Penn) 42 
Fisher Samuel 252 
Fisher Thomas 254 
Fitch Elnathan 204, 212 (2), 213, 

Fitch Jonathan 202, 204, 212 (2), 

213, 21S 
Fitch Jonathan, Agt. 212, 213, 215 

Fitzgerald 208 

Fitzgerald William 213, 215 

Flaak Coenradt 213, 215 

Flaake Coenradt 195 

Flagg John 204, 208 

Flagler Simon 254 

Flamming Francis 12 

Flandereau John 254 

Fleming Edward 143 

Fleming George 198 

Fleming Peter 109, 195 

Fleuelling Thomas 252 

Flewelling Abel 254, 270 

Flewelling James 239 

Flewelling John 239, 254 

Flewelling Lemuel, jr. 254 

Flewelling Morris 254 

Flewelling Samuel, jr. 254 

Flewelling Thomas 254, 270 

Flint 212 

Flint Asa 231 

Flint Catharine 123 

Flock Harmanes 254 

Floisar Ethnel 42 

Flood Elenor 124 

Floyd Richard 270 

Floyd William 75 (2), 151, 152, 154, 

155 (2), 156, 157, 158, 160 (7), 195, 

Floyds William 146 
Foght John M. 65 
Folliott George 105, 143, 254, 270 
Folmer Thomas 182 
Foltz Peter 182 

Fonda Abraham 195, 204, 208, 215 
Fonda Adam 182 
Fonda Isaac 138 
Fonda Isaac D. 204, 208, 212, 213, 

215, 229 
Fonda Jacob 212 
Fonda Jacob D. 204 
Fonda Jelles 69, 154, 155, 156, 182, 

195, 202, 204, 212 (2), 215 
Fonda Jelles A., Agt. 215 
Fonda Jelles A., Mu. Mr. 17 
Fonda Jellis 224 
Fonda John 182, 246 (2), 248 
Fonda Peter A. 213, 215 
Foot Darius 208 
Foot Joseph 12 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Foot Simeon 208 

Foote Ebenezer 81 

Forbes Duncan 122 

Forbes Gilbert 65, 239 

Forbes Joseph 65 

Forbes William 239 

Forbus Mary 124 

Forbush John 42 

Forbush Nicholas 42 

Ford Benjamin 12 

Ford Isaac 208 

Ford Jacob, Maj. 15 

Ford Jacob, Agt. 215 

Ford Jacob 157, 158, 204, 208, 212, 

213, 21S 
Ford Joseph 254, 270 
Ford Nathaniel 204, 208, 213, 215 
Ford Sufy (Widow) 124 
Fordham Daniel 132, 195 
Fordham Ephraim 131 
Fordham George 132 
Fordham Gideon 132 
Fordham Nathan 132 
Fordhams 131 

Fordon Abraham 122 
Fordor Adriantis 123 
Fordon Altice 123 
Fordon Cady 123 
Fordon Cornelia 123 
Fordon Elizabeth 123 
Fordon Phebe 123 
Fordon Samuel 123 
Forgason Peter 239 
Fork Col. 89 

Forman James 254 
Forman Margret 124 
Forman Zebulon 254 
Foror Rudolph 182 
Forre Adam 42 
Forster Anna 181 
Forster George 181 
Fort Isaac 212 

Fort Jacob, jr. 204, 208, 214, 215 
Fort Peter 212 
Foshay John 252 
Foster 254 

Foster Crudance 132 
Foster David 204, 208 
Foster Jacob, Lt. 42 
Foster John ^2, 127, 129, 130 (4), 

Foster John, jr. 132 
Foster Nathaniel 55, 56, 204, 208 
Foster P. 254 

Foster Robert, Ens. (Va) 42 
Foster Sarah 123 
Foster Samuel 204, 208, 212, 215 

Foster William 123 

Fowland Jacob 239 

Fowler 132 

Fowler Andrew 254 

Fowler Anthony 252 

Fowler Benjamin 252, 254 

Fowler Calop 132 

Fowler Catharine 124 

Fowler Christopher 252 

Fowler David 254 

Fowler George 132, 254 

Fowler Jacob 239 

Fowler Jeremiah 149, 254 

Fowler Jonathan 132, 252 

Fowler Jonathan, jr. 254, 270 

Fowler Joseph 252 

Fowler Michael 231 

Fowler Newbury 252, 254 

Fowler Reuben 254 

Fowler Samuel 254 

Fowler Sarah 254 

Fowler Solomon 254, 270 

Fowler Stephen 231, 270 

Fowler William 136, 255, 270 

Fox Benjamin 215 

Fox Christopher 245 

Fox Fred 246 

Fox Frederick 156, 182, 255 

Fox George 182 

Fox John 182 

Fox Mary (Mrs.) 65 

Fox Nathaniel 204, 208 

Foy John 123 

Fradrick Barant 255 

Frail John 246, 248, 255 

Frair John 239 

Francis (Frenchman) 132 

Francis C. (Widow) 124 

Francis Hendrick 208 

Francis Philip 208 

Frank Albart 182 

Frank Andreas 204 

Frank Frederick 182 

Frank Johannis 182 

Frank John 182 

Frank Timothy 182 

Franke Lawrence 42, 182 

Franklin Christian 239 

Franklin James 42, 65 

Franklin John 65 

Franklin Samuel 65 

Franklin Thomas 38 (2), 212 

Franklin Walter 65, 105, 143 

Franks John, Commy. 78 

Franks John 195 

Franks Jon 132 

Fransisko Michael 208 

Frantz Sebastian 182 

Eraser Daniel 239 

Frasher John 124 

Fraunces Samuel 40, 65, 107, 167 

(2), 171, 262 
Frazier Hugh 255, 270 
Frazier John 248, 255 
Frazier John Due 255 
Frazier Simeon 239 
Frazier Simon 255 
Frazier Thomas 270 
Frazier William 239, 255, 270 
Frear John, Col. 40 
Freehoudt Isaac 255, 270 
Freel Jonathan 255 
Freeland Robert 208 
Freer Abraham 183, 204, 208, 214, 

Freer Isaac 195 
Freer John 204, 208 
Freer Samuel 183 
Freisley Samuel 239 
Freligh George 204, 208, 212, 214, 


Freligh Isaac 239 

Freligh Jacob 2S5 

Freligh Samuel 239 

Freman Asra 124 

French Abner, Mu. Mr. 17 

French Benjamin 231, 255, 270 

French Charity 255, 270 

French Gershom 255 

French Jeremiah 255 

French John 255 

French Joseph 105 

French Margaret (Mrs) 123 

Frenne Samuel 239 

Frere Hendrick 239 

Frey John 146, 158 

Freymier Johannes 181 

Friend Charles 114 

Frier John 239 

Frisbee Coroth 239 

Frisbee Samuel 204 

Frisbee Thomas 208 

Frisbie Philip 138, 157 

Frompair John, jr. 231 

Frost Caleb 255, 270 

Frost Jacob 255, 270 

Frost Jedediah 252 

Frothingham Thomas 215 

Fry Abiel 204 

Fry John, Brig. Maj. 42 

Fry Millicent (Mrs) 123 

Fuller Aaron 244 

Fuller Lemuel 255, 270 

Fullerton Alexander 124 

Fulmer Christeyan 212, 214, 215 

Fulmon Jasper 239 

Index of Names 


Fulton John 204, 208 
Furler Cornelius 231 
Furler Jacob 239 
Furman 255 

Furman Aaron 121 
Furman Abraham 69 
Furman Alexander, Ens. 42 
Furman James 255 

Furman John^ Lt. 17, 42, 204, 208 
Furnival James 269, 270 
Furro Rudolph 42 
Futer Lewis 255 

Gage George 204, 208 

Gaine Hugh 65 

Galatian David, Agt. 204, 208 

Gale Griffin 252, 255 

Gallalant Elisabeth 124 

Galpin Joseph 252, 255 

Gamble I. 84 

Gamble James, Dy. Commy. 78 

Gansevoort Leonard, Chn. 227 (2) 

Gansevoort Leonard, Agt. 215 

Gansevoort Leonard 107, 108, 113 

(2), 138, 139 (2), 15s, 161, 202, 

204, 208, 212, 215 
Gansevoort Leonard, jr. 229 
Gansevoort P.^ Maj. 14 
Gansevoort Peter^ Gen. 167 (2) 
Gansevoort Peter, Col. 29, ^y (3), 

168, 189 
Gansevoort Peter, jr.. Gen. 32 (3), 

34, 204, 208, 214, 215 
Ganston David 239 
Gardenear Jacob 44 
Gardener James 86 
Gardener Samuel 182 
Gardenier Henry H., Capt. 204, 

Gardenier Jacob 182 
Gardineer Jacob 34 (2), 156, 157 
Gardiner Abraham, Col. 132 
Gardiner David 204, 215 
Gardiner Jacob 255 
Gardiner Jerusha (Mrs.) 132 
Gardiner Joshua 132 
Gardiner Nathaniel 132 
Gardinier Harmanus, Lt. 42 
Gardner 255 

Gardner Charles 255 
Gardner Covel 255 
Gardner David 195 
Gardner Jeremiah 132 
Gardner James 195 
Gardner Nathaniel 44 
Gardner Paul 239 
Gardner Silas 231, 239 
Gardner Thomas 255 
Gareson Mary 124 
Garlock George 204, 215 
Garloff George 215 
Garlough Peter 255 
Garnryck William 204, 208, 214, 215 
Garnsey John 204, 212 (2), 215 
Garrett Benjamin 204 
Garrison Abraham 157 
Garrison Isaac 252 

Garrison Jonas 239 

Gasherie Joseph 22 (5), 24, 196, 

Gasley Henry 124 
Gause Benjamin 208, 2x4, 215 
Gautier Andrew 65 
Gazley John 202, 204, 212 (2) 
Gazeley John 215 
Gebhert John Gabriel 195 
Gedney Alexander 204 
Gedney Eleazor 215 
Gee John 231, 255 
Geeson Matthew 208 
Geffers John 124 
Gelston 112 

Gelston David 107, 109, 113, 132, 

154, 155, 156, 157 (2), 158, 259 
Gelston Maltby 132 
Gelston Thomas 132 
Gemble Munya 124 
Gentill George 255 
George William, Lt. (Va) 42 
Geraldman Henry 22 
Gerard Azel 146 
Gerlach Adam 42 
German David 42 
Germond Peter 231 
Germond Silas 255 
Gerrebrants (Widow) 124 

Gerret James 208 
Geston Benjamin 215 
Getman John 255, 270 
Gettman Frederick, Capt. 42 
Gettman Frederick 182 
Ghons Hans Jury 255 
Gibbons (Mr.) 122 

Gibbons (Mrs.) 124 

Gibbons Dennis 269, 270 
Gibson Andrew 231, 255, 270 
Gibson John, sr. 270 
Gibson William 182 
Gidney Absolom 252 
Gidney Caleb 255 
Gidney David 255 
Gidney Isaac 252, 255 
Gidney Jacob 255 
Gidney James 252, 255 
Gidney John 252, 255, 270 
Gidney Jonathan 252, 255 
Gidney Joseph 239, 255 
Gidney Joshua 255, 270 
Gidney Solomon 255 
Giffing George 65 
Gifford Benjamin 255 

Gifford Joseph, Lt. 204 

Gifford Joseph 208, 214, 215 

Gifford William B., Capt. (N. J.) 

Gilbert Abijah 156, 157, 158 

Gilbert Augustus 204, 208 

Gilbert John 65 

Gilbert Josiah 212 (2), 215 

Gilbert Samuel 208 

Gilbert William 65 

Gilbert William W. 143 

Gilcrease Samuel 42 

Gilchrist Adam, Asst. Com. Gen. 

Gilchrist Adam, Dy. Commy. 78 

Gilchrist Adam 195 

Gilchrist Samuel 42 

Gilchrist George, Capt. (Va) 42 

Gildersleeve Obadiah 132 

Giles Aquila, Maj. (Penn) 42 

Giles Charles, Capt. 236 

Giles James 79 

Gill Erasmus, Lt. 4th Lt. Dragoons 

Gill John 204, 208 

Gill William 204, 208 

Gillet 212 

Gillet Joel 204, 208 

Gillet Lemuel 208 

Gillet Richard 231 

Gilleylon William^ Lt. 42 

Gillikins James, Director of Ord- 
nance 42 

Gillikins James 50 

Gilliland James, Director of Ord- 
nance 42 

Gilliland James 252 

Gilliland William, Lt. 42 

Gilliland William, Agt. 212, 215 

Gilliland William 177 (2), 178 (2), 
182, 204, 208, 212 (2), 214, 215 

Gillis John 234, 239, 240 

Gillit Lemuel 204 

Gillit Nathan 204 

Gillit Zechariah, Agt. 204 

Gilmore George 204 

Gilmore Elizabeth, Admx. 208 

Gilmore George 208, 214, 215 

Gineguint Joseph 208 

Ginson Richard 208 

Gisner John 255 

Glean Oliver, Dy. Qr. Mr. Gen. 

Gleason John 255 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Glen Henry i6, lOS, 107, 108, 195 

Glen Jacob 204, 212, 214, 215 

Glen John 212 

Gloss David 42 

Glover Ezekiel 131 

Gobert see Gorbett 

Gobert Peter 123 

Godwin Henry, Capt. 42 

Goelet Peter 65, 143 

Goes Isaac, Commy. 78 

Goes Isaac 244 

Goes Matthew, jr. 239 

Goeterhuis M. 212 

Goetschius Stephen 195 

Goff Oliver 12 

Goforth (Mr.) 53 

Goforth William 143 

Gold Walter 231 

Golden Elizabeth 123 

Golden Joseph 252, 255 

Golding Benjamin 255 

Golding John 255 

Goldsmith Joshua 132 

Goldsmith Nathan 132 

Goldsmith Wilmot 131 

Gomez Moses 65 

Gonong Isaac 255 

Goold Jessey 139 

Gorbett Peter 123 

Gorden Elisabeth 124 

Gordon James 154, 155, 156 (2), 231, 

Gordon Robert 182 
Gordon Ruth 124 
Gorsline James 204, 208 
Gosline James 239 
Gosline Samuel 195 
Gosman George 264 (2) 
Gotlip Peter 212, 214, 215 
Gotterton James 123 
Gould Asa 12 
Goulden Benjamin 124 
Gourmand Arthur 255 
Gouverneur Nicholas 196 
Gradis David & Fils 94 
Graham (Widow) 123 

Graham Catharine 123 
Graham Chauncey, Rev. Dr. 238 
Graham Chauncey, Rev. 44 
Graham Chauncey, Dr. 45 
Graham Daniel, Dr. 81 
Graham Daniel 117, 261 (2) 
Graham Ellinor 123 
Graham Ennis 65 
Graham Esther (Mrs.) 123 
Graham Jacobus 204, 208 
Graham John 19, 124, 181, 255 
Graham John I. 255 

Graham Lewis loi, 105, 107, 109, 

113, 227 (2), 229 
Graham Morris 107, 108 
Graham Phebe (Mrs.) 123 
Graham Robert 42, 105, 107, 154 
Graham Stephen 44 
Graham Theodorus Van Wyck, 

Commy. 79 
Graham Thomas 123 
Graham William 124, 204, 208 
Graims (Mrs.) 255 

Grains 255 

Grant Col. 255 

Grant Alexander 255 
Grant James 239, 255 
Grant Jesse, Lt (Conn) 42 
Grant John 239 
Grant Mary 124 
Grant William 115, 239 
Grass George 208 
Grass Michael 255 
Graves Jedediah 12 
Grawbarak 239 

Gray Capt. 255 

Gray 255 

Gray Ann 124 
Gray Eliphalet 208 
Gray Jacob 114 
Gray John (Conn) 42 
Gray Richard, Capt. 42 
Gray William 255 
Gray William (Conn) 42 
Graypoll Peter 255 
Greaves Mark 212, 214, 215 
Green (Mrs.) 124 

Green Abraham 255 
Green Absolom 255 
Green Amos, Serjt. (Conn) 42 
Green Ann 124 
Green Benjamin 204, 208 
Green Daniel, Capt. 204, 208 
Green Isaac 204, 208 
Green James 204, 208, 255, 270 
Green Jehiel 204, 208 
Green John, Ens. (Penn) 42 
Green John 239 
Green Joseph 255, 270 
Green Nathan 204, 208 
Green Peter 208 
Green Samuel 255 
Green Timothy 208 
Green William 115 
Greenfield Starr 131 
Greenman Jeremiah, Ens. (R. I.) 

Gregg Abraham 270 
Gregg David 65 
Gregg Henry 204, 208 

Gregg Hezekiah 204, 208, 215 

Gregg James 204, 208 

Gregg John 270 

Gregg William 204, 208 

Gregory Elnathan, Dr. 45 

Gregory Elnathan 141 

Grennell John 75, 195 

Gretemis M. 212 

Grey William 255 

Grifes Nathaniel 204, 208 

Grifeth (Squire) 25s 

Griffen Jacob, Lt. Col. 204, 208 

Griflfen Jacob 141, 142 

Griffen Richard 195 

Griffin Jacob 195 

Griffin James 132 

Griffin Josiah 255 

Griffin Obadiah 239 

Griffing Daniel, Capt. 132 

Griffing Jasper, Capt. 132 

Griffing John 132 

Griffing Peter 132 

Griffing Samuel 132 

Griffis Sarah 123 

Griffis Susanah 123 

Griffis William Elliot 46 

Griffith Dr. 45, 255 

Griffith Anthony 171 

Griffith Elisabeth 24 

Griffith John 255 

Griffith Joshua 131 

Griffith Robert 65 

Griffiths Anthony, Commy. 50 

Griffiths John, Capt. 65 

Grigg Henry, Commy. 79 

Grigg Henry 65 

Griggs 255 

Griggs (Mrs.) 255 

Griggs Abraham 270 

Griggs Johannes 270 

Griggs John 270 

Grigson Thomas 255 

Grim Henry 182 

Griseel Ephraim 204, 212 (2), 215 

Griseel Ephraim, jr. 204, 212, 215 

Grisel Ephraim 212 

Grisiel Elijah, jr. 204 

Griswold Joseph 65 

Groat Henry 255 

Groat R. 255 

Grob John 208 

Groen Jacob Marinus 183 

Groesbeck Elizabeth (Mrs.) 65 

Groesbeck Gerrit 195 

Groesbeck John W. 224 

Groom William 195, 204, 208 

Groome Francis 239 

Greet 246 

Index of Names 


Groot Nicholas 195 
Gros John Daniel, 

(2), 214, 215 

Grover John 156 
Gue Joseph 204 
Guernsey John 204 
Guile John 182, 255 

Rev. 204, 212, 

Guile Levi 208 
Guillaume Martian 208 
Guion Abraham 148 
Guion Jonathan 255 
Gunn George 124 
Gusherack Frederick 239 

Guth Johann George 208 
Gutrey John 124 
Gutrey Samuel 124 
Guyer Nathan 239 
Guyles Charles 147 
Gyles Charles 232 

Haag Frederick 182 

Haaver Christian 230 

Hackney William 208 

Hackny Joseph 208 

Hadden John 255 

Hadden Thomas 239 

Hadler Adam 255 

Hadley George 252 

Haff Paul 255 

Hagaman Isaac, Capt. 231 

Hageman John 255 

Hager William 195 

Haight Caleb, Capt. 19, 20 

Haight Daniel 195 

Haight Daniel, jr. 195 

Haight Elizabeth CWidow) 195 

Haight Gideon 195 

Haight James 255 

Haight John 252 

Haight Joseph 255 

Haight Samuel 117, 158 

Haight Stephen 195 

Haight Thomas 252 

Haight William 252 

Hainer Coenrad 208 

Hains Alexander 255 

Hains Daniel 132, 255 

Hains David 42 

Hains Elijah 255 

Hains Henry 123 

Hains James 255 

Hains John 253 

Hains Joseph 231 

Hains Peter 255 

Hains Samuel 231, 239 

Haire Alexander 255 

Halt Abraham 204, 208 

Halt Daniel 195, 204, 208 

Halt Daniel, jr. 195 

Halt David 255 

Halt Jacob 204, 208 

Halt James 235 

Hait Phinehas 204, 208 

Halt William 255 

Halenbeck Jacob 231 

Halenbeck John 255 

Halenbeck Kelean 239 

Haley Jeremiah 131 

Hall (Mrs.) 124 

Hall Christopher 208 

Hall Daniel 204 

Hall Edward, Lt. (Md) 42 

Hall Isaac 208 

Hall John 204, 208 

Hall Nicholas 199, 200 

Hall Simon 208 

Hall Talmage, Lt. 35 

Hall William 182, 204, 212 

Hallak Joshua 204, 208 

Hallaway Joseph 231 

Hallenback John 212, 215 

Hallenbeck Henry 204, 208 

Hallenbeck John 202 

Hallenbush Robert 231 

Hallett James 65 

Hallett Joseph 53, 65, 91, 92, 105, 

107, 108, 143 
Hallett William 208, 214 
Halliock Peter 132 
Hallock Henry 132 
Hallock Israel 132 
Hallock Joseph 132 
Hallock Zebulon 132 
Hallsey Elias 132 
Halsey Francis Whiting 46, 178 
Halsey Henry 132 
Halsey John 131, 132 
Halsey Josiah 131, 132 
Halsey Jeremiah 129, 132 
Halsey Silas 132 
Halsey Silas, jr.. Dr. 45, 132 
Halsey Theophilus 132 
Halsey William 131, 132 
Halshondt Frederick 204, 208 
Halstead Benjamin, Lt. 42 
Halstead John 231, 239 
Halstead Phebe 65 
Halsted Elisabeth 124 
Halsted James 208 
Halsted Phebe 124 
Ham (Widow) 123 

Ham Coenrad W. 65 
Ham Coonrat 239 
Ham Edward 123 
Ham Frederick, jr. 235 
Hambleton John 208 
Hambleton John, Dr. 45, 255 
Hambright Henry, Capt. (Penn) 42 
Hamilton Alexander, Capt. 53, 72 


Hamilton Alexander, Receiver, 183, 

HTamilton Alexander 160 
Hamilton James, Commy. 79 
Hamilton James 204, 208 
Hamilton William 239 
Hamlen Asa 212, 214, 215 
Hamlin Amos 208 
Hamlin Asa 204 
Hamman James, Lt. Col. 42 
Hamman James 255 
Hammell Briant 255 
Hammen James 252 
Hammon James, Lt. Col. 250 
Hammond Abijah 204, 208, 212 (2), 

214, 215 
Hammond Elizabeth (Mrs.) 65 
Hammond Jno. Christopher 208 
Hamond Isaac 255 
Hand David 132 
Hand Gideon 132 
Hand John 132 
Handel John 204 
Handerson James 231 
Handling Bryant 239 
Hanedorn Christopher 239 
Haner Frederick 255 
Hanes Caleb 204, 208 
Hanes Caleb, jr. 204, 208 
Hanes David 132 
Hanford Timothy H. 204, 208 
Hanmore David 204, 208 
Hann Coenraedt 204 
Hannabell John 255 
Hannah Samuel 239 
Hanse Harmanse 255 
Hansen Barant 183 
Hansen Hendrick 182 
Hansen Nicholas 182 
Hansen Peter 182 
Hansicker Andries 255 
Hansom Barns 246, 248 
Hanson John 48 (2) 
Harbork John 195 
Harden Thomas 212 
Hardenbergh Lt. 37 (3) 

Hardenbergh Abraham, Agt. 215 
Hardenbergh Abraham 204, 212, 

214, 215 

Hardenbergh Johannes, jr. 147 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Hardenbergh Johannis, Col. 15, 19, 

136, 147 
Hardenbergh Johannis G. 195 
Hardenbergh Johannes 67, 105 
Hardenbergh John A. 147 
Hardenbergh John L. 23, 204, 208 
Hardenbergh Johannis G. no 
Hardenbrook Abel 65 
HLardenbrook Theophilus 65 
Hardenbrook William 65 
Hardenburgh Abraham 198, 202 
Hardenburgh Johannis G. 154, 156, 

(2), 157 
Harder Peter 239 
Hardin Magdalen 255 
Hardin Thomas 204, 212^ 214, 215 
Hardy Joseph 31 
Hardy William 135 
Hare Alexander 239, 255 
Hare James 255, 270 
Harin David 123 
Haring Cornelius 204^ 208, 212, 214, 


Haring Elbert 65, 204, 212, 214, 215 

Haring John, Prest. 107 

Haring John 22 (4), 105, 107, 108, 

113, 157, 158, 160, 161 (2), 172 
Haring John Christian Fuor 208 
Haring Samuel 231 
Harmil Daniel, Maj. 42 
Harnden John 204, 208, 214, 215 
Harnes John 182 
Harning Lienert 42 
Harp Henry, Serjt. 18 
Harper Capt. 39 

Harper Alexander, Capt. 24 
Harper Alexander 39, 168 
Harper J. 247 
Harper John, Col. 33, 55 
Harper John 215, 242, 245 
Harper Robert 70, 72 (2), 85, 89, 108 
Harper William 59 (3), 60 (3), 85, 

109, 113, 157, 202, 204, 208, 212, 

214, 215, 245, 248 
Harpur Robert, Dy. Secy, of State 

Harpur Robert, Clerk 172 
Harpur Robert 95, 112, 113, 136, 

149, 151 (2), 154, 155, 156, 157 (2), 

158, 228 
Harpur William 204, 208 
Harring Peter T. 270 
Harrington William 208 
Harris 231, 255 

Harris (Widow) 123 

Harris Brewer 255 
Harris Elizabeth 182 
Harris Francis 255 

Harris Henry 208 

Harris James 131, 215 

Harris James, jr. 204, 215 

Harris John 123, 204 

Harris Joseph 239 

Harris Joshua 204, 208, 212 (2), 214, 


Harris Justus, Capt. 204 

Harris Justus 215 

Harris Moses 42, 182, 204, 208, 212 

(2), 214, 215 
Harris Richard 65 
Harris Robert, Lt. 34, 35 
Harris Samuel 255, 270 
Harris Thomas 239 
Harris William 42, 231 
Harrison George 65 
Harrison John, Capt. 94, 95 (5), 96 
Harrison Joseph 12 
Hars Uriah 255 
Harshold Frederick 212, 215 
Harsin Garrit 65 
Harsin George 204, 208 
Hart Eleazer 252 
Hart Henry 204, 208, 214, 215 
Hart James, jr. 255 
Hart John 239 
Hart Molley 132 
Hart Nehemiah 195 
Harter Henry 182 
Hartford Ephraim 42 
Hartigh John 118 
Hartle George 239 
Hartwell Ebenezer 204 
Hartwick Christian 208 
Harvey Joel 214, 215 
Hasbrook Francis 239 
Hasbroock Jacobus, Lt. 17, 18 
Hasbroock Joseph, Lt. 17, 18 
Hasbrouck Abraham, Col. 67, 147 
Hasbrouck Abraham 109, 157, 183, 

Hasbrouck Elias, Capt. 26, 27, 136 
Hasbrouck Elias 60, 88, 99, 147, 183, 

204, 212, 214, 215 
Hasbrouck Jacob, Maj. 204 
Hasbrouck Jacob 147, 255 
Hasbrouck Jacob, jr., Capt. 147, 237 
Hasbrouck Jonas 195 
Hasbrouck Jonathan 75 
Hasbrouck Joseph 147 
Hasbrouck Petrus 204 
Hasez Coenradt 208 
Haskins Benony 209 
Haslop James 255 
Hasold Frederick W. 212, 215 
Hastings Hugh 162 
Hatch Matthew 204, 214, 215 

Hatch Samuel 212, 215 
Hatch William 42 
Hatfield 119 

Hatfield (Mr.) 123 

Hatfield Barnes 255, 270 
Hatfield Moses, Maj. 42 
Hatfield Richard, Secy. 134 (2), 172 
Hatfield Richard 69 (2), 164, 227, 

229, 230, 250 
Hathorn John, Col. 27, 82 (2), 

Hathorn John 154, 156, 157, 158, 204, 

212 (2), 214, 215, 261 
Hatt Barn't 239 
Hatton Robert 252 
Havens James 105, 132 
Havens John 255 
Havens Jonathan, Dr. 95, 132 
Havens Jonathan 195 
Havens Jonathan NicoU 195 
Havens Joseph 130, 132 
Havens Obadiah, Lieut. 132 
Haver Johannes 239 
Haver Peter, jr. 239 
Haviland Charles 255 
Haviland Isaac 239 
Haviland John, Lt. (N. J.) 42 
Haviland John 239, 255 
Haviland Samuel 109, 113 
Hawes John 209 
Hawkins Desire 146 
Hawkins Eleazer 195 
Hawkins John 252, 255 
Hawkins Z. 42 
Hawkshufst Jesse 255 
Hawley see Howley 
Hawley 231 

Hawley Agur 239 
Hawley Ezekiel 148, 250 
Hawley Ezekiel, jr. 255, 270 
Hawley John 231, 239, 255 
Hawley Zadoc 209 
Hay Ann Hawk 107 
Hay Jane 124 
Hay John 239 
Hay Udney, Col. 122 
Hay Udny, Dy. Qr. Mr. Gen. 187, 

Hay Udny, State Agent, 153 (2), 

190, 191, 197, 217 to 226 
Hay Udny 178 
Hayes (Mrs.) 65 

Hayes John 255 
Haynes John 69, 224, 226 
Haynes Joseph 65 
Haynes Samuel 239 
Hayt Gideon 197 
Haywisen Martin 182 

Index of Names 


Hazeltine John 105 

Heard Ebenezer 239 

Heart! Daniel 69 

H earring Samuel 239 

Hedge Stephen 19S 

Hedges (Widow) 132 

Hedges Daniel 132 

Hedges David 113, 132 

Hedges Eleazer 195 

Hedges Jonathan, Col. 132 

Hedges Matthew 132 

Hedges Stephen 132 

Heerman Reyer 204, 209 

Heermance Andrew P. 204, 209 

Heermanse Gose 195, 204, 209 

Hegeman Elbert 168 

Hegeman Rem i68 

Hegeman Sytie 168 

Hegens Ebenezer 42 

Heger Johannes 195 

Heggen John 239 

Heggens Ebenezer 42 

Heliker Augustus 255 

Heliker Jacob 255 

Heliker Jeremiah 255 

Heliker John 255 

Heliker Herman 204, 209 

Helker John 42 

Hellegas Peter 42 

Hellmer John 42 

Helium Peter 255 

Helm Charles W. 209 

Helme Benjamin 107, 143 

Helmenhausen H. T. 69 

Helmer Adam 246, 255 

Helmer John 118 (2), 209, 239 

Helsinger John 209 

Hemstead Nathaniel 255 

Hemstead Thomas 132 

Hemsted Jessey 132 

Hen Marka 183 

Hencock Thomas 91 

Henderson Ann 124 

Henderson John 114 

Henderson Stephen 164 

Henderson Thomas 65, 163, 164, 

244, 255 
Henderson Ward 239 
Henderson William 239, 244J 255 
Hendrickse William 195 
Hendrickson Isaac 168 
Hendrickson John [Maj.]' 168 
Hendrickson Stephen, Lt. 229 
Hendrickson Stephen 154, 204, 209 
Hendry Robert 42 
Henning Philip 255 
Henry 255 

Henry Hugh 42 

Henry John, State Clothier 54, 74 

(2), 189 
Henry John 28, 195 
Henry Joseph 214, 215 
Henry Nathaniel, Capt. 204, 209 
Henry Nathaniel, Lt. 269 
Henry Nathaniel 204, 209, 215 
Henry Robert, jr. 209 
Henshaw Daniel, Capt. 65 
Herder Lawrence 182 
Herkimer J. R. 246 
Herkimer Johan Jost, Capt. 255, 

Herkimer John 246, 255 
Herkimer Nicholas, Gen. 34, 146, 

164, 247 
Herrick Henry 132 
Herrick Joseph, jr. 204, 209 
Herring David 123 
Herring David, jr. 123 
Herring James 239 
Herring John 123 
Herron Isaac 255 
Herroun John 269 
Herter Lawrence 42 
Heurt Arthur 12 
Hesler Conradt 183 
Hess Augustinus, sr. 182 
Hess Augustinis, jr. 182 
Hess Frederick 182 
Hess Johannes 182 
Hess John 182 
Hessler John 182 
Hetfield Col. 36 (2), 239 

Hetfield Joshua 252 
Hetfield Moses, Maj. 42, 204 
Hetfield Moses 209 
Hetherington John 200 (2) 
Heustice David 270 
Heustis Caleb 239, 252 
Hewins Joseph 209 
Hews Catharine 182 
Hews James 42, 182 
Heyer William, Col. 65 
Heyer William 196 
Heyfield Hannah (Widow) 252 
Heyser John 182 
Rickey Catharine 123 
Hickey John 123 
Hicks Jacob 21 
Hicks Thomas 105, 109 
Hicks Wheaton 204, 209 
Hicks Whitehead 65 
Higby John 42 
Higby Lewis 42 
Higgins Christian 132 
Higgins John 255 
Higley Nehemiah 204, 209 
Hildreth Benjamin 65 

Hildreth Joseph 132 

Hildreth Joshua 132 

Hill Andrew 17, 204, 209 

Hill Deborah 124 

Hill Ebenezer, Lt. 204, 209 

Hill Eleaser, jr. 204 

Hill James 252 

Hill Lemuel 12 

Hill Robert 204, 209 

Hill Thomas 252 

Hill Zacheus 255 

Hillegas Peter 42 

Hillegas Michael 183 

Hiller John 42 

Hilliback Baltus 255 

Hillman Nicholas 209 

Hills George 181 

Hills John 124 

Hilman Henry 123 

Hilsinger Peter 195 

Hilt Samuel, Commy. 78 

Hilton Jonathan, Mu. Mr. 17 

Himepaugh see Hynpagh 

Hinchman Annar (Widow) 132 

Hinckley Gershom 204, 214, 215 

Hinds Elizabeth 123 

Hinman Lewis 204, 209 

Hire Walter 231 

Hitchcock Daniel 65 

Hitchcock Joseph 255 

Hitchcock Lyman, Mu. Mr. 17 

Hitchcock Z. 212 

Hitchin Mary 123 

Hix Charles 168 

Hoag Nathan 255 

Hoagton John, Agt. 204 

Hoaksley Robert 255, 270 

Hobart John Sloss loi, 102, 105, 

107, 109, 113, 149, 165, 169, 195, 

229, 23s, 237 
Hobby David 42 
Hobby Jonathan 42 
Hober Adam 255 
Hochstrasser Baltus 209 
Hock John 255 
Hodges Curtis 204, 209 
Hodges E. 255 
Hodges Jack 204, 209 
Hodges T. 255 
Hodges Timothy 231 
Hodgeson John 65 
Hodlor Peter 183 
Hoel 132 

Hoff 118 

Hoff (Mr.) 124 

Hoff Hendrick 255 
Hoff Richard 182 
Hoffman Anthony 108, 154, 155, 

183, 242, 244 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Hoffman Coenradt 239 
Hoffman Harman 209, 282 
Hoffman Herman 141 
Hoffman Ludlow 255 
Hoffman Nicholas 143 
Hoft'man Ogden, Atty-Gen. 173 
Hoffman R. 122 
Hoffnagle 255 

Hoffnagle John 255, 270 
Hoffnagle Melcher 255 
Hoffnagle Michael 255, 270 
Hofle Hendrick 25s 
Hofman Anthonie 21 
Hogeboom Cornelius, Capt. 204 
Hogeboom Cornelius 235 
Hogeboom Peter 42 
Hogeboom Stephen 204, 209, 212, 

214, 215 
Hogel A. 25s 
Hogel Francis 231 
Hogel Isaac 239 
Hogel John 255, 270 
Hogel Peter 42 
Hogill John 269 
Hoisington Joab^ Maj. 28 
Hoit David 255 
Hoit Joshua 255 
Holamback Nicholas 239 
Holaniback Samuel 239 
Holaway Lewis 123 
Holbam John 204 
Holbart John 204 
Holden James 239, 255 
Holdredg Richard 12 
Holdridge John 12 
Holdsberger Adam 204, 209 
Holland Henry 65 
Holland John 255 
Holland Shelly 42 
Hollenback 255 

Hollenback D. 255 
Hollenback John 204 
Hollister Josiah 42 
Holloway Joseph 239 
Holly Israel 204 
Holly Jesse 204, 209 
"Holly William 117, 204, 209, 234 

Holmer David 42 
Holmes Col. 255 

Holmes Benjamin 209 
Holmes David 255 
Holmes James 105, 204, 209, 255, 

Holmes Jedediah 209 
Holmes Lewis 270 
Holmes Samuel 255 
Holmes Sarah 123 
Holmes Stephen 270 

Holms Nathaniel 42 

Holsapple William 195 

Holt Moses 270 

Honak Henry 181 

Honeywell Israel, Capt. 42 

Honeywell Israel 69, 230, 250 (2) 

Honeywell Israel, jr. 154, 155, 229, 

242, 252 
Hooghtaling Jacob 255 
Hooghtaling William 231 
Hoogland Jeronimus, Adjt. 42 
Hooker Gilbert 204, 209 
Hooker Robert Lettis 209, 212, 214, 

Hooper John, jr. 255 
Hooper Stephen 255 
Hoornbeck Benjamin 195 
Hoornbeck Eleazer 195 
Hoornbeck Jacob, Col. 46, 150 (2) 
Hoornbeck Jacob 105 
Hoornbeek Hendricus no 
Hoover Adam 246, 255 
Hopkins David 155, 156, 157, 158, 

260 (2) 
Hopkins Elisha, Adjt. (Conn) 42 
Hopkins Freeman 204 
Hopkins George 65 
Hopkins Roswell, Col. 19 (3), 20 (2) 
Hopkins Solomon 204 
Hople Hendrick 255 
Hopper Matthew 65 
Hopper Richard 252 
Hopper Rynear 65 
Hornbeck Benjamin 204, 212, 214, 

Horon Isaac 234 
Horsford Samuel 209 
Horton Barnabas, Capt. 132 
Horton Daniel 51 
Horton Elisha 255 
Horton Gilbert, Commy. 79 
Horton Gilbert 239, 252 
Horton Gilbert Bud 255 
Horton James 255 
Horton Jeames 132 
Horton Jonathan, Capt. 148 
Horton, Jonathan 132, 239 
Horton Jonathan P. 252 
Horton Joshua 132 
Horton Nathan 168 
Horton Samuel 252, 255 
Horton Thomas, Capt. 42 
Horton Thomas 42, 209 
Horton William 132 
Hough Franklin B. 178 
Hough John 255 
Hough Stephen 255 
Hough Zephaniah 204 
Houghtaling Teunes 183 

Houghtaling Wilhelmus 183 

House E. 84 

House George 42 

House Jacob 42 

House John ii8 

House Joseph 182 

House Nicholas 42 

House Seth 204, 209 

Houseman George 209, 214, 215 . 

Houser Frederick 255 

Housman Aurt 65 

Houten Jonathan 239 

Houward Mary 124 

How Jonathan 204 

Howard Edward 239 

Howard John 204, 255, 270 

Howard Matthew 255 

Howard Sheffield 65 

Howe Isaac 36 

Howell 132 

Howell Daniel 132, 145 

Howell David 55, 132 

Howell Elias 132 

Howell Ezekiel 132 

Howell Isaac 132 

Howell Joseph, jr. 41, 183 

Howell Joshua 132 

Howell Recompence 132 

Howell Ryall 132 

Howell Stephen 204 

Howell Sylvanus 132 

Howell Walter 132 

Howland Jeremiah, Dr. 45 

Howser Elizabeth 124 

Howser Jacob 124 

Howser Mattis 124 

Hoxie 25s 

Hoy Richard 255 

Hoyt David 255 

Hoyt Gidion 195 

Hoyt Jesse 204 

Hubbard 132 

Hubbard (Widow) 132 

Hubbel Ephriam, jr. 81 

Hubbell Isaac, Mu. Mr. 17 

Hubble Stephen 239 

Huchens Absolom 42 

Huchings Absolom 42 

Huddebuk Benjamin 147 

Hudson Barzilla 232 

Hudson Henry 132 

Hudson John 132 

Hudson John Leveret 132 

Hudson Obadiah 132 

Hudson Thomas 132 

Hudson William 209 

Hueson George 239 

Huested Jonathan 255 

Huestis Lewis 255 

Index of Names 


Huff Hank 246, 248 

Hufi Henry 25s 

Huff Paul 255 

Huff Stephen 255 

Huff William 231 

Huggeford Dr. 45, 255 

Huggeford Peter 255, 270 

Hugh Hugh 187 

Hugh Mary 124 

Hugh Sarah 124 

Hughes Col. 222 

Hughes Hugh, Commy. 50, 79 

Hughes James M. 169, 176 

Hughes Mary Walton (Mrs.) 65 

Hughes Miles 171 

Hughs George 231 

Hughson George 239 

Hughson Nathaniel 231 

Hughson Silvanus 231 

Hughsted Bishop 255 

Hughston George 239 

Hugyet Benjamin 239 

Huick see Haick 

Huick Henrich 195 

Hulbart see Holbart 

Hulbart John 127, 150 

Hulbert John, Col. 132 

Hulbert John, Capt. 204 

Hulet James 270 

Hull Nathaniel 147 

Hull Robert 239, 255 

Hull Samuel 91 

Huls James 270 

Hults Anthony 123 

Hultse James 270 

Humfrey Cornelius 156, 157, 158, 

Humfrey William, Col. 55, 137 
Humphrey Cornelius 121, 138 
Humphrey Dudley 215 
Humphrey Evans 204, 209, 214, 215 

Humphrey George 42 
Humphrey Hugh 204, 209 
Humphrey James, Capt. 42 
Humphrey James 204, 209, 212, 214, 

Humphrey William 42 
Humphreys Cornelius 107, 108 
Humphreys Thomas 195 
Humphreys William, Serjt. 42 
Humphry Dudley 204 
Humphry James 42 
Humphry William, Serjt. 42 
Hun Thomas 138 
Hunsdon John, Lt. Mu. Mr. 17 
Hunsdon John 204, 209 
Hunt Benjamin 255, 270 
Hunt Catharine 123 
Hunt Davis 65 
Hunt Eden 252 
Hunt Frederick 255 
Hunt Hannah 124 
Hunt Jacob 55, 134 
Hunt James 204, 209, 250 
Hunt Jane 65 
Hunt Jesse 100 
Hunt John 252 
Hunt Joseph 123 
Hunt Joshua 252, 255 
Hunt Leake 44 
Hunt Levi 255 
Hunt Philip 42 
Hunt Samuel 204, 209 
Hunt Solomon 252 
Hunt Thomas 252 
Hunt Timothy 182 
Hunt Ward 204, 209 
Hunt William 252 
Hunter Ann 124 

Hunter James 68, 157, 158, 204, 250 
Hunter John, Lt. 42 
Hunter John 42, 209 

Hunter Matthew 204, 209 

Hunter Robert, Commy. 79 

Hunter William 204, 209 

Hunting Benjamin 132 

Hunting John 132 

Hunting Nathaniel 132 

•Huntley Bethuel 255 

Hurlbutt Thomas, Lt. 139 

Hurrelston Elisabeth 124 

Husted Ebenezer 157, 158 

Husted Jabes 255 

Hustice Jonathan 255 

Hustice Solomon 255 

Huston George 239 

Hutchings Absolum 204, 209 

Hutchins John 209 

Hutchinson (Widow) 132 

Hutchinson Thomas 132 

Huton Isaac 239 

Hutton Jacob 204, 209 

Hutton Timothy 204, 209 

Huxley James 204, 209 

Hyatt Alvan 209 

Hyatt David 209 

Hyatt John, Col. 2ig (3) 

Hyatt John 255 

Hyatt Minnah 209 

Hyatt Nathaniel, jr. 69, 230, 250 

Hyatt Stephen 204 

Hyatt Thomas 255 

Hyer Peter 182 

Hyer Walter 65 

Hyle James 42 

Hylsop Robert 212 

Hynard Michael 42 

Hyne Elizabeth 123 

Hynes Mary 123 

Hynpagh Peter 204, 209, 212, 214, 

Hysdrat Adam 239 

Imlay John 107, 143 
IngersoU Francis Drake 215 
Ingles George 204, 209, 212, 

Inglis Charles, Rev. 270 
Inglis George 239 
Inglish John 204 
Ingolt Johannes igs 
Ingraham Benjamin 239 
Ingraham John 130, 131 

Ingraham Samuel, jr. 132 
Ingraham Samuel 132 
214, Ingram Abijah 255 
Ingram Benjamin 255 
Ireland John 255, 270 
Irvin Henry 204, 209 
Irvin James 42 

Irvine James, Brig. Gen. (Penn) 
Isaacs Aaron 132, 195 


Isaacs Aaron, jr. 132 
Iseman John 182 
Isenhart Christopher 255 
Israel John 42 
Itdick Michael 154 (2) 
Itig Christian, Serjt. 42 
Ittig Christian 182 
Ittig Michael 183 
Ivery James 35 

Jack (Negro) 209 Jackson James 255 

Jackson Archibald 204, 209, 214, 215 Jackson Michael 105, 204, 209 
Jackson Benjamin 204 Jackson Patten, Lt. 42 

Jackson Elias 204 Jackson Samuel 255 

Jackson Hanna 124 Jackson Thomas 26 

Jacobs (Widow) 132 

Jacobs Abraham 42 
Jacobs Philip 195, 235 
Jacocks William W. 255 
Jager Lemuel 255 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Jagger Ebenezer 132 

Jagger Matthew 132 

Jaidencock 255 

James Francis 98 

James Paul 255 

James William 255 

Jamison Daniel, Lt. (Penn) 42 

Jandine Charles 65 

Janeway George 143 

Jansen Henderickus 204 

Jansen Henry 147, 195 

Jansen Johannis T., Lt. Mu. Mr. 17 

Jansen Matthew, jr. 35 (3) 

Jansen Simon 270 

Jansen Tunis 18 

Jarrolman Henry 239 

Jarvis James 65 

Jarvis Samuel 240 

Jauncey James, Council 270 

Jauncey James, jr. 65 

Jauncey John 65 

Jauncey Mary (Mrs.) 65 

Jauncey & De Lancey 270 

Jay Frederick 65, 119 (3), 125, 126 

(2), 141, 143, 154, iss, 156, 157 

(2), 158, 168 
Jay James (Sir.) 155 (3), 156, 157 

(2), 158 
Jay John 100, loi, 108, 113, 143, 149, 

160 (4), 227 (3), 23s, 237 
Jaycock William 255 
Jeecocks Benjamin 240 
Jeffery William 55 
Jemison Elinor 123 
Jenkes Thomas 255 
Jenkins John 240 
Jenkins Samuel 255 
Jenney Thomas, Lt. (Penn) 42 
Jennings 132 

Jennings Elias 132 
Jennings Ebenezer 132 
Jennings James 132 

Jennings Silvanus 132 

Jennings Solomon 209 

Jennings Stephen 204 

Jennison Isaac 209 

Jero Benjamin 231 

Jerroms Jassen 209 

Jessup Lieut. 132 

Jessup 25s 

Jessup Ebenezer 255, 270 

Jessup Edward 255, 275 

Jessup Isaac 132 

Jessup Joseph 255, 275 

Jessup Silas 132 

Jessup Zebulon 195 

Jewell Isaac A. 255 

Jewell John 252 

Jewell Richard 240 

Johnson 255 

Johnson (Lady) ill, 136, 148, 

231. 255 
Johnson Col. 246 

Johnson Abraham 231, 255, 270 
Johnson Anne 168 
Johnson Barent 168 
Johnson Boulter, Col. 264 
Johnson David 143 
Johnson Elenor (Mrs.) 123 
Johnson Elizabeth 270 
Johnson Guy, Col. 246, 255, 270 
Johnson Isaac 204, 209 
Johnson James 69, 255 
Johnson Jane (Mrs.) 65 
Johnson John, Adjt. (Penn) 42 
Johnson John, Capt. 65 
Johnson John (Sir.) 178, 179, 246 

(8), 248 (15), 250, 255, 270 
Johnson John 42, 195, 255, 270 
Johnson Jonathan 255 
Johnson Magdalen 270 
Johnson Margaret 270 
Johnson Peter, Capt. 255 
Johnson Samuel 65 

Johnson Shepherd 204, 209 

Johnson Simeon 65 

Johnson William (Sir.) 247, 255, 

268, 270 
Johnson William 132 
Johnston Capt. 256 

Johnston Aleda 265 (3) 
Johnston Benjamin 209 
Johnston John 256 
Johnston Jonathan 256 
Johnston Witter 202, 209, 215 
Jonathan (Indian) 132 

Jones Abraham 154 
Jones Augustus 204 
Jones Daniel 270 
Jones David 209, 270 
Jones Edward 256 
Jones Ephraim 132 
Jones Ezekiel 12 
Jones Humphrey 65 
Jones James, Lt. 42 
Jones James 131, 204, 215, 240 
Jones John 154 (2), 209, 256, 270 
Jones Jonathan 256, 270 
Jones Jotham 256 
Jones Margaret (Mrs.) 65 
Jones Obadiah 127, 150 
Jones Philip 256, 270 
Jones Samuel 143 
Jones Stephen 240 
Jones Thomas, Justice 270 
Jones William 209 
Jones & Ross 171 
Jonson Rulf 231 
Jordan Abigail 124 
Jordan Peter 124 
Josephson Manuel 144, 240 
Journey John 109 
Joy Samuel 204, 209 
Judah Samuel 52 
Jump William 42 
Justis Hannah 124 

Kain Arter 124 
Kain Arthur 123 
" Kain James 204 
Kaine John 107 
Kane John 256, 270 
Kasselman John 246 
Kater Hans 256 
Kayser Hendrick 204 
Keader Stephen 212, 215 
Keater Abraham, Serjt. 151 
Keating Gerrit 240 
Keeler Ezra 141, 142 (4) 
Keeler Hezektah 204 
Keeler Isaac, Ens. 42 
Keeler Isaac, Lt. 42 

Keeler Isaiah 42 
Keeler Job 256 
Keeler Samuel, Capt. 36 (3) 
Keese John 231, 251 
Keese William 224 
Keets George 204, 209 
Kelder William 18, 240 
Keller see Killer 
Keller Henry 182 
Keller Johannes 182 
Keller William 240 
Kelley Patrick 240 
Kellogg Ebenezer 37, 38 
Kellogg Eliphalet 201, 204, 209, 212, 
214. 215 

Kellogg Stephen 204 
Kelly Dennis 209 
Kelly Edward 209 
Kelly Elizabeth 124 
Kelly James 231 

Kelly John 42, 183, 209, 214, 215 
Kelly Sylvanus 204, 209 
Kelly Thomas 240. 
Kelly William 65 
Kelsey Ebenezer 42, 175 
Keltz Conrath 182 
Kemmeny Engelbart, Dr. 45, 65 
Kempe John Tabor, Atty. & Ad- 
vocate Gen. 173, 256, 270 
Kendall Mary (Mrs.) 65 

Index of Names 


Kennedy Archibald 65 
Kennedy Fergus 246 
Kennedy James 182 
Kennedy Robert 182, 256 
Kennedy Samuel 240 
Kennedy Thomas 42 
Kent John 231 
Kentor John 182, 204 
Kentor Richard 209 
Kerby Stephen 42 
Kercher Philip 181 
Kerchow Jacob 168 
Kesler John, jr. 182 
Kesler Thomas 204, 209 
Kessler John 182 
Kest Richard 181 
Ketcham Isaac 240 
Ketcham Zebulon 168 
Ketchams Jesse 12 
Ketchum Abijah 256 
Ketchum Joel 195 
Ketchum Stephen 204, 209 
Ketellas Abraham, Rev. 65 
Ketellas Peter, jr. 65 
Keteltas Garrat 143 
Ketman see Getman 
Kettle Andrew 256 
Kettletas Abraham 109, 113 
Keyser 123 

Keyser Andrew 231 
Kibbel Stephen 65 
Kidder Stephen 12, 212, 215 
Kidney Jacob 227 
Kiersted Rulef, Dr. 45, 65 
Kill Christopher 209 
Killey Sylvenis 209 
Killman Johannes 240 
Kimball Stephen 256 
Kimberly John 209 
King Alexander 132 
King Andrew 195 
King Ann 124 
King Asa 132 
King Benjamin 132 
King Elenor 124 
King Elisha 132 
King Gideon 204, 209, 256 
King James 132, 204, 209 
King Jeremiah 132 
King John 256 
King Linus 65 
King Peter 132 
King Reuben 35 (2) 
King Richard 227 
King Samuel 147, 204, 209 
King Thomas 132 

King William 132 
King William, jr. 132 
Kingston Rachel 123 (2) 
Kinkead Crownidge 182, 204, 209, 

212, 215 
Kinnan William 163 
Kinney Amos 209 
Kip Benjamin 231, 270 
Kip Elizabeth (Mrs.) 118, 123 
Kip Garret, Lt. 42 
Kip Henry 66 
Kip Jane (Widow) 66 
Kip John 209 
Kip Leonard 66 
Kipp Catherien 124 
Kipp Jacob 123 
Kipp Jacobus 256 
Kipp Jane 124 
Kipp Joanna 123 
Kipp Sarah 124 
Kippin William 66 
Kirk John 124 

Kirkland Samuel, Rev. 45, 46, 146 
Kise Jediah 231 

Kissam Benjamin 105, 107, 143 
Kissam Daniel 270 
Kissam Daniel W. 168 
Kissick Philip 66 
Kisselbrack Jacob 231, 240 
Kister Henning Nich. 240 
Kitchner Isaac 240 
Kleinman Thomas 205, 209 
Kline John 21 (2) 
Klock George 215 
Klock Jacob, Col. 46 
Klock Jacob Conrad, Lt. 42 
Klock Jacob G. 154, 155 (2), 156, 

157, 158, 169 (2), 215, 261 
Klons Johan George 240 
Klump Thomas 205, 212, 214, 215 
Klumph Thomas 182 
Klyn Jacob 205, 209 
Knack Reinier 66 
Knap Abraham 205, 212, 214, 215 
Knap Abram 205 
Knap Israel 122 
Knap Joel 42 
Knapp (Mrs.) 231 

Knapp Aaron 30 
Knapp Abraham 209 
Knapp Joseph, jr. 36 (2), 42 
Knapp Moses 256 
Knickerbacker Harmanus J. 

Commy. 232 
Knickerbacker John 205 
Knickerbacker Peter 205, 209 

Knickerbacker Philip 205, 209 

Knieskern Johannes, jr. 19s 

Kniflfen 256 

Kniffen Daniel 256 

Kniffen John 256 

Kniffen Jonathan 256 

Kniffin see Snififin 

Kniffin Jonathan 252 

Knight Caleb 205, 215 

Knight Erastus C, Comptroller 5 

Knight James Jay (Sir) 155 

Knight John, Commy. 79 

Knight Robert 131 

Kniskern Hendrick 195 

Kniskern Johannes 181 

Kniskern Jost 195 

Kniskern William 181 

Knox Abraham 42, 66 

Knox James 240 

Knox Joseph 205 

Knox Simeon 240 

Knowles James 231 

Koats Christopher 240 

Kober Adam 256 

Kock Jurgen 183 

Kock Soferines 183 

Koeningh Michael 181 

Konts see Korts 

Kool Aaron 240 

Kool Aaron, jr. 240 

Kool Benjamin 240 

Kool David 240 

Kool Johannis 270 

Korkom William 132 

Kortright (Mrs.) 123 

Kortright Henry 1B2 

Kortright Laurence 52 

Kortright Lawrence 66, 205, 214, 


Korts John 240 
Korts John, jr. 240 
Kouck Philip 256 
Kramer Charles 195 
Krank 240 

Kratzen George 205, 209 
Kresler Hanse 256 
Kresler Philip 256 
Kring John 42 
Krom Jacob 18 (2) 
Kronkhite James, Capt. 42 
Kronkhyte Abraham 256 
Kronkright John, Capt. 42 
Kuk Johannes 231 
Kuyper Gysbert 242, 244 
Kuyper Tunis 154 
Kyser Henry 209, 215 

Lacey Hugh, Serjt. 269 
Ladow Abraham 240 

Ladue see Ladow 

La Fayette Marquis de 164 

Laflieur John 209 
La Grange Aric 209 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

La Grange Sarah (Mrs.) 123 

Laight Edward 66, 240, 256, 270 

Laight William 143, 270 

Lain Josiah 124 

Lain William 124 

Lake see Leake 

Lake (Mrs.) 123 

Lake Abraham 256 

Lake Collins 205, 209 

Lake I. 256 

Lake N., jr. 256 

Laird William 246, 248 

Lakerman Catheren 124 

Lamanse James 240 

Lamareaux John 42 

Lamb 246 

Lamb James 44, 256, 270 

Lamb John, Col. 28 

Lamb John 143 

Lamb William 42 

Lamberdson Lambert 42 

Lambert Jonathan 42 

Lambet Peter 182 

Lampfor Peter 182 

Lamson John 231 

Lancaster William 240, 252 

Landers John 205 

Landon David 131, 195 

Landon Ebenezer 195 

Landon Jonathan 105, 108, 113, 151, 

1 54, 1 55 
Landon Samuel 132 
Landsman Casper 240 
Lane Billy 123 
Lane Mary 124 
Lane Peter 256 
Lane Sarah 123 
Lang John 256 

Lang Robert, Q. M. Serjt. 42 
Langdon Jared 195 
Langdon Thomas 256 
Langler James 42 
Lanseng Cornelius 200 (2) 
Lansing Abraham 183, 202 
. Lansing Abraham G. 213, 214, 


Lansing Evert 209 
Lansing Franciscus 195 
Lansing Garret J. 181 
Lansing Gerret A. 183 
Lansing Gerrit 138 
Lansing Gerrit, jr. 127, 138, 140 (2) 
Lansing Hendrick 205, 209 
Lansing Isaac H. 183, 209, 215 
Lansing Isaac N. 181 
Lansing Jacob F. 195 
Lansing Jacob G. 209 
Lansing Jacob John, Commy. 17 

Lansing Jeremiah 205, 209 

Lansing John 17, 212 

Lansing John, sr. 205, 209 

Lansing John, jr. 17, 156, 157, 158, 
169 (2), 171, 187 (2), 188, 195, 202, 
205, 209, 212, 213, 214, 215, 259 (2) 

Lansing John G. 205 

Lansing Levinus 195 

Lansing Philip 224 

Lansing Sander 138 

Lantman Hendrick 240, 256 

Lapham David 202 

Lapham Pazzy 205, 209 

Lards William 256 

Laroy Francis 240 

Laroy Johannes 240 

Larys John 240 

La Salle Jacque 209 

Lasher John, Col. 20 

Lasher John, Col. Comr. 50 

Lasher John, Commy. 50, 51 (3) 

Lasher John 66, 143, I95 
Lasher Marks 240 
Lasher Samuel 240 
Lashle Alexander 256 
Lashly Elizabeth 123 
Lashly Mary 123 
Lasiere Ann 124 
Lassing Isaac 256 
Lassing Isaac I. 256 
Lassing Isaac P. 256 
Lassing Johannes A. 256 
Lassing Johannes E. 256 
Lassing Johannes L. 256 
Lassing Johannis Det. 256 
Lassing Johannis P. 256 
Lassing Johannis W™. 256 
Lassing John P. 256 
Lassing John Peter W"". 256 
Lassing Laurence L. 256 
Lassing Peter Johannis 256 
Lassing Peter John 256 
Lassing Peter P. 256 
Latham Daniel 66 
Latham Hubbard 131 
Latham John 66 
Latham Joseph 66 
Latimer Peter 131 
Latta J. 212 

Latta Samuel 213, 214, 215 
Lattimore Francis 42 
Lattimore Margaret (Mrs) 123 
Lattin William 168 
Laucks George 42 
Laughlin Alexander 240 
Laurence Maj. 59 

Laurence Caleb, Capt. 42 
Laurence Caleb 40 (2) 

Laurence Jonathan 105, 109, m, 

113. 154, iss (2). 156, 157, 158 

Lavish John, Ens. (Md) 42 
Law Henry 240 
Lawler Conrad 42 
Lawler John 42 
Lawnsbury William 252 
Lawrence Alexander 209 
Lawrence Augustin 66 
Lawrence Caleb 66 
Lawrence Catharine (Mrs.) 66 
Lawrence Daniel 154, 155, 156, 157 

(2), 158 
Lawrence Effingham, Capt. 270 
Lawrence Isaac 252 
Lawrence John 66, 158, 256, 270 
Lawrence Jonathan 16, 59, 85, 88, 

89, 172, 196, 20s (2), 213, 215, 259 
Lawrence Nathaniel, Lt. (N. C.) 

Lawrence Peter 209 
Lawrence Richard 105, 107, 109 
Lawrence Stephen 256 
Lawrence Thomas 66, 240 
Lawrence William, Dr. 45, 240, 256 
Lawrence William 147, 213, 215 
Lawson Andries 114 
Lawson John 240 
Lawson Jotham 256 
Lawyer Jacob 181 
Lawyer Johannes 60, 205, 209, 215 
Lawyer Johannes L. 195 
Lawyer Johannis 181 
Lawyer Laurentz 195 
Lawyer Lorence 181 
Lay Asa, Lt. (Conn) 42 
Lay Lee, Capt. (Conn) 42 
Lazell Joshua 231 
Leach Phineas 195 
Leake see Lake 
Leake 118 

Leake (Mrs.) 124 

Leake Ann (Mrs.) 66 
Leake John 66, 213, 270 
Leake Philip 112 
Leake Robert 256, 269, 270 
Leake Thomas 256, 270 
Learns Ira 209 
Leary John. sr. 66 
Leaycraft Viner 66 
Lee see See 
Lee Abram 132 
Lee Andrew 205, 209 
Lee Daniel 12 
Lee John 30, 66, 219 (2) 
Lee Jonathan 205, 213, 214, 215 
Lee Misper 256 
Lee Richard Henry, Col. 97 
Lee Thomas, Capt. 205, 209 

Index of JMames 


Leech Benjamin 205 

Leek Philip 229 

Leet Elisha 132 

Leet Sitnion 132 

Leete Thomas 131 

LeFever Andrias 123 

Le fever Andries 107 

Leflferts Barent 168 

Lefferts Dirck 213 

Lefferts Jacob 169 

Lefferts Jacobus 66, 98, 143 

Lefferts James 169 

Lefferts Leffert 108, 169 

Lefferts Peter 169 

Leffertse John ids, 107, 108 

Leffingwell Christopher, Capt. 131, 

Leffingwell, Christopher 100 
Le Forgee Adrian 252 
Lefoy Francis 132 
Leg Elizabeth 124 
Legang (Mrs.) 118 

Legg Elizabeth 123 
Legget Abraham 148 
Leggett Abraham, Ens. 42 
Leggett Joseph 252 
L'Hommedieu 132 

L'Hommedieu Ezra 105, 107, 109, 

113, 132, 154, 15s, 156, 157 (2), 

158, 160 (4), 196, 202, 205, 212, 

213, 214, 215 
L'Hommedieu Grover 132 
L'Hommedieu John 205, 209 
L'Hommedieu Samuel 132 
L'Hommedieu Sylvester 132 
Lehys William 124 
Leight Edward 270 
Leight W. 270 
Lent Abraham 105, 256, 270 
Lent Adolph 256, 270 
Lent Hallul 124 
Lent Herculis 256 
Lent Isaac 42, 256 
Lent John 256 
Lent Peter 256, 270 
Lentman John 256 
Leonard see Lonnart 
Leonard Enoch, Commy. 79 
Leonard George 270 
Leonard James 256, 270 
Leonard John 270 
Leonard Thomas 240 
Leonard Timothy 205 
Leonard William, Capt. 195 
Lephard John 209 
Le Roy Francis 256 
Leslie Alexander 240, 256 
Lequier Abraham 169 
Leren Dr, 45 

Lester Andrew 132 

Lester Cornelius 231, 240, 256 

Lester Enoch 240 

Lester John 256 

Lester Joseph 66 

Lester Mordecai 256 

Lester Noah 132 

Leveson Andrew 231 

Levi Isaac 213 

Lewis Adam 182 

Lewis Augustus, Capt. 43 

Lewis Benjamin 231, 256, 270 

Lewis Charles 205 

Lewis David 182 

Lewis Elijah 209 

Lewis Francis, Dr. 92 (2) 93 (4) 

Lewis Francis 108, 113, 143, 160 

Lewis Frederick 182 
Lewis Hendrick 182 
Lewis Henry 209 
Lewis J. 256 
Lewis John, Serjt. 42 
Lewis John 256 
Lewis Morgan, Col. 202, 205, 213, 

Lewis Morgan, Dy. Qr. Mr. Gen. 

Lewis Morgan, Gov. 268 
Lewis Morgan, Atty. Gen. 173 
Lewis Morgan 187 
Lewis Peter 183 
Lewis Robert 205, 212, 213, 214, 

Lewis Ruben 205 
Lewis Samuel (Conn.) 42 
Lewis Samuel 209, 212 
Lewis Thomas 256 
Lewis William 123 
Light Lodowick 233 
Light Mary 124 
Lightborn Benjamin 224 
Lighthart Daniel 240 
Linch Jane 124 
Linch Margrit 124 
Lindsay 86 (2) 

Lindsay George 86 (5) 
Lindsay Thomas, Commy. 79 
Lindsay Thomas 84 
Lindsey Mary (Mrs.) 123 
Lindsey Mary 123 
Lingau James McCubbin, Lt. (Va.) 

Linn Thomas 38 
Lint Jacob 209 
Lint James 209 
Lintenau Catherien 124 
Lipe John 252 
Lispenard Leonard 66, 105, 143 

Litchart John, jr. 256 
Little Archibald 108, 113 
Little John, Commy. 79 
Lively Simon 182 
Livingston Col. 54 (2), 59 

Livingston Maj. 231 

Livingston 48 

Livingston Abraham, Commy. 78 
Livingston Abraham 79 (2) 
Livingston Edward 205, 209 
Livingston Elizabeth (Mrs.) 66 
Livingston Gilbert 75, 100 (4), 105, 
107, 108, 113, 154, 205, 228, 229, 

235 (3) 
Livingston Henry 165 
Livingston Henry, jr. 244 
Livingston Henry B., Col. 33, 127 

(2), 128, 146, 151, 169, i8g 
Livingston Henry B., Capt. 54 (2) 
Livingston James 108, no, 113 
Livingston John 60, 66, 112, 147, 

248, 256 
Livingston John R. 58 (3), loi, 

107, 135 
Livingston P. Van Brugh 107 
Livingston Peter R.j Col. 80, 140, 

Livingston Peter R., Prest. 113 
Livingston Peter R. 85, 88 (6) 

107, 108, 113, 156, 161, 220 
Livingston Peter V. B. 143 
Livingston Peter Van Brugh, 

Treasr. 27 (3), 28 (2), 48, 57 (4), 

58 (2), 71, 83, 94 (2), 95, 107, III, 

126, 128, 137, 138, 146, 150 (2), 

192 (3), 213 
Livingston Peter Van Brugh, 161 
Livingston Philip 66, 79, 92, 108, 

113, 143, 160 (4), 161 
Livingston Philip, jr. 154, 155 
Livingston Philip P. 213 
Livingston Robert, Col. 220 
Livingston Robert 66 
Livingston Robert C. 220 
Livingston Robert G. 66, 107, 213 
Livingston Robert R., Chancellor 

lOi (2) 
Livingston Robert R. 100, 108, 113, 

149, 160 (3), 181 
Livingston Samuel 240 
Livingston Walter, Speaker 154, 

155 (2) 
Livingston Walter 105, 154, 155 
Livingston William S., Lt. Col. 

Cont'l Army, 42 
Lloyd Henry 270 
Loan Andries 240 
Loan Philip 240 
Lobdell John 231, 240 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Lobdell Joseph 42 
Lockwood Maj. 114, 136 

Lockwood Benjamin 205, 209 
Lockwood David 205, 209 
Lockwood Ebenezer 107, 109, 113, 

Lockwood Isaac 240 
Lockwood Jesse 231, 240 
Lockwood Job 205 
Lockwood John 209 
Lockwood Moses 205, 209 
Lockwood Peter 256 
Lockwood Samuel, Capt. 36 
Lockwood Solomon 256 
Lodowick Gasprus 231 
Logan Abigail 118, 124 
Logan David 256 
Logan Samuel, Maj. Cont'l Army 

Login Robert 124 
Logles Asa 215 
Loines Henry 256 
Lonas John 42 
London (Negro) 123 

Long David 256, 270 
Long James 240 
Long John 66, 246, 248 
Lonnart Peter 240 
Lonyon Jacobus 231 
Loomis Jerome 205, 213 
Loop Martin 240 
Loop Peter, jr., Lt. 205, 209 
Loper Abraham 132 
Loper David 132 
Lorway J., Dr. 45, 256 
Losee Abraham 256 
Losee George 256 
Losee John 231, 240 
Losie Peter 123 
Lott 143 

Lott Abraham, Treas. 192 
Lott Abraham 66, 231, 240, 256 
Lott Abraham P., Col. 72, 80 (2), 

85, 88, 118 (5), 135, 136 

Lott Abraham P. 108, 112, 113, 
143, 154, 155, 156, 157 (2), 158, 

Lott Hendrick 169 

Lott Jannetje 169 

Lott Johannis E. 105, 169 (2) 

Lott Stephen 169 

Lotterage Robert 256 

Loucks Henry 182 

Loucks Peter 42 

Louden Samuel 66 

Loudon Samuel 136, 164, 195 

Louks George 256 

Loun Bastian 240 

Lounsberry Epenetus 231 

Lounsberry Henry 256 

Lounsberry Phinehas 231 

Lounsbury James 205, 209 

Lounsbury William 256, 261, 270 

Loup William 182 

Louw Jacobus 150 

Lovlet Francis 209 

Low Cornelius P. 143 

Low Isaac 105, 143, 160, 240, 270 

Low Jacob 256 

Low Jacobus 183 

Low John 205, 256, 270 

Low Simon 231, 240 

Lowey Michael 66 

Lowks G. 248 

Lowlee Abraham 231 

Lown Johannes 240 

Lowry James 205, 214, 215 

Lucas Jonathan 209 

Lucas Sebastian 240 

Lucas William Budd 42 

Luckey George 205 

Lucy Bartis 209 

Lucy Eleazer 213, 215 

Ludenton Henry 156 

Ludington Comfort 252 

Ludington Henry 209 

Ludinton Henry 205 

Ludlo Antony 129, 132 

Ludlow Cary 66 

Ludlow Gabriel 66 

Ludlow Gabriel G. 270 

Ludlow Gabriel H. 143 

Ludlow Gabriel W. 107, 143 

Ludlow George D. 270 

Ludlow James 256 

Ludlow Thomas, jr. loi 

Ludlow William 66 

Ludlow William W. 143 

Luke (Mrs.) 256 

Luke Jacob 181 

Luke James 42 

Lumis Adam 42 

Lupton William 66 

Lush Richard 205, 213, 215, 224 

Lush Stephen, Maj. 42 

Lush Stephen, Agt. 215 

Lush Stephen, Secy. 172 

Lush Stephen 17, 202, 205, 209, 212, 

213, 214, 215 
Lusk Jacob 209 
Lusk Thomas, Capt. 37 
Lutterbok H. E. 69 
Lux & Bowley 96 
Luyster John 169 
Luz & Bowley 92 (2) 
Lycks Johannes 240 
Lycks Martin 240 
Lyell Sarah 124 
Lyman Geo., Capt. (Conn) 42 
Lyne G. D. 248 
Lyng John B. 240, 256 
Lyng John Burt 66 
Lynot E. & M. 213 
Lynson Catharine (Mrs.) 66 
Lyon Gilbert, Capt. 42 
Lyon Gilbert 256 
Lyon Henry 256 
Lyon John 42 
Lyon Joseph 256 
Lyon Samuel 42, 252 
Lyon Shubal 256 
Lythaal Niclas 182 
Lythall James 200 (2) 
Lytle William 205, 209 

Mabbett Joseph 240 

Mabbett Joseph S., Admr. 270 

Mabbett Joseph S. 256 

Mabbett Samuel 230, 240, 256, 270 

Mabee Petrus 183 

Mabie 256 

Mabie Cornelius 256, 370 

Mabie Cornelius P. 270 

Mabie Harmanus 182, 213 

Mabie Jacob 256 

Mabie Jeremiah 256 

Mabie Joseph 205, 212, 213, 215 

Mabie Lewis 256, 270 
Mabie Peter 256 
Mabie Silas 256 
Mabie Simon 256 
McAdam William 66, 256 
McAdo Robert 240 
McAlpaen Catherien 124 
McAlpin Capt. 256 

McAlpin Daniel 256, 271 
McAlpin John 240, 271 
McAlpin Robert 66 
McAndo Robert 240 

McArthur Alexander, Lt. 42 

McArthur Charles 205, 209 

McArthur John P. 205, 209 

McArthur Neal 209 

McAuley Donald 256 

McAuley William 240 

McBride James 205, 213, 214, 215 

McCall Benejah 205 

McCallan James 215 

McCallan Robert 202, 209, 213, 


McCarsan 256 

Index of Name^ 


McCarte Thomas 124 

McCarter Sarah 124 

McCarty David 212 

McCarty Haynes 240 

McCarty John 256 

McCauly 212 

McQiain Hendrick 252 

McChain James 252 

McChain John 42 

McChesney John 205, 209 

McClaghry James, Col. 205, 209 

McClaghry James, Lt. Col. 42 

McClaghry James, Capt. 42 

McClallen Henry 195 

McQallen Robert 32, 33, 19s, 205, 

209, 212, 214, 215 
McClannen Peter 271 
McClaughry James, Col. 39 (2), 

168, 169 
McClaughry James, Lt. Col. 33 
McClaughry John, Ens. 42 
McCleary Daniel 205, 209 
McClellen William 42 
McCloskey Margaret (Mrs.) 123 
McCloskey Patrick 1 11 
McClosky Alexander 123 
McClue William 42 
McClung John 229 
McCollister Hamilton 156, 157, 158, 

205, 209, 215 
McCoUom Daniel 182 
McCollom John 256 
McComb John 256, 271 
McCord James 252 
McCormick Daniel 205, 212, 213, 

21S. 251 
McCormick James 256 
McCorpin Dougle 124 
McCoy Daniel 209 
McCoy John 209 
McCracken Joseph, Maj. 37 
McCracken Joseph 158 
McCray William 256 
McCrea see McReay 
McCrea John 181 
McCready James 66 
McCree James 256 
McCullom Dunkin 132 
McDaniel Alexander 205, 209 
McDaniel Hannah 124 
McDaniel Henry 209 
McDarne Randall 256 
McDavitt Charles 183 
McDavitt Eve 124 
McDermid Michael 182 
McDinment William 240 
McDoIe John 205, 215, 256 
McDonald 205 

McDonald Alexander 124, 248, 256 
McDonald Allen 248, 256 
McDonald Angus 240 
McDonald Bory 248 
McDonald Daniel 240 
McDonald Donald 209, 234, 240 
McDonald J. 248 
McDonald James 271 
McDonald John, Capt. (Penn) 42 
McDonald John 256, 271 
McDonald Lewis 231 
McDonald Patrick 240 
McDonald Rorey 256 
McDonald Sarah 124 
McDonald T. 256 
McDonnell John 271 
McDonol Anninias 209 
McDougal Allen 256 
McDougall 256 

McDougall Alexander, Gen. 164 
McDougall Alexander, Col. 53, 63, 

97, 188 
McDougall Alexander 105, 107, 143, 

McDowell Andrew 201 
McDowell James 183 
McDowl Hugh 256 
McDowl John 205 
McEdew Robert 240 
McEntire Daniel 234, 240 
McEvers Charles 66 
McEvers James 66, 240 
McEwan Cornelius 209 
McFarlan Andrew 19s 
McFarland James 205, 209 
McFarley Andrew 195 
McFarling John 231 
McFarthing Neal 123 
McGee Peter 205 
McGill John 209 
McGill William 205, 209 
McGillis Gillis 234, 240 
McGinnis George 271 
McGinnis Robert 271 
McGinnis Stephen 240 
McGinnis William 231 
McGogan Lydia 124 
McGogan Mary 124 
McGraw see McGray 
McGraw Alexander i6g 
McGraw Daniel 182 
McGray Thomas 240 
McGreger Peter 256 
McGregor 212, 248 

McGregor Jno 256 
McGrewer John 256 
McGruir 248 

McGruir Hugh 256 

McGuire Hugh 240 
McGurchy Edward 209 
McGurney (Widow) 124 

McHenry Arthur 231 
McHenry Thomas 205, 209 
McHerrin Richard 256 
Machesney John 209 
Machin Thomas, Capt. 17, 49 (3), 

205, 209, 212, 213, 214, 215, 230 
Machin Thomas 198, 202 (2) 
Mclntire Daniel 240 
Mclntire John 240 
Mclntire Murphy 240 
Mclntyre Archibald, Comptroller, 

263, 264, 267, 268 
McKay William 240 
McKee Thomas 195, 205, 209 
McKenny John 66 
Mackenzie Landot 256 
McKenzie Roderick 271 
McKesson John, Clerk loi, 102 (2), 

103, los, 154 
McKesson, John, Secy. 14, 27 (3), 

56, 57 (2), 58, 84, 85 (2), 88, 94, 

no, 113, 114, IIS, 127, 134, 13s 

(2), 138, 149, 151, 235 
Mackey John 209 
McKiel William 256 
McKillip John 182 
McKillup Archibald 182 
McKinly William 66 
McKinney Arthur 240 
McKinney John 256 
McKinstry Charles 209, 214, 215 
McKinstry John 205, 209, 214, 

McKinstry Thomas, Capt. 17 
McKisler James 124 
McKneel John 150 
McKnight Charles 202, 209, 214, 215 
McKown Isaac 209 
McKown James 182, 202, 205, Z12, 

213, 215 
McLachlin Alexander 240 
McLachlin John 240 
McLarin Peter 271 
McLean Daniel 240 
McLean John 183, 234, 240, 252 
McLean Peter 240, 256 
McLeanon see McClannen 
McLeod Daniel 256 
McLeod Donald 248, 256 
McLeod Neal 234, 240 
McLeod Norman, Capt. 256, 271 
McLeod William ^56 
McLetray John 240 
McMallin John 234, 240 
McManis Hugh 124 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

McMartin John 256 
McMartin M. 246 
McMartin Nicl. 248 
McMaster 209 

McMaster David, Agt. 215 
McMaster David 205, 209, 213, 215 
McMaster James 205, 209, 213, 215, 

McMaster Robert 205, 209, 213, 215 
McMasters James 229 
McMenomy Elizabeth (Mrs.) 123 
McMenomy John 123 
McMenomy Peggy 123 
McMichel Patrick 205, 209 
McMullan Donald 240 
McMullen Archibald 240 
McMullen H. 248 
McMullen John 42 
McMullin Dougal 256 
McMullin Hugh 256 
McMurray William 205 
McMurry Jeremiah 231 
McNeal John 209, 256 
McNeal Thomas 256 
McNeil Archibald 240 
McNiff Patrick 271 
McNight Malcom 256 
McNish James 244 
McNish Joseph 271 
McNutt David 256 
Macomb John 271 
McReay William 240 
McTaggert James 256 
McWethy David 205, 209 
McWhorter Matthew 153, 156, 157 
McWithy Ephraim 215 
Maddagh Jacob 231 
Madders 256 

Magans Jude (Mrs.) 123 
Magee Samuel 205 
Maines James 209 
Makentass Sarah 124 
Malcolm William 108 
Malcom William 158 
Malcomb 169, 170, 171 

Maley John 195, 202, 205, 209, 212, 

213, 215 
Mallet Jonathan 66 
Mallows David H. 230, 235 
Mallory Jonathan N. 12 
Malloy Thomas 42 
Malone John 209, 240 
Man Capt. in 

Man Benjamin 80 (2), 81 
Man Philips 132 
Mancius Wilhelmes 195 
Mandeville Francis 205, 209 
Mandeville Jacob 252 

Mangel Johannis 124 

Manhart Philip 256 

Mann I. 256 

Mann Peter 181 

Mann William 240 

Manning James 213 

Mansfield Henry 205, 209 

Mansfield Thomas 209 

Mapes Daniel 144, 232 

Mapes Joseph 256 

Marble Sampson 209 

Marbury Luke, Col. (Md.) 42 

Marchall Abram 124 

Marchant Mary (Widow) 123 

Marcles Samuel 132 

Marcy Zebulon 205 

Margeson Peter 240 

Marker Hugh 256 

Markle James 248 

Markle Joseph 256 

Marks (Mr.) 183 

Markwart Johannis 256 

Marlatt Mark 182 

Marlet Gideon 213, 214 

Marlett John 105 

Marlin Daniel, Capt. 42 

Marr James 182 

Marrener William 42 

Marsalis Peter 66 

Marschalk Abraham 124 

Marschalk Francis 66 

Marselis Arent 205, 209, 214, 215 

Marselis Garret 118 

Marsellas H. 248, 256 

Marsh Col. 28 

Marsh Daniel 205, 209 

Marsh Ephraim, jr. 21 

Marsh Joseph 63, 67, 108, 113 

Marsh Peter 205 

Marsh William 105 

Marshall Francis 195 

Marston John 105, 143 

Marston Nathaniel 66 

Marston Thomas 66, 98, 143 

Martaen Mary 124 

Marten Charles 195 

Marten Hugh 124 

Marten John 124 

Marthings Abraham, Commy. 79 

Martin Agrippa 256 

Martin Daniel, Capt. 42 

Martin John 42, 66, 240, 256 

Martin Joseph, Lt. (Penn) 42 

Martin Moses, Agt. 215 

Martin Moses 205, 209, 214 

Martin Walter 256 

Martin William, Lt. 43 

Marline John 252 

Martinse Adrian 169 

Martinse George 169 

Martinse Gerrit 169 

Martling Daniel, Capt. 43, 252 

Martling David 43 

Marvin Elihu 26, 75, 144, 195, 205, 

209, 244 
Marvin Elihu, jr. 195 
Marvin Ephraim, Adjt. 43 
Marvin Matthew 205, 209, 214, 215 
Marvin Seth 198, 205, 209 
Mash Elisabeth (Widow) 124 
Mason Elijah 132 
Mason Elisha 131 
Mason Francis 209 
Mason Mary (Mrs.) 124 
Mass Margaret 124 
Masten Benjamin 183 
Masterton David 66 
Matancomin Benjamin 209 
Mather Frederic G. 5 
Matheson James 256 
Mathews Ananias 252 
Matrass Isaac 256 
Matten John 118, 124 
Mattes James 256 
Matthewman Catharine 66 
Matthews David 271 
Matthews Fletcher 231, 256 
Matthews George, Col. (Va.) 43 
Matthews Mary (Mrs) 123 
Matthews Timothy 132 
Matthews William 256 
Matthias Hannicol 271 
Mattice Hendrick 2s6,'27i 
Matthise Jacob 195 
Mattes Johannes 195 
Mattice Hendrick 256, 271 
Mattice Johannis Nicholas 256 ' 
Mattice John 271 
Mattice John Nicholas 271 
Mattise Johannis 181 
Mattise Jost 195 
Mattoon John 12 
Maul Christopher 195 
Maul Friederick 195 
Maul Johannes 195 
Maul Johannes, jr. 195 
Maxfield (Mrs.) 123 

Maxwell (Mrs.) 118 

Maxwell Abigail 123 
Maxwell Anthony 123 
Maxwell Hugh 198 
Maxwell John 123 
Maxwell Joseph 123 
Maxwell William 66, 123 
May William 256 
Maybee Myndert 240 
Maybie see Mabie 

Index of Names 


Mayer Jacob, jr. 43 

Maynard Elija B. 43 

Mayo Jonathan (Conn) 43 

Mead Ezekiel 256 

Mead. Isaac 66 

Mead Isaiah 205 

Mead Israel, sr. 205 

Mead John, Col. 36 (2) 

Mead John 209 

Mead Lebeus 195 

Mead Matthew, Col. 36 

Mead Silas 195 

Mead Soloman 195 

Mead William 240 

Meales Matthew 43 

Medeagh Jacob 150, 231 

Medlar John 240, 271 

Meeks John 252 

Megkle Johannes, jr. 240 

Memgar Philip 205 

Menbeth James 43 

Menzes Alexander 271 

Menzes Thomas 271 

Menzies Alexander 256, 271 

Menzies Thomas 252 

Menzines Alexander 256, 271 

Mercelius Henry 138 

Mercer John, Lt. (N. J.) 43 

Mercier Alexander 195 

Mercier William, Capt. 53 (2), 91, 

96, 98, 135 (3) 
Mercier William 66 
Merikle Jacob 271 
Merkel John 181 
Merkle Christopher 271 
Merkle Hendrick 181 
Merkle Henry 231 
Merkle Jacob 256, 271 
Merrikle Wilhelmus 231 
Merrikle Wilhelmus, jr. 231 
Merrit Elizabeth 123, 124 
Merrit Joseph 271 
Merrit Robert 55 
Merritt Cornberry 256 
Merritt Daniel 256 
Merritt Gilbert 256 
Merritt Hackaliah 240, 256 
Merritt John 271 
Merritt Nathaniel 256 
Merritt Robert 256 
Merritt Samuel 256 
Merritt Thomas 252, 256, 271 
Merritt Underbill 256 
Merritt William 256 
Merryfield William 240 
Merselis Isaac 157 
Merselles John J. 36 (2), 2,7 
Merselus Hanse 256 
Merscr Alexander 195 

Merserau Joshua 154, 156, 157 (2), 

Mersereau Paul 98 
Mesherol John 169 
Mesick Peter 231 
Mesier Abraham 66 
Mesier Hezekiah 231 
Mesier Peter 66, 231 
Meyer Christian 181 
Meyer Moses 12 
Meyer Stephanus 195 
Michael Ezebel 124 
Michael Frank 215 
Micheau Paul 105, 109 
Michel Susana 124 
Mickle John 240 
Middagh Abraham 231 
Middagh Alexander 240 
Middagh George 231 
Middagh Jacob 256 
Midgley Joseph 209 
Midky Catharine 124 
Mifflin Benjamin, Qr. Mr. 79 
Mifflin Benjamin 183 
Migkle Johannes, jr. 240 
Miles William 209 
Milford Samuel 132 
Miller 129 

Miller Abraham 132 
Miller Alexander 195 
Miller Andrew 209 
Miller Ann (Widow) 252 
Miller Anthony 252, 256, 271 
Miller Barnet 195 
Miller Burnet 15, 109, 113, 132, 

134, 154, 155, 156, 157 (2), 158, 

Miller Cornells 195 
Miller D. 248 
Miller David 205, 209 
Miller Eleazer 143 
Miller Elisha 132 
Miller Gilbert 271 
Miller Henry 152 
Miller Huntonton 132 
Miller Jacob 240, 256 
Miller Jeremiah 132 
Miller John 132, 231, 256 
Miller John, jr. 132 
Miller John A. 256 
Miller Jol. 248 
Miller Jonathan 240 
Miller Joseph 256 
Miller Lyon 256 
Miller Mary 124 
Miller Mathias B. 205 
Miller Matthew B. 195 
Miller N. 256 
Miller Obediah 256 

Miller Peleg 132 

Miller Peter 256 

Miller Philip 240 

Miller Samuel 43, 195 

Miller Tite 240 

Miller Valentine 182 

Miller William 55, 56, 69, 147, 148, 

230, 250, 256 
Millerd Timothy 205, 209 
Milligan Robert 205, 209 
Milliner William 66 
Millot Ferreal 209 
Mills Mary 124 
Mills Nathaniel 231 
Mills Zebediah 51, 109, 113, 120, 

136, 154, 155, 156, 157, 158 
Minderse Petrus 147 
Miner John 131 
Minkler Adam 240 
Minor John 2d 131 
Minor Nathaniel 129 (2) 
Minthorne 256 

Minthorne Mangel 231, 245, 256 
Mirey Griflfen 240 
Misnard Daniel 66 
Misern John 209 
Mitchel Hugh 195, 229 
Mitchel Isabel 123 
Mitchel James 43 
Mitchel Robert 240 
Mitchel Susannah 123 
Mitchel William 240 
Mitchell Andrew 126 
Mitchell Hugh 156, 182 
Mitchell John 256, 271 
Mitchell Thomas, Capt. 230 
Mitchell Thomas 256 
Mix Samuel 205, 214, 215 
Mock Johannes 256 
Moffat Thomas 209, 213, 215, 229 
Moffatt Thomas 24, 32 (5), 156, 

205, 214 
Moffatt William 240, 271 
Moffet John 209 
Molley (Mrs.) 123 

Moncrieff Thomas 66 
Monell Jame 224 
Money Samuel 169 
Monfoort Peter 119, 195 
Monfoort Peter T. 19s 
Monford David 256 
Monfort Peter 169 
Monroe see Munro 
Monroe Hugh 124 
Monross Jesse 43 
Montanye (Mrs.) 66 

Montanye Becka (Mrs.) 123 
Montanye John 66 
Montanye Joseph 66 


New York in the Revolution, Supplement 

Montanye Peter 209 

Montayne Janitje 123 

Montayne Rachel 123, 124 

Montgomerie Richard 105 

Montgomery Hugh 205, 209 

Montgomery James 195 

Montgomery Joseph 148 

Montross Peter 256 

Monus 132 

Moody Sarah (Mrs.) 124 

Mool Isaac 209 

Moon Abraham 209 

Moor Daniel 209 

Moor Francis 209 

Moor James 182 (3), 195 

Moor James, jr. 182 

Moor Martin 209 

Moor Mary 124 

Moor Pliny 17 

Moore Ann 132 

Moore Benjamin, sr. 66 

Moore Benjamin 132 

Moore Calvin, Capt. 132 

Moore Daniel 132 

Moore Edward 123 

Moore Hannah 132 

Moore Henry 132 

Moore Jacob 182 

Moore James, Commy. 79 

Moore James 83, 84 

Moore John 63 (2), 66, 105, 107, 

109, 113, 146, 157 (2), 182, 205,209 
Moore John B. 143 
Moore Joseph 43, 132 
Moore Lambert 66, 256 
Moore Michael 66 
Moore Pliny 202, 205, 209, 212, 213, 

214. 215 
Moore Pliny et al. 215 
Moore Roger (Conn) 43 
Moore Thomas William 66 
Moore William 66, 256, 271 
Moorhouse John 244 
Moorhouse Jonathan 271 
Moorney Pat. 256 
Moos David 132 
Morancy Joseph 209 
Mordon Joseph 256 
Morduff George 256 
More Ann 124 
More Catharine 124 
More John 132, 205, 209, 240 
More Phane 124 
Moredock Zimri 205, 209 
Morehouse Andrew 154, 155 
Morehouse Elijah 231 
Morehouse Ezra 256 

Mores John 132 

Morey Jonathan 256 

Morfit Henry, Lt. (Penn) 43 

Morgan Dr. 45 

Morgan Caleb 256 

Morgan Caleb, jr. 256 

Morgan Charles, Capt. 95 (2) 

Morgan Daniel 240 

Morgan John 246, 248 

Morgan Mary (Mrs.) 123 

Morison Alexander 256 

Morrel John 240, 256 

Morrell Abraham 43 

Morrell Thomas 256 

Morrell William 124, 209 

Morrill Benjamin 240, 256 

Morris Duncan 256 

Morris Gouverneur 85, 105, 109, 

III, 113, 114 (2), 136, 149, 154. 

160 (2) 
Morris Lewis, Gen. 50 
Morris Lewis loi, 109, 113, 154, 155, 

156 (2), 213, 227 (2) 
Morris L. R. 170 
Morris Mary 118 
Morris Richard loi (2), 154 (2), 

155 (2), 169 (2), 170 (2), 262 (2) 
Morris Richard E. 271 
Morris Robert 168, 169, 183, 184, 

Morris Roger, Maj, & Col. & 

Council 256, 271 
Morris Roger 244 
Morrison Daniel 123 
Morrison John 240, 256, 271 
Morrison Malcom 256, 271 
Morrison Thomas 43 
Morriston Lewis 209 
Morton John 66, 107, 143 
Moseman Marcus, Capt. 43 
Mosher Hugh 256, 271 
Mosher John 43, 240 
Mosher Jonathan 256 
Mosher Thomas 205, 209 
Mosier Jehiel 240 
Moss Simeon 43 
Motrass Peter 256 
Mott Ebenezer, Lt. 43, 205 
Mott Ebenezer 209 
Mott Gershom 205, 209 
Mott Jacob 240, 271 
Mott John 256 
Mott Joseph 231 
Mower Peter 209 
Mowris Henry 195 
Mowry Phillip 205 
Mozer Christopher 256 

Muckle John 240 
Muckleler John 240 
Muir Henry, Surg. 44 
Mulford 129, 256 

Mulford David 256 
Mulford Elias 132 
Mulford Elisha 132 
Mulford Ezekiel 195 
Mulford John 132 
Mulford Nathaniel 132 
Mulford William 133 
Mulhern Richard 252 
Mulks Benoni 205, 209 
Mull Isaac 205, 209 
Mullen Dott 256 
Mullen Peter 256 
Mullenar Susanah 124 
Muller Christopher 195 
Muller Nicholas 205 
Mulligan Hercules 143 
Mullin William 43 
Munro Daniel 256, 271 
Munro Hugh 271 
Munro John 140, 231, 240, 271 
Munro Joseph 43 
Munson George 252, 256 
Munson Levi (Conn) 43 
Munson Nathaniel 257 
Muntford Dominickus 240 
Murfits Henry, Lt. (Penn) 43 
Murison George 271 
Murphy Francis 257 
Murphy Thomas 209, 240 
Murray Alletta 123 
Murray Jack (Negro) 209 
Murray Lindley 143 
Murray Peter 43 
Murray Robert 66 
Murry 248 

Murry Diana 123 
Murry James 124 
Murry John 123, 257 
Murry Mary (Mrs.) 123 
Murry Robert 257 
Murry T. 257 
Murry William 124 
Murrow Semor 133 
Musk Ebenezer 43 
Mussey John 209 
Mutch Johannes 257 
Muxum Adonijah (Conn) 43 
Myer Benjamin 205 
Myer Hans 231 
Myer Henry, Ens. 43 
Myer John R. 66 
Myer Tobias 205 
Myer William 205, 257 

Index of Names 


Myers John 205, 229